Rimjob und hanjob pov und schlucken

Rimjob und hanjob pov und schlucken
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10. Day Four Gina hadn't gotten a single wink of sleep. Sarah had told her she better be licking away at her pussy when she woke up. Gina's mouth was sore from a night of sucking, licking but she felt good Sarah had eaten her out once or twice too and to Gina's surprise she had a very powerful orgasm.

Sarah woke up and pressed her legs around Gina's head forcing her in her pussy. "Time to get up Gina and make breakfast for Master. We don't want to be late. You did a nice job, but you might need a refresher course now and again.

Would you like that?" "Mmmmm, yes that would be nice." "I'll tell Master you are now a good pussy eater." Sarah and Gina took their shower and got into uniform then hurried out to the kitchen to make breakfast.

Sue banging on her doghouse awakened Jackie. "Time to get moving bitch. Here is your breakfast. Eat it quickly and then get out in the day pen. The hounds sound horny this morning." Sue chuckled. Jackie crawled out of her doghouse and started eating from her bowl. She still had trouble eating without using her hands, but she was learning.

When she was done and had a drink of water, Sue smacked her ass with her crop and she crawled toward the gate to the day pen. "Make sure the hounds are well fucked today bitch. Master will be watching as usual." "Yes, Mistress Sue." Jackie replied and crawled through the gate and just waited for the hounds to come in. Sue went inside and feed Linda. Then she quickly moved over to Tina's cage. Tina was just barely awake, and Sue opened the drain and got the hose.

Tina moaned as the cold water hit her and she was hosed down by Sue. Sue stepped into the cage and started to undo Tina's tube and feeding harness. She left her wrists cuffed behind her back but as she released the chain to Tina's headgear, she simply collapsed on the floor. Tina's legs were cramping and they simply wouldn't support her. Sue got a bucket and some swaps. "Here you better start cleaning the cage.

I'll be back shortly, and it better be clean then or I'll string you up as before." Sue barked. "Cough. Yes." Tina hissed. Her mouth was dry, and her voice was weak but she started cleaning the best she could. Sue would not be gone long, ten minutes at the most and there was no way the cage would be cleaned by then but it would give Sue the chance to torment Tina further. Tina could hear the high heels of Sue as she returned and panicked. "Not clean yet I see.

You sure are a lazy whore. I guess I have to string you up again then." "Please no please." "Well, stand up and follow me maybe you can do a better job of cleaning yourself." Tina tried to stand up, but her legs just wouldn't co-operate.

She fell to her knees again. "I don't have all day if you don't want to walk then crawl whore but don't keep me waiting." Tina crawled out of the cage and followed Sue down a hallway and through a door into a dark room. Sue just put a foot to her side and pushed her down in a pool of warm water. Tina was still wearing her bra, skirt, panties, stockings, and shoes but still the warm water felt nice on her body. The lights came on and Sue put soap and shampoo on the side of the pool.

"Get those filthy rags of you and scrub yourself clean.

Shampoo your hair too and be quick about it. You better smell like a rose in fifteen minutes." Tina started cleaning herself without a word. The water helped the cramp in her legs and she started feeling more like a real person again not like a dung heap.

Just getting the soiled cloths off felt good. Sue watched Tina carefully giving her instructions to clean her ass better or to scrub her pussy harder. "Ok times up. Get out of there, come here, and let me check you." Tina slowly got out of the pool, her legs were still weak, but at least she could stand up again. Sue probed her and smelled her hair to make sure the stench was gone.

Satisfied Tina was clean she gave her a towel to dry herself with. "Over here and put your make-up and nails polish on. Then get dressed. Your uniform is in the box." Sue ordered her. Sue attached a leash to Tina's collar and locked it to the wall.

Tina could sit down but not move very far from the table. "I'll be back, and you better have your make-up, hair and nails done then." Not waiting for a reply Sue left the room. Tina remembered how she had been told to do the make-up on the ship and assumed she was supposed to replicate that.

Sue could watch Tina from outside the room and waited until Tina was done before going back into the room. "Let's have a look at you whore and see if you look anything like the way you should." "I guess you'll have to do. At least you look more like a whore than a pig." "Put on the stockings, garter belt and shoes in the box and make it snappy." "Do you understand?" "Yes." "It is yes Mistress.

Get it? Don't make that mistake again." "Yes Mistress." Tina meekly answered. Sue disappeared again, and Tina got her uniform out of the box.

She put on the red and black garter belt then pulled on the sheer black stockings. She moaned when she saw the shoes.

