19yr alte blonde Nympho Netvideogirls Kalender Vorsprechen

19yr alte blonde Nympho Netvideogirls Kalender Vorsprechen
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uninvited guest: It was a bad day from the start. car broke down, and had to take the bus to work in a major heat wave, plus i was late. My boss, of course didn't care. He was just a lazy bum and the work staff was just a bad.

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Spent most the day dealing with loud mean people with no patients. to add to my suffering, i had to work much later to clear up other tellers mistake.

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Finally got home about 1:00am. As i headed to my bedroom, i was grabbed from behind and pushed on the bed. I was scared and confused. I called out "what r u doing? who r u?" As i turned around i saw a large black form step forward and out their hand over my mouth and just said "shush". At this point i began to cry. I had come home to a burglar and i had no way to call for help.

As i cried, he went about my room going into drawers and my closet throwing everything on the floor. Then he said "whats this" as he pulled out a box with my "toys" inside. he stared at the box and then at me. I started to cry again thinking that i was about to be raped. The intruder walked over and sat down on the bed next to me.


He slowly began to stroke my hair very gently and said that he wasn't going to hurt me. I soon noticed that this burglar smelled very nice like a ladies perfume. He then started to take of his gloves and gently placed his hand on my check only it wasn't a mans hand. This was the soft and pleasant hand of a woman. Suddenly, all my fear went away as i placed my hand on her chest. She then removed her masked and i was now staring in the eyes of a beautiful redhead with soft brown eyes.

I raised up and kissed her on her soft full lips.

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She returned the kiss and put her tongue in me mouth. I asked what her name was and she said "your lover". She lowered my back down on the bed and began to unbutton my blouse while i started to rub her ass. Once my blouse was undone, she leaned back and took off her sweeter. Under it was the most perfect breast i have ever seen. Her bra was a soft sea blue. she placed her mouth on my bra and started to kiss the nipples that her pushing through it.

I began to moan and the slightest touch of her lips moving all around my body. I raised up again and kissed her deeply and she returned in-kind. i begged her to tell me her name she hesitated until i began to massage her breast and then she gave in. "Helen" she called out. I reached behind her and undid her strap letting her bra slowly fall away.

Before me was a pair of breast like no other i have ever seen. They were soft to the touch, firm yet smooth and malleable. the nipples where deep pink and smoothly raised up to a hard point. I then undid my bra and Helen leaned down and began sucking on them. At first is was a gentle sucking that made me wet, but quickly began to grown stronger and i starred moaning heavily. She then stopped and unbuttoned my jeans showing my green flowered thong.

Helen smiled and said "i see u haven't had anyone for a long time.". I nodded in agreement and then the real fun began.

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She continued to undress me all the while kissing my in spots that made wet and shake with eagerness Once i was completed naked, Helen laid back on the bed and i began to repeat the proses. I unzipped her pants and pulled them down to reveal panties of the color as her bra. As i pulled them down, i could see she had already cum and was still wet.

I kissed her stomach and moved up to her breast, kissing and licking them. All the time cumming with intense orgasms. I kissed her lips and then moved down to began licking her cilt. She jumped and squirmed like a fish out of water. every movement of my tongue mad her cum and orgasm. If it had been a long time since i got laid, she hasn't in twice as long. Soon Helen was moan and then started to scream with pleasure. I decided it was time to really make her moan and scream.

I reach into the box and pulled out my vibrator and nipple clips. Helen had a look of surprise when i did. But before she could say anything, i turned it on and placed it inside her pussy. She jumped and twisted like never before. She screamed in absolute pleasure and was cumming like a waterfall.

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I slide my hands up to her breast and squeezed and pinched them. All this made Helen cum and scream more. I asked her if she wanted the clips on her nipples. She grabbed my arm and said one on her's and one on mine. I moved up and kissed her then placed one clip on her nipple. She gasped in pain but smiled to.

I took the vibrator out of her and we both licked it. I leaned back and Helen Moved on top of me and said "your turn" She began to move her hand up and down my chest. she leaned downed and kissed my nipples and licked her way up to my mouth.

As she kissed me, she put planted the other clamp on my nipple. I cried out at the sudden shot of pain. Helen smiled and said "we're just getting started". she kissed me and then leaned up tightening the small cored between us. the tugging made my nipple hurt and wonderful pain as it kept me close to her. Helen also moaned in pain as her nipple was pulled from the clamp. She took the vibrator and licked it and then slowly placed it in my cilt.

With the clamps keep Helen and me close, I placed my hand into the"toy" box and pulled out a electric nipple stimulator. With Helen focusing on the vibrator, I took the small pad and put it on her other nipple. As Helen turned to see what I was doing, I turned it on. Helen jumped and moaned as the sudden current passed through her breast. She forced her nipple clamp to be pulled off and bent backwards in shock.

My nipple was hurting from the sudden pulling but I still kept raising power level the stimulator.

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Helen started screaming as she grabbed her breast and then leaned forward placing her head on my chest. She raised her head and looked into my eyes with a look that almost begged me to raise the level again. I stoked her hair and smiled. I then raised the power level again making Helen squirm and shake in pleasure.

I lowered the power to let her rest and attached the other pad to her other breast. Helen kissed my again and then tolled me to go all the way up.

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I touched her cheek and cranked up the power to full as fast as I could. Helen let out a loud scream and strained up like a statue. She gasped for air and placed her hands on my breast squeezing them hard. The screams turned in to a shears of hard long moans. quickly her grip on my breast release and she fell down on my gasping for air. I turned the device off and put my arms around her to comfort her. for several minutes she laid their breathing heavily.

Her chest pounding on mine with her breast pressed against mine. Then she raised up, took the electric device and put one pad on her cilt and the other on mine.

She cranked up the power and we both jumped and screamed.

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I raised and we put are arms around each other shaking in pain and the current passed into us making us cum over and over.

Helen, with her hands shaking, placed them on my cheeks, looked into my eyes and then kissed me deeply in a way I never been kissed before. She warped her arms around me again and then just as we both Organism Helen whispered into my ear "I LOVE U". We organize and Helen Claimed that I was her master and she would let me do anything to her.

Just then she passed out completely. I removed the pads from us and placed her limp body in my arms. she was sweaty and breathing heavily. I kissed her good nite and went to sleep. I woke up later and found her in the shower. I entered and kissed her while I rubbed her ass.


Helen hugged me and asked what I wanted her to please her. I told her to relax and rest up for tonight. She smiled and said "yes mistress". I smiled back and we showered and then went back to bed and slept.