Webcamgirl NEW EMMA showing off her beautiful body

Webcamgirl NEW EMMA showing off her beautiful body
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-1Bad Day Gone Good II Looking at Hailey and with her cute little grin on her face was about to be removed. It has only been a few days since I let Niki go but I was ready to take on a new sub and Hailey just happened to come in at the wrong time.

My moment of weakness is over its time to get back to business and with my decision made Hailey needed to be taught a lesson, one that she will always remember. Grabbing her face sharply I stared into her eyes and with a strict tone I let it to her," How dare you talk to your Mistress in that tone" and as she tried to speak I yelled again "Silence you dirty bitch".

Silence for a second, I stood up next to the bed "now up you dirty bitch", Hailey stood up but like a scared child I grabbed my flogger I gave her ass a few licks she cried out but that didn't stop me.


I cut her down to size putting her in her place and she learned real quick to do what I say without questions. I left her standing by my bed and went to my chiffonier open the doors, I called Hailey to me and she came to me but her walk was inappropriate and she felt the furry of my flogger again.

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Turning back I reached in and got out the beginner collar, it was big and bulky very uncomfortable but it was for a reason though I put it on her. Her was long and well cared for but it brought back to many memories of Niki, so with that I ordered her to follow me.

"Your hair has to go I will not tolerate it any longer" I told her and then she said to me "You will not touch my hair!" she exclaimed and that's when she started to see my evil side. I smack to her face and a hand full of hair I put her to her knees, pulling her back into a ponytail I reached around with and placed a ball gag in her mouth and cinched tightly up her back talking was over for the night.

Now with her quiet I figured I should fully restrain her to prevent this taking all night, I sat her down on in my bondage chair. I now can easily restrain her arms and legs and has a large collar to keep her head up and once I had her in place I called out to Elise. "Yes Mistress" as Elise walked in and then kneeled before me, looking at Hailey "That is how you walk and talk to me" and Elise do something with the bitches hair I don't like it at all and by morning it better be pleasing to me or you will feel my wrath as well and I walked to my bed room to retire for the night.

Waking up to another beautiful morning I put my robe and went to my lair where Hailey has been getting a new hair style. Alone she sat in the chair sleeping her hair looked wonderful as it was now a golden brown and only shoulder length.

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I gently touched her cheek calling her name "Time to wake" I said to her, still in a bad mood from last night I decided to take it easy on her today. "I love your hair, now" now she looked like her own person, she wanted to scream at me I could see this from her eyes but with the gag in nothing was coming out. I told her that things are now changed between us, you are no longer the little slut I use for parties you will be my sub and you will do as I say when I say or there will be punishment handed down you understand, looking at Hailey she nodded yes.

Now you be a good little bitch and you can start getting your rewards, lets start by removing your gag.

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The poor girl wanted to scream but knew better and as I started to reach for my flogger againshe uttered out "Thank you Mistress". I released her for her restraints and helped her up holding her hand I took her to the shower, Elise was there waiting as she should have been.

Elise removed my robe and turned the shower on, Hailey now watch and learn here as this will be your morning task everyday starting tomorrow Elise will explain the rest.


Enjoying my shower and the touch of Elise's finger across my skin it was time for Hailey to get some rewards. Whispering to Elise what I wanted she went off to retrieve her tools and I motioned for Hailey to join me.

I centered her in between the 3 heads of the shower letting the water wash her troubles my hands gentle my voice soft. Washing her body cleaning every curve rinsing away the cut hair caressing every delicate spot rubbing away the aches. Elise was back and ready to go and I held Hailey close sitting down on the ledge bend her over just enough. Whispering in her ear I asked her and she spoke softly back but I told her she has to say it aloud for all to hear and I asked her again.

"Yes Mistress, yes fuck me I want to be fucked", and as Elise heard her words she step up from behind and slide her strapped on cock up in Hailey's waiting pussy, I reached around and spread her ass open and my finger soothed her tight little ass.


Elise was taking it easy and I whispered to Hailey again and she exclaimed "Oh yes Fuck me, Elise please fuck me hard" Elise wasted no time and began to thrust harder and deeper. Hailey moaned loudly as she always did she loved to talk when she is getting fucked and holding tight against me breast I saliva running down between her cheek and my right breast her hand fondling my left, Elise handed my a small glass dildo and with a few sucks from her mouth I placed it at Hailey's ass.

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Elise stopped and Hailey's cries grew louder now begging Elise to fuck her but now I whispered again to Hailey her moans still growing she began to push back and rocked onto Elise's toy, holding the glass toy firmly it started to sink in her ass and Hailey let out some intense sounds but wasn't long before she was rocking her ass off both toys deep and full in their holes, I was getting so wet by this I pushed Hailey down shoving her face in my wet pussy.

Now her moans were muffled and Elise turned back to fucking her again and with every thrust from Elise it shoved Hailey's tongue deeper in me. I ordered Elise to smack her ass and Elise was an expert at doing what she was and wasn't long before Hailey's ass cheek were rose red and this just excited her more, sucking my clit I let her put a finger in and she went for my spot.

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Wasn't to long before I came and Hailey cleaned me up very well and now was focused back on her own needs. Knowing Hailey has made her rewards much easier and her punishment even better.

Elise handed a very large dildo and I put at Hailey's lips and she sucked that cock down, deep down it was a sight to see this girl could deep throat just about any cock that came her way.

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Elise took a slender toy and slid in her pussy over filling her screams of ecstasy rang out as with a few more hard pounding Hailey's pussy exploded her juice spraying out everywhere and her cries now turn to whimpers I pulled her close again and whispered to her, "Thank you Mistress, oh thank you". Letting her regain her composure we cleaned up, I put her leash on walking her to her room it was time for her to be dressed properly.