Slutty Abella Danger Begs for A Huge White Dick in Her Ass

Slutty Abella Danger Begs for A Huge White Dick in Her Ass
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Alyssa age 28 reporter from Indiana is to meet me near Stone Bridge Oaks in Grapevine Texas. The plan is to meet Alyssa at a predetermined place near this area. I'm running late, something I always avoid. I get to an appointment early and wait than be late. I have never met her, I agreed to help place her in seclusion for a while. She is multimedia reporter that got into trouble reporting a story. I turned into the parking lot of the appointed rendezvous spot.

I looked around the parking lot, searching for her car. Then it occurred to me, I did not know the kind of car that had been rented for her. Our paths have crossed via a business associate.

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I had seen Alyssa's profile, and checked her out; she is an attractive 28 year old woman, never married, petite 5' 6", hot slender figure. Knowing I had seen her profile she made the first move and called me. WE decided to meet here for wine tasting. Alyssa checked her makeup in the tiny mirror of her compact.

Her red lipstick is perfect, thick mascara and smoky eye shadow, light blush across her cheekbones all looked fine. After applying a light dusting of powder across her nose, she snapped the compact closed and slipped it back into her purse. She hoped she looked all right, dressed in a dark green pantsuit over a white blouse. She has never been sent into seclusion.

When she'd gotten the call from Mr. Malone's security guard this morning, she'd been alarmed, thinking something had happened. But everything is fine, the security guard had assured her, Mr. Malone just needed to speak to her about a matter of importance. Other than that, would not give her a clue as to what I might want with her. Fluffing her auburn hair nervously, she looked up at the numbers as the elevator slowly climbed its way to the top floor.

When the doors slides open, she stepped into a richly decorated reception area. A security guard sat at the desk, he looked up as Alyssa approached the desk. " I'm Alyssa," she said, and at the guards's look of indifference, added, " Mr. Malone wanted to see me?" The guard picked up the phone and pushed a button. " Alyssa is here," he announced, then hung up and pointed at the door to her right. " Mr. Malone is waiting for you," he said in a bored tone.

" You can go in." " Thank you," Alyssa smiled, adding in her mind, " bastard." She moved to the door and opened it, stepping into a wood-paneled office that is large enough to host a conference.

There is thick carpeting on the floor, a pair of leather sofas and coffee table in one corner, and I'm seated at the largest oak desk she'd ever seen. I rose to greet her. " I'm John Malone," I introduced myself with a disarming smile, reaching out to shake her hand. She recognized me, having seen me a number of times at business conferences, although we had never spoken. Around 58, I'm rugged looking, with a full head of slicked-back gray hair over a deeply tanned face with steely gray eyes and a hawk-like profile.

I'm over six feet tall, with a big frame of a powerfully built man who had not let my muscles turn to flab at my age. I had the air of supreme self-confidence of a man who has single-handedly built an international empire. She feels the strength in my grasp as she shook my hand. She can't help but find me attractive, and a bit intoxicating. " Please, have a seat," I guided her to the leather armchair beside the desk. " Would you like some wine?" " Wine, please," Alyssa answered.

I settled behind my desk, pushing a button on the phone. " Martin, wine for Alyssa," I barked. Alyssa can tell I'm used to giving orders. A moment later, the guard from the desk out front entered. He moved to a bar at the side of the room and poured the wine, then brought the glass to Alyssa.

" Thank you," Alyssa smiled sweetly, eliciting an icy glare. " Will there be anything else, sir?" the guard asked, turning toward me. I waved him away with a negligent gesture. When the door closed behind him, I turned my attention back to Alyssa. " Now, Alyssa." " I suppose the recent.predicament is a shock to you?" " Yes," she answered, looking at me. " I have arranged for you to stay in a gated property with 24 hr security.

You will continue receiving your pay. You will be doing work for me." I sat forward in my chair, my steely eyes studying her face. Finally I spoke. " Your life will be very much changed." I fell silent, letting the reality of the situation sink in for a long moment.

With a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach, she asks in a small voice, " What are you going to do?" " You will perform certain services for me." I said finally. Alyssa looked up hopefully. " This is a personal services contract," I explained, handing the several-page document to Alyssa, " between yourself and me for a term of 5 years.

