Doctor looks hymen physical and virgin cutie nailing

Doctor looks hymen physical and virgin cutie nailing
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Helen sat on the swing set at the playground looking sad and lonely. She looked around at all the other children playing with their friends and having fun, well she sat all alone with no body to talk to. Helen was very shy and never knew how to approach people, she was the loner of her 1st grade class.

She looked down at the ground and started kicking the dirt below her feet feeling resentful against the world that made her feel so pathetic. Suddenly there was a voice behind her. "You know if you want to destroy the world your going to have to do better than that." The voice said jokingly. Helen turned around to see a girl her age smiling at her.

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She was Asian with her long brown hair and soft brown eyes. Helen blushed "Yeah I guess that was kind of stupid." The other girl laughed "Ah don't worry I was just joking." She said as she sat next to her on the swings. "I'm Ashley by the way, Ashley Wang." Helen blushed more "Oh I'm Helen, Helen McRea." Ashley smiled "Well it's good to meet you." Ashley said.

Helen turned away and smiled, someone liked her and was talking to her. Over the following weeks Helen and Ashley became really good friends and spent every moment of recess together. Helen was the happiest she had ever been having finally found a true friend.

One day the two of them were playing at the playground, Ashley was telling Helen all about her plans for the weekend but Helen was distracted, She wasn't paying much attention to Ashley but found herself looking over at a boy playing with his friends in the sand box.

Ashley could tell that Helen wasn't paying attention and became slightly annoyed with her. "Umm hello Earth to Helen hello?" Helen snapped out of it and apologized to Ashley.

"Sorry I was just umm lost in space I guess." Ashley laughed "Don't give me that, you were staring at that boy over there." Helen blushed because she knew that she was busted. "I don't know why I'm so fascinated by him I mean he is just a boy." Ashley shrugged "My older sister has boys around her all the time and when I asked her why she said that one day I would want all kinds of them." Helen continued to stare and Ashley joined in. "I'll admit he is pretty good looking, nice black hair and he seems nice.

I think his name is Jack." Helen sighed "Jack" she said dreamily. Ashley laughed. "Go over there and talk to him." Helen freaked out "Are you crazy I have no idea what to say to him." "Just talk to him about boy stuff." Ashley said well pushing Helen towards him and giggling. Helen slowly walked towards the group of boys. With every step she took her brain screamed out to her to run away and hide under the slide but she kept moving.

As she got closer she saw that the boys were playing army men in the sand. "Oh that looks like fun." She said in the bravest voice she could. All the boys looked up most of them startled to see a girl near them. "Hey get out of here, this is an exclusive boys club so no girls allowed!" one of the boys shouted. Helen was fully embarrassed and turned away with a few tears in her eyes. "Hey guy's don't be mean, this girl actually sounds kind of cool." Another boy said.

Helen turned around and smiled to see that the boy who stood up for her was the one she was staring at. "Hey come on Jack, if we let one girl in then pretty soon we will have to let them all in." the third boy said. Jack shook his head. "Ok then I'll get rid of her I'm almost dead anyway. Jack stood up and led Helen away from the sandbox. As soon as they were out of ear shot Jack turned to Helen. "Hey sorry about that those guys can be jerks sometimes.

I'm Jack by the way." Helen blushed and turned away "Yeah I heard." Jack was puzzled at why she was so nervous but ignored it and continued with the conversation. "So you're the girl who hangs out with that weird looking girl right?" Helen smiled "Yeah that's Ashley. Her grandparents moved from China so her and her parents were born in Canada." Jack nodded "So really she is no different that us cool.

I kind of wanted to talk to you both a few times but my friends think your both just weird." Helen looked down and smiled. "He wanted to talk to me." She thought to herself. She was so happy but she was not sure why. For some reason Jack and his opinion of her was very important for her. "I'm Helen by the way." Jack smiled "That's a very pretty name." Helen blushed and stared at him.

The two looked into each others eyes and Helen could feel her heart pounding in her chest. Jack was nervous as well, he had never met a girl like her and for reasons he couldn't understand he wanted her.

