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Dirty Blonde Violet Loves Big Cock
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ALLIE: It happened the summer I turned sixteen. I knew about sex before that, so it is more accurate to say I experienced making love the summer I turned sixteen. In the mid fifties, knowledge of sex was everywhere, so the only way you wouldn't know about it was to live in a convent and read nothing what-so-ever.

I dated some during my freshman and sophomore years in school, and although the older guys suggested they teach me about it, I declined. There were several reasons, not the least of which was a fear of getting pregnant, although I knew how to avoid that problem with reasonable certainty.

I wasn't really opposed to making love with a boy, but when I did I wanted it to be because I wanted to do it and not to let some horny guy get my cherry to brag about. A few of my friends gave in to their steady guys with the absolute promise that no one would ever tell. In less than a week the rest of the guys knew she was no longer a virgin, usually with greatly exaggerated claims of the conquest.

After my sophomore year, I got a part-time job in a little restaurant that was combined with a motel. I worked two hours during the breakfast rush and three hours during the dinner rush in the evening. I waited on customers and cleaned tables for minimum wages plus tips. Often I got more in tips than I did in salary. It wasn't long before I learned that being a little extra friendly with the customers had a lot to do with the size of the tips.

One of the older waitresses, Carmen, gave me clues on how to get a bigger tip but not get pawed in the process. Occasionally some of the older guys would put his hand on my bottom, but I would just roll away and make some kind of don't touch comment. One day some guy got especially aggressive with Carmen, so she 'accidentally' spilled a pitcher of iced tea complete with ice cubes in his lap. One evening, the owner asked me if I could come in at five in the morning instead of seven for the next month.

He explained that a road construction crew had rented his entire motel for the month, and would be coming in for breakfast at five thirty. Their business would be a big boost to his income, so he wanted to see that they were served promptly. It could mean additional business every summer. The guys checked in Sunday night, and came in promptly at five thirty Monday morning for breakfast. We already had eggs, bacon, toast and pancakes waiting for them.

My job was to keep lots of hot coffee in the cups and tend to the little extra things the men asked for. By six fifteen, they were headed off to the job singing praises for the breakfast.

Two guys in particular caught my attention, for widely different reasons. Pete was about thirty-five, with a kind of shifty look. Twice during breakfast, he put his hand on my arm and tried to pull me closer to him. I pulled away and from then on, I poured his coffee from across the table. The other one was a nice looking slender boy that I guessed to be about eighteen.

All they guys called him "Virg." He was quiet, but polite, saying thank you every time I got something for him. That evening, they were back in force. We had dinner set up family style, with fried chicken, mashed potatoes, salad and vegetables. Once again, my job was keeping the glasses full and getting special requests for the men. Again, Pete tried to pull me closer to him, but I avoided getting within his reach.

Toward the end of dinner as I was serving deserts, he reached out and patted my bottom "Nice! Really nice!" I thought about dumping a glass of water on him, but didn't want to risk driving business away.

I talked to Carmen about him, and she advised me to let her serve his area. As the guys were leaving, Virg smiled at me and thanked me again for my help, then quietly left. "Hey Virg, you're not going to change your name by reading and going to bed early," the guys yelled as he left. I wondered what that was all about, but let it slide. One by one, the guys wandered off, some asking where the nightlife was, and others were asking about bars, movie houses, bowling alleys, etc.

The next morning, the guys came trooping in, loud and hungry. Things went well until Pete reached up and put his arm around Carmen's waist pulling her against him. She pulled away, then turned to face him and said in a voice loud enough for the entire crew to hear clearly.

"Look you son-of-a-bitch, if you put your slimy hands on me again, I will bust a water pitcher over your thick skull!" The foreman walked in just in time to hear the outburst, and quickly walked up to Carmen asking what the problem was. She simply said that he was pawing her and she wasn't about to put up with it!

"Pete, we have been through this in the last two places we have stayed. What you do when you are on your own is your business, but when you are with my outfit you will behave, or I will fire you -- after I break your stupid neck." I was serving guys at other tables, so only saw the incident from a distance. By coincidence, I overheard a couple of the guys saying that it was only a matter of time before Pete got what was coming to him.

Virg said hi to me and smiled. I smiled back and asked if he had everything he needed. He nodded, but said he would take a little more water. I got the pitcher and filled his cup.

Just as I turned away, I heard one of the guys whisper to Virg. "I think she likes you." I glanced back just in time to see a bit of red creep up his neck. The boss talked to us about the incident after breakfast. He explained that the foreman had assured him Pete would either shape up, or he would run him off.

We decided that the approach should be courteous service and strict hands off policy. That evening everything went quietly. Apparently the foreman had talked to Pete and convinced him to lay off if he wanted to keep his job.

Virg continued his polite requests, but after everyone else had left, he remained at his table sipping his malt. Once again he had turned a little red when the guys asked if he wanted to go to the bar down the street and watch the girlie dancers.

When everyone except Virg was gone, I began cleaning the tables. When I got to his table, he asked my name. I told him then asked if his real name was Virgil. Again a little bit of red crept up his neck as he shook his head. "My name is Glenn Nelson, Virg is just a name the guys on the crew tagged on me." "Why do they call you Virg" I asked "Oh, it's just one of those silly nick names the guys tag on you." "Why did they pick Virg," I pressed "No reason, just one of those things," he said with a note of finality in his voice.

