Piecia seems to have a huge appreciation for foreskin

Piecia seems to have a huge appreciation for foreskin
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Point of view: Victoria The night after I first touched Theodora, I did not sleep. I kept dreading the next day. I was positive that she would hate me. I kept my distance from her for nearly a week. All the while I was positive that she and Luther kept fucking behind my back. Eventually I did what any sister would do. I bought a dildo so I could be the one fucking my sister.

On a morning that I did not have work until late, I woke Theodora by lifting her covers off of her and exposing her bare body to the cold morning air.

She always wore a single shirt to bed but it often rode up in the night.

It was above her chest, leaving her beautiful nipples exposed, not to mention her stomach and her crotch. I touched the hair above her cunt and made her flinch. She looked at me with a frown that I knew asked if I had to do this to her now. I smiled sweetly and maneuvered my head between her legs. She gasped when my tongue went into her cunt. I lapped at her clit and the inside of her crotch, making sure to get it nice and wet.

When I pulled back, she moaned in annoyance from having her now wet crotch exposed to the cold air. I was already busy with something else though. She sat up when she noticed I had put something else in my mouth.

She was intrigued by the pink plastic protruding from my mouth and by the bulge in my throat. She gasped for a different reason when I slid more than half of the eight inch silicone dildo out of my throat.

She stared in awe and interest for a moment before she realized what was coming next. She tried to move but I pried her legs apart again and pressed the tip of the plastic, now slimy with my saliva, to her cunt. The veins on her neck pulsed as she clenched her teeth. She crossed her eyes and winced. I don't know why but even though dildos are often longer than an actual cock, it is always easier to push them inside; perhaps because they maintain their shape more. I slid it all the way in to the end and then let her own muscles push it back out slightly.

It bent behind her pelvis and created a lump in her lower stomach which I could push on from the outside. She did not seem to like it but I placed one hand on her stomach and used the other to push the dildo back into her a few times so that I could feel the lump against my palm.

She kept trying to hold her breath and failing. Every once in a while she would jolt as if she was about to start cumming but the throws of an actual orgasm never really took over her.

While trying to use her muscles to push the dildo out, she ended up peeing a little, which she was ashamed about. I patted her cheek and kissed her on the lips, inserting my tongue into her mouth. I probed two holes of hers at once, making her unable to concentrate on either properly.

After a while I started working the dildo into her harder, deeper and faster. She kept her eyes crossed as they began to flutter. She kept sucking in more air but not breathing out very much. She placed her hands on the insides of her thighs and held her legs apart for me. She stuck out her tongue and panted like an animal, drool dripping down her chin.

I pounced on her, knocking her onto her back again. I pushed three fingers into her mouth and pried open the back of her throat. At the same time I used my knee to jam the dildo as far into her as I could. She tried to scream but only opened her throat for my intruding fingers. "Be quiet, you little slut. You don't want to wake Luther," I hissed at her. Tears were streaming down her face now. I grabbed one of her nipples with my other hand and twisted it.

She gulped, letting my fingers deeper into her throat. Her whole body shook beneath me as she started to cum. Liquid shot out of her cunt against my knee. It was warm and wonderful. I kept grinding my knee against her crotch the whole time.

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She arched her back, rising off the bed and groaning with my fingers still inside her throat. She was a bucking animal trapped beneath me.

Finally, after her orgasm subsided, I pulled my fingers out of her throat so she could catch her breath.

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She lay perfectly still except for a few twitches every once in a while. She kept her hands on her thighs, holding her crotch open and exposed. It must have been cold considering how wet she now was.

I was surprised when the dildo did not emerge from her cunt after I moved my knee. It was far enough inside her not to be pushed out again. I flicked her clit while smiling at her. "How are you feeling?" I teased her.

She did not respond; she just kept this look of satisfaction and discomfort on her tear streaked face while staring at the ceiling. "I've got to go to work now," I warned her. "You better clean yourself up before Luther sees you. If he finds your cunt stuffed like this he's gonna go straight for your ass again. You're gonna feel what it's like to get filled from both ends at once." I leaned down and licked some of the tears from her face before whispering in her ear.

"Poor little slut. You get reamed by him every day. Your holes must be so sore all of the time. You like the attention though. You love being wanted but him. "Every day I come home and I see your face all red, your knees wobbling, cum leaking down your thighs. I wonder how long you've been at it and how you can stand just letting him use you like that. He probably bent you over every table in this house.

