Best dick I ever had

Best dick I ever had
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BREE 7 BREE & SHANNON AT THE RANCH "Shannon's Encounter with Jake The Donkey" by Rodeotexas December 2010 NOTE: If you have not read the Bree stories 1 thru 5 previously posted on this forum, I would highly suggest you do so you can have a perspective of the past history of the people involved, the events that had lead up to each individual related chapter and how this lifestyle has evolved among these friends, however you can read this as a stand alone story.

Bree 8 The Reunion can also be read as a standalone story. Bree and her husband have a large isolated ranch in the Texas Hill Country where they raised stud Arabian horses and cattle.

They also have a donkey named Jake they had purchased to keep the coyotes away from the livestock; however he became more of a pet, as he would always come to the house looking for a treat when he saw Bree or her husband outside.

Jake also had funny antics such as romping with their Great Dane, Duke, which always made visitors comment on how adorable the two looked playing with each other. Bree's long time sorority roommate from college and graduate school, Shannon, had surprised Bree by calling her, stating she would be in the area for a couple of weeks and she was looking for real estate with acreage to buy in the area.

Bree immediately insisted that she stay with them as they had not seen in each other in a couple of years due to Shannon's successful travel business which Shannon had recently sold for a very hefty profit, looking to relocate to an area where she had friends and thought of Bree and how very close they use to be and wanted to renew that deep friendship.

All involved had almost reached their very early thirties and had been driven in their careers. As such, they now lead very comfortable lives, likewise their close friends as well. Briana (Bree for short) is a stunning cinnamon redhead, natural dark skin with bright emerald green eyes as befitting her Irish-Nordic ancestry (and temper!).

Five feet eight inches tall, with full firm large high set breasts that had that a pronounced European up tilt to them, small nipples and small areolas. Between the ranch work and her almost daily workouts Bree has a well toned muscular athletic body with great ripped abdomen definition and a small tight curvaceous ass.

She has one of those physiques that when she was nude and bent over you could see all her womanly charms and tight rosebud. She has just a small, laser-sculpted triangle of cinnamon pubic hair above her pussy, everything else from top to bottom had been lasered away, courtesy of one of her best friends who owns a laser hair clinic.

Shannon was a lithe, five foot ten inches with firm full voluptuous but perky 36 DD breasts with small nipples, small areolas with long flowing brunette hair. Shannon could be described as a workout fanatic and also has a well-toned muscular body with great definition and a small tight curvy ass. Shannon as well had taken advantage of laser hair removal. When Bree and Shannon had been in college, Venus Swimwear had solicited both women and Shannon had participated in the Miss Hawaiian Tropic Model Search.

Unbeknownst to Bree, Shannon also had submitted a contest entry for Bree to also participate in the Miss Hawaiian Tropic Model Search. Bree was surprised when she had been notified she had been selected but after reviewing the contest rules and requisite swimwear, she declined, being uncomfortable with the amount of skin she would have to display in public venues.

Now Bree was no prude, she would wear a skimpy bikini around close friends and would suntan topless with other close girlfriends in seclusion. But the contest swimwear at times was not much more than dental floss! Besides the successful ranching operations that Bree and her husband had, he also had a masters degree in photojournalism that often took Bree's husband away as this was a very successful second career he had.

Unfortunately he had a trip scheduled that coincided with Shannon's arrival and he managed to delay one day in order to see her arrival, as he also had been a good friend with her during college. Plus he knew that Bree and Shannon as well as Bree and Kate had been frisky in college with each other. Bree had held nothing back when they first started dating, wanting to be up front with him because it was truly "love at first sight" when they first actually met and talked at Cheatem Street Warehouse in San Marcos and Bree did not want to endanger their relationship by holding back and him finding out later that she, Kate and Shannon at times had "fun" together.

He understood that during college that hormones were raging and three extremely attractive female roommates occasionally engaged in bisexual releases and not as a pure lesbian relationship. PART 2 The first night of Shannon's arrival he fired up the BBQ grill and they all sat outside and caught up with each other and got pleasantly tipsy and freer with the talk as the evening progressed. At times he caught a renewed playfulness between Bree and Shannon not only with words but actions and they also included him.

That night Bree took charge and rode him hard and had a more than enthusiastic release. As she lay on top of him in the afterglow, he whispered in her ear that if she needed release while he was gone, it was fortunate that Shannon was here… Bree sat up with a big grin and a gleam in her eye and without a word immediately commenced a second round of riding! The guest bedroom Shannon was occupying was right down the hall from the master bedroom, and the doors to both bedrooms were open.

Shannon could easily hear the activities going on which fueled her own arousal. For a while she fantasized about joining in. There had been several times back in college, after some serious partying, when the three of them almost had done it together but Shannon recognized how serious Bree was getting and did not want to possibly endanger her developing relationship and the friendship of all three of them, though it was very hard as he was very good looking and very well hung to boot, in fact very much larger than most men in length and girth!

Bree had held nothing back telling her roommate and close friend about their sexual activities which in every telling fueled Shannon's fertile imagination but nothing more had happened than the three of them periodically and platonically sleeping in the same bed together after too much partying and indulging, and Shannon was unsure as it had been a couple of years since she had seen them and people do change as she took matters into hand… Bree's husband departed early the next morning and would be away for a week or more.

Bree and Shannon walked him out to the patio. Both wore short and very revealing summer La Perla semi-sheer robes that were slit up high on the sides of the hips. He knew and could see that Bree was naked underneath the robe and with barely concealed surprise; Shannon was similarly obviously naked underneath! The highslit sides of the robes would have revealed any panties and the gauzy outlines of breasts and nipples were clearly obvious with the deeply plunging semi-sheer robes.

