Amateur couple are first time swingers and have groupsex

Amateur couple are first time swingers and have groupsex
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I remember that crisp Saturday morning in January of 1975 very well. Bobby Thompson had called and asked that we get together for coffee. He said that there was something very important he wanted to talk to me about and thought I'd be interested. I thought that he was being a little too mysterious and overly dramatic, but I agreed to meet him at the neighborhood coffee shop.

I arrived early that morning and was sipping coffee when Bobby came through the door. "Morning," Bobby grinned as he looked back and forth around the restaurant. A waitress came to the table and Bobby ordered a coffee.

"What's up?" I asked. "Tell me this," he said as she left to get his coffee. "What do you like best about our Saturday night games?" He was referring to the adult board games that we and our wives had been playing every other Saturday night for a number of weeks. "That's easy," I responded. "It's getting drunk, getting naked, and messing around with the girls." "Right," confirmed Bobby, "but, think about this: We waste a whole lot of time playing the game when the whole object is to get around to messing with the girls.

Right? I'm proposing that we just do away with the game and go straight to the messing around with each others spouses." I was baffled by his line of reasoning. "I have no idea what you are talking about, Bobby." "Hear me out. We can fool around with our own wives anytime. The kick is doing it with someone else's spouse, right? Look, we have already been doing a lot of messing around when we get together for our games." Bobby said.

"The whole idea of our playing the silly board games was, like you said, to drink a lot, get naked, and do some heavy petting with our own wife and with each other's wife. Hey all we would do with this is cut out the game board and go directly to the messing around part!" He exclaimed. "Don't you see? We just all agree to do what we've been doing all along, but just cut out the game, get naked, and mess around with each others spouse." My response was immediate.

"Naw, that wouldn't fly with the girls." I looked at Bobby, "I'm pretty sure my Cindy wouldn't agree to do this type of fooling around. Getting drunk, naked, and playing around under the guise of a sex game is one thing, &hellip. But, this is altogether different. I just don't think that it would fly with the girls. What about Ellen? You don't think that she'd be interested, do you?" "Oh yeah … I've already talked about this with her and she's very interested." "Hmmmm," I thought for a few seconds and then said, "If I actually proposed this, Cindy could really get angry with me for even suggesting it." "Why don't you just explore the possibilities and see what happens," Bobby suggested.

That night I brought up the subject as tactfully as I could. "Bobby approached me about an interesting concept this morning … He suggested that we change what happens at our Saturday night dinner parties." "Yeah," Cindy answered slowly.

"Like change what?" "He said that the whole idea of our playing the silly board games is to drink a lot get naked and do some heavy petting with our own spouse and with each other's spouse." "&hellip.

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And how does he propose we change the game?" "Well, he proposes that we cut out the game board and go directly to the messing around." "That sounds just like a man," she said somewhat disgustedly. "All you all think about is sex! What else did he suggest?" "Well," I continued, "He also says that we can fool around with our own spouses anytime.

The kick is doing it with someone else's. He proposes that we mostly fool around with each other's spouses." "I don't like the sound of the whole thing. This is wife swapping," she exclaimed. "Naw," I countered, "it's just what we've been doing for weeks. It's just kissing, heavy petting, and just playing around … he's not proposing anything more than what we've been doing." Cindy groaned, "Yeah, right." "Bobby said it just means we'd be enjoying hours of foreplay without all the problems that would be created if we ever had sex with the other's spouse." "You mean like kissing and touching only?" Cindy asked.

"I can't believe you could take me messing around with another man." "If you were doing it without my knowledge, I wouldn't like it a bit," I responded, "but this way we are in the same room and I can see exactly what you are doing and you can see exactly what im doing.


Also no one ever does something they don't want to do. You know what happens when we play the games: We get good and hot and then we then run home and screw like crazy. All these things are the preparatory games for fucking each other." "I don't think I could do anything more than kissing and touching with Bobby. I assume that you and Ellen would be fooling around at the same time, right?" "That's the idea, but since we are all together in the same room, it keeps everyone under control." "How far do we go?

