Cute hotwife bred by vikram the bull

Cute hotwife bred by vikram the bull
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CHAPTER TEN "Mishy" Wednesday, December 20th Evening Dave stepped out of his apartment building and found his girl of the day leaning against a Prius, parked behind his car. She met him at the stairs to the building. She just stopped and waited. "I know you, don't I?" "Yeah, I used to spend quite a bit of time over at your house with Em." "Michelle, right?" "Yeah. But it's Mishy now.

Nobody calls me Michelle anymore, except my parents. You call me that, it'll really put me out of the mood." Dave nodded, turned and waved for her to follow him into the building. "You've changed quite a bit since I saw you last." "Yeah, I guess. My appearance just doesn't seem important since I realized we were all doomed." "Doomed? Why are we doomed?" "Oh, please! This war for oil, polluting the environment, the destruction of the ozone layer, the mass extinctions of dozens, maybe hundreds, of species, the melting of the polar ice caps.

Do you really think that at least one of them won't kill us all?" Dave stopped in front of his apartment door and looked at the girl before him. Dave couldn't wrap his head around why Emily would send him Mishy after his experience with DeeDee.

Just from looking at her, it was obvious Mishy was depressed, and now, he was finding out she was depressing to hang around with, too, with her doom and gloom attitude. He had expected Rosario Dawson and ended up with Rosie O'Donnell. Mishy was dressed in all black: black denim jeans, a black man's dress shirt, and a black leather jacket.

She had a studded black leather dog collar around her neck and at least six piercings in each ear. Mishy's Asian features were still apparent but the dark skin of her face was covered by white make up. Dave remembered her with beautiful, long, shiny black hair when she was younger. It was now all cut off except for the top of her head.

The sides and back of her head had been shaved. Even her eyebrows were shaved and new ones were drawn on with black ink. Dave kept coming back to the same question: Why did Emily send this girl to me? Dave opened the door, dreading what was about to happen. For the first time Dave wondered if maybe he shouldn't use the SLuT on this girl. Dave stepped aside and allowed Mishy to enter the apartment first.

She went in, stopped in the living room, and looked around as if checking things out for weapons or drugs. Dave came in behind her and closed the door. Once the door was closed, Mishy turned to him and slipped the black leather jacket off.


"May I hang this up?" she asked, holding the coat up. "I'll take it." Dave took the coat, went to the coat closet behind the door, and hung up her coat along with his own.

When Dave turned around his eyes grew wide. Mishy was still standing right where she had been but she was now unbuttoning the black shirt she was wearing. Already it was obvious to Dave that she wore nothing beneath. "Where do you wanna do this?" Mishy asked calmly. "Uh, Mishy, could we sit down and talk for a few minutes?" Mishy shrugged. "If that's what you want." They both moved to the couch. Mishy wasn't done with surprises yet though. As she moved to the couch, she finished unbuttoning the shirt and slipped it off.

The complexion of her chest and abdomen made the white of her face stand out even more. Mishy was a beautiful, small young woman with almost girlish features. She had small rounded shoulders, her tits were no larger than when she had been twelve as far as Dave could tell.

The small size of her breasts were emphasized even more by the two silver hoops that hung from her pierced nipples. She had small narrow hips and skinny little legs. As soon as she sat down, Mishy pulled up the leg of her black jeans to show calf-high black boots with four inch heels, which she began to unlace as Dave talked to her.

"Mishy, why are you here?" Dave asked. It was the burning question. She just didn't seem the type to throw herself at a man. She didn't seem the type who would volunteer to have sex with a man she barely knew and who was old enough to be her father.

Without looking up from the strings of her boots Mishy said, "I don't want to die a virgin." This took a second to sink into Dave's brain. "You've never had sex before?" Mishy laughed and looked up at him. "If you were a boy, would you take me on a date?" Dave had to agree with her on that one. He imagined she scared off most of the boys either with her dress or with her doom and gloom perspective on the world and humanity.

"Couldn't you change yourself somehow to." Mishy stopped untying her boots, sat up, and looked at Dave hard. "Mr. Bernard, if you don't wanna have sex with me, that's fine with me. Just say so. I won't hold it against you. Em is one of the few friends who has stood by me through everything. She was there when my father told me I was a disappointment, not because of anything I had done, but simply because I was a girl. Em was there when my mother stopped talking to me.

