Download gay kiss and sex Brendan gets so torrid while gobbling and

Download gay kiss and sex Brendan gets so torrid while gobbling and
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No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in this story. CORPORATE PERV: Michael Mancini is sitting in the back seat of the family limousine on the way to a small family picnic fifty miles away. It will take about three hours to get to the location because of the traffic in the city and the rough roads in the countryside.

But, he is not complaining one bit. In the back seat he is sitting under a blanket, even with the hot weather outside. The air conditioning is keeping the inside somewhat below the usual comfort level of car passengers. The object of that is cover over the activities that his is engaging in under the blanket covering.

The mother of the teen girl on Michael's lap turns to her and looks her in the eyes and says, "Now Mona, you take good care of Uncle Michael, you hear!" And a little girl's voice comes back from the rear seat, "Yes, momma. I will. He seems to be happy with me right now." Michael should be happy, because at that moment, he has little Mona sitting facing forward on his lap, with her little legs spread wide apart over his lap and his modest sized dick probing up into her teen girl's body.

As she is quite small for her actual age, it is taking some time and effort to get it fully installed in the girl's responding love tube. And when he asks her how it is going with her, she automatically answers fine, it doesn't hurt a bit. Though it does to a very mild level.

Michael had started this effort upon Mona and her mother joining to the trip on the way out of town. Alicia, the mother, had directly sent her to the back seat and Michael when they entered the limo, she knowing what he would want on the way. After all, Alicia had also served the sexual needs of the men of the family in her youth, too.

When Mona took her seat on Michael's lap, he lifted her young girl's summer dress and found her panties to be the type that were easily moved aside for his favorite activity, just as he required of those who were open to his advances. It made things a lot easier if the panties didn't have to be removed in the process of using the young girls. And it was using because of their ages, though it was viewed within the family as just serving the needs of the family, and in this case the current power monger, Michael.

As she settled down, soon facing forward with her panties' gusset moved aside, so that Michael could play with his fingers on her pussy, as she was told to think of it when with him, but she let her mind wander to other pleasant thoughts, though the plundering of her pussy was not at all unpleasant to her. This was not her first vaginal sexual adventure, her virginity had been taken by an older brother recently. A lack of virginity was required by Michael for any of the young teens that he harvested to his sexual interests.

And so older brothers in the family were put to work in taking care of that. Not that any of them complained, since they were all being programmed for their own perv-hood in their futures. As Michael's fingers had played over her pussy and clit in preparation for the coming fucking, she had slightly bounced and shimmied to maximize the effect on her dear uncle, just as her mother had taught her. But, now that he was in her, it was unnecessary since the rough road was bouncing the limo around to a quite satisfactory degree providing the necessary motions to their play.

When Michael's dick reached the upper extremity of Mona's vaginal vault, she just settled down to the feeling that it was generating in her belly, knowing that that was the extent of his pushing up into her.

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And she found a considerable amount of delight in those feelings in her teen's abdomen. And when Michael's fingers returned to play with her clit as she bounced on his dick, she suddenly got her very first climax with a teen cum flow to Michael's delight. When he felt the first wet spots on his suit, he reversed her and lifted her to have her pussy opening up to his mouth and drank of the young teens cum bounty for several minutes of her pleasure in it.

With the noise and commotion of it, Alicia looked back over the seat and smiled to see her daughter so well used to Michael's enjoyment. When the delicious flow discontinued, Michael reversed her again and with his dick fully into her, began the process of giving her his cum gift.

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With the bouncing of the limo and the feeling of her butt cheeks on his lap, he soon gathered up his manhood and shot his DNA gift up into her upper pussy vault with the possibility that it had also passed the guardian gate, the cervix, for the generating of another person of the Mancini clan. With this accomplished, she turned around and after reinstalling his cock up into her love chute, settled into his arms with her head on his shoulder for the rest of the long trip.


