Sensual lesbo cuties get splashed with pee and ejaculate wet slits

Sensual lesbo cuties get splashed with pee and ejaculate wet slits
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It was only about 78 degrees outside but I was sweating profusely as I stood on the porch of the trailer preparing to enter. It was 11:20am and I knew mom was expecting me back any minute.

I could not get over the extreme awkwardness I was already feeling before going inside. I had spent the morning watching my mother… the woman who raised me my whole life… fuck herself silly with a double headed dildo until she squirted all over her bedroom.

Disgust and shame for my sinful lusts have completely fled my mind and body. I no longer cared that my lust was wrong. All I knew is that I loved my mother. I loved her on a level that is beyond any boy had ever loved his mother. Yet I was absolutely terrified to see her at this moment. I took a series of big breaths trying to calm myself. I gulped loud and opened the door and entered. Mom was sitting on the couch as I entered. Her face lit up in a glowing manner as if she had just seen me for the first time after my birth.

She stood up from the couch and began to approach me. She was so beautiful at this moment. She was wearing a super tight pink tank top and a black miniskirt. I had never seen my mother dress so provocatively except on the webcam.

She was not wearing a bra and her harder than normal nipples were threatening to cut straight through the material. Even though I had no spunk in the tanks, I felt my dick twitch at the sight of her. She looked trashy and slutty… And I loved every single inch of her. Mom swayed up to me and was almost hopping as she approached with open arms. She wrapped me in a strong hug and I returned the firmness.

My face was burried in her massive melons and as we swayed in out embrace, her jugs slapped the sides of my face.


My dick jerked to attention again like a dog that wont stop barking. Trying to pretend I didn't understand her enthusiasm I asked "what's up with you mom?" "Nothing sweetie… I just missed you." she clenched tighter and burried her left nipple directly into my cheek. I was in heaven and would be okay if I never moved from this exact position.

Mom finally released her embrace and bent down to kiss me like normal. Only this time was a longer kiss.


Same firm lips, same position, but longer and slightly firmer than ever before. I wanted nothing more than to open my mouth and give her a kiss from a man but I resisted. Mom eventually broke our clasp and pulled me to the couch by the hand. She told me to sit down and she would bring my lunch to eat while watching tv. This was something she never let me do and I was certainly going to take advantage of it. It was also nice to sit and cover my lap with a couch pillow.

She handed me the remote and walked towards the kitchen. Although the skirt she was wearing was a little longer than the one she wore earlier during her performance, it was still super short compared to anything else I had ever seen in person. She approached the stove and bent down as she opened the oven door to check on the contents inside. I should have done it. I should have blown my goo in my shorts if I had much of any cum left. Because as mom bent over she displayed her perfectly bald pantyless cunt to me.

I knew she didn't have to bend over quite that far to check inside, nor as long, but I thank god she did. I imagined how bad ass it would be to freeze time, stroll over to her and fucking her brains out. OMG I wanted her so bad. Slowly but inevitably mom pulled the chicken from the oven. She made our plates and brought me one.

We ate in silence except for the tv. She sat next to me on the couch and I caught her glancing at me from time to time.

I only know this because every time she looked at me, I turned my attention back to the tv from oogling her. Mom was the first to speak when she said "I'm going out for an hour or so this evening. Is their anything I can get you while I'm out?" I declined her offer, not because I didn't want anything, but because I could not think of anything other than the task at hand.

Conversation resumed as normal as if her slutty dressing was the elephant in the room we did not mention. After lunch I told mom I was taking a shower. I stepped into the bathroom, turned on the water, and opened the cupboard door.

I found my shaving crème (that I only used once or twice a month to shave my peach fuzz) and my way too expensive for my age 5 blade razor. I stood in the shower preparing to embark on a journey I had never really considered before. But mom said how much she liked a shaved dick, and if their was any chance I was going to get her to touch it, then I would have to get this deed done. I lathered up my dick and balls for a long time while I mustered up the courage to bring such a sharp object to my most cherished items.

