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The need for Experience By Gail Holmes Maureen sat at the table looking toward her daughter; reaching forward she touched Wally her husband's hand, he looked up toward her, Maureen nodded toward her daughter sitting on the step in the doorway. Hazel was a beautiful girl, she loved her art, and she'd sit and sketch for hours on end, her mind was oblivious to anything around her predetermined on the subject on her mind, normally a bird or a stretch of scenery.

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Her arty board was set resting on her legs and knees "I cannot believe her, here she is eighteen coming on nineteen and she hasn't learnt yet. The times I've told her about it" Maureen stated. Wally looked to the side of him, Hazel never notice his stare, to him he'd never minded, the sight was gratifying, what man wouldn't? "You, you wouldn't care if she sat there nude, you must know the sensitivity of men when they are faced with something like that!" "Leave her be, she doing no harm?" Wally stated looking back to his wife.

"I know what your like at your age; God only knows what the youngsters feel?" Wally knew of her meaning, Maureen enjoyed their lovemaking. Wally speculated as to what she'd do if she 'd only known half of their lovemaking was due to his daughter's postures. He looked back once more this time feasting on the view up under her skirt, always the same; the height of the step gave a clear and uninterrupted view just that little bit of height worked wonders.


"Hazel! Watch your pose!" Maureen called out in a strident tone. "For goodness sake Mum, there's only you and Dad here!" "It's just as well?" Maureen implied. "I just hope you watch out for yourself when out of the house.

Wally turned back to the table and continued with his dinner, he wasn't sure how to take Hazel's remark; did she really think he was past it? He wondered. Hazel was always a problem when she was a child, she'd always throw her knickers way, hated wearing any underwear until she was around fourteen, it was then that Maureen really took the reins, she persevered that if she had to she would tie them to her daughter.

At that age she didn't need to have anyone seeing she'd no underwear on. "I'm sure Dad has seem plenty of views in his time why should he be troubled with me. It's not as if my underwear is unclean I've only just showered and I know they are clean as I've only just put them on!" "Less of the lip young lady, I'm only thinking of what's best for you!" Maureen replied. "You never know Mum I might like the guy who's taking a look, there is no better way to catch a guys attention?" Hazel laughed.

"May be so, but your forever doing it!" "Perhaps I am trying to attract attention!" Hazel replied. Wally nearly bit his tongue at her remark; he turned to look at her once more. Hazel gave a sly wink then slowly opened her legs that little wider.

Wally smiled, not knowing as to what she was trying to get across to him; he couldn't believe it could be sex of which had never entered his mind. He pushed his hands down into his groin, this time Hazel had noticed, she knew her vindictiveness was working; she'd never seen him do this before.

"I think I'll take a bath!" Wally stood wiping his hands and mouth on a serviette. "Well I have to go out as I have arranged to meet Sandra to go shopping? I'll leave you two to look after the home. Is there anything you want Wally?" "Not really I don't know about young Hazel here?" Barbara looked across to Hazel "Well?" "Where are you going shopping then?" Hazel inquired.

Unless she has change her ideas we're going into Windsor, so we should be back around five, if the buses run on time Wally left the room giving Maureen a kiss on the cheek. "Don't spend all your money!" He smiled and was gone. Hazel got up from her sitting position and moved to the table collecting some of the crockery, I'll do the dishes Mum if you want to get going!" "That's kind of you dear, I'll help you clear the table." "Mum, do you mind if I ask you a personal question?" "That's what Mum's are for my dear; fire away?" "Is it true that as man gets older the bigger he gets?" "I'm not with you dear, what are meaning to say?" Hazel didn't know whether Mother was trying to be ambiguous or not.

"I mean in the sexual side, do they grow with age?" "What a question to ask; still I suppose you have you're reasons. I would say yes, however if you happen to come across someone of your father's stature, in that I mean as to his penis; make sure you keep your legs securely crossed, and wait until you're a little older!" Maureen stated.

