LaSublimeXXX Petite Pin Up Liz Valery squirt and gets her ass fucked hard

LaSublimeXXX Petite Pin Up Liz Valery squirt and gets her ass fucked hard
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As a black woman I've often been called "boosy" and "stuck up" simply because I talk with correct grammar or talk "white proper" as my bestfriend Kristel would say. She's my best friend but we're two different people, she was raised on the south side of town, not poor.just ghetto fabulous. I was raised in the same city just on the north side of town and I went to a prodominately white high school as well as the college I attend now.

I got Kristel to come to the same college as me even though she says there "too many white people and not enough black folk".

She's no prejudice at all, she just has her preferences. I often compare our lives and how different we are, like her our boyfriends for instance. My boyfriend Brian, is a Junior at the college we attend, he's medical school bound, he dresses like a JC Penny manakin everyday, he's just the ideal man.

The only problem is he is some what of a snob. He dosen't like Kristel because he says she is from the south side and I shouldn't affiliate my self with anyone from the south side because they are all ignorant.

He kind of thinks that he is above all.

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He gets a bit irritating. Then theres Kristel's boyfriend Darren a.k.a. D-money. He dosen't go to school, I don't think he finished high school.


Neither of us have jobs, we kind of live off our families and left over scholarship and loan money while we're in school. However D-money dosen't go to school and he dosen't have a job but he buys Kristel everything she wants and he never lacks for anything.

He's has his own apartment and drives an Escalade. Ive asked what it is that he does to afford all of his things but no ones seemed to know until Kristel accidentally told me one day that he was a drug dealer.therefore on the southside known as a "dope boy". It didn't bother me because although I grew up on the north side, being Kristel's bestfriend since we were 4 made me a bit aware and unafraid of certain things because I had been exposed to them already.

Brian would never go to the south side, he said he didn't want to get shot. I liked Brian alot but I often wondered what it was that Kristel saw in her Dope boy, she could easily have any man. I would soon find out. Kristel's car broke down Monday morning and she couldnt make it to class so after class I decided to bring her the work she missed however she wasnt home so she told me to use the spare key under a welcome matt and leave the work on the dresser.

When I arrived at Darren and Kristel's apartment I bent over to find the spare key. As I was bending the door to the apartment opened and smacked me right in the head. "My bad shawty." I looked up and tried to focus on the person who said something. I thought it was Darren but as I focused I could see that he looked better, in fact he was the best looking man I had seen in a while, but he was so different from what I was used to. He stood about 6'2 toweri ng over my 5'4 frame.

His muscles ooozzzed of sex appeal in his white wife beater under shirt. His baggy blue jeans hung just right below his waist almost to his crotch area, his plaid boxers only showed a little.

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His dark brown smooth chocolate skin glistened in the sun and his hat turned backwards and slightly to the left was just sexy and it turned me on. He was every bit of a dangerous man who I shoundn't have been thinking about.a thug. "You aaight?" he asked.

"Oh yes Im fine, Im Lauren I came to drop off Kristel's work.who are you if you don't mind me asking?" I asked in a polite tone because he looked angry even though I could tell it was his natural facial expression.

"Im Dontrell, Im Darrens brother, Im just here handling some business until he comes back. I already knew what kind of business he was handling if it had anything to do with Darren. "Oh my bad shawty you can come in and do what ya gotta do, don't let me stop you lil mama." he said as he eyed my frame which looked nice in my Apple Bottom denim dress, it was a bit short and had no sleevs but it was hot outside.

I wore my favorite gold pumps to accent it.

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Brian hated my dress, he said it made me look like a video hoe and it made my but look too big. Dontrell didn't seem to mind though, he couldn't keep his eyes off of me as I walked to the back of the apartment and into Kristel's room.

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I was really enjoying those little nicknames he gave me. I placed Kristles work on her dresser and was heading down the hallway to leave when Dontrel's cell phone rung. He passed it to me and I looked at him confused. It was Kristel telling me she would be home in a about 4 hours from the mechanics and asking me could I stay there until she got there because she was expecting a her little brother to come by and get some money.

