Whitney fucked by huge cock in her pussy

Whitney fucked by huge cock in her pussy
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Nina Rogers got out of bed her daughter Cindy had just eaten her out so her pussy was nice & wet.

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She went and took a shower& freshened upShe was gonna meet Rocky at his new apartment. Dressed only in her leopard-skin bikinidog- collar &6 inch spiked heelsshe sat in the backseat of the car as her chaffeur/cuckold husband Ernie drove her to meet her master. She got outgave her Ernie the middle finger & told him to fuck off.

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She'd call him when his services were needed, He drove away cuz he loved being humiliated by his wife. Inside the apartment Rocky was enjoying his new mind controlled ladyEsperanza Sanchez, A colombian married 52 year old slut he had met thru her daughter Juanita who was a cheerleader like Cindy.

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Wearing a gold colored bikini she was dancing for Rocky as he jerked off. Nina knocked & Rocky told Esperanza to answer the fuckin door. Nina was suprised to encounter the 5ft 10 Esperanza at Rockys place. You two know each other obviouslyNina today the 3 of us will have some fun as Rocky continued jerking off as he sat on the couch.

Chapter 1 Nina was stuffed with Rockys monster prickher mouth was full as she watched Esperanza swaying to the music & stripping for Rocky.

The two mothers had known each other from cheerleading practice & Rocky was now fucking both of them & their daughters. Last week Rocky had invited Esperanza over to the frat-house the night before he moved out.

He had already hypnotized Juanita & had used all her holes so he told Juanita to call her mom to come and pick her up. Instead he & the latin mom/daughter wound up in bed together.

Both were great fucks with long legsnice assesfirm 36dd nearly identical tits. Juanita was shorter though at 5ft 7. By the end of the evening he had Juanita put on a strapon & fuck her Mom Esperanza in the cunt & ass.

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Esperanza had a strippers body & even though she currently worked as a bank clerk He had enrolled in pole dancing lessons. Thats why she was stripping for him now as his old reliable cumslut Nina Rogers ate her dessert which Rocky had just unloaded down her throat. Chapter 2 Rocky was smoking a joint & filming on his cellphoneEsperanza Sanchez smothering Nina Rogers face with her pussy. Nina lovingly licked awayRocky had turned her into a pussylicking pro.

Even though she was more dominant with the ladies. Nina Rogers always obeyed her main man Master Rocky. Esperanza was breathing heavyit was only the second time a woman had eaten her outJuanita her daughter had the other night before she shoved that strapon up her cunt & ass.


As she rode Nina's tongue, Esperanza had an orgasm Chapter 3 "wack, wack, wack " Rocky was paddling Denise's fat ass as Bev licked his asshole. The two had arrived to his apartment to stay the weekendDenise was naked except her collar ,leash & heelsBev was wearing a french maids outfitbecause she would be making dinner later. Once the guest would arrive.


As Bev licked his ass like an ice cream coneRocky grabbed Denise's leash & shoved her to her knees as he shoved his dong down the middleaged bitches' throat. Rocky was about to cumso both Bev &Denise waited as he jerked off all their faces, Covered in facial jism Rocky texted pics of the mess to their cuckold husbands.

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Chapter 4 Denise & Bev both french-kissed the newly arrived guest Esperanza. Bev went to kitchen to prepare dinner. . As Rocky watched as he had Esperanza fist fuck Denise. Later Esperanza would be suprised at what would be in store for her. Til now he had treated her gently. Denise was moaning "aaaahaaaah fiiiiiist meee as Esperanza continued shoving her fist & some of her arm up Denise's cunt.

"Dinner is ready " yelled Bev from the pther room. CUUUUUMINING yelled Rocky as he came all over the faces of his two naughty subsluts .Rocky laughed as he toward the kitchengo wash your faces you dumb skanks he smirked turning back Chapter 5 The pork roast & potatoes are deliciousmy compliments to to chef thank you responded Bev. mouth back on the prick whore smirked Rocky as he watched his owned slave who was dressed in a french maid outfit slobber all over his penis. Bev was kneeling downbobbing her head up & down having lunch.

Esperanza & Denise were now in bikinis enjoying the roast & red wine with their master Chapter 6 Savoring the meal Esperanza was unaware what was gonna happen next until Rocky TOLD HER GET ON YOU KNEES you slut ,she thought he was gonna cum on her face but insttead because of all the red wine he drank he unleashec a stream of urine all over the middleaged latinas face, Esperanza didnt expect it but because Rocky had hypnotized her her pussy was wet.

Then Rocky had Denise piss on her face ,then Bev dressed as a maid did the same. Chapter 7 Rocky took a pic of Esperanza covered in pisshe would have it framed she could put by her bedside in her home to remind her that she now belonged to Master Rocky.