Young crossdresser thick booty twerking

Young crossdresser thick booty twerking
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I walk up to you, taking in the sight of your blindfolded, bound form on my work table. Your breasts,so exquisite are heaving, struggling against the ropes holding you down. Your mouth is gagged, a 3 inch dildo gag to prepare you for what is to come. Upon my entrance into the basement your ears perked up; you know that someone is there. Immediately you begin screaming, the sounds muffled by the gag. "Now now, you know I told you to stay quiet for me, you don't want to get hurt, do you?" I ask, moving slowly toward a table next to your naked, struggling body.

"I worked so very hard to get you here after all, the least you can do is cooperate." I say, picking up one of my instruments, a 4 inch butt plug.

Your struggles increase ten fold, flailing this way and that, desperate to be free. I lay a hand upon your left breast, delighting in the way your entire body stiffens up with such simple contact.

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I begin to roll your nipple in my fingers, almost absentmindedly as I continue to search through my tools for the perfect way to begin. You are squirming now, as my fingers begin to work upon your breast. I tease the nipple for a full minute, pinching and flicking,caressing and massaging, and then I move to the right breast to begin the process anew.

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"Ah, perfect." I say, as your squirming increases. I pick up a 5 inch dildo, examining it while continuing my ministrations. "I notice that you are not fighting against my touch as much as you were when I entered, indeed you almost seem to welcome my playful teasing of your breasts. Well now, are we getting turned on by this?" I ask, slowly moving my hand down your breast, stomach, and finally, to your pussy.

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I slowly work your lower lips open, marveling in the feeling of your thrashing, renewed once again at the thought of touching your lower body so intimately. I work my finger around your lips, delicately brushing your clit along the way, which elicits a brief, involuntary moan of what I can only assume to be pleasure. Then, I work my finger into your pussy, reveling in the way my finger is consumed by the tight hole. "Well, and here I thought I had an unwilling participant, and yet your body seems to want something else entirely." I say, working my finger in and out of your pussy, causing you to scream into your gag, something obscene no doubt.

"Well now, do you have something to say to me?" I ask, pulling my finger out of your pussy and moving toward your upper body. I reach around your head, and unstrap the gag forced into your mouth. I pull the dildo out, and you cough and sputter, before turning your blindfolded eyes at me.

"Listen to me your creep, I don't want to be part of your sick fantasy!

Now untie me and let me go, or else I will scream!" you shout. You hear laughter, deep bellowing laughter that makes you feel uneasy, and then I say: "Go ahead and scream all you want.

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I have no neighbors for miles around, and I live alone. You think I haven't been preparing for this?" I ask, moving my fingers down her body once more. "You freak, take your filthy hands off of me! HELP, SOMEONE, HELP!" You scream, as I approach your pussy once more.

A few seconds pass, but there is no sound of movement, no quick approach, no sounds other than your own shallow breathing and my own deep breaths. "I told you no help would come, I am hurt that you wouldn't believe me." I say, forcing two fingers deep into your pussy this time." "Holy fuck!" You cry, trying to move your pelvis away from my fingers, but the bonds hold tight, and I begin to work both fingers in and out of your tight pussy.

"It seems that I need to punish you, maybe that will make you more. receptive to my advice in the future." I say, as I bring the 5 inch dildo from the table with my other hand, my two fingers still deep inside you.

"Oh fuck, oh shit. Listen man, you don't need to do whatever it is you are going to do, Just let me go and-" You get no further, and I shove all 5 inches of the dildo into your tight pussy in one fell swoop. "HOLY SHIT!" You scream, thrashing and fighting with all of your might to get away.

"It's no use my dear, these ropes were tied expertly by myself. Looks like all that practice at the Boy Scouts turned out to be useful after all, who would have thought?" I say, smiling as I turn the dildo from side to side. "Ohhh.:" you moan as I begin to pull the dildo out, and shove it back in, starting slowly at first, and then building up steam. "I bet your boyfriend is about this size, isn't he?" I ask you, fucking you with the dildo while my other hands plays with your breasts once more.

"I bet you love to be fucked, but he only lasts a few seconds, so it's not satisfying, is it? Well, you won't have that problem now. I can fuck you for hours with this, if I so choose.

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I say, intensifying the rate at which the dildo is going in and out, occasionally grinding on your clit as it passes. "Ohh, you bastard!