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She told me where the money was, I retrieved it to give to her brother when ever he arrived. It was already 5 o'clock and I had plenty of clothes in her room from when I would spend the night so I decided to spend the night and not make the drive back tot he North side.

I gave Dontrel his phone and told him what was going on. About 30 minutes later Kristel's brother came over and I gave him the money and he left. Dontrel had fallen asleep on the couch. Since he was asleep I figured Id take a nap while I waited for Kristel. I was so used to being in her room with I forgot to close the door when I started taking my dress off, I stood in the room with nothing but my black lace boy shorts and matching bra and my pumps looking inside of her drawers for some shorts and a shirt to sleep in.

I didn't hear Dontrel walk in but I felt eyes on me. I looked up at the door way and he was staring at me really hard and biting his lip. "Damn this what you do whenever you meet some one new if so, my name is Dontrel and I don't think we've met." He was so sexy but I was shy. I quickly grabbed a near by towel and covered my self. "No this is not what I do, I forgot you were here" He looked at me with sexy deep eyes. "Oh so you forgot about me?


So what do I need to do to make sure that you never forget me again." I just stood silent unsure of what to say. He walked into the room and stood infront of me and gently took the towel out of my hands.

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I didn't protest, something about him made me feel safe and not ashamed of my valuptious body. He looked into my eyes as his hands gently ran down the small of my back as he pulled me into a hug. He was so big and strong and so rough yet he was touching me the way I needed to be touched.

Brian never touched me that with him was scheduled and routine.boring. Dontrel leaned down and began to kiss and lick on my neck as he spoke to me in a sexy deep tone that turned me on even more. "Damn ma, you smell so good.Ima do some things to you that ya lil boyfriend could never do." At that point I knew that he already knew who I was when he answered the door, he must have been asking Darren things about me and he told him about my boyfriend.

He started to go lower and I got nervous when he started taking my bra off. "You are so beautiful.I wanna be inside you so bad right now." He started kissing my breast and sucking my nipples.

Brian was my first and we were together for a year, we'd been having sex for about 5 months and he had never done anything like this. He laid me on Kristel's bed where he ordered me to remove my panties.

He watched as I did so and licked his lips as I slid them down and off. My nervousness had been replaced with anxiousnessI was ready for him to be inside until he took all of his clothes off. He was blessed. Brian could not even compare.

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He layed his body on top of mine and ran his hand over my thighs as he kissed my mouth. He tasted so sweet from the Hawiian punch soda he had guzzled before entering the room.

I was enjoying his mouth when his index and middle finger began to rub my clit. I was already wet when I first saw his fine ass at the door, now my pussy was dripping with my own juices as he rubbed, I was on the verge of climaxing when he slid his hard long and thick dick inside me, he entered me slowly being careful not to hurt me because he knew he was working with a big one.

About 30 seconds later he had gotten his full length inside of me and the pain was replaced with pleasure.

He pushed my legs back and began to rub my clit while he fucked me. It was an overwhelming sensation, Orgasim shot through me.

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I had never felt that way before. It was my first orgasim, it felt better then I had ever imagined. He pumped inside of me faster, deeper and harder making it impossible to hold in my screams. "Oh my god, Dontrell.yes, yes, fuck me baby.!" I screamed and moaned."So you like the way I treat that want me to fuck you?!!!


Ima fuck you good baby!! Turn over." He turned me over and I was on all fours as he entered me from behind. He placed his hands above my ass and gripped tight and pulled me against him as he thrusted his dick into me making sure that I could feel every inch of him inside me.

I thought for sure he had torn something inside of me because It felt like he was in my stomach. He was simply too big. "AHHH.Dontrel!!! Ahhhhhhh! The pain felt so good as he fucked me, He smacked my ass as he pumped in and out of me. Orgasim swept over me for the third time and I collapsed to my stomach. He laid down on me and continued to pump, He finally pulled out and released his cum all over my ass. Sex with him was rough yet gentle enough and satisfying. I understood why Kristel hung on to her Dope Boy, regular guys might be nice and sweet but it takes a thug to satisfy that craving that every woman has.

Take it from me.ladies of all color and nationality.a black strong sexy thug is what ya need to scratch the itch you never even knew you had!!