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It had been a long day fighting off Separatist forces. As clone fighters soared overhead and night descended on the recently-liberated planet, Ahsoka Tano began settling into her makeshift bedding for the evening.

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"Snips, what do you think you're doing?" her master Anakin Skywalker inquired impatiently. "What does it look like, Master?" Ahsoka replied, bemused. "I'm preparing to rest. We have a big day tomorrow after all." "I don't think so, Snips." Anakin said, shaking his head.

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"You will lay with me tonight, so that together we might better commune with the subtle emanations of the Force." Ahsoka paused for a moment to consider this, but then said, "I've never heard of such a technique, Master.

Are you certain of this?" "You question your master?" Anakin asked calmly with a sardonic grin. "Maybe I should relay your insolence to Master Yoda.

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Maybe then you can find a better Jedi Knight with whom to continue your training, though I somewhat doubt that." "Oh, Master Anakin, no!" cried Ahsoka, startled.

"Please forgive me. I didn't mean to question your wisdom and guidance." "Then come, Snips, and delay no further. As you say we have a big day tomorrow." "Yes… yes, Master." Hesitantly, Ahsoka approached her master as he watched her silently.

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"Now what are you doing?" Anakin groaned with frustration. "What, Master? I'm doing as you ask." "Not in those filthy garbs." said Anakin. "Besides, communion with the Force is a fully tactile experience which cannot very well be accomplished when you're bound to the physical realm by those cumbersome rags." "So then I should." "Undress, yes of course. And quickly, your Master grows impatient. I don't want to have anything interfering with our connection to the Force." "As you say, Master." whispered Ahsoka, meekly.

Anakin watched intently as his young padawan disrobed. As she stood before the Jedi knight, vulnerable and exposed, Ahsoka found herself staring down at her feet, unable to look her master in the eye. Cold, she began to shiver. Anakin sat up for a moment, admiring his student's nimble figure as it was bathed in the light of the twin moons. Clearly she had much yet to experience. "Now come here." he beckoned.


"It looks like you could use a little warmth in the Force." Ahsoka attempted a smile but only briefly before deciding against it. Slowly, she approached the young master until she felt the push of an unseen hand thrusting her forward and into her master's lap.

"Oh.!" she exclaimed as she found herself straddling the Jedi knight. "Master." she began. "Not a word, Snips." whispered Anakin. He then guided his shaking padawan down onto the bed, softly caressing her head and arms.

Only then did Ahsoka realize there was a part of her that always wished for this, for approval and validation from her master - a feeling of affirmation that she tried so hard to earn. Was this it? Was this that feeling realized in the warm, forceful embrace of her master? Ahsoka closed her eyes as he pulled her naked form closer to him. "But master." she moaned, her eyes still tightly shut.


"A-Aren't you still clothed? How will we commune with the Force?" "How right you are, Snips." Anakin sighed. "But of course it is the duty, indeed the honor of the padawan to disrobe the master." As Ashoka reached for her master's tunic, she paused. "Master Anakin," she whispered under her breath, "I'm. well, I'm a little nervous. I've never done actually anything like this before." "The Force is nothing to be anxious about, Snips." Anakin soothingly insisted.

"You of all people should know that." As he said this, his gloved bionic hand rose to her chin, lifting her face to meet his. As he looked downward towards his anxious padawan, her wide eyes finally opened, gleaming in the moonlight as she returned his gaze. Tears began to well as she whispered, "You're so warm, Master Anakin." To this the young Jedi said nothing as he slid his fingers toward her full, quivering lips while his free hand moved lower, down Asokha's smooth backside, rhythmically stroking her soft bare bottom.

Ahsoka again closed her eyes, eagerly taking her master's leather-clad finger into her mouth, softly enveloping it with her moist lips as Anakin's other hand made its way towards her soft, moist slit. As he began intently rubbing her labia, Ahsoka's breathing became heavier, her moans more audible as she stopped suckling his index finger, shuddering, "Oh, Master.

Master Anakin!" With eyes tightly shut, Ahsoka clenched her teeth against the gloved metal digit as she sensed Anakin's real fingers entering her convulsing nether lips. As his fingers continued to penetrate deep within the young padawan, her hips began to gyrate in a corresponding motion.

She reached instinctively for her Master, slipping her hands into his robe and rubbing his hard, toned chest slick with sweat.

And still her hands reach lower. She hesitated slightly, then looked again to Anakin, her eyes desperately searching her master for guidance. "You're doing fine, Snips. Just keep going, we're almost one with the Force now." Encouraged by these words, the young Togruta girl reached into the flap and began stroking her master's tender shaft.

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"That's it." Anakin uttered with a groan. "Just stroke it back and forth. Yeah, Snips, that's the way. You're a natural, born to be a Jedi." At these words of unprecedented praise, the padawan began to quiver, her master's fingers becoming even more soaked in her sweet nectar as they continued penetrating her with ever-increasing ease.

"Now," he continued, sliding his fingers out of her orifice and into her waiting lips, "The next step is to use your mouth, the way you're now doing with my fingers." Slowly but firmly, Anakin guided Ahsoka downward. "Open your mouth." he whispered. Her lips parted but before she could even breath, Anakin forced his member into little Ahsoka's mouth, both of his hands pulling her towards him as she gagged and struggled against the overwhelming force of her master's grip.

"Beautiful." Anakin whispered as he watched the tears stream down his padawan's cheeks. He proceeded to move his hips slowly but forcefully, watching his shaft slide its way back and forth through her lips. Sensing her distress, he consoled the frightened padawan. "It's alright, you're doing great. Focus. Learn to breathe through your nose.

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Yes. that's it. That's my good little soldier.

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My special, special Snips." As her struggles began to falter, Anakin felt her hands no longer pushing against him but embracing him as her mouth became more accustomed to its intended purpose. "That's it." he growled.

"Feel the Force. Our bodies are one now. Feel my power flowing through you." Finally Anakin's hips began to buckle. He whispered to his student, "It's coming, Snips!" But before Ahsoka had time to consider the meaning of these words, she felt the force of her master's shaft as it spasmed and convulsed in her mouth, filling her with his essence.

"Swallow it, Snips. All of it." Anakin ordered as he held her head firmly in place. "This is always the hardest part but I know you can do it, Snips.

Do it for me." As his seed began dribbling from her mouth and off her chin, Anakin finally released Ahsoka from his grasp.

The Togruta girl promptly collapsed onto her master's bed, coughing and gasping for air. "…Did I do well, Master?" Ahsoka finally asked faintly. "Very well, Snips." Anakin huffed. "Beyond my expectations." Ahsoka smiled weakly.


"I'm so tired, Master Anakin." "So come here." responded Anakin. "Rest next to me. Communion with the Force is always a rigorous and taxing rite but you've performed it admirably."