Jack leaned in and softly kissed her lips. Helen was shocked but kissed back. The two shared a special moment for it was the first kiss for both of them. Warm feelings spread though both of them as the unheard of emotion of love was being showed to them for the first time.

The kiss seemed to go on forever but like all good things it had to end. The recess bell rang and the two broke apart. Both were at a loss for words not knowing what to do now. "Well I'll see you around Helen maybe we can hang out sometime." Helen simply smiled and nodded.

Jack ran off towards class but Helen stood for a moment. She could not believe what had just happened to her, she had her first kiss and met her first love. She walked towards the school in an almost dream like state, lost in the feeling of love.

4 years later. Helen sat in class bored to tears at the boring lesson that was being taught, Her teacher Mr. Bitterman was droning on and on about the forest ecosystem and how it effects us. Helen didn't care about the forest ecosystem and even if she did Mr. Bittermen would ruin it for her. His voice was so droll and monotonic that he could have been talking about a war between vampires and werewolves and it would still put everyone to sleep. Helen sighed and looked at the clock ticking it's way slower than usual.

Why was the end of a Friday always so slow?

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She looked around the room and discovered that she wasn't the only one who didn't care about the lesson. All around students were not paying attention. They were playing pokemon on their gameboys, quietly chatting with each other about the upcoming long weekend and one student was drawing a picture of Mr. Bitterman as a hippo in a tutu. The picture made Helen laugh out loud. Mr. Bitterman put looked over at her with sternness in his face.

"Listen if you don't wish to participate in the lesson then you can just leave." Ashley spoke up from beside Helen "I didn't realise that was an option. Man I've been wasting the last five years of my life." Everyone in the class laughed.

Helen smiled, Ashley had become such a loud mouth over the years but that just made her like her more. Mr. Bitterman was not pleased. "Listen you little punks. I am in charge of this class and as long as school is still on you will…" But just as he was about to finish the bell for the end of the day rang. All the students laughed and walked out of class. Helen went to her hook and picked up her backpack when her ass was grabbed from behind.

"Humm your ass has grown a lot, I recommend you lay off those chips." Ashley said jokingly. Helen laughed and turned around "Your such a bitch Ashley." Ashley laughed. "No it's the other way around you're my bitch." Helen rolled her eyes as Ashley laughed her ass off. Suddenly Jack walked up to the both of them. "How are you lovely ladies doing today?" He asked.

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Ashley smiled "Well I'm doing just fine, how are you stud?" she said well slapping his ass. Helen laughed the three of them had become really good friends over the past four years. "So are you both coming to my Halloween party tonight? It's going to be a blast!" Jack said confidently. Both of them smiled and nodded. Jack smiled back "Great I'll see you there ok." He said as he ran down the hall.

That night Helen was hanging out at Ashley's place getting ready for the party. Helen was squeezing into her sailor moon costume well Ashley lied on the bed already in her cat costume.

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Helen studied her looks in the mirror. The skirt was really short on her and the top was very tight and showed off her tiny breasts. She had died her hair blonde for the costume and had it in nice long pigtails. For a good looking girl the look would have been jaw dropping but Helen felt she was just too average to look good.

She stared at her self in the mirror and made a sad face. "Oh Ashley it just doesn't work, I don't look good enough." She said as she sunk onto the bed. Ashley went over to her and began rubbing her shoulders. "Helen you look fantastic what's wrong?" Helen sighed "It's my body it doesn't look nearly as good as most of the other girls out age." Ashley mere shook her head. "Baby your beautiful, your going to go in there and be the life of the party.

Tons of guys are going to want to make out with you I promise." Helen shook her head "It's not the other guys I want it's Jack.

But were friends and I don't know how to show him that I can be sexy too." Ashley listened and nodded. Her friend needed her and it was time to help. Ashley pulled Helen towards her and made her face her. "Now if you want to show Jack you like him your going to need to seduce him and make him want you." Helen looked confused. "How do I do that?" Ashley moved her self closer. "You need to loosen yourself up." Ashley went down and hiked Helen's skirt up further so that the bottom of her underwear could be seen.