I get horny just looking at you, knowing you're getting fucked senseless every day. "You're so lucky you have a sister. If I were your brother, I'd have taken your virginity myself. Every day you'd be walking around with my cum leaking out of you.

Your hands would be full dealing with both Luther and I. We'd stuff you from both ends and fuck you 'til you couldn't walk." I was rubbing my own cunt just thinking about all the things I wanted to do to my sister. I know there are strap-ons and things I could buy so that I could fuck her for real but I didn't want to.

I wanted to see her reacting to my touch, not to fuck her to death with machines and toys. She was certainly reacting to my sexual taunts though. Every time I mentioned Luther she would flinch. I swore more cum was leaking out of her. Finally I stood up to leave the room. I watched her breathing heavily for a little while first though. She was already exhausted but this was far from the end. I knew she still had a whole day of getting used by Luther to look forward to.

When I came home she would once again have been turned into his personal cum dumpster. I wanted to stay home and just watch so badly. Of course, that would disrupt everything. I had to leave the house and give them their alone time. Point of view: Luther I don't know if I was sad or not. Victoria left without waking me that morning. It felt like she was making a statement, that she was over the initial fun part of dating where we did everything together.

I have to admit that I did not mind the freedom. Victoria was not the girl I wanted to see that day. Teddy was downstairs watching TV on the couch. As usual she had not bothered getting dressed. She looked sleepy and unfocused.

Her head was bobbing every once in a while and she would close her eyes as if she were about to fall asleep sitting up. She jolted when I sat down next to her. "Good morning, Teddy," I greeted her cheerfully. She stared at me with large saucers for eyes, waiting for something.

I did nothing. I leaned back on the couch and focused on what was playing on the TV. She fidgeted expectantly for a while before returning her focus as well. After watching for a while, and realizing I was not interested in the show, I decided to make breakfast.

I touched her shoulder lightly as I stood up, causing her to look at me. I did nothing else, leaving her staring with slight disappointment on her face. It took a lot to keep from laughing once I was out of the room.

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She obviously wanted more from me. It was to be expected. We had filled almost every day since I took her virginity with nothing but rough unprotected sex. Today I wanted to tease her though. I wanted to see how long I could go without forcing myself on her.

We sat in silence in front of the TV. Teddy had a look of deep thought on her face. When I stood up to take the dishes away, she grabbed the back of my shirt. With my hands full, I leaned down and kissed her one the lips. Her eyes lit up with glee instantly. I chuckled to myself as I left the room.

Once I set the dishes down, I turned around to find Teddy waiting in the kitchen doorway. She was clutching the hem of her shirt and blushing feverishly. I waited as she slowly lifted it, revealing that, as usual, she was not wearing anything underneath. "You really want it, don't you?" I smiled as I approached her.

I patted her head and knelt down in front of her. I ran my hands up and down her bare legs, making her shiver. I could already see her crotch glistening. She was really wet. It must have been hard to hold back all morning. I moved my face close to her cunt and blew on it gently. She gasped and then groaned impatiently.

The moment I stuck out my tongue and licked her clit, she grabbed two tufts of my hair and moaned loudly while pushing my head closer to her crotch. I pushed my tongue inside her and swirled it around, making sure to touch each wall. She threw her head back and let her voice flow out. Shivers ran up and down her legs, making it look like she might fall over any moment. Eventually her knees buckled and she fell backward while shoving her cunt forward in the same motion. I held onto her thighs and lifted them up when her back hit the floor.

I pressed her legs to her chest and pulled them apart, keeping her butt slightly raised above the rest of her. Her shirt was riding up, exposing her flat belly which now had shiny lines of liquid running from her crotch. No longer able to push my tongue any deeper, I pressed two fingers into her cunt and was surprised to meet resistance in the form of something hard.

I pried her cunt apart and peered inside. There was a pink piece of plastic filling her completely. She was wet enough for me to grab it and slide it out.

It was an eight inch plastic dildo. "Where the hell did you get one of these things?" I was impressed if not a little upset. "Am I not good enough for you? You have to go and fuck yourself now?" I pushed the dildo against her cheek as I taunted her.

She opened her mouth and let it slide inside.

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I hesitated for a moment but decided she needed to be punished. I pushed on it until the head popped into the back of her throat with an audible noise. She gagged and sputtered as her airway was cut off. She kept her hands on the inside of her thighs, pulling her legs apart and presenting to me her glistening, gaping cunt while trying her best to swallow the object in her mouth.