"Why on earth did you ask me that?" "Just wondered if what I heard was true, no other reason!" "In that case I'll get my things together and be on my way, can't be late can I you know what a fuss pot Sandra is!" Maureen walked back into the hallway collecting her coat.

"See you later, and be good!" "Right Mum you have a nice day!" Hazel called back. Her mother's answer kept her in suspense, she often heard her through the adjoining bedroom wall, and the noises startled her from time to time.

Okay she was no virgin, but colleges at work had often stated that the older a man was the bigger his cock, this could well be the reason for her mother's cries, mostly on Sunday mornings. Hazel rushed through the washing up, placing every thing back in the cupboards she was eager to get up stairs. She was sure that her father was up for it; at least with him nobody else would know of her intentions. And if her mother were right she'd have an enjoyable time with no quandary of any one else finding out.

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The trouble with Hazel was that she was too selective with her men friends; often she'd been told she was too choosy by her friends; Hazel could but agree with them, in all her years she'd only ever bedded two. Wally was still in the bathroom as she passed the door; hurrying to her own bedroom quickly she undressed putting her new delicate housecoat on.

Her mother had seen it, telling her that it was to revealing to wear about the house. Impatiently she brushed her auburn hair allowing it to fall over one shoulder, her father had often taken to this pose whenever he took to photographing her, he was a wiz kid with a camera. Hazel sighed a sigh of frustration, as she heard her father leave the bathroom; she was hoping to catch him naked. Opening her bedroom door she pecked down the passageway, he was in his bedroom singing his heart out.

Hazel stepped into the hallway and made her way slowly toward his bedroom, luckily for her the bedroom door was open a jar, she could see Wally sitting on the bed with his back toward her, she wasn't to sure whether or not he was kneading his groin.

Every now and then he'd lean forward, and his right arm was going ten to the dozen. Quietly she pushed the door open creeping slowly up behind him, she wanted to get onto the bed but she was sure that he would feel the movement, so she move stealthily around to the side of him, he was doing just as she'd contemplated; he was engrossed in thought sitting with his eyes closed, she did wonder as to what was on his mind.

His cock looked enormous to her, her mind went back to her mother's words of her father before she'd left the house. It seemed a shame to disturb him; she did consider whether or not he would be upset should she bring him out of his daydream. She'd fancied him for years now; it seemed such an unnecessary waste if he was going to blow his load for nothing.

Hazel suddenly moved back as he started to moan, he took her by complete surprise. She knew it was now or never, she just had bring him out of his trance. "Dad, can I help?" she held him by the shoulder shaking him gently. Wally abruptly pushed his dressing gown a crossed his lap thinking that Hazel was behind him. Needless to say, he was knocked for six when he opened his eyes finding her standing beside him. Wally looked down at his cock, it was now starting to wilt somewhat and he then looked up at Hazel.

"I'm sorry sweetheart, I know I should have known better whilst you're in the house!" Hazel put her hand on his leg as to comfort him; she could see a near tear in his eye.

"Not to worry Dad, perhaps I can help?" "This is so embarrassing!" He managed to say, as to confide in her.

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Hazel reached under his dressing gown clasping his cock with a firm hold. "There's life in him yet! Let me see what I can do" Hazel opened his gown widely allowing it to fall across his legs then started to rub her hand up and down the semi thickened shaft.

"There we go he's coming back to life already!" She smiled up to him. Hazel didn't wait for his reply she moved in and kneeled between his legs taking his cock into both of her hands.

"My he looks wild?" She informed him with a smile. "What brought this on then?" "You should know you're always doing it in front of me, it's better when your mother wasn't here, at least I could have a lingering gaze. Why did you have to do it this morning, that's usually your party piece before bed? Still your mother never grumbles!" "Grumbles, grumbles about what?" Hazel looked up to him as she spoke but continued to rub his now thickened shaft.

