Horny glamour babe Megan Cox is pleasing

Horny glamour babe Megan Cox is pleasing
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Maryann's Birthday party and special present. Today was special for Maryann as she was turning 18 which meant she was now an adult. She had invited 30 of her friends to the apartment's pool for her party and they had all shown up. The party had started at 3 and the pool was full with the party people and some of the other tenants. She had gotten some nice presents but the one person she really wanted to see had not shown up yet.

As she looked around the pool and rec room area she thought to herself, oh dam him where is he, he promised to come and he was going to give me a present, but I'm sure it will not be the one I really want.

She saw John come in and walk towards the group gathered around the tables with the birthday party fixings. He was looking at everyone but her. Her heart started to beat faster as she thought about him in his swimming shorts and buttoned shirt. He had actually put on nice clothes to come to her party. He walked up to her handing her the envelope he was carrying. "Here you go birthday girl, happy birthday and I hope you have many more." "Oh John, thank you" she said as she opened the envelope and read the card along with the gift card to a very nice women's store in the city.


The card was very generic in the wording and she was disappointed but the gift card was to a very special women's store and that had to mean something. She leaped at him throwing her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply with her tongue pushing into his mouth.

She loved the feel of his body crushing her breasts. John was taken aback by the attack and stood with arms waving looking for some place to be. His mind was going crazy thinking about her. Oh god what is she doing? Man does she have a nice body and oh god the way she can kiss. Better stop it now you're getting a hard on.

His hands reach her sides at the arm pit and in doing so his thumbs touch the top of her breasts. Pushing her back he says; "you're welcome young lady but you did not have to thank me with that much enthusiasm." "Oh but I wanted to thank you special for such a wonderful gift and well for all you have done" and she looked into his eyes with very special meaning.

She was thinking of his touch just now and the feel of his hands and the touch on her breast. The feel of his body and her thoughts made her all warm and actually horney. I will thank you better later John Johnson and she smiled a very warm smile as she turned and went to show her sister and mother what John had given HER . John followed seeing Marie and Marilynn standing with some other mothers. There was a serious look from Marie when Maryann had shown her the gift card and the look on her sister's face was pure jealousy.

Marie walked up and took Johns face in her hands and gave him a very sweet kiss on the lips. "Thank you John, but you should not have done that, especially that much" "Hey for all the sweet kisses I have gotten I think I got a really good deal.

Besides I wanted to and you all need some happiness." She smiled and remembered the time she changed the bandage and put a hand on his chest and looked deep into his eyes and smiled.

"You have given us a lot of happiness, especially me and that is something I need to talk to you about one of these days." She enjoyed the sex with John but somehow there just did not seem to be anything more than sexual desire to it and she did not want him to get the wrong idea.


She also wanted to talk about some of the things she had heard in the laundry room, she had a lot of questions about that and then there were her daughter. This man has a strange effect on the women around here and especially on her. "Maryann is a grown woman now and you better be careful as I think she has her eye on you." "Oh please I am old enough to be her father and just look at the young fellows hanging around her like bees to honey." He like the feel of her hand on his chest and he remembered the time she changed the bandage and the sudden sex.

He hoped she did not hold it against him if that is all it was. "Yes she does attract them but she has a thing for you and I don't think age has anything to do with it and then there is Marilynn." "Marilynn" he said in a shocked questioning way. "What are you talking about? She is just a child." "Well she will be 16 in a month and she is no longer just a child, she has all the hormones of a teenage girl running through her and the boys all know it, just look at them. I need all the help I can get to keep them at bay." She looked at John and thought; you have your hands full mister because my two girls want your body bad.

She had already sampled John's body and thought hey if the girls want to have sex they could do worse, he is very kind and would be gentle. She realized that she was not going to be able to stop her daughters from having sex so she would see that it was safe and hopefully with someone that would treat them right. She also thought that having him around for sex might not be a bad idea, beats the dildo anyway. "Look I think of your daughters like they were my daughters so don't worry, okay" "Mister you have no idea what went on with their real father, I was afraid he would rape them both someday.

I am not worried about you and actually I sort of resigned myself to the fact that I can't do anything about it. Hey if you were to have sex with them I guess I would consider it better that some of the alternatives." "Oh god lady what do you think I am anyway." "From what I hear in the laundry room, I think you're a sexy man that is very much in demand around here.