It was another pair of six-inch high-heeled pumps. There were bright red with and wide ankle strap. Tina reluctantly put the shoes on but she stayed seated at the table. Every minute she could get not standing or walking was a blessing to her sore legs and calves. Sue returned with a tray and put it in front of Tina. "Here is your breakfast eat it quickly we need to have you ready when the Master and Mistress arrives." "Yes Mistress." Breakfast looked normal for a change.

There was a bowl of cereal with milk, toast, marmalade, and juice. Tina was hungry, and she eagerly started eating the milk tasted a bit sweet but maybe that was the drug the been giving her, she thought.

Sue looked on but not until Tina had finished her cereal did she say anything. "In case you wonder this isn't proper cow's milk and the kind you buy in the store. We still had some left from the last cow we had here, and I thought you would enjoy it. Linda isn't milking yet, so we are a bit short on milk." Sue's words didn't have any effect on Tina she was too hungry to care and it was good enough for babies it was good enough for her, still it felt a little strange.

As soon as she had finished eating Sue yanked on her leash and on wobbly feet see was lead back into the main room but this time she was lead to the corner were Linda had been treated a couple a days ago. Tina's wrist where cuffed again behind her back.

Sue then brought out a corset same as Linda was wearing and put it on Tina.

She pulled her tits through the rings, which made the tits bulge out. Her arms were secured behind her back and the straps pulled tight. Tina's tits now stood out and were bulging. Tina was made to kneel, and the stand was brought forward. Tina was secured to the stand. The only difference was that Tina was spared the hood otherwise she was in the exact same position as Linda had been in. Alex and Master arrived ten minutes later and while Master lounged comfortably in his chair Alex pulled up her stool in front of Tina and the table.

"I see you are the same size as the cow was before her treatment. We will soon change that. I decided you probably would enjoy watching them grow so I left out the hood in your uniform. Master has decided to get you milking before we send you to the whorehouse.

You'll be a better moneymaker if they can milk you in various ways. I'm sure you'll like being fucked 24 hours a day instead of your little cage. Then Master might bring you back for the stables. We could use a new pony. Master might even breed you.

Won't that be fun? I have some very fun fertility drugs I'm dying to try out. Enough chitchat. Are you ready cow?" "Yes Mistress." Tina sobbed. She didn't really care anymore just being clean and out of the cage was a relief even if they would hurt her in other ways now.

She had given up any ideas of escaping; there simply was no way she could get away. If they sent her to a whorehouse, she felt sure she would be watched and restrained just as carefully as here.

These people couldn't afford to have anybody escape. She would spend the rest of her life in pain and humiliation she was sure of that now. The best thing was to obey as much as she could and not have any more pain or humiliation inflicted on her than what they were going to regardless of what she did. Getting on their good side and obeying was the way, resisting and disobeying would just mean even more and probably a much harsher treatment.

Tina glanced over at Gina and saw the rings in her nipples but other than that, Gina seemed to have been spared any harsher treatment.

Tina braced herself for the worst when she saw Alex filling the large syringes. Alex brought out the oil and started to massage Tina's breast with the oil.

"This will help the skin to stretch and make it more flexible." Alex explained. Tina let out a scream when Alex applied the irritant to her nipples. The burning was bad and almost as bad as the burning had been in her clit from the prod. Tina clenched her teeth, this was surely be getting worse.

Alex sat back and filled the two smaller syringes while the irritant did its work on the nipples. Alex wanted Tina to feel as much pain as possible from her treatment.

She could see that Tina was struggling with the burning and she enjoyed watching her suffer. When the nipples looked red and swollen enough, she picked up the first of the large syringes and with her left hand squeezed Tina's right nipple between her fingers. She pushed the needle all the way in to the base of Tina's breast and then held it there. Tina howled. "Ahhhhhhhhuuuuurrrggghh." The pain in her nipple was very bad and when the needle was inserted, it felt like a burning poker had been inserted through her nipple.

"You have a nice scream. I'm really enjoying this. Now I'll start filling your udder. At first you won't feel much but as the udder swells the burning will be felt in your whole udder." Alex said cheerfully.

Tina was sobbing, and tears started running down her cheeks. Sue had of course done her duty and taken the before pictures and the cameras were running to record the whole treatment. Sue was now busy sucking on Alex's clit. Slowly Alex injected Tina's udder, pulling the needle out inch by inch.

Tina could feel her tit swell and couldn't help but to look down. Slowly the tit swelled and then the burning started, her tit was on fire. Tina howled again, and tears were streaming down her cheeks. Alex filled the syringe again and pushed it back into the udder. Again, she slowly filled the udder with the burning liquid.

