TS Casey Kisses loves fucking dudes ass

TS Casey Kisses loves fucking dudes ass
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A Note From The Author This story is the long awaited squeal to the hit "Payback as a Bitch" that was first published two years ago. Since then the plot of the series had somewhat mutated and I felt it needed a new title, however if you have not read the original then you might want to check it out first or not a lot of this will make sense.

For all those of you who have read that original I thank you for the resounding success, I apologise for the bad spelling and grammar in the previous the last edition but English is not my first language.

If you come across similar mistakes in this instalment please feel free to copy it to a word document and fix them before reading. As most authors I feel obligated to inform you that this story contains themes such as incest and anal sex, if these are not for you and you do read on then do not complain at the end.

Constructive criticism and suggestions are always welcome to help me improve both this series and the others I am currently working on. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. The Sisterhood Chapter Two: Secrets Revealed (aka Pay Back as a Bitch Chapter Two) Have you ever had one of those moments, where despite all the weird shit that's happened in the last few days you still find yourself thinking 'what the fuck'? I was kind of in the middle of one of those moments.

My sister, Clare, was sitting on her bed with her tongue massaging our mother's tonsils; even though this was pushing the boundaries of weird to a whole new level it was still incredibly hot. My sister as you know is a total knock out: long legs, tight ass, big tits (all of which I had had fun with) red hair and green eyes.

My mum looks like a copy of Clare slightly gone to seed, she had a little more junk in her trunk, her boobs were even bigger the Clare's though they had a bit more sag, but for a 39 year old she was in great shape given her habit of always dieting and exercising so she 'didn't end up like some of women she worked with.' After about a minute the broke apart and mum reached over and brushed the hair out of Clare's face in a very loving way, as in more then a parental loving way.

"I've got to go back to the office for a bit," whispered mum, "but I'll see what I can do about it when I get home. Just don't tell anyone else, okay?" Clare looked with those big green eyes and slowly nodded. With that our mother got, kissed her one last time on the top of the head and turned to leave.

I had just enough time to leap backwards, turn around and take a few steps when the door opened and she strode out. She look shocked to fine me there, obviously worried about what I might have overheard, but I just kept on walking and she must have just dismissed my appearance as coincidence because she didn't pursue the matter.

I went back to my room and started fiddling around for a while, did a bit of writing on a report that wasn't due till school was back. But seeing as how the report was about the history of slavery it only served to get me thinking about my own personal slaves and what I could do to them. Barely half an hour later and I was in need of a bit of relief, in the old days I would have just stayed in my chair and jerked off to some porn, but things were a lot better now. I pulled out my phone and sent a quick text to Steph, just a basic 'get your arse over here now, sort of thing, then I stood up, stretched out some cramps and went down the hall to pay a conjugal visit to my dear big sister.


As I walked in I saw her sitting at her computer with her back to me, but the weird thing is that she was watching the video of me a Stephanie from earlier that day. I crept up behind her and slid my hands over her shoulders and down the front of her blouse. She jumped a little in surprise as I did so and quickly reached up and closed the video and I began fondling her ample tits.

"You know," I said, leaning down to whisper in her ear "if you started getting into this you might find that I can make it a lot more enjoyable for you." "Like how?" she huffed in disbelief, but I did sense a little hit of anticipation in her voice. I swung the chair around to face me; she was wearing one of those little sundresses that barely made it halfway down her thigh. I reached down and slowly slid the fabric up past where her panties should have been, I say should have been because she wasn't wearing any.

I breathed in the musky scent of her womanhood before gently kissing my way up her thigh towards her pussy, I felt her shudder as I did so, squirming a little trying to get my mouth to her as fast as she could. But I was in no rush; I kept on teasing her, lightly flicking her outer lips and running the very tips of my fingers over the entrance to her love cannel.


It wasn't long before she was dripping juice onto the chair and her little clit started to poke it head out. I gave it just the tiniest of flicks with the tip of my tongue and Clare jumped about two inches back off the chair. I started running my tongue along the full length of her slit, still just barely touching her clit, making her shudder every time.