"Well I know I'm you're father but it still turns me on, one glance up under your skirt and he's up and running. And she gets the pleasure, as I say she doesn't grumble, but then she doesn't know I'm thinking of you!" "Well thank you Dad, you've made my day. I have something to tell you now!" "Something to tell me what pray child?" "Remember when we we're all young and you allowed us all to run around the house nude.

I know it was Mum who stopped the idea, just because she noticed the boys looking a little longer at me than they should have done!" Hazel had two brothers but they'd married now leaving just her at home. It used to be fun; trouble was Hazel enjoyed her nudity and liked to watch her brothers as they run about with their cocks swinging this way and that. It all stopped when she got to fourteen as she was developing in to a young woman and it was very noticeable. Hazel hated it, she used to leave her knickers off on purpose, knowing she got more attention and it wasn't only from her brothers.

Her mother would always stop and check before Hazel was allowed out, just to make sure that she was not knickerless as she often was. "I remember you often used to call me "Red" if I was showing too much.

I really don't know how come my hair is red, as neither of you have it or the boy's?" "So what have you got top tell me then?" Wally replied, he was getting a little short of breath at present; Hazel was working wonders on his cock. "Well you said that I used to turn you on?" "Used to, you still do, there is no better than a redhead, she'll always turn a man's eye, surely you've notice when you're out?" "Oh, I've noticed alright; it's the remarks that follow it I get annoyed with!" "And what might they be?" Wally asked.

"Ah, not so ruff sweetheart, you'll pull the head off him!" Hazel had gotten carried away and was rubbing his cock quite forcefully; in her mind she could sense its thickness forcing her inner her pussy walls open as it ploughed into her. It was as much as she could do to get her fingers around it. "Sorry Dad, at least Mum was right!" "Right about what?" "I asked her if a man's cock grew bigger as he got older. She advised yes, and if I come up against anyone with a cock as big as yours I should keep my legs firmly closed." "She said that?" "Yep, and do you know I think she could be right, but I'm out to find out for myself!" "Find out for yourself?" "To true, I'm not going to waste what you yourself had started, I aim to find out just why Mum makes all those noises at night?" "It's not right sweetheart!" "You didn't think that earlier, of when you're giving Mum a good seeing to on my behalf.

Now I aim to try it for myself!" "I don't think so, what if your Mother comes home?" Wally knew he shouldn't and hoped that this would deter her. "She'll not be back for hours yet, she's going to Windsor, remember her saying.

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I knew this from last night that's why I gave you a show this morning hoping I could get you in the mood!" Hazel smiled up to him. "Well I can't deny that sweetheart, you've certainly got him up and running. Why don't you come up on the bed alongside you're old Dad. Then we can help each other?" "I won't need any help Dad, I've been waiting a lifetime for this moment, I though at one stage I was going to miss out!" Hazel replied as she climbed up onto the bed and lie beside him.

"What of you're boyfriend Tex?" "Oh he's alright, but a little of what I fancy won't do me any harm. Have you any condoms?" "No need sweetheart, I had the snip after you were born, I only fire blanks now!" "My God, the real thing, Christ I've always wondered what that felt like, I hate condoms, anyway I don't think they'd find one to fit you!" Hazel smiled then sighed a deep breath as she felt his finger enter her inner pussy walls.

"Hell sweetheart, you're as juicy as an over ripe orange!" Wally started to roll the end of his finger over her clitoris allowing a little pressure. "Ye God's Dad, hell that feels bloody groovy never had that done before!" Hazel jutted her pussy out as to cause more pressure, Wally bent over her and kissed her firmly on the lips, Hazel moved her hand between them clasping his cock. Hazel moved her free hand up to his neck pulling him tightly to her face the let go for moment before asking.

"Dad, is this as big as they get?" She smiled up into his sparkling eyes. "No not by a long chalk, I'm quite small as size goes!" He lied, not wanting her to think that he was bigger than most.

"He's so firm!" Hazel replied giving his hardened cock a tight squeeze. Wally moved down his daughter's body licking and nibbling as he went, once down to her pussy he sidled in between her legs, the aroma took his breath away, to think that he'd secretly watched this sweet pussy grow in its earlier years never did he consider that he'd ever be this close.

