Glam stepmom fucked after teen rides cock

Glam stepmom fucked after teen rides cock
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Chapter 13 A GOOD INVESTMENT After rubbing the sperm into her face and breasts, Laura dressed. Alistair decided to keep her bra as well today, so Laura was left entirely without underwear.

There was no mirror to look in but Laura felt she must look like a disgusting whore, with her face smeared with cum and her tits semi-visible through the loose white fabric of her blouse. Sitting at her desk, Laura felt like everyone must be staring at her.

Candy certainly was, the big-titted girl casting her disgusted glances. Maybe Geoff was too. She could still smell cum, and she knew she was smelling what she had just rubbed into her tits and face. Her pussy was still distractingly wet and it was impossible to concentrate on work.

She just stared at her inbox and tried to pretend that she was working until she realised it was time for her to go to the restroom and suck on her dildo. She stumbled from her desk to the toilets and locked herself in a stall. Almost without thinking she took off her blouse and skirt to sit naked on the toilet, her hand immediately diving to her cunt to gratefully stroke it.

She looked down at her shiny cum-smeared tits in dismay. Alistair had told her not to wash them off, and anyway Laura was not prepared to stand at a sink washing her tits where anyone might come in and see her.

But maybe. Laura lifted her large breast toward her mouth, and was able to bring it up far enough that she could just stretch her tongue out to lick some of the flesh near the nipple. It tasted like cum; it tasted delicious. Laura eagerly suck as much dried cum as she could off her left tit, and then did the same with the right. Most of her boobs were still smeared in dried sperm but it was a little better.

She just wished she could lick up the rest. Sighing, she took the dildo out of her purse and put it in her mouth, then settled back on the toilet with her legs spread to suck on the dildo and finger her twat for a blissful five minutes.

She didn't cum - she honestly wasn't sure if she was allowed to, the clinic hadn't been clear - and so she eventually staggered out of the toilet stall, dressed once more, even hornier than when she had started.

She didn't get far. There was someone else in the restroom - Candy. The buxom bimbo was standing just outside Laura's stall, and as Laura emerged, Candy pushed her back in, until both girls were in the toilet stall.

Candy locked the door behind them. "What." asked Laura, but Candy slapped a hand over Laura's mouth. "Listen, you little slut," Candy hissed. "Everyone at work knows that you're a liar and a slut now, who comes on to people and then lies about them doing things to her." Candy was pressed up against Laura; Laura could feel the girl's big fake tits pressing against Laura's own.

"So you're going to do something for me. I'm not a disgusting lesbian like you but I've always wondered what it's like to. you know, have a girl. So you're going to get down between my legs and do your disgusting lesbian thing, and if you say anything to anyone, no one will believe you." Candy put her hands on Laura's head and pushed her downwards; helpless, Laura sank to her knees in front of Candy.

Candy reached under her skirt and pulled down a pair of white satin panties. She let them drop to her high-heeled feet and stepped out of them. Laura could see straight up Candy's skirt to her shaved, naked pussy. It was so symmetrical Laura wondered if Candy had had surgery on it, just like her fake tits. "Hurry up," hissed Candy, and pulled on Laura's hair, urging Laura's face towards Candy's cunt.

Laura realised she was about to be raped by a female co-worker. She was going to be made to eat out a pussy with no concern whether she consented. This should be traumatic. Laura should scream or cry out or at least be horrified.

But it was just a cunt; and a pretty one at that. And Laura was so horny. She opened her mouth and began to lick at Candy's pussy. Candy sighed happily, and spread her legs a little wider. Surprisingly, Candy's cunt tasted of strawberries. Laura realised Candy must have applied a flavoured oil to her twat. She wondered if it was a special preparation for this encounter, or whether Candy went around with her pussy flavoured as a matter of routine.

She liked the idea and made a mental note to get Erica to start flavouring her vulva this way. Laura licked at Candy's pussy, sucking on her labia, flicking Candy's clit with her tongue, and pushing her tongue deep into Candy's fuckhole.

