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Fbailey story number 452 Daddy I'm A Lesbian One day my daughter said, "Daddy, I'm a lesbian." I hadn't given it any thought previously but I loved her very much and decided to accept her rather abrupt statement, "Okay.

Is there anything I need to do or know about?" She replied, "Well, as a matter of fact, yes there is. I would like to invite my girlfriends over to make out and spend the night with me. I would like to do it in front of you if we wish too, without you freaking out." I had to smile as thoughts of those X-rated movies I watch went through my mine. I really enjoyed watching two girls make out. So I said, "Not a problem honey. Invite over anyone you want, make out anywhere you want, and don't mind me at all.

I promise to look but not touch." She said, "Oh thank you Daddy, I knew you would understand." My daughter Colleen had recently turned fourteen years old.

She had gone to a Catholic school her whole life and was then in the eighth grade. She was very pretty and quite popular with the other girls.

I was actually pleased that she had not become boy crazy, now I understood why. Colleen called a girl up and told her to come over and that they could make out right in front of me.

I assumed that she wanted to test me. I had to smile at the thought of how far they might go in front of me. Soon the girl arrived and Colleen didn't take very long to kiss her in front of me before introducing her to me.

Then I smiled as Colleen kissed her again and used one hand to squeeze the girl's breasts and the other hand to pull on her ass to ram their crotches together. Colleen had a miniskirt on so when the girl grabbed a hold of her ass she lifted the short skirt up higher exposing Colleen's bare ass to me. As the girl turned Colleen's ass to me I caught a glimpse of her panty string. The girl's head was off to one side and she was looking right at me. I used my thumb in an upward jerking motion asking the girl in sign language to raise my daughter's skirt even higher yet.

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She did. I was amazed when the skirt was completely above my daughter's waits. There was a pretty string running around her waist and then the string started going down over my daughter's hips while they continued to kiss. Soon the string was being pulled out from between her ass cheeks. Once it passed her thighs it fell to her feet. As I watched the girl slipped her hands up my daughter's back taking her T-shirt up with them.

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She exposed the strap of her bra as it went up. My daughter cooperated by raising her arms allowing the girl to remove her top. Then she unhooked my daughter's bra and let it fall to the floor. Next she pushed my daughters miniskirt down past her hips to the floor too. My daughter was now standing naked before me but facing the wrong way, but not for long. The girl turned my daughter around to face me with her still standing behind her.

I watched her hands cup my daughter's breasts playing with her nipples. My daughter's eyes were shut tightly the whole time. Then one of the girl's hands moved down to my daughter's pussy, slipping a finger into her slit.

When she touched her slit, my daughter's eyes shot wide open. She was staring directly at me, then she smiled, and asked, "Are you still okay with all of this?" I smiled at her, looked at her hard nipples, and her drooling pussy before answering, "Most definitely, honey." For the next hour or so I watched those two teenage beauties make love to one another. It was much nicer than any video that I had watched.

Their passion was unmistakable. Their pleasure was great.

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They convinced me that they were truly in love. They didn't even seem to mind when I pulled out my cock and jerked off in front of them.


They kissed goodnight and went up to Colleen's bedroom to sleep. In the morning they got up, dressed, and came down to breakfast before going to school. Colleen asked, "Are you still comfortable with me being a lesbian and making out with my girlfriends in front of you?" I replied, "Yes, honey I really enjoyed it too." She asked, "Then you won't mind if I invite several of my friends to come over and hang out then?" I replied, "Not at all." She asked, "Can I have a bunch of girls over for the weekend too?" I smiled at the thought of a bunch of naked girls having sex all weekend and said, "Sure, just tell me what I should buy for them to eat and drink." I got kisses and hugs from them both before they ran off to school.

I went into my home office to start work on my next project. I could hardly think of anything other than those two girls making out the previous night in front of me. Each day after school several girls in those cute little Catholic Schoolgirl uniforms would come to the house with my daughter.

I got used to all the naked bodies having sex all over the place, including in my own bed. Friday was the culmination of the week.

I counted about fifteen girl couples. Then about six o'clock a pretty young woman rang my doorbell. She introduced herself as Amanda Amore my daughter's teacher. As I was panicking she added that she had been invited to a lesbian weekend.