It was not like he had not seen Shannon naked before, all three had occasionally spent the night at his off-campus residence during college when the two girls could not drive back to their own quarters because they had too much to drink or something else or both! But it had been awhile since he had seen Shannon like this and the thin sexy robe just seemed to enhance her sexiness and beauty.

It seemed that Shannon was more fit now than back in college. Both women watched him walk down the long winding path down to the barn where the vehicles were kept.

As he reached the bottom of the hill cut steps and walked on toward the barn, he turned around and looked back up at Bree and Shannon still standing on the wrap-around porch.


Both women were backlit by the bright morning sunshine, with the sunshine passing thru the diaphanous robes. Even from this distance he could now clearly see their body outlines highlighted by the sun's bright morning rays every womanly curve of these two stunningly gorgeous and extraordinarily fit women almost as if they were not wearing robes at all! He yelled back up at the house and told them both not to be too naughty while he was away!

With a start Shannon glanced at Bree and saw a bright emerald gleam in Bree's eye and a saucy smile. Shannon then told Bree "I haven't had a chance to tell you for awhile, but as I have told you many times before, you are damn fortunate to find a man like that!" Shannon spent the morning setting up appointments with realtors that specialized in land holdings and ranches.

After lunch they decided to go riding. Bree and Shannon changed into old low-rise jeans and boots. Both wore old very short-cropped thin tee shirts that showed off their muscular midriffs and no bras since it was so hot. Then Bree got two six packs of beer out to take with them to drink while riding as the temperature was well into the nineties.

While riding, they both easily consumed the twelve beers they had brought and were quite giggly, silly as well as pretty tipsy as they rode back to the barn.

Upon getting back to the barn, Bree told Shannon the horses had worked up a good lather plus and they needed to be cooled off, plus it was time for their weekly baths. Bree got the water hose out, shampoo and shampoo brush and a loofah sponge. Seeing the loofah sponge puzzled Shannon. Bree explained since these were stud horses, their sheaths and cocks also had to be cleaned on a regular basis.

Upon hearing this Shannon blushed and said "You can't possibly be serious?" Bree replied they get a $6000 stud fee and this made it serious, then Bree added with a decided gleam in her eye "You rode him, you clean him!" Bree instructed Shannon on how to bathe her horse and they started.

Shannon sprayed them down with water, and then washed her horse with soap. As she was instructed, Shannon took the loofah sponge and tentatively began washing the horse's sheath as Bree looked on and tried not to be obvious she was closely watching for any reaction from Shannon.

Bree watched Shannon as her strokes with the sponge along his sheath become longer, more surer and languid and watched a slow look of awe come upon Shannon's face as the huge cock head appeared from it's protective pouch. Suddenly the monstrous turgid shaft began snaking from its protective sheath. It would drop about 3 or 4 inches out very quickly, pause momentarily, then snake out further.

Within a few minutes the horse's shaft was dangling 18 inches and still growing in length! It looked enormous, and Shannon had sudden twitch inside her pussy. With a start she realized it was arousal! Surely she reasoned with herself it was a purely physical attraction to such a magnificent cock, after all it did look just like a human cock - only huge!

Shannon caught Bree looking at her and Bree laughed and said "I know, I know! It does look waaay too human and it has the same effect on me! Shannon replied "Your Kidding!" and Bree said "Nope! Each time!" Then Bree reminded Shannon she was not done washing yet. With a shy quirky smile back at Bree, Shannon then applied a liberally quantity of soapy water to the dangling cock and then slowly stroked up and down on the shaft with the sponge.

Bree told Shannon some of the ribald comments that were made about the size of the horse penis compared to a human penis they got even more graphic as the dangling cock began stiffening. Judging the time was right, Bree causally remarked "Oh by the way, stud horses are serviced a few times a week, it helps to keep them calm, it is time for these guys, you need to jack him off… With this, Shannon whipped her head around and shrieked "WHAT!

YOU CAN"T BE SERIOUS!" Bree laughingly told her "Chill, Girl! We do this all the time and it is necessary. I'm not pulling something on you just so I can see you whack him off, it gets them use to it and helps keep them calm, besides it's kinda of fun, it's looks just like a human penis only much bigger and much hotter due to their higher body temperature. The penis head also massively expands just before orgasm, you will be amazed at the results." Tentatively Shannon replied, "How do I do it".

This time Bree was the one to give her an incredulous look and replied back "its just like whacking off a guy till he cums except this cock is much longer and much thicker than a guy's and I know you do that well!

Just so you will know I'm not pulling you leg, I will do my horse at the same time!" Shannon gave the semi-hard shaft a few hesitant strokes with her bare soapy hands and then began lengthen her strokes, shortly he was fully erect, and his shaft was hard as a rock and throbbing in her grasp.

Shannon felt the pulses were strong and powerfully scintillating. Shannon could not help remarking "Wow, it is so hard, so massive, the heat from his cock - it is like a hot poker, only huge!

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It does look like a human penis; the pink head is so pretty. Damn! It is so massive, I cannot even get my hand to close around it or even the shaft!" It was very obvious that Shannon was very enthralled and fascinated at feeling for the first time such a powerful and massive male sexual organ.

The massive shaft was throbbing swelling and contracting as she attempted to encircle her fingers of one hand around the shaft but failing to do so. Shannon could see as well as Bree her encircling fingers actually spreading apart 11/2 inches each time the massive shaft throbbed and swelled. Shannon's hands languidly moving up and down the shaft, intent on jacking off the massive cock… This went on for several minutes because the horse was use to being serviced frequently.

Bree could see Shannon become visibly excited, she always had a very difficult time concealing her arousal, her small nipples were visibly hard thru her now transparent cropped tee shirt that had gotten wet washing the horses and her respirations had increased Shannon's chest visibly moving under the clinging wet see thru top, utterly focused on jacking off the stud horse. Shannon also could not deny the building heat in her pussy and her own rapidly increasing deep arousal. An indulgent fantasy skirted on the edge of her mind - common to most women with a very healthy libido, brought on by the heat, the alcoholic buzz, the riding and what she was now doing imaging what it would be like to be fucked by a really big cock, intensely and vividly imaging the sensation, that was given a tremendous boost by the huge cock in her hand!

