Slutty latina Chanel Santos BDSM dicked before facial

Slutty latina Chanel Santos BDSM dicked before facial
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****************This is my first ORIGINAL story so please don't be too harsh. I'd enjoy feedback and i may continue off of this with the aunt.***************** "Jay let's go!" My dad yelled from the opening of the garage doorway. We were on our way to a short family reunion and for some unknown reason, we were late.

I picked up my blackberry curve and my wallet and ran downstairs just as my dad was putting the key into the ignition of his Lexus. As I was walking, I passed by the family room mirror. Not to brag but I was well built for a 14 year old kid. I wasn't that tall, standing at 5'6", but i did have black hair and brown eyes. Not only that but I had the abs, biceps, triceps, and calves that took me years to grow. To top it off, I was also endowed with a pretty good sized 6 inch package.

Even with all of those features, i hadn't managed to get most of the girls i wanted, mainly because i was scared of rejection or being teased.

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Don't get me wrong, i did get girls - just not certain ones that i felt the most strongly about or didn't want to ask out. As i walked out to the garage, i grabbed my air force ones and ran towards the car. "C'mon, Jay we have to go NOW before we run into traffic" "Sorry dad, I'm ready now", I replied.

We Pulled away from the house and hit the highway just before the traffic built up. To be honest, i didn't mind being rushed to get to the family reunion, even if it was tomorrow.

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Just the thought of actually hanging out with people my age instead of the 10 year olds in the neighborhood had me excited. The last time I saw my family (excluding close members like my grandmother, uncles, aunts, and some cousins) was when I was 11. I remembered one of my cousins, Keyshia, that i had liked ever since I first met her when I was 6. She and I had always been close, talking about personal things and discovering things together, but we had drifted away from each other when i was 9 because of some divorces going on.

I had still kept in contact with her on Facebook, MySpace and texting but it just wasn't the same. I drifted off after a while just to be awakened by the sound of my dad. "Jay, we're here. Let's go put the bags in the room and go to pool where everyone's at" "Huh.oh, ok." After Unpacking the bags, we changed into our swimming trunks and walked to the hotel pool (which was pretty big). When we arrived, the first thing i saw Keyshia.

Wow did she change! Those facebook pictures must've been a few years old because she was perfect now (not that she wasn't before). She was also 14 and was about 5'3", had at least 34C Sized breast, those same beautiful brown eyes and the perfect round ass that would make you melt just by looking at it.

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I passed by her and made eye contact but she didn't wave. Instead she put on a sort of surprised 'you look different' kind of face. I figured she was surprised because of the changes that i had taken on.

Guess I should've put up new facebook pictures too. My dad drifted off to some crowd of older people and I went to go talk to my grandmother. "Hey honey, how have you been?" "I've been good grandma, how about you?" "Good.

You've grown up so much. Have you gotten time to talk to some of your cousins" "Not yet, we just got here. I'll go talk to some of them now so i'll see you later" I left my grandma, just to run into my aunt (Keyshia's Mom).

She asked me who i was and when she found out, I almost suffocated by the biggest hug ever.

Not that i was interested in her, but wow she felt good for a 35 year old woman. She had 32D breasts (guessing), a pretty face, and a great ass. We talked for a bit but then she released me to go talk to my cousins. The first thing i did was catch up with Keyshia and say hey. "Hey Keyshia" "Hey Jay, what's up" "Nothing, I just got here.

Wow, you've changed" "Yea, so have you" We caught up a little bit by talking but the whole time i couldn't keep my eyes off of her gorgeous body. It didn't help that she was in the tiniest bikini. At one point, a little boy threw a beach ball and it landed right beside her. She got up to pick it up and when she bent over, I almost died inside.

It was the most beautiful sight ever. Right then I got the worst boner and it didn't help that my trunks were a little wet either. I grabbed my towel and hid my little secret while we continued to talk. After about 5 minutes we went to swim for a bit and we played a little bit of water wrestling with my other cousins.

I could've sworn that I felt her nipples hard but it probably was something else. The water wrestling didn't last long because it got late and we all had to go to our rooms for the night.

When we got to the room I texted her and said I had a good time. She replied with 'So did I' and I asked her what her favorite part was. She then replied with 'The hard part :) goodnight'. I guess she felt something she wasn't really supposed to.

Early the next morning, my dad and I got dressed for the short family reunion. I'm glad it was a casual dress code because I don't think I would've survived with my shirt tucked in the whole time. We all met down the street at this sort of party room/meeting room place in a fancy building to have the reunion. I talked to some of my boy cousins and we hung out almost all of the night while Keyshia was on the other side of the room with the girls. I was bummed until she came over and asked if we could take a walk.

So I asked my dad if we could just walk down to the store and he said yes. "So uh, Jay can you help me out?" She asked as we were walking. "Yea sure what's up?" "I like this boy and I'm not sure if he likes me but I really want to be his girlfriend.

What should I do" Once I heard this, I was disappointed. The only girl I REALLY liked was into a different guy and she wants my opinion on what she should do.


If I say don't tell him then that would be messed up to her, but if i tell her to tell him then I would lose my chance with her. " should tell him" I murmured. "Ok I will. Thanks" " prob." I forced out of myself.

She gave me a hug and we just sort of walked on silently until we got tired. My whole reunion was ruined. ****A Week Later**** Bzzzzz!Bzzzzz! Thats the sound that knocked me back into reality as i was daydreaming about what could've been with me and her.

