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Gay bears fuck porn video clip Caleb is a talker and you hear him
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"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Kim was nervously flicking her finger back and forth over the buttons on the cuff of her shirtsleeve. "You're starting to sound like a high school kid waiting for her date." "That's how I feel." Connie admitted that she felt that way herself. She looked at the wall clock -- almost seven. She forced herself to stop pacing in front of the large sectional upon which Kim was nervously sitting. She glanced at Kim and again marveled at the lust her young lover could inspire in her.

Kim was wearing only the enormously oversized Arrow shirt. It was tailored for a man -- a very big man. But it barely contained the richly rolling swells of Kim's magnificent tits. The flash of her long, bare legs beneath it led her thoughts to dwell on what lay at their juncture and she felt her juices trickling in response. "I feel kind of funny about doing this here, too," Kim said. "Not me," Connie said happily. I've dreamed of this!" Impulsively, she bent and kissed Kimberly's forehead, brushing one hand through the luxuriant mass of her rich hair.

"But won't your husband mind?" Connie took Kim's face in both hands and kissed her softly on the lips. "I told you, honey -- Jerry and I talked about this and he said the only way to find out is to try it out." And with Jerry out of town for the night -- he was addressing a seminar in Rochester -- the timing couldn't have been better. It was an experiment -- the first time either of them had brought a lover to their home.

Both women tensed at the sound of the car pulling up outside. Connie straightened and stepped back. "Do I look okay?" She pirouetted for Kim. "You look yummy." And it was true. Connie was wearing a pair of designer jeans that molded themselves to her taut ass and trim legs. Her blouse was a pale blue, loose and simply cut and light in weight.

And when she was standing sideways in front of a light, her firm breasts were clearly silhouetted in it. Connie smiled at Kim, then went to the door.

She opened it and beckoned to the woman standing at the base of the steps. Emily smiled warmly and gracefully came up to the door. "I hope I am not late!" she said in her breathy, softly accented voice. "Not in the least." Connie held the door for their guest and kissed her lightly on her cheek. Emily was wearing something with a light citrus scent.

In one hand she held a Mark Cross briefcase; in the other was a matching tote bag that clanged softly of glass. "Welcome to my home!" "Hello!" Kim stood and bounced over to Emily.

A flush was already rising in the lovely Oriental face. Kim bussed her on the cheek and the flush deepened. "Let me take your coat?" Emily put down her burdens and let Connie help her out of the coat while Kim asked about the ride from New York. Emily was wearing a beautifully tailored skirt suit in a herringbone tweed and a white silk blouse with a bright red oversized scarf arranged at the neck.

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She was at once business-like and alluring. Connie had no doubt that Emily caused discomfort among her colleagues. With such attire, she could easily move from business bitch to sex goddess and back again with a shift in posture or expression. "Shall we open some wine?" Emily asked, removing her jacket. "Yes!" Connie chirped, closing the coat closet door behind her.

The glasses and a corkscrew were waiting on the coffee table. Emily was putting three bottles of wine next to them. Emily sat a foot away from Kim while Connie sat at the corner of the sectional, facing them, and began opening the first bottle of wine. "I was so pleased at your invitation," Emily said.

"I had been hoping you would phone me." "We really wanted to get to know you better and thought this would be the perfect way," Kim replied. "We were delighted you could.come," Connie added. She was the one who'd suggested Emily bring the wine. She'd told Emily that she would take care of the food herself. Not that Connie could cook worth a damn -- she'd ordered a delivery of hot Italian food from a rather pricey establishment in Englewood.

She poured wine into the three glasses. "To new friends," Connie said, raising her glass. The others followed suit, the gesture drawing Kim's shirt tighter across her magnificent breasts and revealing one nipple already hugely swollen.

"May I take off my shoes?" Emily asked politely. "Get comfortable," Connie said enthusiastically. "Yes, take off whatever you like -- please!" Kim added, and then blushed furiously. Connie chuckled and Emily merely smiled happily. The three chatted about their fields of employment -- Connie could not bring herself to call what she had "a career" -- and drank wine. They talked about plays, movies and ballets recently seen. And drank more wine.

By the time Connie got the conversation around to the place where they'd first met -- an adult toy store in Greenwich Village -- they'd killed the first bottle of wine and Connie was opening the second. "The wine is making me quite warm," Emily announced, removing her jacket and the silk scarf, then unbuttoning the top two buttons of her silk blouse.