"Well, if you're not going to tell me why the call you Virg, will you tell me how old are? "Officially, I'm eighteen," he answered, "but before you ask, I am really seventeen. You have to be eighteen to work on the crew, so that's how old I am!" "Why are you working with that rough crew if you're only seventeen?" I asked in a friendly voice. "Well, my dad died a couple of years ago, and I'm trying to help Mom take care of the rest of the kids.

She says I can't quit school to go to work full time, but Uncle Jim owns this construction company and he kind of arranged for me to work for him." "I'm sorry you lost your father, I know what it's like, I lost my mom when I was only four, so I don't really remember her, but still I miss her." "I'm sorry too.

I've pretty well gotten over him, so now the most important thing is to help my mom," he replied as he reached out toward my hand. Just as he touched my hand, he jerked it back as if he had touched a hot coal. "What's wrong?" I asked a bit startled.

"Oh, nothing, it's just that the foreman said he would fire the first guy that even thought about touching one of the waitresses," he said sadly. "Hey, Glenn, relax, I'm sure he didn't mean a touch out of kindness, he was just talking about the kind of stuff Pete is doing. Besides, I'm sure not going to file a complaint." "Yeah, I guess so; I just can't take any chance of not having a job as good as this one." "Say Glenn! Some of us were going to a dance at the Methodist Church in a little while; would you like to come with me?" "What will your boy friend say about you coming in with another guy?" he replied seriously.

"I don't have a regular, or even an irregular boy friend, so what do you say?" "Sure, can you give me time to take a shower and be sure the foreman doesn't have a problem with it." Shortly we were at the dance having a great time. He was quite good on the dance floor, and before long other girls were asking to dance with him.

About ten he came to me and said that five o'clock came kind of early, so we needed to get back to the motel. I drove him back to the motel and dropped him off in front. Just at that moment, several other guys drove in and saw Glenn getting out of my car. "Hey Virg, we gonna have to change your name?" "What do they mean by that?" I asked. Glenn was beet red and just shook his head then thanked me for a nice time.

The next morning the noisy crew once again gathered for breakfast. I had asked Carmen to let me have Glenn's table. She kind of grinned at me. "Sure honey, no problem, he is kind of cute, isn't he? That will give me a little more time to deal with Pete." For the next day or two, things went quietly.

Well, not quiet, but there were no problems with Pete if you didn't mind his leering glances at every meal. I took some good-natured ribbing about having gone out with Virgie. It was obvious there was an inside joke that everyone but I understood. Glenn asked if he could take me to a movie Friday night.

I agreed, but only on the condition that we go "Dutch." He agreed, so we made it a date. Friday evening, Glenn was late coming to dinner. I asked where he was, but no one seemed to know, he had come back with the rest of the crew.

At that moment he walked, obviously freshly showered and dressed in nice clothes. By coming in late, he caught the eye of every man in the crew. Pete stood up.

"Hey Virgie, gonna change your name tonight?" Glenn started toward him, obviously angry. The foreman caught his arm and said something to him that only he could hear.

Glenn sat in his usual place, but was obviously seething inside. I could feel an underlying sense of tension in the crew, but shook it off as them being tired after a week's work in the hot Texas sun.

As soon as I had finished cleaning the tables, we took off for the movies. We sat in the far back row of seats watching the light romance. Glenn slipped his arm around my shoulders, and I snuggled up closer to him, basking in the warmth of his strong arm.

After the movie, we drove to a quiet little cafe for a malt. By now, we were exchanging information about our families, school life, and other similar information. Once again I asked about the nickname, "Virgie." Glenn turned red again but steadfastly refused to discuss it. After the malt, I drove around town showing Glenn the places I hung out, and told him of things we had done.

We drove down by the river and walked down the path to a little park where you could see the lights of town reflecting on the water. We sat on a park bench, and in an instant Glenn had his arms around me, pulling me close. I responded by kind of melting into his arms and pressing close to his body. Seconds later I felt his lips on mine in a warm soft kiss. I could feel my heart beating faster as his arms pulled me tighter and tighter. We kissed and cuddled for about fifteen or twenty minutes when I said I had to be home by eleven.

I dropped Glenn off at the motel and kissed him goodnight. The road crew was behind schedule, so they were working Saturday. I went in at five as usual, and by five thirty had the tables stocked with a huge breakfast. The guys came trooping in, but this morning, Pete came over to my section and sat by Glenn. Immediately he began needling Glenn. "Hey, change your name last night?" Glenn ignored him, and a couple of the other guys told him to cool it, but Pete remained obnoxious and loud.

As I got closer, I realized that he was badly hung over from the night before. I tried to stay out of his reach, but as I was pouring coffee for the man next to him, Pete grabbed me by the waist and pulled me onto his lap, then grabbed one of my breasts and started squeezing.

I screamed and dropped the coffeepot breaking it into a thousand pieces. Simultaneously several things happened. First, Glenn grabbed Pete by the neck and pulled his chair over backwards, with me on top of him. In one swift movement Glenn struck a hammer like blow to Pete's face splattering blood from his nose. Secondly, the foreman and two big guys came running over. Glenn was choking Pete, who was yelling and swearing that he was going to kill Glenn.