And with this, Alicia looked around again and commented, "Oh look, she is so comfortable on Michael's lap." With that the rest of the trip moved on with no other noticeable effects. Michael did cum up in Mona again, though before their arrivals. The Mancini's had come to America rather early in its history and established themselves in a fairly large eastern city. They had been a very insular family even in their native Italy. With family secrecy the family cloak allowed for all manner of skullduggery and the obtaining of its fabulous wealth.

They had not come to the new land poor, but did the best to deflect attentions to their family wealth.

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Also their unique attitude and practices towards sex were not to be of general knowledge either. And in the early days a few of the family had paid dearly for breaking that vow of silence. And even in later years, some had plunged down the family's hierarchy because of loose lips. So, since not only their sexual privileges, but their incomes were dependent on the obeying of the family sexual code, there was very little pushback by anyone in the family, and since the family tended to marry with in itself, almost everyone was on board to what was the 'Mancini way.' Outsiders who came in were soon broken in to the family code, often by Michael doing the breaking in.

A couple of years ago, one of the scions of the family fell in love with a lovely girl from outside the clan. After being warned by the family as to the possible result of that, when she found out about the family code, he continued to pursue her anyway and an engagement was entered on and not long after a wedding was prepared for.

It was to be lavish as those things tended to be, but an added event was added to the program, which was a mystery to Sophia, until it happened. When the groom was standing at the altar and the bride was due to move up the center aisle on the arm of her father, there was announced a brief delay in the program and the groom was handed a chair to sit for the few expected minutes before he was granted his blushing bride.

All accesses to the bride's preparation chamber were closed off and the bride stood before Michael in her gorgeous bridal gown. As she looked questioningly to Michael, he began his introduction to the family with the following dissertation: "I am here, Sophia to welcome you to our family with a ritual only entered upon when someone outside of the family is prepared to marry within it. You still have the opportunity to change your mind as to that eventuality.

What you must now learn and be sworn to never reveal no matter what your decision is now, is that our family has a unique view of male and female relations. Mostly it boils down to any female of the family after her girlhood has firmly moved into young womanhood, usually about the age of fourteen, is available to any male who wants her sexually, usually until she marries.

It is family wide and firmly enforced. And this will be true of you and your daughters, too. To show your good faith in this family practice, I now require you to serve up your virginity to me, before you are firmly joined to my nephew Thomas out in the chapel.

Are you committed enough to him to serve this up to me, now? She with stark and frightened eyes looked over Michael and thought very deeply about what was being asked of her and what she would get in Thomas as a husband and provider.

She knew that he was quite wealthy in his own right and truly did love her. And she guessed that he knew what the cause of the delay in the ceremony was. He must be in agony of expectation to see if she would go through with it and join herself to him for the rest of her life, she mused. And then with her future before her, she nodded to Michael and the backstage ceremony moved forward.

So, with no delay, Michael moved forward to her and lifted her lovely gown up to reveal her pretty white undergarments. She was indicated to hold the hem up high to allow his services to her private parts. He reached over to them and ripped the panties open in symbol of what was about to happen to the young woman bride and with her pussy revealed, he kneeled down to mount his face up to her virginal privates.

As soon as his lips and tongue engaged with her labia and clit, she began to moan in the intimate feelings that it was generating.

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And her body of its own accord leaned forward to get all of the feelings from this possible. When Michael felt this movement by Sophia's body, he rose up and backed her up to a very heavy table in the room and used his hands to part her legs to the extreme under the gown. He then opened up his zipper to free his male member and moved up to her now cum lubed vagina and plunged it right up to the top of her baby port.

She gave out a slight shriek over this that was barely heard just outside the room, and then gave into his plunging in and out of her. As this progressed, she was bleeding on to his white suit and down her legs. It wasn't a lot, but it was starkly seen against the white of the two outfits.

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When he finally came up into her, she had a climax. The first real one of her life and she reached out in lust to him as the cum leaked down to join the virginal blood. After that, she moved her gown back down and with her panties still ripped moved out to meet up at the altar with her expectant husband to be. The blood on her dress and Michael's suit had to be seen by all of the wedding guests, but except for her ignorant family of her new family's sexual legacy, no one bothered to say anything.