Tina's howling intensified with the second needle and her tit was swelling to almost an unbelievable size right in front of her eyes.

Alex massaged the udder to get an even distribution in the udder. That caused Tina even more pain. When Alex was satisfied the right udder was to her liking and filled as much as it was possible this time, she injected the nipple and attached the vacuum tube to it. Tina looked odd with one 38 C sized tit and one 36 C tit.

Alex was tempted to leave her like that, one large and one small udder with different sized suckers but that would delay her usefulness. Tina had passed out and Alex ordered Sue to take some more pictures before she went to work on the left udder.

She lit a cigarette and looking over toward Master, she said. "Maybe we should leave her like this one big one smaller udder that might be fun for the clients." "Hmmm. Perhaps they would like that, but I rather get her finished and milking as soon as possible." Master replied.

"Yes, that is probably better. It was just a thought. I better finish inflating her." Alex motioned Sue to get back and suck her and then gave Tina a shot to bring her back. Tina returned to consciousness and began moaning. The burning in the right tit and nipple was still very intense.

"Did you have a nice nap you little whore? Not very good behavior for a whore to be sleeping on the job, maybe you don't really want to please your Master after all. Look and tell me if you like your new udder." Tina looked down at her chest and she felt like a freak looking like she did now. Tina didn't like the new size at all, she had always been proud of her nice-looking tits, now she looked like a woman with a melon attached instead.

She did realize that if she said so they would just punish her even more, so trying to score some goody points she said. "It looks very nice Mistress." "I'm glad you like it. I assume you like the left one to match the right udder." "Yes Mistress." Tina knew this was just a cruel mind game and the left tit would be filled regardless of what she wanted.

"You better learn to ask properly in that case." "Please Mistress. Inflate my left tit too." "No no they are not tits whore they are called udders." "Please Mistress, inflate my left udder too." Tina tried again. "That's better. Very well. I'll get to work on your left udder then since you are eager to have it inflated. I'm sure you want to be able to produce as much milk as you can and look like a big uddered whore at the same time." "Yes Mistress." "This time we better make sure you don't fall asleep and miss any of the fun." Alex promptly gave Tina a blocker, so she would not pass out again and then went to work on the left udder and sucker.

Tina howled and cried as her left tit grew and soon matched the right one with nipples stretched and wearing the dangling tubes. Alex admired her work, adjusted the rings at the base to accommodate the new size, and then filled four more syringes with some clear fluid. Feeling around the udders, she found the milk glands and injected the fluid into several of the glands in each udder.

Tina howled even more since there was a sharp stinging when the fluid entered the glands. "This will speed up the milk production even if the milk is of a lower grade at first. Injecting the drug straight into the glands will start you milking in a few days not in two weeks like the cow over there.

You should be happy with your new look whore. Anything else you like adjusted to make you a perfect whore for your Master?" Tina didn't want any more adjustments, but the way Alex had said it she knew meant there was more to come. It was hard for her to think with her udders on fire and painfully stretched. Tina racked her brain to think of an answer. "I'm not sure what would please Master." She finally uttered between sobs. "That was a good answer but maybe you should have asked to have your fuck holes improved." Alex said in an almost motherly voice.

Tina didn't understand what that could mean but determined to suffer as little as possible and not anger these people she replied.

"Yes Mistress, I would like to have my fuck holes improved to Masters liking." "That is better. I'll start right away then, but we need to get you in a better position for that." Tina hadn't noticed but Sue was already wheeling in a low metal table, with stirrups at one end and two rods sticking out horizontally at the other.

Sue released Tina from the udder stand and ordered her up on the table. Tina obeyed and crawled up on the table. She laid down on her back and Sue quickly pulled her arms back over her head and secured the wrist to the end of the rods.

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Next, she secured Tina's legs to the stirrups and bending down under the table adjusted the stirrups so Tina's legs where almost at a 90 Degree angle but with her knees still bent.

A wide leather belt was strapped across her belly just above her bush. Finally, she strapped leather belts to each thigh just below where the stockings ended. Tina was now secure on the table. Sue also brought over a mirror on a stand and adjusted so Tina could look in the mirror and see her pussy clearly. "I didn't want you to miss anything, so I had a mirror brought in for you. Sue will be watching you, so you better not close your eyes and miss the fun. Now what do you have down here that could use some improvement whore?" Tina again tried to think of what to say but she realized that her clit and pussy lips would be targets for Alex's so-called improvements.