Then she went up and undid the first two buttons of her top to reveal what cleavage she had. Helen crossed her arms.

"No I don't want him to see them, they are way too small!" Ashley looked at her sternly. "Helen your breasts are fantastic. They may not be big but they fit your body perfectly." Helen still wasn't convinced. "All the other girls in our class have huge boobs almost the size of a full grown adult. How can I compete with them?" Ashley reached out and touched Helen's face "You have something that no one girl there has.

Jack's love." Helen turned to Ashley and her eyes widened in disbelief.


"What, you mean Jack loves me!" Ashley smiled and nodded. "I see the way he is around you. He really likes you Helen. He has liked you the whole time he's known you." Helen smiled he loved her.

Her body filled with confidence, tonight was the night that she would make him hers. Jack's party was full swing. When Ashley and Helen arrived their entire class was there dancing to music and watching horror movies on T.V. Helen looked around at the girls, some of them had very slutty nurse and teacher costumes. Her body tensed up she had gotten nervous again.

Ashley had sensed her friends anxiety and touched her shoulder giving her a you can do this kind of look. Suddenly a boy in a werewolf mask came over to them.

"You both picked a bad night to come because it's a full moon tonight HOWLLLLL." The boy said pulling off his mask revealing it was Jack. The three of them laughed and Jack got a look at Helen. As soon as he saw her his jaw dropped. He had never seen Helen like that before, so beautiful and naughty looking. "Wow Helen you look amazing." Helen couldn't believe it he actually was complementing her.

"Well you don't look so bad yourself wolf man." She said well rubbing his face.


Ashley smiled at them both. "Well I think I'm going to go watch T.V. with everyone else so you two go have fun. As Ashley left Jack took Helen's hand and led her to his room.

Helen got a good look around. All around were posters of popular cartoon characters and comic books. Jack blushed a bit "Sorry if I knew that you would be in here I would have cleaned up a bit." Helen smiled and shook her head.

"No it's fine it's good to know the real you." She looked around and saw his desk and there was a picture of him, Helen and Ashley at the amusement park from a year back, the three of them looked so happy together. "I can't believe you kept this." She said. Jack smiled "Of coarse I kept it, that was the happiest day of my life.

Helen smiled and began putting the picture down when she discovered there was a small book lying under it. She picked it up and opened it up.

The inside title read "Jack's Diary" Helen laughed "You never said you had a diary." Jack's eyes widened. "No don't read that!" Jack made a dive for her but she stood up and began reading. "September 3rd today was the first day of school and I'm finally back with my friends. I'm so excited to be back with Ashley and Helen." Helen laughed "Ohhhhh you like hanging out with us huh?" Jack grew even more panicked "Please don't read anymore!" Helen continued to laugh and skipped ahead a few weeks.

"October 1st I saw Helen in gym class today, she is so beautiful I would do anything to make her my girlfriend." Helen paused and looked at him. Jack looked panicked still but it seemed he wanted her to go on. "October 22nd I'm throwing a Halloween party soon. I hope Helen will come because I'm throwing this party just to be with her." Helen put the book down and sat down in disbelief.

He had thrown a whole party just to be with her. "Why did you never tell me you felt this way?" she asked. Jack looked at her silently for a moment then he answered. "We were such good friends I wasn't sure if you liked me that way and I didn't want to ruin our relationship by wanting to take it farther." Helen and touched his shoulder.

"But I'm so crazy about you. Ever since the day we first met and you gave me my first kiss. From that day on I couldn't get you out of my head. At first I thought it was friendship that I was feeling but as the years went by I knew that it was love. I want to spend my life with you and get married some day and have kids. I never told you because I thought you would say that I had a stupid crush and that I was crazy." Helen looked down in sadness.

Jack slowly reached over and touched her chin. He pulled her face up and told her "I feel the same way. I can't picture a life without you and I want no one else but you." Helen's eyes lit up and she glowed with happiness.