We have masturbated each other sometimes. Ellen has masturbated Bobby until he came a lot.


She did that the last time we were together. I did the same to you a couple of weeks ago … and you've pushed your fingers in my pussy a lots, but this is different. How far are we going to go with Ellen and Bobby?" "That's something that we would all have to agree on before we start," I responded. Cindy leaned back and looked directly at me.

"You and Bobby are really serious aren't you? I don't know. I'll have to talk to Ellen about this." "Well," I thought to myself, "at least she hadn't rejected the idea outright." The following weekend we were scheduled to go to the Thompson's house for dinner and games on Saturday night.

Perhaps this would be a good time to identify all the participants and what brought us all together at this point in our lives. My name is Hank Davis … actually Henry Davis, but I always hated that name and became known as "Hank" from the time I was a kid. Backing up a few years to 1970, I was a recently divorced Army captain, assigned to Fort Bragg.

I was working in the Directorate of Logistics shop at post headquarters doing really exciting stuff … yeah, yeah … real exciting stuff. Anyway I got into the dating scene again and eventually met Cindy Granger, a civilian nurse at Womack Army Hospital. We dated and, in due course, married in 1972. We lived in her small apartment for a while, but quickly realized that it was just too small for the two of us.

After looking for a while, we found the ideal apartment in a recently built apartment complex in Fayetteville. We quickly made friends with our neighbors across the hall, Bobby and Ellen Thompson Bobby was a quiet soft-spoken teacher in a nearby high school. He was a fairly tall guy at about 6 - 1 and was of medium build, weighing about 170 pounds at that time.


He and Ellen appeared to have a good solid marriage and I rarely saw them argue or have any serious disagreements about anything.

They had dated all through high school and college and married as soon as Ellen graduated. Ellen was a school teacher, as well, teaching at a different high school than Bobby. In 1972 she and Cindy were the same age, 26; however, Ellen was both taller and slightly heavier than Cindy. She was about five foot, six inches and 135 pounds, give or take, and very attractive with a radiant smile, brown hair and eyes.

Her breasts were properly proportioned for her size, although she had begun to broaden at the hips somewhat … a problem that would plague her later in life.

My wife Cindy was about Five foot four and a slender 120 pounds. I'm biased, but I considered that she was very attractive. She had shoulder length brown hair with blond frosting and hazel eyes. I was the oldest of our group at 34 and stood 5' 11", weighing 165 pounds.

Working in a desk job and not in a troop unit, I needed an exercise regimen to maintain my physical fitness and was in good shape. We and the Thompson's became inseparable and did many things together: going dancing, taking in the latest movies, and doing cookouts on our patios.

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All that changed a few years later as the army downsized following the Vietnam War and instituted a "Reduction In Force," better know as a "RIF." As a non-jump qualified logistics officer with good but not spectacular officer efficiency reports, I knew my days were numbered. Predictably I was "RIFed" and offered the opportunity to seek employment in the civilian sector in the fall of 1973. I took the tidy separation pay and immediately started looking at positions in which I could apply my experience in logistics.

I was lucky to find a job in a small firm in Chapel Hill, where I'd gone to college. I was the firm's only logistics guy and was basically responsible for all the company's supply and transportation issues. With all the hospitals in that part of North Carolina, Cindy easily found a nice, well paying job. We used the bulk of the severance money as a down payment in a small bungalow.

Cindy did take a break from work in order to have our first child, our daughter, Megan. We were a little strapped for cash on occasion, with only one income, but we got by. Then, one day in the summer of 1974, Cindy excitedly came into the house and said "You'll never believe who I ran in to at the store!" Chuckling at her enthusiasm, I said, "I haven't a clue … who?" "Bobby and Ellen," she exclaimed.

She explained that they had just moved to Chapel Hill and had bought a house less than a mile from our house. Reestablishing contacts, we once again began doing things together, eventually that led to games of strip poker and finally the silly board sex game. Well, with Bobby's proposal, we were now preparing to start an altogether new facet of our relationship. That following Saturday evening began pretty much as had all the previous ones. Cindy had breast-fed Megan and she immediately began to get sleepy as she always did with a full belly.

