Black man loves fucking a hairy pussy

Black man loves fucking a hairy pussy
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Synopsis: Two young teachers are enslaved by a powerful couple and given to their twin 18 year old daughters. The two teenagers took control of them on the second day of the new school year and proceeded to force them into increasingly depraved acts to eliminate any resistance and deepen their submission.

Over the course of the next couple of days, the teachers were forced to endure the total loss of any control of their lives. They finished the weekend in a basement dungeon enduring a gang bang by five men who were very well endowed. Now it is Monday and they return to school as slut slave teachers, totally submissive to the two teenage student mistresses. You should read the previous chapters to get a handle of their adventures so far.

***** Sandy woke to the alarm clock. It was still dark and she wasn't sure where she was or how she got there. She looked over at it and blinked her eyes trying to focus on the numbers. She rubbed her eyes scrapping off the crust coating them making it hard to focus. It was five thirty. How she got in her bed was a mystery.

The last thing her foggy brain recalled was lying on a table and swallowing the largest cock she had ever seen. She slowly sat up on the side of the bed but couldn't sit straight. Her ass hurt too bad, it felt like she had passed a bowling ball. Her body felt like she had been run over by a truck and her pussy was on fire. She looked at her wrists and ankles, seeing bruises from the cuffs.

As she stood, her legs were barely functioning as she staggered to the bathroom. When she turned on the light and saw herself in the mirror, she started to cry. Her body was covered in dried cum. Her cunt was an angry red color and she wasn't sure if it would ever be the same again. She turned around and spread her cheeks and looked at her ass. She grimaced as there was dried blood in the crack and her rosebud was swollen and very red. She turned and looked at her face.

Her hair was plastered to her face and her throat was raw. She turned on the water and started to splash her face to clear the fog, but then she remembered to check her instructions. As the fog started to clear, yesterday was slowly coming back to her. Sandy's memory was returning; her visit to the Martinez' mansion and most of what had happened was coming back to her.

Sandy walked out to the kitchen and on the table was a note, along with a large butt plug and Ben-Wa balls attached to it with a wire. She sat down and grimaced as the pain in her ass shot through her body. She picked up the note and read: Good morning slut, here are your instructions for this morning. 1. You are not to shower or clean up at all. 2. You are to insert the plug in your ass and the balls in your slutty cunt. 3. Your breakfast is waiting in your bowls. Eat and use the bathroom.

4. Put your coat on and drive to school, make sure you are there by six o'clock. 5. Go to the boy's locker room. Your clothes will be in locker 100, along with anything you will need to get ready. 6. Take a shower and stay naked and plugged while drying your hair and doing your makeup. Make sure you look as slutty as possible. 7. When you finish, dress and go to your classroom.

8. When you get there, strip and kneel by the door and wait on my arrival. Hopefully I won't be late. I would hate for you to be discovered naked on your third day on the job.

By the way, don't be late, the boys have early morning practice and start showing up around 7. Sandy looked at the time; it was already 5:45.

She would have to hurry to comply with her instructions. She quickly grabbed the plug and balls and walked to the bathroom. She sat down on the toilet and tried to go, but when she started to pee the pain was severe. When she started to shit, her ass screamed in pain.

How was she ever going to put the new plug into her ass? It was at least twice as big as the last one. After she finished going and the pain lessened, she reached over and grabbed the lube and started to lube her ass.

Even though it hurt like hell, she had no problem inserting two, then three fingers. Her ass was no longer tight after yesterday. She wondered if it would ever be the same again. With her ass greased, she took the plug and pushed it against her rosebud to slide it in.

Surprisingly it went in without much resistance. She then took the balls and shoved them into her sore cunt. Sandy stood and took a couple of steps getting used to the intruders inserted in her body. Her mind was now taking over as the humiliating tasks ahead started to arouse her abused body. Her cunt started to moisten and her nipples hardened. Sandy's humiliation training was taking hold and her mind was starting to crave the feeling.

She walked to the kitchen and knelt down and ate her breakfast of kibbles and drank some water. Everything tasted like cum even though there wasn't any on her food this time. She quickly finished her breakfast, stood, picked up her coat and walked to her car. * * * * * * * Dawn heard her alarm and woke from a sound sleep. She turned over and looked at the clock. It was five thirty; she remembered her instructions and got up. She padded to the bathroom and looked in the mirror.

Her hair was a mess and her lips were swollen. Dawn's body hurt but it wasn't as bad as she expected. Other than a sore throat and a very sore asshole she felt OK. She wished her mistress had given her permission to brush her teeth as all she could taste was cum. Hopefully when she got to school, she would be allowed to then. She walked to the kitchen and grabbed the plug and egg.

The plug was noticeably larger than the one before. Dawn wasn't sure if she would be able to get it into her ass. She walked to the bathroom and grabbed the lube. She squeezed a large amount on her hand and rubbed it on the plug and egg.

She then proceeded to spread it over her sore asshole. Although it burned, she was surprised her fingers easily inserted into her backdoor. Her ass was well stretched after yesterday's fuckfest. Dawn bent over and placed the plug at her opening and pushed. The plug pushed in almost halfway on the first push. She pulled it back a little and pushed again and it popped into her anal opening.

Dawn started to breathe as the intruder took some getting used to. She then grabbed the egg and gently pushed it into her cunt. As she walked out of the bathroom, she had a little trouble standing and walking as her body adjusted to the larger items inserted into her orifices.

She grabbed her coat and headed to her car. The drive to school took about 10 minutes. Dawn was fine sitting in the driver's seat with her coat slightly open exposing her cunt. As soon as she turned onto the street and saw the school, the anxiety and gravity of her situation hit her like a ton of bricks.

She was about to enter her school naked except for a coat that barely covered her. Her holes were plugged and she didn't know what she would be allowed to wear to class. She started to hyperventilate as she turned into the parking lot. Luckily there were only a couple of cars there. Hopefully she would be able to get to the girl's locker room without being seen.

As she got out, her coat flew open and exposed her to anyone who happened to be looking. Dawn blushed, quickly wrapped it back around her body, and ran to the door. Once inside, she realized that the locker room was on the other side of the school. She would have to walk past the main office and down the hall to reach it.

Dawn tightly held the coat around her body but it did little good. Every step it parted and exposed her pussy. As she approached the office, she didn't see one of the assistants coming out of the break room. * * * * * * * Julie saw Dawn and noticed how she was dressed. She immediately noticed that she wasn't wearing anything under the coat and thought she saw something shiny dangling down her body.

The last time she saw a teacher dressed like this she quit a few weeks later. Julie was surprised it was Dawn Reynolds, the 11th grade math teacher. Dawn was one of the prettiest teachers in the school. She knew that over the last few years there always seemed to be one teacher that pushed the dress code and there were always rumors about some of their actions.

She also noticed that they always ended up in the principal's office and whenever they left, they seemed to be a little flushed. Julie made up her mind to keep an eye on her. * * * * * * * * Dawn quickly hurried down the hall and entered the girl's locker room. She found locker 1200 and opened the door. She gasped when she saw the clothes she was expected to wear. Hanging there was a white scoop neck tee shirt that was very short. She looked at the size and it was an extra small. She normally wears a medium.

Hanging beside it was a short, black, latex skirt. It was only about a foot long. On the bottom of the locker was a pair of 6" stiletto heels to complete the outfit.

Dawn was starting to panic. How was she going to be able to cover her chains attached from her tits to her cunt and teach her classes? She quickly took off her coat and ran into the shower. Dawn was worried that a student would walk into the room and catch her naked and plugged. She took probably the fastest shower on record. She looked around and there were no towels to be found. She realized that she would have to air dry or get dressed wet. She walked back to the locker and grabbed the cosmetic case and went to the sinks to put on her face and dry her hair.

Ten minutes later, she was back at the locker and started to dress. With no underwear, she slipped the top on and realized it was very tight and barely came down to her bellybutton. Her nipple rings and chains attached to them were easily noticeable. She then grabbed the skirt and slipped it past her hips. When she zipped it up and brought it up to her top, it ended up only a couple of inches below her cunt. If she pulled it down to make sure she didn't flash everyone her ass, there was a two inch gap between her top and skirt.

That meant that her chains were in plain view. She slipped on the shoes and sat down on the bench and started to cry. The humiliation came crushing down on her like a ton of bricks. The realization of her situation crushed her spirit. The thought of disobeying never entered her mind, but standing in front of a class or students dressed like this and exposing her slave chains was overwhelming. She placed her coat in the locker and walked out the door.

As she walked down the hall she passed a few students and staff. Dawn couldn't look them in the eyes. As she walked past them she heard whispers and giggles. She was in a constant state of embarrassment. But what was more humiliating was she was very excited.

