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Mellanie Monroe Huge Ass Anal Slut
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This is my first story so the grammar won't be perfect but I liked it none the less well here it is =] Wrapping my arms tighter around me I shivered. Glancing around I wonder out loud "man where is he, he was suppose to be here an hour ago" Shivering once more I decide to take my chances and walk. I Only live a mile or two from the bus stop I'll be home before I know it. Pulling my iPod from my pocket I plug in my headphones. Looking threw the songs I'm undecided so with a sigh I give it a shake Korn's Freak On A Leash starts buzzing happily in my ears.

I nod my head along with the beat of the music.

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I see head lights behind me, jerking the buds from my ears. I listen hard holding my breath, I smile to myself when I here the loud bass coming from my step-brothers car. "Amy, is that you " Ignoring him I keep walking I'm really not that mad at him I just like busting his balls "Amy come on please I'm sorry I was late I had to pick up Kyle." Hearing the name Kyle I stop, my face pailing I think back to the last time I saw Kyle. We were only about 14, he wasnt always the nicest guy always an asshole, to everybody especially to me.

During my younger years I was always kinda chubby, and a bit of a loner I moved to Florida to live with my dad when I was 14.

When I was leaving I heard him tell my step- brother he was glad the whale was leaving. That summer and through the next year I thinned up, and muscled up some. my dad made me learn how to fight ,hence the muscles. Grinning I turned to my brothers car seeing a cute little purple or maybe black VW Golf.

Glancing up at the moon I shivered pulling the long dark trench coat around me tighter. I stepped off the curb reaching for the handle I pulled the Door open sliding in the front seat turning to glare at my brother. "what on earth took so long it's 35 degrees out side and you take your sweet time" lowering his head sheepishly "sorry sis I got caught up in something " Reaching over I give him a tight hug. He sighs happily it's a perfect moment,until an asshole in the back seat coughs annoyingly.

Pulling away i pull the sun visor down looking in the mirror. Flicking my eyes up I gasp staring at me is the hottest man I have ever seen,and he's grinning at me like a maniac. "Amy, it's been awhile hasn't it". "Not nearly long enough Kyle". I say as sweetly as I can muster He grins,I slam the visor back up turning the radio up.

I smile happily and start singing along with the song " blood,blood,blood pump more threw my veins, shut you dirty dirty mouth I'm not that easy" I bob my head,only for my happiness to interrupted again by the annoying asshole. "so Amy still for the dark side I see." "ohh Kyle still for the asshole side I see " pushing at the back of my seat he says "watch your mouth young lady,other wise I might have to put you over my knee" My mind fills with dirty thoughts of kyle and me,I shudder and turn in my seat to see kyle grinning.

you wanna play Kyle fine I'll play. Batting my thick eyelashes I say as seductivly as I can. "don't tease me baby" A look of pure shock crosses his face,he's speechless .winking one eye and blowing him a kiss I turn back in my seat smiling smugly. my brother Jake starts busting up laughing.

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"alright dude you deserved that!" Kyle grumbles from the back seat. We pull up to the house. I smile slightly my heart warming at the site it's been so long. My mom comes running out of the house my step dad following. "ohhh honey I've misses you so much " "I've missed you to mom" She hugs me tight enough that my oxygen is slightly being cut off. "honey let go your killing her" my step dad rob cuts in.

My mom stops hugging me and instead holds my hand. I step up and hug rob briefly with one arm. "wheres my hug?" Kyle says pouting. I cringe but not wanting to up set my mom I step forward.

He wraps his arms around me and I almost die, he smells amazing like chocolate cherries and mint. His hands are sliding slowly up and down my back. My brother starts coughing awkwardly and suddenly I remember who I'm hugging and step back. Blushing. Sighing I grab my moms hand and pull her towards the front door of our 3 bedroom house.

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Nothing has changed and I love it I run upstairs to my bedroom and gasp. All my stuff is still there but pushed against the wall. Another bed sits in the middle of the room.hearing foot steps behind me and a hand on my shoulder. "w.what happened to my room?" "kyle has been staying with us dear he didn't wanna sleep in jakes room so,we told him he can move up here " "but mom were do I sleep?" "in your bed of course Kyle will be moving everything out tonight then the rooms all yours again " I nod my head.

My mom walks back down stairs telling me to come on that dinners ready. I sit at the table and Kyle sits next to me smiling. Trying to ignore him I pickup my fork and dig in. I'm enjoying my amazing turkey when Kyle bumps into me repeatedly.I glance over at him and he smiles and winks He's up to something I think but my thoughts cut short as a flash of lightning cuts across the sky and the power goes out.

"ohhh no rob do something" my mom says worriedly "Linda there's nothing I can do I can go check the circuit breaker but i think we are going to have to sleep in the dark tonight." Rob gets up and goes downstairs to the basement only to return moments later shaking his head. Mom gets up and searches for candles,coming back with only 3.

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She sets them up on the table lighting them glancing around at us. Kyle breaks the silence saying slowly "umm I cant move my stuff where am I going to sleep?" Silence Sighing my mother says sternly "your going to sleep where you have been." You and Amy are just gonna have to deal with each other." I gasp "But mom." "no buts there isn't any where else anybody can Go so deal with it ." Mom picks up her fork and starts eating every body follows.