I bet you have had sex with most of the women here." "Hey wait a minute, I have not had sex with most, okay some but none of the married ones and well I am not one to kiss and tell." "Good cause I would not want my daughters to know about what happened the other day." She wondered how much the girls did know or what they thought when the saw her return after she had seduced John or was it the other way around.

Oh he is something else now I am not sure who started what. The girls had asked me what had happened when I returned as I guess I looked, well I looked satisfied.

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She was thinking how good it felt to have is hands all over her body and how good it felt when he was inside her, deep inside her. She got all warm and moist just thinking about him. At this point John just nodded and said he had things to take care of and left thinking, boy I have to stay away from teenage pool parties the young bodies are just too much temptation and those mothers are really good looking, to bad most are married. He went to finish several projects he had started earlier.

It was about 12:30 at night and John had be sitting in the recliner surfing the net looking at the xnxx site like he did most nights when there was a knocking at the inside door. He opened the door and there stood Maryann looking a little disheveled and drunken. "Hello John would you like some company" and she stumbled into his arms wrapping hers around his neck. "Okay little lady, easy let's get you inside and straightened out." He closed the door and carried her into the room.

She had her arms tight around his neck and when he straightened up her feet cleared the floor. He simply reached down and pick up her legs and carried her to the living room. He went to put her in the easy chair and she twisted in such a way that he lost his balance and ended up sitting in the chair with her on his lap. She had gone out with friends to some clubs and she had had several birthday drinks and somewhere along the way one of the boys had gotten aggressive and so her blouse was pulled out and several of the buttons were open.

She had worn a very short miniskirt which was now riding very high up her thighs as she sat on his lap.

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In fact he could just get a glimpse of her black panties and with the blouse half open he could easily see her black bra. She had buried her head into his shoulder and then kissed his cheek. "Okay tell me what happened" and she explained the nights goings on and finally how she did not like any of the BOYS and she wanted a man and then she just blurted out; " I want you John, I want you now" and kissed him hard on the lips and pushed her tongue deep.

Her kiss, the tongue and the feel of her body against him set him on fire and he got an instant erection. Oh man does she look good and feel good. He was sure he could feel the cute little ass sitting on his lap with just her panties touching his shorts.

Her skirt had ridden up and the blouse was out such that he could also see the top edge of the bra and it looked like a nipple was showing. He could not help it and his tongue meet hers and they danced. Then he broke the kiss and moved her back a little. "Okay, enough of that or I will be in real trouble." "No you won't I'm 18 now and a legal adult so you can fuck me if you want." "Enough, you do not need to talk like that okay and we need to get you home and put to bed." "Oh good you can put me to bed and get in with me.

Sorry but I can't go home like this. Why can't I just sleep here tonight, please?" With that she got up and ran to the bathroom where she threw up.

Oh boy she is sick and drunk. This is not going to turn out well but she can stay in the other room. She came back and all embarrassed and apologized for being sick. John just reached out and hugged her and told her she could use the spare room tonight. She wanted more but settled for that and he helped her to the room.

He took things off the bed and turned down the cover. While he was doing that she had taken off her blouse and skirt and shoes and stocking and stood behind him as he finished with the bed.

As he turned around he was looking at a beautiful young woman in black bra and panties. She reached out and wrapped her arms around his neck and he could do nothing but respond in kind holding her around the waist and pulling her in close.

She kissed him softly and then seemed to pass out. He lifted her up and put her in bed covering her with the sheet. He then bent over and kissed her softly on the lips. He sighed and thought, boy this is not going to be easy. He was torn between the fatherly feeling and the manly desires that were racing through his head and body. He went to his room, stripped to his boxers and went to bed . Sometime during the night she woke and tiptoed into his room and slipped into his bed with him.

He woke with a start and turned his head to come face to face with her sound asleep next to him. As he lay on his back she had a leg over his leg and an arm across his lower chest with her head on his upper chest.

Her breast was pressed into his side as she had removed the bra. His arm folded around and lay across her back. The feel of her bar flesh against him sent and electric shock through him. Bending his head he kissed her forehead and lay back. It was difficult but he went back to sleep. He woke slowly and remembered that she had come to his bed. His eyes were closed but he could see with his mind the young woman laying against him still.