Her cunt was dripping and starting to leak down her thighs. Her nipples, already prominently displayed, were now fully aroused and threatening to poke holes through the thin top. When she reached her room, she shut the door and dropped to her knees and cried. How she was going to survive the day was beyond comprehension. She sat there on the floor and waited for her mistress to arrive, hoping that she would bring her a more reasonable outfit.

* * * * * * * Sandy arrived at school ten minutes after six. She was late, hopefully her mistress wouldn't find out. She parked near Dawn's car and rushed to the door.

By the time she entered the schoo,l the Ben-Wa balls were working their magic. Sandy's cunt was drenched and starting to leak down her thighs.

As she walked down the hallway past the office and turned the corner, she ran into Julie one of the office assistants. Sandy almost jumped out of her skin as she didn't expect to see anyone. Julie looked at the nearly naked teacher walking barefoot through school wearing only a coat and gasped. "Miss Hauser! Why are you dressed like this and what is all over your body? You smell like, like sex!" Sandy didn't know what to say. She stuttered and blushed down to her toes.

"I - I - I was out late last night and decided to shower and dress here." "But where are your clothes?

You don't have any with you. And is that dried cum covering your face?" As she reached out and pulled open Sandy's coat, Sandy was panicking. She quickly pulled her coat closed and looked down at the ground. The humiliation of getting caught naked and covered in cum by Julie was overwhelming.

Her mind was now taking over her body as the craving for humiliation and the accompanying arousal was peaking. She felt her pussy pulsing around the balls and her nipples were so hard they hurt. She looked at Julie and said, "I have clothes in a locker to wear, Miss Julie." As she tried to push past the stunned coworker to continue down the hall.

Julie was surprised by how Sandy Hauser addressed her. Something in her mind clicked and she decided to push the cowering teacher some more. "Stop right there, your classroom is in the other hall and this hallway leads to the boy's locker room.

Why would you have clothes in there?" Sandy stopped dead in her tracks. Time was getting away from her. Soon there would be boys showing up and she still needed to shower and dress. She needed to get away from this woman. "Please, I have to go clean up and dress. May I stop by after that and talk about this? Please?" Julie walked around the panicked teacher and grabbed her coat.

Sandy started to stop her but Julie slapped her hands. "Keep your hands down by your side." Sandy dropped her hands as Julie opened her coat and pushed it off her shoulders. As it fell to the ground, Julie gasped as she looked at the naked teacher. "Turn around and let me see you." Sandy didn't think she could ever be more embarrassed than she was at this moment. She slowly turned around and displayed her body to her now dominating coworker. Julie laughed when she saw the large anal plug inserted in her ass.

"What do we have here?" Julie grabbed the plug and moved it around in her ass. Sandy moaned as Julie started to fuck her ass with the plug and said, "it's my anal plug, Miss Julie." "You know, only a slut would report to work in this condition, SLUT." Sandy cringed at the words, but her mind was craving the attention. Her body was now beyond control and the whole world centered on her cunt. Sandy was about to orgasm right there in the main hallway, naked, in front of a coworker.

Julie released the plug and bent down and grabbed her coat. "OK slut, here is what is going to happen. You are going to go take your shower and dress. You will then go to your class and complete your day. After school you will come back to my office and we will continue what you will do to keep this private.

Understand slut? I will give you your coat back then." Sandy moaned as she realized she now had to make it to the locker room naked. She nodded her head and took off running down the hall to the locker room. By the time she reached the locker room, the balls in her cunt were bouncing off her "G" spot and she experienced a massive orgasm.

Sandy dropped to her knees as it coursed through her body, leaving her lying on the floor trembling. After what seemed like forever, but in reality was only a couple of minutes, she regained her senses and looked around her. She was lying on the floor just inside the locker room door. Sandy stood up and noticed that locker 100 was right beside her. If anyone entered, she would have no time to cover herself and getting caught was even more likely. Sandy quickly opened the locker and grabbed the clothes, shoes, and cosmetic bag and ran to the showers.

She threw everything on the counter by the sink and rushed into the large bay showers to clean up. She knew the time was getting short as the water cascaded down her body, but she couldn't drag her body away from the warm water. Five minutes later, Sandy strolled out and realized she had no way to dry her body. Sandy reached over and grabbed her dress and dried her face so she could apply her makeup.

With nothing to dry her hair with she pulled it back and put it into a pony tail. As she looked at her body in the mirror her shoulders slumped. Sandy no longer had any hope of escape. Even if her mistress released her, she had been caught naked in school by Miss Julie. In spite of this, Sandy's mind was wallowing in the humiliation. It was receiving what it needed and filling her body with the arousal and it craved more.


Sandy looked at the time and jumped. It was almost seven o'clock. There would be students arriving any moment. She was still naked and soaking wet. She grabbed the dress and looked at it. It was a lightweight halter dress. There was no back and the top had two very narrow strips that would cover her tits. When she slipped it over her head and it dropped down over her body, she realized it was very short, stopping just below her crotch.

If she pulled the ties up so her tits were covered, it was so short her ass would stick out. When she dropped it down to cover her cunt, the back was below the crack of her ass and the strips barely covered her tits.

There was no possible way she could teach dressed like this. But right now she needed to get out of the locker room. But she had little choice. She grabbed the cosmetic case, ran to the locker, threw it inside and ran out the door. Just as she stepped outside the locker room, she ran into two large black students. Sandy gasped as she ran into the nearest student and almost fell off her stiletto heels.

* * * * * * * * Jason and Thomas were just reaching the locker room door. They were there for morning weight training. Jason played middle linebacker for the football team. He stood 6' 4 tall and weighed 240 pounds. His body was sculpted and he was very handsome. Thomas also played and was the starting running back. Thomas was only 5' 10 and 210 pounds he also was in great shape.

Both young men were seniors and were noted players with the girls at school. Both had reputations for having large cocks and knew how to use them.

Thomas was holding his smart phone about to show Jason a new feature he just discovered with the camera feature on his phone when Sandy came rushing out of the locker room.

Jason grunted as Miss Hauser crashed into his chest. The last thing he expected was Miss Hauser running out of the boy's locker room.

Before Sandy could move, he grabbed her and kept her from falling. In doing so, he grabbed her tits and they spilled out of her dress. Both boys broke out in wide grins looking at Miss Hauser's tits. Sandy blushed and spluttered a quick moan before she pushed his hands off her tits and put them back into her dress. Thomas with his phone out and ready quickly snapped a couple of pictures of the blushing teacher with her tits spilling out of her dress. Sandy panicked and yelled, "Let me go!" and pushed past the two shocked students.

Before they could react, she ran down the hallway and up the stairs toward her classroom. Once inside, she quickly stripped off the dress and knelt by the door and waited for her mistress. Her mind was a total jumble of everything that had happened to her in the last hour.

Her cunt was soaked and dripping on the floor between her legs. The run to her room had caused the balls to bounce inside her pussy till it was all she could do to stave off another orgasm. As she breathed deeply to calm her body down, Sandy was glad that now all she had to think of was to wait for her mistress and do as commanded. With all hope lost, her salvation was that her mistress would take care of her.

Sandy didn't have to wait long as Anita arrived a few minutes later. She had been waiting down the hall and had watched as her slave ran up the stairs and into her room. She smiled and looked at her watch. It was ten minutes past seven. She guessed that Jason and Thomas had an eyeful when they arrived this morning.

Anita had mentioned to Jason last Friday that there might be a surprise waiting for him this morning if he arrived on time. She knew Jason had the hots for her and figured that he would be expecting her to be there.

Anita looked down at the cowering slave kneeling beside the door and smiled. She noticed the growing puddle between her legs and her flushed body. She guessed that the slut had had an orgasm. She reached down and grabbed her chin and raised her face to look into her eyes. "Did you come without permission this morning slut?" Sandy couldn't hide anything from her mistress and nodded as tears streamed down her face.

Anita looked at the dress and shoes sitting on the desk and asked "Where is your coat? Sandy started to tremble as she told Anita about getting caught in the hallway by Miss Julie and how she took her coat. She then told of her run in with the two boys when she finished showering and ran out of the locker room. Anita smiled and looked at the aroused slut and said, "That must have been humiliating.

I'll bet you loved it, didn't you, slut? The fact that on your third day at school, being stripped naked in the main hall and exposing your tits to the two black football players really fed your craving, didn't it slut? I'd be willing to bet your cunt is ready to explode right about now." Sandy's mind and body were betraying her as her breathe was now coming in short gasps and her nipples ached they were so hard.

She was blushing all the way down to her cunt and she felt an orgasm building and about to explode deep inside her body. She could only nod her head because if she answered the last vestige of self-esteem would be stripped from her. Anita recognized this and forced the issue. "TELL ME SLUT. TELL ME WHAT YOU ARE!" Sandy, still looking into her mistress' eyes couldn't deny it any longer. In barely a whisper, "Yes mistress, I crave the humiliation. I am so excited I'm about to lose control just thinking about all that has happened this morning." "What do you want, slut?

