Babe ihre schmutzigen Höschen lecken

Babe ihre schmutzigen Höschen lecken
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like many other stories of this nature, this is a complete work of fiction. nothing more. a story dreamed up by me at one point. please take as nothing more, and hopefully, enjoy. a camping trip in the desert My name is Cindy. in this story, i was eleven years old. a little back story, my parents died when i was 7, and, because my older sister is 11 years older than me, putting her at 18, she managed to gain custody of me.

by 18, she already had a good job, was living on her own, and that, along with my obvious closeness to her, left her in charge of me from then on.

this story starts in the late spring, in southern California. like many families in southern California, one of my sisters past times during the non-summer months, was camping and off-roading in the desert with her friends.

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up until this particular weekend though, she had always left me with my aunt for those weekends. but, after nagging her for the last 2 years, she finally brought me along. my sisters, Allison, was planning on meeting all of her friends that Friday night, and finally brought me along because one of her other friends, a couple in their early thirties, were bringing their daughter and niece, who were close to my age. she figured that with them there, i wouldn't feel so out of place, and have someone to hang out with and have fun with.

unlike me though, they had been going for years and already knew the whole camping at the desert thing inside and out, along with how to drive some of the more family friendly vehicles around (basically golf carts with off road tires). we left right after Allison had got off work that Friday, around 7, and got out to where her many friends were camped around 9. when we got there, most of her friends were already drunk and partying it up, but some, including the ones that had the kids my age, were still in relative control and hanging out in their trailer making a late dinner with the girls that were my age.

Tracy, 13, only two years older than me, and her cousin, Blaire, 14. now, to describe them in comparison to myself. Tracy, although 2 years older than me, was an inch shorter than me at 5' even, and like myself, very petite.

if you put us up next to each other, you would probably think that i was the older one. we both had blond hair, but, unlike me she didn't have to where glasses. her cousin on the other hand, obviously getting her looks from the other side of the gene pool, looked her age if not more. a few inches taller than me, id say about 5'3", shapely, and had small boobs that i envied (and I'm sure Tracy did too only being a year younger than her. me and Tracy were almost completely flat). my sister brought me into the trailer with them, introduced me to the two girls and her older friends that we'd be staying with, and then went on talking with her friends leaving me with the two girls to get to know them.

now, growing up the way i did, losing both parents and being raised by my sister, i was quite shy. having to have glasses so young didn't help my shyness much either. but, i managed to say hi, sit with them and try to get into a conversation. Tracy seemed very nice and her cousin, although nice, seemed to feel like i was probably going to be more of a burden on her for the weekend, since she was the oldest, she felt she would probably have to "look after me". we kinda talked for awhile, small talk about ourselves since we were just meeting, until Blaire suggested we ask if we could take the Yamaha rhino (that off road vehicle that is basically a glorified golf cart that i mentioned earlier).

i was all for the idea, for one, because id never been out here and wanted to enjoy what all the fuss was about, and second, because talking with new people just because i was out here felt a little awkward, and riding around would alleviate that. Blaire's parents and my older sister said it was ok, so the three of us jumped in and took off into the surrounding hills. Blaire was driving, with Tracy in the middle and me on the right side. we drove around a little bit, laughing and giggling and starting to have a good time.

Tracy was kind of jammed in the middle, her arms pushed forward and her hands in her lap, and to get more room, put her arms around her cousin and myself. now. i didn't have many friends and although I didn't mind and knew that it was nothing normal, was a little new to that kind of constant physical contact.

but, being a good sport, having fun, and knowing that it wasn't unusual at all i actually started to get a little comfortable to it. especially because having her arm around me gave me a little more stability while bouncing around. well, it being late spring and in the middle of the desert, we were only wearing a small amount of clothes. each donning basically t-shirts and short little jean shorts and some sneakers. anyways, driving around for about 30 minutes now, and quite a ways from our camp and the trailers with bathrooms that they contained, Blaire stopped because she had to go to the bathroom.

