Group of amateur bukkake guys

Group of amateur bukkake guys
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Jason sighed as he turned his computer off. It had been a long day, and his paper for Sociology class was not coming along as planned. He was just about to lay down when he decided that he wanted something to drink. After all, he had been working for hours without end. So he quickly left his room and headed down stairs. When he got to the living room, which he had to cut through to get to the kitchen, he paused.

His sister was laying on the couch in her big comforter, sleeping peacefully. Jason smirked as he recalled the sight of her gorgeous body.

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She had long blonde hair, and bright blue eyes. Her skin was soft and tan. Her body was ripe, with 24 B breasts and an ass that belonged to a stripper. Surprisingly, though, she was only fifteen. He didn't care. Suddenly, he wanted more than he had ever known. He pulled her comforter off and scanned her sweet body, taking in the sight of the sleek curves. She lay there in a white spaghetti strap shirt and a pair of soft white cotton panties. Jason ran his finger tips over the fabric of her shirt and up to a hard nipple that was threatening to burst through the fabric.

Her skin was hot underneath. It was so exciting. Before lifting her shirt up to her neck, he looked around to make sure his parents weren't walking about. Then he lifted the shirt to reveal those gloriously bare breasts.

Before thinking, he pulled one into his mouth and twirled it between his teeth. Her sharp intake of breath made him pause. But when he went back to sleep, her resumed his suckling.

After he had had his fill of her precious tits, he slid his finger tips down to the fabric of her panties. She whimpered in her sleep as he gently rubbed her cunt over her panties. Then he pulled back the crotch to reveal her shaved, pink softness.


A smile spread across his face, and he quickly spread her wide with two fingers. A soft moan escaped her lips as his tongue flicked over her clitoris.

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It was a taste unlike any other, sweet and velvety. Jason slid his boxers off and moved to her face. He quickly opened her mouth and knelt to slide his cock down her throat. While moving his hips slowly, enjoying the heat of her mouth, he kept a close eye on her. He didn't want her to wake up just yet.

So he thrust his cock gently in her mouth, groaning as her tongue worked on instinct. It was like a switch had been flipped inside him.

He came hard, filling her mouth. When he jumped back, she simply swallowed his juice and turned her head away.

Then she was soundlessly asleep once more. Jason moved to her pantie line and slowly pulled the garment down. Once her pussy was free, he spread her legs wide and nestled between her thighs. Keeping his eyes on her face, he slowly pressed himself inside her.

His heart raced, but his cock throbbed at the sensation of being surrounded by extreme tightness. He thrust gently, enjoying every stroke, every instinctive reflex of her muscles. He wanted more, but he had to be careful. So he only sped up his thrusts a little. He knew that it wouldn't take long for him to come. She was so wet and tight. But he kept going, not wanting it to end. Just as he was about to explode, though, he pulled out. After quickly licking two fingers, he rubbed them over his tight anus and slid them inside.

She whimpered, but quickly got quiet. Jason waited, and then pressed the head of his cock into her ass. Just as he slid in to the base of his shaft, she whimpered.

He paused mid stroke, but quickly kept thrusting gently. He groaned as he came, his hot seed spilling out the sides as he pulled out of her. Then he quickly redressed her and covered her up.

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He kissed her forehead and smiled. "I love you Isabella," he whispered. As he walked away, he felt a new sense of pride. He had just fucked the sexiest girl in his world. If only she knew how much he cared. He loved her in ever sense of the word.


But she would never know. Michael laid down in his room and sighed. "I wish she knew," he said. (_)(_)(_) The first thing that Jason knew when he woke up was that he smelled perfume.

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When he opened his eyes, he saw Isabella sitting on his bed. She was wearing one of his shirts, which only made him smile. "Good morning," she said, flashing him a flirty smile. "Hey. How did you sleep?" "Excellent after the sex.


Thanks for that." He jumped up, his eyes wide. "You were awake?" "Duh.

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I think I realized what was happening when you licked my pussy." Jason sighed and leaned back. "So you aren't going to tell Mom and Dad?" "Why would I? I liked it. Nice cock." She motioned to his penis were it sat throbbing with the memory. He had forgot that he had slept naked. "Isabella, what does this mean for us?" She slid up the bed to him and palmed his cock in her soft hand.

The action made his heart race. "I guess this makes us fuck buddies. No strings attached kind of thing." He smirked, and then inhaled sharply when she licked his sex from base to tip, never taking her eyes from his.

Then she pulled the shirt she was wearing off, revealing her naked body. Jason couldn't help but notice that her body looked so sleek and sexy. He loved the idea of her riding him. Instead, though, she went down, pulling his cock into her mouth and bobbing her head.

She licked him, tasted him. Her tongue played with the tip, coaxing his seed to burst out.

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When she began deep throating, he thought that he had lost his mind. He groaned and held her head there as she sucked and licked. He wanted more of the warmth of her mouth. The tingle in his spine told him it was coming, so he held her head down, his cock deep in her throat.

With a low grunt, he came, and sh responded by swallowing it all. So Isabella slid up his body with a grin on her face. "You taste so good," she whispered in his ear while straddling him.

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Michael held his cock under her pussy as he kissed her. "I love fucking you," he whispered to her. The second she moved back, his cock impaled her completely, filling her tightness with his sex. Her eyes widened and she moaned loud. As she rocked her hips, he squeezed her breasts. It was so much better to fuck her awake. Her muscles sucked on his cock, making him tremble as she rode him fast.

She leaned forward, hands on the wall for support as her hips moved faster and faster. Isabella yelled as she fucked him faster, jumping to add more force.

Suddenly, Jason's world was spinning. Her hips moved in circles, and Jason knew that he wouldn't be able to hold on. Even as she climaxed, he knew that he couldn't hold on. He groaned loud and exploded up into her. She smiled and kissed him. "You are the best brother in the entire world." He smirked.

"I love you Isabella."