"I want more. I need more. I can't control myself anymore. I need to be humiliated, to be used and degraded. Please mistress, use this worthless slut. I'm begging you." She said as she dropped down and started to kiss Anita's shoes. Anita smiled and bent down and patted Sandy's head like she would a pet. "There, there pet, I will satisfy your craving. Trust me you are in good hands. I will help you experience everything you desire." Sandy heard her mistress and felt her touch and relaxed.

She was now at peace; she was now accepting her servitude. Anita grabbed Sandy's hair and pulled her up to her knees. "Get up slut. We haven't much time before school starts. Go bend over your desk and let me inspect your plugs." Sandy quickly jumped up and walked to her desk to lie down. She spread her legs wide and exposed everything to Anita. Anita walked over and ran her hands over her slave's back and down her hips.

Sandy shivered at the touch and craved more. When Anita reached the plug protruding from her ass, she flipped a switch to position three. Now whenever Sandy sat, down the plug would vibrate from the base to the tip. It would feel like she was being fucked. Not only that, the wire attached to the Ben-wa balls would cause them to move about inside her cunt.

It would continue vibrating and moving until Sandy was standing for at least thirty seconds. Anita knew that when walking around the room the balls would drive her to a climax and the only relief would be to stand perfectly still or sit down.

Anita wanted to make her slave willing to do anything to orgasm. Sandy lying on the desk didn't notice what Anita did and waited for further instructions, hoping that she would allow her to come.

"Get up slave and get dressed. There is a blazer in the cabinet for you to wear over the dress; however, you cannot button it up. You will be covered but you will show a lot of cleavage. Your instructions are on the desk. Follow them exactly and don't disappoint me." Anita then quickly turned and walked out the door.

Sandy quickly got off the desk and looked at the time. It was now seven thirty and students would be arriving in a few minutes.

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She quickly put on the dress and made sure to lower it so her ass didn't show. She quickly put on the shoes and ran to the cabinet and grabbed the blazer. Just as she slipped it up her arms, the first students arrived for homeroom. Sandy blushed as she hoped they didn't see her tits that were barely covered by the dress as she put on the jacket.

The kids didn't seem to notice and Sandy turned back to her desk. She reached down and picked up the paper listing her instructions. 1. You must remain standing unless you are about to climax.

You can then sit. 2. You must walk around the room at least 3 times during each class. 3. You will drop something on the floor in each class and bend at the waist to pick it up with your ass facing the class. 4. If you must come you must get permission. You must be naked before you can ask. If I am not around you will strip and FaceTime me to ask. Your clothes cannot be within reach. 5. If you need to ask more than one time, you cannot ask from the same room twice. 6. When your free period arrives you will strip put on the blindfold, cuff your hands behind your back, and kneel just inside the door and wait for further instruction.

Sandy gasped as she read the instructions. Just the thought of what she read caused her to blush. She looked out over her class and moaned as her mind started to crave the humiliation it knew was coming. Sandy smiled and started to call roll. As she did she strolled around the room. The balls imbedded in her cunt moved about and soon found her "G" spot and pushed it mercilessly. Sandy's voice caught as her arousal spiked. She wondered how she would be able to accomplish anything while suppressing the impending climax.

The students looked at the new teacher and wondered what was going on. Miss Hauser was just standing staring into space. Ryan, sitting next to her, nudged her and asked, "Are you OK Miss Hauser?" Sandy, awoken from her arousal, nodded and looked down at the attendance sheet.

She continued calling names but it didn't matter what the answer was. Sandy was on autopilot. It took all of her concentration to keep from climaxing. Homeroom was the shortest period, lasting only 15 minutes. Almost as soon as she finished roll the bell rang and the students rushed out to their first class. Sandy had a few minutes reprieve before her first class.

She took full advantage to rush to the front of the class to stand by her desk. At least here she could sit if necessary. By the time the bell rang to start class, Sandy had regained her senses and could once again function.

She looked down at her desk and realized that she had left her instructions in plain view. Anyone walking by her desk could have seen them. She quickly grabbed them and shoved them in a drawer. Sandy knew she would have problems lecturing the class so she assigned a reading assignment while she worked out how to complete her task to walk around the room without having an orgasm. After standing still for the first five minutes making sure the students were engrossed in their reading, she started the long walk around the room.

Sandy walked slowly, that seemed to minimize the effect of those infernal balls. However it was taking a long time to complete the trip and the accumulative effect was pushing her to her climax. She started to walk faster as she needed to get to her desk before she came. Just as she reached it Sandy was barely hanging on, she needed to sit to calm herself down.

Sandy grabbed the chair and plopped down, momentarily forgetting about the plug in her ass. She grunted as the plug pushed further inside her, but when it started to vibrate Sandy moaned loudly. Everyone in the class stared at their teacher as Miss Hauser stared blankly into space with a wide eyed expression and her mouth wide open. Sandy was starting to panic, just getting to the chair without coming was difficult.

Now with the plug vibrating and fucking her ass only made the problem worse. The balls now had a life of their own. She quickly stood up but it didn't stop. Sandy quickly excused herself and ran out of the classroom and ran to the restroom.

There was no chance to stop the impending orgasm as she burst into the first stall she came to. She quickly stripped and called her mistress. Realizing her clothes could not be in reach she threw them over the door into the main part of the room, hoping her mistress would answer the phone and give her permission before she climaxed.

Anita smiled as her phone vibrated knowing who it would be. She waited for a few seconds before answering. Her first sight of the slave caused her to chuckle. Sandy was naked, panting and trembling, and trying to delay her orgasm. "What do you want slave?" "Please mistress, may this cum slut come;, the toys are driving me mad mistress, please.please.please have mercy on your slave. I.I.I. NEED TO COME MISTRESSSSSSSS." Anita watched in fascination at the desperate look on her slave's face.

"OK slut, open the door and let me see where your clothes are." Sandy flung the door to the stall open and flashed the camera around the room showing her clothes scattered on the floor. "Very good slut, crawl out of the stall and face the main door and complete your orgasm. When you are finished lick up any mess and get back to your classroom.

Remember you can't use this room again if you need to come again." Sandy, already on her knees, quickly crawled to the middle of the room and plunged three fingers into her needy cunt. The orgasm that had been building for the last ninety minutes crashed down and consumed her body.

Sandy's vision disappeared even with her eyes wide open. The pleasure radiated out from her mind and her cunt. The two centers of the orgasm met in the middle of her body and exploded to all her extremities.

She saw flashes of colors and lights as her orgasm of the mind overtook all her body functions. The humiliation her mind craved and had now received intensified the orgasmic experience, Sandy lost all control. She slumped to the floor and squirted her juices all over as the orgasm radiated from one end of her body to the other.

She had no concept of time or space. She rolled around the floor as anything touching her body only increased the intensity. When Sandy regained her senses and looked around her she realized she was lying on the restroom floor in a puddle of her own fluids.

Her clothes strewn about her and her body was covered in sweat. She slowly rolled over onto her knees and started to lick up the fluids. She then started to panic as she had no idea of how long she had been in the room and knew someone would walk in and catch her.

The job of licking up all the fluids would take too long so she concentrated on the largest puddle. Sandy then grabbed her clothes and crawled into a stall. Just as she closed the door, two girls opened the door and walked into the restroom giggling and talking. Sandy, sitting on the toilet naked and barefoot remained silent, hoping they didn't notice her.

As soon as the girls looked around the room, both gasped as the floor was wet and slimy. "Oh God, what is that smell and what is all over the floor?" Both stopped in their tracks and quickly left the room. Sandy could hear them both complaining loudly about the conditions in the restroom.

Sandy breathed a sigh of relief as she wasn't discovered but she knew she only had but a few minutes to put herself together before someone else walked in.

She threw on her dress, blazer and shoes and walked to the sinks to try to clean up and get back to her room. When she looked in the mirror, what she saw shocked her. Her hair was a mess and her makeup was streaked about her face.

Her clothes were wrinkled and her body was covered in sweat. But a feeling of contentment filled her body and mind. Her mistress had fulfilled her wildest dreams and rewarded her with an experience that completely overwhelmed her. She had orgasms before but nothing like this. As Sandy cleaned up and made herself presentable, she realized that she couldn't have achieved this without her mistress' direction and she would do anything to experience it again.

Sandy looked at her reflection and smiled. It didn't matter what she looked like, all that mattered was to follow her orders and please her mistress. The final barrier hadn't been broken, it had been exploded. Sandy walked out the door and down to her class. She no longer cared if anyone knew what had happened.

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She was now fully identifying with her inner slut. * * * * * * * * Dawn knelt beside the door waiting for her mistress. Her outfit exposed her and it would be impossible to cover the slave chains, which would expose her servitude. But she had little choice. There was nothing else to wear.

