Vollbusige Deutsch Herrin ruft fisted Pussy

Vollbusige Deutsch Herrin ruft fisted Pussy
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The knocking at the door broke the magic of the moment in an instant. Here I am, laying bare naked on a bed, my legs spread wide, and more than worked to the edge of both frenzy, and desire, by a gorgeous lady; of whom was just about to induct me into the arts of woman-woman love making, when that DAMN KNOCKING occurs. With a roll of her eyes skyward, and a look of pure disgust on her face, the lady (whose name is Sibil, for the sake of this story) called out at the doorway "Go away I'm busy in here!" Turning back to me, she licked her lips suggestively and grinned with a succubus smile, one promising all manners of erotic passion of the most exquisite intensities.

"Now let us get back to the more important things at the moment, namely you, and this sweet little part before me." The fingers of one hand softly teased my womanhood, causing the fires of desire, excitement, and that of expectation of coming pleasures; to once again arise into that bliss that can only be experienced, unable to fully describe with words the sheer intensity occurring to ones own body and mind. Then her other hand continued with its movements, touching me as soft as the finest and lightest feathers in places I never could have imagined, let alone realized, would excite me so!!!

Her soft, moist, and warm breath was used by her to send ripples of absolute sensual excitement tingling over my entire body once again as she blew upon my innermost thighs, and outer lips of my pussy. This body of mine flowed into a strange, wild rhythm of its own devising, both ancient in its ongoing response to the touch and the stimulation; yet strangely new, as my brain struggled to keep a part of it from happening.

Part of my mind screamed to stop, before anything else could occur. It begged me to end this wrongness that was against all my culture demanded of women. The other part of my mind, yelled back at it to shut up and just enjoy the moment, that my body knows what to do and will take care of the rest. My eyes closed, clutching tightly, while hands grasped the sheets into a clump; the whole of my being focused on the excitement of the moment, waiting with anxious breath the moment her soft tongue would start to caress me.

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Sibils fingers once again eased my pussy open, and I heard that giggle of delight, sounding like the bubbles of a thousand bottles of Champaign flowing into as many cups of purest crystal. "Your sure are ready little darling of mine, this pussy of yours is all wet and flush with the desires of yours. Now then, let us begin…" She softly blowed on my womanhood again, going from top to bottom, and back again.

With each puff she was closer than before, and paused for a moment, when I felt that soft caress of her lips upon my tender pussy. She kissed me from top to bottom and back up again for a time, getting a whole new set of shivers and a squeal of delight from my lips. At least I think it was from me, I don't remember, as at the time there were bigger things on my mind than sounds being made.

I heard that damn knocking on the door again, but it felt remote and distant; there was to be no interruptions of the feeling again.

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"Don't stop. Please for god's sake just keep going on like that, I don't want anything to…" In that moment, I got the response of hers, in the form of her soft, wet tongue stroking along the length of my clit and outer pussy lips.

I breathed in sharply, pushed to a new point of ecstasy beyond that experienced by my body since beginning earlier tonight. It was then that I realized this indeed was what my body was made for and the deepest parts of my animal mind has been longing for; the union of two bodies in the heat of passion fulfilled.

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Each movement of her tongue sent waves of fire upward, and channeled the building of all excitement downward, heading to a release that would rival the birth of a new star in the heavens!!!

My hands clutched the sheets in a grip of solid iron. My breath came so shallow and rapid I feared that I would die from lack of oxygen to my body and brain; though at the least I would have died with a very WIDE smile on my face.

The mixture of heat, desire, lust, and more of emotions than I can describe pulsed ever onward, and downward. Sigil would get me worked to an edge of excitement, and slowly ease off for a moment, then rapidly building up again to a new height, repeatedly in the time that followed.

That tongue of hers moved in the pattern of the English alphabet, starting with the letter A, and with me losing track at somewhere about B, or the beginning of it. Some kind of noise, like a loud thumping entered for a moment at the edge of my mind. I wanted to scream in the moment Sigil left her tongue up from my pussy. All I want is for her to continue, before my body can let me down from this emotional high. Sigil said something in response to the noise, but she was quickly back to work on me.

I heard her say some kind of words to me, something like "keep it going girl, your almost there." I felt and sensed, almost on a spiritual level, the final buildup occurring within my body. I do not remember saying or calling out anything; but there was the sounds of someone crying out in sheer exuberant rapture, their voice echoing off the walls and furnishings with intensity equal to what I was feeling!!!