Your annual salary will be $64,000." " What would I be doing?" she asked. " Just what it says," I answered with a wolfish grin.

" Personal services." My leering stare told Alyssa just how " personal" those services are likely to be. Her face burned with embarrassment. She wanted to throw that contract back in my sneering face. But she did not. Finally, she asked, " if I agree?" " You stay in seclusion with security guards." I concluded with an insolent grin. Alyssa's brain worked feverishly, searching for a way out.

Despair gripped her stomach as she slowly reconciled herself to the fact that she is trapped. " It seems I have little choice," she finally uttered.

She turned to me. " Where do I sign?" " Not so fast," I interrupted. " I didn't get where I am today by accepting untested merchandise. Stand up and show me what I'm buying." Taken aback, Alyssa rose slowly to her feet. She looks at me uncertain. " Take off your clothes," I ordered. At her hesitation, I growled, " Or get out now and I make a phone call." Dropping her frightened eyes from my uncompromising gaze, Alyssa fumbled with the buttons of her blouse.

She slips the blouse from her shoulders and laid it carefully over the arm of her chair. A furtive glance at my intent stare told her she is to continue.

She unbuckled her fashionable belt and undid her pants. She is a ware of my scrutiny as she let her pants drop to her ankles. She sat on the edge of her chair to slip off her shoes and extract her feet from the fallen pants. At my gesture, she rose to her feet once again, now wearing only her bra and hose.

She crossed her wrists self-consciously where her pubic triangle showed through the sheer fabric of her pantyhose. I studied her silently for a moment, then said, " I can't say much for your choice of underwear. Take it off." Face burning in shame, Alyssa complied, slowly pushing down her pantyhose.

Her bare ass met the leather upholstery of the chair as she sat to remove the flimsy garment. Rising again, her eyes staring unfocused out the window behind my head, she reached up to unfasten her bra.

As it came off her shoulders, she dropped it unthinkingly to the floor. " Turn around," I commanded. " Slowly." Arms hanging limply at her sides, Alyssa turned woodenly before my eyes. Even in her dazed state, she is aware of the hungry look I gave her. She is very proud of her body.

Strict dieting, three days a week at the health club and weekly visits to the beauty salon. Slender and firm, with an all-over tan, she had long, shapely legs, a tight little ass, flat tummy, and nice 36-B breasts. As she came back around, I'm nodding appreciatively. " I guess that answers the question of whether you're natural," I joked, looking down at her auburn pubes, which were cropped short and trimmed to a neat little triangle.

Alyssa clenched her teeth, fighting back tears of shame as she is sized up like a pet for sale. I let my eyes wander over her body a minute longer before continuing. " Now then, a former boyfriend tells me you give a mean blowjob." Alyssa's eyes flared wide, a fresh red flush creeping up her face. Unsure how to respond, she remained silent, dreading what she knew is coming next. " Come around here and give me a demonstration." she started around the desk.

" Uh-uh," I stopped her with an up raised palm. " On your hands and knees," I commanded. " Crawl to me." Alyssa stopped, staring in disbelief, but my face is uncompromising. She realized what I'm doing: showing her who is in control.

But her knowing did not change the fact. She will have to endure whatever humiliation I threw at her, otherwise she will be ruined. Reluctantly, she drops to her knees, then her hands, and crawled on the thick carpet around to the back of the desk. I push my chair back, swiveling toward her as she neared. She stopped at my feet, waiting further commands but none are forthcoming. Looking up, she sees the smug look on my face. I raised one eyebrow expectantly, silently ordering her.

With her hands shaking uncontrollably, Alyssa reached for my belt. She can see the bulge my cock is making in the front of my trousers and her hands brushed over it as she managed to unbuckle the belt and fumbled to unbutton my pants.

Taking in a deep breath in a futile attempt to calm her nervous, she drew down the zipper pulling the two sides apart. My cock popped out of the slit in my boxers before she is prepared and suddenly she is staring right at it from just inches away.

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She is mesmerized, staring at the largest cock she'd ever seen. It had to be at least 9 inches, nearly as thick as her wrist, straight as an arrow as it throbbed to full erection before her eyes.

