Late night doggy with gf HD

Late night doggy with gf HD
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From when I was eight to sixteen my family lived in a two story home in an upscale neighborhood. It was me, my one year younger brother and my parents.

We had an older brother as well but he was only there a few years before he was off to college.

Next door was another family. There were twin brothers my age, almost to the day, and a younger sister that actually shared her birthday with my brother. We were all friends and went to the same private school just down the street. My name is Tammy and Jane was my best friend.

Every Friday or Saturday night we would spend the night in each others home. We talked about everything. We did everything together as well.

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When I got my period a little after my twelfth birthday, my parents had the talk with me and I immediately shared everything with Jane. We spent the next weekend discovering everything we could about our bodies.

We had already practiced kissing for fun but this was a totally different experience. Sometime the next year our kissing practice expanded to include our brothers. When she was over one night we invited my brother to join us and through a little game of truth or dare she got the opportunity to kiss my brother Mark while I watched. The game ended abruptly when she dared Mark to show us his cock.

The next night we switched houses and I got to kiss her brothers, Tony and Drew. I wasn't brave enough to dare them to drop their drawers but they had no problem asking Jane and I to show them our tits. We both flashed them and then hustled them out the door.

We spent the rest of the night giggling about how naughty we'd been. Tony and I were assigned a science project together a couple of weeks later. Drew was assigned another girl from our class as his partner and the four of us got together in Tony and Drew's rec room that Friday afternoon.

We had been working on the project for a couple of hours when Tony asked if I would help him get snacks and cokes from upstairs. I followed leaving Drew alone with Ashley. It only took a minute to gather everything but Tony was procrastinating as best he could without being too obvious. "We should stay up here a few minutes," he finally told me.

"Why? I want to finish this today." "Drew wanted to have a minute with Ashley." "Drew and Ashley? No way." "No, really. I bet if we went down there right now they'd be making out." "No way. Ashley's been going steady with Brad for a month." "Like that matters.

Anyway, I told Drew I'd keep you up here for fifteen minutes at least." "What are we supposed to do while we wait?" Tony wrapped his arm around my waist and pressed his lips to mine. We'd done this before but it had always been expected. This caught me by surprise.

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Too bad for him Jane picked that moment to walk into the kitchen. "Get a room, you two," she laughed. I took the opportunity to dash for the stairs to the basement rec room. The sounds I heard as I reached the bottom gave credence to Tony's claim. I peeked around the corner instead of bursting into the room. What I saw would change my life. Ashley and Drew were doing more than making out as I knew it.

Ashley's shirt was pushed up and Drew was mouthing her petite titties. Her hand was in Drew's lap and for the first time in my life I saw a hard cock as Drew's pole was sticking straight up as Ashley stroked up and down. "You c-can't shoot it on m-me," Ashley mumbled. I could tell from the stairs that her breathing was erratic.

Drew leaned back and tore his t-shirt over his head. He draped it over his lap and dove back for Ashley's tits. He palmed one and took the other in his mouth again. "I'm gonna cum," he moaned. "Faster Ash, faster," he begged. I could see the motion of her hand under the t-shirt increase. I could hear the wet fap-fap-fapping sound to go with it. Suddenly Drew thrust his hips off the couch.

"Ungh! Unh, unh." he moaned. Ashley's hand slipped out from under the t-shirt and I could see it was covered in a gooey substance. She stared at it transfixed. Drew sat back on the couch cupping his erection through the t-shirt. Ashley wiped the back of her hand and palm of the shirt and then just stared at the recovering Drew.

She must have realized her top was still pulled up and readjusted her clothing. Beside me, Tony made his presence known by stomping on the stairs and yelling, "You guys want Coke or Sprite?" Drew threw his t-shirt in the corner and stuffed his semi-softened self back in his gym shorts. Tony shoved me from behind and we both entered the room. "Did you guys get anything done?" Ashley jumped up, "I've got to go.

We can finish tomorrow, Drew." As she slipped past me I could detect a faint smell of excitement. I hoped it was hers and not mine. I realized my pussy was damp and I decided it was time for me to leave as well. "Tony, I just remembered. I've got to go, too." "No problem. We'll finish tomorrow." I ran up the stairs and found Jane in her room. "I've gotta go. You coming over tonight?" "Let me get my stuff." I didn't wait.

I almost ran for the door. My pussy was itching to be touched. I don't remember much from running home, tearing my sundress over my head, until I was laying on my bed with my fingers running through the short hairs covering my mound. One hand cupped my left tit. Three fingers slipped over and through my virgin slit. I didn't even know when Jane came into my room until I felt her weight on my bed.

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Her hand covered mine inside my panties. Her lips caressed my freed nipple.

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Together I had the greatest orgasm I could remember. Jane lay down beside me and we cuddled until my body stopped shaking. "What brought this on?" Jane asked me softly. "I just saw Drew getting a hand job from Ashley.