When I started dressing all in black, Em was one of the few kids at school who didn't tease me and tried to stop others from teasing me. When she called and said she had a way for me to lose my virginity and that it was with someone I knew and liked, I said I'd do it.

I didn't think I'd get into your apartment before you tried to talk your way out of it. I had a little ray of hope when I got this far. Guess I should have known better." Mishy turned back to her boots and began retying them. "Hold on, Mishy. You're reading a lot into one simple question," Dave told her, mad that she was putting words in his mouth. Mishy sat up and stared at him again. "Are we going to have sex? That's why I'm here, Mr.

Bernard. I don't need a shrink. I've got one. I don't need to talk. I've got friends like Em to talk to. I want someone to make love to me! To fuck me! Are you gonna do it or not?" Dave could see the tears building up in her eyes. He wondered if her white face paint would come off with the tears.

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Dave sat and stared into the young girls eyes for a long moment as he made his decision. "Yeah, Mishy, I'll fuck ya." A single tear dropped from her eye and rolled down her cheek.

"Thank you." She once again turned her attention to her boots. Dave stood up. "I need to go to the bathroom. You wanna drink or something?" Mishy shrugged. "Whatever you got." "I'll be back in a minute." Dave turned and headed down the hall. He passed by the closed door that hid Olivia and went into the master bedroom. He went into his closet and pulled out the medicine bottle that he had taken from Olivia's purse the day before that held the SLuT10.

"Looks like I might be able to put you to some good use after all," he said looking down at the bottle. He slipped it into his pocket, went into the master bathroom, flushed the toilet and washed his hands. He then went back down the hall. Before going into the kitchen, he peeked into the living room and saw Mishy sitting back on the couch.

Her boots were now off as were her black jeans. She was naked except for a pale green bikini. Dave went into the kitchen and pulled out a can of Coke. He got two small glasses, put some ice in both, then poured about half a can in one glass and the other half in the second glass. He then quickly opened the bottle of SLuT10 and dripped two drops into one of the glasses.

He resealed the bottle and placed it on top of the refrigerator, way in the back where most people couldn't see it, much less reach it. He picked up the glasses, noting the one with the SLuT10 in it was in his right hand and carried them out to the living room.

He handed Mishy the glass in his right hand and moved back to his seat on the other end of the couch. "Thank you," Mishy said and chugged almost the entire glass in one drink. Dave laughed. "Are you nervous or thirsty?" Mishy looked over at him, looked back to the now empty glass and then smiled. "Both. Being nervous makes me thirsty." "Why don't you slide down here.

Sit next to me." Dave patted the couch beside him. Then picked up the remote and turned on the TV. "Let's just relax for a few minutes." Mishy seemed to approve of this idea. She set her empty glass on the coffee table, stood up and sat back down right beside David. He wrapped an arm around her bare shoulders and pulled her close. She laid her head on his chest and Dave kicked off his shoes and put his feet up on the coffee table and got comfortable.

"So why'd your mother stop talking to you?" Dave asked, waiting for the drug to kick in. "I dyed my hair blond without my mother's permission. When she found out and asked me why, I told her I wanted to be white, blond and beautiful. That I wanted to be a cheerleader, not a math whiz or a cello player. I told her I hated the Cello and I would never play it again. She didn't approve.

I refused to give in and she refused to let me be who I wanted to be. Now we're polite to each other." "What about your father?" "My father has never thought too much of me.

When I was twelve or thirteen, I asked him why he never loved me like he did my brothers. He told me he had never wanted a girl. He wanted boys.

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He was very disappointed when I was born. He said it was my mother's job to take care of me and teach me to be a woman.

His job was to teach my brothers how to be good men. I don't think my father and I have said more than a dozen words to each other since that day." "How old were you when you dyed your hair blond?" "It was a few months before you and Em's mother broke up. I remember that because when Em told me that you'd moved out, the tips of my hair were still blond. Ummm!" "You okay, Mishy?" Dave asked. He pulled his arm out from around her shoulders and sat up.

Like SLuT9, the SLuT10 made her eyes go flat and her face take on this look of contentment. "I'm fine," Mishy said with a strange smile on her face. "I feel so relaxed." "Mishy, I'm going to ask you some more questions and I want you to answer them as honestly and completely as you can.