I let her stare at it for a long moment before I spoke. " Let's see just how good you really are," I challenged. Startled out of her trance, Alyssa flushed with embarrassment again at being caught staring. Taking the enormous cock gingerly between her fingertips, she opens her mouth and, after one false start, closed her lips over it. After a few moments of warm-up, she ran her lips and tongue over the bulging ridge of my cock head, she worked into a rhythm, sucking hard as she bobbed her head up and down, slipping about half of the giant cock into her mouth.

Then my strong hands grabbed her head pulling her down as I shoved my entire cock into her mouth, the bulbous head snaked down her throat. " You're right. She does have a deep throat," I chuckled, holding her head in place for a long moment before finally letting her back off.

She grasped the thick shaft in her fist as she pulled off it gasping for breath. Long strings of slobber hung from it to her mouth. Her eyes teared up. She barely had time to suck in a breath before I pulled her down again, forcing my big cock down her throat again, chuckling to myself as she struggled.

This time when I let her up, she pushed my hands firmly away from her head and immediately went back down on my cock before I can protest, deciding she'd be better off by giving me a more enthusiastic blow-job than letting me shove that thing down her throat and choke her to death.

The sooner she got me off, the sooner this humiliating experience will be over. She begins sucking in earnest, bobbing her head up and down fast, sucking lustily. Every tenth stroke or so, she would let the enormous cock slide down her throat, giving me the deep-throat action I wanted. A satisfied grunt told her how successful her efforts were.

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Then suddenly, I pushed her off my cock and stood, letting my trousers fall. I unbuttoned the boxers letting them slide down. Alyssa is left looking up at my towering figure, massive cock jutting out over her head. I yank her to her feet and spun her around, bending her over the desk. My hand in the middle of her back pushing her down, mashing her tits against the desktop. " Spread your ass cheeks," I growl deeply. Alyssa complied with my command.

Grasping each firm globe in a hand, she pulls her crack open, exposing her asshole and making her pussy gape. She feels the big head of my cock pressing against her. It slides up and down her slit, across her asshole and down over her distended clitoris. Alyssa whimpers in spite of herself. The juices seeping from the mouth of her cunt coating my cock head. I chuckled wickedly. " God damn, that pussy's wet! You want it bad, don't you baby?" I asked, continuing to tease her with the head of my cock.

" You want my cock, don't you? Say it!" " Yes, I want your cock" Alyssa whined, tears of humiliation stinging her eyes, whether it is from being abused by me or the fact that it is turning her on, she didn't know. She gasps as my big cock presses against her pussy. " I knew you were a hot little bitch," I stopped with my cock head poised at the entrance to her vagina. " It was said you weren't that interested in sex.

Oh, it was said you were good at it, but you could take it or leave it. But you and I know better, don't we?" I asked, emphasizing my question with a shove of my cock, wedging the big head an inch into her. " I was told you have not been fucked for six months," I continued.

" Now I know that hot little cunt hasn't gone six months without cock, has it?" I shoved another inch of cock into her, stretching her cunt wide. " Has it?" " Yes," Alyssa admitted with a whimper. " So you have not been fucking?" I asked, sinking another inch of cock into her burning pussy.

When she did not answer, I slapped her ass cheek hard and thrust more of my big cock into her yielding pussy, demanding, " No" Alyssa yelped. " Ah," I sighed, as if her admission gave me as much pleasure as her body was. My hands grasped her hips, I slowly push my cock into the hilt as Alyssa screamed. Alyssa is shaking and screaming as her pussy is filled with cock. Pulling my cock out and plunging it back in. Alyssa is gasping as my big cock begins sliding in and out in long, deliberate strokes.

My pelvis smacking into her ass as I slam into her more forcefully, Alyssa gritted her teeth. How did I know so much? She can barely think past that huge cock slamming into her creaming cunt. " Its time for me to get serious and ruin that pussy." Alyssa begins to protest but I never gave her a chance. Next thing she knew, she is on her back on the desk and my body is between her spread legs.

Alyssa feels the huge head of my cock again rubbing up and down on her labia. I looked huge against her little slit, seeping blood. She whimpered as I pushed against her again. " Oh bitch this is going to change your life. This will be painful again." I lean forward putting my weight against her. I slide my cock up spreading her lips again. Alyssa feels the intense pressure building. My growl is low and menacing as I push harder. She feels her pussy stretching.

