Grandpa rear fucking blonde teen

Grandpa rear fucking blonde teen
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This story contains Bi sexuality (FF and MM) With the family Jones, sexuality was always considered a normal and natural thing. When Tim had been a little boy, his parents had caught him watching them naked on the couch, masturbating each other. They had calmly invited him to sit between them and they had explained what was happening in the porn movie that was playing on the big screen TV.

And then they demonstrated the male and female orgasm live, so he would learn there is nothing to be ashamed of.

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And of course Tim's brother Rick and sister Anna had been quick to learn the ways to have pleasure with your own body and that of others. But still this knowledge had not been enough to prepare him for the ultimately horny family experiences they had had last Saturday; he woke up late and had a shower whilst still feeling a bit tired from the Friday night he had spent at a friend's house playing video games.

As usual he didn't bother putting on clothes when he stepped out of the bathroom to return to his bedroom. His slim, muscled body still a bit wet, and his soft blonde pubic hair contrasting with his sun-bronzed skin. His long uncut cock and big balls dangling left and right as he walked. At the top of the stairs he spotted his brother Rick, 2 years younger than him, and with darker hair like their father.

Rick had been dressed but Tim noticed that he had his shorts and underwear around his ankles and, judging from the motion of his right arm, he was jacking off! Tim naturally became very curious about what had excited his brother so much, he sneaked up behind him and looked over the banister.

Looking through the opened kitchen door he saw their father sitting on a kitchen chair in his boxershorts, his face buried between the legs of his daughter Anna. She was stretched over the table holding her small titties in her hands, her pj's on the floor and her white cotton undies lay on the kitchen counter. Tim's dick immediately got hard and he couldn't help but moan at the sight of his father with his sister, this of course alerted Rick to his presence, he looked around, a bit shocked at first but smiling as soon as he saw Tim's huge boner.

"Look at our lucky sister" he said, "Did you notice how hard dad is? His cock is about to rip through his shorts!".


Rick was right, their father's shorts stood like a tent. And just at that moment, like he had heard their conversation, dad stood up from his chair to rid himself of his underwear. You could see that big cocks where a family trait because all the boys had a huge piece of meat. Father's was nice and fat, topped with a pointy dickhead and a large sack full of seed, Tim's was a bit thinner but also a few inches longer, his brother still had the shortest of the tree, but it was incredibly thick for a boy his age.

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From his own experience (the boys had quite early on learned that jacking or sucking each other was "loads" more fun than masturbating alone) Tim knew the boy always had a huge supply of hot sticky cum. Tim was enthralled by the horny spectacle on the kitchen table; daddy was slowly pushing his huge dick into their moaning sisters tight pussy, he hardly noticed that his little brother grabbed his balls and started to lick his hard cock.

Anna's moaning became louder and louder until she gave a little scream of orgasmic pleasure while father fucked her hard and deep. Soon after, dad pulled his cock from her wet teenage slit and sprayed his cum all over her tummy, titties and her face.

The look of his spermy sister and the blowjob from his brother where more than he could handle and with a huge thrust he rammed his entire cock down Ricks mouth ejaculating deep into his brothers throat. At that moment the front door opened and their mother came in with a bag full of fresh baked bread from the village bakery. She let her eyes drift from her two boys at the top of the stairs to her husband and daughter on the kitchen table and said "what a nice horny sight you are.

Couldn't you wait for me to get home before starting the party?" She motioned for Tim and Rick to get down, and walked into the kitchen. Dad and Anna didn't need much time to undress mother, even before the brothers were there they had removed her summer dress and bra.

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Their mother never wore panties so she stood stark naked in front of the whole family, shaped well, with a firm bosom, a slim waist, wide hips and a clean shaven pussy. She was laid on her back on the table and was about to be pleasured by the whole family at once.


Anna climbed atop her position 69, their bodies sliding over each other because of all the sperm daddy had sprayed over his daughter. She started licking her mother's clit and put her small fingers into her vagina.

This caused a whole stream of combined saliva and pussyjuice to flow down her bottom, making it easy for Rick to slide his thick dick into his mother's ass. Dad and Tim had taken place at both sides of her face and were getting a lovely blowjob.

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Tim saw his sister's ass stick up, now her mother was no longer licking it, he put his finger into her very wet pussy. With his dickhead gliding against his fathers dickhead, deep inside mom's mouth, he fingered Anna so vigorously that she came twice in a row, each time screaming loudly for Tim to go faster and faster.

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Now mother too moaned as she had a huge orgasm with her son's cock deep in her ass and her daughter's tongue in her cunt. Rick couldn't hold back much longer and yanked his cock from her ass just before he started to cum, thick jets of hot white juice landed on his sisters face and his mother's pussy until both were completely drenched.

Dad and Tim just had to cum too now, both cocks began to pulse simultaneously as they sent wave after wave of sperm down mothers throat, she loved the taste of her two men and kept sucking at their pricks to get every last drop of horny family cum.

"Now the boys can watch as the ladies satisfy each other" mom said. She sat on a chair and took Anna on her lap. At first he began to lick Ricks sperm of her daughters face and then they kissed each other, sharing and enjoying the taste of cum. The men couldn't help but get aroused by watching them, obviously all their cocks were still rock hard. Tim saw his fathers huge fuckpole and could not stop himself, he grabbed it and started to suck it, the last droplets of sperm coming from the slit were nice and salty.

His father, a bit uncomfortable at first, with his son giving him a blowjob, soon started to thrust with his hips, plunging the big cock deeper and deeper into Tim's throat.

Rick also hadn't remained idle, he now stood behind Tim and was starting to push his dickhead into his brothers anus, luckily his cock was still lubricated with his mother's pussyjuice, or else it would never have gone in. Thus mother was being helped to another orgasm, this time with the whole fist of her youngest inside her cunt. And Tim was being treated to a load of cum deep in his throat and in his bowels.

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Dad and Rick needed a short break and crashed on two chairs, breathing heavily and with limp cocks that still leaked sperm. Tim on the other hand, although he had a sore asshole and pain in his jaws from the their huge fucking cocks, still had a stiff cock, and energy enough to fuck his sister.


So he used his hand to get some of his brothers cum from his own leaking ass and used it to lube his own cock, and then he plunged the huge thing into her pussy. Anna made a cry of pleasure and kept moaning as he rammed against her cervix again and again. The rest of the family watched in admiration as the children fucked with passion. Anna had already had a few more orgasms when Tim finally pumped his brotherly seed into her uterus, and by then the two other family members had regained their erections and they too fucked Anna an deposited their cum into her belly.

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When they were finished, mom and dad, in turns, licked and sucked the sperm dripping from Anna's tender little teen pussy. And from that day on the family always went about the house naked, and they decided to fuck each other many more times…