Understand?" "Um hmm." "Mishy, why do you dress the way you do?" Dave asked again. "To upset my family." "Why do you want to upset your family?" "My parents are old fashioned and my father doesn't love me.

My mother thinks a wife's place is at her husband's side, right or wrong. My father does everything for my brothers even if it means I lose out. He doesn't care and my mother won't stand up for me. One day I got sick of it. I decided if they were going to do what they want, I was going to do what I wanted.

So I dyed my hair blond. Mom hated it but it got me what I wanted." "Which was?" "To be left alone. To be who I wanted to be. They threatened to kick me out but it would have looked bad for them as well as me.

They wouldn't do that. Now, I do what I want and they do what they want." "Must make for a rather lonely and tense home life?" "Not really.

They ignore me and I ignore them. My older brothers tell me I'm an embarrassment to the family and won't talk to me or be seen with me. Same with my father. My mother goes out in public with me only when she has to. I'm allowed to come and go as I see fit. They wouldn't care if I never came home again." "Why are you here today?" "Because I don't wanna die a virgin." "You probably won't die for a very long time, Mishy. What makes you think you'd die a virgin?" "Cuz I'm gonna kill myself." "When?" Mishy shrugged.

"I don't have a date set yet. I'll know when it's time." "How?" Dave asked. "Cuz I'll have accomplished all the things on my list of things to do before I die." "What's on the list?" "Have sex, graduate high school with a four point oh GPA, better than either of my brothers did. Have a baby. Make a good home made apple pie. Play Cello at Radio City Music Hall." "I thought you hated playing the Cello?" "I just told my Mom that to upset her.

They forced me to take Cello lessons and they were so proud that I was getting good at it. They have no idea how good I am. My parents don't know it, but I'm still in the orchestra at school. I'm first seat. I'm composing music. I'm going to direct the orchestra at our next show. My teacher says I have real talent." "Why would you kill yourself, Mishy? You seem to have a lot of dreams." "No. All my dreams died. These are just things I wanna do before I die." "That's all a dream really is, Mishy.

Something you really want to do. What about having a family?" "I'd like to have a baby but there's no way I'm getting married." "Why not?" "Because. Look how my father treats my mother and I. I'm not going to let any boy do that to me. Ever!" "There are boys who won't do that." "No. I know there are nice guys out there, like you. But I'm pretty sure they'd all turn asshole on me the day I married them. Mom says, once a woman marries, she becomes her husband's property.

Nope. I won't marry. I'll just find a lover and have a baby." "Won't your lover want to be with his child?" Mishy laughed. "My lover will be a woman. The child will be from some anonymous donor at a sperm bank." "Have you been with a woman, Mishy?" "No. I'm waiting for the perfect person." "Who's that, Mishy?

Who's the perfect person? Do you know?" "Oh, yeah. I know. It's my best friend, Emily." Dave was taken aback at this announcement. "Mishy, are you gay?" "I prefer girls. So yeah, I guess that makes me gay." "If you're gay, why are you here?" "So I don't die a virgin. A woman can't fuck me. Not really, anyway. I think I should know what it's like, at least once. Don't you?" "That's your decision, Mishy. Not mine." "I know what I want," Mishy said, sounding a lot more confident that she really appeared to be.

"I want to know what it's like to have sex with a guy. I think everyone should try it, at least once. But I think I'd rather live, long term anyway, with a woman. Someone like Em." "Why Emily?" "She's sweet and kind and beautiful.

I guess you know that though, don't you?" "What do you mean?" Dave asked, a little suspicious. "You being her father and all." Dave nodded, relieved. "Are you going to fuck me?" "Do you really want me to?" "Oh yes. Very much. I used to have a crush on you. From what Em tells me, a lot of girls did." "Yeah.

She told me the same thing." Before Dave could say anything else, Mishy sat up, pressed her body into his, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him hotly on the mouth. When Dave's tongue touched her lips, Mishy eagerly opener her mouth for him.

Dave wrapped one arm around her back, slid the other arm beneath her knee and easily lifted the small teen into his lap. Mishy put up no resistance as Dave stood up, Mishy in his arms and her mouth still glued to his.

