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Grey hairy male gay porn first time Slippery Cum Gushing Elijah
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"Ah, fucking Christ," I said to myself, plopping down on a bench. The course was slow today, I'd had to wait behind the same group of girls at the last three holes. At least they were decent, all sporting bags from the St. Christopher's golf team.

"You wanna play a few with us?

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I mean we're all waiting anyways." One of the girls extended an olive branch. "Sure, I'm Scott." "I'm Caitlyn, this is Casey and Hannah. I shook all their hands and smiled. "Nice hat," Hannah remarked. "Thanks, I was born there, kind of have to be a fan," I remarked of my Bills hat. She laughed and told me how a few of the players used to come into the Wegmans where she worked.

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We chatted for a bit while the group in front of us finished up the hole. Hannah was a senior, like me, getting the first eighteen of the season in before early spring rains turned the course to much.

She was the most athletic looking of the three, matching my 5'10 height, though falling a dime or so short of my 140 pounds. She had thin light brown hair pulled back into a smart pony tail. Casey was very petite, about 5'2, barely over 100 pounds with curly blonde hair. She wore a decent amount of makeup for a golf outing, though it was perfectly applied.

Caitlyn was the most attractive of the three, reaching about 5'4'' and 120 pounds. A little more meat on her than the other two, but also a bit more on top. Her C-cup breasts looked fine, even through a polo shirt. She also looked vaguely like Mia Hamm. Caitlyn and Casey were both sophomores. After several minutes talking, we realized the group in front of us had long since cleared the green. The hole was a 173 yard par three with a green protected by two front bunkers.

The girls obliged me by playing from the mens tees with me. "How about a closest to the pin competition?" Hannah asked. "It's ok, you don't count, she told me." "What do the losers have to do?" Casey asked. "How about fifteen jumping jacks?" "Deal." They graciously let me tee off first. I wavered for a minute besides picking out a six iron.

Conscious of their eyes on me, I took extra time lining up my shot and clearing my head. After a few seconds I swung. "Wooo, and you said you weren't that good," Hannah whooped. "I'm not," I answered truthfully. I golfed pretty often and was better than most, but didn't think much of my high 80, low 90 average. The ball bounced twice, hit the pin and rolled about a yard away.

Damn. Caitlyn teed up next.

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I stood off to the side, enjoying the free look at her backside, innocently looking like I was intently watching her shot. She had the most weight to her frame, but I decided she looked the best. Hannah was a bit tall and awkward, and Casey a bit skinny for my taste.

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She hit her shot and rolled it up onto the front fringe of the green. Casey teed up next. I wondered how she got any sort of power behind the ball with her small frame. Indeed, I noticed she'd pulled out a three wood to hit. She hit a nice straight shot, the type I wish I could hit with my woods. Unfortunately it was straight into the left side bunker. She winced and bent over to pick up her tee.

I could see a pink thong poking its way above her khakis. Hannah teed up last. She hit the best shot, landing it near my ball and rolling it about 30 feet away from the hole. As we walked up to the green, I remembered, "hey, don't you owe some jumping jacks?" "That's right," Hannah grinned.

"I meant you too," I quipped, pointing at my ball.


"Oh that's how its gonna be?" I smiled. "Fine." I watched as the three ladies did their workout, focusing most on Caitlyn's nice bouncing breasts. "God damnit," I muttered as I pushed my birdie put an inch to the right. I tapped in for par, and waited for the girls. Hannah answered my par with one of her own, as did Caitlyn, and Casey bogeyed the hole after taking two tries to get out of the sand.

The next hole was a long par five, and even though they'd have gained about a 120 yard advantage, they once again humored me by hitting from the men's tees. I lined up my shot again, but feeling cocky, rushed my way through it. The result was a poorly hit drive that rolled about 100 yards, just in front of the ladies tee box. "I guess you know what that means," Caitlyn said in a sing song-y tone.

