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Gays movie teen boys sex gangbang Versatile Latino Gets Covered in Cum
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As three o'clock approached, signaling the end of the school day, Sarah smiled inwardly in anticipation of her customary afternoon venture into the isolated woods of Willoughby Park.

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Unlike most parks in town, Willoughby was a nature sanctuary no playgrounds or picnic areas, just trees and all types of small ground animals and birds. Sarah wanted to become a professional nature photographer. Her prized possession was a Nikon SLR digital camera with 12 mp resolution and three lenses, a gift from her parents on her sixteenth birthday.

She was still learning to use its many features. Sarah was of average height for a girl of 16, with a body that was limber and well developed. She wore her dark brown hair in a pony tail and dressed neatly. Today she was dressed in a white linen blouse and gray pleated skirt that descended to just above her knees. Underneath was a white nylon bra and white nylon panties, styled in a conservative full cut. The rest of her outfit consisted of white socks and athletic walking shoes.

Three o'clock came and soon Sarah entered the park. She didn't notice four boys in their late teens who were loitering near the bus stop, but they noticed her. Sarah knew the park very well. Today her destination was a small clearing about a half-mile from the entrance, where Monarch butterflies tended to gather, their orange wings contrasting nicely with the greens and browns of the woods. As she got to the clearing, she was gratified that the park was quiet, as was usually the case on a late weekday afternoon.

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The peaceful environment made her feel at one with her natural surroundings. But the peacefulness was not to last, in any sense of the word. Scarcely had Sarah gotten her camera out of her backpack and removed the lens cap than there was a crashing sound behind her. She turned to see four youths coming at her and the next moment they were upon her, dragging her to the ground like a pack of jackals preparing to feast on a gazelle.

The Nikon flew from her hands and hit the ground. Instinctively, she cried out, "My camera!" Jack, the leader of the group, smirked. "Don't worry about your camera, little girl. We'll take care of it. In fact, I think we'll take some hot pictures." The boys were well-rehearsed. One of them grabbed Sarah's wrists and held them together above her head as she lay on the grass. Two others took positions on either side of her, pinning her down by her shoulders.

Jack loomed directly above her.

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Sarah took a deep breath and opened her mouth to scream. Jack planted his own open mouth over hers and, holding her jaw down, roamed around the inside of her mouth with his tongue.

Sarah felt herself choking on his saliva as it ran down her throat. Finally Jack pulled back. His hands closed over her throat. "Scream and I'll choke the life outta you," he snarled. Then, as she lay gasping and helpless, he undid the top two buttons of her blouse and pulled it over her head.

He gazed at the twin mounds that rounded out her bra. ""Real or padded?" he wondered aloud, and got his answer by pushing the bra up to join the blouse at her captive wrists. Her breasts were revealed as shapely and inviting.

"Yessss!" he cried appreciatively, and the other boys added their approval of the treat that awaited them. Sarah found her voice. "Please " She was cut off by a sharp slap in the face. "Stuff it," Jack ordered, reaching for her breasts and proceeding to play with them.

His idea of play was pretty rough as he squeezed her young boobs tightly and sucked and bit her protruding nipples. Sarah writhed but could do nothing to protect her body. After a while Jack told his companions, "You guys take over upstairs. I'm going downstairs." The boys holding Sarah's shoulders pounced on her breasts, each grabbing one and molesting it in his own particular way. At the same time they took turns invading her mouth with their tongues.

Meanwhile, Jack was surveying the scene "downstairs." Sarah's flailing legs had caused her skirt to slide up nearly to her waist, exposing considerable flesh, topped with an enticing glimpse of virginal white panties. Jack leered at the view for a moment, then went into action. Sarah, whose breasts and mouth were being assaulted by two pairs of hands and two tongues, now felt the lower part of her body under attack as Jack ran his hands up her inner thighs.

She tried to bring her legs together, but Jack had inserted his body between them so they were held wide apart for his pleasure.

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After he had groped her thighs to his satisfaction, Jack drove his left hand upward to grasp her pussy, while his right hand slipped under her buttocks.

Thus, poor Sarah was being simultaneously molested by three lustful attackers who had her totally in their control. Jack spent some time toying with the girl's pussy and ass through the smooth nylon of her panties, then took the next logical step of pulling off her skirt and panties.

This action freed Sarah's legs and she clamped them together with all her might. Jack chose a way of parting them that would have been comical under other circumstances. Whistling nonchalantly, he removed her shoes and socks and tickled the soles of her bare feet. Her uncontrollable reaction caused her feet to fly apart, giving Jack easy access to her once again.