Dave turned and headed for his bedroom. Once in the bedroom Dave pulled away and then dropped her on the bed. Mishy laughed as she bounced on the big bed. Dave stripped off his tee shirt and started working on his jeans. Mishy lay on the bed, nearly naked and without a care in the world. She had no idea what had happened to her, all she knew was that, right then, all of her cares in the world had been washed away and for the first time in a long time, she was happy, relaxed and unafraid.

She laid there and watched as Dave's pants fell around his ankles. A moment later, he was naked and she was seeing her first real live penis ever. Dave moved right to the edge of the bed and stood there, looking down at her as she looked up at him.

Dave's eyes roamed up and down her lithe, young body. Mishy's eyes never left his cock though. Mishy rolled onto her left side, propped herself up on one elbow. She pulled her eyes from his cock just long enough to look up and beg his permission. With only a smile and a slight nod, Dave gave it and she took his semi-hard cock in her hand.

For a long time, or it seemed like a long time to Mishy, Dave stood there and allowed her to touch, rub and inspect his cock. She examined his cock, starting at the tip by squeezing the piss hole open to look inside. She pushed his cock sideways so she could examine the pink mushroom-shaped head. She slid her hand down over the now solid shaft, her fingers traced the outline of the various blue veins that stuck out the top, bottom and sides.

She enjoyed the different textures, the soft skin that coated the outside, surrounding the hardness of the cock itself. Then she ran her fingers through the thick forest of hair that surrounded his cock. Finally her hand slid down to lightly cup and weigh his balls in her hand. She examined each of the two testicles equally. A simple squeeze drew a gasp from Dave. He didn't say anything but she was much more gentle with them after that.

Finished with her inspection, she looked up at Dave. A huge smile on her face. "It's beautiful." Dave rubbed her cheek with his fingers and smiled down at her "Just like you are." Mishy's smile grew to am almost blinding level.

"Lay back," Dave told her. Mishy laid back on the bed. Dave scooped her up and easily turned her and placed her so her legs below the knees were hanging off the edge of the bed. "Put your feet on the edge of the bed and lift yourself up." Without hesitation, Mishy planted her feet on the edge of the bed and raised her hips up off the bed. Dave hooked a finger into each side of her bikini and quickly and smoothly stripped the bikini down her legs. Without Dave saying a word, she dropped back to the bed, raised her legs and Dave pulled the bikini off of her and tossed it away.

Dave looked over Mishy's now naked body, noticing she had only a single thick line of pubic hair. He dropped to his knees onto the floor in front of her, picked up her feet and placed them squarely on his shoulders. He then gave Mishy a confident smile. "I want you to lay back, relax, close your eyes, and enjoy this." Mishy smiled a sweet, little smile and lay back. She not only closed her eyes, she grabbed one of the pillows from the head of the bed, laid the pillow over her face, then laid her arms over the pillow.

Dave smiled. "Ready?" Mishy nodded. "Here we go," Dave said as he reached out and ran one single finger down and then up her tiny slit. Mishy gasped at the touch and Dave was surprised to find Mishy's slit already wet with anticipation. Dave ran his finger down her slit again. This time he continued to slid down, causing Mishy to giggle and thrash a little as he tickled the skin on either side of the crack of her ass.

Dave leaned forward and did the same thing, this time using the tip of his tongue to slide up and down her slit dragging a moan of pleasure from deep inside Mishy. Dave could taste her on his tongue already and could feel it making his cock even harder than it had been. He used his fingers to spread her open, exposing the pink beneath. He put his face close, inhaled deeply, and could feel his cock start to bulge.

He slipped his tongue out and touched her clit, making Mishy jump. Dave smiled, waited for her to calm down, then put his tongue on her again and ran it from the top of her slit to the bottom, making Mishy gasp. He then looked over her, licked his lips a few times.

"Umm, sweet as honey." Mishy lifted the pillow, blushed and giggled at him. With Mishy now relaxed, Dave turned to the serious business of giving her serious pleasure. He buried his face in her slit, found her clit with his tongue and flicked it over and over again until her hips rose from the bed. Once her hips were off the bed, Dave jammed his tongue into her and swirled it around, driving Mishy to her first orgasm.