I finally covered my nether region with a heavy coat of shaving cream with my razor in hand. I took a series of heavy breaths before making my first pass over my pubic area. I really don't know why I had so much build up because it really wasn't that bad. Shaving my balls was tricky, but if I stretched them just right and did slow passes, I got the job done without any tragic nicks.

I even got so brave as to shave my gooch. That's what I'm told is the region between my balls and my anus. I wasn't quite old enough to have hair around my ass or I would have shaved that too. After I tentatively rinsed myself and stepped out of the shower (after making sure my remains did not clog the drain) I stood in front of the mirror and admired my handy work.

I'm not sure it looked any bigger like most people say, but it did look less repulsive. I wrapped myself in a towel and stepped out of the bathroom. I could hear mom make a soft moan from her room. I walked closer to to her door and place my ear to the door. I didn't hear another moan but I did hear a series of mouse clicks. She was on her computer.

But what was she doing? I went to my room and without dressing I sat at my computer and logged into the webcam site. Mom was not online but I clicked on her profile anyways. I had wondered to myself if my mom could be anymore of a sexy slut than she is now… And I knew the answer was most certainly a yes. Her profile had recently been updated and two more pictures had been added. One, was of my mom sitting at her computer holding a butt plug in her right hand while pouring some KY lube on it with her left.

This thing was rather large… like as round at the bottom as a pool ball. The plug was pink and had three levels of bulges on it. My mom was wearing her current clothing in the picture so I knew she had just took and posted this pic. The next photo was of mom leaned over in front of her desk with only the base of the plug sticking from her asshole.

Mom literally just shoved this huge plug in her ass while I was showering and shaving my junk. I was so hard for her right now, that my erection had parted my towel. I wanted nothing but to pump it to get some relief, but my self control was more anticipating this evenings adventure. I forced my screen off and some boxer shorts on. As much as I wanted to stroke myself, I knew I needed to wait. I stayed in my room for the next several hours playing games or browsing the web looking for anything to preoccupy my thoughts.

At 7pm mom knocked on my door and asked if she could come in. I said sure and she entered looking as sexy as she did before. Only I knew she had earlier plugged her ass with that big butt stuffer.

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She must do that often enough to be used to it because it was bigger than some porn stars are willing to take. I was sitting in my chair reading the most current news of my favorite sports team as she walked around my desk to me.

I didn't bother putting on shorts earlier and I was still in boxers and a blank black t-shirt. I should have planned this better but at sight of her I felt the jerking start on my pecker. I knew it was only a matter of time before I had a raging boner that I would have trouble covering. Although I debated my options, my mom made my mind up for me. She walked straight over to me and gingerly sat in my lap sideways.

This had an instant effect on my dick and it almost made a sound as it jumped into her lower thigh. Mom just smiled at me without putting off that she noticed anything. Mom's make up was done all trashy but she sure looked hot to me.

She finally spoke after a period of silent staring. "I'm going out for a bit&hellip. I just wanted to say goodbye" I opened my mouth to respond but without letting out a sound mom's face approached and she kissed me. Her mouth too was partially open. We slowly closed our mouths together and finished the kiss.


It was amazing. Mom started backing away and slowly reopen her eyes. Without another word she pivoted on my lap and began to sit up. My dick was almost pushing her off me. As she bent forward to get up, I felt my dick fling through the opening in my boxers.

If my mom stood up, I would have no way to cover it. Without thinking about it first, I grabbed my mom's hips and pulled her back onto me. She fell onto me with a thud and luckily my dick wasn't crushed.

When I caught her in my lap, I felt something poke me right on my leg. She was now in a position where she was straddling my left leg facing away from me. My dick was standing straight up right behind her right cheek. I hunched over her and wrapped my arms around her midsection and rested my head on her back. I had to think fast so I blurted out "I love you mom… you're the best ever." Although I meant it, I was mostly trying to provide any kind of excuse to my actions.

It was then that I felt my mom slightly grind herself onto my leg and say "oh baby I love you too… more than you know." Mom then more forcefully pulled away from me. She put her hands on the floor to steady herself before she stood up. This caused her skirt to ride up and give me a full view of her ass and pussy from less that 12" away. The kicker was… She was still carrying the butt plug.