Stop this right now, I hate you so fucking much!" you shout, though your pelvis begins to rock in time to my thrusts, as if to invite the hard dildo in to play. "You say that, and yet you seem to be enjoying this far too much, in my opinion." I say, as I stop thrusting into you, leaving the dildo buried to the hilt inside of your still thrusting pussy.

"Gah! What are you doing you asshole!" "Why, you sound almost frustrated. I'm sorry, did you expect me to get you off? I ask. " No no, that wouldn't do at all. I want you to be close to coming throughout our entire session, I find that is the best way to ensure maximum cooperation." I say, as I approach the end of the table with your head.

I unzip my pants, and begin to pull them down. You hear me unzip, and go still.


"Wh-What are you doing?" you ask, sounding frightened. I pull out my cock, 7 inches in length and approach your mouth. "No, I'm serious, what the fuck are you doing?

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I can't see a damn thing you dick!" you say, as I get in position. "I'm so glad you asked my dear," I say, as I put my cock near your face, "I am going to fuck your face now. You have such beautiful lips, and I must know how they look wrapped around my dick." You are still for a second as you process what I say, and then you try to pull your head away, as you realize where I am.

"Oh no, oh no you aren't, I'm not getting anywhere near that dirty fucking thing with my mouth!" you scream, unaware of just how close you are to it already.

"Actually, you will find that you will allow me to stuff my cock into your mouth, as I hold all the cards, and I could kill you if I so choose. So perhaps you should rethink you refusal." I say, as I begin to trace your lips with my cock, waiting for them to part and allow me entry.

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You seem to shrink back, but as my words hit home you hesitantly open up your lips. Immediately,I put the tip of my penis into your mouth, and thrust in and out.

"For you, I will start with only a little of my length, as it is obvious you haven't had much practice at this." I say, pushing a little more of my hard, rigid cock into your mouth. You begin to sputter and wheeze, not used to having anything of that size for a long period of time in your mouth. "You need to breathe through your nose if you don't want to die my dear, and by the way, if you bite my cock even a little bit, let's just say things won't end well for you." I say, thrusting faster and harder into your mouth, starting to hit the back of your throat now.

You feel me hitting your throat, and begin to panic, squirming and fighting. I pull my length out of you, and you gasp and choke. "Fuck, are you crazy! I almost died!" you say, struggling to regain your breath.

"I told you to breathe through your nose, and I now must tell you to time your breaths with my thrusts, as I am now going to put my whole load in, and I will be going partway down your throat." I say. "Wha-" You splutter before I shove my dick into your mouth, and begin thrusting in and out of you at a rapid pace.

You try to fight, but soon realize that you are getting nowhere, and attempt to concentrate on proper breathing, so you don't die.

I am now shoving my whole length deep into your mouth and throat, causing you to gag every time. "Impressive, minimal gag reflex, not many can boast that, especially not someone with so little experience." I say, thrusting harder and harder into you. Then, you feel it. My cock gets incredibly hard, so much harder than it has been so far, and you realize: I am about to cum, inside of your throat.

"Best prepare yourself love, and do try not to spit any of it out? I would feel quite shamed if you didn't like my taste." I say, as my balls contract, and I cum wave after wave deep into your throat. There is a terrible retching noise, but you seem to take my load, until I am finally spent. I pull my softening cock out of your mouth with a pop, and you gag and splutter and retch, a bit of my semen on the side of your lips.

"Well, you did wonderfully for your first deep throating experience, let me say that." I say, pulling my pants back on. "Fucking.Bastard!" You say, still gagging at the thought of what was just in your mouth. "You know, I think I've had about enough of your mouth for one day." I say, and pick a new dildo gag off of the table.

"This one is 5 inches long, and I know you can take it, as you took all of me just now." I say, forcing your lips open and shoving the hard dildo deep inside your mouth, and locking it in place behind your head.

"Of course, you will need to practice at breathing around it, but that will just prepare you for next time, eh?" I say. "I think I am about finished with you for today, but I want you to be nice and ready for me, the next time I come down. How about I let you orgasm until you are too tired to do anything else? That sounds like a good idea to me." I say, reaching for the dildo in your pussy still.

"Did I mention this is also a vibrator?" I ask, turning it on, which brings a moan from you. "Enjoy your time while I am gone, I expect you to be much more receptive to my advances when next I come."

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