With a start Shannon realized she had soaked thru her jeans! Bree had also noticed all of Shannon's reactions… OH WOW! I can feel his head swell, I think he is fixing to cum, then she placed both hands around the now largely swollen head and then the head flared and shot a powerful stream of cum for at least four feet.

The powerful thick stream erupting with explosive force and shooting that distance mesmerized Shannon. Shannon finally whispered WOW! Look at that bastard cum! I did not know horses could cum so much or shoot that far!

I was surprised when his cock head swelled up like that. Bree told Shannon in a low voice in order to not break the spell she was clearly under "when the head swells and then flares just before the orgasm and during orgasm, it briefly wedges the penis inside the uterus ensuring with a powerful ejaculation that the majority of the sperm is forced into the uterus, that this was an evolution mechanism due to the large predators that preyed on the horses and this had ensured the rapid delivery of the most amount of sperm directly into the uterus As Bree stated this, Shannon's hands had moved over the tip of the head, cum covering her hands from the dimensioning stream, as she slowly caressed the head and then slowly stroking the shaft like she did with her past boyfriends, milking it… .

Shannon whispered "I wish my boyfriends could have a dick that swells like that and cum so much, not to mention being a little bigger!" With this goal accomplished, Bree instructed Shannon to wash his cock with the loofah sponge then they will go up to the house for a swim. Bree noticed Shannon was still holding a dry-down towel and reluctantly gave it to Bree to hang up. Bree had a good suspicion what it was knowing Shannon and soon enough saw that Shannon's crotch was soaked.

Instead of kidding her, Bree came up to her and whispered "You're soaked! Remember I told you it does look way too human and it has the same powerful arousal effect on me! It is a natural reaction to desire the raw masculinity of such a powerful male.even if that male is an animal.

I thought it was strange I reacted this way as well but I talked to Kate about it, you know she now has a M.D./PhD and has a marriage counseling and couples sexual therapy practice. She assured me it is completely normal, it is after all our body's unconscious response to a very strong almost primeval sexual stimulus.

While our mind maybe saying NO! Our bodies are saying YES!!! And in this particular situation, there is no controlling an unconscious, deep-seated primal bodily response and there is no harm done. Just as Kate told me, chill out and enjoy it! Shannon replied "Amazing! You talked to Kate about this! Damn, she really knows all about this, I knew she has a practice in Austin as well as New Mexico and has well-heeled clients across the country. Makes me feel not so silly about getting so fucking aroused from whacking off a horse!

For a moment there I thought I was strange or had some buried unconscious desire or fantasy and getting off doing it! Pretty funny thinking our bodies can betray us like that." For emphasis and to reinforce the suggestion, Bree replied "well as Kate said, it can't be helped, especially since a horses cock looks just like a human cock except for size and heat, until the head flares and ejaculates".

Bree was pleasantly surprised when Shannon agreed again… PART 3 After finishing grooming the horses, they headed back up to the house for a swim. As they preceded up the winding sloping walk way, Bree slightly dropped back and got a good look at Shannon's soaked crotch and could not resist goosing her causing Shannon to jump and loudly squeal and they played grab ass the rest of the way up to the house.

They made a large pitcher of Margaritas to take out to the pool area. Shannon remarked she would have to borrow a bikini from Bree. Bree laughed at her stating "we are way out in the country on a large ranch with a locked gate, I never wear a bikini unless we have guests and you don't count, so shuck those clothes off!" Shannon grinned at her as Bree watched Shannon peel her clothes off, remarking to her that she had a more firmer and beautiful body better than she had back in college!

Shannon responded by lightly tweaking one of Bree's nipples and telling Bree "so do you, your hotter now than you were back then!" Bree laughed and said it was obvious they both worked hard at it and they were both lucky that had excellent genes, just look at how well both of their parents looked and how healthy they were.

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Bree told Shannon to grab the pitcher of Margaritas while she grabbed the sun tan oil, and both went out naked to suntan at the pool area. Bree and Shannon liberally oiled their selves up, Shannon told Bree to lie down so she could apply oil to the back of Bree's legs and back. Shannon sensually applied oil to Bree's lower legs and then intentionally pooled oil on the small of Bree's back where a goodly amount spilled down the crack of her curvy ass and across her pussy.

Bree gave a slight start then settled down as she slightly spread her legs. With this move Shannon could clearly see the oil glistening on Bree's tight anus and vaginal folds. Shannon slowly spread the oil across Bree's back working in a gentle massage as her hands slowly dipped lower and lower down her back, then, spreading the oil across Bree's firm muscular buttocks. Bree felt Shannon's hands repeatedly slide between her upper inner thighs and the open cleft of her buttocks - the palm edge of her hand tentatively pressing against her pussy.

Bree spread her legs wider and slightly lifted her ass up. Shannon took it as an open invitation to press harder as her hands and fingers were now just solely sliding up and down Bree' pussy, causing her labia lips to swell and openly part while Shannon kept one thumb firmly pressed against Bree's tight anus&hellip. Mmmmm, Bree moaned, I remember when we use to do this to each other when we were in college!

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It feels just as great now! Hearing this Shannon increased her ministrations. Her thumb pressed more firmly and started to slip into Bree's tight ass, she could feel Bree's anal ring start to repeatedly contract and knew this was a prelude to Bree's impending orgasm. Shannon slid Bree's hard protruding clit between two fingers and started slowly moving her hand back and forth and increasing her speed.