In her drowsy state we drove to the Thompson's home and carried her inside. Soon she was drifting off to sleep in the guest bedroom. We returned to the Thompson's living room for drinks and banter prior to the meal. After we had had dinner and a few more fortifying drinks, the four of us were sitting around the dining room table sipping on red wine.

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So far everyone had been hesitant to mention the matter of Bobby's proposal and the tension in the room seemed heavy. I think we each knew that someone had to broach the subject that was clearly on everyone's mind. "Okay," Ellen said, introducing the subject. "Cindy and I have talked about this new arrangement and we are willing to give it a try. We were hesitant about the masturbation, but decided that we can see how it works out.

We think it can be fun; however we think we need to go slow and do this in stages. If you men try to go faster than we feel is comfortable, we quit … period. Also, we must always be together in the same room and if anyone wants to stop, we all stop.

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Do you guys agree to that? "Agreed," we responded. Rising to her feet, Ellen then took my hand and led me into the den. Once there, she sat next to me on one end of the large L-shaped couch.

Bobby escorted Cindy to the other end of the couch and turned off one of the table lamps. This darkened the room somewhat, leaving only the other table lamp to provide dim lighting. There was also a warm glow from the radio as fm music softly played in the background. I felt Ellen's soft breast press into my arm when her body turned into mine. When we kissed, her eyes closed I felt her tongue lightly licking between my lips. I took this as an invitation and gently slipped mine inside her mouth.

We kissed anxiously for several minutes and I certainly felt myself becoming aroused. I heard Cindy say "Slow down, Bobby." Obviously he was trying to rush things along. I heard him sigh, trying to relax and get control of things.

This action continued for some time with both couples becoming more aroused as they French kissed and fondled. Bobby rolled on his side pressing against the back of the couch. In doing so he made room for Cindy to lie on the front portion of the couch, facing him. Following his lead, I slipped my arm around Ellen's shoulder and neck and eased her into a lying position, as well. This time when we kissed our bodies touched through their entire length.

I knew that Ellen surely felt my hard dick pressing against her as I softly rubbed her back with my free hand. The kissing was obviously heightening her passion and she murmured slightly as my fingers slipped under her blouse and unsnapped her bra. Once this was accomplished, my hand gently began squeezing her tits. I looked past Ellen to see what was happening on the other half of the L-shaped couch.

Bobby and Cindy were continuing to kiss; however, I noticed that she had slipped her thigh between his legs and was rubbing it against his rigid dick. As we continued to French kiss and rub our bodies together, I caressed Ellen's breast and gave a nipple a gentle tweak. Meanwhile, she had found my stiff dick.

Her finger tips slowly traced the outline of my cock and then grasped it through the fabric of my khakis Hmmmmm, things are progressing nicely I thought to myself. "Ahhhh," I heard Cindy say. She had turned towards Bobby and he had slipped his hand under her knit shirt.

I could see him unsnapping her bra and then squeezing first one breast and then the other. She sat up briefly and allowed Bobby to slip her shirt over her head and remove her bra. Looking in their direction I watched as she returned to slowly pressing against Bobby's crotch with her pelvis.

She was also using her free hand to caress and grasp his ass, pressing his dick firmly against her pussy. Not to be outdone by Cindy, Ellen slipped off her blouse and turned her head and upper body to join me in watching the action on the other end of the couch.

We could see Cindy's legs spreading apart as her hand appeared to reach between them to grasp the hard bulge in Bobby's pants. "Oh Bobby, this just feels wonderful," I heard her whisper. By now I had let my fingers slip under the waistband of Ellen's shorts and cupped her panty covered ass. I squeezed her buttocks feeling the outline of her panties as everything seemed to grow in intensity.

Suddenly Cindy broke free and said "Time out!" Ellen groaned, "Whoa." Cindy said "I think we all need a time out." "Okay, let's all just calm down and get a glass of wine," suggested Ellen.