As I did this slit two fingers into her pussy and slowly began working them back and forward until I was knuckle deep in my big sister, I hooked my fingers so that the knuckle of one was massaging her g-spot while the other was hooking over the edge of what I am told is the cervix. Clare was really starting to enjoy this, and by that I mean she had her legs up over my shoulders and had grabbed me by the back of the head and was trying to force my whole face into the pussy.

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I sucked her clit into my mouth and curled my tongue around it into a sort of cradle and began sucking, hard. Most guy seme to think that the clit is like a joy buzzer, but to quote one of the great Nina Hartley's instructional videos 'licking sucks and sucking rocks.' "HOLY FUCK YES!" shouted Clare as her hips started bucking into my face and I began fingering her faster and faster.

"I'M GONNA CUM! I'M GONNA CUM! I'M GONNA CUM! I'M GONNA OH-OH-OH-OOHHHHHH-GOOOOODDDDDDD!" And with that she seemed to go in to some sort of seizure, her whole body shook violently and screamed incoherent babble until her hands let go of my head, he legs went limp and her breathing slowed so that she just seemed out of breath. I heard a small noise behind us and turned around to see Steph leaning up against the closet, her jeans were down to her knees and hand shirt was literally ripped open, she'd obviously been playing with her self while watching the two of us.

I got us and walked over to her, pushing her hand out of the way and slid my own into her panties. At the same time I started kissing her, she must have tasted Clare's juices, and liked it, because her tongue was exploring every crevice it could find. After a moment or two I pulled away and looked at her, I saw that she was glancing over my shoulder at Clare and her pussy was becoming wetter in my hand.

"You wanna, have some fun with her?" I asked. Steph bit her lower lip slightly then nodded, not taking her eyes off Clare for a moment. "Fourth draw, under the towel, pick something fun." I gave her one last kiss before walking back to Clare, she was sitting right where I left her, her legs spread open and one had up rubbing her tit.

I unzipped my trousers and turned to stand next to her, even though my dick was only half hard Clare needed no encouragement and quickly jerked me to full attention before taking me into her mouth and demonstrating her porn star level of cock sucking skill. Ever put you dick in a vacuum? I haven't, mostly because I couldn't find one that could handle me, but I imagine that that is the force with which Clare can suck. She reached up and started stroking my balls with one hand while the other started playing with her tit, squeezing and pinching her nipple, making herself groan around my cock.

I tore my eyes away from this in an attempt to stop myself from cumming to soon; I looked over at where Steph stood in front of the draws, totally naked, holding an L-shaped dildo. As I watched she inserted the smaller end into her pussy then pulled up what looked like a bikini bottom and sliding the long part of the dildo into place with a small click.

The toy itself was about the same size as an aerosol can and the effect was that it looked as if Steph had sprouted a massive dick through the front of her panties. Steph started stroking her temporary attachment, looking for all the world like a hermaphrodite jerking off, I guess the bit up inside her meant that the more it was stimulated the more she felt it.

Now normally I'm not into that kinda stuff, but this and Clare sucking my already enraged dick had me about ready to explode. However I didn't want to waste such an opportunity. I pulled Clare's mouth away from my cock and in true porn star fashion she started gasping after it like a fish outta water.

I turned around and sat down on the edge of the bed. "Clare, I think our dear cousin in feeling a little left out," I said, gesturing towards Steph, who was still stroking her plastic pal. "Why don't you go show her just how much we want her to join in?" Clare need no further persuading, she got up and strode over to where Steph was and began kissing her full on French style.

They were holding the backs of each other's heads and seemed to be competing to see who could reach whose tonsils first. I decided that watching this was not going to help me stop from shooting my load so I striped off the rest of my cloths, swung my legs up on the bed and closed my eyes for a moment, trying not to hear the sound of them kissing. After a few minutes, during which I was thinking about my pick for the NRL the season, the sound of kissing stoped and was quickly replaced by another familiar noise.