It was nestled into her sexy ass this whole time. Mom stood up slowly and started straightening her skirt and shirt while facing away from me. I took this opportunity to grab the closest object to me and cover my RAGING boner.

Unfortunately for me, the only thing I could get my hands on was an empty red solo cup that was on my desk.

Without another thought I flipped the cup over onto my dick and laid back like nothing was going on. The typical smooth move for someone getting caught doing something. Mom stood there for several seconds facing away from me. I saw a glistening on the top of my thigh. It took me a little longer to realize what it is then I want to admit. But it was my mom's juices from her pussy when it rubbed and slid around on my leg.

The sight gave me another thought. If I came in this cup, would it be with enough force to throw it from my dick?… It was a goofy thought but the idea was enough to hold back an orgasm although I was on the brink. Finally mom turned just enough to look at me over her shoulder. I couldn't see her face but I think she was biting her lower lip hard as she looked at me. She scanned up and down my body no doubt noticing the cup.

With only a cheery whisper mom said "I'll be back later baby… I'm definitely going to miss you while I'm out. " Mom moved her left hand into the tiny pocket of her skirt and a second later dropped something on the floor right at her feet. Mom smiled and walked out the door without me saying a word. I looked down and saw that she dropped the tiny white thong she was wearing at the beginning of her morning performance.

I wanted it. I really wanted it. I lusted after the used piece of cloth resting inches from my feet. I convinced myself that I had bigger fish to fry and resisted the temptation to lung after it and spray it with my burning member.

I heard the front door open then close, so I jumped to my feet and ran to my dresser. I quickly changed my underwear and put on a pair of shorts I got last summer that I never worn because they were a little too tight.

I threw on a blank white t-shirt in my best attempt to make myself unnoticeable from the neck down. Without a moment of waste I headed out the front door and hustled through the field towards the truck stop.

Although in my head the trip was only a mile, it was closer to two. I was so excited to get there that the walk did not take long. As I pulled up to the back of the business I noticed my moms car parked out back. I walked to the side entrance door and noticed the clerk on duty was helping other customers from their little cashier cage. I scooted along the isle's to the men's restroom and slowly stepped inside.

Unfortunately the door was not lockable as it was a multi stall public bathroom. It was really gross too. The floors were dirty and sticky and the room smelled of sewage. As I walked towards the far stall neighboring the next door female restroom my heart began to thump like crazy. Did I really have the guts to do this? "What do you mean no?" I heard a husky voice say from the far stall of the restroom. In a panic I silently ducked into the fist stall to me and locked the door.

"Well fuck you then you dumb cunt." the voice barked again and I saw through the crack a man exit the stall, walk past me and exit the room.

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He was a really heavyset and hairy man. Probably a truck driver. "Anybody else?" I heard my mother's voice call out. My heart thumped harder than ever. I was frozen. My mind was racing and I couldn't move a muscle. "I'm really horny over here" I again heard my mother quietly say into the room. I did not need anymore motivation. I walked to the far stall and opened it a bit. The hole in the wall was much bigger than I expected.

It was almost as round as a bowling ball and anyone could put a head through it. I needed to hurry before mom looked through the hole and saw me. I ran to the hole and stood against it snuggly with my face against the paper thin wall. "Well hello there… lets see if you have the goodies I'm looking for" mom said as her hands reached into the hole and grabbed the front of my shorts.

I was beginning to panic and was thinking about turning to run for the door. I couldn't do this anymore. Mom had a firm grip on my shorts and before I knew it, through the hole she managed to unbutton my shorts and loosen the zipper. It was time to flea and I started to shuffle towards the door. In one motion, Mom was able to pull the front of both my shorts and boxers down and exposed my recently shaved cock. I froze and I couldn't have moved if the place was on fire. My heart was no longer beating at all.

"OMG finally" mom yelped with a cheery voice. She wrapped her right hand around my cock and started to slowly pump as she used her other hand to push my shorts and boxers to my knees.