The girls got up and walked into the kitchen still exposing their delicious breasts. Bobby and I were a little hesitant to move too quickly and reveal our massive erections.

By the time we got to the kitchen, the girls had poured glasses of wine for everyone and we were beginning to subside. There wasn't a lot of discussion and the few words spoken didn't elicit much response as all of us we all seemed somewhat lost in our own thoughts. After a few minutes, Ellen again took the lead. She led me back down into the den and said, "I think it's time for all of us to get naked.

Hank, could you help me?" I quickly moved to slip off her shorts and panties and soon she was completely nude, save for the sandals that she wore.

She then began her task by stripping my knit shirt and t-shirt over my head and then opened my khakis pulled the zipper down and dropped my pants to the floor. She had a little difficulty as she lifted my boxers over my quickly rising dick. Once they were stripped off, she knelt down to take off my loafers and socks.

It was at this point that things began to get particularly interesting. I quickly looked down and saw Ellen lasciviously smiling up at me. We both allowed a soft moan as her fingers closed around my dick, squeezing it lightly and caressing it with her fingertips from the head to the base then back again.

Her touch was delicate, but with just the right amount of pressure that was soon driving me wild. I looked down to see that she was intently staring at my dick as her fingers curled around it. She gently pushed me back, sitting me down onto our end of the L-shaped couch.

She then sat next to me and her hands returned to grasp my dick. "Mmmmm, I love this," Ellen sighed as she slowly began to stroke me and whispered, "I want to make you cum. I want to see you squirt cum everywhere. Is that okay?" During our previous contacts Ellen had masturbated me several times, but had never caused me to reach a climax. Now her hand on my dick felt incredible and her stated intentions had my mind racing.

Her initial grip was amazingly light and subtle, running up and down my shaft, but then she grasped me firmly and began decisively jerking me off. I raised my hips slightly off the couch, urging her to pump me hard.

This went on for several minutes as I continued my travel toward a massive orgasm. Eventually I muttered, "Ellen, I'm gonna cum." Ellen giggled and raised her head up to lick wetly along my lips as her hand firmly gripped my dick and she increased the tempo.

"That's what I want! I don't want you to hold back. I want you to shoot great gobs of cum. Cum for me, Hank," she murmured. "I want to see you cum. I want to see your hard dick shoot off for me." Her hand began to furiously slide up and down my dick.

I could feel the pressure of my cum building in my nuts until I reached orgasm. My cum began squirting out of my throbbing dick, spurting over Ellen's hand and onto my belly.

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"Arrrggghhh," I groaned. Again and again I spurted and each time Ellen would moan as her hand ran wetly up and down my dick. "Hank, that was great," she breathed as she continued to stroke me. Her cum-covered hand was making wet sloppy noises as it slid up and down my shaft.

"I knew you would cum a lot!" My heart throbbed in my chest as I watched her left hand move over my belly tracing her fingers through the pools of cum and then sliding back down to my dick. She sighed as she slowly smeared the cum over it. "…and you're still so hard," she whispered looking into my eyes.

"I guess you enjoyed that … didn't you?" I feebly smiled as I nodded my head. She grinned and squeezed my dick lightly. "That was incredible, Ellen," I said, my voice shaking.

"Absolutely incredible. That was the best hand job that I've ever experienced." She leaned over and whispered in my ear, "I just wish that I could put it in my mouth and suck you dry!" "Whoa," I thought.

"What if Bobby had heard that his wife would have preferred to suck my dick dry? Whew!" I just wrapped my arm around her and pulled her close as we relaxed. Now it was time to look to the other end of the couch and see how Bobby and Cindy were getting along.

They had stripped naked as well and Cindy was crouched between Bobby's legs as he stretched out on the other wing of the couch. She was using both hands on his stiff dick. Her left hand fondled his cockhead between her thumb and forefinger while her right stroked him with firm, strong strokes. Bobby groaned and closed his eyes, obviously feeling the cum building in his balls as she worked to bring him off. Cindy was moaning lightly, deep in her throat, as she concentrated on pumping his dick.