I opened my eyes and looked around, Steph was standing right where I had left her, however Clare was kneeling in front of her and looked as if she was trying to suck her strap on right out of its holster.

She was bobbing her head back and forward at an alarming rate, her red hair was waving behind her and I could see that both her hands were around Steph's backside.

Steph was holding Clare's head and was effectively face fucking her, ramming the dildo down her throat and letting out a little grunt every time. "That's it you fucking bitch!" screamed Steph "Suck my fucking cock! OH FUCKS YES! THAT'S IT! FINGER MY ARSEHOLE YOU FUCKING LITTLE CUNT!" If my erection had been receding it was now back in full force; Steph, when she wasn't around Clare, had always struck me as being kind of a sweet girl.

To hear such obscenities pouring out of her mouth, and at such a volume, had me seriously aroused. "THAT'S IT I'M GONNA CUM!" cried Steph, literally beating her pelvis into Clare's face. "HERE IT CUMS! OH CRAP OH CRAP OH CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP AHHHH-AHHHH-AHHHH!" And with that Steph froze like a statue, her eyes wide and her luscious lips drawn out in one long low moan.

Her hands had stoped abusing Clare's face and were now instead holding her throat deep on the toy. I could see Clare was starting to have trouble breathing, if was a better man then I may have gone and helped her, but like I said, this was all payback. After about thirty seconds or so I decided that it might not be so good for Clare to die of asphyxiation so I rolled off the bed and gently pulled her back from Steph's hips. She came away coughing and spluttering, as she was wiping her own spit from around her mouth I led her over to the bed and lay back down.

She sat down on the edge next to me but I didn't give her much time to recover, instead I pulled her on top of me and dragged one leg over my side so that she was properly positioned. Clare got the idea pretty quickly and god bless her she reached down and started to guide my cock into her waiting pussy. I wondered whether it was just the threat of blackmail that had her working along so well, or if she was starting to really enjoy the situation, but all these thoughts were pushed out of my head as my dick was pushed into her.

The feeling of her cunt was amazing, it was warm and we and so tight it felt like I was forcing my todger through a fleshy garden hose. She placed both her hands on my chest and started lowering her self down onto me, it took a moment for me to get my full length in, but once I was balls deep she started rocking back and forward so I was only slipping out and inch or so each time.

The sensation was exquisite, both on my cock and the soft feeling of her bare skin on mine; I leaned forward and took one of her nipples in my mouth, rubbing the edges of her areola with my teeth and flicking the tip with my tongue. With my hands I reached around and grabbed her arse, spreading her checks apart as she growled deeply and began to pick up speed. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Steph in the corner, her hands back down the front of the strap on, I assume, fingering her clit.

I took Clare's nipple out of my mouth and looked straight at Steph, when I had her eye contact I nodded towards Clare's rising and falling arse. When Steph raised her eyebrows and just started I took one hand off Clare's arse, pointed at her then slapped Clare's arse with my hand making her moan even louder then she was already.

Steph go the idea and crawled up on to the bed behind Clare, who completely oblivious and kept on fucking me.

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I could feel Steph's soft tanned legs brushing against mind as she positioned herself, I helped her aim as well as I could but pulling Clare's butt cheeks as far apart as they would go. Clare suddenly stopped humping me and shot forward, almost dislodging me, her eyes were wide open and nothing but a small choking noise was issuing from her.


In guessed you haven't guessed this was because Steph had shoved what appeared to be the first half of the aerosol can sized strap on up her arse. "AHHHHHHHH!" screamed Clare, trying to pull away, I put my hands on her shoulders as best I could to stop her moving. "You bitch!

Take it out IT FUCKING HURTS!" "No she's not going to take it out," I said with a stern look around at Steph, who had looked ready to obey "your just gonna have to relax and take it like a good little slut." Steph reached forward and grabbed Clare's hips, slowly sliding her toy into her cousin's arsehole.