I nibble at my food it taste amazing but I'm no longer hungry. We finish dinner and mom starts cleaning up as more lightning and thunder attack in the sky. I walk slowly upstairs aware that Kyle is following up behind me, I open my bedroom door and sigh. Throwing all the crap off my bed I sit on the end and look towards the door where Kyle is leaning against the frame looking as sexy as ever. "hi roomate" he says quietly .standing I walk to the bathroom grabbing my night cloths on the way out.

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I mentally smack my self in the head, all I have is short shorts and a tiny tank top that's a size to smallpulling it over my head I sigh it covers to only about an inch below my belly button and makes my 36D breasts look huge mix that with my shorts and I look like a cheap hoe. Having no other choice I walk back into my room Kyle lays on his bed in just a pair of boxers playing with his cellphone. I try walking by silently so he doesn't notice me I'm almost to my bed when he sucks in a breath.

I turn slowly and see him gaping at me his his jaw almost hitting his chest.


I look towards his boxers and see them rising slowly. I jump in bed and wrap my self up in the covers feeling the heat rushing to my face I stutter out a good night and close my eyes -----—-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some time passes and I awake it's still dark so I'm unsure what woke me I sit there thinking when a loud moan startles me. I open my eyes and look to Kyle.

My eyes widen in disbelieve Kyles pulling on his hard cock. Even In the dark I can see it's huge "ohhhhhhhhh Amy mmmmmm" My heart stops. I feel a tingle in my lower tummy I gasp then cringe closing my eyes I hope he didn't here me. "Amy" he whispers in the dark "Amy" he says a little louder. I grumble "what" "are you awake " "I am now " Throwing the covers off me I stand and stretch yawning.

He hisses threw his teeth.

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With out looking at him I stumble to the bathroom flipping the switch. Powers still out great I think to my self. Im in the bathroom when I hear another groan. O my god he didn't stop suddenly I don't know what to do.

Standing in front of the mirror I slip a hand in my panties there soaked. pulling my hand out the tips of my fingers hit my clit and I gasp and do it again a moan escaping my lips. I want him to take me. I decided i will have him. Walking out of the bathroom I stop at his bed hes staring up at me shocked.

"Kyle can I sleep with you the window won't close and it's freezing" I shiver just to make it seem real Before he can answer I pull back the covers and slide in beside him curling up beside him. He doesn't move an inch, his body frozen in it's spot.

we lay like this for maybe 15 minutes before he assumes im asleep and slowly pulls on his rigid cock. I scoot closer to him and put my leg over his and put my head on his shoulder. He groans and pulls the covers off of me staring at my body. A new flood of juices flows out of me and I whimper and push myself closer to him my crotch presses against his thigh .I can feel his warm leg on my pussy and I sigh.

He grinds his leg against my pussy and pulls harder on his cock. I groan and flutter my eye lids. Looking up at him he looks down and stares in my eyes for moment before he grinds his leg on me again.

I close my eyes and moan. Suddenly I'm under him I open my eyes in shock staring up at him. His face is pleading his eyes wide and lustful. I raise my hips and feel his hard cock against me I groan again .he reaches between us and slides his hand into my shorts I gasp as his hand makes contact with my burning pussy .

I wrap my arms around him bringing his lips to mine. He kisses me gently his tongue pushing on my lips I open them as his tongue explores my mouth. I buck my hips again whimpering. He pulls back and smiles warmly down at me.

He pulls me up and pulls my shirt over my head then unclasps my bra throwing it to the floor. He stares down at me hungrily I pull him back on top of me. He tugs at my pants and panties,I wiggle my hips helping him . He throws them on the floor and grabs my leg by my knee pushing it up towards my chest. He bucks forward and I gasp as the head of his cock brushes my pussy lips. He whimpers and looks down at me, I nod my head and pull his lips to mine. He Bucks forward one last time and hits his mark.

his lips silences my scream. He jerks forward three more times before he's bottomed out. My pussys burning and not in the good way. My mind races" what was I thinking he's to big, he's going to rip me in half" I lay motionless as he leans up and whispers in my ear.

" I'm sorry Amy, but I have to keep going I've wanted this for to long to back out now" he kisses my lips " please don't hold this against me" he begs And pulls out slowly and thrusts back in. He groans loudly. The fire begins to fade as he keeps fucking me replaced by burning hot pleasure. I wrap my legs around his waist and bucks my hips up meeting his thrusts.

He keeps fucking me ,us both moaning and groaning. There's a building up in my lower belly I grab his head forcing his mouth on mine as the building continues suddenly the dam bursts and tears spring to my eyes as I gasp. "ohhhhhhhhh fuck me Kyle do me harder" He listens and goes harder and faster Im lost in the bliss thrashing around no longer having control over my body.


I'm barely aware of him bucking hard into me as he goes rigid whimpering loudly. Hot liquid fills my pussy to the brim. I open my eyes and see him panting above me his eyes closed tightly.

I reach up and cup his face into my hand he tilts his head into me and opens his eyes and smiles down at me. He rolls over pulling me onto his chest his now soft dick pops out bringing a trail of our juices and my blood with it. He wraps his arms around me. I'm tired all of a sudden, he pulls the blankets around us.

As the world fades around me growing darker I hear him utter three words "I love you " Before the darkness pulls me in *************************************************** What did you think of my first try if If good feed back I'll continue =}