Her clit was still sore from the prod and the mere thought of having more pain inflicted on into made Tina sweat. Maybe she should not mention the clit. "My pussy lips Mistress." "Is that all down here that needs improvement?" Alex wasn't going to let Tina off the hook easy. Tina sobbed. "No Mistress there is my clit too." "How large do you think we need to make your clit to be pleasing?" Tina wished she would just get on with it instead of all these questions.

Her pussy would suffer she knew that but having to ask for it made it worse. Tina also knew she would have to tell Alex a size and not just a general answer. Asking for too little was going to be a mistake, but she didn't want to ask for more than they had already planned on either.

Tina was trying to decide, it really was a bad dilemma. "Half an inch Mistress." She finally replied. "I was thinking more like 2 inches but let's split the difference and make it an inch shall we?

Does that sound good to you?" Tina was trembling and trying to prepare herself for the pain to come. Bravely she answered. "Yes Mistress." "Ok. One inch it is then, and I'll match your lips to make it look good down here. This will hurt a bit but then you like pain don't you whore?" "Yes Mistress." There was no point answering anything else.

Tina could see the syringes lying there between her legs ready to torture her. Alex went to work. First she pulled the lips out as far as they would go and with clamps and she tightly secured them to the straps around her thighs.

Tina's pussy lips were now stretched as far as they would go, and her pussy was a gaping hole. Making several pricks in each lip Alex injected them with the same fluid used in her udders except this had an added ingredient that made the fluid thicken quickly. Alex massaged each lip to spread the fluid evenly in each lip. Tina screamed as her lips swelled and stretched. Tina was beside herself the pain ran through her lips as they accommodated the fluid.

Alex inspected her work and smiled. Tina would have pussy lips that were meaty and protruding about 2 inches. When pulled aside her hole would open up wide, just like it was now.

With the lips attached to the thigh straps Tina would only have to spread her legs and she would be wide open. It would be easy for any cock to plunge right in. Alex made a mental note to adjust Jackie the same way, that way the hounds would easily without help slide the cocks in her. Tina had stopped screaming but was still sobbing and moaning.

She is ready for a new wave of pain Alex thought. Without a word she started to massage her clit until Tina got aroused and her clit harden. Then using the same method as on the suckers, she injected the clit and put the vacuum tube in place. "AAAAAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH" Tina's scream was deafening. "Almost done whore. You'll look so good down here that you'll get a lot of fucking action.

You'll have cocks lining up to fuck your hole. A few more minor adjustments and you'll be all set." Tina just screamed. She didn't hear what Alex was saying.

The burning pain in her already sore clit was beyond deion. Ignoring Tina's screams Alex continued her work. She had been working on a drug that would make hair grow and she was eager to try it on Tina's bush. With a brush, she applied the slimy paste all around Tina's pussy. If it worked, Tina would grow a very thick but still blond bush both on top of her pussy and on the sides. Alex had one more drug she wanted to try and when she was done spreading the slime around the pussy she took a new brush and jar with a clear paste.

Carefully she spread the paste inside Tina's pussy making sure the paste was spread everywhere all the way up to the cervix. Finally, she inserted a catheter into Tina's bladder and inflated the end. She had made sure the tubing was clamped before inserting the catheter. Tina's bladder released as much pee as the tubing would allow. Tina hardly noticed the last few adjustments she was only feeling the pain in her clit. "There that should do it for today.

You are well on your way to look like a real whore now. We still have to put rings etc. in you of course but that we will do later once you been filled and inflated to full size. Did you enjoy your treatment today whore? You should be pleased with the results." Alex waited for Tina to respond. Tina answered almost out of reflex rather than thinking. "Yes Mistress." Alex squeezed all the parts of Tina that she had worked on just to get the burning to flare up a little.

Tina howled. "I didn't hear you saying thank you for doing all the work here today. You really need to learn to respond properly." Even Thought Tina's body was raked with pain she somehow managed to stay alert enough that she could pay attention to what Alex was saying.

"Thank you for doing all the adjustments Mistress." Tina had stopped screaming but tears ran in a steady stream down her face.

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Sue released her from the table and Alex told Tina to stand up and face the mirror. Sue adjusted the mirror while Tina tried to get on her feet. When Tina looked at herself in the mirror, she was horrified.

Her tits were red swollen and stood out like two melons. Her lips looked like thick pieces of meat and red as well. Nipples and clit with tubes on them were also red and swollen. The bluish slime all around her pussy looked gross. She was no longer a woman but a whore, slave, and she could never return home even if she managed to escape. Who would want a woman looking like she did now. There was no going back. Only one choice remained to make the best of her new life.