"Would you like to change into something more comfortable?" Connie asked. "One of my husband's shirts might be quite comfortable." "I -- " Kim leaned over and put her face close to Emily's. "Come on -- get comfy. I feel like a slob dressed like this with you dressed like that. Besides, the food will be Italian and you don't want to get tomato sauce on that lovely blouse." She glided one hand up Emily's arm to her shoulder and squeezed slightly.

Connie watched the lovely Japanese woman's blush deepen and saw her nipples hardening within the blouse and bra. "If it would not be too much trouble -- ?" "No trouble at all." Connie stood. "Come on." She held her hands out the two women. They accepted her invitation and she led them toward the bedroom.

"You have a lovely home," Emily said softly. "Beautifullyfurnished." She was staring rather fixedly at the king-size waterbed. Next to it was the makeup case that contained what Kim had brought to the get-together: toys. "Here." Connie produced a pair of padded hangers for Emily's career clothing. Kim took one and hung Emily's jacket and scarf on it.

The smoldering Asian began to unbutton her blouse, but Connie stepped in front of her. "Let me help," she said softly and slowly unfastened the buttons. "You have such a lovely complexion," Emily said quietly, and brushed her fingertips across Connie's cheek. "You have such a lovely throat," Connie replied and leaned her head forward to kiss Emily's pale throat.

She felt the Japanese woman shiver and kissed the base of her neck as she finishing opening the blouse. "I'll take that," Kim said from behind Emily, and then her hands were brushing the blouse off Emily's shoulders. The white, seamless bra was not designed to give support and Emily didn't need it. Her breasts were full and perfectly round, and in exquisite proportion to the rest of her curves.

Within the bra, her nipples were very tiny and very hard. Connie let her fingertips graze over the encased breasts and heard Emily's sudden gasp of pleasure.

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"And I'll take that," Kim whispered, standing behind Emily and now pressed her lips to the silken shoulder as she unfastened the clasp of the bra. Emily leaned her head back and turn her face, Kim's lips descended on hers hungrily. Connie kissed her way down to Emily's breasts, pushed the loosely hanging bra down. Emily let it slide of her arms and then shivered as Connie began licking her breasts. Connie was amazed at the firmness of Emily's tits.

They were almost hard and they were fabulously smooth. She wanted to paint them with her tongue, but that would come later. She licked and kissed her way lower, dropping to her knees.

Her fingers found and undid the clasp and zipper at the back of Emily's skirt. She slid it down the dark-stockinged legs and sighed with pleasure against the firm abdomen when she discovered the blue silk panties and the garterbelt holding up the dark stockings -- also silk.

Emily stepped out of the skirt. While Connie tore herself away long enough to put the skirt neatly across the night-table, Kim turned Emily toward her and took her fully in her arms. They were still kissing hungrily, passionately, and their hands were busily exploring each other's body. Connie skinned out of her jeans and unbuttoned her blouse, but left it on. It was her only garment as she moved beside the two women.

She slipped her hands between them and began undoing the buttons of Kim's shirt. "You've got to see her nipples," she whispered to Emily. Kim broke the kiss long enough to murmur, "And kiss them." "Yes, yes, yes," Emily sighed, her fingers frantically joining Connie's. The last two buttons tore off the shirt, but nobody paid attention.

"You're breasts are magnificent!" Emily gasped and dropped her mouth over Kim's huge, swollen left nipple. Connie did the same with the right nozzle and Kim shuddered with pleasure.

Kim put her hands at the backs of their heads and pulled their mouths feverishly against her heaving breasts. Connie began to lightly bite Kim's tremendouslyengorged nipple and felt her young lover quiver. "I c-can't st-stand," Kim stuttered. "Bed," Connie said softly. Still fastened, the trio crossed the two steps separating them from the bed.

As soon as she felt the edge of the bed against the backs of her knees, Kim began a slow-motion collapse. Emily and Connie fell with her, one to either side. The three women lay next to each other on the broad expanse of the waterbed. Connie continued her tandem suckling with Emily for a few moments, then began sliding lower on the bed, lips and fingers busy with the happy work of further inflaming the lushly curved young woman. She paused only long enough to slide Emily's silk panties down over the garters and long, restlessly moving legs.

