Big dick guys getting physicals and naked medical men gay But what

Big dick guys getting physicals and naked medical men gay But what
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I'm not his 'fangirl'. I'm not his 'nurse'. I'm just his friend. His friend who just so happens to be a girl. I am on the greenish-teal, red, and white plaid comforter of his freshly made bed as I wait for his return. From where? From doing the livestream with Cry, of course.

I am a friend of RussMoney, and this is my story.

He comes home tired as I sit on his bed reading. I am slowly, seductively sucking on a thick candy cane as I lay on my stomach in a tank top and shorts. I'm one of the few who know his sexual weakness, the mouth and tongue.

I close my eyes as I wrap my long, rose-colored tongue around the sweet, minted candy cane. I know how to tease him as I take the candy cane into my mouth and shove it, like it was his 'sword'. His long. thick.

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hard 'sword.' 5 inches. The first five I can take in with ease. The next 3; this is where I know my trouble will be. I lick my lips before slowly wrapping them around where the head would be. I suck lightly for a minute, then stop. I open my eyes and see him.


"Hey, Russ," I say, smiling softly, "didn't notice you come in." "Hello, darlin'," he says comfortably. I stand up from my sitting position as he walks over to me. I hug him tightly, he hugs back. "Why are you here," he questions playfully. I smirk. "I missed you," I whisper in his ear, warmly, "I haven't seen you in a while." "I missed you, too," he tells me. I place my face into the crook of his shoulder.

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He smiles into my hair, before I risk our friendship and kiss his neck gently, slowly making my way up to his earlobe. I gently nibble and lick it, secretly wondering if he'll stop me. The licking and nibbling tickles him, causing him to chuckle a bit of the laugh I love oh so much.

He places his hands on my hips. I don't know if that's a sign for me to go farther, but it's definitely not a sign to stop. I slowly lick and nibble my way down his strong, seductive, sexy jaw to his tempting lips and kiss him softly. I'm surprised, but happy as I feel him kiss me back, but I note the curiosity evident in his kiss. "I missed you," I repeat quietly, "I want to make you happy. As a sort of. Christmas present." I see his smile as he asks, "oh?

And what is this present?" I lick my lips then I get on my knees in front of him. My mouth perfectly in line with his crotch. I, again, see no signal from him that I should stop. I place my hands on the button of his pants and undo it. I slowly unzip, then lower them. I hear an audible sigh and know it's because the thin layer of his boxers is the only thing between his cock and me. I look up at him and think, 'will he stop me?' as I place my hands across the elastic of his boxers.

I feel a strong, yet gentle hand on my own and look up at the steel eyes looking down on me. "You don't have to. It's okay," he tells me. He smiles gently, removes his hand, and begins to step back away from me. "Oh." I know he can hear the sadness in my voice as I sit back on my feet feeling as though he doesn't want this.

He notices the sadness, leans down, and kisses me. "But if you'd really like to," he says. He takes a short break from talking as his breathing becomes more raspy, "I would definitely enjoy it." He winks at me as I see his cock grow hard. I kiss him gently and lean back up on my knees happily. I place my hands back on the elastic not looking for him to stop me as I slowly, delicately lower his boxers. I gasp inaudibly at the sheer size of the cock in front of me.

I lick my lips again as I move closer to him taking only the head into my mouth and sucking lightly. I slowly start to suck harder. I remove it from my mouth and begin slowly licking up and down. From the head to the balls and back and forth until the full of the cock is covered in a thin layer of my saliva.

I wrap my lips around the head again, tasting the salty pre-cum. My lips curl into a smile, loving his taste. I slowly take in his cock. Millimeter by millimeter; teasing him. I take the first four and a half inches in with ease, slowly working my way up. I get to five and a half, until it touches the back of my throat. I lift my soft, gentle hand up and wrap it around the remaining three inches.