The foreman grabbed my arm and pulled me up. The two big guys picked Pete up and pinned his arms behind him. Glenn had been knocked to the floor in the foray, but was up like a cat telling the guys to turn Pete loose.

About that time, Uncle Walter, the Local County Sheriff, walked in the door. I was crying and Pete was yelling and swearing. Uncle Walt sized up the situation in about a split second, and came running. Pete started hollering that he wanted Glenn arrested.

Uncle Walt told him to shut up before he shut him up.


He asked the two guys to hold on to Pete until he found out what was going on. He turned to me and asked what had happened. "Oh, Uncle Walt, this guy grabbed me and put his hands on my breasts and Glenn hit him, please don't put Glenn in jail, Pete's the one who started it, Glenn just tried to stop it, please don't put Glenn in jail ---," I babbled as Uncle Walt tried to calm me down. "Well now honey, you just stand back while I explain to this piece of Dog Shit how we treat my niece in Texas." "I didn't mean anything.

I was just funning with her," Pete babbled with his face turning really white. "This here's my favorite niece you done pawed, and I don't take too kindly to it. Now, I'm just a Simple Dumb Southern County Sheriff, but we got special ways of dealing with trash like you down here." With that, he pulled the Colt 45 that he always wore on his hip. He bragged that his Daddy and his Daddy before him carried it as Sheriff of the county.

Uncle Walt pointed the gun at Pete's bloody nose and asked if he would like to apologize to me. He fairly screamed out how sorry he was and that it would never happen again. "Son, you can be sure of that, because when I get done with you, you ain't gonna have any equipment left that will cause you to even think about pretty girls. Y'all probably heard about how mean Dumb Southern County Sheriffs can be; and you done run into the dumbest and meanest one in the South." With that, he pulled the hammer back on his gun and aimed it at Pete's genitals.

"Y'all hold him tight while I blow this bastard's balls off," he snarled with a menacing look. The two guys holding Pete were staring at Uncle Walt with their mouths wide open. "You don't mean it!" stammered one of the guys. "Just watch me. One, Two, THREE!" "Click" went the hammer of the gun as it fell on the empty cylinder. Pete screamed and grabbed his genitals swaying as if he would fall down were it not for the guys holding him.

By now, Uncle Walt was laughing heartily. "Lay the little bastard down gentle like," he instructed. Seconds later Pete was hand cuffed. Uncle Walt slapped him across the face and told him to get up. Pete sat up staring at his crotch. "Couple of you help me carry him out to the car, he is going to be my guest for a few days.

Somebody get a mop, seems like this dumb Yankee pissed his pants," he observed as he strode out. The foreman addressed the crew instructing them to hurry up and eat, they had a lot of work to do, and one less guy to do it.

"One more thing, let's treat the folks here the way we want to be treated!" With that he turned to me asking if I was OK. I nodded saying that I was fine, just a little shook up but not hurt.

Glenn took my arm and pulled me close. "You sure you're OK?" I nodded feeling tears slip down my face. "Glenn, why don't you pour these guys some coffee while Allie powders her nose," suggested Carmen handing Glenn a coffeepot. As soon as I washed my face and put on a little makeup, I went back to work.

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Glenn gave up his coffeepot and sat down to finish his breakfast. Before long, the guys were gone. Glenn lingered just a bit looking at me carefully.

"You sure you're OK?" he asked with a concerned look on his face. I nodded, telling him he needed to hurry up so he wouldn't miss his ride. He gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and hurried out. The boss told me to hurry and clean up the tables, then go over to the court house, Uncle Walt had called asking me to stop by to see him. I finished the chores and went to Uncle Walt's office. "You OK honey?" I nodded, feeling the blood flowing into my face.

"I need you to sign a complaint against that bastard, I ran a check on him and find that he has been in this kind of trouble and worse before. I plan to let him spend some time as our guest while his home state of Ohio decides what to do with him for violating probation." He had the papers all filled out, and all I had to do was to sign the formal complaint papers.

"You may have to testify when we go before the Judge," advised Uncle Walt kindly. "No problem," I replied. "That young fellah seems like he has a special interest in you, what do you know about him?" asked Uncle Walt with a note of concern in his voice.

"We have gone out a couple of times, he seems real nice, and has always been polite to me." "What's his name?

I heard a couple of the guys say something about Virgie holding his own pretty well." "Well, his name is Glenn Nelson, from Gonzales, but the guys call him Virgie for some reason. He won't tell me why and gets embarrassed when I ask." "Well honey, I wouldn't press him too much for an answer," if I were you.

"I wish someone would fill me in on the big secret about a silly nickname," I said with some exasperation in my voice. "Honey, unless I miss my bet, I think it probably is short for Virgin.

Guys who work on the road crews can be kind of tacky about these things sometimes." Uncle Walt told me to sit down for a minute while he made a phone call. A moment later, he was on the phone with a fellow sheriff just shooting the breeze.

I wasn't paying much attention, but then I suddenly became very interested. "Say John, can you fill me in on a young fellah by name of Glenn Nelson?" "Uncle Walt, why are you checking up on Glenn?" I asked with some annoyance.

