Males pissing wildly on chick

Males pissing wildly on chick
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I awake to the regular smell of Sunday morning breakfast i get up and go to the shower. On my way there i notice my sisters door slightly open i peek in to see her in a bra and a thong i watch for just half of a second more she pulls the thong up her ass crack, and pushed her boobs up.

i go and take my shower. i decided this time was better then ever so i start to masturbate thinking of kinky sex scenarios. i finish pleasured but with this horrible feeling like i was sick and perverted.

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thinking if she ever found out that i pleasure myself to her she would hate me. i clean up and get dressed we go down and eat.

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my mom saying how today was Sunday and how we are gonna go to church. since i was still living with them i had to fallow through with whet ever they did and started.

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we got back from church that day i told them some bullshit story that i was not feeling so good again all bullshit. so my sister and my mom went to the mall and my dad went fishing with his friends i was alone so i go into my sisters room and find her hamper and look in there i find a fresh pair of panties i sit on her bed and inhale a long and good breath. when i notice the door open my sister caught me with one hand on my dick and the other holding her panties she looks angry yet has a devilish smile.

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she tells me that she will "talk" with me when she gets back. i put here panties down and go back to my bed and crash. i wake up and she my sister standing over me i a shirt and nothing else she tells me to sit up.


i start to kiss ass"look i did something stupid it wont happen again i promise" she looks at me when i notice A my dick being hard and B her masturbating. she stops.

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"shut the fuck up and stop talking" she pulls my head to her glistening pussy i just start to eat more and more she starts to cum i wanted to make this one big so i take my index finger and slowly push into her asshole my hart was pumping she was done.

she then pulls a pair of panties out and tells me "these are the freshest i have so enjoy them" she pulls me up and gives me a long kiss she walks out the door leaving my mind blown, i wake up in the morning wondering if that was a dream until i had the taste in my mouth it was real. i go downstairs mom rushing off to work my sister eating a bowl of cereal in a pair of skinny jeans and a long sleeved shirt she looks up and see me i see a little smile i to get a bowl and get ready to to go to school.

in the middle of class i get a note that asked " hey i heard you had a big dick" shocked i just write yea i do, and send it back then i got the letter back saying " well show me meet me in the bathroom in five minutes" i see a girl get up and get the hall pass i decide to follow up on this i go to the bathroom. i walk into the girls bathroom she then pulls me into the stall and pulls my pants down my dick springs out he then grabs it and starts to rub it.

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her mouth watering she then puts her mouth on it i see her start to pleasure her self her mouth so moist i could not handle it i came in her mouth she tells me that that was amazing and cleans her self up.

i thought about it for a minute and said "why did you do that" she said " your sister said you had a big dick and well a like a good big cock". i chuckle what a day. i look at the time we were in there for 30 minutes i say fuck and walk off campus. i get home and go to my room and lay down i see a note and what appears to be a picture of my sisters clit and her middle finger and says that i will have some major fun tonight.

my mom gets home and looks at me with some eyes and says " will you do me a favor and bring your sister out, and have some fun with her she seems a little depressed" i chuckle but slowly agree.

we both get ready to go out to the strip. we both go out and go to a couple hotels the MGM, the hard rock and we both got shit faced i rent a room at a cheep motel 6 and we get into the room and our cloths shed off she looked at me and said she could not wait for this and its long over due.she just had her panties on i pull them down from behind looking at her perfect ass that only complemented her huge tits.i grab her ass and slowly put my dick into her vagina.

her perfect little clit was so moist and soft she was moaning so loud by now i stop and pull out right before i cum she turns around her and jumps on her stomach her tits bouncing as she jumps on the bed she pulls me down and put my dick between her tits i she then starts to suck my dick as her tits grind on my dick i could not hold it i cum my head in her mouth as i cum she swallows and tells me that she loved the taste of my cum.

i go down and start to suck her tit while my finger goes in her vagina she could not hold she squirted and soaked the sheets we lie there in each others arms, and fall asleep. we wake up and she gives me a long and sweet kiss we go clean up and have breakfast in my truck i give her a long sweet kiss at a stop light and she tells me that she loves me i look at her and said is this bad or horribly she looks at me and asked me are you happy.

how could i say no she then tells me then its horrible or bad we are in love thats all that matters OUT OF CONTEXT this is my first story and only a part of a good a story that i hope to continue if you have an idea i am open to notes so just hit me with all the criticism you have