Nothing close to this size has ever been inside of her. Her pussy is resisting but is stretching as I continue with constant pressure. " Fuck you are so fucking tight." I grunted slamming my hips forward. Alyssa feels like she is being tore apart. Her narrow canal is stretching. A deep burning sensation fills her entire pelvis as my hot throbbing monster forces its way into her narrow tender vaginal canal. A second ago the tip of my cock is barely entering her and all of a sudden my head has forced her pussy open again.

Her scream is a painful high pitch noise. Tears running down her face again. My growls gave way to grunts as I slam my hips forward again.

I'm pushing deeper as her pussy stretches. She reaches up pushing against my belly wanting me out of her. I pull almost out, she tries to push me the rest of the way out. I grab her hands pinning them at her side. With a laugh I slam back into her. Deeper this time. She screams again as my cock hit places never before touched. I held her hands down so she can't stop me from impaling her. Each thrust touching her inner sanctum deeper and deeper. Each thrust brought another scream and more tears.

I finally let go of her wrists, as lean forward grabbing her shoulders. My thrusts are vicious as I growl in her ear. All she can do is whimper as her lungs burn. Her face reddens when she thinks about how wonderful the abuse feels and how my cock feels inside of her.


Her hands found my ass and she squeezes my cheeks as my cock slides in and out of her. My cock punishing her with long driving thrusts going deeper and deeper. Then over whelming pain as she feels my cock head hit her cervix, she is writhing and bucking wildly. My balls slapping her ass with each stroke as I call her my slut, my whore, my bitch.

Alyssa came two more times while I fucked her. Her body aching from my body pummeling her, her thick vaginal walls stretched and torn and her pelvis and pussy is sore. Shortly after she came on my cock the third time my body stiffened as I came inside of her unprotected pussy. I push my cock all the way in stretching her wide as my cock jerked in her. Alyssa feels my hot cum filling her pussy full as cum is running out of her. I pulled out collapsing in my chair breathless.

" You pass," I grinned down at her. I reach my hand out to Manny snapping my fingers. Manny passes me the contract as Alyssa climbs unsteadily to her feet. I laid the contract on my desk and picked up a pen, passing it to Alyssa. I pointed, indicating where she is to sign. Alyssa took the pen. She stood for a moment, cum mixed with blood dripping down her inner thighs, then she signed the document. I gave a satisfied grunt and passed the contract back to Manny, who took it as his cue to leave.

I turned back to Alyssa, who stood shaking. " Welcome to Malone Industries," I stated exuberantly, giving her a slap on the bare ass cheek which made her jump. " You can get cleaned up in there," I pointed to the side door leading to my private bathroom.


Alyssa walked around the desk with as much dignity as she can while naked with semen covering her inner thighs. She gathered up her clothes, then went into the bathroom and shut the door. She went to the sink and turned on the water. She stopped, catching her reflection in the mirror.

" Whore," she whispered, her lipstick is smeared, mascara ran down her cheeks and her hair is disheveled. She feels disgusted by the fact that she has been forced to fuck, but even more so that it had excited her, and even now it gave her a tingling rush to think of what had just happened.

She bent down and washed her face, then wet a washcloth and wiped away the rest of the semen. She washed herself between the legs. She got dressed quickly and came out of the bathroom to find me alone, re-seated behind my desk, already back at work. She stood awkwardly for a moment, but I ignored her. Finally, she asked meekly, " Um, what now?" I looked up at her distractedly.

" Go home," I said. " I'll have Manny schedule you when I want you." I turned my attention back to the papers on my desk.

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Face flushing anew at the negligent dismissal, she turns to leave. " Oh, and Alyssa." I said, stopping her at the door. When she looked back, I wagged a finger at her. " You belong to me." She turned away from my arrogant grin and left the office. The most troubling aspect, is that it had excited her, the way I had made her do things she never could have imagined.

A shiver went down her spine as she wondered what more I had in store for my new whore. Sometime after midnight, Alyssa is finally able to fall asleep. when the call came from my office. Manny informed her that she is to be at my office by 10. Alyssa angrily slams the phone in his ear, but when 10 o'clock came around, she is standing in front of Manny's desk.