I let her in thinking to myself, "What a waist of a delicious woman." I ordered ten pizzas and went out to get them. I certainly did not want some horny kid coming to my door with them. I stopped off at the store and bought a few twelve-packs of soda.

When I arrived with the food and drink Amanda got dressed and helped carry some of the soda into the house. When I say that she had gotten dressed what I really meant to say was that she had put on one of the girl's white shirts and a plaid pleated skirt that was way too short for her.

The shirt hardly covered her breasts and she had only gotten one button to connect with its hole. I smiled as she bent slightly to get two twelve-packs out of my trunk.

She hadn't put on any panties and her pussy lips were red and moist, as if she had been eaten out by several girls. I couldn't resist poking a finger into her as she was bent over. Amanda Amore stood up, turned toward me and said, "I do go both ways. I'm bisexual but I prefer young girls. You can use me for your own pleasure whenever you need too." I replied, "I think that I need to now." She smiled and asked, "Can we do it inside where your neighbors won't see us?" I asked, "Do we have too?" She really grinned and said, "No, not at all" then she put the two twelve-packs back in my trunk and grabbed a hold of the edge of the trunk offering her ass to me.

I looked around. Seeing no one lurking about I pulled my cock out and poked it into her pussy. I was way too excited to last very long and cum after just a few strokes. Amanda stood up holding the same two boxes of soda and said, "I guess you really couldn't wait, could you? Those girls have the same affect on me." I saw some of my cum oozing from her just fucked pussy. She must have felt it too because she said, "Don't worry, I'll feed it to your daughter Colleen.

I have already told her to get used to your taste. She owes you big time for opening your home up to her lesbian community." Once everything was in the house and everyone was eating I asked, "So Amanda, what's your story?" Miss Amore said, "Well when I was thirteen I let a sixteen-year-old boy take advantage of me. I was young and innocent he was not. We were both naked on my bed playing Doctor when he got between my legs, grabbed my nipples, and twisted the shit out of them as he poked his cock into me.

I was hurting on both ends and crying for him to stop. He said that was how he did it with all of the other girls so that breaking their cherry wouldn't hurt so badly. My ass, it hurt plenty. He was too stupid to make sure that I was excited and was lubricated inside, so he dry fucked me.

He ravished me internally until he cum. Then it felt much better but by then he had pulled out, got dressed, and left." "At sixteen my lesbian girlfriend's father fucked me a few times. He was cleaver. He had his daughter keep track of my periods. Apparently I was much more susceptible to sexual advances when I was ovulating.

He would have his daughter get me right to the brink of orgasm then let him stick his cock in me. Being the good Catholic girl I was not on any birth control. So for the next two weeks I went through hell wondering if I was pregnant or not. I prayed to Saint Mary every night. Luckily my period came. Then the bastard did it the next month and the two months after than too until I finally got up the courage to stop it and stay away from my lover's house.

I made her come to my house instead. Two months later she was pregnant by her own father." "She was quite sad, then three weeks later she was on top of the world. It seems that our Parish Priest had heard her confession and given her absolution. In exchange he fucked her. After that he held a special Mass in the rear Chapel just for her. After communion everyone in the Chapel got to fuck her, the Priests, the Deacons, and even the Alter Servers.

She wrote to me last month to tell me that she is pregnant for her sixth child. All of the father's are listed as John Doe on the Birth Certificates because she honestly doesn't know who the fathers are.

Even a few Bishops have fucked her along with most of the male congregation." "I could have wound up like that myself but I went into a Convent to become a Nun. I had finished my four-year teaching degree when Mother Superior suggested that I leave the order.

You see about half of the Nuns are lesbian and take care of each other's needs, but I liked younger girls and they frowned on that.

It's okay for all of the Priests to be gay and go after young boys but not for the Nuns, so I was asked to leave." "Last year was my first year of public teaching and I openly admitted to being a lesbian and invited the girls to my house. I was asked to leave again." "So this year at this school I am not openly admitting that I am a lesbian.