For a moment, Connie was presented with a quandary -- whicharomatic cunt to lick first? Kim's beautiful blonde quim was gleaming and swollen with lust -- but there was Emily's perfectly shaped pussy, with its compact tuft of straight, fine soft black hair, beckoning to her from between the narrow patches of alabaster thigh above the dark silk stockings.

The decision was made for her. With a soft moan of "I must taste you!" Emily turned and buried her face between Kim's firm thighs, her straight black hair falling forward and presenting a stunning contrast with Kim's milky flesh. Connie wasted not a moment. She quickly scooted around on the bed and began kissing and caressing Emily's taut flesh. Her lips worked their way down Emily's beautifully arched spine while her hands wandered over her sleek flesh.

She reached beneath Emily to take one tiny, pebble-hard nipple in her fingers and tweak it. She heard Emily's moan of pleasure and felt her shudder, and pinched the nipple harder. Emily began to shake, her trim hips bucking. Connie's lips found Emily's buttocks, firm and tight and arched up. She licked back and forth on the inner swells, long savoring swipes of her tongue, as she repositioned herself behind Emily. She took the Japanese woman's hips in her hands and buried her face between her cheeks, inhaling and savoring the rich, clean fragrance.

Then Connie began teasing, circular strokes of her tongue that never quite made contact with the small, pink pinhole of Emily's anus.


Connie slid her hands around further, caressing Emily's abdomen and then stroking her pubis, just as she heard Kim's grunts of orgasmic pleasure and felt the bed undulate with her writhing. Connie let one finger slip lower and began caressing the hard nodule of Emily's clitoris.

Emily stiffened and pressed her ass up and back -- and Connie abruptly drove her stiffened tongue against Emily's butt-hole. Emily shuddered and Connie slipped a finger inside her cunt just in time to have the digit gripped and sucked by the contracted muscles. She was shocked at the tightness, even after Emily's orgasm passed.

The woman had a minuscule cunt! Connie pulled away, rolled to her back, then wiggled forward between Emily's legs and beneath her cunt. She reached up with both hands and grabbed the fine, round ass cheeks and pulled Emily's drooling pussy down onto her mouth. Connie feasted. Emily's taste was clean, yet, musky -- rich with the aroma of a mature woman in good health and high heat. Emily's clitoris was swollen and quite prominent, large enough for Connie to fastened her lips around it and suck, as if it were a very tiny cock.

She moved lower and tried to thrust her tongue into the tight little Japanese snatch. She just barely got the tip of her tongue past the swollen labia and into Emily's cunt when she felt the tiny pussy grip her tongue-tip and begin pulsing. Connie could hear Kim's wails of pleasure growing louder and more high-pitched as Emily passed on the delights Connie was providing. Connie moved her lips again to that wonderfully oversized clitoris and reached worked one hand up between Emily's legs.

As she lip-nibbled Emily's clitoris, she worked one finger torturously into her tiny cunt, struggling to get it deeper until she finally felt the swollen nodule of nerves she sought.

As she continued suckling at Emily's clit, Connie began massaging her G-spot. Emily froze, her inner muscles spasming, and loudly grunted against Kim's cunt. "Uh! Uh! Uh!" Over and over, the sounds audible even above Kim's shrieking and past the muffling of Kim's thighs.

Connie could feel the power of the guttural noises through Emily's taut frame. Suddenly, Emily's belly and cunt tightened still further. Connie felt her shifting, kneeling upright and heard her loud cry: "Oh! I cannot stand it!" A huge gush of juices suddenly was expelled from Emily's cunt, literally flooding Connie's hand and chin.

She was shocked intomotionlessness for a moment, thinking Emily had pissed on her -- and then realized it was something else, entirely, something she'd never before encountered. Connie continued her lip and finger work and again Emily tensed and gushed on her -- and then collapsed onto her side on the bed,disengaging Connie's lips and finger.

Her legs were drawn up to her chest and she clasped her knees, panting and gasping and stillshuddering with pleasure. Connie quickly rolled behind her and licked her tongue up and down the fat little muffin of Emily's labia. "Please, no more! No more!" Emily moaned and Connie relented. Kim rolled to her side as Connie did and they both wrapped Emily in their arms. Kim leaned across Emily to kiss Connie, then whispered, wonderingly: "Your face is so wet!" Connie just nodded.

