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Episode IV Of the Adventures of John and Holly Part 39: Back Door Man We filmed another standard sex scene on our bed, pretty much like the first one. We sent that to Jerry, and those three separate clips were combined into "The Adventures of Brittany and Ted: Volume 1".

We were eagerly awaiting the sales figures on that tape. Jerry told us that the big thing now is anal sex. Since almost all of new porn now is amateur, there is a large lacking of anal sex, and cum swallowing. Of course we had the latter covered, so if we could hit both of those, we could really have a hot product. So Holly immediately agreed to do an anal scene, there wasn't much convincing, she just agreed.

But then Stephanie asked to join in. So we would have our first real threesome, and it would be anal. To prepare we took a day off of sex.

We collectively decided to do this scene in the living room. So we set up the tripod, which would be unmanned since three of us were involved in the scene, but Sandy would be free to roam and do whatever she wanted with the camera.

"Hi, I am Brittany Jefferson back again with my man and our roommate" Holly said.


We were all in our regular clothes, sitting on the couch. "I am Brandy Garfield, the roommate" Steph said. "And I am Ted Oak. And I have to confess, I am a back door man" I said. "Yeah, he likes anal sex, don't all guys?" Steph said to the camera. "But we both like getting fucked in the ass" Holly said. "Who wants it first" I asked them, they were sitting on either side of me. "Me!" They both said. "Tell you what, whoever gives better head, gets it first" I said.

With that the girls immediately started taking their clothes off. Holly was naked first, getting down on her knees between my legs. Stephanie sat beside me still. I pulled my shirt off as Holly and Stephanie collectively took off my pants and boxers.

Holly took my cock into her wet mouth first, sucking and slurping loudly. "My turn" Stephanie persisted. She leaned forward, impaling her mouth on my cock. I caressed her bare back beside me. Stephanie came back up, my cock covered in saliva.

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"ummm…I'm going to have to say Brittany was better" I said, truthfully. I stood up, my cock erect and glistening with spit. I helped Holly up, and bent her over the couch.

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She was on her knees, with her face against the couch cushion. "Lube me up Brandy" I said. Stephanie was free, so she grabbed the tube of lube. Steph squirted some in her hand, which she rubbed into my cock, and then she fingered Holly's tight asshole. 'Brittany' moaned as the lube was worked into her ass.

I stepped up. I had to bend my knees some to get my cock down to her asshole. Stephanie held my cock and guided me in.

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It took some force to push inside her, but my cock slipped inside her tight ass, throbbing inside. Stephanie picked up a dildo. It was a regular sized dildo, flesh colored. Stephanie sucked it off briefly, making a show for the camera, before putting it against Holly's unoccupied lips, just below her now getting fucked ass.

Stephanie was stroking the dildo in and out of Holly from between my legs as I was bent down fucking her ass. Sandy moved about, getting various shots. Holly was moaning very loudly, and in a deep voice. "Fuck my tight ass" She said a few times. "Fuck her harder" Stephanie egged me on. Holly was getting close to orgasm from the double action, but I wasn't close yet. I increased the pace, slamming my hips into hers.

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Stephanie picked up the pace with the dildo. Holly came, screaming loudly. I pulled my cock out of her ass, and pushed it in Stephanie's face. Stephanie sucked my cock quickly. Holly and Stephanie switched places. In the process, Stephanie pushed the dildo in Holly's face, making her suck on her own juices. Stephanie was now face down against the couch, with Holly beside her.

Holly gave Stephanie's asshole the same treatment she had received. "Tell me where you want it Brandy" I said. "In my fucking ass" Steph said. Holly pushed my cock into Stephanie's asshole. I pounded her at her instruction to go harder and harder.

Holly initially fingered, and played with Steph, but went to using the dildo. Soon the double action was getting Steph close to cumming. I was pretty close myself from fucking her tight ass. Stephanie screeched in a high pitched voice as she came. Holly pulled the now juice dildo from Steph and sucked on it, feigning fellatio. I pulled out of Steph's ass just in time. I blasted my huge load of cum all over Stephanie's back and lovely round ass.

Holly rooted me on as I kept coming and coming. "Don't move Brandy" Holly instructed, as she started to playfully lap up the cum from her backside.

I stood up and went out of picture. I returned with a double sided dildo.


Holly was basically on all fours behind Stephanie, playing with the jizz. I handed Holly the dildo. Holly pushed the dildo into Stephanie, and then took the other side into her pussy. Holly started pounding Stephanie's pussy and her own as well. Holly kept rubbing her hands all over Steph's back in the still remaining jizz, smearing it all over. I sat beside Steph as she was face down in the couch, watching the scene. My cock was coming to life from the visual.

