Nude wife sucking my dick

Nude wife sucking my dick
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When I was 13 I attended a new school, I was nervous about going because I didn't want my gay tendencies to start there. I had short, spiked up hair, fairly tanned, 5'5, 110 lbs. slim but very fit and I was proud of my abs that were starting to form.

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On the first time I hoped everything was going to go fine but there was this boy, his name was Aaron and he was the hottest guy I had ever seen.

He had short dark brown hair, fairly tanned skin, about 5'7, about 120 lbs., and really fit. His muscles arm muscles would bulge on days he wore t-shirts and he was sporting a well defined six pack. Me and Aaron became friends and started to become closer over time, but I was always sexually attracted to him.

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I would always fantasize about him, when we went swimming together and I got to admire his gorgeous body, when he would sleepover and he stripped down to just his boxers, anytime we started rough housing it was hard to contain a boner because I would 'accidently' rub my hand on my crotch and sometimes his hand would meet my crotch.

But what always turned me on was when he played football. His muscles would bulge and we would start glimmering with sweat and it would turn me on so much. So it's not a big surprise when we went to high school and he joined the football team that my fantasies were about that.

Our first sexual encounter was at our first party, we were sitting in a circle with a bunch of friends and we had been drinking a little. We decided to play spin the bottle and after some kissing it was my turn, I spun and it land on the one person I wanted it to, Aaron.

At first everyone was laughing and I thought I would just spin again but all my friends were telling me that I had to do it and started chanting, so i moved closer to Aaron getting ready for the kissed and he closed his eyes ready for my lips. He smelled like cologne and a hint of booze, it was so hot. I moved in and planted my lips on his, I suddenly felt his tounge enter my mouth and they wrestled for a bit but the kiss lasted only for 5 seconds (the rules we were playing by was the kiss had to last 5 seconds).

I was disappointed to pull away, I wanted so much more. A year passed by and we never spoke of the kiss, but I always thought of it. In Grade 10 Aaron and I had the same gym class.

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So it made it even harder for me not to get so horny around him, his stomach had got a lot more defined and his pecs were amazing. In the shower I got to see glimpses of his cock but only when it was soft, it looked about 3 inches soft so I guessed he was about 5-6 inches hard. His thighs and legs started growing hair and they were there was no fat on them, but the nicest feature was his cute little bubble butt.

It would wiggle back and forth when he walked and it had some muscle in it as well. One day Aaron and I were late for gym and the coach made us stay 10 minutes after class to run laps. When we were done we made our way to the change room, it was empty. Aaron had sweat on his brown and his chest was glimmering. "Fuck, I'm so sweaty.


Gonna come for a shower?" he asked as he peeled of his sweatpants. I was obviously not turning down that offer so I said yes in a heartbeat. We stripped down naked and I watched his little bubble butt as he walked toward the shower. In our school we have open showers which means no walls so you see other guys while showering, which was perfect for me. There are only 5 shower heads, Aaron turned his on and started scrubbing. I tried turning one on, it didn't work.

Moved to the next one, it didn't work either, I tried the other two and they just dribbled out a bit of water. "No worries man you can share mine" Aaron said. These shower heads were only about 3 inches wide, so I obviously said yes. I tried very hard to not get a hard on but our cocks kept rubbing together and his abs would rub against my chest, it was too hard.

Eventually my cock did get hard and I tried to hide it but it hit him in the chest. "Getting a little excited are we?" he said, almost seductively.


It wasn't until I looked down when I realized he was hard too. "Aha sorry man, just haven't gotten off in a while" I said. "Oh really.

that sucks." he said very seductively, he slowly started rubbing my cock around. "Aaron, what are yo- ooh fuck." I tried to stop him but it felt so good and he was so hot.

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Aaron started jerking off my cock and it was so hard to stay on my feet, the water droplets were dripping down his chest and abs. "Fuck, you gotta get me off too." he said as he guided my hand to his cock. I was taken aback by this but I was happy to oblige. I put two fingers underneath his cock to rub his sweet spot as I jacked him off. He was moaning and groaning and it turned me on and made me moan and groan. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum!" I said, I could feel my climax so close and we were moaning so loud as we came all over each other chests.

He simply washed it off and said "Thanks man, feel better?" "Aha yeah thanks." To be continued!