I could see the bulge on the outside of her throat. She whimpered and twitched as she waited for me to fill her cunt back up before it got cold. "Just use this again," I tapped on the dildo making her gag again. She shook her head immediately. She did not want any lame plastic, she wanted the real thing. Not seeing any alternative, I obliged. She moaned deeply as my cock slid into her hole with no resistance.

Her flesh glided over it smoothly, making me want to cum. I refused though. I was not a quick shot that would cum the moment I entered a girl.

I slid back and forth inside of her with ease. She moaned in pleasure the whole time. Her face was completely red from lack of breathing but she did not care. She just kept flexing her cunt muscles around my cock. It was not exactly exhilarating though; something was missing. Having been stuffed with the dildo earlier, it was not as tight as I would have liked it. "You stupid slut," I spat at her. She was too focused on not suffocating to listen to me.

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I ripped the dildo out of her mouth, causing her to wretch but not throw up. I pushed it against the opening of her cunt and tried to work it inside at the same time as my cock. She shook her head violently while screaming. It was definitely not going to fit. She wasn't that loose. Instead I moved it beneath my cock and pressed it against her asshole.

Her reaction was even more adverse. Having been resting slightly after being able to breathe, her eyes shot open and she looked at me in fear. I bucked my hips forward at the same time I shoved the saliva covered dildo through her tiny asshole.

She shrieked as it gave way. With my own momentum I drove it deep into her until the handle completely disappeared with her asshole closing around it. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she made a slight gurgling sound. Her face was only just retuning to its normal color but now she was holding her breath again. I slid out of her cunt and tried to push back in. I could feel the shape of the dildo distorting her flesh from the other side. It took several tries but I finally shoved back into her.

Again another scream and then nothing. Looking at her face I could tell she had passed out. She had forgotten to start breathing again and had expelled the rest of her air when I shoved into her. With her whole body slack now, I took my time sliding in and out of her now wonderfully tight cunt. I scraped against the bulging flesh of the dildo repeatedly, building my own orgasm.

As usual, when I was about to cum I grabbed both her nipples and twisted them. Her eyes focused for a moment as she shrieked again. Liquid poured out of her cunt and she thrashed around violently. All the while I kept shoving into her cunt and filling her with warm cum. She did not really wake up though. Once her orgasm subsided, she fell unconscious again. I continued working my cock in her cunt but she was completely out of it.

After a while I gave up and left her alone. When she finally awoke, I was sitting on the couch watching TV again. She leapt up from the floor and sat down on my lap facing me; her bare cunt straddling my legs. She kissed me deeply, probing my mouth with her tongue. Then she took my hand and guided it to her butt. "You want me to pull it out of your ass?" I confirmed her request. She nodded while blushing. "Nah, I think your punishment isn't over yet," I responded coyly.

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Her eyes showed how annoyed she was. "Get some pants on, we're gonna go for a walk," I ordered her. She looked positively livid. But of course, she was completely obedient. When she stood up and turned to leave, I slapped her ass incredibly hard.

She grabbed her stomach as the dildo moved inside of her. She looked at me with pleading eyes, begging me not to cause her unnecessary discomfort. For a moment I wondered if I should be kinder to her but I quickly let it pass.

I did not need her to like what I did to her, I just needed her to obey. I slapped her ass again, sending her on her way. She came back wearing hiking shorts, the type that don't cover the legs at all, and a different blouse. I didn't have a destination in mind, I just wanted to watch her struggle to walk around with that eight inch piece of plastic in her ass.

She was definitely going to think twice before trying to get off on her own for a while. As expected she walked rather slowly. She kept stopping to readjust her shorts. Her hips swayed from side to side and I kept touching her butt to make her uncomfortable. Eventually I noticed liquid running down her bare thighs.

She was getting excited either from the feeling of the dildo in her ass or just from the thought of walking around in public like this. I decided to treat it like an actual outing though. I held her hand and led her around.

We stopped for lunch at a restaurant. She fidgeted the whole time, pinching her hands between her knees and adjusting how she was sitting multiple times.

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Her cheeks were red the whole time. She must have been extremely embarrassed. We went to a store next. As we walked through the aisles I slid my hand into her shorts and massaged her soaked panties. She moaned but tried to keep her voice down. I pushed the cloth of her panties up into her cunt and made her yelp once. Finally we stopped at a park.

She was exhausted and wanted to rest on a bench. I tried to make her sit on my lap but she refused.


