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Young Mormon twinks get gay ass fucking
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Chapter 1; Tali was 17 years old with long black hair, her body almost covered in tattoo's and piercing pearl green eyes.

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She sat around the house when her foster mum walked into the living room a look of, shock and happiness at the same time. Tali looked up and smiled ''Hey Julie whats up?'' she asked as she sat up and looked at her tilting her head ''Your father is getting released from Jail'' Tali's eyes went wide as she took a deep breath.

Tali was only 7 years old when her father Luka was arrested for perverting the court of justice.

Her mother had died giving birth to her so she was all alone. Coming out the state of shock she jumped up looking at Julie ''I.Is he coming for me?

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Is he coming to get me?'' she almost jumped with glee as Julie nodded and hugged her foster daughter tightly ''Go get packed. he's on his way in an hour'' Tali ran from the room and packed everything she had, including skimpy outfits she'd had since she'd turned 15. the age she lost her virginity.

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She was so excited to see her dad she was fidgety with happiness and nerves. An hour later she was sat on the stairs with all her bags around her, texting her friends telling them she was finally going back home to Tennessee with her father.


Taking a deep breath she heard the tires pull up on the drive and grinned widely running out the front door and diving on the very muscular man in-front of her. She burst into tears, breaking her tough girl image as she felt the familiar warm arms wrapping around her, holding her by the waist and stroking her fair skin, Tali shivered at the touch but was glad to finally have her father back.

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As she pulled away she saw how much he had changed from being in prison. Her eyes widened as she saw his face, he had pure black hair, piercing green eyes like hers.


She smiled softly suddenly going all quiet as her eyes roamed over his body. Little did she know Luka's mind was going crazy at his teen daughters body 'Damn she's so. hot' he began thinking as his eyes landed on those long slender legs of her, he felt the stirring in his loins and smiled ''Hey squirt'' he finally spoke in a deep voice annalysing her tattoo's which he found sexy on women, and couldn't believe he was thinking of his daughter this way.

Tali finally looked to his face as she grinned widely and bit her lip seeing the semi hardon from the corner of her eyes and began feeling a little wet at the thought of him thinking dirty about her 'Damn he's big' she thought before shaking her head ''Hey daddy.

can we go home now?'' Luka nodded as he helped load her bags into the trunk of the Jeep and got in the drivers side whilst she sat on the seat in the passenger side.

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He couldnt keep his eyes off of her as they drove to their new home which had newly done over. Chapter 2; Now settled in her new room whilst her father was cooking, she stripped out of her clothes, her 34F boobs bouncing as she walked to the bathroom, shutting the door slightly and laid back in the freshly run bath. Groaning as the water washed over her achy body she began running her hands over her body.

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Slowly one hand moved down to her pussy and whilst her thumb rubbed her clit, her other hand was rubbing and penetrating her pussy with her finger. She began moaning in pleasure imagining it was a guy, wishing some guy was penetrating her with their thick cock, she began moaning louder not realising her moans had traveled out the bathroom and into the kitchen, where her father had now frozen and was slowly aiding a massive raging hard-on.

He crept around the door slightly as he watched his daughter finger fuck herself. Luka was rubbing the outside of his trousers as he felt the wet patch from his pre-cum leaking out onto his trousers.

Tali could feel someone watching so she just put a show on, viciously she began fingering herself even harder. Her body tensing up as she screamed out and her orgasm came gushing in one hard blow, her body tensed her back arched and her mouth open pleasure over her face.


Luka gasped and he ran from the bathroom not wanting to be caught as he tried to calm himself down, he had just spied on his only daughter having an orgasm, he knew what he was thinking was bad but.

he liked it. Tali walked into the kitchen in her nightgown, she looked at the clock and it read 9pm.

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She hugged her father from behind and kissed his shoulder ''I love you daddy'' she whispered and ran her hands over his body before sitting down at the table as he plated up their dinner and sat down ''I love you too baby'' he choked out feeling the pain of his cock starting to hurt him to the point tears welled in his eyes, the fact that she was wearing that outfit was killing him, he ate quickly then vanished to the bathroom to shower and have a wank. He moaned as he finally came a load he'd been waiting forever to release.

Tali having finished her dinner and washed up was sat in the living room with the TV on, she put on a very. Sexual programme called True Blood and bit her lip feeling herself getting horny as she watched it ''Oh hey daddy'' she giggled looking up as her father finally came back in and sat next to her.

What happened next would play in his mind for years.