Tina cried quietly as the realization hit her. She had had so many plans and dreams they were all gone now. Tina waited for the next command and didn't notice that Master had walked up beside her.

He gently stroked her head and with a cloth wiped her face. She put her head against his shoulder without thinking and he continued to stroke her head. It was the first gentle touch and kindness Tina had felt since she got to the island and for a moment she forgot about her pain ridden body. "You may not like the way you look right now but in time you will learn to love not just your new look but your new life. You will learn to obey without question or hesitation. You will gladly and willingly serve here on the island or any other place I send you.

You still have more adjustments to be made but the first time is always the worst. You will eventually accept and even crave the pain. Isn't that true Sue?" "Yes Master. I love my life here now." "See Tina you'll be just like Sue in time." "Yes Master." Tina answered in between sobs. In the back of her mind, she got the feeling the Master was right even if she found it hard to believe.

"Now Gina will take care of you for the next few days. You will obey her. If you don't I'll put you back in the cage until you are ready for your next treatment." "Please No Master. I will be good and obey." "I hope so for your own sake." "Gina, put a leash on Tina and then take her down to the kitchen and have Sarah feed her. Then bring her back to my quarters." "Yes Master." Gina attached a leash to Tina's collar and led her away toward the kitchen.

Gina walked as slow as she dared knowing every step Tina would have to take would pull on her pussy lips being clamped to the thigh straps. Sue was busy cleaning up after the session putting everything away in its place. Alex came over and sat down beside Master. "I hope the hair drug and the secretion paste works. It would be disappointing if they didn't after all the research and tests I have made." She said. "We just have to wait and see.

How long do you figure before you'll know?" "The hair should start showing up in a week. Tina should start secreting in a day or two if it works. If it does she'll be wet all the time and when she has an orgasm she should almost squirt." "Any side effects of these drugs?" "There shouldn't be at least not until she gets much older.

After she turns 50 maybe she'll dry up." Alex said with a laugh. Master chuckled and smiled. "When will she start milking?" "The way I injected her we should have results on all fronts within a week. I still have to wait 2 weeks before inflating and filling her udders again. By that time her nips and clit should have stretched and be firm at about an inch.

If you want them longer then it would take maybe another 2 weeks before I could have them up another inch. If you do it too quickly, they lose their sensitivity and could even be numb. I think we should adjust the bitch pussy lips too though. Would make it easier for the hounds to enter her." "Yes, maybe you have a point there.

Let's wait and see how she develops in the pen. So far, she seems to be doing fairly well.

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I haven't spotted any mistakes on the tapes from the pen." "If this hair treatment works on Tina. Do you think it would work on Jackie if you applied it all over her body?" "Hmmmm. I don't know. You are thinking of giving her real fur, just like a dog? "Yes. It certainly would improve greatly her value if bitches could be made to grow thick fur like a dog." "I'm not sure if it would work or not and if it just grew in patches here and there it would spoil her.

I just don't know enough about it yet. I need someone to test it on that has no value anyway. Maybe we could get one of Sanchez whores that are ready to be sold onto the street cheaply." "Yes or tell Jason we are looking for a cheap one." "Ok.

I'll talk to both then. It would be good to have a guinea pig." "There would only be one drawback with full fur on a bitch. Her fur wouldn't be a long-haired breed." "Don't think that would matter as long as the coat was thick." "Could you stretch the tongue on a bitch?" "Don't know never tried.

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They would have to small of a mouth for a large tongue and they might lose control of it but that could be tested on a guinea pig as well." "Yes, sounds like we do need a guinea pig to keep you happy." Master smiled.

"Oh, I'm happy just eager to try new things." "Does the fertility drug work?" "Oh yes. That will work fine. I only made some improvement to an approved drug." "Improvements?" "Yes, they should produce females exclusively and more likely to produce 4 or 5 puppies." "We aren't set up for handling underdeveloped puppies though." "If we got a few incubators we could handle it.

We would need more staff here though. At least one slave nurse." "I rather have them produce 3 healthy puppies than 5 weaker ones." Master said. "I agree. We also need to find an outlet for the puppies.