I figured we were far enough away from anyone that knew us and a little exhibitionism was not going to be a bad thing. When she stood up from the bench, I yanked her shorts down, exposing her panties for everyone in the park to see.

She tried to laugh while pulling her pants back up but she was obviously embarrassed and a little angry with me. I did it again, this time pulling her shirt up when some joggers were running past us on the park path. She was not wearing a bra and ended up giving them a full view of her breasts. One of them stumbled while the other one just ogled her greedily. They both kept running though.

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After that Teddy was pissed. She dragged me off the path behind several trees. She clung to my shirt and shook me angrily. If she could speak she'd have been calling me a jerk or an asshole.

I just kissed her while stroking her hair. When she had calmed down, I pushed on her shoulders until she fell to her knees in front of me. She obediently pulled out my cock and began to lick it. I held her face in my hands and touched she cheeks affectionately as she ran her tongue up and down my shaft. It was almost normal. We were just a basic kinky couple. It did not matter that I was supposed to be dating her sister.

Oh how I wish I had met Teddy first. Of course, I may not have had the confidence to ask her out after learning she was mute. I probably would have been worried there was something fundamentally wrong with her. Teddy unzipped her own shorts and began pushing her fingers into her cunt as she sucked on my cock.

The shorts looked so tight as she was squatting in front of me. The only place she could get her fingers inside was right at the base of the zipper. Her own glistening cum driveled out onto the ground as she lapped away at my cock, making slurping sounds. I grabbed her head and pushed her down on it, letting the head slip into her throat. She was used to me doing this. I loved the feeling of the tiny pipe closing around my cock head. I loved how my shaft had to bend to even fit inside.

She started to hum to increase the vibration. As usual I did not warn her when I started to cum. I tried to direct it down her throat. I always loved the idea of a girl not getting a choice to spit it out. Instead the tip of my cock caught on the back of her throat and the first shot went up.

Pretty soon I saw white goo leaking out of her nostrils and running down over her pretty lips. For some reason I was mesmerized. When she tried to readjust her throat around my cock I held her head still and forced her to take the next three shots up her nose as well. She looked up at me miserably as the cum ran around my cock and dripped off her chin. It dripped onto her exposed collar bone and ran into her blouse.

When my cock slid out of her mouth she let her eyelids fall. She stayed on her knees with a dazed look on her face, blowing bubbles of cum from her nostrils and making a gurgling sound with what cum was left in her throat. She sucked it out into her mouth and swirled it with her saliva, giving me a good view of it before swallowing. She did not stand up until I pulled her to her feet. I had to steer her as she would not snap out of her daze.

It was difficult to get her home but I managed. I stripped her clothes off in the doorway and brought her into the downstairs bathroom. We went in the bath together. I washed her hair and her face and all of her body. She finally snapped out of her daze when I pushed my fingers into her asshole. She looked at me with fearful eyes.

She was not sure what I was trying to do. With water as lubricant I slid into her far enough to grab the end of the dildo. I dragged it out of her in one motion. She sucked in a large breath of air while grabbing her stomach. It must feel so hollow inside her right now. I wasted no time replacing the dildo with my cock. She grunted quietly and leaned back against me. It was hard to move while sitting in the tub and she did not help me at all.

I eventually gave up and pulled out of her again, leaving her asshole gaping. She nearly fell asleep as I finished washing her. When we came out she was shivering. I led her upstairs and to her room. She tried to head for her closet to grab some new clothes but I redirected her to the bed.

She lied down without complaint and curled up underneath the covers. I climbed in next to her, spooning her with my cock right between her thighs. She murmured to acknowledge me but then fell right to sleep.


I wanted so badly to try using her gaping asshole again but something made me change my mind. I decided to let her sleep. In the back of my head I knew Victoria was going to come home and find Teddy's clothes lying in the kitchen. If she came upstairs and saw us like this there would be no excuses. I did not want to move though.

It would make things a whole lot simpler if Victoria found out this way. Then I could plead my case and hopefully be allowed to keep seeing Teddy.


Who am I kidding though? This isn't a porno where Victoria would just join in and help me fuck her sister. The moment she finds out I'm gonna be evicted and I'll never see Teddy again. Not wanting that, I finally convinced myself to get up and go to my own room to get dressed.

Downstairs I collected Teddy's dirty clothes and put them in the wash. Then I sat down in front of the TV. It was time to wait for Victoria to come home. Yet another perfect day with Teddy came to a close. I can't wait until Victoria leaves again tomorrow.