She didn't scream. She just tensed up, grunted, and whimpered as the orgasm rocked her. Dave continued tongue fucking her, keeping her orgasm going for as long as possible.

Once she had come down, he started over, licking her until she was close and then tongue fucking her through her orgasm. After six such orgasms, her legs dropped from his shoulders and she pushed him away. "Stop, please. You're gonna kill me." Dave looked up and smiled at her. "I think I'm going to call you honey pie from now on because you taste so incredibly sweet." Mishy blushed again as Dave stood up.

He picked her up once again thinking there were definite advantages to have a really small girlfriend and carried her into the bathroom. Mishy wrapped her arms around Dave's neck and nuzzled his shoulder and chest. "Where are you taking me?" she asked. "You and I are going to take a shower together," he told her as he set her down on the toilet. He stood up and went to the shower. "You're going to wash off all of that silly white face paint and then I'm going to take you back to bed and make love to you over and over again." Mishy sat there, relaxed and dazed from the orgasms she'd just had, as Dave turned on the water and got the temperature just right.

He made the water so it was as hot as they both could stand. He then picked Mishy up once more and carried her into the shower. She slid the shower door closed behind them. "Do you like carrying me around?" She asked as he moved them into the spray of the shower. "Not especially," he told her with a smile.

"I just really wanted to see you wet and naked and carrying you was the quickest way to get you here." They both laughed and shared a soft, passionate kiss. Then Dave set her down. He opened the shower door, reached out, and returned with two wash cloths from the shelf over the toilet.

He laid both aside and picked up the shampoo. "Time to wash the hair." He motioned for her to turn around, which she did. He pulled the shower head off it's holder and wet her short black hair down. "You should let your hair grow out again," he told her as he hooked the shower head back into it's holder and poured shampoo onto his hands. "Personally, I think your hair is much too pretty to be cut so short and you're much too pretty to look so severe." "If you want, I will," Mishy said as he began rubbing the shampoo into her hair and scalp.

Dave was pretty sure her instant agreement was the work of the SLuT but he hoped she remembered it and let her hair to grow out. Washing Mishy's hair, which hung down not even to the tops of her ears, did not take long.

There just wasn't much to wash. Once washed, Dave once again got the shower head, had her lay her head back, and rinsed her. Dave picked up one of the two wash clothes and drenched it under the spray of water. He rubbed the cloth over the soap until the wash cloth was covered in soap suds. "Close your eyes, close your mouth, and breathe through your nose." The SLuT made Mishy comply without question.

He then used the wash rag and scrubbed and scoured the white face paint from her face.

He was forced to wash, rinse and repeat to get it all off. When he finished, Dave rinsed her face once more, stepped back and looked down at her beautiful face.

The face paint was gone, as were her drawn on eye brows but he still smiled. "You're much prettier this way." Mishy smiled and blushed again. "You're just saying that because I'm wet and naked." "I'm sure that has something to do with it but I think I'm right anyway." With the hard part done, washing her face, it took only a few more minutes the get the rest of her washed. After he finished washing her, she washed his hair and used the second wash cloth to wash his entire body.

She spent an exorbitant amount of time making sure his still very hard cock was good and clean. After rinsing him with the shower head, she kneeled in front of him and examined his cock once more. Dave was surprised when she leaned forward and placed a soft kiss right on the tip, then another, and then her tongue flicked out and ran over and around the head of his cock.

She opened her mouth, wrapped her lips around the tip, and began to suck and lick him. "Oh, God, Mishy!" Dave groaned as he searched for someplace to hold on to. His knees went weak and his eyes closed. She pulled her mouth away and looked up at him. "I've heard that boys don't like girls who don't give oral. Is that true?" "No, Mishy, that's not true. Don't get me wrong, I very much enjoy getting a blow job but whether you do that or not, it won't affect how much I like you." "Good." She then turned back to his cock and proceeded to swallow most of it.

Dave took a few seconds to explain how she should use her fingers in conjunction with her mouth to get him off. After that, she jacked him off with her hand at the base of his cock while continuing to suck and lick the rest of him. "Honey, I don't think I'm gonna last much longer," Dave warned her when he felt his orgasm building.