Soon, Shannon was jack hammering her thumb in/out of Bree's tight spasming anus as Bree lifted her ass higher up and shortly brought Bree to a shuddering orgasm. After a few moments of recovery, Bree rolled over and told Shannon it was time for her to reciprocate. Shannon laid down on her stomach and Bree could tell that Shannon was very obviously aroused as her labia were already swollen and her pussy glistened from her lubrication secretions.

Bree took the sun tan oil and pooled a large amount it in the small of Shannon's back watching as a long cascade of glistening coconut scented oil slid between the cleft of Shannon's curvy firm ass. Like Shannon previously did, Bree started working her hands up Shannon's widely splayed legs and then to her firm upper thighs, allowing the knuckles of her hands to frequently brush against Shannon's aroused pussy and very obvious and protruding hard clitoris, causing Shannon to utter an occasionally low moan.

Bree again poured a very liberally amount of sun warmed oil on the small of Shannon's' back and watched as a generous stream of oil ran down between Shannon's openly parted cleft buttocks, across her tight anal opening, glistening in the sun, then down across her hairless pussy. Knowing that Shannon was highly aroused, Bree began massaging Shannon's buttocks and repeatedly dipping her hand down between her parted buttocks across her tight anal entrance to caress her pussy, her fingertips frequently teasing both Shannon's pussy and anal entrance, Shannon emitting almost continuous moans and at one point stating how she sure missed doing this with Bree.

Shannon slightly elevated her ass up off the chaise lounger to facilitate access as Bree began to alternately slide a finger or two in and out of Shannon's pussy and Shannon backed down onto her fingers, shortly Bree started using her thumb to circle Shannon's tight anal opening as she repeatedly slid Shannon's hard protruding clit between two fingers as she pressed gently in with her thumb causing Shannon to press her ass back against Bree's thumb and gently started thrusting her ass against her thumb, Bree felt Shannon's tight anal ring slowly relax as Shannon slowly humped back, but with increasing tempo, against the now slowly penetrating thumb, mesmerized as she watched Shannon start thrusting back hard onto her thumb.

In no time Shannon had a body racking orgasm from the double stimulation, Bree felt the strong rapidly repeating contractions of Shannon's anal muscles around her deeply embedded thrusting thumb, so strong were her muscles contracting she could no longer easily thrust her in and out of her ass to prolong Shannon's orgasm despite all the lubricating oil.

Shannon collapsed back down onto the chaise lounger as Bree slowly continued to massage Shannon, calming her from her intense orgasm, then reached over and gave Shannon her drink. Shannon drained the first one and Bree refilled it for her from the pitcher After about 45 minutes, Bree and Shannon had quickly drained the first pitcher of margaritas in the hot sun and both were quite giggly and silly drunk, plus all the beer that had drunk while riding horses.

Jake had wandered up to the gate and was muzzling the latch. "What is your silly donkey trying to do? Shannon asked Bree. Bree in reply said "Donkeys are pretty smart which some people misunderstand as stubborn. For example, if you overload a donkey, he won't budge until you remove some weight. Jake has figured out how to unlatch the gate, then he will come in for company, it is almost as if he likes being around people more than with the horses.

Oh, by the way, he is attracted to margaritas and beer and especially the Hawaiian Tropic sun tan oil and he will start licking the oil off your feet".

Bree then rose to go inside to make another pitcher of Margaritas as Shannon flipped over onto her stomach to get some sun on her back, both women looked so sensual with the oil and sweat glistening on their nude, lithe and well toned athletic bodies. As Bree passed by the big bay kitchen window, she saw that Jake had slipped the latch and had wandered inside and was making his way over to Shannon. PART 4 Jake made his way to the end of Shannon's chaise lounge.

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Bree saw Jake's soft velvet nose lightly and gently graze one of Shannon's feet. Shannon raised her head and looked over her shoulder and saw Jake standing there sniffing her toes and breathing on them with his soft breath. Bree saw Shannon talking to Jake and then Jake started licking her feet, causing Shannon to giggle. Bree watched Shannon lay back down as Jake continued his tongue ministrations licking the coconut scented oil and sweat as Shannon obviously enjoyed the powerful tongue that caressed her feet and ankles as she did not shoo him away and Bree knew Shannon can't resist having her feet rubbed and caressed, and loves massages.

Bree flashed back in memory to a few years ago when they first just got Jake and the close encounter she had in a similar situation, thinking this might get interesting and if not, something humorous with which she could tease Shannon about and possibly open up other avenues of fun… Jake slowly worked his way up to Shannon's lower legs, Shannon visibly relaxing dropping her hands to trail on either side of the chaise lounge and slowly spreading her legs apart so Jake could get all around her legs.

As Jake began to work his way past her knees and upwards, Shannon briefly raised her head and glanced at the house to see if Bree was coming then laid back down and Bree saw Shannon splay her legs further apart as Jake continued to work his way upwards&hellip. Damn! Bree thought, mesmerized as she watched Jake, and Shannon's reaction to Jake's tongue. Bree always had known that Shannon was highly sexed and witnessed her do some pretty wild things when they were in college, and by her actions since she had been at the ranch, was pretty much assured her sex drive had not diminished in the least!

Bree observed Jake slowly licking his way up Shannon's upper thighs and then watched in amazement as his tongue started working her upper inner thighs, again Bree saw Shannon quickly look toward the house then back at Jake then lay her head back down and slowly spread her legs widely apart. Jakes tongue got closer and closer to the inside juncture of Shannon's thighs and Bree observed Shannon squirming on the lounger and her toes repeatedly curl and uncurl then watched Shannon freeze in place as she felt and Bree saw, Jake start licking the oil and sweat on her ass and pussy!

As Jake licked her pussy with his long rough tongue Bree could tell Shannon obviously enjoyed it very much, even lifting her buttocks upward to meet the tongue. Every now and then Bree caught a glimpse of her tilted up pussy and could see that the labia lips of Shannon's pussy were swollen and engorged, spread wide open like the petals of a flower.