It was like she was a child again. Jack slowly leaned forward and kissed her soft wanting lips. The two of them had kissed before when they were young but this was something totally different. As they kissed it was like they were giving each other to themselves. Their souls seemed to flow through their mouths and into each others bodies. Jack gently moved his tongue around Helen's and her tongue let his work. Their bodies grew warm and they knew then and there that they were truly meant to be.

The two pulled back saliva falling onto their tongues. They stared into each others eyes the way that newly weds do just after their first kiss as husband and wife.

And just like a wedding night they knew what was going to happen next. Jack got up and locked his door and Helen lied on the bed spreading her legs almost instinctually. Jack came back to her and lied on the bed on top of her. He gently kissed her lips then worked his way down to her neck, kissing and sucking on it. Helen moaned in pleasure it was like having her dog lick her only for more sensual and loving.

Jack continued to make his way down her neck and going toward her chest. He slowly undid her top exposing her naked breasts. They were very small at only a trainer bra level but they were very perky and suited her well.

He leaned down and gently licked the nipple. Helen gave a small moan at the pleasure of having it licked. He kissed in between them and fondled gently with his hands. Helen had never had her breasts stimulated like this but welcomed the incredible feeling. Slowly her nipples became hard and Jack played with them gently. Jack went back to licking them and proceeded to sucking on them like a baby. Helen moaned louder. Jack was working hard to give her pleasure.

It made her feel loved, it made her feel passion, it made her feel like a real woman. Jack continued to suck on Helen's breasts when his penis started to become erect and started poking Helen in the leg. Helen pushed him up. "Can I see it, please?" Jack merely smiled and undid his pants. Helen reached over and pulled them down.

She saw his half erect member pushing against his tight underwear. Slowly she pulled them down and saw to her amazement a 3 inch penis staring at her. Helen had known of penises but had never actually seen what one looked like.

It was like if her vagina burst out from inside of her and became hard. "Wow it's so big!" she said at a loss for words. Jack smiled "It get's bigger watch." Jack reached down and slowly began jerking his penis back and forth. As he did so it slowly became harder and longer and began to stand up higher. Finally it stood at it's full 5 inches. "Wow that's amazing!" Helen said unable to take her eyes off it. "My dad says that it's only about half grown and that when I'm full grown it will be double in size." Helen stared at it unable to picture it at full height.

Helen looked at it and Jack nervously. "Can I touch it?" she asked innocently. Jack merely smiled and waved his hand towards it. Slowly Helen reached out and touched it gently with her fingers. As she made contact the penis twitched enjoying the sensation. Helen was startled and pulled her hand back. Jack smiled and laughed. "It's ok it won't bite. Try gripping it to get a better hold." Helen nodded and grabbed it once more this time putting her whole hand around it.

It was so hard and warm like a bicycle handle on a hot summer day. Jack smiled "Play with it like I did it feels really good to me." Helen nodded and began slowly jerking it up and down. Jack moaned in pleasure encouraging her to go on and do it some more. She tighted her grip and began going faster and faster. She grew to love the sensation, it was like stirring dinner. Jack began moaning louder and began begging her to stop.

Helen let go immediately and hid her face from him. 'I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you, I've just never done this before." Jack rubbed her shoulders. "No you did it fine it's just I want to do more with you." Helen turned to him and smiled.

"Well now what?" she asked like a child at an amusement park. Jack smiled and said "Time for me to return the favour." Jack lied Helen down and began kissing her belly. He slowly began pulling down her skirt and then removed her panties.

He stared at her pussy looking a little confused. He had never seen anything like it before and was unsure how to please it. Helen sensed his bewilderment and grabbed his hand. "Sometimes it can feel good to rub it." She led his hand down and had him gently rub her pussy lips.

Jack nodded and began rubbing the front of them on his own. Helen leaded back and let him do his work. He moved his hand around her pussy and slowly slid the tip of his pinkie in her whole. Her body cringed, it was a new experience for her almost like going to the bathroom but backwards. Jack looked at her asking her permission to go on and she agreed. He slowly put the tip of his finger in and out and found it was a bit easier to go in each time.