I was in pure bliss. Mom was finally touching my cock and the euphoria took over my body. I was determined to hold off my orgasm as long as I could but it was seconds away. "It's leaking… you must be excited to get off by momma" mom said in a firm tone.

Did she refer to herself as momma like she did on cam? Or because she knew it was her son's cock in her hand?… Either way, at this moment I didn't give a fuck. Before I knew it mom threw her mouth onto my dick. It was warm, sloppy and perfect. Mom aggressively bobbed on my shaft and her lips and nose struck my body on every thrust. She was shoving my cock in her expert throat every time she leaned into it. I was in pure bliss. "I'm gonna cum" flew from my mouth in my best disguised voice that I could.

Mom sunk all the way onto my dick and held her head there. Her hand gripped around my balls and pulled me towards her. I couldn't hold back anymore. I released my load and I felt every single spurt of cum shoot into her throat. Over and over and over again my dick pulsed and launched cum into her. By the time I was finished and felt my dick start to soften, with my dick still in her mouth mom gulped a few times then continued to bob.

It wasn't long before I was able to maintain a semi hardon. Mom stopped and pulled her mouth free. She gulped a couple more times and said "I'm a dirty fucking cum dumpster&hellip. turn around and bend over. I want to lick your ass clean." I didn't know how to react to this. If I hadn't known it was my mom in there I would be concerned about someone telling me to turn around and expose my ass to the hole.

But I knew better. I turned around and bent a little placing my ass against the hole. Without hesitation mom lunged forward and started aggressively licking at my ass. I'm certainly not gay or anything, but this was a sensation almost greater than the blowjob. It was incredible and I never wanted it to end. Mom licked around the hole, then wiggled her tongue partially inside and rocked it in and out.

She stopped (sooner than wanted) and said in a matter of fact tone "Give me your cock". Without delay I turned around and stuck my dick through the hole again. This was now the moment my perverted lust reached an unforgivable level.

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Mom grabbed my cock and I could tell she was backing herself onto it. I felt my dick glide right through the wet and hot opening to my mothers pussy. She leaned back all the way to the hole and I my dick sunk into her like a hot knife in butter. I leaned back and looked down and I stared at my cock inside her. Just an inch below the butt plug she was still carrying. This was the pay off.

This is what had been lusting for and it was finally happening. What came over me was unknown. I had never had sex before, but I thrust my hips back an forth like a mad man. I pounded myself in and out of her with a fury I never knew I had.

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I heard mom moan and scream out "fuck mommy…fuck mommy"… That's certainly what I was doing. I hammered it in and out of her as hard as I could and I felt another load on deck that was ready to swing away at any moment.

With a disguised voice I called out again that I was ready to cum.

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Without missing a motion mom barked "cum in me baby&hellip. fill mommy's fuckhole"… I didn't have to be told twice.

I again unleashed a torrent of goo that was tossed into my mother's pussy as deep as I could get it. Over and over again my cock pulsed and I continued to thrust until the last dribble leaked into my mother. When I was finished I leaned against the wall and used it to support my body because I was completely exhausted and weak kneed.

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After a few seconds mom pulled from my cock that slipped out with a sloppy plop. She turned around and stuck my dick in her mouth and slowly sucked on it for a few seconds getting every ounce of our juices from my dick.


"I needed that… Thank you" mom said with a hoarse voice. I heard her stand up and walk out of her stall in the women's restroom. This was the point where my fantasy plan ended. If mom drove home right now, she would know I was not home and raise suspicion. I pulled my pants up and bolted from the business. Mom's car was gone so I ran and ran and ran home trying to beat her there. I was not in the kind of shape to be running in the dark like this but I gave it everything I had to give. When I approached the trailer I saw mom's car in the driveway.

I was so fucked right now. I walked up to the front door and peeked inside. Mom was not in the living room. I quietly turned the knob and stepped inside.

I went to my room and was glad I made it inside without being spotted. I shuffled into my room and there my mother sat. She was sitting on my bed with the biggest eyes I ever saw. She no doubt recognized my clothing and terror crossed her face.

We stayed motionless and stared at each other in shock as the reality of what we did… what I did came full circle.

What am I going to do now…? To be continued…