Tgirl Nathany Gomes enjoys extreme blowjob with hunk bf

Tgirl Nathany Gomes enjoys extreme blowjob with hunk bf
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The following story is for the most part true.

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All names have changed. Most of my writings have been embellished to bolster the stories. However, no one portrayed in these stories is under the age of 18.

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I am a male I am now 31 years old. The following story takes place when I was between 18 and 20 about my sexual experiences. Although I am very bi-sexual, I am also married to a bi-sexual female who is well aware of my past.

My name is Rudy, my last name begins with the letter D, and therefore, my nickname is RD, which everyone including family refers to me as. A little history about my background. My mom's name is Toni who is 39, a cool mother, and a knockout for her age. She is 5' 4", long sandy hair, blue eyes, she is fit and according to her bra size, she is a 35d. She is a very good fuck and a great cocksucker, but I will get to that later. I have a brother Samuel, Sam for short.

Sam would have been 37, but he and my dad Rudolph who I am named after died in a car crash two years ago. As for me, I am 6' 1" weight 180 with sandy hair and blue eyes too.

I am uncut and I have a 6 ½ cock and a girth of almost 5". With all my playing with my cock and jerking off over the years, my foreskin is loose and slides back and forth easily.

I have to admit, even now, I really feel no guilt or shame at raping my mom. Not when I was as horny as I was then, and still am, and she was just so available.

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As I said, my mom is 39, and still in good shape. Not a supermodel, to be sure, but I have seen people with a lot worse looking women, she exercised regularly, so her body was firm. To be honest, I had never thought about her in a sexual way. In fact, I seldom thought about her at all. She was just a normal nagging, always on my ass mother of a teenage boy.

However, that all changed one night after my uncle Marty arrived. Now I was hanging out in the basement, with two new friends I met at a local xxx-theater, Chris and Matt. Christ was 19, Matt was almost 20, both guys' were about 5' 9 and strong, especially Matt who seemed to lead and they a "bad influence", as my mother harped at me.

However, of course, that only made me want to hang with them even more. They had taught me a few things, like how to shop lift small stuff without getting caught, along with which houses in their neighborhood had windows that could be peeked in at night, with totally clueless housewives putting on a skin show and not even realizing it, as they got ready for bed.

And once, even watching a fuck session. I jerked off so many times, remembering that night. I told the guys it was a shame we couldn't video tape it, and then blackmail them into letting us fuck the wife.

They both grinned wickedly at that one, but didn't say anything. I was surprised that two cool guys like that allowed a guy like me to hang with them. I never thought about it until long afterwards, but maybe they planned what happened all along, and after meeting her only used me to get my Mom.

Even after I thought about it, I did not care. Fucking her was too much fun to worry about the "why" aspect. However, I am getting ahead of the story. I was going to the local xxx-theater for a while. You had to me 18 to get in and to my surprise, the door attendant never took my ID as real. He told me he knew it was a fake and would report me to the police.

However, he says, "hey kid step in the booth here, maybe you can do something for me to change my mine," as I saw his hand reach down and unzip his pants. What the hell, I walked into the theater and he unlocked the door to the booth area, he relocked the door. As I walked in and the room was somewhat dark except for a dim light right over the area where he stood selling tickets. I saw too that there was more than enough room for me to stoop down under the counter top so that no one could ever see me from the outside.

I was not surprised to see that the guy had already had his cock hanging out of his pants. After I nestled in, I saw he had a nice but wrinkled cock. I suppose he was in his late 50's. His cock was about 5 inches limp. As I put his cock in my mouth and began to suck it, it soon grew to over 6 inches easy.


His cock tasted between salty slimy and greasy as if he had not washed in a week. Smells exuding through the open zipper was so raunchy that as I continued to suck the old dirty fuck I had to reach up with my hands to unbuckle his belt and allow his pants to drop to the floor taking away most of the stench.

It didn't take long with all my sucking and jerking his cock that he let go with a large load of cum which I continued to swallow without removing my mouth for his cock. I think it surprised him that I was able to keep up with him with my swallowing. Anyway, after licking and cleaning his wet cock, he reached down with his right hand, handing me a free ticket. When the coast was clear he said OK, all's clear you can go in now. I slithered out of the booth area and into the theater where the usher took half my ticket.

I like to sit in the far rear of the theater, mostly because I like to jerk off back there depending on the movie. This movie was aptly named; "Mad Motorcycle Gang Rape." Just before the movie started, two guy's walked in, looked around and headed back to where I was setting. Damn, now they were striding sideways down my aisle where the first guy sits right next to me.

The second guy takes a seat one away for his friend. I guess for what appeared to be pop, popcorn and candy bars he laid out on the seat between them. I felt like leaving but I had a wall behind me, a wall to my left, and these guy's to my right. Actually, this was to my benefit later on.