Helen enjoyed the sensation and slowly something was leaking out of her pussy. She bolted up "I'm sorry I didn't mean to pee on you." The look on Jack's face told him that it wasn't pee but something else. He lifted his finger and the liquid on his finger was clear and gooey. He put it to his mouth and licked it.

The taste was unusual, different but tasty. Jack began fingering her some more and more liquid leaked. He went lower and started licking it up. Helen moaned and told Jack that what he was doing felt good. Jack did it more and went faster, licking up all that came out. As he went a small bump appeared at the top of her vagina. He slowly reached out and touched it causing Helen to bolt up in pleasure. It was like nothing she had ever experienced before. Like having a tickling sensation travel from the spot through her body like electricity.

Jack looked at her asking if he wanted him to go on. Helen merely panted yes. Jack went down and gently massaged her clit sending shockwaves of pleasure through Helen. Helen felt like fireworks were going through her body and her pussy continued to gush out liquid. Just like Jack stopped her she stopped him from continuing. There was one last mating ritual they needed to do. The two didn't know about sex but instinct and common sense led the way.

Helen lied back down and spread her legs open. Jack moved over top of her and placed the tip of his penis. The answers on what to do came to them like it was breathing. He had a shaft, she had a hole, it was only natural what came next. Jack looked deep into Helen's eyes and asked if she was ready. Helen stared back and said "Yes I want you inside of me. I want to be one with you." Jack nodded and pulled her in for a hug.

"Go slow" she whispered into his ear. Jack once again nodded and pulled her in tighter pushing his penis inside of her. Helen's eyes burst wide open. It was like nothing she had ever felt or dreamed of.

A mixture of pain and pleasure swept through her. Her body wanted her to stop but her heart wanted her to keep going. Jack could not have gone more than an inch deep but it the most that had ever gone in there. Jack stared into her face and saw the want in her eyes and began pulling his penis in and out slowly. Helen cringed with every thrust but begged for more. Beyond every bit of pain came greater pleasure, a pleasure that was greater than any before it.

As Jack went on the pain started to wane and more pleasure came from it.

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Helen gyrated her hips forward, pushing him deeper inside of her. With every thrust the penis went in deeper and deeper inside of her sending waves of pleasure through her like a swimming pool. Jack began massaging her clit as he went bringing Helen almost to the point where she couldn't take anymore. Her heart pounded and her body poured with sweat. Her breathing became erratic and Jack was enduring the same fate. Neither one was going to last much longer. Jack gave a few final thrusts and his body gave and his penis shot a few drops of semen into her vagina.

Finally Helen could not take anymore and her body began to quake. She wrapped her legs around him for support pushing him even deeper. Her eyes shot into the back of her head and what felt like an explosion in her vagina spread though her entire body and she screamed so loud it was a wonder the whole house didn't hear. The two fell beside each other panting like they had just ran a mile. Helen could not believe it, she had just had sex, she was now a real women. Jack pulled her in and kissed her shoulder.

Neither one could think of anything to say because nothing needed to be said. They had just shared the most sensual experience a being can share. It was like they were one and the same and has they lied there staring into each others eyes they knew that they would be together forever. 13 years later Helen lied in her hospital bed. She was exhausted and enduring more pain then she had ever thought possible and yet she was the happiest she had ever been.

In her arms was her beautiful daughter. She had never seen anything so tiny or so beautiful. Beside her, her husband Jack sat with a big smile on his face. The two of them together had produced the most beautiful creature on Earth. Suddenly the door opened and there was Ashley all grown up and looking cheerful as ever. She looked at the baby and gasped. "Oh my god I've never seen anything so cute in my life." Jack smiled and laughed "She had her mothers looks." The baby laughed as well.

"And her fathers sense of humour." Helen joked. "Have you thought of a name yet?" Ashley asked. Helen and Jack looked at each other with smiles on their faces. "Well we were thinking about naming her after her godmother." Jack explained.

Ashley smiled "Great who's her godmother?" She asked. Helen smiled "You. If your up for it." Ashley looked at her like Christmas had come early. "It would be an honour to be her godmother and to have her named after me." Jack smiled. "Then it's settled. Welcome to the world little Ashley."

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