To my somewhat surprise Steph was smiling as she did so, as if this was something she had wanted to do for along time. The further she pushed in the further Clare slid back towards her, hence the further she slide onto my cock until finally she was fully impaled on both out tools.

Steph started to stroke her toy in and out of Clare's arsehole, no more then about an inch or so; I could feel the dildo sliding up and down the base of my cock through membrane between her arse and pussy.

I started pushing up into her as far as I was able and was delighted to hear she groaning with the effort of taking so much at once. Steph reached around with one hand and started massaging her left boob with one hand while the other crept between the two of us and started rubbing her clit. I brought my hand up and began rubbing her other tit and reached my face up to start licking her neck.

As most know, or should know by now, there is a certain spot on a woman's neck, right on to of one of the tendons usually, and if you lick it just right it can be better for her then licking her clit. The effect of all this on Clare was unbelievable, she had always been a bit of a screamer, but this was setting the bar to a whole new level for sheer volume.

She had her hands on my shoulders now and was sawing herself back and forward as if trying to get the two implements to shoot out the top of her head. "HOLY SHIT! AHHHH! THAT'S IT! OH FUCK! OH OH FUCK! HARDER!" "YOU LIKE THAT DON'T YOU!" I shouted, taking my mouth away from her neck and looking her in those big green eyes "YOU STUPID FUCKING WHORE!" "YES, YES, YES" she howled back to me. "SAY IT!" I had to yell to make my self heard over her and Steph's combined cried of ecstasy "TELL US WHAT YOU ARE!" "I'M A WHORE!" she screamed, throwing her head back and crying to the ceiling.

As she did so Steph too her hands away from her clit and breast and grabbed two handfuls of her flowing red hair, pulling her head back till I was sure her neck would snap. "I'M A STUPID FUCKING FUCKING WHORE! OH GOD I'M GONNA CUM. OHHHH SWEET JESUS AHHHH I'M GONNA CUM!" "AND ME!" screamed Steph, now violently jerking Clare's head back with every thrust.

"AHHHH, I'M GONNA AHHHH AHHHHHHHHHH!" It was all too much for me to bear; I thrust my dick one last time and shot my load deep into Clare's womb. At the same instance Steph froze with her toy as deep into Clare's arse as it would go, almost as if she was shooting her own load there too.

And as for Clare, well from the way that her pussy was convulsing around my cock I guessed that her orgasm lasted nearly a minute. Her scream of pleasure and pain was at a volume beyond my ability to measure and I was sure that the cops were on their way. When I had finally come down from my cumming I realised that both the girls were lying with their full weight on top of me.

As gently as I could I rolled to the side and they both fell on to the bed. Clare was unconscious, but her breathing suggested that she was just asleep. Steph still had the giant strap on implanted in Clare's arse but was blacked out herself and sleeping soundly.

They were lying in the spoons position and I considered that I should probably do something to remove the toy so that Clare could walk when she woke up, but decided instead to just let them sleep it off.


I slowly pulled my deflating cock out of Clare's pussy then dragged the sheet from the end of the bed over the two of them. I don't know why I did it but I was in a good mood and I think my feeling of hate towards Clare was beginning to fade. Then, with my lust temporarily slaked I wandered back down the hall to my own room, hoping I would be lucky enough to get some sleep myself.

Later that afternoon I was in the kitchen having a snack, or to be more precise I was eating my way through my third straight helping of leftovers (this much action really took it out of a guy and I needed to refuel). I was halfway through a bowl of what I think was pasta bake when my mother walked in, I assumed she was there to talk to me about the situation with Clare (and probably Steph for all I knew) but I had already resolved to stand my ground on the subject.

She was wearing business suit with a short cut dress that showed off her slightly tanned legs, but other then that she was dressed pretty conservatively as usual.

She sat down across from me and waited patiently for me to finish my meal, this was a bit strange because usually she just expected me drop what I was doing and pay attention, however given the events of the past few day I was kind of at the point of not thinking of to many things as weird. When I had pushed the empty bowl away from me she quietly brought her hands up and looked across, almost seeming to be studying me for a moment before trying to speak.