"Well, honey, I saw you at the movies with him the other night, and I just want to be sure he is good enough for you.

No harm in checking him out," replied Uncle Walt with his hand over the phone. "Uh huh, Uh huh, well, I'll be damned," said Uncle Walt as he hung up the phone.

"What did they say, what did they say, is it something bad?" I asked. "No, not by a long shot. He is a pretty outstanding young fellah. Dad died of cancer two years ago, leaving his mother and two younger kids with not much money. Seems they spent their insurance and savings fighting a losing battle with cancer.

Glenn has worked part time jobs since his sophomore year, and still had time to graduate in the top ten percent of his class with a full scholarship to U.T. John says it's doubtful that he will get to go because he thinks he needs to work and take care of his mother and two younguns." That evening, the crew came in an hour early so the guys living close would have time to drive home for Sunday.

I asked Glenn if he was going home, but he said he didn't have a car, and didn't want to spend the money for bus fare. I asked him to go to a dance with me that night. He readily agreed, and shortly we were having a great time dancing all the latest steps. "You are a great dancer," I complimented him. "Well, I worked part time for my uncle teaching kids to dance. He owned a local teen-age recreation center and one of the ways he increased his business was to have people teach kids to dance.

Then, they would bring their girl or boy friends back for the times when they paid admission." It wasn't long before all the rest of the girls saw how well Glenn danced, and began cutting in asking for tips. He took it in stride, but always came back to me every couple of dances.

He apologized, but I told him it was OK, I didn't own him and it was fine if he wanted to show the girls some of the new steps. "What a hunk," Jody said, "How would you like to get him into your bed!" There seemed to be general agreement among the girls on that point, and a couple of them asked if I had already been in his bed.

"Well if and I emphasize IF I had, I sure wouldn't be bragging about it. I think that is kind of personal." On the way home, Glenn asked if we could go back to the little park.

I told him it would be fairly well occupied on a Saturday night, but I knew another place we could go. A few minutes later, we were in a secluded lot that my dad had purchased to build a retirement house. There was a little pond on the back, and since Dad kept it mowed, it was very pleasant. We went down to the bank of the pond and sat on some big rocks by the shore.

The moon shown brightly on the pond and the faint breeze made it very comfortable. In an instant, I was in Glenn's arms feeling him draw me close and kissing me with an eager fervor. I let myself melt against his body, and at that instant, I knew that we would make love, not tonight, but sometime soon.

We cuddled and kissed in the moonlight for over an hour. Finally, I told him that I had to be home by midnight, and just barely had time to make it if we left right now. He pulled back with obvious reluctance, and walked me to the car. "Why don't you drive?" I said.

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He slid behind the wheel, and headed for town. We drove up to the motel and kissed goodnight. Once again, some of the other guys drove in as we were getting out of the car. One of the men was the big guy who held Pete that morning. "You doing OK Miss Allie?" "I'm just fine, thanks for asking," I replied with a smile. "Well, as long as you stick with Glenn, You'll be OK. Goodnight you two." The next day, I went by the motel to help serve breakfast.

The agreement with the road crew was that we would serve breakfast, but the rest of Sunday meals were on their own. After breakfast, I asked Glenn what he was planning to do. "I don't have any real plans, I think I might read for a while and watch a little TV. If there were a swimming pool, I would like to take a swim," he responded. "I think we can take care of that," I said, "Come with me." A few minutes later we were driving toward the big sandpit that had been purchased for a future municipal swimming facility.

As yet, there were no dressing rooms or concession stands, but the water was great for swimming. There was a large board fence area on either side for dressing. We quickly changed into our suits and jumped into the water. I had chosen my new bikini, which showed, off my best attributes.

Glenn was an excellent swimmer, and soon we were having a great time. There were only a few people at the pool, so we had space to play. After a couple of hours we decided to get a snack and rest a while. We went to McDonalds drive through since I didn't want to go inside in my bikini. I suggested that we go back to Dad's lot for lunch. Shortly, we were back at the pond. I had a blanket in the trunk, so we spread it out on the shore and ate our hamburgers.

After lunch, we stretched out in the sun and promptly fell asleep. I awoke perhaps an hour later and glanced around. Glenn was sleeping with a peaceful expression on his face. I got up and walked behind a row of shrubs to get rid of the coke we had for lunch. When I was pulling up the bottoms, the string got knotted and I couldn't get it untied. The harder I tried to get it undone, the worse it was. Finally, I took my bottoms off so I could get a better look at the problem.

Before long I got the knot untied and had just stepped back into them when I heard a noise. I looked up just in time to see Glenn come around the end of the shrubs pulling his trunks down at the same time.

He was looking down and didn't notice that I was there. Glenn had let his trunks slide down to the ground, and mine were only about half way up my legs. I was so startled that I stood up leaving them at my knees and let out a little squeak of surprise. Glenn was startled by the sound and abruptly straightened up turning in the direction of the sound. We stood there staring at each other with our mouths open for a few seconds. Glenn and I turned away at about the same time and pulled our suits up.