The blonde bimbo ground her groin against Laura's face, and bit on her thumb to keep from moaning and crying out as Laura pleasured her beaver.

Laura reached under her own skirt and played with her pussy as she licked, but in a surprisingly short amount of time Candy orgasmed, bucking her crotch so hard into Laura's face that it hurt.

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Laura kept obediently licking until Candy's orgasm had finished. When it was done, Candy looked down at Laura with sudden disgust in her eyes. She grabbed Laura's hair and rubbed Laura's face back and forth against her pussy, deliberately getting cunt juices all over Laura's cheeks, forehead and ears.

Then she pushed Laura away hard. "What have I told you about trying to seduce straight girls?" Candy hissed. "You are so gross." And then without warning she used her high-heeled foot to kick Laura hard in the groin.

Laura yelped, her cunt suddenly in agony. She felt tears come to her eyes. Candy hurriedly picked up her panties and pulled them back on, and then stepped cautiously out of the stall, looking to see if anyone was watching. When nobody was, she hurried away back to her desk. Laura just knelt there for a moment, holding back tears.

She had been raped or molested by two different coworkers today. Her cunt was dripping despite being painful and bruised. Her tits smelt like dried cum and her face was coated in a girl's slut nectar. And the worse part was she wanted to cum. She wanted to play with her pussy until she orgasmed. But she didn't know if she was allowed to. She didn't have permission to cum. What about washing her face? Alistair hadn't told her she wasn't allowed to wash pussy juice off her.

But if she came back to her desk with a clean face he would think she had washed the cum off. But she couldn't go out with her face wet and cunty. Laura decided she would have to clean herself up as best she could with her hands.

She wiped her hands across her face and then licked them clean, tasting Candy's cunt once again as she did so. When she had wiped up as much wetness as she could, she massaged the rest in, rubbing Candy's fuckhoney into her skin.

On the way out of the bathroom, Laura looked at herself in the mirror. She looked like a whore.

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Her face didn't look bad - more like she had been crying than that she'd just had it used as a sex toy. But her pink hair was in disarray from where Candy had pulled on it. Her visible cleavage was shiny with dried sperm, and her braless tits were mostly visible through the fabric of her white blouse, with the erect nipples poking obviously against the fabric.

Her skirt covered her bare cunt, but there were visible streaks down her inner things where the juices from her horny twat had dripped down her legs. Laura walked back to her desk in humiliation, realising how disgusting she looked. As she sat there at her desk, her mind too sex-addled to work, she was aware of people whispering around her, pointing. She thought one person walking past maybe took a photo of her with his phone.

Laura couldn't go home, she couldn't bring herself to think about and process the humiliation, so her mind did something new - it went away. She stopped thinking about where she was, and who was looking at her, and how awful her day and her life was. She just thought about her cunt. She thought about putting things in her pussy.

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She thought about licking girls' cunts. She thought about having big plastic cocks in her mouth and having them spurt sperm onto her tongue. And every two hours she got up and went to the bathroom and stuck the dildo in her mouth and masturbated for five minutes.

She completely tuned out to the day of work. Her only concession to her location was a little bit of her mind that had enough sense to stop her openly masturbating at her desk.

But she still sat there in her chair, staring at nothing on her screen, her eyes glazed over, with her pussy drooling non-stop. A wet spot quickly developed on the back of her skirt, and then a damp patch on her office chair. She had to get up several times to get water from the water cooler to replace the fluids her sweaty, horny body was dedicating to making her ready to be fucked.

In the afternoon Alistair called her into his office again. Laura followed him into his office, let him close the door behind them, sat in the spare chair, and almost without thinking started to raise up her skirt to show him her pussy.

Alistair slapped at her hands. "Put that away," he snarled. "I haven't closed the blinds." Laura looked at the office window in panic and realised that the entire office floor could see in and she had almost shown off her pussy to them. "Laura," said Alistair, "I like the way you look today but it's too much. I can't keep you employed here if you look like this much of a fuckdoll. I don't even know what's wrong with you today but you smell like cunt and you're so out of it that you're practically drooling.