" You may go in," Manny informed her. Alyssa glares at him and went through the door into my office. I'm sitting at my big oak desk, studying some papers. I ignored her, leaving her standing before my desk for several minutes as I finished my reading. Finally, I turned my attention to her, laying the reports aside. " What the fuck are you wearing?" I growled, scowling at her attire. Startled, Alyssa looked down at her expensive designer pantsuit in surprise.

It is conservative gray, much as she had seen on many working women on her way into the office. She looked up at me helplessly. " Take it off," I commanded. As Alyssa dutifully begins undressing, I fumed. John Malone's whore. She just wished she could understand why that thought gave her such a hot, tingling feeling all over. " Again with the fucking pantyhose," I shook my head disgustedly as Alyssa pulled off her slacks.

" Get 'em off," I sighed as she looked up at me questioningly. Alyssa quickly finished unhooking her bra and let it fall, then pushed her pantyhose down, sitting in the leather armchair to pull her feet out. She remained sitting, her back to the door, waiting breathlessly for more orders.

" From now on when you come to me, I want you dressed in a skirt, no pants. Short enough to show some leg," I instructed.

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" You'll wear garter belt and stockings. No fucking pantyhose, understand?" Alyssa nodded and I continued. " High heels," I said, stroking my chin thoughtfully. " And no panties. I want your pussy bare and ready. Got it?" " Yes, sir," Alyssa answered meekly, face coloring with embarrassment. " Good. Now, spread your legs," I ordered. Alyssa did as I instructed, blushing anew as I stared between her legs with a satisfied smile on my face.

She fingered herself. Hmmmmm. " Get on your knees, I want you to suck my cock." " Get on your hands and knees and crawl over here." She dropped down to her knees on the floor three feet from me. She slowly crawled across the carpet to where I stood waiting for her. I watched as her tits bounced up and down and her twin globe ass cheeks wiggle. She reached me and waited there kneeling at my feet her body shivering.

I unbuckled my belt and let my pants fall to the ground in front of her. She raised her head, her eyes looking up and locking on my big hard cock standing straight out pointing at her forehead.

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I move my hard cock up and down the cheeks of her face. She looks up at me pleadingly. Her eyes asking me not to make her do this. I smile at her. " you know what to do baby." I rub my cock across her lips. A drop of my salty pre-cum leaks out onto her full red lower lip. It starts to quiver. I look down at her big dark eyes and bright red lipstick as it made my cock throb more. She reluctantly opens her lips and let me slide my cock into her mouth. She pauses, but then looks up into my eyes and knew that she didn't want to test my patience.

She continued on, taking me past her lips. She starts to move her tongue around my pulsing head, then starts slowly taking the length of my hard cock across her tongue and towards the back of her throat.

A long moan escapes me, " ahhhhhhhhhhhh" as I feel the warmth of her mouth and tongue. Alyssa starts bobbing her head slowly, letting me slide out of her mouth to the tip of my head, then slowly taking me back in to her tonsils. She continues sliding up and down my shaft, her saliva flowing and lubricating me.

" Hum!" I ordered her! She looks up at me pleadingly. " Hum!" I repeated! She starts humming as she swallows my cock. Tears building up in her eyes from the degradation she is feeling again. Oh what a beautiful site she was! She is on her knees with her back arched causing her nice shapely ass to stick up and out in the air. She had both her hands with her long painted fingernails supporting herself with her palms against my thighs. Her head is bobbing up and down like a pro! She starts squeezing my thigh as she picks up her pace bobbing her head up and down my cock.

I start thinking she is trying to get me off quicker to end her ordeal. I grab the back of her head as she is taking me in and push in deeper. I hit the back of her throat and see her eyes start to water. I push in harder. She looks up at me with panic and fear in her eyes. I applied a little more pressure and her gag reflex starts kicking in. I time it just right with her gag reflex and the engorged head of my cock pushes past her tonsils and down her throat.

At this point she starts to panic because she can't breath. Her eyes move around frantically and she tries to pull her head back, but I keep both of my palms firmly planted against the back of her head, keeping her lips and nostrils smashed against my pubic hairs.