"Hi ya Red!" He chuckled. Hazel heard his words and smiled.

"So it wasn't me you were calling red all those years ago?" Wally never answered; he'd found other contentment he leaned his tongue on to her prize clitoris. Dragging it slowly the roughness of his tongue took her by complete surprise; the taste to him was incomparable it was not unlike the nectar of honey, so sweet.

Hazel held his head in her hands, throwing her head back into the pillows, abruptly she grabbed his hair pulling strands through her fingers, never had she felt so stimulated as he rolled his tongue around her tiny clit, this was a completely new ball game.

Within seconds she was going through a violent orgasm, she literally pulled hair from his head by the roots the sensation had taken her by complete unawares; Wally felt the twinge from his scalp, felt as she ripped a carpet of hair from him, but his mind was elsewhere, he lifted one of his chubby fingers inserting it into her cleft; she was tight even to his finger, but the tightness conveyed sensations to his cock, knowing only to well that soon, very soon it would be feeling the same sensation.

Hazel felt the finger again the sensation of finger and tongue working in harmony sent her through yet another orgasm, she pushed her elbows back into the bed trying to sit as she strained her way through the orgasm, it was like a bolt of lightning through her body. Wally knew the time was right he kneeled back onto his hunches. Hazel looked up to him once more. "Don't stop Dad, hell that was heaven!" Wally reached over her once more kissing her passionately.

"All is not done yet sweetheart, now for the real thing?" He sat back and reached toward the draw of the bedside cabinet. Hazel was intrigued to know to what was going to come next.


Wally took a tube from the draw opening the top he squeezed some of the contents onto his fingers. "Dad!" She said with a hint of optimism in her voice.


"Fear not sweetheart, without this we'll get nowhere! Even your mother bless her needs a little juice!" He leisurely wiped the thick substance over his cock, kneading his shaft as he did so. "What is it Dad?" "Lubrication sweetheart, you're going to need a dab of this yourself!" With this he moved his moist fingers down to her pussy, wiping it around her cleft assuring that her pussy was well oiled, then wiped his fingers s on a piece of tissue that he got from a box on top of the cabinet.

"I hope your ready for this Red?" He's eyes were down between her legs as he spoke. "Take in a nice deep breath sweetheart this is your day, old John Thomas here has been waiting years for this, the times his blown on your behalf, you would never have believed. Hazel felt the stain as he nudged the huge helmet up between her pussy lips, thankfully with the gooiness of the oil he manage to get in about an inch, then he threw himself over her taking her head into his hands giving her a quick peck on the lips.

"Be brave now sweetheart it will take but a few moments to get him in!" There wasn't pain as such; amongst all the things she'd push up herself over time this seemed to be the most bulky, she tried everything from a hairbrush handle to her thickest of her deodorant container. He's cock felt as if it was being eased through butter.

Her legs were literally being forced apart by the thickness of his enormous cock. Hazel looked up into his face; it showed perseverance but they we're both enjoying the tension as his cock as it gradually took purchase. Taking hold of his arms Hazel closed her eyes. "Dad this, this is a sensation that I could never have dreamed of!" Wally started to rock to and fro slowly as he increase his depth.

Hazel let out a sigh of contentment when she'd finally accepted his full length, but it was more the girth, which she found so pleasing. Wally leaned back lifting her legs onto his shoulders then started fucking her in earnest long deep thrusts, Hazel squealed with delight now she could understand her mother's anguish, she herself was now in her mothers place, she's never felt so full, her mind was made up, Tex her boyfriend would never ever get a chance to fuck her again, for this, this was real meat.

Hazel's fingernails dug into his back as he fucked, and fuck her he did, even her considerate her pussy enhancing her tightness overwhelmed him. Hazel's head was full of dreams; in her mind she could see her brothers running around their cocks sometimes rampant, she'd reach out and touch them taking them up to her mouth as kissing their quaint little red helmets, they would try to force them into her mouth but she teased them both.