"Are you ready?" Glenn said quietly. "Yes," I replied softly and walked toward him. "I'm, sorry, I didn't know you were here," he said with a red face. "It's OK," I replied with an equally red face, "There is no real harm done." "Well, why don't you go back to the blanket and let me finish what I came to do." I scurried back to the pond and stretched out on the blanket again. Shortly Glenn came over and lay down beside me.

There was a long awkward silence. "I guess we're about even aren't we?" he commented trying to sound very casual. "Well almost, except that you were topless and I wasn't," I said trying to ease the tension with a little joke. "Pity," said Glenn punching me on the shoulder. We began laughing as if we had just heard the funniest joke in the world. Glenn took me in his arms and pulled me close, kissing me tenderly.

I returned his kisses, and soon, it was obvious that our accidental exposure had set off a wave of passion. Although I hadn't seen a real boy, I had seen enough pictures to know what they looked like.


I also knew that he hadn't been erect when I saw him. However, now that we were cuddling, I could feel that he was much bigger than before.

We continued kissing and caressing for several minutes. I could feel his hands on my back and sides. It sent shivers up my spine, and I responded by pressing closer and closer to him. I pushed my hips against his manhood as hard as I could, moving in little circles trying to feel just how long and hard it was.

He responded by pressing his cock against me with equal pressure. Glenn rolled onto his hands and knees and rolled me onto my back. I offered no resistance as he positioned himself over my body. He put his hands on either side of my shoulders, and put his knees between my open legs, then slowly settled down over me.

I could feel his cock press against my pubic bone, and his firm hard belly pressing against my tummy. Finally I felt his chest pressing against my breasts. Glenn kissed me with passion, slipping his tongue between my lips. I eagerly accepted the intrusion and met it with my own tongue. We kissed and rolled around on the blanket with passions raising higher and higher. Finally, it was obvious that we had to either stop or move forward.

Glenn pulled back with a question mark on his face. I smiled and nodded. He pulled me up, fixing me with an eager smile. "Its time we got even." Having said that, he reached behind me and tugged on the bow of my bikini.

Seconds later the little scrap of fabric was laying on the blanket and Glenn was staring at my breasts with a look of adoration. Slowly he reached out and began caressing my breasts, tenderly and softly. I could feel my bottom getting wet, and with it my passion raising even higher.

"We're still not even," I said. "How's that?" Glenn responded with a puzzled look. "You sure aren't in the same shape you were a few minutes ago when I saw you!" Glenn pulled away and lay back on the blanket. He raised his hips and slid his trunks off exposing his huge erection. I knew they were big, but I wasn't really prepared for the sight of a real cock standing up like a flagpole. I let out a little gasp of surprise.

"What's wrong?" Glenn asked. "It's so big," I replied with wonder in my voice. Glen smiled and looked pleased with my observation. "Do you want to touch it?" he asked. I reached out and tentatively felt the tip. It was covered with skin, and from my experience with baby sitting, I realized that he hadn't been circumcised. I slid the skin back to expose the purple red tip. As I touched it, I was fascinated at how silky and smooth it was on the surface, but how rock hard it was just a fraction of an inch below the surface.

I could tell that Glenn was holding his breath, so I pulled my hand away. He let out his breath in a rush, and rolled up to kiss me. I returned the kiss with even higher feelings of passion.

I knew we were going to do it and was eager to move on. I slid my bikini bottoms off and tossed them away. In an instant, I felt Glen's hand sliding down my tummy and into my pubic hair. I could feel him exploring with his fingers until he found my slit. He continued working his way down until his finger slipped into my dripping pussy.

I shuddered violently and shoved my bottom up against his intruding finger. It slipped in the full depth until I could feel his hand against my bottom. He began wiggling his finger while moving his hand up and down. I was aware that his hand had come into contact with my clitoris sending delicious waves of pleasure through my tummy. I reached for his cock and began stroking.

It seemed like a few seconds when he shoved his hand into my pussy as hard as he could, and I felt him pressing his cock against my hand. I could feel it jerking and pulsing, then became aware of hot wet sticky stuff all over my hand and side. Glenn shuddered and withdrew his finger from my pussy, rolling over onto his back. He was breathing deeply, almost as if he had been running hard.

We lay there for a minute or two while his breathing returned to normal. His cock was somewhat smaller, but still looked to be a formidable tool.

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I rolled over to his side and kissed him hard asking, "Did you like that?" Glenn nodded as he kissed me back. "I got my stuff all over you, do you want to wash it off?" I nodded, so he stood up pulling me with him. Together we walked to the pond and stepped into the water. We waded to where the water was just below my pussy and stopped. I cupped some water in my hands and washed his love juice from my tummy. He pulled the skin of his cock back and rinsed it off as well.

After we stepped out of the water Glenn went to the car, got a towel, and dried my legs and tummy. We were standing in the sun, feeling the warming rays finish the job of drying our naked bodies.

Glenn pulled back and began devouring my body with his eyes. "Do you like what you are seeing?" I asked. "You are so beautiful," he whispered. I never saw anyone so pretty before." "You never saw a girl without clothes before, have you?" Glenn looked deeply into my eyes for a moment or two, then with some red rising up his neck slowly shook his head. "How can you tell?" he asked. "Just a hunch," I replied. "I think I know what Virgie means too. I'll bet you never did it before and the guys named you Virgie for virgin." "Well, you know my secret, now let me guess too." "OK," I said, "guess away." "You are just as much a virgin as I am, right?" I nodded, feeling a blush rise in my face.