The only thing she could do was follow her instructions and hopefully she wouldn't be fired, or worse, be forced to submit to more of her students. Susanna arrived about five minutes later and looked down at her slave. "I love your outfit slut. I'm sure you will be very popular with all the boys." Dawn cringed and stared at the floor. Her mind was a jumble as she couldn't process all that was happening. What confused her more was her arousal.

Her body was tingling with excitement. Her cunt was dripping and her nipples, already extended by the rings, were about to pop out of the tight top. "Get up slut, strip and lie on your desk. I want to inspect your body." Dawn quickly stood and pulled her top over her head and dropped it on the floor, followed quickly by her skirt.

She slipped off her heels and walked to the desk. She slowly lowered her body till her tits were pressed against the desktop. The cold top caused her to shiver and her nipples to harden even more if that was possible. Susanna walked up to the prone teacher and kicked her feet further apart causing Dawn's legs to ache from the strain. She then slid her hands down the slut's back and across her ass. Dawn moaned as the feeling of her mistress' touch increased her excitement.

Susanna turned on the plug but moved the switch to the fourth position. In this position, when Dawn would sit the anal plug would start vibrating in a random pattern. Sometimes barely vibrating, sometimes vibrating so hard it would be painful. The length of time it would continue would also be random, from a few seconds to several minutes.

It could also start randomly. Dawn had no idea what Susanna had done. She smiled and wished she could be in the room when the slut sat for the first time. Susanna wanted to drive her slut to the brink of a breakdown, wanting her body to demand a climax but having her mind deny it because of her training.

She wanted the teacher's mind and body to battle itself while increasing the arousal levels till something had to give. Dawn's nightly subliminal training made disobeying her mistress impossible. But having the plug and egg vibrating and increasing the need to climax would push the slut to her limits.

Add in the humiliation factor of all this happening in front of her class only added to the situation. "Stand up slut, it's time for your instructions." Dawn stood up and turned toward her mistress looking down at the floor.

1. You are not to come without permission. 2. You are to sit on your desk for at least ten minutes in each class. 3. You are not to cross your legs but keep your knees separated. 4. If you must come you have to strip completely and put on your collar and leash and beg me for permission.

5. If I am not around you may call me to ask for permission. 6. When it time for lunch you are to strip and kneel just inside the door. You are to service anyone who walks into your room.

As your cunt and ass are filled today, use your mouth. Swallow any cum in your mouth and spread around any left on your body. I want you to smell like cum for the rest of the day. Dawn listened to her instructions and gasped. Her eyes watered and tears ran down her face.

Dawn was having trouble trying to figure out how to comply with the commands she just heard. Having to expose her pussy to each class and complying with the lunch time duties overwhelmed her brain.

She simply looked up and nodded her head. Susanna smiled and told her to get dressed. When her slave was finished, she walked over to her backpack and pulled out a loosely knit wrap and handed it to the slut.

"Put this on and let's see how it looks." Dawn grabbed the wrap and put it on. It complemented her outfit and came down to the bottom of the skirt. It had one button right at her bellybutton. With it fastened, her chains would be covered, somewhat. If you looked you could see them but at least they wouldn't be obvious. Her tits however, would still be exposed. When Dawn looked down at her tits she could still make out the piercings and the chains attached to them, it was much less noticeable however.

She breathed a sigh of relief and for the first time since she arrived at school she thought she might survive the day. Susanna walked out the door and smiled. She wondered how long it would be before she got a call from her slut begging to come.

As she walked down the hall the bell rang for homeroom. Dawn stood waiting on her students to arrive. The morning so far had been nerve-racking.

Between arriving almost naked and showering in the locker room, Dawn's body was tingling with excitement. Her cunt was dripping and with no underwear the moisture was sliding down her thighs. As long as she stood, it wouldn't spot her skirt. However at the rate she was juicing, it wouldn't be long till it reached her knees. The bell rang to start homeroom and the students were staring at their teacher. She had never dressed like this before.

Her skirt was very short stopping only a few inches below her ass. Even with the cover-up you could easily see everything under it. What surprised them even more was the tight crop top that clung to her tits and exposed her stomach. The cover-up buttoned right at her belly button but the students in the first row could make out the chains going down from her breasts down into her skirt. Dawn had hoped that the cover-up would make them less noticeable, but the expressions on the faces looking at her told her otherwise.

Dawn blushed down her to chest and her breathing quickened. She quickly sat down behind her desk to try to hide, but as soon as her ass hit the seat, the plug started to vibrate. Dawn gasped as the vibrations coursed through her ass and straight to her cunt. Already aroused she was quickly climbing to an orgasm. Not knowing what to do, she stood up and looked at her class.

Her nipples, now so hard they hurt, clearly showed through the tight top accentuating the rings and chains going down to her cunt. The vibrations stopped when she stood and gave her some relief. Humiliated but trying to remain composed, Dawn started to take roll, calling out names and marking attendance.

Nothing more happened and she ignored the whispers as she finished taking roll and the bell rang to signal the end of homeroom. The students quickly got up and exited the room but several of the boys made sure they walked by to get a better look at the exposed teacher blushing at the front of the class.

Dawn couldn't even look up at the students. She knew they could see everything and her cunt was pulsing with excitement. She wondered what she was going to do during first period when the plug started to vibrate again. It wasn't too intense but it wasn't going to take much to set her off. She was just starting to panic when it stopped and her 1st period students started to arrive.

As they walked into the class and past the very excited teacher, the first thing that hit them was the smell of sex followed by their teacher's outfit. Several of the boys walked up to Miss Reynolds and started to talk to her. Dawn could not look them in the eye and kept her head down looking at their chests. There were smiles all around as the boys standing close to the exposed teacher took in her entire body.

Richard, an 18 year old junior, reached out and touched Dawn's shoulder and pushed the wrap off it and down her arm. Dawn, now feeling totally out of control simply stood there and let it happen. When she didn't resist, he reached down and unbuttoned the wrap and it fell to the floor. Dawn was now exposed and her chains plainly in sight beneath her top and dropping down into her skirt left little to the imagination.

He smiled and tugged the chain between the top and the skirt. Dawn moaned as the chain pulled through the ring on her clit and doubled her arousal. The bell rang to start class and Dawn whispered, "Please go to your seats." "What did you say, Miss Reynolds?" Richard said. "Please go to your seat, master, I mean Richard." She moaned.

Richard, realizing he had an advantage, kept pulling the first chain then the other as Dawn was now lost in the feeling of the chains rubbing her clit.

At that moment the plug started to vibrate again and Dawn's eyes grew to the size of saucers. She couldn't climax, she didn't have permission, but with her student pulling her chains and the plug vibrating, it was a losing battle.

It was everything she could do as she pushed his hands away from her and dashed out of the room. As she ran down the hall she entered the first open room she passed.

She quickly looked around to see where she was. She was now standing in the middle of a supply room with shelves lining the walls. Relieved to see no one there she shut the door and quickly stripped. She didn't have her collar and leash but she quickly pulled her phone out of her pocket and called her mistress. Susanna giggled as her phone vibrated. She was surprised at how soon her slave was calling. She looked at the screen and looked at the naked slave.

"Where are you slut?" "I'm in the supply room down the hall from my room mistress," Dawn answered as she was panting with desire. "Let me see your body, slut." Dawn held the phone away from her and panned her body with the camera. Susanna looked at the naked teacher and asked, "Where are your clothes?" Dawn panned the camera over to the door where her clothes lay in a pile.

"What do you want slut? You can't be asking to come already, can you? You aren't even wearing your collar and leash." "I'm sorry mistress, but the plug started to vibrate and the students took off my wrap and pulled my chains. I couldn't help myself and I ran out to call you.

I forgot my leash and collar in my purse. Please forgive me mistress. I need to come! PLEASE MISTRESS, I CAN'T STAND IT, I NEED TO COME!!" Susanna smiled, "You didn't follow instructions, slut. I can't let you come if you can't follow instructions." Dawn fell to her knees as the vibrations grew stronger. Then out of nowhere the egg joined the plug and started to vibrate. Dawn lost all control and her body erupted in a massive orgasm. She let out a loud moan and fell to the floor.

Her body wracked with tremors from her head to her toes. Her cunt squirted her fluids all over the floor as she rolled around in her fluids.

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The phone fell against the shelf allowing Susanna to witness it all. Susann watched in amazement as her slut slave continued to shudder as the orgasm flowed through her mind and body. Dawn had a distant look in her eyes and Susanna watched as Dawn lost all awareness of where she was. Susanna looked around her to make sure no one noticed her looking at her phone. She didn't want anyone to see this right now. Maybe in a couple of days, but right now, it was for only her eyes. Dawn slowly regained her senses and looked around at where she was.