Holly came first, making loud pleasure noises. The break in the action allowed Stephanie to lean back a bit. I moved over in the couch. Now when Holly started pounding Stephanie again, Stephanie's face was pushed into my cock. She took my cock deep in her mouth, trying to deepthroat. She pumped her mouth as her whole body rocked back and forth with the humps she received form Holly. Holly played with Steph's clit with her hand as she fucked her.

Finally Stephanie came, moaning loudly into my cock. Holly sat beside me, allowing Stephanie to finally sit back, her mouth off my cock. Steph tried to catch her breath. Holly leaned over, siting beside me, putting her mouth down on my cock.

Holly deepthroated me as I caressed her bare back, and the back of her head. I helped her hold her hair away from my cock so she could suck without interference. We weren't about to make the same cumshot mistake. When I was about to cum, I informed Holly.

Holly got down on her knees between my legs, stroking my cock. I came again, shooting a small load of spunk in her open mouth. Holly took all my cum into her mouth, and then moved over to Stephanie. They made out in the open, their tongues in the open air with white cum being spread all over their faces and mouths.

They both moaned as they made out. "Well that was another adventure with Brittany, Ted, and of course Brandy" I said, as their mouths were still occupied with each other. With that finished, we were exhausted, minus Sandy, who was extremely horny. Without any cameras for a change, we sat Sandy down on the couch, and the three of us lavished her with attention.

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Stephanie used her small vibrator on her, Holly was on her knees, eating her. And I was on tit detail, making sure to play with her nipples. She came fairly quickly since she had gotten quite worked up from watching us. But the 'work' wasn't done yet. We set up the cameras to film showering.


Holly and I took a shower, cleaning each other off. Minus some kissing and petting, we didn't engage in anything too intimate. Stephanie took a shower by herself, washing and cleaning herself while Holly and I dried off, watching her and making comments and joking around. The next day we all went back to normal routines, going to school. I got home a few minutes before Holly. Sandy and Steph were still on campus. I set up the tripod camera and held the other camera.

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I knew Holly would be home in a matter of minutes so I looked out the window, waiting for her. When I saw her pull up, I turned both cameras on and performed the introduction. "This is Ted oak with Brittany and Ted's adventures. Brittany is about to walk in the door, coming home from her busy day, let's see if I can get a little action" I said into the tripod camera. I was fully clothed. "Hey" Holly said walking in the door, setting her backpack down. I trained the camera on her, and she stopped realizing I was filming.

"Hey Brittany" I said. "Ted, you want to have some fun do ya?" Holly asked me. She was wearing tight jeans and a blue blouse that had some cleavage to it. I walked over to her, standing before her.

Holly smiled devilishly, and slowly dropped to her knees. "You want me to suck your cock?" Holly sexily asked the camera. She unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out through my boxers, not bothering to take my pants or boxers off.

I moaned as Holly licked my cock from base to tip, stiffening as she went. She stroked me quickly, and then sucked and played with the tip of my cock. Holly went into near deepthroat mouth fucking as I stood in front of her. I placed my hands on the back of her head, helping her out. Holly kept sucking me till I was about to cum. "ohhh, I'm cuming" I said in a near grunt. Holly took her mouth off my cock, but held her lips wide open just a few inches from my cock.

She stroked my cock, waiting for me to cum.

"I want your cum baby" She said. I blasted jizz all over her face, some white cum splashing onto her blouse and into her hair. "mmm" Holly moaned, playing with the cum with her hands, licking sum off her lips.

"Thanks Ted" Holly said. "Anytime" … And so it went, the occasional blowjob in different settings filmed and put into videos. We filmed nearly everytime we had sex, which was quite a lot.

Stephanie and Holly had intimate one on one sessions as well. All in all in about a month we had over 60 separate scenes. Some as short as a quickie, some as long as the fuck sessions.

At the end of the first month of porn madness, Holly and I went down to the local adult video store. We walked into the somewhat familiar store where all the toys we have were bought.

We traversed a few aisles before finding it. There were three Volumes of Brittany and Ted's Adventures. Oddly enough they didn't have volumes 1,2, and 3, but they had 1,3, and 5. I guess those have had better reviews or something.

It was strange, we picked up the boxes and examined the cover art and the synopsis on the back. We were fledgling pornstars. "I wonder if someone would recognize us" Holly asked me.

"Like who?" I asked. "Like a teacher or something" She said. "I think you could use that to your advantage." I said. "I got an idea" Holly said, grabbing one of the Volumes of our work. She walked up to the counter, and I followed her. "Have you heard anything about this?" Holly asked the clerk. "Let me see that…umm actually I have heard good things" The clerk said.

"Have you seen it?" Holly asked him. "No I haven't, but I have heard good things" He reiterated.

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"Ok" Holly said, and I followed her back to the shelves. "See he didn't recognize me, and he looked at my picture on the box" Holly said, smiling. "Let's get some porn" She said.

Holly selected two videos featuring prominent female pornstars and we paid for them and went on our way.