"Why are you a virgin, you surely must have had plenty of chances to make love to a girl," I observed. "Well, I suppose I have," he replied, "It's just that I had to work a lot and didn't have time to date much. In addition, I just didn't know anyone that I really wanted to do it with for the first time, until now that is. Another thing is that I didn't want to be one of those guys who collect scalps so to say.

What about you, surely some guy tried something with you by now." I nodded, trying to form the words to tell him why I was a virgin. "Well, there are a few reasons, but I guess one big reason is that I just didn't want some guy telling the whole school, and town for that matter, that he got into my pants.

Besides, I just didn't feel like doing it, --- Until now!" "Do you really want to do it with me?" asked Glenn. "Yes, I really want to do it with you," I replied as I pulled him down onto the blanket. "What about getting pregnant?" he asked. "Wrong time of the month for that," I said as I lay back on the blanket.

I held up my arms to Glenn, and in an instant he was between my legs. Suddenly he stopped. "I heard some guys talking about doing it with a girl for the first time, and they screamed in pain and bled all over the place.

I don't want to hurt you." "Don't worry about it, just do it," I said. "I'll tell you why it's not a problem some other time. Glenn lowered his hips until I felt his cock touch my hair. He probed around a few times, but failed to find the target. I reached down and guided his throbbing cock into my dripping wet pussy. He pressed forward, and I felt a gentle spreading of my virgin opening.

I tensed up a little, thinking that it wasn't supposed to hurt, but afraid it may. He kept pressing forward, slipping in further and further. For just an instant, I felt a little pain, but then it just slid all the way in until I felt his hair mingle with mine. "It's in!" Glenn whispered, "It's in!" "Oh yes, yes!" I exclaimed, "It feels so good, it feels sooo good." With that, Glenn began thrusting in and out, in and out. Although it was a little awkward at first, I quickly got into the swing of things and began meeting his thrusts.

All of a sudden, Glenn stopped pumping and shoved his cock into me as deep as it could possibly go. I could feel his cock pulsing and jerking, on and on. A few seconds later, he pumped into me three or four more times then rolled off hugging me tight. We lay there for a couple of minutes, holding each other closely. Finally, he relaxed his hold and rolled onto his back. I looked down at his now limp cock.

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What an unusual thing. One minute it is like a battering ram, and the next it is as soft as a wet noodle. I reached down to touch it, feeling the wet stickiness of his love juice mingled with mine. I cradled the thing feeling the limp softness. "Did you like it?" I nodded, even though I really felt like saying that I didn't understand why everyone made such a big deal about it.

It was pleasant and I enjoyed feeling him on top of me, but I sure didn't see any rockets or fire works like the TV shows suggested. "Let's swim naked," said Glenn as he jumped up pulling me after him. We ran to the pond and waded in. In the middle, it was just deep enough to swim without hitting the bottom. We swam around for ten or fifteen minutes, then I waded out of the pond. Glenn followed and picked up the towel. "Can I dry you off?" he asked.

I nodded, and turned to face him. Glen started with my hair then gently dried the water off my entire body. I noticed that he spent an extra amount of time with my breasts and pussy.

When he finished, I took the towel and returned the favor, taking care to dry his cock and balls as carefully as he had done with my breasts. When we had finished, I was kneeling in front of him with his cock and balls almost in my face.

I reached up and began to explore them with my fingers, probing the soft sack, feeling the silky balls moving inside. All of a sudden, I realized that his cock was growing at an alarming rate. In an instant, I was staring at a fully erect cock sticking right in my face.

I stared at it for several seconds and once again pushed the skin back exposing the head of his penis. I could see it kind of jerking up and pulsing at my touch.

All at once, I understood what I had heard other girls talk about when they asked if someone had sucked his lollipop. Hesitantly, I stuck out my tongue and touched the tip of his cock. Glenn jerked back. "Are you sure you want to do that?" "I'm just getting acquainted with this fantastic thing." I licked the tip a couple of times, then kissed it right on the tip, feeling my tongue touch the funny little slit. Glenn knelt down pressing me back, saying, "My turn." He began kissing my breasts, sucking gently on one while massaging the other with his hands.

He kissed me breasts all over, then once again began running his hands down my tummy and into my wet pussy. "Let's do it again," he said with a question on his face. I answered by opening my legs and holding up my arms.

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Moving faster than I believed possible, Glenn was between my legs probing at my bottom with his cock. I guided it in and was rewarded by feeling it slide the entire way in one long thrust. He moved in so fast that I felt our bones bang together in a pleasant little bump. Glenn didn't hesitate for an instant, but began pumping.

I put my hands on his hips and by pressure slowed his movements to a more pleasurable rate. After having come twice in the past hour and a half, he didn't come nearly as soon this time. He pumped and pumped, taking long slow strokes. After some time, I could feel a delicious warm feeling spreading throughout my tummy and bottom.