"Son, there's something we need to talk about," she said, not taking her eyes off me. "Like what?" I asked, thinking that playing dumb was as good a defence and any, or at least more entertaining. "I know all about you and Clare, what you've been doing to her," 'here it comes' I thought 'the blatant stop it and leave her alone speech' "and I wondering if we could make a deal on the subject," she finished.

This was not what I had expected and it took a minute for me to compose myself before I could say, "You have my attention, what kind of a deal?" "There are thing about this family you don't know," she began "thing that very few men really know.

Your sister, myself, in fact nearly all the women in this family are members of and ancient society called The Sisterhood.

It is sort of a group for women to help support each other, look after each other and love each other." "Okay," I said slowly "not quite seeing what this has to do with anything." "It is forbidden for a women to 'be with' a man out side of The Sisterhood, we rely on each other for those needs." It took me moment to get what it was that this meant, but only a moment.

"And what happens if they are 'with' another man?" "They would be exercised from The Sisterhood and never allowed to return. I am the current High Priestess for this territory; Clare is supposed to take my place in a few years. You have to understand that The Sisterhood means everything to her, its what gives her the confidence to be her, she'd just always been a little, how would you say, free spirited." "So what's this got to do with our deal?" I asked, now starting to think that she was just bullshitting me about everything.

"You see there are a few men in The Sisterhood, we call them our Champions. If you agree to keep silent about Clare's actions, then I will make you one of them." "I don't get it," I said, not playing dumb anymore just genuinely confused. "My dear boy," my mother said, smiling slightly and reaching over to place the hand on my forearm. "There are not many Campions among The Sisterhood and while they have a few duties there main purpose it to do things for The Sisters that women simply can't." "So you're saying…" I started.

"There are over three thousand Sisters in this district and only twenty five Champions.

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You do this and, in exchange for your loyalty and service, no Sister will ever be able to refuse you, ever." "What kind of duties?" I asked. "I'm afraid I can't tell you yet, not until I know you're with us." I was kind of struck dumb for a moment there, was she for real? Was there really a secret society of lesbians and bi-sexual women that I could have my way with if I agreed to this? There was only one way to find out.

"Okay then, Hight Priestess,' I said with a smile "I'm in." "Come with me," she said, smiling back at me, something she hadn't done in years. I was half expecting to be taken to some hidden chamber or secret passageway but instead we walked up stairs to my parent's old room.

Our parents split up when I was about ten and I think I've only seen my old man twice since then, I was beginning to think that maybe this had something to do with it.

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My mother sat down on her bed, reached into her bedside drawer and fished out a small carved wooden box, inside she plucked out and small pendant on and length of silver chain. The medallion was made up of three coils or swirls I guess you could call them. They were arranged vertically, a large one in middle and two smaller ones on the top and bottom; thought the talisman was obviously made out of mental it was jet black and had distinct shine to it.

What's more it was insanely familiar. "This," my mum said, looping the chain around my neck and fastening it "is the symbol of The Sisterhood. Typically the Champions wear red ones, but the black signifies that you are my personal Champion, you my boy, are now The Champion of the High Priestess." "And this is it, all I have to do is wear this and I'm in?" "There will offcourse be and official ceremony, but for now this will do." "Champion of the High Priestess," I said, trying out my new title "I like it.

So how do I tell who else is in the sister hood?" I asked, thinking of the opportunities before me. "Any one who is wearing on of these," she said, reaching in to her cleavage and pulling out and identical medallion, only this one was made of gold "no matter the colour, is a member of The Sisterhood." "And I can have sex with any of them?" I asked slowly.

"Well there is a lot more to being a Champion the just having sex with the sisters, certain duties you will have to preform and ceremonies to attend, some of it will be quite taxing on you. But yes, none of them will never refuse you," she replied. "Dose that include you?" She leaned in and whispered in a husky voice, "Only of you want it to." I felt her silky soft hand slide up the inside of my thigh and stop just an inch or so from my cock, which was beginning to stir.