It was so hot. I've never seen a hard one before." "Eeew gross. That's my brother." "I wonder if Tony's is the same." "They're twins. I'm sure they're close." "Do you think they'd let me see?" "Probably. Depends on what you'd do for them." "What do you think they'd want?" "Well, if Ashley jerked Drew off they'd want that at least. We could always ask your brother." "Hey Mark!" I yelled down the hall pulling a nightshirt on.

"What?" "C'mere for a sec." He poked his head out of his room. "What do you want? I'm busy." "Jane and I have a question." "I'm listening." "Just get your ass down here." Reluctantly almost, Mark came into my room. He was wearing a half shirt and gym shorts. He's a year younger than me and my brother but even I had to admit to myself he looked hot.

I sat on my bed next to Jane and he sat in my only chair at my desk.

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Silence enveloped the room. "Well?" he prompted. "Jane wants to see your dick," I blurted out. "Ha. Ha." he replied sarcastically.

"No, really." "And I want a blow job." "Do you even know what a blow job is?" "Well duh." "Then say it," I challenged. Mark grew red faced. He's heard guys talking about it but I doubted he'd ever seen it. He probably couldn't imagine a girl doing it to be honest, I know I couldn't. "I don't care. You want to see my dick? I want to see you, too." "She'll show you her tits but that's it." "Wha?

Wait! I didn't say I'd do that." "Deal." Mark replied. "Who goes first?" "You can both go at the same time. Mark go in the bathroom and undress.

Wrap a towel around and come back. Jane will be ready then." Mark walked from the room. "You're crazy!" Jane almost shouted at me. "Aww, c'mon. He saw'em at the pool when we were sunbathing and you propped yourself up while we were topless. Like you weren't trying to show him your tits then." Jane blushed. "Take your shirt off and put my robe on." "If I do this you gotta do it for my brothers, too. That way we're even and if you tell I'll tell." I was fine with that, I'd been imagining their cocks for the last hour and my pussy was getting wet anticipating such an encounter.

"Deal." Jane pulled her shirt off and unhooked her bra. She pulled my robe on and sat on the bed. "We're ready, Mark." Mark and I are pretty close as far as brother and sister. He told me some of this later and Jane filled in some gaps as well since I wasn't there the whole time. Mark had been hard since he left the room. Nothing he could do would make it go down. Finally, he pulled it to his stomach and wrapped the towel high around his waist. Returning to my room he saw Jane on the edge of the bed and me sitting at my computer desk.

"What are you doing in here?" he asked me. "She's here to make sure you don't try anything." "I'm not watching. I'm just gonna be on my computer." Truth is, once Jane was seated I'd adjusted my webcam to point at the bed and then I minimized the window. I'd be able to watch it all later as many times as I wanted. Mark sat next to Jane on the edge of the bed. The head of his hard cock poked himself in the stomach. He just wanted to open the towel and free himself.

"On the count of three?" Jane didn't wait.

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She opened the robe and let it fall from her shoulders. Her young A/B cup breasts stood proud against her chest. Her nipples were hard and pointed. Mark stared in fascination. "Your turn." Mark flipped his towel open. His erection stood a good five inches or more. The head of his cock was darkened with excitement. "Cool." they said in unison. They both giggled nervously. "What now?" Mark asked. "I don't know." "My god you two are lame," I said swiveling my chair around.

"Mark, do you want Jane to touch your cock?" He nodded. "Jane, do you want to touch it?" She blushed. I stood up and walked over to the bed. I sat on the other side of my brother from Jane. I reached across his body and took Jane's hand in mine, placing it near the root of Mark's cock Jane's fingers immediately started lightly touching Mark's private area, from his balls, along his shaft to the head.

When it twitched she jerked her hand back and let out a shriek, "It moved!" Mark was unable to speak.

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"It must like you," I said. I placed a hand on my brother's thigh. "Try again," I instructed her. Mark rested back on his elbows watching us on either side of him.

I took Jane's hand and returned it to Mark's loose sac. I slid my fingers between her Jane's fingers and together we grazed the soft wrinkled flesh. Mark moaned in surprised appreciation when a finger touched a sensitive area just behind his balls.

Jane leaned across Mark's body and lightly kissed my lips. I guided Jane's hand to wrap her fingers around Mark's shaft.

I only had to start Jane stroking before Jane picked up the pace. Jane's hand flew up and down Mark's cock. It got easier when precum leaked from the tip. The slippery feeling reminded her of rubbing her slick pussy when she got excited. She felt Mark's hips thrust up as she stroked down.

Her fingers nimbly found his most sensitive spots. Mark knew he was not going to last long. A girl was stroking his cock and it felt miraculous.

Seeing Jane kiss me distracted him from the thought of me being involved. I wasn't really I rationalized. I was just the catalyst, the thing that starts the action-reaction but isn't part of it. To him, I was suddenly just another girl. He lay back on the bed and softly stroked Jane's bare back with one hand and my arm with the other. He wanted to grab a handful of Jane's plump tits but he was not in a position to reach them. His mind was about to explode in ecstasy. His hips pumped against Jane's stroking.