And basically everyone can see your breasts." Laura blushed and crossed her arms self-conciously over her chest. "What's your damage?" Alistair continued. "Are you on drugs?" "No," said Laura helplessly. "I." "You need to be more like Candy," said Alistair.

"Look at her. She looks totally fuckable every single day, but she also looks appropriate for work. You can tell she's ready to whip out her tits on a moment's notice but she's not just randomly flashing them around the office." "I'm sorry," said Laura. She didn't know what else to say. "Look, I'm going to send you home early today, okay?" said Alistair. "Go home and clean up. And if you make me cum on your tits and face again tomorrow like you did today, you have no-one to blame but yourself.

But you're going to have to get better at dealing with it, and at least not look like some kind of slut zombie. I want to keep playing with your lesbian whore pussy every morning, but for that to happen you have to act like you're vaguely employable, okay?" "Okay," said Laura.

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She felt awful. Even Alistair was telling her to look less slutty - and he liked her looking slutty. How degraded must she appear? In a haze, Laura left the office and caught the bus home. For once, she was home before Erica. She took the opportunity to kneel in the bedroom and masturbate herself to a satisfying orgasm while sucking on her dildo. She no longer cared about whether the clinic wanted her to orgasm or not; she felt humiliated and vulnerable and horny and she needed the release.

Cumming helped; it cleared her mind a little. She was able to come to her senses enough to shower, washing the sperm and cunt juices off her face and tits. She washed her hair, and scrubbed out her pussy, and started to get ready for Michael, who she had arranged to come round that night in order to secure his "investment". Laura decided to dress in one of her anime princess dresses - white corset, low cleavage-cupping top, and long billowing white skirts.

She decided to wear panties, to help control her still-wet pussy. Then, with considerable reluctance, she took another dose of her aphrodisiacs, fulfilling her deal with the clinic. She was franky terrified of taking the pills. With a slightly clearer head she was able to better appreciate how fucked up her day at work had been. Sucking Alistair's dick? Spending the day with cum drying on her breasts? Being raped by Candy? Having her boobs visible through her top for everyone to see?

If her coworkers didn't think she was a total whore before, they did now. And if she'd been like that on her first dose, it was scary to think what she might do on a second dose, with the first not fully flushed out of her system yet. But she had no choice. She had to keep pleasing the Clinic to please her blackmailer, and the Clinic had only let her have the night off on the agreement she would stay dosed on the aphrodisiacs.

Laura spent some time tidying the house, and then prepared some snacks for the evening. Erica would do the actual cooking - she had always done most of the domestic chores around the house, and since the change in her relationship with Laura, Erica had basically been responsible for everything: Laura's own personal house slave. Nevertheless Laura had a desultory try at making a salad. Her efforts extended to throwing some lettuce into a bowl, chopping up a cucumber, and then drizzling salad dressing over it all.

By the time she was done, the aphrodisiac was taking hold and Laura's pussy was demanding attention. She tried to ignore it; but then her eye fell on a second cucumber, and before she could really think about it Laura found that she was pulling her panties aside and pushing the cucumber into her fucktunnel. It felt good in there - it fit nicely, distending her vaginal walls just enough to be pleasantly uncomfortable - so she left it inside her, letting her panties hold it in place.

It felt nice to walk around with a cold, squishy vegetable jammed in her twat, she found. It wasn't the sort of thing she would normally do around the house - it was incredibly slutty - but if this was all it took to satisfy the drugs in her system she thought it was a good trade.

As she waited for Erica to get home, she thought about the violent and humiliating things she'd done to Erica recently and felt even hornier. Really, this was all Erica's fault. It had been there in the very first email Laura had got from her blackmailer: "Your slut girlfriend is pretty." If Laura hadn't had such a slutty, attractive lover, maybe the blackmailer would have left her alone.