I mimicked the movement on her, stopping so close from her pussy that I could feel the heat coming from between her legs. She leaned forward, trying to force my hand into her crotch but I pulled it back, enjoying the power I was having over the woman who had ruled so much of my life.

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She pulled back from my shoulder and gave me a very cheeky smile that I suppose most mothers aren't really capable of. She then leaned in and kissed me; it was not like Clare's, or even Steph's, style of kissing, it was way more gentle: passionate, but not lustful. I enjoyed feeling her tongue play around my teeth as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse and let it slide to the floor.

She reached down and undid my jeans and slide the down to my knees, her kissing was far more powerful then I had thought because without even noticing I had become fully hard. I felt my mother's hand slowly caressing my manhood and she seamed to pause her kissing while figuring out just how large I was. As we continued to kiss she began pulling me froward until she was lying flat on her back with me on top of her. I reached up her thigh and unbuttoned her skirt, as I pulled it out from underneath her I realised that she wasn't wearing any panties.

I kicked my jeans off he rest of the way and began rubbing my cock up and down her slit, feeling her juices flowing onto my shaft and hearing her moan in my mouth. "Mmmmm," she sighed, breaking the kiss and tilting her head back "don't tease me, it's been so long." "So long?" I asked, still refusing to penetrate her, "but I thought the Sister…" "So long since I've been with a man," she groaned. I decided that if she really needed it that bad I'd give it to her.

I slid a little lower and thrust my cock into her waiting pussy. You'd think that a woman who had had two kids would not be a tight as one who hadn't, but my mother's cunt wrapped around me and started milking my dick for all it was worth.

I guess not having a real dick in her for so long had somehow made her tight again. Unlike her daughter or niece she didn't bellow or scream out profanities as I slowly fucked her. Instead her breathing came and deep rattling moans and let out a soft gasp every time I pushed in to her. I bent forward and began licking her breasts, just brushing her nipples with he tip of my tongue at first before taking them into my mouth and sucking them till they diamond hard.

We kept going like this for quite sometime, all sense of reality was lost as we rock back and forward. The fact that she was so beautiful and the fact that she was my mother was quickly bringing me to the edge. "Oh yes," she began whispering, seemingly to herself.

"Oh yes, that's it, oh yes, oh, oh, oh." When reached up and pulled my to her, our lips meeting passionately and waves of pleasure crashed through her body. "I'm almost there," I said, leaning back and looking her in the eyes.

"Oh let me taste it," she moaned, her own orgasm diminishing. "I need to taste it." I pulled out of her and rolled to the side, eagerly she reached for my manhood began to stroke me, but before she could get her moth around it my body tensed and I came.

The first few streams flew onto her chest before she engulfed me and drained every last drop from my body. I looked down and saw her licking what she could from herself, her eyes closed as she relished the taste.

She crawled up and lay down next to me, letting out a deep sigh of satisfaction. I put my arm around her and gave her a hug, she wrapped her arms around me and we lay there for some time, just relaxing and enjoying the feeling of being so close to each other. It was a while before I got up and headed for the door. "I have things to," I said to her as I opened the bedroom door. "Remember what I said" whispered my mother, seeming to be on the edge of sleep "you have to let Clare go now, she's yours anytime now, but you can tell anyone about her and Mr Derren." "I remember," I said, closing the door behind me as I left her to get some much-needed rest.

It was getting on to midnight by the time I finally got around to seeing Clare. I walked across the landing, laden down with a number of disks and pushed her door open. She was sitting propped up in bed with a book open in front of her and her reading glasses on. She hardly ever wore them, preferring contact lenses, but to perfectly honest I though that they made her look sexy in a totally different way. Like a cute girl from the library, who is hot as hell but seriously inexperienced, a lot of guys don't like glasses but I kind of do.