"Oh God! Ungh! Ungh! Don't stop! Oh God! Yes! Yes! Yes." Jane did as he begged. They both watched in awe as Mark shot stream after stream of hot white fluid from the tip of his cock. It coated his stomach and chest. On impulse Jane smeared the long white streaks with the palm of her hand. "That was amazing, thank you. If there's ever anything I can do for you, just ask." We both giggled. Jane stretched over Mark's body and leaned in to kiss him on the lips.

Mark felt her hardened nipples graze his chest. He took the opportunity to grab a handful of tit. Her kiss became more passionate in response. For the first time he felt the tongue of another person slip between his lips. Jane was now almost laying on top of him. His cum covered chest allowed their bodies to slide freely across each other as they kissed.

Neither noticed when I got up, turned off my computer, and left the room. When Jane finally broke off their kiss she rested her head in the crook of Mark's neck on his shoulder. "I hope we get to do that again sometime." "Me, too," Mark managed.

"You really made a mess." "I blame you." "I'll accept partial responsibility. But I expect you to help clean it up." "You want a sponge bath or a shower?" "Ooooh, I love your shower." "There's room for both of us." "I know." Jane pushed off the bed and ran to the bathroom.

Mark's shorts, t-shirt, and underwear were on the floor from when he stripped down. Standing there in just her panties she reached in and turned on the water, adjusting it to a warm pulsing stream. Mark moved behind her and cupped both of her cum covered breasts in his strong hands.

He kissed the nape of her neck and nibbled her earlobe. She felt his hard cock against her thinly covered ass.

The water reached a comfortable temp and Jane stepped under the shower head. "You're not taking your panties off?" Mark asked her. "I'm afraid of what might happen if I did," she said looking at her feet.

He lifted her chin to look her in the eyes, "I'd never do anything you didn't want me to do." "That's just it. I want you to fuck me so bad it hurts.

But we can't." "Then we won't." Mark stepped into the shower next to her. He soaped up his hands and began the pleasurable job of washing her tits and abs. Jane did the same for him but including his slippery erection and balls. "Oh, baby, that feels so good. I wish I could do the same for you." Keeping one hand on his cock, Jane took his hand that had been rubbing her tight stomach and guided it just under the waistband of her panties.

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She felt his fingers parting the short hairs that covered her puffy mons. She rocked her hips to encourage his touch. Mark couldn't believe his luck. Just a short 15 or 20 minutes before he'd been sitting in his room playing video games.

Now, here he was taking a shower with his neighbor, fingering her pussy. He embraced her from behind again, thrusting his hardness between her ass cheeks as he probed under her panties with one hand and massaged her right tit with the other.

She turned her face back to his and they kissed, this time as lovers. Jane confided in me that Mark was not as good at rubbing her pussy as I am. What he lacked in skill he made up in passion. She directed his ministrations and felt the familiar tingle of impending orgasm begin to build. She felt Mark's thrusting cock surge between her ass cracks and sensed he was about to cum again as well. She pushed her hips back into his crotch and pressed his fingers tight against her aroused clit.

She felt his body shudder and the splat-splat of cum landing on her back triggering her own explosion. She would have fallen limp to the floor of the shower if Mark did not have his arm wrapped around her body.

Mark came explosively for the second time that day, grunting as his balls spewed forth his seed. He thought he felt Jane experience an orgasm as well but if she did, she did it in a whimpering silence. When she collapsed in his arms he knew something had indeed happened. He turned her body to his and embraced her tightly.

Her tits crushed against his chest they kissed long and deep under the pouring hot water. When she finally felt she could stand on her own again Jane released her return embrace of Mark. He took the hint easy enough and let their bodies separate. She looked up the short distance to his face as he gazed lovingly down at hers.

No words were said and they began soaping and rinsing their bodies, this time for the actual purpose of getting cleaned up. The shampoo and soap gone from their hair and bodies, Jane turned off the water and together they stepped out of the shower.

They watched each other closely as they dried themselves on the plush warm towels. Mark's cock had finally softened but still maintained some fullness. Jane gave him a thrill by pulling off her wet panties, exposing her short hair covered pussy to him for the first time. "I'll borrow a pair from Tammy so you can hold these for me," she said handing the wet panties to Mark.

"I hope that doesn't mean you want them back." "Maybe I'll let you trade them in on a new pair another time," she said wrapping her towel around her nubile body. "I don't have anything for you." "You gave me something already." She turned to the door leading to Tammy's room leaving Mark to return to his own room through the other door. Mark just stood there for a few minutes to gather his wits. He shook his head and pinched himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming then took Jane's panties and went back to his room to get dressed.

He left her panties on the window sill to dry.

By the time he dressed and knocked on Tammy's door, Jane was gone. He sighed and went back to his room to replay the morning's events in his mind.