We don't want to raise them here I assume." "No at least not in large numbers. Maybe one or two but the rest we need to find homes for without putting us at risk. It shouldn't be too hard to find a lawyer that asks no questions and does the placement on the quiet." "No. That shouldn't be too hard. I should be able to find someone with a little research." Alex was thrilled with the idea of getting a guinea pig and the breeding program. Apart from the fact the puppies would bring in quite a bit of money, there was also the possibility of improving breeding techniques and genetically produce top notch off spring.

"I better go work on the tapes and everything else. I'll have Sue feed the cow. Tomorrow I'll have to start some exercises with her otherwise she will grow fat. I'll look in on the bitch as well." Alex said as she rose from the chair. "I'll check on the bitch. You go ahead and do the tapes etc." "Ok. I should have something ready to send on the bitch and whore tom.

Not much to send out on the cow as off yet." "That's fine just feed it into the computer when your done and I'll take a look at it." Master headed out to the pen while Alex headed back to her quarters it had been a good day. Tina was now broken and would soon start producing money, milk and hopefully hair too.

As Master neared the pen, he could see the bitch being busy sucking Targ while Devil was fucking her pussy. He watched the scene until Targ took his place behind the bitch ready to relieve Devil in the pussy of the bitch. Jackie hadn't noticed Master yet. "Oh yes Devil. Fuck your bitch hard.

I want your load in my pussy now." Jackie had assumed her role and had started to enjoy being fucked by the hounds. She had 5 orgasms already today and the hounds had fucked her three times already. Targ would be the last in round three. Her pussy was dripping dog cum all over. It stuck to her bush and her stockings were soiled with their semen. Jackie still didn't like them in her ass, but she made sure that at least one of them did her ass in case somebody really was watching.

She didn't want those needles in her tits. Her tits had started to feel a bit funny there was a little aching in them now and again. When Devil shot his load in her pussy Jackie turned her head to guide Targ in her pussy when she saw Master standing there watching her. She decided it might be best to have Targ do her ass since she was being watched. "Up Targ. Your bitch needs a big cock in her ass." "Oh Yes Targ. Fuck your bitch in the ass." She said as she guided Targ's cock into her ass hole.

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"Fuck me hard Targ." "Faster Targ. Harder Targ." Jackie wasn't going to have any needles in her tits if she could help it. Master just looked on as Targ pounded in and out of the bitch ass. When he shot his load and dismounted, Master called the bitch over.

Jackie quickly crawled to his side cum dripping from both pussy and ass. "Heel" Master commanded and Jackie stood still on all fours next to him. He bent down to check her ass and pussy to see if she had any tears or was bleeding. She was red and a bit swollen but there was no damage to her holes at all.

She was getting a bit filthy with dried semen and dirt everywhere and her stockings were torn in several places. Her back and sides showed scratch mark from the hounds' paws but none of them where bleeding. The bitch was in pretty good shape. He squeezed her tits and they felt a little firmer, but no milk came out.

"How many times have you been fucked by the hounds today?" "Three times each Master and Targ, Play boy and Nero each had a turn in my ass." "Just three times in your ass?" "Yes, Master." Jackie was getting a bit worried that she hadn't done enough ass fucking and would now get a needle in her tit. "You don't like cock in your ass do you?" "I like them better in my pussy Master." "From tomorrow on you better make sure you get at least 5 fucks in your ass.

The soreness should be going away now, and you need to keep your ass stretched. Now let's see if you can fetch." "Yes Master." Master picked up a small rubber bone and threw it 10 feet away. The hounds were all lying and watching. "Fetch." Jackie crawled away toward the rubber bone as fast as she could. Her knees were hurting she had been on all fours for the last hour while the hounds fucked her.

She almost picked up the bone in her hand but caught herself at the last minute and bent down and picked it up in her mouth. Crawling back to Master, she held her head up and then dropped the bone at his feet.

"You keep the bone in your mouth until your told to Give" Jackie picked up the bone in her mouth again. Master then adjusted her position to where she was kneeling with her ass on her heels and her arm in front with wrist and hands turned down. "This is how you sit when returning a fetch or when told to sit pretty." Jackie nodded her head since the bone prevented her from speaking. Master played with her tits and nipples until they started to get erect.

He then held out his hand and commended her to give. Jackie dropped the bone in his hand. Master threw it again and Jackie waited for the command before crawling away to get the bone again. Master threw the bone a dozen times for Jackie to fetch and her hands and knees were getting sore from all the crawling.

She was also sweating a bit from the exercise. "I think that's enough exercise for today. Go lay down now" Master said as he petted her head. Jackie crawled over and laid down in the shade.