Finally, my body could not hold back anymore, and with a culminating thrust of every muscle and bone upon it, I felt a great release of emotions and sensations to rival that of 100 suns going super-nova in the end moments of their existence.

I felt as if the world was spinning about; so giddy had I become right after that moment.

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My face was flushed as red as possible, and every part of my body felt as if it were baking at 1000 degrees of a furnace. Sheens of a fine perspiration covered parts of me as well. The death grip I had on the sheets also loosened. Sibil looked at me with a wide, wet grin on her face. Parts of my cum glistened in freshness upon it.

In moments she was again laying on top of me, letting me taste that part of me on her lips as we kissed passionately. Looking me in my eyes, her hands stroking soft circles over my breasts and shoulders, I saw the pleasure of my experience reflected in her own. All I could stammer out was a very weak, squeaky thank you.

"I take it you really enjoyed that experience then? Just as I hoped and expected." She started doing a series of quick and tender kisses and nibbles on my neck and lips.

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She then slowly explained, like a teacher to a new student, the way to properly thank her was to return the favor done to me. I quickly understood this order, and asked only she help me do it to the best way possible.

I know that there is no way I can match what she has finished with me; but that did not mean I could not try and do the best possible. I was getting ready to move on top of her, when once again that damn knocking came at the door. Sibil finally lost her temper, and without bothering to put on any clothing, stormed over and whipped the door open. The resulting blast of cold, bitter winter wind sucked all of the heat from my room in an instant. Goosebumps rose over each exposed inch of my skin, and being in my birthday suit, that is quite a bit.


I grabbed the sheets and wrapped up as much as possible to keep what little warmth was left to me. Sigil came back to the bed, looking me over with a bit of disappointment. I wondered what was wrong, or what I may have done wrong… "Passion, I got to go, they need me where I work at…I just wish this would not have happened at this moment.

It just…hell…it seems to always be what happens for me and my life…oh well." She quickly got dressed, and donned her coat to face the cold outside.

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I just sat there, watching her in a state of total dumbfound shock; here I just had the first, and most erotic encounter of my life…and before I could do any more, Sigil had to leave. I curled up, in extreme despair and somewhat disgusted with my reaction to it. Like the elders of my land would say…"Fate is fate, it was ordained to be this way, I was to find romance tonight…and found part of it…" Something clicked in my brain, recalling that Hopakaia has stated there would be more than one lover for me to do it with tonight.

Soon enough, after getting cleaned up and dressed, I lay back wondering what it would be like to be with more than one person, the door resounded with yet another string of knocks, softer, yet just as insistent as the others of the evening.


When I opened it, I was not too shocked, and definitely delighted with the sight. Letting her in, I could see the sheer beauty of her skin, her hair, her face, and those absolutely beautiful breasts when her coat slipped away and down her body.


After embracing and kissing her, I looked deep into her soft eyes, drawing myself into their depths. "So this is how you get things going for yourself? You set up the situation, and when called away, you take your friends place for the finish?" Looking at her as she nodded, I ran my hand down to her womanhood, feeling it starting to come alive with the anticipation; the same touch Sigil gave me I teased her with…not the same level of skill or intensity, but with enough ability to get her going.

"I hate to tell you this, but Hopakaia, I am going to leave with some new friends I made today.

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They have a 4x4 that can get over the snow; you cost me the first true bliss of my life, and before I could return the favor, I lost the chance…" My new friends pulled up outside, the jeep having a guy and two girls inside. I waved to them as they did to me, and grabbed my stuff.

She just stared at me with the look of the dumbfounded on her face. Tossing her the room keys, I blew a very mocking kiss in her direction. "Fate is fate, all we do is ordained to be done, and as you took my chance to pleasure someone away, so I deny you the same experience." "Goodbye Bitch!!!" Jumping into the car, with Sibil, and her friends, we set off for some fun in the snow at her cabin nearby.

Sibil looked at me, rubbing my head roughly, yet in a friendly way…"So Sibil, what kind of fun do you intend to have at the cabin?" Her and the other girl, with me in the back seat, lifted up their shirts, showing me two sets of HUGE breasts, with the nipples already full and erect at attention!!! I knew I was going to love this time!!!