Bree also noticed that Jake's donkey dick had dropped down and had become engorged and huge! Bree's hand started caressing her own pussy - with a start realizing her pussy was drenched, watching Shannon so very clearly absorbed in apparently the best oral sex she had ever received and ignorant of the giant dick that Jake was exhibiting!

Fervently hoping upon hope that Shannon might actually encourage this to go further or if not, perhaps she could encourage it to go farther, Bree decided to slip outside and silently up to them catching Shannon unawares until she was kneeling right beside her and assuring her it was okay as she had done the same thing&hellip. hoping this would open up a path for her to tell one of her best friends what she and other of her close friends enjoyed, then before Bree could move, fate took matters upon itself… PART 5 With Shannon holding her ass up to facilitate the best oral sex she had ever experienced, Jake had once again dragged his long powerful tongue in-between Shannon's widely splayed open legs and engorged and inflamed pussy triggering one of the most powerful orgasms that Shannon had ever experienced causing her to loudly yell and grip the sides of the chaise lounger and startling Jake causing one of his legs to jolt the chaise lounger causing the front mechanism to release - the front part of the lounger went all the way to the ground with Shannon's head to the ground with her ass held up in the air.

The shock of the partially collapsing lounger hitting the ground, still being in the throes of the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced and her drunken stupor, allowed Jake ample opportunity to appreciate and take advantage of the naturally raised ass being presented in what his instincts recognized as a mounting position, not to mention other numerous previous experiences with Bree and her friends… Jake stepped over the bent over Shannon and started trying to hump her, his massive dick thrusting between her splayed legs, missing the mark but rubbing against Shannon's protruding throbbing clit.

As Bree had done during her first encounter with Jake, Shannon clearly startled, started yelling "NO JAKE! JAKE GET OFF OF ME! STOP! STOP!" Bree took this as her cue to go out of the house but slowly come to Shannon's aid, rather indecisive as she herself was quickly building up into her own hand manipulated orgasm, but if fortune smiled, she could soon resume… As Bree slowly made her way over she saw Jake repeatedly thrust his huge donkey dick between Shannon's splayed legs hitting her engorged swollen pussy each time then sliding off downward thru her swollen parted labia and then funneled up and over her clit and then proceeded up toward her liberally oiled stomach - his cock trapped between the cushion of the chaise lounger and Shannon's stomach with Jake pressing down upon her back.

Bree saw Shannon repeatedly try to rise but then literally sag her inflamed and aroused pussy repeatedly onto the massively long and massively thick thrusting cock as Jake's body pressed down upon Shannon's back, forcing Shannon's body downward and forcing her pussy down to slide along the thrusting cock as the huge cock slid between her swollen parted labia lips then over her clit onto her liberally oiled flat muscular stomach, her body unconsciously betraying her inflamed desires versus her warring mind.

Bree silently approached from the rear so she could see the action better and so Shannon would not yet see her. Bree could obviously see that Shannon was waging a war between her body and her mind and it was clearly obvious her body was winning!

From this position, Bree could see her swollen flared cuntal labia folds lay on either side of the massive shaft as it thrust back and forth, Bree could see that her pussy was actually being forcefully pressed down by Jakes weight upon her back and her pussy was being made to ride on top of the thrusting shaft! Shannon felt the donkey's pussy-punishing tool as it rubbed and slid across her inflamed pussy and hard clit. Her mind screamed with denial as she recognized her arousal.

The sensation of the huge rubbery shaft head repeatedly sliding across her hard protruding clit made Shannon involuntarily moan and shudder all over. It was so naughty, so her mind renewed the war inside but her body continued to betray her with involuntarily responses as the pleasurable sensations thrilled Shannon to the core as the huge prick repeatedly thrust between her legs and bashed against her pussy then sliding in-between her flared parted labia folds and then suddenly the huge cock leapt upwards in rapid succession slapping her pussy hard several times - enlarged clit throbbing even more from the beating.

In a brief moment of clarity, Shannon recognized her body's betrayal as her body shivered with anticipation and realized it was the same feeling she had each time when she took a new lover for the first time, a slight breeze wafted by and Shannon recognized her body's further betrayal by the copious juices that ran down her inner thighs from her soaked pussy. Shannon renewed her thrashing around and pushing against Jake, her legs were still widely splayed out on either side of the lounge chair firm curvy sexy ass still held up by the partially collapsed lounger - her upper body was leaning downward with Shannon trying to raise her upper body and move out from under thrusting Jake but Jake's front legs on either side of her, his chest pressing upon her back and her tilted up ass prevented her from sliding away.

Shannon tried to console herself by thinking the soda can sized cock head was so big it would never get past her tight vaginal entrance.

Shannon tried to push him again but 650 pound Jake could not be budged! Jakes repeated thrusting and sliding along Shannon's pussy had coated his cock with Shannon's copious lubrications as well as the suntan oil from her stomach and the oil that was on the chaise lounge cushion. Over and over Shannon felt the huge cock head thrust against the tight entrance to her vagina only to slide away from the tight constricted opening up thru her hotly swollen parted flared labia then up and well over her throbbing clit.

Shannon realized she could not get out of her predicament the way Jake had her boxed in and the way her body was positioned, she just did not have the upper body strength to move Jake's legs so she could roll off to the side, Bree would soon come out and help her or surely Jake would soon get frustrated and back off - again she consoled herself by thinking the cock head was so big it would never fit inside and Jake would ultimately get frustrated.

Slowly Shannon began to relax, actually thinking the situation was kind of funny but how will she explain it to Bree? She almost actually chuckled thinking it was akin to dog's humping a person's leg, just like Bree's Great Dane Duke tried repeatedly to do to her since she arrived and continually jumped up on Bree and her, especially when sitting down and trying to sniff their crotches.