At first she didn't recognize the room. She sat up and looked at her body. She was covered in sweat and cum and she was sitting in a large puddle of her own juices. "Oh my God, what am I going to do?" She noticed her phone leaning against the shelf and picked it up. When she looked at the display she saw Susanna's face and she broke down knowing she had failed to follow instructions. "Please mistress, have mercy on me.

I'm sorry to have failed you. I couldn't stop myself. Please mistress, don't punish me." Susanna looked at her slut she wondered how far she could push her. "OK slut, lick up your cum until I tell you to stop." Dawn, not wanting to displease her mistress, immediately lowered her head and started to lick the floor. Her hair falling down and dropping into the puddle soaking up more of the cum. Susanna watched for a couple of minutes, "Now slut, get dressed and straighten yourself up as best you can.

Then go to the restroom and finish cleaning up. I then want you to go to Miss Julie's office and ask to go home. If she asks why, tell her you are a horny slut and need to go home and pound your cunt. She will give you your instructions. Make sure you follow them." Dawn gasped at her instructions. Her mind went into autopilot as she grabbed her clothes. She no longer was thinking about her looks she was just following directions.

Once she was dressed she walked to the restroom. When she arrived she looked into the mirror. Who she saw in the reflection she didn't recognize.

The woman standing there wasn't a respected teacher but a cum covered slut. Her clothes stuck to her body like glue and left nothing to the imagination.

Her top was well above her skirt and her chains were prominently displayed. Her skirt was wrinkled and stained with cum. Her face was flushed and her hair was wet and sticking to her face. She pulled down her top and rinsed her face.

There wasn't much else she could do. Dawn turned and walked out the door and down the hall toward the main office. Her mind not thinking of what anyone thought of her as she walked down the hall.

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The only thing that mattered was to follow directions and please her mistress. * * * * * * * Julie was sitting in her office near the main office. It was just before school was about to start and she was thinking about catching Miss Hauser covered in cum this morning.

She didn't know what got into her when she stripped the young teacher and fucked her ass with the anal plug. Why she stripped her and made her walk naked to the locker room was beyond reason. It was so out of character for her but so exciting. Watching the teacher submit to her stirred something inside her mind that she had never experienced before, it aroused her.

What she was going to do to her when she arrived after school she had no idea, but the thought of it was making her very horny. Julie had worked at the school for the last ten years. She was a single mother of an 18 year old boy who also attended the school.

Julie had lost her husband several years ago to cancer and had worked hard to provide a good home for them. Julie stood about 5'5 tall and weighed 135 pounds. Although she had put on a few pounds, she worked hard to maintain her figure. Her black hair that fell to her shoulders gave her an exotic look. She wasn't beautiful but was a fine looking MILF. She noticed that she could still turn heads when she put her mind to it. Although her tits had a little sag to them, they still stood out proudly.

She was proud that she still maintained her 35-24-36 figure from college. Suddenly Anita and Susanna walked in.


"Anita, Susanna, what can I do for you?" Julie asked. She was nervous as the twins had never approached her before. These two were trouble. Their parents owned everything and they frequently used it to get their way.

"Did you have fun playing with my slut this morning Julie" "What do you mean Anita?" Anita pulled out her cell and pulled up a video. It showed Julie stripping Sandy and fucking her ass with her plug.

You could ever hear her tell her to go and clean up naked and come back to her office at the end of the day. "I think you know what I mean. Now did you have fun, Slut?" "Y.Y.Yes Anita." "It's Mistress when we are alone and Miss Anita and Miss Susanna in public, slut." "Yes Mistress." "Did anyone give you permission to play with my slut? "No Mistress." "Well, here is the deal, slut. If you want to play there is a price to pay.

I have enough right here on my phone to get you fired or even worse have you put in jail. From now on you only play when we tell you. In fact you only do what we tell you period. Understand slut?" "Y.Y.Yes mistress." "Good, now that we understand each other, stand up and strip. You have 30 seconds to get naked." Julie gasped, "But mistress, we are right beside the main office.

Someone could walk in on us. I can't do that." "No problem, slut. We'll just show the video to the principal and the police and let them handle it." "But you would be exposed also." "We don't care, we can get another slut. It will be fun watching you escorted from the building in handcuffs.

I'm sure your son will enjoy watching and learning his mother is a kinky, lesbian slut." Julie stood looking at the two young women. Her thoughts went to her son in class just down the hall. It would be devastating to him if she was exposed.

Let alone what would happen to him if she went to jail. Julie stood and with shaking hands started to unbutton her top. The twins looked at each other and smiled knowing they now controlled another member of the staff. They watched as Julie removed her blouse followed by her skirt. Julie looked at the teens hoping this was all she had to remove, but one look and she unfastened her bra and put it on the desk with her other clothes.

Her nipples exposed to the cool air hardened and she felt some moisture leaking into her panties. She then hooked her thumbs in the elastic waistband of her panties and pushed them down her legs.

She bent over, picked them up and placed them on her desk. She was now standing naked and shivering behind her desk. "It took you long enough, slut. You now lose your panties and bra." Anita said as she picked up the garments and put them in her bag. "Now, sit down and put your feet on your desk and spread your legs." Julie slumped into her chair and placed her feet on the desk and spread her legs, exposing her cunt and ass to the world.

If anyone walked in right now her life was over. Susanna quickly pulled out her phone and started to take pictures. Anita looked at Julie and said, "Play with that nasty cunt, slut. You have five minutes to get off or we are out of here with your clothes." Julie had a look of fear as her hand quickly moved down her stomach and started to rub her clit. The humiliation of masturbating naked in her office while the twins were watching was all it took.

Her arousal went through the roof. Julie felt an orgasm rapidly filling her cunt. As it got closer, she took her other hand and started to pinch her nipple increasing her excitement. As she was getting closer she inserted first one then two fingers into her sloppy pussy.

She was oblivious to everything around her as she closed her eyes and concentrated on achieving the climax the teen demanded. Susanna was filming the whole scene as the naked MILF was pounding her cunt. "Open your eyes, slut. Look into the camera and smile," demanded Anita of the excited slut. Julie's eyes snapped open and her mouth flew open as she looked at Susanna and the camera. The orgasm hit hard and every muscle in her body shook and her face had a look of ecstasy. Julie's cunt pulsed and cum flowed out and down over her puckered ass.

Julie slumped into her chair as she now understood her predicament. The twins now controlled her. They could now expose her and not even involve Miss Hauser. Julie looked up at her mistress' and said "What do you want me to do mistress?" Anita smiled and reached across the desk and caressed the naked MILF's leg.

"Just do as you're told and nothing will happen. You might even enjoy playing with our sluts. Now get dressed and leave the top two buttons undone. From now on you are not allowed any underwear, no pants of any type. You are only allowed to wear skirts and dresses and nothing longer than five inches above the knee.

Oh, and one more thing, no flats, you can only wear high heels, at least 4 inches high." Julie sat there, her mouth open hardly comprehending her instructions. How am I going to comply with this?

What will I tell my son? Why am I so aroused? I'm not a lesbian why am I excited about dominating the teachers? She mused. Anita smiled as she told Julie what she expected today. She detailed what she was to do if either of the slut teachers showed up at her office.

She even told her she could have some fun if she wanted to play with them. As the two young women started to walk out the door Susanna turned to the shocked woman sitting with her blouse half open. "Don't forget your orders slut. If you fuck up you will lose everything." Julie nodded, "I won't forget mistress." As she thought about what the twins had instructed her to do to the two teachers.

"Why would the two pretty, young and smart teachers let anyone do that to them? What did they have on them that was so bad that being a slut was a better solution?

Well, if they put themselves in that position then they probably deserved it. So if that's the case I might as well have fun with it. I just hope this doesn't jump up and bite me in the ass." * * * * * * Dawn was approaching the main office. There were a couple of students standing just past it talking. They weren't paying any attention to Miss Reynolds walking toward them. Dawn hoped she could slip into Julie's office without anyone seeing her.

Just as she reached the door, one of the students looked up and turned toward Dawn. Dawn saw her and quickly turned the knob and rushed into Julie's office. Julie was surprised at the sudden intrusion. She hadn't expected anything this soon. It was the middle of first period. She looked at Miss Reynolds and her mouth dropped.

The teacher standing in front of her was a mess. Her clothes were stained and wet. She smelled like sex and her hair was plastered to her face. Julie then noticed the chains running down her stomach. As Julie looked closer, she noticed the rings in her nipples prominently displayed under her top and running down into her skirt. They could only be going to her cunt. She wondered what they were attached to.

"Miss Reynolds, what happened to you? And what are you doing in here?" "Miss Julie, I am a horny slut. I need to go home and pound my cunt." The embarrassed teacher whispered.

She could barely talk, her humiliation taking away her voice. "What did you say? Speak up, I couldn't hear you." Julie demanded her own arousal increasing with each word.