It seemed to feel better when I had him move higher and rub my clitoris with his cock. After some more time, I felt him speeding up his thrusts, and even the pressure of my hands on his hips had little effect on his speed.

The pleasant feeling in my bottom grew more and more urgent until I felt I needed just a little more. I threw my legs up as high as I could around his back and squeezed hard. Glenn slammed his cock into me like a pile driver, then shoved in as hard as he could and held it there. I could feel him quivering and shaking as his cock pulsed and jerked. At the same instant, I felt a deep and sudden release of tension, and almost passed out with pleasure.


Glenn collapsed on me and rolled to one side pulling me with him. We lay together breathing hard for several seconds. Finally, Glenn relaxed and I heard his breathing fall into steady deep rhythm. I snuggled up to him, savoring the feeling of his muscular body. I lay there reviewing the events of the day, thinking of the pleasant time. My mind drifted to some of the locker room conversations I had heard about other girls' experiences, happy that mine wasn't like some I had heard.

I remembered hearing Kay telling her best friend about when Harry and she had done it. They had a few glasses of wine and had gotten high. He was as horny as a raging bull, and as soon as she got her panties off, he slammed his cock into her like a battering ram.

Her hymen was still in tact, and the violent tearing caused her to bleed profusely for several minutes. They were about ready to go to the emergency room when it finally stopped, but in the meantime she got blood all over her skirt and on his seats. The next week in school, Harry had bragged that she was so excited with his prowess that she kept asking for more and more.

According to his rendition, they fucked most of the night, only getting home in time for her to get into bed before her mother called her for school. It was only after Kay told some her side of the story to her best friend that the truth became known. As the story came out, other girls shared some of the same kinds of stories. It became obvious that the first time experience was either much different for boys than girls, or the boys were lying.

I had concluded that probably the boys were lying. As for myself, I had been on the swimming team when I began having my periods.

Our coach, Miss Buckley, insisted on daily workouts, and called me to her office when I started missing workouts four or five days a month. When she asked why I was missing, I shyly admitted that I was having my period and that if I went into the water my pad got wet and showed through my suit. Miss Buckley advised me to try using a tampon when I swam. She took me to the drug store and helped me select a brand she thought I could manage.

When I tried to put the first one in, it would just start in when the pain would begin. I worked and worked at getting it in, but the pain was just too great. The next day, I went to Miss Buckley telling her that I must have been doing something wrong. We talked for a while as I described what I had done.

Finally, Miss Buckley explained that I probably had an unusually small opening in my hymen, which made it difficult to use a tampon. When I asked what I could do, she explained that I could either keep working at it until I stretched it far enough to permit the use of a tampon, or see a doctor and get his advice.

I tried for a few more days to insert a tampon, but it just didn't seem to get any better. I remembered that the health teacher had talked about sex and how we could protect ourselves from disease or pregnancy.

She had explained that no matter how old we were, we could go to the local Planned Parenthood office and get counseling and birth control devices. I went down to the office after school and asked to see a counselor. A few minutes later I was explaining my situation. She said she would need to examine me before she could offer any advice. Before I could back out, I was on the examining table with my legs in some stirrups, knees apart. The doctor put gloves on, and carefully inserted her finger into my vagina.

She probed around for a few seconds then sat back. She explained that I had an unusually thick and tough hymen. "What can I do?" I asked. "We have two choices," she explained. "One, we can just let it go and you will have to use pads until such time you begin having intercourse.

The first time you have intercourse, your hymen will be torn then you will have an opening large enough to permit the use of a tampon.

" "Won't that hurt a lot?" I asked with a feeling of fear in my heart. "In your case, I think it will be excruciating, probably with a lot of blood and a great deal of pain for a couple of days." "What's the other choice?" I asked. "Well, I can give you a little shot of Novocain and make two little incisions. I can control the bleeding easily, and you should be all set." "Does that mean I won't be a virgin any more?" I asked, feeling embarrassed at my dumb question.

The doctor noticed my embarrassment, and laid a reassuring hand on my arm. "It's nothing to be embarrassed about Allie. Of course you will still be a virgin. Technically virginity is defined as having never had sexual intercourse with a man. It's true you won't have a hymen and you won't bleed the first time you have intercourse, but you certainly will still be a virgin until you decide to change your state." "How long would it take, and when could it be done?" I asked.

"Well, it would take about five minutes, and as long as you are here and already on the table, I can do it right now if you like. Or, if you want to, you can think about it and call me back." "Let's do it now, I don't want to miss another week of swimming practice next month, and like you say, I'm here and ready." Moments later, the doctor had cleaned my vagina with a swab, then I felt a couple of sharp sticks in my bottom. After a minute or two, the doctor probed my bottom with a surgical instrument asking if I could feel that.

I told her that I could feel the pressure, but it was dull with no real feeling. I felt a little tugging, then felt some pressure of a swab being pressed against my bottom. "Just lay still for a couple of minutes, I'll be right back," she instructed. I lay there thinking about what I had just done. I sure hope my first sex partner doesn't expect to see some proof of my virginity, I thought.

A moment later the doctor came back in. "Let's have a look at you." She pulled the light closer and I could feel her opening the lips of my vagina. I felt a wiping motion with a couple of cotton swabs. "It's all over." She advised me to wear a pad for the rest of the day and that night, but from then on it should be OK.