I believe that I am bisexual now. That's why I let you fuck me outside. I was the one that asked your daughter to talk you into hosting our lesbian orgies, so I owed you that much." I asked, "Aren't you afraid that you will become pregnant?" Amanda replied, "Not really, I start my period on Tuesday so I should be pretty safe." I asked, "What about in two weeks when I fuck you again? After all you said that I could use you for my own pleasure whenever I needed too." Amanda swallowed hard and said, "I'll just have to pray very hard." I smiled and said, "Don't worry, I've had a vasectomy." Amanda looked shocked and said, "I thought you were a good Catholic." I smiled and said, "I am…now…I wasn't a Catholic when my daughter was born and when I had the vasectomy though." Amanda laughed and said, "I've been looking for a man just like you." I asked, "One with a vasectomy?" She replied, "No silly, I hadn't even given that a thought.

What I meant to say was that I have been looking for a man that I could fall in love with, that was easily excited, that couldn't get me pregnant, and that had a young daughter that I could love too.

You and Colleen are perfect for me." Then she kissed me. I asked, "How old are you?" Amanda replied, "Twenty-five. How old are you?" I replied, "Thirty-five." Amanda said, "I've always had a thing for older men.

I love my father dearly and for some reason I loved the man that kept trying to get me pregnant too. Thank God he didn't succeed…I may never have met you and Colleen." For the rest of the weekend Amanda and I were inseparable. We made love often and we talked about everything.

By the time Sunday evening rolled around we were in love. Monday after Colleen came home from work she said, "You know, I drank a lot of your cum from Miss Amore's pussy and I think it's time that I drank it directly from the source." I smiled and pushed her away slightly, then I said, "No honey. You stick to your girlfriends.

I have Amanda now." She looked at me and asked, "What did you do to her. She was one of my girlfriends." I replied, "She still is. However, now she is my girlfriend too and maybe she will become my wife. Anyway she will be here for dinner and the three of us can talk about it then." When Amanda arrived she went right to Colleen and kissed her like a lover would.

She ran her hands all over Colleen's ass and breasts as they kissed. I watched Amanda's hand go up under Colleen's skirt, down into her panties, and enter her pussy. Then I saw Amanda bring my daughter to her knees during her intense orgasm. Colleen eventually said, "I love you." Amanda replied, "I love you too and I also love your father." Colleen smiled and said, "Me too." Amanda giggled and said, "Not quite like I do, but close. You see over the weekend I realized that what I was missing in my life was your father.

When I left him this morning he proposed to me and I told him that I would give him my answer tonight." Colleen was ecstatic and asked, "What's your answer?" Amanda said, "If I have your blessing, I'll accept his offer." Colleen almost peed herself screaming out, "Yes, yes, oh yes, you have my blessing." Amanda hugged Colleen closer and said, "Thank you." Then she stepped into my arms and kissed me just as passionately as she had my daughter.

I took the opportunity to slip my hand up under her skirt, down into her panties, and enter her pussy lips as we kissed. Her knees buckled too under my onslaught. Colleen giggled and said, "Now you know how it feels…Mommy." The three of us went to my bedroom and got in 'our' bed to consummate our marriage proposal.

Every time I filled Amanda's pussy, Colleen would try to empty it. I had to smile knowing that Colleen and I got to rest when the other one was attacking Amanda, however Amanda was double teamed and never got a break.

By the looks of her, she didn't need a break either. It was late when we finally got a bite to eat and then collapsed in my bed together. That week we talked to our Priest and made arrangements for a spring wedding the following year. At first he started to give us a hard time but when Amanda whispered in his ear he became sweet as pie. Later when I asked Amanda what she had said to him she replied, "I reminded him that he could be the John Doe father of one of my friends children." Amanda moved in immediately.

Colleen loved the way her new Mommy greeted her, by kissing her and fingering her clit until she brought her to her knees. I loved doing the same thing to Amanda. Our weekend orgies were popular among the girls and to my delight a few of their mothers too.

Amanda always made it a point to get one of the mothers into bed with us so that we could share her. There was never any jealousy. The following year when we got married on a Friday afternoon, the church was full of our lesbian friends. Colleen was my best man and Amanda's bride's maid. The lesbian orgy that followed our ceremony was outstanding.

We rented an entire Girl Scout Camp for our honeymoon weekend. Amanda and Colleen had a list of every woman there and then they saw to it that they had sex with each and every one of them. I was given a list of just the women that had husbands and any other woman that would accept my cock.


I was told in no uncertain terms that I had to put my cock in each and every one of their pussies. I was also told to record the ones that I had cum in. There were eighty-three girls and women on Amanda's list and only eighteen on my list. I knew that I could cum in at least half of them, so I decided to cum in just the prettiest ones.