"Miss Julie, I am a horny slut. I need to go home and pound my cunt, please." Dawn said louder as her blush covered her entire body. Julie smiled as she thought about the twins instructions. "Don't just stand there slut. Strip off those nasty clothes and let me see you." Dawn gasped as the humiliation of the situation was overwhelming her senses.

But her training took over and she pulled her top over her head and slid her skirt down her legs. She now stood in front of the dominate staff member naked except for her heels. She could not even look her in the eyes but kept looking at the floor. Julie stood and walked around the naked slut standing in her office.

If anyone would walk in she was fucked, but looking at the submissive teacher, naked and ready to do anything she was told, clouded her brain and she threw caution to the wind. Once she was behind Dawn she locked the door and smacked her ass. Dawn jumped as the blow surprised her more than hurt. But the effect was noticeable. Julie noticed that Miss Reynolds didn't complain or yell but accepted the blow without complaint.

She walked in front of her and grabbed the chains. Looking down she saw the ring on the slut's clit and the chains threaded through it and then attached to her labia. Julie pulled the chains as Dawn gasped. The combination of pain and pleasure radiating out from her cunt as her juices leaked down her legs. Julie then reached over to her desk and grabbed a wooden ruler. "Bend over my desk and grab the other side.

You need to be punished for your actions." Dawn did as ordered and waited for the blows to start. "Make sure you count each swat and thank me for punishing your slut ass." Julie demanded. "Yes Miss Julie," Dawn answered. SMACK came the first blow.

Dawn's body stiffened as the pain shot through her ass and straight to her cunt. "One, thank you for punishing my slut ass, Miss Julie" Julie got a rush and the words swirled in her brain. Her entire body flushed with power and arousal. SMACK. SMACK, SMACK came the next blows in quick succession. Dawn, unable to respond in time before the next blow struck her said "Four, thank you for punishing my slut ass, Miss Julie." Julie continued to strike the slut's ass time and time again till Dawn couldn't stand it any longer and slumped to the floor begging her to have mercy.

The pain was intense but the arousal was increasing with each hit. Julie looked down at the cowering slut as the power of dominating another person was coursing through her veins.

She then walked over to her chair and sat down. "Crawl over here and lick my pussy, slut. I need some relief." Dawn slowly rose to her knees and crawled around the desk and between Julie's legs. She looked up at the woman above her and stuck her tongue out and licked the length of her slit.

Julie gasped as she had never been licked by a woman before and the feeling was amazing. She wasn't sure if it was because of the touch or the situation of compelling her to do this against her will that excited her more.

Dawn continued to lick the pussy in front of her face with more enthusiasm as she forgot where she was as her training was taking over. The only thing that mattered was pleasing Julie. As she worked her tongue deep into the folds and working up to her clit, she heard her gasp and her body trembled. Dawn concentrated on the clit and shortly Julie clamped her legs around her head and climaxed, spraying her face with her juices.

She kept licking till Julie pushed her away and down on the floor. Dawn landed on her sore ass and yelped in pain. However she remained sitting on the floor waiting for directions. Julie sat panting for a couple of minutes collecting herself before giving Dawn the orders from her mistress.

"OK slut, you are not to go home. You are to go to this address and ask for Jack," she said as she handed a note with the address to the slut. "You will follow his instructions till he tells you to leave. You will then return to school and report to your room. Once there you will strip and wait till Miss Susanna arrives. Do you understand slut?" Yes, Miss Julie," she answered. At that moment the bell rang to end the first period.

Dawn jumped and looked at the door with a panicked look. The halls would be soon filled with students. "Please don't make me leave just yet Miss Julie. Please let me wait here till the next period starts." "Sure slut, just sit there and play with that slut cunt of yours till the halls clear." Dawn's hand shot down to her cunt and she plunged three fingers deep inside her needy cunt. She was so aroused her entire body needed relief. "Remember slut, you are not allowed to come without permission." Dawn looked up at Julie as tears ran down her face.

Her fingers were still pushing in and out of her cunt. How in the world would she be able to stifle the climax rapidly building from deep inside her body? Two minutes later the bell rang again starting the second period.

In another couple of minutes the hallways would be deserted and she could hopefully leave without someone noticing. When thing quieted outside the door, Dawn quit fucking her cunt and crawled over to her clothes. She quickly dressed and stood to leave.

"Don't forget the address, slut," said Julie as she held out the note. Dawn grabbed the piece of paper and peeked out into the hallway. It appeared empty and she slipped out the door and down the hall to the parking lot. No one was around and she breathed a sigh of relief as she exited the school and ran to her car. As she sat in the driver's seat, she opened the note and read the address. It was the tattoo parlor that pierced her nipples and cunt. Oh my god what is going to happen to me?

But instead of rebelling, she started her car and headed out of the lot. * * * * * * * Sandy arrived at her classroom door. The students were laughing and talking loudly.

They could be heard long before she arrived. Sandy took a deep breath and walked into the room. The silence was deafening. Everyone in the room stopped whatever they were doing. Their teacher was standing at the front of the class, her clothes were wrinkled and the blazer was wide open.

The top of her halter dress was fully exposed and the thin strips covering her tits were plastered against her skin. Sandy blushed but didn't close the blazer. Every male in the room had an instant erection and the girls started to whisper about the slut standing in front of the class.

Sandy's brain wouldn't let her body react and close the blazer. It welcomed the humiliation and the feeling of arousal that came with it. The balls in her cunt were again moving and again driving her up that mountain to the inevitable climax.

She walked over to her desk and momentarily debated if she should sit. Her mind would have none of it. Sandy plopped down in her chair, shoving the plug deeper into her ass and starting the vibrations again.

But this time, instead of losing control, she savored the feeling and smiled at the class. "Where were we when I had to leave before, does anyone know?" "We were just starting chapter two, Miss Hauser," came a timid response from somewhere in the middle of the class. "OK then, turn to chapter two and let's get started." Sandy's mind was out of control.

It now craved humiliation; it didn't matter where it came from. Being in class and exposing her body to the students just amplified the feeling and fed the craving even more. The vibrator in her ass and the balls moving in her cunt only made her feel complete. Knowing that her mistress was denying her a climax and her actions driving her to one was just what her mind needed.

The conflict boiling inside her mind and body was clouding her judgment and adding to the addiction. Sandy knew that when her body could no longer stand the constant stimulation that her mind would cave and call her mistress and beg for release. It wouldn't matter where she was when she called. She would strip and make the call as required. If it happened in front of the entire class, all the better. As Sandy looked around the room, she noticed the students were watching her closely.

They were watching her sitting at her desk rocking back and forth. What they didn't know was she was moving the vibrating plug in her ass to increase the stimulation. Her face was flushed and her clothes were disheveled and wrinkled. The blazer was wide open and her tits were plainly displayed under her dress, what there was of it. Her nipples were engorged and easily seen. Just as Sandy was about to surrender to all the stimulation and make the call, the bell rang ending the period.

The students quickly closed their books and left the room whispering among themselves about how strange Miss Hauser was acting. The end of class eliminated the source of humiliation Sandy's mind craved. Once that element was gone her arousal diminished to a much more manageable level. Sandy's mind cleared a bit and she gained a measure of control. She quickly took advantage and stood up to stop the vibrations and eliminate another source of stimulation. If the vibrations would stop before the next class, she might be able to control herself for another period.

She quickly closed her blazer and grabbed a towelette out of her purse and wiped her face. As the next class was arriving, she quickly brushed her hair and felt almost normal for the first time today. The second and third period went by slowly but without incident. Sandy found that if she just stood still the balls would not move and start the process all over again.

She knew that in doing so was not following instructions, but the alternative of losing control of her mind and unleashing the craving was far worse than the punishment she would receive. She was now in full control of her mind and body. She realized that during the first period her loss of control almost had her naked in front of her class begging to be allowed to orgasm. She could not allow that to happen no matter what the punishment.

As the bell rang for fourth period the students left the room. Sandy walked to the door and closed it. Sandy's body, knowing that her mistress was about to arrive started to respond. Her cunt was leaking and her body and mind were anxious.

Sandy quickly stripped, grabbed the cuffs and blindfold and walked to the door. She knelt, placed the blindfold over her eyes and cuffed her hands behind her. No sooner than the bell rang starting the fourth period, Sandy heard the door open. God, she hoped it was her mistress. She listened intently hoping to get a clue as to who it was.

But all she heard was the sound of footsteps as someone walked by her. The anticipation was driving her arousal through the roof. There was now a puddle forming between her legs. Sandy jumped as someone touched her face. Was it Mistress Anita?

She couldn't tell by the touch. Then it was gone, but then something else was touching her lips. Sandy opened her mouth to speak when suddenly a cock was inserted deep into her open cavity. The suddenness surprised her as well as what it was. This was a man or boy she had no way of knowing.

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Without the use of her hands and being on her knees left her feeling helpless as the cock was pumping in and out of her mouth. The whole situation was stroking her addiction to humiliation.