Bree playfully laughed it off and saying "Duke was just a true porn dog always trying to get some no matter what species, just don't let him catch you bending over when naked!" Bree had stated with a gleam in her eye causing both women to laugh uproarishly.

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In her hyper-fueled state and trapped situation, Shannon's mind continued to recall that eventually over the next couple of day's this began a game with Duke and Bree and Shannon especially with the two women playfully teasing Duke when they just lounging around in just their short robes and doing what they did together back when, watching porn movies together at night and cutting up with each other.

At times they wrestled with each other playfully and lewdly acted out the porn scenes and at times went all the way like they use to do, Duke trying to get intimate but Shannon kept swatting him away when he got too intimate… The second night they both got pretty drunk as they watched porn movies and again they started wresting each other pulling off each other's robes till they were both nude and grinding against each other then Bree reached under the couch and pulled out the 22-inch anthropomorphic fantasy double-headed thick dildo and both started grabbing at it and thrusting it at each other grinning and laughing while they tried to pin the other down and thrust it in.

Increasingly as they played they became highly aroused, then Shannon placed the tip of the dildo in her denuded pussy and slid a few inches in, then slid on top of Bree, then inserted the other end into Bree's pussy.

Shannon and Bree then began a slow rocking back and forth against each other, slowly working the rest of the dildo in until their pussies almost touched and then with some effort pressed down until the full length was inserted and their pussies were tightly pressed against each other, then they began a slow rotational grind and then a slow thrusting back and forth as they built up tempo with Bree holding tight to Shannon's hips rocking her back and forth.

Suddenly Shannon squealed when Duke leapt upon her back and started thrusting, she tried rolling off to one side but Bree kept a firm hold on around Shannon's back, bucking up under her. Bree laughingly yelled at her " Don't you want to be tag teamed? You were pretty wild back in college! Shannon hysterically laughed "Not with a Dog! Bree laughing yelled back at her "it would be the biggest hottest cock you ever had!" Bree cajoled and teased her but never did release her encircling arms around her telling her "Ah come on" you let guys ass-fuck you before, Duke is a guy!" Shannon again hysterically laughingly said "No!

Not with a Dog!" as Bree continued holding onto her and thrusting under her. Both were hysterically laughing now with tears streaming as Shannon continued to try to break away from Bree, Duke continuing his mad humping attempts with a firm vise-like grip on Shannon's hips but Bree just as hard holding her in place. Suddenly Shannon felt a jet of hot copious precum between the parted cleft of her ass cheeks and felt the warmth of it stream down across her tight ass hole and onto her pussy and realized that Duke was in an actual position to fuck her!

Shannon still hysterically laughing and shouting No! No! No! Frantically renewed her efforts to break away as she raised her ass up to extract the deeply embedded dildo and get away. As she rose her ass up and pushed against Duke's clinging body she felt another jolt of hot precum this time directly against her tight ass hole very intimately close and then felt his hot cock again thrust up between the open cleft of her ass cheeks!

Suddenly, Shannon shrieked loudly! Duke had thrust again and Shannon had felt the cock penetrate two inches into her tight ass and then felt a hot jet of pre-cum explode inside her!

Shannon's anal muscle ring immediately contracted and clamped down tight on the massive invader preventing further penetration and then she screamed again as she felt two more hot jets of precum blast into her rectum!

Then the hot slick cock slid in deeper… With a drunken surge of movement, Shannon rolled away from both invaders and sat up, still hysterically laughing. Bree laughingly told her "Despite what you said, you sure looked like you enjoyed it!!!" After a moment of composure Shannon pulled Bree to her feet and grabbed the dildo and pulled her to the bedroom and slammed the door in Duke's face.

Then Shannon thought back to just this afternoon when they were washing the horses down and Bree told her to also wash the horse's sheath explaining these were Arabian stud horses and it was good practice in the breeding industry to have the sheaths and cocks cleaned on a regular basis and to manually jack the horses off when they are not being serviced regularly, remembered how Bree instructed her how to do it as she kneeled, then jacked him off.

Then again remembering Bree jokingly stating about Duke - "it would be the biggest hottest cock you ever had" In her adrenalin fueled state, all these thoughts flashed through Shannon's mind in a hyper instant as Jake the Donkey continued to thrust… Shannon's inflamed aroused pussy and throbbing clit brought her back to reality as Jake's cock continued to thrust and slide against her pussy.

DAMN IT! I might as well get a little something out of this, it does feel so damn good, it will never go in and surely if/when Bree comes out she will see I was trapped in this position and we will laugh about it privately for years to come, just like they do when Duke tries to hump them! And in this particular situation, she could not control what was happening like there was no controlling the deep-seated primal bodily response being aroused within her and there is no harm being done.

Just as Kate had told Bree "Chill out and enjoy it!" Then, Shannon tentatively gave her ass a little circular move upon feeling the cock head again bang against her pussy and slide off, then slowly she started rotating her ass in slow circles trying the trap the huge cock against her pussy, coating the head in her overflowing juices.

Jake, upon feeling the wonderful sensation of hot swollen flared labia circling around his cock head, lurched forward in an attempt to thrust his huge cock into her but the head was too big.

Shannon feeling this and now knowing the cock head could never penetrate into her, her confidence grew that she could grind against his cock head and enjoy the feeling without having to worry about the massive cock raping into her. Looking under, she saw the long shaft thrust between her legs and watched it as it repeatedly banged against her pussy and then slide between her parted labia lips and up and over her hard throbbing clit and thrust toward her navel before withdrawing and then thrust again.