He pushed his head between her open legs and inserted his voracious tongue into her exposed pussy. When Sarah felt this latest invasion of her body she tried to pull away, but Jack grasped her buttocks, using them as convenient handles to hold her pussy to his mouth. After some vigorous sucking, Jack withdrew, to Sarah's relief, but only to say something that caused her heart to freeze in terror. "Okay, guys, let's turn her over!" What are they going to do to me now?

She was flipped over and while her head was held down, her waist was raised until she was in a kneeling position. Her legs were spread and secured firmly by the two boys who had been mauling her breasts, so she was bent over with her ass and pussy exposed in a most humiliating and vulnerable way. "Spread her legs some more that's it!" Jack commanded. Sarah's face was pressed to the ground, so she could not see what Jack was going to do to her, but she found out soon enough.

He smacked her buttocks several times and then squeezed them. Next he put his mouth to her pussy and sucked it again.

Then he stopped, giving her some relief. But it was not to last. She heard the dreaded sound of a zipper, followed by the rustling of clothing. And then, as hands spread her cheeks apart, that voice she had come to fear and detest. "Okay, guys, which hole?" What does he mean by which hole? She got her answer. "Fuck her in the ass!" "Naw, give the kid a break. Let's just fuck her cunt." "I dunno," said Jack. "She's got a cute little asshole," and he stuck his finger into it to emphasize his point.

Sarah moaned at this latest invasion. Then she got some "good news" as Jack leaned over and told her, "It's okay, sweetheart, we'll do you a favor and just fuck you in the cunt." He was as good as his word. The next thing Sarah felt was her pussy being rammed by the piston-like action of Jack's pulsating cock.

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This went on or, rather, in for what seemed like forever. Finally the thing in her pussy exploded, went limp, and was withdrawn. But there were more dreaded words: "Okay, guys who's next?" More zippers, a rotation of hands holding her in the bent-over position, another piston jammed into her aching pussy. She cried out and her face was pushed hard into the ground. The boy who was muffling her voice also amused himself by pinching her nipples.

The rotation continued until every boy had raped her. "Anyone want another shot at her?" Jack asked. "Nah," said one, "she's all juiced up inside, and besides, don't forget we got other plans." The other boys assented and it can only be imagined what those other plans were.


The restraining hands were removed from Sarah's battered body and she slumped over onto her side. She did not dare to speak or cry out, for fear of being brutalized again. But her torments were not quite over. "Hey, here's her camera let's get some shots!" cried one of the boys.

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"Anyone know how do work this thing?" "Yeah, I do," said Jack, their leader and general expert. The photo session began. "Put her on her back!" Hands were on her again, arranging her body for maximum exposure. Sarah put up a feeble attempt at resistance. Jack squeezed her sore breasts, giving her a strong hint that if she did not lie still the sexual assaults would be renewed.

"Now smile for the camera!" She looked incredulous. Smile? Jack put his face close to hers, his tongue flicking in and out. Another hint. Somehow she twisted her mouth into a semblance of a smile. Anything to get them to go away. She was arranged in various obscene poses while Jack clicked away.

For the final series she was put back into the kneeling position, which Jack shot from several angles. "Okay, we're done. Get her I.D." The boys fished through her backpack and found her school I.D. card. Meanwhile, Jack was reviewing the photos he had taken. "Hey, these are great. Good camera plenty of details. Wanna see?" He held the camera's display screen to her face. One of the boys displayed a shred of decency and protested, "Hey she's had enough, okay?" Even Jack realized it was time to quit.

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"Okay, but trust me, little girl, these are pictures your friends and neighbors would get a real charge out of, so if you're smart you'll forget about what happened today." And they left with her I.D. card and her precious Nikon. Forget about what happened today? As Sarah began the tortuous task of assembling her scattered clothes and putting them on, she took a moment to gaze at the surroundings that had given her so much peace in the past.

She hated it all now the crushed grass, a searing reminder of where her body had been forced down … the birds, whose blithe songs now seemed to mock her … and the sheltering trees that had enabled her attackers to violate her in perfect security. She felt certain she would never again venture into the woods to photograph the scenes of nature she had loved so much.


Four vicious, uncaring boys had not only desecrated her body and her dignity, they had taken away her future. She picked up her backpack. She wondered how she would explain the loss of her camera.