It didn't seem fair that Laura had to act like a whore at work while Erica got off so lightly. By the time Erica got home, Laura had worked herself into a state, part lust and part anger. Before Erica could even ask why Laura was home so early, Laura had dragged her into the bedroom and ripped off the strawberry-haired bitch's clothes.

She sat there, looking at Erica for a while, deciding what to do with her. She wanted to make Erica lick her cunt, but Michael would be over soon and Laura didn't have much time. The time factor likewise ruled out getting Erica to wear the strap-on. Finally, she just settled for reaching between Erica's legs and pinching her clitoris painfully.

"Listen, we have Michael coming around tonight to visit, okay? And last time he came over we were really rude to him because of how much of a slut you were, so you have to make him happy tonight, all right?" Erica nodded, confused, but desperate for Laura to release her clit. "Good girl," said Laura. She let Erica up, went into the kitchen, and came back with a glass of wine.

"Drink this," she said, and watched as Erica did. The glass contained a double dose of aphrodisiacs. Laura had decided that Erica deserved to be a slut tonight, and that a slutty Erica would probably please Michael. Once Erica was drugged, Laura got her dressed. She picked out a pair of lacy panties, and used scissors to cut a slit in the groin so that Erica's vulva poked lewdly out from the fabric.

She found a short skirt, and made it even shorter by clipping its hem. Erica's pussy could be seen under the hem even when she was standing upright. She took elastic bands and placed one around the base of each of Erica's tits, making them bulge lewdly, and then slipped a mostly transparent white top over them that ended so abruptly that a copious amount of underboob was clearly visible.

She completed the ensemble with a black neck collar, high heels, and a "fuck-me" makeup scheme. The final result made Erica look like a cross between a prostitute and a rape victim. Looking at her made Laura's pussy pulse with desire, but she had no time for that. She took Erica's hands, cuffed them behind her back, and then slapped Erica across the face.

"Be a good little slut tonight, okay?" said Laura. "Don't contradict me, don't whine and cry, just be nice to Michael, okay?" Erica nodded, trying not to cry.

By the time Michael arrived, Laura and Erica were both fully in the grip of their aphrodisiacs. Laura could feel that her panties were completely soaked through, and a steady trickle of juice was running down her inner thigh into her left shoe. She desperately wanted to just pull up her skirts and masturbate but she couldn't. Instead she greeted the sound of the doorbell by flinging open the door and enfolding Michael in a tight hug, crushing her tits against his chest and pushing her groin tightly against his.

Her head was buried in his neck, and she knew he could feel her warm breath on his skin. "Hello!" said Michael, surprised. Laura could feel his cock stiffening against her, and she briefly wondered what it would be like to have it in her mouth. She clamped her thighs together and felt the cucumber squish inside her vagina. The hug went on for a long, awkward time. It felt so good to have a warm body against her; Laura didn't want to let go. Michael eventually had to disentangle her himself; and when he did he finally saw Erica.

Laura could tell Michael was stunned by the fuckable lesbian whore standing in front of him. Most of Erica's body was on display, and packaged to make it appear to be sexually ready. Her vulva was visible beneath her skirt, poking through the slit Laura had cut in her panties, and it was clearly wet and dripping.

Erica's hands were trapped in cuffs behind her body, which forced her to thrust her tits forward attractively. "Sorry about Erica looking like such a slut," said Laura casually. "This is how she wanted to dress when she heard you were coming over. I've cuffed her hands again so she won't play with herself like a whore." Laura guided Michael to the couch and sent Erica to prepare the dinner.

With her hands cuffed behind her back, it was hard for Erica to do much of anything, and Laura was amused to watch Erica trying to get a meal together by alternately holding things behind her back in her cuffed hands, or picking them up with her mouth.

Most every action required Erica to bend over, exposing her pantied ass and poutingly wet pussy to Michael's view.

Meanwhile Laura put on some light entertainment. She picked something from her anime collection without thinking, and then when it came on she blushed as she realised what she had chosen.