I said " breath in your nose" and with that she starts frantically taking deep breaths through her nostrils. " That's it. Suck it in baby." Her throat is convulsing around my cock and I can't take it anymore. My balls start tightening up and she sees stars as I exploded in her throat. She swallow feverishly, trying to avoid choking on my sperm. Spurt after spurt of my thick hot white sperm shot down her throat. Her throat muscles convulsed around my head and milked me dry.

She continues sucking as I pull out. I reach down grabbing at her tits, pinching and pulling at her nipples. She winces in pain. I move behind her to check out her pussy and ass! I push the palm of my hand down on the small of her back while pushing her knees up under her belly forcing her down into the doggie position.

Having her in this position drove her ass further in the air giving me greater access. As I move in close I see her pussy and lips glistening with juice. This horny woman is getting off from the treatment that she is receiving from me. I move up to her pussy and took in a deep breath, inhaling her feminine aroma.

I use my finger to rub her exposed perfect pussy lips. Her slit is glistening with her juices. As my tongue made contact with her pussy lips she lets out a low groan " mmmmmph." With that I hook my thumbs up under the backs of her knees pushing her knees further up and out to the sides of her chest.

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At the same time I drove deep into her pussy with my tongue. I start licking and sucking in a frenzy. I'm like a wild beast devouring her pussy and she starts moaning like a bitch in heat " unnmmmmph." She is moaning louder and longer," OHHH! OHHH!! UUHHH! OHHH! UH-UH-UH-UUUHHHHHOOOOOOOOO.AAAAAAAAAHHH, OWWWWWW.OHHH! OHHH!!

UUHHH! OHHH! UH-UH-UH-UUUHHHHHOOOOOOOOO.AAAAAAAAAHHH.OWWWWWW." She leans all the way forward smashing her tits and cheek of her face into the carpet in front of her, grabbing at the carpet with her long nails and trying to ball them up into fists. I move my tongue up to her virgin asshole and start licking it. Her body shudders. I poke my tongue through her sphincter muscle and she went nuts.

" Ahhhhhh.Ahhhhhhh." " What are you doinggg…?" I work her asshole for a few minutes, then went back to her pussy. I plunge my tongue deep in her pussy swirling it around.

Then her body is shaking, " oh, oh, oh, oh." She claws at the carpet with both hands as I sink my tongue into her pussy. Her orgasm is rocking her body as she lets out a loud groan, " ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.ooooooohhhhhhh.aaaaaahhhhhhhh," as she is cumming in my mouth. I feel her juices splashing into my mouth. It is the sweetest nectar I have tasted.

She collapses on the floor in front of me, I see her body heaving with each breath. At this point my cock is painfully hard and I have my choice of holes to put it in. I got up on my knees and steadied myself. I reach under both her hips pulling her ass high up in the air once again. Her full round ass, two white globes hovering in front of me.

She looks over her shoulder at me with a mixed look of shame and fear as I move my cock towards her hot wet pink slit and put it in just a fraction of an inch and move it up and down her slit. She gasps, " OMG!" then I hear a soft moan " ooohhhh.oooohhhh," escape her lips. I then move it up to her puckered asshole. I rub it across her anus feeling it tighten. I decide on feeling the inside of her warm pussy first. I have been stroking my cock as I ate her pussy and it is a full 9 inches long and thick as a log, ready to penetrate her tight pussy.

I line up the head of my cock against her tight opening. I buck my pelvis forward pushing the head of my cock forward entering her about half an inch. Her mouth opens, but no sound is coming out. I took a deep breath, grasping her hips tight and pull her back onto me as I slowly enter her from behind. My cock is well lubricated from her saliva and her pussy is well lubricated from her orgasm.

It feels like I'm cutting through hot butter as I slice into her tight canal. She is gripping me tightly with her vaginal muscles and it feels like a velvet glove as I continue to push into her. She is exhaling deeply as if she is releasing intense pressure. I see her lips pucker as she blew out.

I feel every ridge of my cock slowly rubbing against the thick walls of her tight vaginal canal. Her pussy is very tight. She lets out a deep moan " OOOOOHHHHH.AAAAAHHHHH." as my cock slides in six inches, " ohhhhhhh." She looks back over her shoulder again and I look directly into her eyes as I slide my hands up her back and firmly grab both of her shoulders, laying my chest on her back mounting her like a bitch in heat.