I was really upset until i read the text that i got from Keyshia. 'Jay, my mom wants to stop by and talk to your dad for a bit and shes bringing me' I smiled at the sight of this. 'Ok, great. At what time?' '6 o'clock' 'k, i'll see you then' Wow my whole day just turned upside down.

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I was going to write some songs and then probably go to the mall but i cancelled all of that instantly. I departed from my room and walked downstairs just to hear the news again from my dad. I don't know if it's possible but hearing it again made me a little happier.

I quickly took a shower, brushed my teeth, and cleaned myself up while waiting. Right when i was done brushing my hair, the doorbell rang. My dad answered it and in walked my aunt and Keyshia. I ran downstairs and Keyshia gave me a hug. Something seemed different. She was much happier. I told my dad we were going for a walk and we left the house. The whole time we were waking, all i wanted to do was tell her how much i liked her. Instead she did. "Jay.I have to tell you something" "Ok, what is it" "Uh, it might sound weird" "Nah, it wont." I smiled to reassure her it wouldn't weird me out.

"Go ahead" "I.I like you" My heart stopped at those words. "I like you more than a cousin though.more than a friend.more than a good friend." "You boyfriend?" I questioned. ".yea." "I like you too Keyshia.


The same way" "Are.Are you serious??" "Yea i've liked you since i was 6" I told her. "Why didn't you tell me?" "I was scared and didn't think you'd like me" I replied. "Well weren't you wrong" I laughed.

"yea, i guess i was" "So uh, what do we do now" She asked. "We can be boyfriend and girlfriend but uhm, we can't tell our parents" "Why not? Don't tell your dad but my mom likes your dad" I was so surprised. First, we felt the same way about each other and we're going out but also her mom likes my dad?

This is a whole lot to take in. We walked to the park down the street with her head leaning on me and my arm around her waist. We talked and kissed a bit and decided it was time to go back. As we got back to the house, my dad was closing the garage with Keyshia's mom in the passenger seat. "Guys we're going out to dinner. We'll be staying at a hotel because it'll probably get late. There's some pizza in the fridge if you get hungry".

Man was this day good. I almost couldn't keep from shouting as they left. We walked into the house and got something to eat, both of us smiling while eating. When we were done, she told me something I've always wondered. "Jay, uh, some of the guys at my school have called me a.freak" "What do you mean 'freak'" "I mean like a.Pervert" She pushed out.

" be honest, I'm one too" She looked relieved. Instead of popping in some DVD's we went straight to the playboy channel and ordered a hardcore movie. As we were watching, one of the girls was giving this guy a lap dance. She must've saw how much i was into it because she got up and sat down right on my lap.

Gosh, her ass was so soft. She started grinding on my and i thought i was going to cum right through my pants but i held myself. After that scene was off she stopped but stayed seated on my lap. The guy started stripping the woman and eating her out on the screen but we both stayed still. The rest of the movie was just regular except that in one part she was bent over a pool table and he started going up her butthole.

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She seemed to like it and Keyshia was transfixed on the screen. The movie went off after a while and Keyshia said she wanted to go up to my bedroom. She looked around a bit, admiring the posters, and then plopped down right on my bed. "Jay, I'm still a virgin" She confided. "Me too" "Ok let's do something then" she said with a sly grin.

She practically jumped into my arms and we started tongue wrestling right there. I put her on the bed gently on her back and started stripping her. When she was naked i just stopped for a second to admire her beautiful body. Instead of going straight to the crotch like most aggressive men would, i took my time trailing down her body with my mouth. I enjoyed every taste and scent she had. When i got down to her pussy I inhaled deeply. Just the smell made me go wild. I ate her out until she had a powerful orgasm, almost suffocating me by pushing my head so far into her crotch.


After that she stripped me down and started giving me a blowjob. It was like something i'd never dreamed up. It was better than what i could've dreamed of.

Her mouth was so warm and the feeling of her tongue playing on the head of my dick made me want to be able to hold myself for hours and hours.

Of course i knew that wasn't possible and after a while i told her to stop so that i didn't cum. I placed her on the bed and climbed on top of her. I kept my eyes fixed on hers as i eased myself into her until i hit her hymen. She nodded which gave me the approval to break through. With one push, I went straight through it. She sort of got stiff but she soon relaxed and started moving.

Just the sound of her perfect round ass hitting my balls could've pushed me over. Then the sight of me on top of her and my body disappearing into hers would've done the same. Actually just the thought of me and her together could have. We made love in different positions. From me being on top of her to cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and doggystyle.

I was surprised i didn't shoot my load just yet, even though she had already experienced 2 orgasms. "Jay wait" "Ok, what is it" "i want you to.go fuck me in the ass" "Oh what?

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really! You really want to?" "Yea" She didn't have to tell me twice. I was way more than ready to go up that sweet ass of hers. She bent over in doggystyle position as i lubed up my dick. At first it was a little hard to get in but after a while, it popped right in. She seemed to enjoy it alot. I knew i enjoyed it alot. She rubbed her clit furiously as i went up that sexy ass. After a few minutes, i was ready to cum.

"Keyshia, I'm gonna cum" "Cum in my asshole. Oh fuck you feel so good." Just those words sent me into a whirlwind orgasm. It was so intense i thought i made an earthquake. We sat there conjoined together for about 30 minutes until we had another 2 fuck sessions. As we drifted off to sleep in my bed, the last thing she said was: "I love you Jay" "I love you too Keyshia" THE END.