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She said I might be a little sore for a day or so, but some aspirin should ease the pain to a tolerable level. Everything worked out just the way she predicted, and within two days I couldn't tell that anything had ever happened. A week later I decided to see if a tampon would go in.

To my delight, it slid in easily without a bit of pain. I rather liked the slightly full feeling I got as the tampon swelled up, but after a few minutes I was completely unaware anything was in there. I left it in for an hour then pulled it out. No pain, and not nearly as messy as a pad.

From then on, no more pads for me and I never missed a swimming workout or meet due to periods. I looked down at Glenn watching him sleeping so peacefully. Quietly I got up thinking how grateful I was that I had that little operation four years ago instead of being torn apart an hour or two ago. I felt fine, no blood, and for my part, I was ready to do it again.

The last time had been really good, and I had a feeling that it would only get better. I had every intention of improving my pleasure. I stepped into the water and swam strongly for several minutes until I felt a deep sense of relaxation, then floated on the surface.

I had never swum nude before and enjoyed watching my breasts kind of float on the surface of the water. All that was required was a very gently kicking motion of my feet to stay on top of the water. "Hey, that looks like fun," said Glenn from the bank. "Come on in, the water's fine," I called back. In a moment, Glenn was beside me, floating along side.

It was amusing to see his erect cock sticking up like a periscope. I began giggling, thinking about what could be seen from his periscope. Glenn asked what was so funny, so I told him about the periscope. He began playing the game with me, maneuvering his body around and keeping up a running commentary about what he was seeing through the scope. "Two mountains, thirty to thirty-five-thousand feet high, with pink radio towers at the summit.

A small valley between the mountains leading onto a smooth flat plain with only a small crater interrupting the landscape. Plains continue southward until it is interrupted by a thick forest of rich brown trees." I was giggling at his description. Slowly, he moved around and positioned himself so his cock was between my legs, then renewed his commentary. "Two long creamy white ridges ending in a blind canyon. Again, a thick forest of rich brown trees. Wait, wait! there is a cave with pink curtains at the opening.

Looks like a tunnel, think my sub might be able to hide in here for a while. Urgent message, urgent message, radio room respond, radio room respond." "Radio Room here," I replied.

"Send urgent message, request permission to park submarine in your tunnel. Request information as to heat and size of accommodation, over." "Sir, reply coming in. Accommodations fit your sub perfectly, although some stretching may be required. Temperature is extremely hot, but bearable. Proceed with haste, over." Glenn flipped over in the water and stood on the bottom. His cock was floating on the water at just the right height to fit into my waiting pussy. He pulled me toward his rod, adjusting himself to exactly the right height.

He was leaning over me in such a way that I could keep myself afloat with only slight pressure on his arms. He guided his cock into my pussy. I wrapped my legs around his back, and with a quick pull, slid him into the hilt. Glenn began pumping, but I would float away every time he pushed forward.

We kept at it for a minute or two, feeling my passion rise, but not getting any real satisfaction. Glenn slid his arms under mine, then told me to wrap my legs around his back. He lifted me from the water and began walking toward the blanket. In a moment, we were on the blanket with Glenn slamming into me with wild abandon. With all the activity over the last few hours, I could tell he would last a lot longer.

I began to savor the feeling of his thrusting and pumping. Once again, I put my hands on his hips and timed his strokes to match my own mood. I soon discovered that long slow strokes with him riding high against my Clitoris were the best.

I felt my orgasm build higher and higher until I felt a shuddering climax overwhelm me. I lay back moaning. "Oh, Oh, Oh, Wow, Oh, lay still for a minute." Glen stopped his thrusts for a minute, but I could tell he was impatient to get back at it. "Ok, let's go again," I said. Glen began pounding into me with fervor. I didn't think I could come again, but to my surprise and pleasure once again I felt my orgasm building.

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Glenn was speeding up both the rhythm and force of his pounding thrusts. Suddenly, he rammed in deep and again I could feel his cock twitching and pulsing inside my pussy while my own orgasm swept me to new heights.

Glenn fell off and rolled onto his back sighing and groaning. "Man, this is great, this is great." After several minutes, Glenn stood up and pulled me to him.

He kissed me tenderly. "I think I have had about all I can handle for the first time." "I think you will have to give you a new name." "What's that?" he asked. "I think we will have to call you STUD from now on," I giggled. "Well, I think that will just have to be our own little secret," he said. "I have no intention of telling anyone about us having made love." "Do you really mean make love, and not just fucking?" "I didn't fuck you, I made love to you, and that's the way it is," he replied with a firmness in his voice that simply ended the conversation.

At that moment, I truly loved Glenn. Monday morning, the guys were in a jovial mood at breakfast. Pete had been replaced with a local man, so the problems with him were over. I noticed that several of the guys were now calling Glenn by his given name, while others still persisted in calling him Virg. I smiled to myself thinking if they only knew! Glenn and I had decided that we needed to be polite but discreet about our relationship. I served him the way I served all the other guys, I couldn't help but give him a little extra attention.

As they were leaving, Glenn lagged behind the others and gave me a quick little peck on the cheek. "See you tonight?" I nodded and kissed him in return.