I laughed, "yeah, yeah." The three girls hit. Sadly, not one of them managed to screw up their drive as badly as I had. I'd be hitting first once again. I put my driver and started up. "I wasn't kidding," Caitlyn said. "Huh?" "Yeah, come on," Hannah and Casey followed grinning devilishly. "We did your jumping jacks." I stammered for a few minutes, turning red.

Caitlyn ran a hand down the front of my shorts, causing a quick change in my anatomy. "We'll be nice," she continued. "Fine," was all I managed. I wore athletic shorts, so there was no fly to unzip.

Instead I slid them down and pulled my now 6.5'' long, hard cock out the slit in my boxers, as was the customary "dick-out" punishment for not being able to hit past the ladies tees.

"Very nice," Hannah complimented. Casey and Caitlyn nodded their heads in agreement. My complexion lightened a bit at this as we walked to my ball. I noticed that the three of them kept taking peeks at me. "Do I have to keep it out when I hit?" "Yep," Hannah answered. "And you've got to make sure we all get a good long look." I pulled out a three wood and addressed the ball.

I noticed all three of them were standing in front of me, directly in my line of vision, and none of them were making any effort to hide what they were staring at. I started sweating a bit, at the pressure was under. I tried extra hard to concentrate.

"Ah fuck it," I whispered to myself, and swung to kill. I absolutely ripped the ball down the center of the fairway. Even nearly doubling my drives, the girls would be hard pressed to match it. I walked over and put my club back in my bag, giving them a full view before tucking it away. They hit their shots and we walked up. It was over a little hill, so we couldn't see where there's had landed, nor could we see mine. When we got there, they all occupied the same ten by ten foot square.

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"How about another closest to the pin?" I suggested. "What's the punishment?" Hannah asked. "Hmm, I thought, what would be fair for what I just did?" I pondered aloud. "How about you three take off your shirts." "Fair enough," Caitlyn answered, looking me in the eye. It was clear this was not a competition she thought they were going to lose. "What if we win?" "I dunno," I answered. "Your shirt comes off instead, it's only fair." I nodded in agreement, and being furthest away, addressed my ball.

I hit a so-so shot that wound up on the green, but about 40 feet away. Passable, but probably not a winner. Hannah walked up to her ball and I had an idea. Standing where I knew she could see me, I pulled my cock out once more. She took a look and laughed. "Oh, that is so not fair." She wound up and swung, and groaned immediately.

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The ball rolled off the back of the green. Casey hit a similar shot, but landed hers in front. It was all up to Caitlyn, who they'd said was the best of the three.

"Hey Caitlyn…" She looked up. I slid it back through my boxers and slid everything down, giving her a full frontal view. She smiled, and grimly turned back to her ball, trying with difficulty to concentrate. Finally she swung. It looked good, and landed on the green, but was it closer? I put myself away and walked up. "Get ready to hand over your shirt," Caitlyn taunted. "I don't think so," I countered. We walked up, and sure enough, I had it by about five feet. "Hand em over," I said triumphantly.

Caitlyn stripped first, revealing a pair of luscious c-cup breasts that were every bit as nice and perky as I'd imagined. Her nipples poked through her thin bra. It looked incredibly sexy. Hannah followed, revealing a pair of modest b-cup breasts, though they were tucked behind a rather large bra.


Unsuprisingly, Casey wasn't hiding much, but her tanned, toned body still made her incredibly sexy. I took their shirts and tucked them away in one of the pockets of my bag. "Hey, what do I get if I make this putt?" "A blowjob," Caitlyn taunted, "40 feet uphill, no way you're making that. What do I get if I make mine?" "I'll let the three of you touch it," I told her. "And you play the last hole naked." "Fine." Caitlyn carefully lined up her putt from behind the ball and got up to approach.

I stood in front so I could get a nice look at her ample cleavage. Her breasts jiggled back and forth as she swung. I watched the ball slowly climb the hill towards the hole. At first it seemed like it didn't have enough gas, but sure enough, just as it appeared it was going to stop, it find a little extra and dropped in.

