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Amateur used first Time black Cock
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Mellos shook her head to clear it when she awoke a few minutes later. Flexing her hands she could feel her slightly increased power. It was starting to feel damn good. Rubbing her face where he'd backhanded her, she smiled.

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Not as hard as she had wanted though anything was better than she'd had before. Not paying attention she hadn't noticed that she had started to float off the ground. When she did she had stopped about forty feet above the trees. Looking around she smiled again. Ok, this was new, she really was flying now. Another fight she might actually be able to go higher. Speaking into her communicator she then waited. A few moments later a red beam enveloped her then she was gone. Appearing on her ship she had a wide smile on her face as she headed for her medical equipment.

Grabbing a medical scanner, she started to run it over various parts of her body. Nodding she saw that another five percent of her geno and body systems were now more as they should be. Looking closer her mouth dropped open. That bastard! The blonde male's, that was her assistant, mouth also dropped open. Was it possible that his mistress's reproductive system was actually starting to work?

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Mellos was furious, how dare that imbecilic, ass of an IP whore! She was going to kill him for this. She was Mellos Thymp the terror of the seven sectors. Even those disgusting councilors seemed to be afraid of her. She was NOT a baby making factory nor would she ever be. That was one thing that was never going to happen. Sam was going to pay for that, she'd make damn sure of that.

"Slave! That putrid piece of shit has disappeared again. Find him as quickly as possible, I'll make the pain well worth it." Mellos said as the tall blonde male jumped to do what she asked as fast as possible. Looking at the readings again she nodded. Well over fifty five percent of her internal organs were working as they should without siphoning others of her kind.

Grunting in disgust, including part of her reproductive system. Most of her genetic makeup was healing also at this rate they would be at seventy five percent corrected when it stopped.

Watching the male working as fast as he could she nodded. They needed another battle like the last one in her ship. That one had straightened out quite a bit with her body. Then there was the fact that her strength had increased more than double. Then there was the fact that she could levitate as high as she had.

Yes, one more good fight though unlike the one on the planet, it was going to hurt a hell of a lot more than she'd ever felt. Watching the male closer she saw that he was starting to get excited. Moving closer she saw that the male had detected Sam. Good, after he had her completely healed she was going to beat the shit out of his gorgeous, solid body. Stopping her mouth dropped open as she slapped herself as hard as she could.

Getting off the floor she gave the male at the console a disgusted look as she closed his gaping open mouth. "Keep your mouth shut you fool. You want Fack Blys to fill it up? Get back to work." It was only an hour later when the male excitingly started yelling that he'd found Sam. Mellos came running up looking over the readings nodding. "What in the hell is he doing? Just sitting there waiting. This one makes no sense at all." Mellos sat to wait also, she might be able to levitate, there was still no way she could breathe in space, yet.

Well, not for very long anyway. ___________________________________________________ Drivas's head snapped up as she came to. Looking at where she was, in her bunk? 'How in the world did I get here,' she thought. 'The last thing she remembered was Thantas as she was releasing more locks in her mind for her to access her power.' Locks? She thought where had that come from? {It is a term that we used on Owt los.

If a mind isn't prepared properly when the locks are opened the individual experiences great pain, then death. Oft times it is their own mind that kills them.} Drivas 'heard' Thantas's thoughts.

{Was I close to dying? The pain wasn't bad 'til the last bit. Then it seemed worse than the IP machines.} Drivas asked. {What you felt was a conditioned response to that which the IP uses to program people.

The pain is a deterrent to not going against the orders that are planted deeply in you. Unfortunately, I cannot remove them at the present time.} Thantas replied. Drivas was trying to sit up quickly discovering that her head felt as if it were going to split open.

{Ugh! Feel as if I had a great weight dropped on me.} Drivas thought. {It should pass very soon. You will find now that your healing abilities are twice what they were. Also, you are now the most powerful mind after Sam and myself. Thellus should be close to where you are when we next increase her. You also might find that there are a few things you can do now, not well but you can, that you couldn't before.} Thantas revealed to a now very confused Drivas.

Drivas's eyes went wide when she thought that she was thirsty a glass across the room floated to her. Confused she sighed when she saw it was empty, then suddenly it wasn't! What was going on? {Ah! your beginning telekinesis has started. I was afraid it would be a while before you developed it.

This is going to make things much easier now.} A happy sounding Thantas told her.

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{Telekinesis? So that's what it is. I take it this 'talking' we are doing is telepathy?} Drivas asked. {In the simplest terms yes. I have to go my dear. They can no longer monitor me as they did before, though they still can a little. Let Thellus know you are awake.

I'll be back soon.} Thantas said then was gone. {Thellus?} Drivas thought, almost hearing a scream from the next room. A moment later Thellus came running into the room. The thing that Drivas noticed was Thellus was moving far faster than she should have been. "Thank the creator that you are awake. After you went down I was afraid you wouldn't wake up. Even though Thantas assured me you would, I was so afraid." Thellus told her.

Drivas smiled weakly the liquid she'd drank had helped greatly, though she needed real solid sustenance. Looking at the glass in her hand Drivas thought of the glass being full of water. Thellus's eyes went wide as she watched the glass fill with water. Looking from Drivas to the glass and back Thellus backed up a bit.