She and Kim continued gentling Emily with soft kisses and caress until the juicy Japanese lawyer finally relaxed and caught her breath, stretching her well-curved legs and sighing. "I am so embarrassed!" she confessed. "I've never seen that before," Connie admitted. "Does it always happen, gushing like that?" She met Kim's eyes. "When she came at the end, these juices just spurted out of her!" "Please, I am sorry," Emily said softly, half-sobbing.

"No, no -- it was wonderful!" Connie insisted. "Does it always happen?" "Only -- only when the pleasure is too great and does not relent. Then I feel as if I must void my bladder -- but instead, this great outpouring of juices happens. It has only happened a few times." Her voice grew still quieter.

"And only once with a man. Usually, it is with a wonderful, voracious woman." "It certainly makes me very hot. I almost came when you did that!" Emily's eyes widened at the same time Kim's did. "We must see to Connie's pleasures!" "Yes!" Kim said, licking her lips.

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She and Emily began turning to Connie -- but Connie glanced at the clock and groaned. "No, we can't -- food's going to be here in ten minutes. After dinner, though -- promise?" Emily giggled sweetly. "Yes -- you will be our after-dinnerdessert!" "You're in for a treat," Kim said. "She has an amazing tongue." "Oh?" Kim smiled shyly and then slowly extended her tongue. Out -- out -- out -- and then up till it barely touched the tip of her nose.

Connie stared and felt her juices beginning to flow even more freely. She leaned her head forward and licked the underside of Emily's tongue.

"Dessert!" she whispered. "But first -- dinner." She rolled away, hearing her cunt squish with unsatisfied juiciness. She stood beside the bed and said, "The delivery will be soon. Come on, girls -- getdressed!" "You sound like one of the school mistresses at my boardingschool," Emily said, laughing sweetly and languorously climbing out of the bed.

Kim sighed deeply, her fabulous tits rising and falling, then sat up with the lithe ease of her youth and clambered off the bed. Connie handed Emily one of Jerry's big flannel shirts while Kim rebuttoned her oversized shirt. Connie pulled on a lounging robe and fastened the sash carefully; she didn't want the delivery-man to get ideas that weren't welcome.

While Kim and Emily washed their faces and hands, Connie got out the plates and tableware. Then it was her turn to wash up -- regretfully, because she loved the feel of the savory woman-sauces drying on her face and chest.

Still, she didn't need the delivery-man getting a whiff of her sapphic adventures, either. She rejoined Kim and Emily just as Kim was saying, " -- never met him.but I'd like to!" Emily's expression was one of surprise. "Connie -- Kim says she has never met your husband. I would have thought he'd prefer to join the two of you!" Connie poured herself some more wine and laughed.

"It's just not his thing, sad to say. But I have a surprise for Kim." "Oh?" Kim looked as if she were afraid to be hopeful. "Remember I told you he wouldn't refuse me anything for ouranniversary?" Kim nodded. "Guess what I asked for." Kim shrieked and threw her arms around Connie.

"Oh, you'rewonderful!" "Am I to understand correctly?" Emily queried. "For youranniversary, you asked your husband to join you and Kimberly for a tryst?" "More like an orgy," Connie said, just as they heard the truck pull up outside.

She grabbed her wallet from the small writing desk and got to the door just as the bell rang.

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The delivery-man was a tall, heavily built young man with a strong face -- and busy eyes. As Connie opened the door, her leered down the front of her robe, than brazenly ogled Kim and Emily as Connie directed him to unpack the aluminum hotpack containers on the dining table.

Connie signed the receipt and strode to the door. Only when she turned did she realize he hadn't followed her. "Sure I can't deliver anything else for you fine looking ladies?" He had cocked one eyebrow in what he probably thought was a devastating expression. Connie thought he looked stupid. "Positive.


Do you want a tip?" "Hey, babe, depends. I'd like three of them." She opened the door. "Out." "Hey, what's the problem -- " Emily stepped toward him and assumed a karate stance. "Do not test my patience -- leave!" "Hey, I didn't mean nothin', just thought you ladies might enjoy having ten inches of Italian sausage." But even as he blathered, he was backing toward the door. As soon as he stepped through, Connie closed the door on his muttered, "Fuckin' frigid lezzie bitches need -- " Shaking her head, Connie stepped into the dining area with her two lovers.