"Hey I got something for you," I said and placed the pile of data storage devices on her desk where she could see them. "This is all the stuff I had on you, I've already gotten ride of Steph's but wanted you to have these." She looked at me over the top of her glasses of a moment, as if warring with her self, then she swung around and pulled back the covers on her bed revealing a pink, almost see through nightie and crossed the room towards me.

"So mum's made you a Champion then has she?" she asked warily. "Actually," I replied, fishing the black pendant out of my shirt "I am now The Champion of the High Priestess.

But don't worry, I've got plenty more girls to keep me occupied now, so your secrets safe with me." Clare stood there for a bit as if trying to come up with the right words, then she reached over picked up the disks and handed them back to me. "Why don't you hang on to these for a while," she said with the slights hint of a smile. For the umpteenth time that day I found myself struck dumb, standing there looking at my sister the words took a while to form in my brain then seemed to have to fight their way to my mouth.

"But wasn't this what you wanted? For me to not have any control over you like this?" "I though it was," she sighed, then sank down on the bed and stared at the floor for a minute before speaking again.

"Look there's something you don't know about me." "Yeah, I've been getting that a lot today." I said, sitting down next to her.

"Since I was thirteen I've really cared about you, as in, more then I should have, as in more then a sister should." "You mean as in…?" "I wanted you, for so long, but I couldn't do it because I'm your sister and I'm a Sister." "They why were you such a bitch to me for so many years?" "I guess I though that if you hated me then these feelings would stop," she said, still looking down at the floor.

"But I'm a Champion now," I said, sitting down next to her "I don't need leverage over you for us to have sex." "Its just, look, I've always been in charge," "Yeah tell me about it," I muttered. "But the last few days, being your slave, the way you dominated me, it was just, I don't know, unbelievable. I just don't want it to stop." "You mean," I though for a moment "you want to keep being my slave?" "Yes," she turned around and looked at me with a million dollar smile I hadn't seen in years "Master." I leaned in and kissed her, is funny, after everything I had already done to her I had never really kissed her.

As we frenched I stretched around behind her and started groping her arse. She leaned forward to grant me more access and her kissing became all the more passionate. "You like my arse don't you?" she smirked.

"Is that a trick question?" I chuckled and gave her a slap on the butt, causing her to jump a little. "Back of the closet," she whispered. "I think you'll find something you'll like. Not having any idea what else Clare could possibly have hidden in her room I opened the closet and reached back to grasp a long thin pole in the corner. I pulled it out and turned around to see Clare bent over the bed, with her legs planted on the floor and her arse high in the air.

It was then that I noticed what it was that I was holding in my hand: it was a riding crop. "Why do you have a riding crop in your closet?" I asked as I walked over to her. "Duh" she said, craning her neck around to look at me "to use on people." "Like who?" I asked, testing the weight of the implement in my hand.

"Steph, mostly," she responded, looking at the growing bulge in my pants. "We get together a lot, she's actually very submissive." "So you're the one in charge?" "Usually, yeah," Before the words were even out of her mouth I let loose and swatted her with all my strength across the left arse cheek.

She squeaked and dug her fingers into the bedspread. "Not any more your not," I growled. I continued to smack her across the arse, even though I now knew the reason for it all that still didn't change the fact that she had made my life a bit of a misery for many years, and by god she was going to pay for it.

I lifted up her nightie exposing her bare backside and started taking out all my frustrations on that gorgeous piece of flesh. Her butt was soon red raw but still I didn't stop, I don't know if she want me to. "Stop! Please!" she shouted each time I struck her "Please! Stop! Don't! Stop! Please! Don't! Stop! Please don't! Stop! Please, don't, stop! Don't STOP! PLEASE DON"T STOP!" the more she screamed the more I liked it, I slid out of my pants and took my cock in hand, jerking it and I slapped her arse.

I saw her hand snake its way between her legs and start fingering her now dripping pussy. I kept up my assault with the riding crop, watching her play with herself. At the final moment, right before she was about to hit her peak I stopped spanking her and pulled her hand away from her clit. She fought me at first but I'm much bigger and stronger then she is and I soon wrestled her to the bed.