No long into the movie the first gang rape began with two twenty-year old females four motorcycles gang members found walked on a back road. I could see my neighbor to my right was stroking his cock through his jeans.

There was no one to my left. Next was a scene where a van drove into a supermarket parking lot stopped and waited as people walked in and out of the supermarket. Soon a woman appeared leaving the store with her young son. The van started rolling slowly toward the woman, stopped.

Two brute sized men slid open the sliding door of the van, jumped and effectively grabbed the woman forcing her into the back of the van leaving her son behind, as they sped off.

The next scene was that of an old barn with what looked like the two main doors began to open on their own, as the van that kidnapped the woman came speeding down this dirt lane leaving nothing but clouds of dust behind as it ripped into the barn and the doors now automatically closing behind it. The next scene is that of the gang members pulling the woman for the van who is now screaming bloody murder, "No, no, no please don't, please don't hurt me,".yeah right.

Outside the van were 20 or more gang members in wait, including a few female members. As usual with the brutal rape scene's that followed, I had a huge hard-on and so did my neighbor. I guess both of us were rubbing our crotches but, as always, I wanted to rip my cock out of my pants to jerk off.

Concentrating on the movie, I suddenly felt a hand on my right hand gently and slowly pulling my arm over and placing my hand on his crotch. Instantly I groped at the hard cock hiding.

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no, I WAS groping A cock. A very hard cock too and wow a very thick cock as well. That is all it took, I removed my hand, unbuckled my jeans, dropped my pants to the floor and knelt down on my knees to face this guy's beautiful big cock.

After I was finished with him, his friend took and place and when I was finished with him, the first guy came back for seconds. Then his friend again for his second blowjob. This folks was my introduction to Matt and Chris. Whether it was intentional or not, they had been "priming" me, talking about all the pussy they had gotten, and what sluts women were, and that entire "women's lib" thing was a pile of shit, because women existed to be dominated by men.

They existed for us to fuck, when we wanted, however we wanted.

To me a horny male, that was powerful talk. Anyway, it was about two weeks after watching the couple fuck. The three of us were in the basement, smoking pot and watching a porn DVD that Chris had stolen from his old man's collection. I was hornier than hell, watching the broads sucking cock and being fucked in all three holes. When Mom walked in and caught us. She immediately began to freak out, demanding that Chris and Matt leave, take the pot with them, and never step foot in her house again.

Matt had already gotten up and was standing behind her. She saw the action on the screen and turned beet red with anger, asking what I thought I was doing, watching that sort of thing. Chris stood up and faced her, and calmly told her we watched it cause we didn't have any pussy to fuck for real. Mom looked shocked, and then raised her arm to slap Chris.

Before she could swing, Matt grabbed her from behind and pinned her arms. Her struggling was useless, but it did make her bathrobe open a bit. I had not really noticed till then, but she must have come downstairs straight from taking a shower. Her hair was damp, and it was obvious now she had nothing on under the robe. At least, no bra. Chris lifted the bottom of her robe and spread it wide, revealing my mom's cunt.

He licked his lips. "Maybe we didn't have a pussy to fuck before, but it sure looks like we got one now!" Matt had allowed her struggling to help him fully open the top of her robe, revealing her still firm breasts. They looked fantastic, to me. But, to be totally honest, if they had weighed 20 pounds apiece; I would have thought they looked great. The fact that they were my mother's was totally forgotten, until Matt started groping one and reminded me.

"Do these look familiar, RD?" "They should, you used to suck on them when you were a Baby." "Would you like to try sucking them again?" Mom snapped out of the shock of being held and exposed. "RD, no, you can't son, stop these creeps, and make them let me go!" Matt held her tight, but continued to massage her boob. Then Chris stepped closer to her. "Well, RD, if you don't want to suck them, do you mind if I do?" With that, he took Moms breast away from Matt and pinched her nipple, not hard enough to make her scream, but playfully.

Then he lowered his head and began to lick it until her nipple began to stiffen, then he started sucking it. Moms struggling had caused her other boob to come free of her robe, and now it was bouncing around. My cock was now straining against my under-shorts.

Suddenly, Chris's cock was out of his pants, and pointing straight at my Mom. Matt bends her arms and forced her to her knees. My mouth became dryer than it had ever been; I knew what was going to happen. Chris was going to make my Mom suck his cock.

This was the defining moment, I could stand and watch my Mom be orally raped, or I could try to stop it, protect her. I have always blamed the pot, and the horniness, but I stood there and watched the live sex show in front of me. Matt yanked on Moms hair, making her yell out. Before she could close her mouth, Chris's cock was in it. "You bite me, bitch, both you and your son are going to die." She seemed to sag, not just physically, but mentally too.

She resigned herself the fact that she was going to suck cock tonight, and her son was not going to help her. I don't know if it ever occurred to her that I would join in. To be honest, at that point, it had not really registered with me either. Mom knelt, with Matt holding her down.