Pulling her hard against me, shoving in the final three inches in, bottoming out in her pussy. My cock head hitting her cervix. I hear her moaning a deep long soulful moan " oooooohhhhhh.oooooooohhhhhhh.aaaaaaaahhhhhhh," as I push my cock head against her cervix and hold it there with my hairy balls laying against her little bud of a clitoris.

" Oooooooooooooo," turns to grunts " Ugh.ugh.ugh," as I grind against her womb. I pull out only leaving the head of my cock in her, then slam all the way back in. I did this over and over, she looks back at me with her mouth and eyes wide open as I rode her like a bitch in heat.

Gasping each time I slammed into her unprotected pussy. I continue this for fifteen minutes. I grab her wrists pulling her arms behind her back as I slam her forward forcing her knees forward and forcing her to spread her ass cheeks further. Grinding my cock in as deep as possible slamming against the opening of her cervix.


She is on her hands and knees with my right hand holding on tight to her small waist, while my left hand pulls her back by her hair. I'm thrusting into her tight unused pussy, harder and harder. The excitement of cumming inside her unprotected pussy again drove me to the edge as my cock starts to swell harder and bigger. I'm slamming my cock head constantly against her cervix, battering the entrance to her womb with the tip of my cock.

Alyssa is turning her head from side to side moaning " No.No.No.Oh God," I feel her muscles twitching and tightening gripping around my cock like vise with a death grip. Alyssa is suspended under me, the full weight of my body bearing down on her small body with my nine inches of throbbing cock buried inside her.

My feet curl as her labia chokes down the remainder of my girth, then my pubic bone lands warmly against her. With her lips stretched tightly around the base of my cock, I feel the rear wall of her vaginal cavity around my brutal insertion.

The immense sense of fullness creates a heavy stimulation that vibrates pleasure throughout our bodies. Again and again she slowly raises herself up and plummets herself back against me, forcefully and relentlessly driving me to the back wall of her honey pot.

Alyssa swirls and rotates her pelvis as she rides me, directing my monster rod to erogenous zones deep within her creaming vagina. Below us my hairy balls dripping with her milky cum. The lubrication helps us build a rhythm that only increases the erotic pleasures. Each consecutive backward thrust she makes pulverizes her pussy, loosening her extremely tight passage into a sopping mess. Such insatiable desire makes our hearts race as we fuck each other with an unrivaled passion.

After continued abusive injections from my steamy piston she finds herself craving something more exotic. The only thing that can gratify this carnal desire is to mate in the most intimate of primal ways.

Alyssa begins angling her hips into a position that makes penetration more shallow. At first I'm confused as I watch her bite her lip and carefully position her hips in dedicated concentration. Then I feel the ring of her cervix gliding up over and resting upon the tip of my penis. Now I understand her intention and impure wish to have the sanctity of her virgin womb violated by my searing manhood. The slimy, concave opening of her cervix feels like it's sucking on my crimson cap as she repeatedly tries to stretch it over my large engorged head.

After several attempts the mucus covered ring of the external orifice dilates, relinquishing it's guardianship of her sacred feminine passage. Slowly the muscular orifice of her cervix rolls over my penis, contracting its ring behind the ridged corona of my bulbous head, locking me tight within. Once inside I slowly push into the unexplored, constrictive passage of her resisting womb; while enjoying her changing facial expression with her inner deflowering.

As Alyssa advances me into her womb's canal I sense her ambition to feel my salty seed spoiling her pristine womb. The ache causes me to swell inside the impossibly narrow, furrowed canal, making passage near impossible.

Alyssa pulls me deeper until I feel the contracted internal orifice at the tip of my dick. The clenched sphincter feels impassible, a tight closed sentinel guarding the inner sanctum of her undefiled abyss.

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With continuous gentle pushing and steady pressure, her desire to feel me inside is finally granted. Steadily I pry open the narrow virginal passage, slowly pushing the head upward into her waiting uterus. The ring of her internal cervical orifice gripping me in a tight death grip with a tight circular band that tightens around my throbbing, bulbous penis head as it slides into the creamy cavity of her uterus. Experiencing the phenomenon leaves me amazed that my raging cock has skewered the entirety of her small dainty vagina as well as her pure untouched womb.