No matter whom it was, she was sucking a cock in her classroom, naked and handcuffed. Her mind exploded as the craving crashed over her. It only took a couple of minutes before the cock fucking her face expanded.

She knew that whoever it was, was about to come. As the cock exploded in her mouth pumping stream after stream down her throat and into her mouth, she swallowed as much as she could but it was no use.

Sandy choked and coughed as the cum shot out from around the cock still embedded in her mouth. As quickly as it arrived, the cock was gone.

She heard the door open and close. Was she alone? Where was her mistress? Before she could think, another cock was pushing into her mouth. This one was noticeably larger. Sandy could do nothing but accept it as is was pushed down her throat. This time the owner of the cock grabbed her ears for better leverage and pummeled her face. Sandy struggled to breath, grabbing small breaths between strokes and struggling not to pass out.

It didn't take long before she could feel the cum filling the cock and explode in her mouth. This time it was just in her mouth, filling it and running down her chin and dripped on her tits. Sandy swallowed as much as she could but it was impossible to drink it all. Again as soon as the cock left her mouth it was replaced with another.

The humiliation was too much as Sandy felt an orgasm start from deep within her body and spread throughout. As she knelt there on the floor of her room, the orgasm coursing through her body, another cock was pushing her lips open.

All she could think of was she was a cum receptacle for her students, or even worse for other members of the staff. Sandy had no concept of time. The cocks all ran together, when suddenly they stopped. She heard the door open and close. Was this the end? What was she supposed to do? Sandy stayed on her knees and waited. Anita looked down at the cum covered slut kneeling on the floor.

She had been there the entire time but stood by and watched quietly, using hand signals to tell the boys what to do. "Well slut, did you enjoy yourself?" Sandy jumped at the sound of her mistress. She quickly nodded her head and waited to see what else was going to happen. Anita walked up and grabbed the blindfold off Sandy's eyes. She blinked and looked down at her chest.

She was covered in cum. "Today was BJ day. Tomorrow is cunt day, and the day after is ass day. From now on, your free period will be used to service anyone who walks into your room." Anita walked behind her and unlocked the cuffs. Get up and clean yourself off and get dressed. The next period will be starting soon.

It is your lunch period. Go eat and prepare for the rest of your day. At the end of the day, wait for 45 minutes before going to Julie's office to retrieve your coat.

Remember you are to only wear the coat in and out of the school. You are then to report to the glory hole and fill another glass. I will meet you at your apartment when you finish." * * * * * * * * Dawn arrived at the tattoo parlor and sat in her car.

She was scared as she didn't know what to expect. Mistress Susanna was not with her and she was all alone. Dawn got out of the car and walked into the front door. Jack was sitting behind the counter. He knew that the slut teacher would be arriving sometime but he didn't expect it so soon. He looked at the clock. It was just now ten o'clock.


He would have her for the next five hours. He got up and walked to the door, locked it and turned the open light off. "Strip slut, you won't be wearing anything for a while." Dawn quickly removed her top, skirt and shoes. She was now standing naked in the lobby of the parlor. Jack grabbed her chains and led the slave to the back room.

In the middle of the room was the same table as before and he pushed her down across it. He spread her ass and pulled out the plug and egg. He needed no foreplay as his cock was hard as soon as she walked through the door. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down her dripping cunt and shoved it in with one quick motion.

Dawn gasped at the sudden intrusion but quickly adjusted to the size and pushed back forcing it deeper inside her. It had been so long since she was properly fucked, the invasion was welcome.

Dawn was quickly overcome with arousal and was soon doing all the work in fucking herself. The climax came quickly and coursed out from her cunt to her extremities.

Jack smiled as he pulled his cock out and lined it up with her ass. As he pushed forward it slipped past her sphincter and into her ass. Dawn didn't realize what had happened until it was deeply buried.

The anal plug had done its job. Her ass easily accepted the cock and welcomed it. Dawn was still coming down from the orgasm when he entered her backdoor. As her shoved his cock deeper and deeper, her body reacted and started to build to another climax. Jack was now pumping is large cock in and out of her ass, withdrawing it almost all the way out and plunging it deep into her bowels.

He then leaned down on her back and whispered into her ear, "Every time you come I get to add something to your body, slut." Dawn gasped, her mind and body both reacted to what he said.

Her mind reacted in fear as to the possibilities of what that meant, but her body convulsed as she climaxed again. Jack continued to pound her ass as he reached around and grabbed the chains and pulled. Dawn couldn't control her body any longer as one orgasm followed another, each one gaining in intensity till the room went black.

As Jack was witnessing the slut's constant orgasms he exploded into her ass. He slumped on top of her as his own orgasm coursed through his body. As his cock slipped out of her dilated sphincter, his cum started to leak out and flow down over her pulsing cunt. Jack was slowly catching his breath and stood looking down at the slut teacher lying on the table. His body still pressed against her ass was the only thing keeping her from falling to the floor.

In the space of 30 minutes he had watched her have at least four orgasms. That would not be enough for everything he was supposed to do. Jack bent over and grabbed her legs and lifted her onto the table. He knew it would be a while before he could get it up again so he walked to the cabinet where he kept the "special" water he used on her before. Dawn was just coming to when she felt Jack gently caressing her face. The afterglow from her orgasms was still going through her body and the touch brought a smile to her face.

"Here little one, have a drink of water." He said and put the water bottle to her lips. Dawn opened her mouth and drank deeply.

The water tasted wonderful as her body was in dire need of liquids. Jack watched as she drank the entire bottle and asked for more. Knowing that one dose was more than enough, he took the bottle and refilled it at the sink. When he turned around Dawn was sitting up brushing her hair from her face. He handed her the bottle and watched as she again drank it all. "Lie down on the table slave. I'll be right back." Dawn slowly laid down and waited for further instructions.

As she lie there a warm cozy feeling started to flow through her body. Dawn's hands seemed to have a mind of their own as they slowly started to caress her tits. The more she touched herself the more her body reacted and her arousal increased. Her mind, while still somewhat clear, couldn't understand how her body could be getting aroused after having so many orgasms only a few minutes ago. The drug was now taking effect and her mind was clouding.

The only thing it could understand was that her arousal was to the point her right hand slid down her stomach to her bald cunt and started to caress her clit. When Jack returned a few minutes later he smiled knowing that it wouldn't be long now. Most of the time whenever he gave someone the spiked water to drink, they only took a couple of drinks before they noticed the aftertaste and quit drinking. Dawn had finished the entire bottle. He knew she would soon be out of control and begging to come in a few minutes.

"Enjoying yourself slave?" He said as he reached out and pinched her nipple. "Oh God, yes," she moaned. " Please pinch it harder. That feels so.o.o good." Jim pinched harder and watched as Dawn gasped and shoved two fingers deep into her leaking cunt.

It took only a minute before another climax started to course out from her cunt and out to her body. Dawn closed her eyes and relished the feeling but soon found it did not satisfy the need or quench the need for more.

Jack then raised his other hand and showed Dawn the large dildo he had retrieved from the other room. "Would this help slut?" Dawn's hand shot out and grabbed the large dildo and shoved it deep inside her body. The feeling of fullness was exactly what she needed to scratch the itch that her body craved.

She no longer cared that each climax came with a price. Jack watched as the teacher slut lying on the table was shoving the large dildo faster and deeper into her cunt. He then grabbed a crop he had stashed in his back pocket and struck her nipple. Dawn's eyes flew open and her body went ridged as an orgasm exploded deep inside her body. He kept smacking her tits as the orgasm continued and consumed her entire body. Ten minutes later Dawn was now exhausted and oblivious to anything around her.

Jack now had enough climaxes to complete his tasks. He then pulled over a rolling table and set to work. Dawn felt him grab her arm but ignored what he was doing. She was still deep under the influence of the drug. Jack took her wrist and measured the circumference and grabbed the silver chain on the table. He cut two pieces to length and grabbed four 1 inch diameter rings.

He quickly took one chain and two rings, pulled the chain through the rings and wrapped it around her right wrist. He then took his soldering iron and completed the bracelet. Dawn now had her first slave bracelet.

He walked around the table and did the same thing to her other wrist. Dawn now had a matching set.

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He quickly went down the table and installed bracelets on each ankle. The slave could now be restrained with simple clips. The last chain was placed around her waist. It had four rings so now additional chains could be attached to her arms and legs or even between her legs. Jack put the chain behind the previous chains so as not to interfere with the movement through the clit ring.

Dawn had now fallen asleep and had no idea what he had done. He pushed the table over to the wall and grabbed his tattoo setup. He took her legs and placed them into the stirrups and spread her legs. Jack pulled over a chair and settled between Dawns legs and proceeded to start the process of sterilizing the area right above her cunt. Ten minutes later he was working on the artwork Susanna selected for her slave.