She moved and he felt her roll over him and then he felt her lips on his lips. Now both breasts were pressing into his chest and there was nothing he could do to stop the erection from occurring.

He did not open his eyes or move but just decided to enjoy what every happened. Her leg was against his erection and he felt her rub his cock with her leg. She then stroked his head and kissed his cheeks and eyes. Backing up she kissed his chest and then kissed the scare on his chest left by the ax. She traced the scare with her tongue and his erection pulsed and her leg move to press it down. Her hand moved over his chest and traced the scare and then with a flat hand she rubbed his belly and slid her hand down and under his boxers and entangled his pubic hair with her fingers.

A fire was building in his body as her hand played with the pubic hair and moved lower. His cock was fully erect now and the muscles of his body were starting to tighten up. Her hand slowly and very gently touched his hard cock. She was excited and nervous as she slid her hand over his body. Oh I love the touch of his skin and feel of scare and the hard belly and oh the cock the hard cock.

She wanted to grab and squeeze it so hard but thought better to be slow and gentle until he wakes up. Her fingers traced slow and lightly over his cock to the end. There one finger tickled the end. He could not hold it any longer and he opened his eyes and looked into her face staring up at him.

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She moved her head a little and he reached up and pulled her to him. The kiss started out soft and sweet but soon became wild with tongues entangled and then lips being bitten. As soon as they kissed the hand on the cock tightened around the organ and squeezed hard. He moaned as she squeezed and pulled down on it. The kissing broke off and she looked at him; "oh John I love you and I want you so bad." With that she kissed him hard and then her kissing moved down his chest to the scar and to each nipple and then down to belly.

All the while her hand had been pulling on his erection and it now moved up and pulled the boxers down exposing him. Her lips moved down and she kissed the end of his cock . There was an instant flash of old memory, like this had been done before.

It was only a flash as her mouth covered the end of his cock and her tongue was tickling the end. He moaned and his hands that were holding her head moved to her back and then found her breasts. He squeezed and pinched her nipples causing her to moan softly. He reached out and pulled her hips to him and made her straddle his face. They were in a 69 position now and he was looking at her black panties. His tongue licked her inside thigh and then move to the pussy.

He managed to pull off her panties and she never let go of his cock. Now he was looking at a very tight lipped pussy that was clean shaven.

As he moved toward the young womanhood he got a very special feeling. The skin is soft, smooth and unblemished and it is here for him to enjoy.

His mouth found the mark and his tongue very gently and lightly licked her pussy. At the first licks her legs clamped against his head and then they relaxed as she enjoyed the feel and the initial excitement became a most pleasurable sensation. She had backed off his cock but was still holding it in her hand. The sensation of his lips and tongue against her pussy made it impossible for her to continue sucking his cock.

She could only handle one thing at a time and the sensations running through her body caused by his touch were too much. She moaned and then moaned louder.

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Words were coming out of her mouth but she had no control and did not understand what she said . "Oh yes, I want you to fuck me, eat my cunt suck it dry yes eat me bit it oh please" He could feel here body tremble and quake and every muscle was flexing. Then she moaned loudly and gave out a little scream. "Oh yes yes I am oh god yes" and she moaned and relaxed on to him for a moment. He continued to lick and suck and probe with his tongue and now his hands parted her cute butt cheeks.

The fingers moved down and then parted the pussy lips as his tongue probed deeper and then sought the clit. His fingers gently probed the inside and along the edges of the pussy, while the tongue found and excited the clit. The tongue worked the clit and then he moved in and sucked it hard biting lightly.

She quivered and shock and screamed with pleasure as he sucked and bit her clit. She was on top of him with her face in his crotch and she pulled on his legs while her knees contracted against his shoulders.

Oh god yes eat me suck it oh please it feels so good. The sensations running through her body were all strange to her. She had never felt like this ever and it was all because of him. She did not know how much more she could stand and she wanted him inside her soon.

She moved and turned around and lay on top of him face to face. They kissed hard and then he rolled her over and now he was on top. Hands on either he rose up and looked at her. God she is beautiful. He bent down and kissed her neck and moved down to kiss every inch of her naked breasts.