I couldn't believe how much she appeared to truly enjoy playing with Bobby's cock. Her expert masturbation was obviously preparing him for an enormous orgasm.

It was soon to come. "Ahhhhhh," Bobby moaned as his balls suddenly tightened and sent his cum shooting up through his rigid shaft. Cindy squealed with delight as his cum sailed from his dick spraying upward onto his chest and belly.

She used both hands as his hips bucked, coating her fingers with his semen. Cindy kept repeating, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" each time he shot. "You know, Hank," Ellen whispered, "I think that she enjoyed doing him as much as I did in doing you. I bet she'd like to suck him dry, too. Wouldn't you like to see your pretty wife sucking Bobby's cock and watch him fill her mouth with his cum?" She was leaning back on the couch stroking my dick and creating a strong new erection.

The image of Cindy sucking Bobby's dick and seeing him fill her mouth with his semen throbbed in my excited mind. I was brought back to the moment when Ellen whispered, "Now, how about a little action for my hungry pussy?" I eased Ellen fully onto her back. We kissed deeply as I slowly rubbed her soft pubic hairs and my fingers probed along her slit.

She began to grow impatient and eagerly pushed her pussy against my hand. Finally, I gently slid my middle finger inside her sopping wet slit.

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She again excitedly pushed against my hand and finger, anxious for more aggressive action on my part. I started to probe her pussy more vigorously and slid a second finger into her.

She groaned softly and embraced me more tightly than before. The juices that flowed from her pussy allowed the pace of my finger-fucking to quickly increase. She gasped, "Oh that's so good! Oh, don't stop!" I added a third finger and pressed my thumb on her clitoris, caressing it.

Her hips were thrusting against my fingers in short choppy jerks. I could tell that that the fires were raging inside of her and soon she began moaning in ecstasy, reaching her own orgasm. As she came down from her own climax, Ellen eagerly watched the unashamed sexual experiences unfolding between her husband and my wife. Bobby gently, but firmly, pushed Cindy's thighs apart. He softly ran his fingertips through her pussy hair and around her slit before slipping them between her dripping wet pussy lips.

Cindy moaned low in her throat as we watched Bobby's finger slide deeply into her. "Oh," moaned Ellen, "This is going to be good!" Bobby's fingers gently caressed Cindy, slowly moving in and out of her pussy. She began rocking against the thrust of his fingers, trying to drive them deeper into her pussy. By now Ellen had reached over and was moving her fingers up and down my shaft as we watched Cindy enjoying Bobby's caresses.

"I bet that she wished that it was Bobby's dick sliding in and out of her," whispered Ellen. "Wouldn't you love to see Bobby's dick fucking your wife's pussy, filling it with his cum?" Bobby had a broad smile on his face knowing that Cindy had entirely surrendered to the pleasure of the moment and his probing fingers. Her eyes were tightly closed and she began to moan louder as he continued to thrust his fingers into her with firmness and ever increasing tempo.


His actions seemed to be succeeding in driving Cindy mad with lust. "Oh that feels so good! Oh don't stop! Faster! Oh don't stop!" she moaned. Bobby continued to force Cindy closer to orgasm with each variation in his caresses. Cindy came up off the couch in intense pleasure, clutching Bobby and urging him on. She began to shudder underneath him as he unrelentingly and furiously finger-fucked her. Almost immediately Cindy reached a crashing orgasm, screaming, "Oh Bobby!

Oh Bobby!" squealing in delight. As her orgasm subsided, she turned her head away but could not control the small shudders that continued to course through her slender body as Bobby continued stroking her pussy. This had been a milestone evening. We all began to quietly dress as the evening concluded. Cindy picked up the baby from the spare bedroom and we prepared for the trip home.

Things got somewhat uneasy at the front door as Cindy and I were leaving. The normal hug and kiss on the cheek didn't seem quite adequate any more. It had been quite an evening yet there was much more to come in the succeeding weeks.