"Anything else you want to tell me about commander?" Thellus asked a little shakily. Drivas nodded as she looked into Thellus's eyes. {Why yes, next time you should be able to do this also.} "I.

I. I," was all that Thellus was able to get out. "I'll explain after I eat. I've regained a bit of strength though I need more. I'm still pretty weak." Thellus eyes still wide stared at her friend then she lept into action.

Well, Drivas thought there's no turning back now. They were entering this war against the IP, the councilors and the man who had trained them. Shaking her head, would Thantas have them strong enough when all hell broke loose? Thanking Thellus after she came back with a plate of food, she was again lost in thought. She was stronger than any out there accept Thantas and Sam. What about the councilors?

Was Thantas holding that back? There was a lot to think about in the coming days. An hour later she felt almost normal as she and Thellus were searching for Sam. Nodding to Thellus, she turned the ship accelerating toward the first councilor's sector. A few moments later their com.

went off. "I see that you are heading to the first councilor's sector.

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Both of you need to be completely certain he is there. Show me," Sub-Commander Triot told them. Drivas nodded then stood relinquishing control to Thellus. Walking to another section of the control panel she started to bring up all the readings they had taken not long ago. "We detected him not long ago.

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The thing is we also picked up the bio-readings of a being not much different from Sam. We are both suspecting that it is the criminal Mellos." Sub-Commander Triot was rubbing his chin as he perused the data that Drivas was showing him.

"I see, you are to follow the Cliveastone 'til such time as you can destroy him. That or discover a way rid the IP of him. Drivas and Thellus nodded like the obedient troopers that the sub-commander expected them to. Both women snapped off a salute to the sub-commander. "Yes sir! We will do all that we can to secure victory for the IP!" A wicked smile dominated Triot's features. It actually appeared that the techs had done something right.

Both his bitch daughters were finally being of use. If they kept this up he might not terminate them as fast. Yes, he thought, they could be of great use in the breeding program that the councilors had approved. "I'm glad that the both of you are as loyal as you are. Find him, kill him if you can. Remember your lives are for the glory of the IP! Good hunting." Triot said as he clicked off.

Finally, he had two powerful members of the IP to take this piece of trash Cliveastone down. Looking down at the readings he nodded again they were well within the parameters. With any luck they'd destroy that piece of trash and the criminal Mellos also. Another wicked smile covered his face as he thought better yet if they destroyed each other. Ah! Now that would be a grand coup for him. He was about to click off the console in front of him when he noticed an odd reading.

Hmmmmm, so she was at the threshold of mental telepathy. Good, once she had it he would be able to actually control her. An evil smile lit up his face, this day was just getting better and better. ______________________________________________________ Sam had been on the moon a few hours watching the planet.

Shaking his head, he'd seen no ships leaving in the last few hours. I guess I'm going to have to kill a few more, might even have to destroy a few buildings to get my point across.

Taking a step Sam was suddenly moving toward the planet far too fast to be seen by anyone. Well, almost anyone as Mellos was following him as he left streaking toward the planet.

Damn if he wasn't fast as could be. Then a crooked smile lit up her face as she felt a warm feeling all over. Horrified Mellos slapped her face again.

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The stinging sensation on her face felt good as her face twisted into a wicked smile. "He's heading back to the planet. Obviously to do goody, goody things again. All that power, it's so disgusting he could rule systems.

He's only using it to free the systems. Where in the hell is the fun in that?" The blonde male stayed quiet and still, he'd answered her once.

It had taken a week for his jaw to heal enough for the swelling to go down. No, he loved the pain she gave, getting badly injured was another thing all together.

Mellos looked at the male then nodded her head, so the blonde idiot was learning. There just might be hope for him yet, though she didn't hold out much hope there. Sam flashed across the planet to the building where he'd left the broken commander of the planet.


Landing with a thud he saw more than a few troopers tense up. Fortunately, none of them fired though Sam actually wished some had. Searching he soon found the commander of the blockade from before. Grabbing the male by his shirt Sam had him high above his head, the male gasped when Sam stated. "I thought I gave you a message to deliver. You only have half a rotation of this planet before you never leave." "I gave the message, the first councilor laughed." The commander said.

"I see," Sam spit out as he concentrated. His mind was zooming across space finally stopping on an extremely crowded world. Feeling around Sam felt the same mind from before. Zooming in on the building that the mind was in Sam suddenly hit a wall. Getting mad Sam let loose a blast of energy that blew a sizable hole in the wall. Entering through the hole Sam felt six other minds there almost as powerful. Grabbing the powerful mind from before Sam had it and its owner against the wall.

{I suggest you get your people off the planet before you are a few thousand short of troopers.} Sam felt the other minds start to advance toward him. Feeling his anger grow he slapped all the others back against the walls. This was before they could mount an attack or defense. Sam felt five of them fade though one was still conscious. Growling Sam smashed an energy fist into the mid-section of that one feeling it crumple then it too faded.