Shannon again tried to capture the cock head by pressing down firmly with her abdomen against the massive cock head when it banged against her pussy, her swollen and highly aroused flared labia lips were openly parted and she splayed her legs apart as much as she could, but just then second doubting thoughts arose that maybe it could possibly fit in by her actions, but again Jake thrust and she felt his cockhead slam against her tight vaginal entrance and then slide up and past her throbbing clit and she was once again reassured it could not go in and started to relax, fully enjoying the feeling of an impossibly large cock banging against her pussy trying to get in.

Jake thrust again and again as Shannon's hotly aroused pussy sent intense chemical and sensory messages to her mind as Shannon became lost in the sensation, under the influence of an impending orgasm… PART 6 Jake's next thrust was a bit harder, the cockhead hit her tight vaginal opening but did not slide away this time, the force actually lifting and holding Shannon's pelvis up slightly as the cockhead was still in place.

Shannon became orgasmic that was quickly interrupted when she felt the rubbery cock head begin slowly sinking inside! Panic set in realizing her actions went too far and her orgasm facilitated entry!

Frantically Shannon tried to move her pussy away from the massive cock head tightly pressing against her entrance but the pressure of the massive cock against her pussy had pinned her in place and with Jake pressing down on her back! Bree moved from the rear action to up beside Shannon. Just as she reached Shannon's side and knelt down beside her, the next lunge from Jake and the tip of that huge donkey dick head went partially into her very tight constricted opening!

Shannon let out an explosive breath and her eyes went wide as she felt the cock head suddenly open her up wider than she had ever been opened! A huge influx of adrenaline spiked into her system upon feeling the massive invader gain entry, totally oblivious of the kneeling Bree by her side.

Shannon's vaginal muscles involuntarily clamped down on the massive invader, momentarily trapping the cock head just within her tight opening. The head slowly flattened out from the muscle pressure clamping down, another slow push slowly forced the now deformed head past her constricted opening and then wedging it slowly into her tight vaginal sheath. Shannon groaned at having her pussy stretched so wide; it was pain and pleasure at the same time. The first wave of an intense involuntary orgasm convulsed on the massive cock head, Shannon's pussy repeatedly contracted with her orgasm, as if trying to draw more in, lubricating it better and allowed Jake to thrust forward in short jerks, the tight passage still limiting his thrusting despite Shannon's increased lubrication and the suntan oil coating his cock.

Three inches of cock slowly slipped deeper into Shannon. As she felt every inch slowly go deeper, her eyes got wider and wider with disbelief with each inch! Bree saw Shannon bite her lip as she winced at the sudden sharp pain, and white-hot shards of light blazed in her head.

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It felt like it was going to rip her pussy apart! She had never ever had a guy with even a decent size cock in her and now she had this monster cock in! It was painful to say the least, but even as it slipped farther in, she felt her pussy stretching to accommodate it.

It filled her to its limits in width but Shannon had yet to experience the depth! Another hump and her eyes got even wider as two inches suddenly surged further into her tight vaginal sheath. Another hump one more slow inch… AHHHHHHHHHHH!

IT FUCKING HURTS!!! Shannon screamed as Jake started to fuck her, initially it felt like her vaginal sheath would be turned inside out by the withdrawal strokes but little did she realize what was to come! When Jake started to slightly withdraw, Bree could see Shannon sliding backwards on chaise lounger, his massive cock wedged tight within her, clearly pulling her backwards!

Shannon tightly grabbed hold of the angled chaise lounger to prevent her body sliding backwards anymore toward Jake to prevent further penetration but this actually facilitated Jake's fucking! At this point, Jake was still just managing to do short humping motions forward, not able to actually start fucking due to Shannon's constricted opening and tight love tunnel and Shannon was holding tight to the lounger and thrashing her hips from side to side trying to free her impaled pussy.

Shannon quickly adjusted to his size as her body further betrayed her by drastically increasing her lubrication to compensate for the massive invader. She had inadvertently initiated the penetration by triggering her lubrication when she first started rubbing her pussy against his cockhead when he first started thrusting, thinking his cock was way too big to ever go in, then she had an orgasm that was derived from her enjoying feeling the massive cock repeatedly thrust against her pussy and her clit riding the massive shaft, and of course her earlier orgasm that Bree had manipulated also facilitated things… Jake did several more short humping thrusts that rapidly built up in frequency until he was clearly in fucking mode, Bree watch mesmerized as she noted his heavy balls swinging closer and closer to Shannon's upturned ass as more of his cock managed to go in.

Shannon no longer looked tensed up but her eyes still had a wild look in them. Bree could see the massive donkey cock was seesawing rapidly going in and out of Shannon's pussy; Bree imagine that no more could fit but she knew more could if Shannon started to fuck back, loud wet, sucking, squishing noises of the fucking where loudly generated.

What had earlier been a slow trickle of sexual hormones trickling into her system during her earlier manual manipulations then Jake's oral manipulations, now became a massive infusion of sex hormones into her sexual and reproductive organs - swelling them like never before as Jake's fucking began to pick up. PART 7 Then Bree saw Shannon's body shift and began to slowly rotate her hips, and seeing this, Bree knew Shannon was safe.

"Work his cock harder…" Bree whispered to her and saw Shannon comply by humping the massive cock first tentatively then trying to match the thrusts. Bree could hear Jake making those funny little sounds equines make when being pleased and knew that he was thoroughly enjoying now being fucked back by Shannon. This turned Bree on even more as she began to thrust her fingers furiously in and out of her own pussy as she hotly whispered into Shannon's ear how "fucking erotic and beautiful you look right now…!" In Shannon's fucking back, Shannon reveled regaining that sense of power back that, at least to a point, she was in control.

Bree could not resist squirting suntan oil on the thrusting shaft as Bree gently whispered encouragement to Shannon "Take more of his cock!" and Shannon tilted her ass further up and then repeatedly pushed back for all she was worth against the thrusting donkey cock to take more in. After several thrusts, the cock sank almost to the limits of her recesses. Shannon was completely filled, and could take no more inside.or so she thought! Jake made a kind of whinnying noise and lurched forward again, compelling her tight velvety folds to accommodate the limit of his movement - another two inches.