And even they assumed that under the stress of the wedding, she had started her period and felt sorrow for the groom on his honeymoon. But, no worry about that, she was very prepared to serve herself up to him on the honeymoon and no complaint was ever mentioned about it from the bride or the groom. After the young couple came back to establish their residence in the city of the clan's power base, Michael inquired of Thomas as to her being his private secretary and office intern.

Thomas knowing what this was all about and the possibility of his future advancements in the company said that he would run it by her, and she readily concurred. On her first day on the job, he excused all of the other office personnel to lunch early and used every sexual trick that he knew in the initiating of her to the office's inner sanctum.

She took it all exceedingly well and quite possibly her first born was generated then with her mounted over the desk and his dick plowing firmly up her birth port. In any case, Thomas loved his first daughter without any adverse comment. And a notable advancement of his career happened soon after, when Sophia's relationship with Michael was firmly established. It was later found out that Thomas was incapable of impregnating Sophia due to an inherited intimate condition.

So, all of Sophia's six children must have been generated by Michael, since she never did have relations with anyone but the two main men in her life. Thomas never actually knew for sure, but since he simply adored Sophia, the subject just never came up and they lived happily over the years. At a family picnic a few years later, it came to Michael's attention that several of the cousins (of ages fourteen to sixteen) were uninitiated in the family's sexual code, except for their losing their virginities to older brothers.

So, through Sophia who was as usual at his right arm in arranging and carrying out his desires, the six girls were directed by their mothers to join Michael at a hidden cabin in the woods about a quarter mile from the main picnic area. Probably at least some must have known what this was to be about.


And it was Sophia that led them to the cabin and stayed to help organize the affair. When Sophia and the girls got to the cabin, she immediately began to undo her clothing to be nude and advised all of the girls to do the same, if they wanted any future within the family.

So, the girls stunned to watch an adult woman undress before them and after looking at each other began the undressing process, too. After that was completed, they were directed to sit on two couches, three to each and pay strict attentions to the coming ritual. When they were settled down, Michael came out of the other room, still dressed and asked the girls to all stand up and slowly rotate around so that he could see them in all of their glory.

They with hands over their faces did so and a couple put a real effort into it, too. Then they were directed to sit back down. Michael then entered the process of undressing himself, asking one of the proactive girls to help him with the process. When this was done, he grabbed the helpful girl and kissed her sweetly and patted her behind as she returned to the sofa, instructive to them that friendly compliance in these matters was much appreciated and likely rewarded.

Then he briefly addressed the girls, "You are here to learn of your responsibilities to the family and its men in your coming years. Actually they start right now. And this means that if you agree and graduate from this little school here with Sophia and I as your professors, you will be expected to render these services to any male that will want you.

You are not required to do anything that would be damaging to you, however. The only questionable service is anal, and you will have to be willing to serve that up, too. At this time now and forward, any of you that decide that this is too much to ask and are unwilling to comply will be excused, but will also lose all privileges with the family, including a job and some of the family's corporate stock.

This is one of the costs of being an inactive part of this family." And then he met the eyes of each of the girls to see if any were ready to run for it. There were a couple that were deeply concerned, but no apparent runners, yet. "Okay, now Sophia and I will demonstrate all of the services that you will be required to serve up on demand, and after we finish you each will have to demonstrate your agreement to faithfully serve these up.

Questions can come up later." So, Sophia moved up to Michael and offered herself up for his pleasures, with firm kisses and hugs of their two naked bodies. The fact of his member being rubbed up against her private zone was easily seen by the girls and they oohed and awed at the observed rising of his member from their intimate actions.

With that in process, she moved one hand down to his member to interact with it, and he left off the kissing to move his lips down to her titties. And the girls could see her nipples rise up as his dick was, too. Then she moved down to her knees and took his member into her mouth and sucked on it with a lot of saliva and enthusiasm. With this Michael remarked that sometimes the male would want the lady to finish him off in her mouth and swallow the cum from him. Then she rose up before he came, and backed up to the table in sight of the girls and enjoyed his oral ministrations up to her pussy and clit.