"Unless you want me to come in your mouth, you might wanna step back." Mishy did as he said, she pulled her mouth from his cock but didn't move quite quickly enough. Dave's cock exploded almost at the same instant she pulled away and the first two shots had landed on her face before she even knew what was happening. The next one landed on the side of her cheek as she turned away and the last two landed on her chest, one running down over one of her small tits to coat her nipple in his cum.

Mishy looked up at him, his cum still on her face and began laughing. Dave followed suit and laughed right along with her.


Dave reached back to get the shower head to rinse her off but before he got it, Mishy took a finger, dragged it over one of the globs of semen on her face and brought it into her mouth for a quick taste. As Dave watched, she sucked the finger clean, licked her lips, and considered the taste for a moment. She licked her lips again, smiled, and said, "Umm, sweet as honey." They both laughed as Dave rinsed his cum off of her with the shower head.

Then they turned off the water, climbed out, and spent a few minutes drying each other off. The two lovers moved back to the bed.

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They pulled down the covers and both climbed in to escape the cold air on their still damp bodies. Dave pulled Mishy close, both laying on their sides facing each other, and he began gently kissing her.

Mishy eagerly returned the kisses. Between kisses, Dave whispered to her, telling her how beautiful she was and how he loved having her in his arms, how good her kisses tasted and how warm her hands felt as they rubbed his back.

With his cock once again hard, Dave pushed Mishy onto her back and moved on top of her, continuing to kiss and whisper to her. He moved down, kissing her neck and shoulders, then down to her small breasts which he licked and kissed and sucked much to Mishy's enjoyment, even giving her another small orgasm. "Are you ready?" he asked her as he supported himself above her. Mishy smiled and nodded. Dave used one hand to line his cock up with her once again wet slit, rubbed the head of his cock up and down her slit to get it well lubricated, and then lined himself up.

"This might hurt a little. If it does, you let me know and I'll stop for a few until it feels better. Understand?" Mishy nodded and Dave slowly pushed his cock between her pussy lips and then into her tunnel. "Oh!" Mishy shuddered as the head of his cock slipped into her.

Dave held himself still for a moment as her body adjusted to his intrusion. Then he pulled back just a bit and pushed in a little further. "Oh!" Mishy moaned again. "Do it again. Do it again, please?" she begged. Dave pulled out a bit and this time when he pushed in, fully half of his cock sank into her. "Oh!" This time her exclamation was drawn out even more and she threw her head back. "Faster, please?" Dave obeyed.

He pulled about a quarter of the way out and sank into her completely. He held himself fully inside her as her body adjusted. When she was okay, Mishy gave a nod and Dave lowered his torso down on to his elbows and kissed her as he began to slowly hump in and out of her. "This feels so good," Mishy cried between kisses. "Go faster.

Please go faster. It feels so good." Dave decided to torture her a little and continued at the same slow pace. "Please, Mr. Bernard, please. Go faster, please?" Dave smiled at her use of the phrase, "Mr.


Bernard," but realized he had never told her to call him Dave or anything else. He kissed her again and then he did speed up some.

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"You're driving me crazy," Mishy told him just before she had her first orgasm with him inside her. "That's the idea," Dave whispered to her. "I want you crazy. I want you to beg me." "Oh, I'll beg you.

I'll beg you. I'll do anything. Please. Fuck me harder. Fuck me faster. Please, Mr. Bernard. If you don't, I'll. I'll tell Em you teased me." "I think Em wants me to tease you. She wants you to enjoy this as much as I do. Are you enjoying it, Mishy?" "Oh, yes," she groaned and pulled herself up and covered his mouth with hers once more. Dave sped up again. He could now feel his balls starting to roil and began fucking her as fast as he could given their position and how tight she felt.

There was no more talking as they began to rut in sincerity.

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There were just groans and moans of pleasure, a full out scream as Mishy went over the edge once more, and then a shared moan as Dave came deep inside her taking her once more over the edge. Dave pulled himself out of her, getting a groan of protest for the trouble.

He then rolled off and laid down beside her. Mishy rolled over, laid her head on his chest and curled up beside him. "That was wonderful," she said and kissed his nipple. "Thank you, so much." She hugged him tightly. "You're very welcome, honey pie. It was wonderful for me, too. So, thank you." He kissed the top of her head and they both lay still, catching their breath.