"Please,' she begged, "Please I need to come!" "So com already," I replied lying back down on the bed. Without needing to be told she quickly straddled my waist and assumed the reverse-cowgirl position. "OH-YESSSSSS!" she growled as her pussy sank to envelope my cock. She must have still been on the verge of orgasm as it only took only a few stroked before she was thrashing around screaming, "YES!

YES! YES!" She then began riding me in earnest, bouncing her hip up and down and leaning back a little further each time until she her hands were either side of my head and her knees had lifted her into a crab walk. I reached up and grabbed both her gorgeous and began massaging them with the palm of my hands, causing her to start bouncing even faster.

Considering how I hadn't cum in nearly ten hours it wasn't long before I felt that familiar sensation bubbling in my loins. I slid my hands down to her hips and at the last second pulled her down onto me, holding her in place while I shot my load deep into her. It must have been just enough to send her over the edge as she let out a particularly violent "AHHHHHHHH!" then the arms and legs gave way and she collapsed onto me.

We lay like that for a few minutes, while my cock deflated inside her and our breathing began to normalise. She rolled over, staying on top of me, my now limp dick slipping out of her love tunnel.

"I love you," she said looking in my eyes, and in that moment all the feeling of resentment, anger and hate that I had felt up until then simply slipped away. "I love you, too," I whispered, and it was true. Not like I wanted to move to Alabama, marry her and have kids or anything, but not like she was just my big sister anymore. It was something more, something deeper then that.

We kissed one last time, then rolled over, pulled up the covers and fell asleep in each other's arms. I woke up the next day around noon, still in Clare's bed with her snuggled up beside me and for the first time in years I had no morning wood. My muscles were stiff and felt like I could do with a shower and a hot meal before getting on with the remainder of the day.

As I walked out on to the landing I looked down into the living room and saw Steph and my mum on the couch kissing passionately with their hands down the front of each others pants.

I guess that now I was in on the whole deal they had a bit more freedom to do that sort of thing in the house, I guess that it was kind of the reason that I had been so much of an outsider, everyone else had been in on some big secret and I had been completely left out, until now that is. For a moment I thought about going down to join them but considering that I could get in on this any time I instead opted for a shower, promising my genitals I would make it up to them later. Despite the actions of yesterday I found myself getting hard in the shower, guess my morning wood was just a little late to arrive.

By the time I hopped out I was sporting a full eight-inch hard on that refused to go away. I was about to get dressed but decided what the hell, the house was nice and warn and besides it would probably make a lot of thing easier. I headed down stairs and into the kitchen, after empting the contents of a bottle of milk I headed into the living room to watch a bit of telly.

I had completely forgotten about mum and Steph, that is until I walked in and saw them in a full on sixty-niner right in the same spot where I had fucked Clare a few days before. Steph was on the bottom with her legs spread wide and my mum going to town on her exposed pussy, I could see my mum going nuts fingering Steph like she was trying to push the stop button on a nuke launcher. As I watched the tow of them began to climax; Steph sitting back on mums face while still fingering her clit and mum bucking her hips, letting loose muffled screams into her niece's pussy.

As the two of them came down they finally noticed me sitting on the lounge with a massive erection in my lap. Neither of them seemed surprised by my appearance as they disentangled themselves from each other and lay back on the carpet in the perfect display of seductiveness.

"About time you got up," said my mum from the floor "Steph and I were getting bored waiting." "I'm glad to see you found a way to pass the time," I said, beginning to rub my ragging hard-on. "You might not want to do that just yet," she said, standing up and sitting on the lounge next to me. "You've got a big day ahead and you may want to save your self." "Big day?" I asked, letting go of my dick and looking around at her, "Doing what?" "Today," she said reaching out and giving my cock a gentle squeeze, "we start making you into a Champion." To Be Continued… In the next instalment of The Sisterhood: our hero begins to delve into the world of the Sisters, discovering just how deep their society runs.

He starts to learn their way and finds out his mom was right: 'there's a lot more to being a Champion the just having sex.