I guess her plan was to get it over with as quick as possible, because she really began working on Chris's dick, sucking for all she was worth. It was too much for a 19-year-old boy, he came fast, shoving his dick down her throat as far as he could.

He told her to swallow it all, not to spill a drop, or she'd get the shit beat out of her. Mom obeyed, keeping her lips sealed tight around his shaft while she swallowed. Wow! I thought. She hung her head in shame, but her ordeal was not over yet. Matt was still behind her, and had worked his pants and shorts down to his ankles. He shoved her forward onto her hands and knees, and mounted her doggy style. Her head was hurting; she was done trying to fight back.

She just knelt there, being fucked while her own son watched. In addition, her son was getting hornier and hornier every second. Chris nudged me, "You getting turned on by this?" I blushed; my erection pushing against my pants was obvious. Made brave by the pot, I answered. "Yes, I am, so fucking turned on, you wouldn't believe." "Go for it, man, her mouth is empty, and I can tell you, she's a fantastic cock sucker." He rubbed my hard on through my jeans.

That was all I could take. I dropped my pants, kicked them off, along with my shorts, and stepped close to Mom, waving my cock in her face. "Suck it." She started to protest, but Matt interrupted his doggie fucking long enough to reach up and grab one of her tits and pinch her nipple.

"Go ahead, whore, give your son a fucking blow job, and suck him off. Or you are going to really get hurt. Like this." With that, he punched her hard in the ribs on her right side, nearly buckling her over as she screamed out in pain. After that punch, Mom regained her expression, just opened her mouth for me. I slipped my cock in her mouth and closed my eyes as she started to suck on it. I closed my eyes and moaned. It was every bit as good as I imagined, better, even, knowing it was own Mother sucking me off in front of these guys.

I arched my back and shot my load in her mouth, coming much sooner than I wanted. In all the porn stories, I have read on the net, the women always keep sucking until there is no more cum left in the guys cock. I guess Mom did not read those stories, because she had stopped sucking, and showed no interest in starting again. I pulled my cock out of her mouth, and stroked it, one more gush of cum spurted out, hitting her in the face.

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Watching me, and seeing that happen, pushed Matt over the edge, he came in Mom too, shooting deep into her cunt. He pulled out and shot a couple loads over her ass. All three of us got in front of her, looking her over and laughing at her.

Chris grabbed her arm and pulled her to her feet, left her standing there, nude and dripping cum off her face and ass. "Damn, Toni!

You are really a mess. You need another shower." He took her arm forced her down again to take his hard cock in her mouth. "Come on, we'll get you cleaned up." Start sucking! This time instead of cuming in her mouth, he pulled his cock out and shot his load all over her face. All the time laughing, Matt and Chris pulled her up calling her a cum slut whore, as they started moving towards the stairs, and Mom yanked her arm away from him.

Chris turned and looked at me. "Is she always this bitchy after she makes love?" I did not bother to point out that it had not really been "making love"; it was actually "rape." I also did not ask why we were following Mom upstairs.

Chris and Matt were, so I did. And we followed her right into the bathroom. She tried to shut the door when she walked in, but Matt blocked her and we all went in together. "You go ahead and shower, Toni, we'll just watch." I said nothing, after all, after getting gang banged by three teenagers, one of whom was her own son, letting the boys watch her shower seemed tame.

Mom is usually really fussy about the bathroom, having a fit if I get any water on the floor, but this time, she just did not care. The three of us stood there, enjoying the show, with Chris and Matt making occasional comments about Moms tits or her ass or her cunt.

I glanced at them, they both had their cocks out again, stroking as they watched her. I know I should have been angry, or embarrassed, or something, but I really wasn't. After all, I had just watched both of them have sex with her, and I had gotten blowjobs from her too. She finished with her shower, and stepped out.

Matt and Chris both had towels, and dried her off. They grabbed her arm and led her to her bedroom, then sat her on the bed. She didn't even bother to try and cover her breasts or her cunt now. Matt stared.

"You just got raped, and raped good, but it's not over yet, not anywhere near over."You're our cunt now, our fuck toy, our suck toy; we're going to get fucked every day, whenever we want." "Us, and your son too, he's just as horny as we are." "And from the way he looked while you were sucking him off, he don't feel one bit guilty about it." "Don't think of going to the police that will only make things real, real bad for you." "Besides, you don't want the entire world to know you sucked your own sons cock, and swallowed his cum to, do you?" Mom did not answer, so Matt grabbed her hair and yanked on it, pulling Moms head up.

"He asked you a question, you don't want the whole world to know you blew your own son and fucked his friends, do you?" Mom just shook her head no. She was beyond speaking.

"So you ain't going to give us any trouble, and you ain't going to call the police, or do anything stupid, right?" This time, she nodded her head and murmured a "yes." To be continued.