I looked around and walked over to a woman that could have easily become Mrs. America. She was tall, slim, and glamorous. Her breasts were firm and slightly large for her body, her buttocks were well rounded, and she had a small waist. Her high cheekbones, long blonde hair, and blue eyes made her quite desirable. When I showed her my list she pointed out her name and took my hand.

I then led her to my assigned room where I could have some privacy. Elsie was really sweet. She was married to another woman but she also enjoyed pleasing a man occasionally.


Elsie let me look at her. She smiled, turned around, and danced a little for me. She got closer and let me run my hands and fingers all over her body. She cooed that it had been quite some time since she had felt a man's strong hands on her and she liked it. Then I started to make love to her. My intention was to show her that a good man was at least equal to a good woman. I kissed her luscious lips, I kissed her long neck, and I nibbled on her ears causing her to cringe and her goose bumps to show me her excitement.

I kissed her breasts, licked her nipples, and I gently bit them with my teeth causing her to pull my head into her breast tightly. Then when I went down to her pussy, she opened her legs up for me and I could see just how moist she really was. Her pussy lips were wet, her thighs were wet, and her vagina had a puddle in it. I liked her short trimmed pussy hair on her love mound.

The bottom half was shaved clean. She told me that her wife liked her pussy clean-shaven. When I leaned in to kiss her pussy mound I got an intoxicating whiff of her wonderful womanly aroma.

I instantly fell in lust with Elsie. Anyway I ate her pussy through three orgasms to her delight. Her taste was something that should be bottled and sold for an exorbitant amount of money. At first I thought that fucking her would somehow violate a Food and Drug law. But I quickly put that out of my mind and then I crawled up her body slipping my cock into her as I went. She kissed me, she hugged me, and then she fucked back at me as if she craved my hard cock and was trying to devour it. The feeling was out of this world.

I couldn't imagine this Goddess wanting another woman. Then again not very many men would ever get the chance that I was having. Elsie said, "Oh my God, you can really use that thing. I'm so glad that you are married, otherwise you just might be able to turn me straight." I replied, "I'm glad you're married too, otherwise I might try to trade my wife for you." Elsie said, "I'm sure that my wife would trade with you occasionally, that is if you are really serious." We then got down to business and tried our best to please the other.

She could do things with her pussy muscles that caused my balls to twitch. Making love to Elsie was unlike anything I had ever felt with another woman. For a moment I wondered if I had married the wrong woman. When I finally cum in her it a total let down, because I knew that it was over and I didn't want it to be over. I offer to help give her a douche and get that nasty man cream out of her but she told me that she wanted to keep it inside her for a while.

Then she smiled and said that she might feed it to my wife. She giggled and walked away. My life felt empty. I wandered back out into the main area and looked around for another woman on my list. A sort of plain woman came over to me and smiled, she looked at my list, pointed and said, "That's me." I looked at her and I looked back at the list before saying, "You…are…Sister Sarah?" She smiled and said, "Yes I am.

I wore my habit to your wedding but I'm naked now…so I guess it is hard to tell. I have made love to your wife Amanda and to your daughter Colleen, so you are next on my list." I then took a better look at her.

She was plain but at the same time a very lovely lady. Sister Sarah said, "Do you have someplace quiet and more private. Some of these lesbians would throw up if they saw you put that thing in me." As we walked to my room she said, "Amanda and I were in the Convent together.

I was sad to see her resign, but she certainly seems happy now, and she truly loves you and Colleen." I closed the door and locked it. Sister Sarah said, "I am here to be very bad. I need to feel a better connection to the real world. Will you help me out?" I replied, "Of course I will. What would you like me to do?" Sister Sarah said, "Everything. I want your strong hands to give me pain and pleasure, I want your hard cock to abuse me, and I want you to make me feel like a woman again." I said, "Well you seen to know what you want so just tell me what to do to first." Sister Sarah replied, "Tie me up, gag my mouth, and spank me until I pass out from too much pleasure." I replied, "You can't be serious, you're a Nun for God's sake." Sister Sarah said, "Look here, I am a naked woman, I'm here for sex, rough sex, and I intend to get it.