It was hentai - pornographic anime - and it featured a pink-haired princess protagonist being raped by big-cocked monsters. The girl was dressed almost exactly as Laura was now. Laura had downloaded it for some titillating lesbian scenes later in the show where the protagonist 69ed a buxom elf; but right now she found herself sitting on a couch with her friend Michael watching this girl who looked like her having her clothes torn off and giant monster cocks jammed in her mouth and cunt.

Laura knew she should turn the show off and pick something more chaste; but it was clearly arousing Michael, even though he tried not to show it, and the purpose of the night was to please MIchael so he would give Laura the money she needed. Besides, something strange was happening to Laura as she watched the cartoon ogres raping the girl on screen.

Ever time it showed the girl with a cock in her mouth, Laura's pussy would throb pleasingly; and every time they withdrew their cocks from her mouth Laura would flinch a little. As she stared at the screen she realised she was opening her own mouth as the cocks drew near the girl's mouth on the screen, and leaning forward as they withdrew as if she were chasing them.

She clenched her mouth closed and tried to ignore what she was watching. Soon Erica had finished cooking the food - a chicken and rice dish. Michael and Laura went to get plates and bring them down to the couch, just as the action in the hentai was transitioning to the lesbian scene Laura liked. Erica was left looking miserably at her plate, trying to work out how to eat it. In the end Laura took pity on her and got her to kneel on the floor near the couch, in front of her and Michael.

They took turns hand feeding her, bringing the food to her mouth by hand and having Erica suck the rice and chicken from their fingers. The feel of Erica sucking on her fingers combined with the big-titted cartoon sluts on screen out each other's cunts was making it hard for Laura to think clearly. She wondered if Michael would mind if she pulled up her skirt and rubbed her pussy. Probably he wouldn't.

It wasn't sluttier than what she was making Erica do. She wondered if Michael would mind if Erica licked her pussy for a bit. She looked across at the bulge in Michael's pants and pictured it in her mouth.

God, she wanted her dildo in her mouth so much. The rice and chicken Erica had made was tasty but sperm was tastier. The cucumber in Laura's pussy was little more than a squashed cunty mash by this stage. She realised she should take it out. Laura abruptly got up and went around the corner, into the part of the kitchen you couldn't see from the couch.

She reached under her dress quickly, dug the cucumber out of her pussy, and put it into a bowl. She wanted to rub her clit too but Michael would ask what she was doing soon.

Instead she returned to the couch with the bowl of cunt-flavoured squashed cucumber. "Erica's health supplement," she explained in response to Michael's curious look, and then proceeded to hand-feed the cucumber to Erica. It was clear from Erica's look that she understood what she was eating, but she said nothing, only licked the pussy-cucumber mash from Laura's hand.

Laura wished she had been able to feed it to Erica directly from her twat. Maybe next time. As she looked down at her degraded girlfriend, Laura realised something. All night in the back of her mind she had been thinking about how last time Erica had sucked Michael's dick - and how afterwards Laura had kissed Erica and tasted Michael's cum.

It had been so hot, and all night subconciously Laura had been fantasising about it. But Michael wasn't going to do that again; Laura had been furious at him. She had told him it was wrong and he wasn't allowed to do it. And if he didn't do it, Laura wasn't going to get to taste his cum that night. (A part of her mind told that her lesbians don't obsess over tasting cum. She told it to shut up; it was just a taste, like strawberry jam or chocolate or any other taste, and it was entirely coincidence that it came from a man.) Laura realised that she had to be a little bit active if she wanted to get her desires met.

She cleared her throat, and said, "Michael, about the other night when you and Erica. you know." Michael blushed and avoided Laura's eyes. "No, it's okay," Laura said hurriedly. "I've just realised over the past week what a slut Erica is. You couldn't have helped yourself. It was all her fault, not yours." Erica's eyes widened with betrayal, but she said nothing. "Just. if Erica's like that again, and it happens again, that's okay," said Laura.

"I understand how horny and slutty she can be. I won't even tell you to stop, okay?" Michael looked at Laura, disbelieving. "You're not going to get angry if Erica sucks my.

well, you know." "That's right," said Laura. She knew what she was saying was outrageous but she just couldn't get the image out of her head of Erica's mouth, full of cum, waiting to be kissed. "Well. okay." said Michael.