The hounds paid her no notice and she would take a little nap before they wanted her again. At least Master seemed pleased which made her relax a little. Being a bitch wasn't so bad after all. Once her pussy and ass hole had gotten over the first brutal fuckings, it hadn't been bad at all.

Sometimes she wished she could stand up straight though. Crawling all the time was hard on the knees. Master left the pen the bitch had almost accepted her role now. He could tell she even got pleasure from the fucking in her pussy at least. When he returned to his quarters Gina was waiting with Tina right behind her.

Gina had told Tina they needed to kneel by the door until Master got back. Tina was still in agony from her treatment but as long as her udders or clit wasn't touched, the burning had started to become bearable at least. Master stroked both their head when he entered the room. "Did you get something to eat Tina?" "Yes, thank you Master.

Sarah gave me several sandwiches and she wanted to know if she should bring dinner for me up here." "What did you tell her?" "I told her I didn't know, Master." "You better go back and tell her to bring dinner for you here." "Yes Master." Tina didn't really want to walk but having dinner here with Master and Gina sounded like it could be pleasant or at least not a painful experience.

Tina carefully with small steps went back to the kitchen to tell Sarah about dinner. Sarah had of course asked this knowing Tina would have to make a second trip to the kitchen. Sarah had not missed the state Tina's pussy was in. "Did Tina behave Gina?" "Yes Master. She was good." "You better get the spare bed out of the closet and set it up. Tina will be your charge until I say different. She will be sleeping and eating here and you better make sure she behaves and is where she should be at all times." "Yes Master.

I will make sure Tina is where she should be and obeys." Master patted her on her ass and Gina winched. Her ass was still a little sore from the cropping. She looked at Master and got a smile in return. He went over to the desk and Gina went and knelt by the bed as she had been told to do when Master was working. Gina could see Tina carefully walking in the hallway on the monitors and Linda just hanging around. Jackie was again busy with one of the hounds in her pussy.

Gina felt a slight tingle in her pussy watching Jackie being fucked by the hound. She felt herself getting a little wet. Wonder if Master will have the dogs fuck me too at some point. Sarah had told her last night that a dog fuck was really quite a treat. Gina moved her rings around a bit, she was still sore from the piercing but she kind of liked the way her tits looked with rings in the nipples.

When Tina knocked on the door to get back in Master paid her no attention, he just pushed the remote to open the door, and Gina got up and took Tina by the leash. "When Master is working we are to kneel by the bed." Gina explained to Tina.

Both women knelt by the bed and Tina noticed there was now a spare bed made up beside the large bed. Gina saw her look at the bed. "You'll be eating and sleeping here for now and you must obey me, if you don't we will both be punished." Gina kept on explaining. "Shall I call you Mistress then?" "No just by my name." "I'm not your Mistress. Just been told to make sure you are where you should be and are obeying any of Masters orders." Tina nodded.

Gina had certainly got away easier than the others she thought. Tina realized that she had taken the wrong path when she got the idea of being sent to the whorehouse would be a way to escape. Gina had pretty much obeyed from the start and had gotten better treatment even if she had welts on her ass and rings in her nipples. In comparison, she had gotten off easy. Tina had truly suffered for her actions but maybe there was hope if she did things right from now on.

Sleeping and eating here seemed to be an improvement unless it was a trick. Her eyes went to the monitors and she almost let out a cry when she saw Jackie on all four being fucked by a large dog and Linda hanging around. She hadn't really known what had happened to them until now. She wasn't the only one that had harsh training. When Sarah arrived with dinner a couple of hours later Tina was starting to get cramps from kneeling.

Sarah put dinner on the table and then stood by the table waiting for Master. "Let's eat. I see you brought dinner for yourself Sarah, so you better sit down too." "I did Master just in case you wanted or needed me for something." "What might I need you for Sarah?" "Maybe to show you what Gina has learnt?" "Hahahaha. I knew you would come up with a clever excuse." Sarah, Gina and Tina all sat down at the table. Tina mouth was watering at the sight of real food again. She expected to be served something different any minute until Sarah handed her the plate and everybody else started eating.

Tina was almost afraid to eat. "Better eat your dinner Tina." Sarah told her with a smile. There was some small talk during dinner mainly between master and Sarah. Tina didn't join in she was busy eating.

This was the first cooked meal she had had in days and it really tasted good. Then she started to worry that the food had been spiked with something like she had been used to in her cage. Gina saw her worried look and told her there was nothing added in the food up here. After dinner, they had coffee and Sarah brought out some cigarettes. Tina felt the urge to smoke, she hadn't had a cigarette in weeks, but she had been a smoker before she was captured.