She now had Dad, his appeal was much more gratifying. She would drop in and out of her daydream, her father was sometimes breathing heavily, she wondered as to how long he would take before he actually came, not to quickly she would wish. Wally was driving into her now like a man who was having his last fuck before going out to war.

Hazel's body was lifeless she was at his command; he could do as he liked. The enjoyment was over whelming; she was in a never-ending orgasm, his helmet reamed her inner pussy walls only to then go forward once more. Once he mistook his action and his huge cock came out, quickly his hand went down lifting the hefty shaft back up aligning it to her pussy once more, only to be greeted by an enormous fanny fart as forced it back up into her, forcing air from within.

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Wally arched his back; fanny farts were breathtaking things having all that wetness flapping along his shaft as the air was forced from within, it made it worthwhile. Hazel couldn't believe the sensation of it to herself, although embarrassing to her it was also enjoyable.

Again she was experiencing orgasm, this time it felt as if her body was being wrenched apart, shocks travelling around her young body, she squealed out loud this time, this just spurred Wally on, fucking her even harder. Hazel tried to lift her back off the bed the vibrations were so intense.

Wally knew he was at his ebb knowing he was going to blow. In his mind he knew this wasn't going to be a one off. Placing his hands under her shoulder he gripped her hard forcing his cock in deep; Hazel sensed the expanding walls of the huge shaft as it thickened allowing the bulk of his seed to pass through it's centre, then blow at a considerable force at the top end of her pussy. This she'd never experienced before, it was not unlike the first blow of a fireman's hose, the feeling was humongus she gripped Wally arms as the full surge entered her, the sensation of fullness engulfed her feelings it was as if her and her father were now joined, through the passion of lovemaking.

Again Wally leaned over her eagerly kissing her soft lips as he held his cock deep within, the pressure of his cock and lips sent orgasm through her body once more, Wally held on to her tightly as if they're lives literally depended on it.

Hazel opened her eyes then threw her arms around her father neck.

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"God I love you Dad!" she managed to say as she caught her breath once more. "Just hold me Dad, never let go!" Both lay in their embrace until Wally fell into a deep sleep.

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As Hazel managed to slide out from under him there was a massif belch from her pussy as his seed was released, quickly she forced her hand down covering the opening with her fingers, then rushed to the bathroom. She was fully dressed when she woke Wally, "Come on Dad, a nice cup of tea; mustn't be to long Mum will be home shortly!" Wally sat up looking at his watch. "The time, hell where has it gone?" As he took the cup Hazel moved in beside him kissing him on the cheek.

"Dad that was something else; never has it been so enjoyable!" She looked down at his wilted cock, it was still huge, she'd not realise that he'd been cut as they call it, the helmet still looked wild as if it wanted more. She reached down swirling her finger over it. "He'll only want more if you persist in toying with him!" Wally chuckled. "I just can't wait until the next time, I would never have thought that true sex was so rewarding.

With Tex, it's just a quick hump and it's all over" "You look exhausted Wally!" Maureen smiled. Whatever have you been up to?" Maureen asked as she came into the kitchen placing her bags onto the table. "No I'm alright love, went for a lay down and fell asleep! Well, you look as if you've brought up the town" "Where is Hazel, is she out?" "Up in her bedroom I think, I'll put the kettle on I'm sure you'd love a cuppa!" "Hi Mum!" Hazel chuckled as she came into the room., "Had a good day out at the shops!" Hazel went up to Maureen kissing on the cheek.

"Brought anything nice?" "New nightie, just a little something to please your Dad!" she smiled, diving into one of the shopping bags. "What do you think Wally, it's specially for you!" Wally looked back toward her, he was stunned, it was identical to Hazel's he distinguish that it would turn him on all right, it looked as if Hazel's image would always reflex on his cock for ever. "Smart, yes I like it!" "We'll have to see later?" Maureen smiled with girlish hint in her tone.

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