Soon enough, she was thrashing around in absolute lust with his tonguing up into her pussy vault. And soon after that, he was up into her and pounding his member in and out to the girls' stunned expressions. Soon, a dumping of cum up into Sophia was evident and the girls anticipated who was next. To, the relief of some of the reluctant ones, Michael then asked for a volunteer for the first qualifying activity among them.

And a little brunette stood up to evidently get it over with. She moved over to Michael as Sophia took a seat to watch the proceedings. Rewarding the girl for volunteering to be first he truncated the process for her.

But got all of the elements in. She took it very well and was obviously relieved when it was over. The second volunteer was a part A.A.

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niece who was exceptionally beautiful and ready for compliance. She was particularly adept at taking in anal, and seemed to actually enjoy it. She did also get a small climax with it and before returning to the sofa, took the opportunity to give Michael a very big smacker of a kiss.

As her fine butt cheeks bounced on the way back to the sofa, he thought that she would go far in the family enterprise. The next three were relatively uninspired in their demonstrations of compliance to family sexual standards, but they did follow through and were given recognition for that to their reliefs. The last one off of the sofa was a part Asian sixteen year old teen that looked much younger.

As she rose she asserted that she was on her period and asked to be excused from the process that day. (She thinking that she could duck this issue until it was of no consequence in relation to her.) So, Michael asked to see her panties that she had worn to the little meeting in the cabin and explained as she delayed in producing them that only a profound flow of blood would deter most of the guys in the family.

After her continued delaying tactics failed she moved to stand in front of the other girls and to take any punishment that the master would advance. "In addition to your sexual responsibilities with in the family, there is one inviable rule in the family. Never lie to anyone your superior about anything at all. Now to demonstrate that there are repercussions to violating that standard, a corrective action will be entered upon with this young girl." And he turned to her and asked if she wanted to withdraw from the lesson and the family proper, and she said that she would take whatever was coming, so Michael nodded his approval.

Then he turned and knocked on the door of which he had entered upon the scene in the living room and two very fit looking young men came in and joined Michael at the front of the room. Then Michael directed the two young men to prepare the girl for the ultimate of sexual surrender, the three hole act.

While the guys were working Simone up, Michael directed the other girls to move the cushions from the sofa onto the floor to make a comfortable stage for the next act. With the little girl all worked up and having become totally compliant, Michael moved down to the cushions and laid on his back.

With that one of the young guys inaugurated her pussy with a plunging action to prepare her for what would come next. And then she was directed to lay on her tummy on Michael's recumbent body and one of the guys worked Michael's cock up deeply into her pussy vault. Then that guy lubed up his long slim dick and her ass hole and began to work his cock up into her anal zone. His slim dick relieving the stress of this to a considerable degree. When he had gotten his dick complexly up into her anal channel, the last guy moved to her mouth and began to work his short and medium sized cock into mouth and throat, instructing her to breathe through her nose to avoid choking.

Then the three males began a coordinated thrusting action into this girl with her vibrating in shock between them. Michael and the guys were very experienced in this and so their coordinated efforts complemented each other and minimized the trauma to the young and tiny girl.

After several minutes of coordinated thrusting fun, the guys moved to show mercy to her and all three of them cummed up into her within seconds of each other, and they could feel a sympathetic response from her body at that. With that each of the young guys hugged and kissed her very sweetly after lifting her up, and with her firmly under his arm, Michael informed her that she had passed the advance family responsibilities course and he got a very small smile from her over that.

After dismissing the girls, and their dressing he asked Simone to hang back to confer with him. He eventually had each of the other girls a couple of times over the years and they faithfully carried out their responsibilities to others too. Michael asked Simone if she would like to be an intern in his office, with Sophia and her taking care of his needs.

She said that she would ask her parents, but they were totally on board with this and so it came about and she along with taking care of his sexual needs came to be one of his most trusted confidants and moved up to a very high status in the company.


She over the years became very proficient in given quick Blow Jobs and vaginal intimacies and spent many a night with him in his bachelor pad. She also gave him children and neither of them ever married. She never came to love anal, like she did the other activates, but was very faithful in rendering it up to Michael when he called for it.