My habit only allows my hands and face to show, so you can do what ever you want to me. Do you understand?" I could not believe that this attractive woman wanted me to treat her like a skid row whore. Just to see if she was for real, I reached out, grabbed both of her pink nipples, and pulled her to me.

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I kissed her hard while kneading her soft ass cheeks. I spun her around, grabbed at her pussy inserting two fingers, and then I lifted her up in front of me and carried her to the bed like a piece of meat on a hook. I tossed her face down and started spanking her lily-white ass.

She screamed softly and delightfully. She wiggled her butt and teased me into hitting her harder. She reminded me that I was supposed to tie her up and gag her. She said that she really wanted it, but that a part of her wanted me to force her. She had spent the last five years in the company of women. I was the first man that she had a chance to be with and she wanted to remember me and this weekend for many years to come.

I felt sorry for her.

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I said, "Stay here. I'll be right back." I went out to find Elsie. I found her, explained my situation to her, and took her back to Sister Sarah. Elsie said, "So you are the famous Sister Sarah and you want to be used and abused, is that right?" Sister Sarah smiled at Elsie and said, "Yes, but I don't know how famous I am." Elsie slapped Sister Sarah's bare tits twice each causing Sister Sarah to cry out in pain.

She said, "You will call me Mistress. For the next forty-eight hours you belong to me. Now kiss my asshole, French kiss it, and make it good." Sister Sarah knelt down allowing Elsie to bend over in front of her with her ass in Sister Sarah's face. Sarah stuck her tongue out and buried her face in between Elsie's ass cheeks. Elsie jumped up, turned around, and latched onto both of Sister Sarah's nipples, dragging her across the floor and forcing her to lie on her back.

Elsie said, "I didn't tell you to lick my pussy." Elsie took my belt from my pants and pressed a pillow over Sister Sarah's face. Then Elsie started beating the Nun's tits with my belt. I had no idea of what to do. I was appalled at the beating Sister Sarah was receiving but I knew that she wanted it. Then I wondered if I should help or not. So mainly I watched, and that caused my cock to raise. Elsie said, "Roll over so he can stick his cock in your asshole.

And keep your tits pressed tightly to the rough carpet, I want you to feel them with every thrust." She turned to me and said, "Don't use any lubricant, she doesn't deserve any." Then Elsie winked at me and smiled her sweet smile. I got in position and spread Sister Sarah's ass cheeks apart. Elsie shouted, "Sister Sarah, spread them yourself." Then as I backed up the belt hit her one cheek and made her move quicker. Elsie signaled me to back up a little more. She then gave Sister Sarah several more smacks on her butt making sure to hit her moist pussy and her puckered asshole.

Elsie said, "Wider" and Sister Sarah did. I then moved in closer aiming my cock head at her brown entrance. As I touched her I pressed. It was not easy without lubrication and I pushed her forward along the carpet.

With her hands holding her ass cheeks apart her breasts were tight to the rug and she cringed as she felt the pain. I pressed hard and moved her again, then I held onto her hips as I pushed some more.

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I started making headway and the head of my cock popped just inside her rectum. Once I had entered her the going got easier. Inch by inch I pressed it in until finally I was all the way in her rectum.

To me the friction was a little much but Sister Sarah sure enjoyed it. I think she enjoyed the pain even more than the pleasure, maybe that's why the other Nuns at the Convent didn't totally satisfy her. She didn't really want a cock she wanted a man to control her. So anyway as I started my fucking motion Elsie put her pussy right in front of Sister Sarah's face and said, "Now lick my pussy and you better give me some orgasms too." I watched Elsie reach down to the floor and pinch Sister Sarah's tits on the sides really hard in what must have been a sensitive area causing her enough pain to contract her asshole around my cock.

Elsie was enjoying it way too much, then she said, "God I love this, I'm usually on the receiving end." Then she said, "Don't get the wrong idea I like being on the receiving end, so I know exactly what Sister Sarah needs." After I finally cum in Sister Sarah's bowels there was a knock at the door. When I opened it a dressed woman carrying a suitcase asked, "Is my wife Elsie in here?" Elsie replied, "I'm in here." She looked at me and said, "You can go out and poke the rest of the women on your list.

Sister Sarah is in good hands now." I closed the door behind me and went back to the main room looking for my next conquest. The End Daddy I'm A Lesbian 452