"Were you really going to hit him or something?" Kim asked. Emily smiled. "I don't know the first thing about fighting, but most ignorant men believe all Japanese are ninja assassins, trained from birth in deadly martial arts." Her smile faded. "It's unfortunate he is such a pig; he could be quite attractive, otherwise." "'Ten inches of Italian sausage'!" Connie repeated, shaking her head. She was setting the food onto serving dishes and the room was filling with the aroma of lasagna, veal parmigiana, chicken francesi, spaghetti, meat sauce.

"Speaking of which." Kim said, hinting not too subtly. Connie laughed, then explained to the bewildered Emily: "Kim is very eager to meet my husband." "He must be a remarkable man," Emily said courteously. "Actually, she's more interested in his remarkable penis." "Excuse me?" Connie doled herself spaghetti and took a piece of the veal. "Tell her, Kimberly." Kim, blushing, said, "I've always wanted to make it with a man who was really well-hung and -- well, Connie's married to one." "Oh?" Emily was delicately cutting into the chicken.

"Yeah, Jerry's hung, all right," Connie explained. She put down her fork and held her hands up about ten inches apart. "And thick as my wrist. And he knows how to use it!" "I see," Emily said.

"And it is not painful for one as petite as you?" Connie shrugged. "Sometimes a little, but he's so gentle and gets me so wet that it feels great. Feels like my whole body is impaled on him." She helped herself to some antipasto. "You must have a tough time with big dicks." She turned to Kim. "Smallest little pussy I've ever seen on a grownup." Emily nodded. "It was, in fact, the biggest reason Pete and I stopped associating." "Huh?" from Connie.

"My most recent lover. We were together for almost two years. He was very well-endowed, quite similar to your description of yourhusband. He was also sweet, loving, gentle and careful. But total insertion was never achieved and always it was too difficult for me to enjoy. He was always wiling to employ other means to give me pleasure, but it became an on-going source of tension for us. That, combined with my frequent associations with women, led me to desire his sexualattentions less and less frequently." She took a precise bite of her chicken.

"Think he'd like me?" Emily put down her knife and fork and stared across the table at Kimberly. "He'd certainly find you sexually attractive, but such a liaison would be very difficult for me, if you and I are to continue being friends.

I loved him very deeply." "Oh, well," Kim said sadly. "Easy come, easy go." "If it was easy come," Emily said, "he and I would still betogether." The trio laughed. "So -- do you prefer men or women?" Connie asked. "I prefer women, but I enjoy the strength of a man, too," Emily said.

"Kim?" "I dunno. I like men a lot, but seem to get along better with women." "What about you, Connie?" She smiled at Emily. "Equal-Opportunity sex fiend." She speared a piece of veal. "I love hard cock any place I can fit it, and I crave sweet lips and hard nipples. As you may have noticed." "Have you ever had both?" Emily asked. "Oh, sure." Connie laughed.

"In college, I was into some pretty wild orgies. Haven't been into it, though, since Jerry. I fantasize about it, still, and soon Kim is going to help me have it again -- with Jerry!" "But there's nothing we can do about your favorite fantasy, hon," Kim noted. Connie sighed. "Still, it'll be great." "What is that fantasy?" Emily asked, and reached for the wine.

"I love to get a hard one in my butt while I eat a sweet pussy." "But your husband is too large?" Connie nodded. "Tried, but he wouldn't go on with it when he saw how difficult it was for me." "A most remarkable and loving man." "You bet," Connie agreed.

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"But what are your fantasies, Emily?" "I have enjoyed all of those that are possible," she replied. "What are the impossible ones, then?" Kim chimed in. Emily blushed. "Well, I would like to know what it is like to be a man, with a woman, to slide slowly into her and feel her opening to me and on my flesh." "Hmmmm, that's a tough one, alright," Kim agreed. But Connie was looking at Emily thoughtfully. "You know, there might be a way you could get an idea of what it's like." "Oh, I have simulated it using marital aids -- " "What?" Connie asked.

"Dildos," Emily explained. "No, I mean another way." She paused to wolf down another bite of veal. "It won't be the same as having a cock, but you'll know what it's like to slide into a woman and feel her opening to your flesh." "I don't understand," said Emily.

"You will," Connie said. "Later. Pass the wine?"