Sarah pushed the pack toward her and Tina had her first cigarette in weeks. Things where certainly looking up. The pain was still there of course but the food and coffee had revived Tina somewhat. She felt a little better. "Breakfast for four Master?" Sarah asked. "Who would the fourth be then Sarah?" "Hmm.Sammy maybe." Sarah replied with a grin. "Bring breakfast for yourself if you want Sarah but be ready to work for it in the morning." "Yes, Master and Thank you." Sarah wasn't quite sure what type of work she would have to do but it probably would involve either Tina or getting fucked up the ass by Master or both.

Sarah was happy with her life. She seldom had to endure any harsh treatment even if Master cropped or canned her on occasion. As long as she managed the kitchen right, she was rewarded and left to do her chores.

She wished Master would use her a bit more than he did, but she was still content, and she would never leave her Master. Sometimes she worried that Master would sell her. She had seen many other slaves come and go. She and Sammy however had never been put in the catalog and she did get to spend time with Sammy and the dogs of course. With dinner finished, Sarah cleared the table and said goodnight.

Gina led Tina back to the bed and Master made a last check on the monitors. Sue had fed Jackie and she was now laying in her doghouse. Linda was still just hanging around. Alex was working on her tapes and Sue was quietly sitting on the bed with a large dildo in her pussy. Sarah was doing the dishes and Sammy was busy tending to the horses.

Master never worried about checking on those two. He knew they would do their chores and then get in their rooms without any trouble. Both where trusted slaves and loyal. He went over to Gina and Tina by the bed and Gina stood up and started undressing him without a word. He laid down on the bed and motioned to Tina and Gina to come and sit on either side of him. Tina struggled a bit with her pussy lips stretched as they were but she finally found a somewhat comfortable position.

"Gina, get some cokes and something to snack on." "Yes Master." Gina went for the cokes and got some candy, cookies and chips. Master had turned on the Television and there was a good movie coming up. They watched the movie together with a little chitchat here and there and Master playing with Gina's tits now and again. Sometimes he would finger fuck her a little too. Tina he didn't touch other than stroking her head and squeezing her ass cheeks. Tina was very tired and when Master pulled her head onto his shoulder Tina almost felt happy.

Gina had a feeling she would be fucked by Master before going to sleep and she wished the movie would hurry up and end. When it finally did, she could see that Tina was almost asleep.

"Better put Tina to bed then I'll fuck you Gina." Master said. "You need to secure Tina on her back, so she doesn't roll over and start screaming if her udders get under her." "Yes Master." Gina tugged lightly on Tina's leash and the half sleeping Tina followed her over to the spare bed. "Take your shoes off and lay down on your back." Tina obeyed, and Gina fastened her ankles to the bed. Tina had some movement but not enough to roll over on her stomach.

Just to make sure Gina secured her wrist to the side of the bed as well. She stroked Tina's hair and whispered goodnight. Tina was fairly comfortable even if she couldn't move freely. The bed was soft and the pillow under her head felt nice. Keeping her legs closed eased some of the strain on her pussy lips and Tina was grateful for a real bed instead of her cage.

Her feet and calves ached from the high heels and now even they would get some rest for the first time in days. This was far better than she had hoped for. Gina returned to the big bed and without any further orders started sucking Master's cock. When he was hard, and Gina had taken him deep in her throat a few times she looked up and asked.

"My ass or pussy Master?" "Pussy. Let's see how wet you are. Sit and face me so I can inspect your rings." Gina straddled Master and sat down on his cock in one motion. Gina was horny and wet. She started working herself up and down on his cock while he squeezed her tits and tugged at her nipples. Gina could feel her orgasm building and increased the pace at which she was riding his cock. When Master shot his load in her pussy Gina asked for permission to cum.

When he answered yes, Gina came. It was almost as the word itself had triggered the release or maybe it was his voice. In her previous life, Gina would never even have looked twice at this man and certainly never would have fucked him. Now Gina got wet just thinking about being fucked by Master and her orgasm were more powerful than she ever experienced before. Gina couldn't think why this could be but she was starting to feel a need to be fucked by this man. How strange Gina thought. She dismounted and started licking his cock clean.

Removing her heels, she laid down beside him holding out her wrist for the cuffs. "Let's see if you can be trusted to sleep without your cuffs Gina. Pee in your potty before I turn on the security screen around the bed." Gina got out her potty and peed she emptied the potty in the toilet and got back in bed. "Goodnight Gina in the morning I'll use your ass." "Yes Master.