Kissing each nipple and biting lightly as he sucked each in turn. She moaned and twisted in pleasure under his body. Then he parted her legs with his and now lay between them. Slowly he lowered his hips and the head found her wet pussy. She felt the head of his cock against her lips and then she arched her back to push against it and it entered her. Oh god he feels so good and so big.

There was some pain because of the size but she only wanted it deeper. He could not believe how tight she was and how wet. The head had slipped in easily but the penetration seemed to meet some resistance. Then she seemed to relax and all of a sudden she arched her back and he was deep inside her. As his cock went to full depth the muscles of her pussy clinched around his cock and he moaned with the sensation. He could not help himself then and he started to thrust in and out of her with a speed and vigor he forgot he had.

She moaned and screamed and his thrusting went to full speed and she felt an electric sensation run through her. She has had 3 or was it 4 orgasms now.

It did not matter; she was in paradise, as she had never known such sensations existed. The feeling of his cock moving inside her, the sensation of the head pushing deep until she could feel it touching her cervix. There was pain at times but it hurt so good. She wanted it to never stop. He could feel her body tighten and flex as he thrust deep into her and then as he sucked on her nipples and bit them she moaned and screamed.

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Then he felt it build the tension and finally the release and he moaned. The cum squirted out of him with the force of a hose. He kept pumping into her and with each thrust another squirt of cum shot into the deep cavern.

Soon the cum was oozing out of her and she could feel it in her crack, it felt nice. She had never felt anything like it. The hot cum blasting into her filled her with sensation she could not describe and she just shook and moaned louder. Her entire body was quivering with pleasure. He had given it his all and I do mean all. Collapsing down along side of her he reached over and pulled her to him kissing her softly on the lips and holding her close.

She put her arms around his neck and snuggled into him. They went back to sleep. John woke with a jolt as the phone rang. He got a real surprise when he answered. "John, Maryann did not come home last night and I am worried sick, I called her friends and the said she went home on her own but she is not here, oh please help me." "Marie, take it easy she is okay. She came here last night a little drunk and passed out.

I will see she gets home safe. Now just let me go and I'll take care of things." He hung up and looked at Maryann. She looked at him and smiled then reached out and kissed him with passion pulling him close.

He thought he had used everything up but well she found a reserve and soon he had an erection and she was kissing him all over. Now she rolled him under her. "Okay now I want to be on top" and with that she straddled him and squatted down on his erection. She felt the head against her pussy and she forced herself to push it in. There was a moment of pain followed by the electric sensation that tingled through her body.

She quivered with the thrill of pleasure as a little orgasm passed through her. Faster and faster she pumped on him until she felt him tense up and then he exploded into her again only not quite as heavily as the first time.

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Still the hot sticky fluid made her orgasm again only it was not the massive one as before but a very pleasurable one. She bent down and kissed him softly and lay on him with a quiet pleasure.

He could not believe she could get so much out of him. She looked so beautiful on top of him. The pleasure in her face as she bounced on his cock made him feel wonderful. Oh shit, what am I going to do now? "Hey that was your mother and she is worried sick cause you did not come home, we have to come up with a good story." "We can just tell her I spent the night with you." She smiled with a devilish grin. "Oh sure, we tell her you and I had sex and I will be in big trouble>" "Oh I don't think so because I think she would not mind it so much, besides I think you and she might have been closer than you let on." Oh great how does she know about her mother and me?

What are we going to do? "Look your mother has enough to worry about; she does not need to worry about me fucking her daughter, okay" "Alright we can just say I was drunk and passed out here and the rest is our secret." With that she reached over and kissed him and then jumped up and ran to the bathroom. He wanted to follow and help her shower but thought better of it and just put on his pants and shirt.

Without much to do he and Maryann walked back to her place. Marie was relieved to see them and sort of bought the story about being drunk and passing out, but there was a very different look in her daughters face as well as a different attitude.

She liked what she thought she saw in her daughter, it seemed she had grown up a lot over night. She looked at John and smiled and walked over to him and gave him a big hug and a very wet deep kiss and then whispered in his ear, "You and I will have to talk about all this in private one of these days soon." She kissed him again and then walked away. John was a little confused but happy that there was not a lot of hollering and screaming. He left thinking that maybe this was all just a wonderful dream and he would wake up with a wet spot on the bed.

No it was real and life is just got very complicated for John.