The shaft felt absolutely, permanently embedded in her pussy.

Shannon could feel the cock tip banging against her cervix. Shannon humped up and down, back and forth on the object of her desire, doing her best with Bree's continually encouragement to free the cock enough to get some movement of the shaft inside her, to slam herself repeatedly onto the massive shaft.

Her free-flowing lubrication and the oil coating the massive shaft, and slowly she began loosening enough to get motion of the shaft inside once again. All at once Shannon became a wild animal as she felt the tip of his cock push into and then pass thru her cervical opening and then surge into her uterus! She felt his cock begin thrusting and swelling in her tight uterine tunnel causing her to suck in her breath and begin Lamaze like rapid breathing in and out as she again began.

thrusting forward and backwards on the throbbing monster cock the width of a soda can, taking nine or ten inches in and out with each push and pull. Then Jake whinnied loudly as Shannon fucked the massive shaft like she has never done for any other lover! Bree watched in amazement as soon fourteen long inches were mutually slammed deep into tall and lithe voluptuous Shannon, each powerful thrust briefly lifting her ass up from the force and watched as a thunderous body-racking ear piercing screaming orgasm overwhelmed her!

Bree saw Jake start to buck wildly, and Bree saw Shannon's eyes go wild once again knowing her cervix had been dilating from the pounding of the cock against her cervical opening and her tremendous orgasm had dilated her cervix enough to allow the tip of his cock to push into and then pass the cervical opening and then into her uterus, Shannon felt his cock thrust several times in her uterine tunnel then she felt the cock head flare inside her uterus and expand tremendously, locking it tightly against the uterine opening!

Shannon felt it was like a balloon suddenly inflating inside her womb! Then the massive shaft began jerking up and down so fiercely that it lifted and held her ass up!

Then she felt an explosion of intense warmth and pressure deep inside as his cum explosively shot directly into her uterus with a powerful force, felt copious hot cum shooting into her, blasting the walls of her uterus, actually filling her uterus.

Shannon's lovely curvaceous ass was lifted repeatedly in rapid succession with each powerful ejaculation of the massive cock as she screamed out Oh my God, he's cumming in me! He's cumming! Oh, shit, holy shit, it's so much cum! FUCK! It's sooo HOT! He's filling my womb up! I can feel it swell with all he is pumping into me! Fuck! Ahhh, OH FUCK YES! THAT FEELS SOOOO GOOD, SOOOO FUCKING HOT!" It was hot, and the volume being pumped into her, she could feel her uterus fill and swell with the quantity, the feeling of all this was in the expression her eyes and her face took on when she was highly aroused and fixing to orgasm&hellip.

She repeatedly screamed out as she forcibly fucked back onto the tightly locked flared cock within her uterus "OH MY GOD! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! I AM GOING TO CUM AGAIN!

I AM GONNA CUM ON THIS DAMN DONKEY DICK! With every thrust she loudly screamed out "YES! YES! YES! AHHHHH! UUMPH! AHHHHH! AH FUCK ME! FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG COCK! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! OHHHHHHHH!" as Shannon experienced the double whammy of her first ever uterine orgasm intensely combined with a simultaneous G-Spot orgasm.

Shannon writhed and moaned on the lounger and made small fluttering up and down motions of her hips, squishing a small length of cock repeatedly in and out, experiencing small orgasms as she felt the copious cum continue shooting into her womb, swelling it and the pressure against her G spot of the massive invader impaled within her.

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After about a minute Jake tried backing away from Shannon, actually pulling Shannon with him as the flared expanded cock head tugged all the way back down Shannon's tight and still convulsing love tunnel. Jake's dick slowly slithered out with a long drawn out sucking sound then stopped as it reached the tightly constricted opening of Shannon's pussy.

Shannon had to grab hold of the lounger to prevent from being pulled off. Since the cock head was still partially flared it had more difficulty coming out than when it went in Once again the flared cock head deformed in shape in response to being slowly pulled thru the tight opening, first one edge of the flared cock head appeared on a slanted angle as it slowly emerged, hung tight for several moments as Shannon's vaginal muscles slowly relaxed from the constant tugging pressure, then the other edge of the flared cock slowly slipped thru and the flared cock head slowly and finally popped out and up and shot cum across Shannon's body, covering her ass and back.

Jake slowly pulled away and backed away and stood there looking highly satisfied with himself having successfully serviced another human female to multiple orgasms. Bree continued to gently caressed Shannon's back as Shannon's well-fucked red swollen pussy poured tons of cum out and softly whispered to Shannon asking her if she was okay.

Shannon grabbed onto Bree and then rolled off the partially collapsed lounger and laid on the grass looking up at Bree with a strange look in her eyes and a quirky smile. "DAMN! I had never come so hard or so many times before…!!!" "You have done this before haven't you" Shannon asked Bree. Bree could only nod "and with Duke" Shannon inquired with a questioning look in her eye, again Bree nodded, and then began to tell Shannon about it.

Then, hesitantly, about some close friends they both had in common…Kate, Suzanne, Mindy, Ann, and how their spouses knew and encouraged them! As Bree continued the long drawn out tale, Shannon gently started caressing Bree's leg and as Bree got deeply involved with the story, Shannon reached down to her well fucked pussy and her hand came away covered in gobs of cum that was still copiously seeping from her, then she moved her cum covered hand to Bree's pussy and easily slipped two fingers deep within and started finger fucking Bree… soon, Bree had to finish the story later… Shannon wound up purchasing some property nearby and building her own dream house as well as renewing deep lasting friendships with her old college buddies, as well as…!!!