I jerk him off as I bob my head up and down, up and down on his long, thick, hard cock. I look up at him as I bob faster and jerk harder. I moan against his cock as I ram it into the back of my throat with every thrust. I begin to slowly swallow, deepthroating the cock in my mouth. I use my throat to massage it.

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I continue to bob my head up and down quickly while deepthroating. I extend my hand and softly play with the balls.

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He cums abundantly down my throat. As I welcomingly swallow every drop. I remove his cock from my mouth and lick back up and down, cleaning him off. "Merry Christmas," I tell him, rising to my feet and feeling his gentle, but firm embrace.

"Merry Christmas, darlin'," he whispers in the firm voice I've grown very fond of, "what do you want for Christmas?" What could I ask for? I already got the kiss I longed for. "I don't know, Russ," I whisper. "C'mon, there has to be something you want.

You wouldn't have come all this was over just to give me a present if you didn't want something in return," he says. I look at him with big, blue, innocent eyes, unsure of what to say as I wrap my arms around his shoulders in a tender embrace. I look up to the eyes I adore, 3 inches above my own. "You don't need to give me anything," I whisper. I break the eye contact, resting my head against his shoulder.

His arms are around my waist as he pulls me closer to him, pressing our bodies together. "There has to be something," he mutters warmly to me. 'I want you to stop teasing me,' I say in my head, 'you've already made me wet just because of who you are and how big you are, stop teasing me.' "What should I do if not tease you," he asks?

My face flushes an even paler white than it is. "D-did I say that out loud," I inquire? He nods.

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"C'mon, princess," he whispers in an endeering way, "what can I give you for Christmas?" "I want you to choose," I whisper.

"After what you gave me, the only thing I can think to give you is your turn," he whispers. I look into his eyes, smirking seductively. "Is it what you want?" I'm nervous as I nod. "How? I mean, do you want me to pleasure you like you did me, or make love to you," he whispers? I look into his eyes, my lips barely parted, unable to speak. I kiss his cheek softly. "Whichever you're comfortable with," I say nervously.

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I feel his cock grow slightly hard as it presses against my still fully clothed crotch area. He lifts me up in a bridal carry and places me gently on his bed. He kisses me before standing up straight and removing his own shirt.

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"May I," he asks, touching the fabric of my thin tank top. I nod, speechless.


He lifts my tank top over my head and smiles, seeing my fully exposed, firm c-cup breasts. He allows his hand to wander down to the upper seam of my shorts. I nod, not waiting for him to ask, he pulls them down off of me and tosses them to the pile on the floor where his pants and boxers are. I take hold of his hair, pulling him to look into my eyes.

"You sure you want to do this? If you want to back out now, I won't be mad. I don't want you to regret this, Russ." He looks me in the eyes and kisses me. "I won't, princess," he whispers. He kisses me tenderly. He reaches down mid-kiss and pulls gently on the hem of my panties. He slides them off of me and climbs onto the bed, on his hands and knees over me. "Ready, darlin'," he whispers, he brushes a firm, but familiar hand through my blonde hair. "Yes," I whisper.

He lowers himself, pressing into me slowly. I gasp at the entry of his cock's head in my tight virgin pussy. He steadily presses in more. I squeeze the comforter as I have trouble blocking out the pain focusing on the pleasure. "Russ," I moan in pleasure as he continues pressing into me. I'm able to focus on the pleasure now instead of the pain of losing my virginity to his huge cock.

"Yes, darlin'," he whispers? "Harder," I plead. He thrusts the rest of his cock inside of me and I moan loudly. He removes all but the head and thrusts into me, this time harder, faster, mercilessly. "Faster," I beg. He continues thrusting, harder, faster, with a fierceness I've never even imagined. "I'm getting close," he tells me as he continues to thrust. "Cum inside of me," I moan. My suggestion rings true as he fills my womb with his sticky, warm substance.

I cum as I feel his fluid enter me. He collapses onto the bed, laying next to me.

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