We succumb to the achingly deep penetration together; the conjoined bliss of our locked bodies reeling in unbridled ecstasy. Then I feel her clench down around the intruding tip as a sudden shuddering of her body builds into the spasms of a poweful internal orgasm. Deep moans emanates from her as she writhes and squirms on my impaled member. Over and over her interior muscles repeatedly clenching and releasing my imposing girth like fingers fumbling to grasp a baton.

The earth shattering orgasm releases endorphins that disperse throughout her body. As the ecstasy consumes her, she collapses on the carpet.

Playfully I flick the tip of my tongue against her ear as the pulsating of her vanquished uterus smears cum all over the tip of my cock. Deeply Locked within the confines of her spongy, soft uterus I feel myself reaching soaring heights of arousal. The creamy tight cavity stretched around my swollen head, massaging the tip with the spasmodic throws of a powerful orgasm.

As she lays under me with aching delight, she begs me to spill my warm seed deep inside her. Deeper than I have ever been or might ever be again. She softly bucks her body up against me, as her womb strokes the impaled tip and the buried cap inside her. Her clutching uterus milking an orgasm from me as it is building. A whirlwind of pleasure overcomes my body as she sucks on her lower lip.

The feel of my rapid breathing and moaning makes her aware that I am about to erupt. Below the deep penetration Alyssa's hands are clawing at the carpet as she feels my tightening scrotum. Inside, twelve hours of pent up testosterone is readying a torrent of semen inside my achingly full testicles. She looks back at me with an intent stare as she clamps down around the entire length of my meaty intruder. The tugging grip is more than I can bare pushing me over the edge into a massive orgasm.

A chill runs up my spine as my cock stiffens uncontrollably then jerks and throbs under the grip of her slimy, penetrated cavern. The engorged tip of my cock swells uncontrollably inside the confines of the scintillating cavity. I let out a deep groan as I feel copious amounts of sperm fire into her waiting chalice. Clenched around the entire length of my cock, she feels the masculine contractions of my intense orgasm and the delivery of my sperm.

The small lips of my cock tip open up depositing the initial blast of my salty seed into her clenched virginal womb. It squirts against the roof of her cervix, splashing into her fallopian tubes, then cascades down around the buried tip.

Immediately following is a thunderous surge of warm thick cum that deposits deep inside her. A faint sigh tells me that she feels the warm jets of erupting cum painting the interior walls of her womb. I briefly hear her exclaim " Oh.oh.oh my God.what are you doing to meeeee!" As another spasmodic contraction discharges copious amounts of the warm pearlescent molasses.

I look into her eyes as I continue to defile her womb, ejaculating long ropes of my seed inside her. Finally, I fire the last creamy charge of cum within her, draping the sticky sweetness all over the walls of her uterus. My massive orgasm fills her with a bountiful load of sperm. The feeling is overwhelming as lay quivering in the aftershocks of a massive orgasm. As I start to calm down, her uterus pushes my diminishing cock from its tight confines, closing behind me to seal the inseminated cavity.

Her hands relax laying flat on the carpet telling me, she feels the warm globs of cum pooling inside her uterus. Slowly I feel my softening cock retract into her cervical canal before it is finally expelled through the tight ring of her cervix.

There inside her vagina is an engulfing warmth that caresses my shrinking erection. An aching heat that seems to thank me for depositing all my sperm inside her.

She looks back over her shoulder and into my eyes with her beautiful tear filled eyes whispering" didn' shouldn't have." She sighs looking back at me.

She knows now that I own her and her life will never be the same. As my cock slides back out of her a long string of my thick sticky semen trails down her inner thighs. She is laying on the carpet under me sobbing.


Ten minutes later Alyssa is walking for the door on shaky legs. Having been dismissed by me, my attention has turned back to work, she has once again gathered her clothes and rushed into the bathroom. This time she has avoided looking at herself in the mirror as she hurriedly cleans herself and dresses. As she opens the door to leave, she looks back at the ruthless bastard who had so easily turned her from a snobbish upper-middle class social-climber into a wanton, cock-craving whore.

I ignore her entirely.