{Now then,} Sam thought as the first councilor's mouth dropped open. He'd defeated them with ease, with a speed he'd not seen in five hundred years.

{As I was saying. Remove them now or they will never leave!} {You are a pure Cliveastone, you won't kill you.} The first councilor started. {Oh, there you're wrong!} Sam thought as he started to squeeze the throat of the first councilor. The councilor's eyes got large then they started to bulge. Disgusted Sam increased the pressure 'til he heard a satisfying snap. Watching the being's head flop to the side Sam, withdrew at incredible speed. Sam knew it was time to beat a retreat.

He'd felt a mind approaching that made all of those in the chamber pale in comparison. Hell, it felt more powerful than all the seven there put together though not much. Snapping back to his body Sam felt his body flung away from where it had been.

Hmmm, got to work on that landing. ________________________________________________________________ The doors to the chamber were flung aside as the old Doctor entered the chamber. Looking around he saw that the first councilor's vessel was very dead. How.? Looking up at the gaping hole the Doctor nodded. 'So,' he thought, 'the Cliveastone has learned solid thought transfer. This was bad extremely bad.' Walking to the body of the first councilor's vessel the Doctor removed a small black box from the belt.

Clicking it off he then moved to a large black case set into a wall with six others. "I told all of you that this was getting more and more dangerous. Now we are at war again with only eight of us. I should keep you there as punishment, unfortunately all of us are going to be needed if we are to win." The Doctor sadly stated.

Reaching in the fold of his robe the Doctor removed a communicator. "Get the replacement for the first councilor ready. I'll be there to retrieve it soon." Withdrawing the case, the old Doctor turned going out the door hurriedly. Looking at the case he shook his head he was obviously going to have to get involved.

Just like five centuries ago, they had waited far too long to have him get involved. Getting into the transport he felt it lift speeding haphazardly away.

Moments later they settled outside the medical unit. Might as well do as the Cliveastone asked, for now. "This is the Lord Doctor, evacuate the planet now. Anyone not gone may have to deal with me!" Smiling he heard several shouting voices, many in desperation. 'Good,' the Doctor thought, 'there were enough that remembered.' _____________________________________________ Picking himself up off the ground, Sam was amazed when he saw all the IP troopers heading for their ships.

Hell, not only were they leaving they were screaming to hurry. Shaking his head, he didn't think it was what he'd done. Still amazed he watched as only twenty minutes later more than a dozen ships left the surface. Sitting back, a small smile crossed his lips, that is 'til another mind, a powerful mind, contacted him.


{So, you are not an average Cliveastone. You aren't afraid to kill. Very good, I might actually have a challenge this time. Unlike long ago this time I cannot predict the outcome. I have lived to face such a strong opponent as you.

I await you with great anticipation.} The powerful mind told him. Sam was nodding then felt foolish there was no way the mind could see.

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{For the death you and they have caused, you will receive punishment.} {Ummmm, yes. I look forward to this.

punishment.} The powerful mind thought then started to push against Sam. The Doctor was amazed when not only he was stopped, he was actually pushed back quite a bit. Nodding his head, the Doctor thought, 'Yes, they had again waited far too long to get him involved.' {So unlike the Cliveastone mind from before a weak little thing.} Sam was amazed that he'd moved the powerful mind at all.

Then what the mind had said hit home. Sam's anger started to grow as he pushed harder feeling the mind struggling to hold him. Then the mind was quickly being pressed back. The Doctor was also amazed when he wasn't able to break free. Feeling his body as he was suddenly shoved back into it the Doctor felt the pressure.

He was going to be another casualty of this Cliveastone if he didn't do something. Suddenly afraid, an emotion he hadn't experienced in a very long time the Doctor pushed back. Again, Sam felt himself losing ground. Nodding, he released the powerful mind. {I look forward to grappling with you again.} The Doctor stated then disengaged contact. A small evil smile crossed his lips. Finally, a true power for his mind to go against!

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A second emotion he hadn't felt in a very long time, excitement, flooded through him. Sam shook his head as his vision snapped back to the here and now. Still he hadn't moved as he watched the second wave of IP troops leave the surface. Had he scared them that bad? No, there had to be something else at work here. Taking to the sky Sam went back to the wooded area he'd met the first inhabitants of this world. Looking around he saw several of the tall thin inhabitants wandering around looking lost.

Walking up to the one he'd talked to before, the being looked up to see Sam. Almost immediately the being dropped to its. Sam guessed knees? "Lord Cliveastone we will serve you in all things." It said as it and the others trembled. Sam's mouth dropped open, "I am not here to rule you. You and your people have been slaves to the IP for far too long.

I am only here to free you." Most of those there couldn't believe what they had just heard. Free them? What in the world was that. {He speaks only the truth.} They all heard the thoughts of Queen Triada. {I will speak to them, I believe you have more pressing matters.} Confused a moment Sam turned to see that a wicked smiling Mellos had just appeared. Great Sam thought, that's all I need a psychotic on his back.

"So, about time you stopped long enough. I am going to end you, you piece of filth!" With that Mellos connected with Sam's chin knocking him off his feet. Damn he thought she really is pissed.