His cock was a bulging lump in his pants and he was staring at whorish little kneeling Erica. There was an uncomfortable silence for a few moments. Finally, Laura excused herself to go to the toilet. She took her purse with her, and after she had pissed she extracted the dildo and put it in her mouth while she masturbated.

What had she just done? She felt equal parts guilt and arousal go through her brain as she frantically manipulated her clitoris. She had just told her best friend he could face-fuck her girlfriend and cum in her mouth. Oh god, how degraded had she become?

She felt an orgasm coming on. She couldn't cum here, in the toilet, with her friend outside. She jerked her hand away from her cunt, pulled the plastic cock out of her mouth and staggered to her feet.

She pulled up her panties and, still shaking, left the toilet. Outside, she was greeted by a sight that took away the remainder of her self control. Michael's pants were unzipped, and Erica was kneeling between his spread legs. Michael had a handful of her hair gripped tightly in each hand, and he was using it to violently pump her mouth up and down on his cock. He was fucking Laura's girlfriend's head against his dick. Erica appeared to be crying. It was too much. Laura's hand dove under her skirts, into her panties, and began to violently fingerfuck her pussy.

She leant against the wall for support as she brought herself to orgasm while watching Erica suck off her friend. She came at about the same time Michael did, and watched as he pulled Erica's face tight against his groin while he pumped semen into her mouth. Michael looked up as he orgasmed, and saw Laura standing there, masturbating her approval of his actions.

After Laura had orgasmed, she dropped to her knees and crawled over to Erica. She pulled Erica's face off Michael's cock, and passionately kissed her girlfriend on the lips. As she had hoped, Erica still had pools of Michael's cum in her mouth, and Laura licked them out eagerly, holding Erica's crying face tight against her own. The semen tasted amazing and Laura wanted to masturbate again; but surely she had been enough of a whore already?

When there was no more sperm left in Erica's mouth, Laura released her. "I told him no," Erica wailed as soon as she was free. "I told him I was going to be good for you but he made me suck him anyway." Was that true? Surely not, thought Laura. She didn't want an Erica that was a lying slut like this; she wanted an Erica who was a good girl and let Laura lick cum from her mouth.

She slapped Erica across the face, hard. "Don't lie, you whore," she spat. "You seduced Michael like a slut, didn't you?" "No," wept Erica. Laura looked at Michael.

His dick was still out, glistening with cum. He looked stunned at everything that had just happened. "She's a lying whore," Laura said to Michael. "Slap her." Robotically, not really sure what he was doing, Michael did. He backhanded Erica across the face. It made his dick wiggle and Laura couldn't help herself. She opened her mouth and took Michael's cock into it, sucking eagerly at the last semen welling from the tip.

She felt Michael's hands slip into her hair, caressing her, pulling her head closer, and she could no longer resist - she needed to touch her cunt again.

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She started to play with her cunt, kneeling there with Michael's softening cock in her mouth, and remained that way until she had orgasmed once again. Afterwards no one had much to say. Michael was looking at Erica and Laura in a new way; part arousal, part contempt, part guilt.

He eventually reached into his wallet, pulled out a wad of notes - the money Laura needed - and then slowly and deliberately stuffed them down the front of Laura's dress to nestle between her breasts. "Okay, you seem like a good investment," he said, and the message to Laura was clear - she had just prostituted herself and her girlfriend for this money. Michael then left. Erica wouldn't stop crying, and kept weeping after Michael was gone, so Laura eventually slapped her a few more times, and then put on the strap-on and used it to plug Erica's mouth.

She wanted to hurt Erica; Erica who was a lying temptress slut who had sucked off Laura's friend; so she filled the strap-on this time from the bottle of urine. The look on Erica's face as her mouth filled with a stranger's piss, flooding out of the plastic cock and down her throat, was priceless, and it gave Laura her final orgasm of the night. (To be continued.)