I lined mine up carefully as well. I stood there over the ball for several seconds. Here goes nothing, I thought and hit it. At first I thought I made the mistake, not given it enough gas. But as it approached the hole, I thought better. The last few feet were tantalizing as it slowly crept closer. Finally with a plink, it dropped in the cup. Caitlyn stood there with a look of chock on her face.

True to my word, I pulled it out once more and walked over. She lightly touched it, causing it to grow harder if at all possible and smiled, taking time to fondle my balls before Casey got her turn. Her light touch matched her frame as she traced its outline with her fingers.

Hannah grabbed it next, roughly, but not umcomfortably and gave it a few short strokes, which did nothing but make it harder still. "Very nice," she repeated and finally let go.

"You don't have to give me a blowjob," I told Caitlyn. I couldn't tell if she breathed a sign of relief or disappointment. "All three of you have to contribute," I finished. "But you," I walked up to Caitlyn, and before she could react, undid the front clasp on her bra, revealing her gorgeous breasts. She hurried to cover up. "You have to be naked." She just stared at me for a moment, holding her bra in one hand, and covering her boobs with the other. I grabbed the bra hand, causing it to fall to the ground, and put it on my cock.

"You're the one who wanted to see it in the first place." She grinned and I knew I'd won her over. I watched, growing more aroused by the second as she peeled off her capris, and slid a skimpy black thong down to her ankles and off. She covered herself with her hands, but not for long as Casey and Hannah each grabbed an arm. I took this moment to finally enjoy her breast which had only sagged mere millimeters when the bra came off. Eventually the other two didn't even have to hold her as she let me pinch and knead as I pleased.

Hannah and Casey dropped to their knees and started licking my shaft. I moaned with pleasure as I continued to explore Caitlyn's body, from her breasts down to her soft, but not fat stomach and her completely shaved pussy.

I rubbed her clit lightly, eliciting a soft sigh before running my hands around and grabbing her firm ass.

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The two girls moved down from my cock and were now each enjoying a ball. "Looks like the prize is yours," I told Caitlyn and pushed her to her knees. She paused a moment, before licking the head lightly and sliding it in her mouth.

I rolled my head back, enjoying the blissful feeling of the pleasure of thee girls. All three of them knew wonderfully what they were doing. I felt the cool air on my dick for a second, then warmth again. I looked back down.

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Evidently Hannah had decided it was her turn. She had a more authoritative way of sucking cock. Her movements were stronger, harsher, more palpable, but just as good. She sucked dick like it was a task to be conquered and she did it well. I leaned down and grabbed another handful of Caitlyn's breasts. She obviously loved having them played with as she moaned with every squeeze. I watched Hannah work for a while longer, her brow furrowed in concentration, before Casey decided she wasn't to be left out.

She obviously has the least experience of the three, and was also the smallest, meaning she couldn't quite take as much as the other two. It was cute, seeing her eyes look up at me as she tried with all her might to match the efforts of the other two. She had a small mouth, so my cock looked large by comparison, and filled her up nicely.

I felt myself getting closer, and shifted things back to Caitlyn. She deepthroated me as soon as she could get her mouth back on it, prompting yet another moan from me, and a rather impressed look from Casey. "You're going to swallow," I told her. She nodded while keeping my cock in her mouth, an extremely sexy gesture. She quickened her pace, and her tongue seemed to go out of control.

A strand of drool dripped from her lower lip, only adding to my horniness. Hannah and Casey each did what they could to pleasure me, but Caitlyn was taking over. She was moving so fast up and down she was a blur. I felt my dick harden, and she noticed it too, half moaning, half squealing with delight. Seconds later, I was shooting stream after stream of warm cum into her mouth.

She slowed her pace to match that of my orgasm, giving a little smile with her eyes at each drop that splashed onto her tongue. When I'd finally finished, she pulled off, still pooling it in her mouth. She stared directly into my eyes as she let it dribble down her chin and onto her tits. She licked her lips and smiled sexily at me. I pushed Casey and Hannah towards her. They both took a side in cleaning off her chest.

Caitlyin used her fingers to scrape what she could off her face and neck and lick them clean. I let Caitlyn lick one last drop off my cock, before dressing once more and heading to the last hole.