As soon as he completed the process, he looked down at his work. Now anyone who saw Dawn naked would know exactly what she was.

The tat was the word SLUT in large two inch letters surrounded by bright colors which drew the eyes directly to her cunt. Jack only had one more task to complete. He looked at the time and realized that he would have to pick up the pace.

He needed to have everything finished by 3:30. That way she could get back to school by 4:00. Jack released her legs and rolled Dawn over on her stomach. Once in position he let her legs fall over the edge of the table.

He then placed a strap around her body to hold her in place. His next task was to tattoo a tramp stamp on her lower back. The design was fairly intricate with the word SLAVE prominently displayed. Once he was finished, any time she wore anything that showed her back it would be prominently displayed. About an hour and a half later just as he was finishing, Dawn started to stir.

She started to move a bit but Jack smacked her ass and told her to not move. Dawn's mind was clearing and she realized what was happening.

She started sobbing and tears ran down her cheeks. A few minutes later Jack released her and helped her up. It took a minute or so before her legs were functioning again when she saw her body in the large mirror mounted to the wall. The first thing she noticed was the tattoo right above her cunt. She gasped and almost collapsed but Jack caught her.

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As her hand came up to her face she saw the slave bracelet. She looked into the mirror and saw the remaining chains. Her mind went blank; she didn't realize the ramifications of everything she saw. Jack slowly turned her around and held a hand-held mirror so she could see the tramp stamp above her ass. Her mind finally grasped it all and she started to cry hysterically.

Jack looked at the defeated slave holding onto him and felt a moment of sympathy. He held her closely to his body and comforted her as best he could. "Remember slave, your mistress will take care of you. If you do as you are told, hopefully she will not expose you. If you disobey her, I will guarantee you will be exposed to the world.

After I bandage your tats get dressed, it's now 3:40 and you need to get back to school." A few minutes later Dawn slowly walked out of the room and to the lobby. She picked up her clothes and dressed. She knew her skirt wasn't covering her new tat on her back but at least it was covered by the bandage.

She walked out the door and to her car. Sandy spent lunch putting her clothes back into a presentable condition. She washed her face and cleaned the cum off her body. She wished she could take a shower. For lunch Anita hadn't left her anything to eat so she went back to her desk and waited for the next period.

The start of sixth period was uneventful as well as the class. The students had heard some things from the earlier classes but Sandy maintained control as well as kept herself covered. By the time her last class of the day started she felt she might make it if the twins would have some mercy on her. Anita and Susanna walked into the classroom and looked at Sandy. She almost looked normal. As the class proceeded Sandy walked around the room a couple of times. This of course started the balls to move in her cunt.

By the end of the second trip Sandy was very excited and her cunt was dripping again. She was having trouble controlling her mind that was about to submit to the craving for humiliation. With her mistress sitting in the front row, it would be easy to strip and drop to her knees and beg to come.

As the craving and arousal was about to peak and Sandy was just about to submit, the bell rang ending class. Sandy moaned as the students rushed out of the room and to their lockers. Sandy stood at the front of the room waiting for her mistress to give her instructions. As the last student walked out the door, Susanna closed it and turned to watch Anita approach the slave teacher.

Sandy quickly stripped and knelt before Anita. "This slut is sorry mistress for not following directions today. This slut could not walk around the class as doing so would make this slut come. Please have mercy mistress." Anita knew the slut teacher kneeling in front of her was waiting to be humiliated.

She could see it in her eyes. But she wasn't going to supply it; she wanted the slut to humiliate herself. She wanted the slut slave to beg to be humiliated to satisfy her craving. Sandy looked up at her mistress her entire body was begging Anita to tell her to do something to satisfy that craving. "Well slut, I will punish you after you get to your apartment for disobeying instructions today.

You are to stay naked and wait till 4:15 before you go to Miss Julie's office to get your coat. You will only wear your dress; leave the blazer in the cabinet. When you get to the office take off the dress before you enter her office.

When she is finished with you and gives you your coat, go to the glory hole and fill another cup. I will meet you at your apartment when you finish." Both of the teens then walked out the door leaving it wide open. Sandy stood there for a moment then rushed over and quickly closed it. Sandy waited until it was time to go before she slipped the dress over her body. As she peeked out the door to see if anyone was in the hallway her arousal started to peak.

Seeing no one she quickly walked down the hall toward the office. Luckily she only passed a couple of stragglers before she arrived. Just before Miss Julie's office was a hallway. Sandy stepped into the hallway and peaked around to see if anyone was coming out of the main office.

Seeing no one, she took off her dress and quickly walked naked to the door. Not knowing if she should walk in she knocked and waited for permission to enter.

Julie heard the knock but waited to answer. She wanted the slave to wait and increase the humiliation of being naked just a few steps from the main office. "Come in, Miss Hauser." Sandy quickly opened the door and rushed in.

Standing naked in front of the desk she looked down at the floor and said, "How can this slut please you, Miss Julie?" Julie was beside herself. It had been a long afternoon. After Dawn had left this morning Julie's mind and body were flush with excitement.

She had never been with a woman before but the experience of Dawn crawling over to her and licking her pussy till she climaxed had done something to her. She now wanted more, and here was another slave teacher asking to be dominated.

Julie didn't understand that in giving in to these desires also opened her up to being dominated. "How was your day slut? I heard a couple of whispers in the halls. Did you have trouble controlling your slut self?" Sandy blushed down to her tits and could only nod.

Julie stood up and walked to the door and locked it. She then turned and noticed the plug sticking out of the slave's ass. When she pushed it the plug started to vibrate. Sandy groaned and her knees almost buckled. Julie smiled and smacked her ass. Sandy jumped and asked for another. "On your knees slut, I don't have much time." Julie walked to her seat as Sandy dropped to her knees. "Crawl over here and eat me slut, and be quick about it. I need to meet my son at the practice field." Sandy quickly crawled between her legs and ran her tongue from her ass to her clit.

Julie gasped as the excitement increased the higher the tongue traveled. Sandy's tongue danced around her lips cleaning the moisture flowing out of her cunt. She then shoved her tongue deep into Julie's opening and started to fuck the opening rapidly. Julie was feeling things she never experienced with her husband.

As her body was responding to the slave's actions, Sandy moved to her clit. Julie moaned as Sandy nibbled on the engorged bud. In a matter of minutes, Julie grabbed the sluts head and pushed it hard onto her pussy as she had a massive orgasm. It took Julie a good five minutes to come down from the climax that was coursing through her body. When she finally released the slave and pushed her away she was breathing heavy and couldn't speak. Julie finally collected her thoughts and looked down at the cum covered teacher at her feet.

She smiled and thought this was going to be a great year. She then turned and opened a drawer, pulled out the coat and tossed it to the slut. "Get out of here slut. I'm done with you." Sandy stood and grabbed the coat. She slipped it on and turned toward the door. As she opened the door she peeked out into the hallway, looking both ways, she saw it was empty.

She wrapped the coat tightly around her body and walked down the hall to the door leading to the parking lot. When she arrived at the door she looked out and noticed that most of the cars were gone.

The only car she noticed was at the far edge of the lot. She couldn't tell if anyone was in the car but decided to make a run for it. As soon as she arrived she breathed a sigh of relief. Sandy started the car and headed to her next task. * * * * * * Dawn arrived at the school at four o'clock. The parking lot was just about empty and there were no students around.

She was very nervous as the training was taking hold and her humiliation returned and consumed her thoughts. As she exited her car she looked down at her body. Her skirt was down on her hips and the chains around her waist and coming down from her tits were clearly displayed.

There was no way to cover them. The bracelets on her wrists and ankles shined like spotlights drawing attention to anyone who would pass.

Dawn reached around and touched the bandage on her back. At least no one could read the message underneath it.

Dawn quickly entered the door and walked down the hall. When she arrived at the main hallway she quickly turned and rushed toward her room.

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She breathed a sigh of relief when she finally was able to enter and close the door. She quickly stripped and knelt by the door and waited for her mistress. Dawn didn't have to wait long as Susanna was waiting for her slut to arrive. When she walked in and saw the slave with all her decorations she almost climaxed. "Stand up slut, let me see you." Dawn rose from her knees and slowly turned around.

Susanna grabbed the bandages and removed them. She smiled at the new tats decorating her cunt and back. Her slave could never hide what she now was. "You are beautiful slut.

I love the tats. You are now totally my property. Forever more you will be a slut slave. I'm so proud of you." Dawn cringed at hearing those words but deep inside there was a feeling of satisfaction that she had pleased her mistress. "What can the lowly slut do to please you mistress?" Susanna smiled and tossed her the collar and leash. "Put these on and go to the locker room and change to your coat. I will meet you at the door to the parking lot." Susanna turned and walked out the door.

Dawn grabbed the collar, slipped on her clothes and headed to the locker room. Her day was now done.