tracy jumped out also saying "i was wondering if we were ever gonna stop I've had to go for like 10 minutes". and, although i felt a little akward peeing outside, decided that i should probably take advantage of this opportunity since it was here, and i did have to go also. at first i assumed we would all go in separate directions to do this due to the nature of it, dropping our shorts and leaving us exposed essentially, but Tracy and Blaire came over to my side, dropping their shorts and leaning up against the vehicle on either side of me.

not to feel out of place, because i really wanted to fit in, i did the same and just went with it. i really wanted to fit in with these older girls, so i also never told them how old i was. being that i was kinda tall i figured they would assume i was the same age as Tracy and not treat me like a little girl. well, to add insult to injury, Blaire spoke up as i was peeing. "Oh wow your totally hairless!" now, i felt really awkward and thought my gig was up about trying to act like i was closer to their age and not the preteen that i was.

but to my surprise, Tracy spoke for me. "she probably shaves, i started to last month because my friends at school said that guys like girls without hair down there better." "oh, cool i guess.

maybe ill try that when i take a shower next time" said Blaire after that, i was extremely relieved. i didn't want them to know that i was just too young to have hair there yet, and not be able to hang out with them as equals. while i was finishing up peeing, i looked over at Tracy, to see her smiling at me.

maybe she knew? why would she say that to her cousin though if she knew i was just young? well, either way, being done peeing now i asked if we had toilet paper, figuring that they did this often and would have some in the rhino.

"no, i forgot to grab some. just wipe with your panties and we'll throw them all in the glove box and get new ones when we get back". nice. as if to not make things even more awkward feeling, now i had to do something i never did. go without underwear. but, i went along with it without saying anything, i didn't want to look weird and be stuck out here all weekend with two girls who thought i was lame. so, pulling my shorts back up, i couldn't help but notice out of the corner of my eye, that Tracy was totally staring at my crotch.

i buttoned up my shorts though and hopped back into the vehicle after Tracy like nothing happened, and she, as before put her arm around me when i sat next to her. and, with that we were back on our way. it was pretty late, but being a three day weekend from school, my older sister let me stay up as long as she did, so when we got back, it was pretty late but no big deal.

it kinda felt like she wanted me to start to stay up later and hang out more, probably because i complained sometimes about her being up later. plus, she WAS still my older sister, even if she was my legal guardian also.

when we got back to camp, everyone who wasn't already passed out, was starting to get pretty drunk, apparently thats one of the main reasons they all come out here. Tracy's parents were drinking with my sister in the trailer, and around the large fire and middle of the camp, were tons of chairs and people going on and on about all kinds of different drunken stories.

one guy in his early twenties was talking about getting his truck stuck in the sand the last time they were out here, another couple of people were going off about some kinda sex story, oblivious to us being there.

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the three of us sat down in a quieter corner, and Tracy asked if we wanted something to drink. blaire giggled for some reason, and said "yeah of course you know what i want". Tracy looked at me and i said "yeah sure ill have something to drink, whatever your having is fine" Tracy disappeared over behind one of the trucks where there apparently was an ice chest with the drinks, and was gone for several minutes.

i thought nothing of it, thinking that it was probably full of beer and she had to dig to find 3 non-alcoholic drinks. she came back with three soda cans, which she apparently already opened for us. i grabbed it and without thinking started chugging it, being very thirsty, and found out something really quick.

this was not soda. it made sense now why she was taking so long, she dumped the soda out and filled it with beer! i coughed some of it up, resulting in the two of them laughing hysterically. but, figuring that they did the same to their drinks too and didn't want me to blow it. i gave a quick laugh too, and, although nervous about drinking alcohol since i never had, went along with it to not be a nerd and get them in trouble. it took me a bit longer to finish mine, but in a short amount of time, Tracy was back with another one for each of us, and we continued to sit and chat with each other drinking our beer.

now, being 11 years old, and never having drank alcohol before, it was enough to get me pretty buzzed. although i could still function decently, i was definitely a little more comfortable talking and hanging out with the girls now. well, after we finished our second beer, Tracy and Blaire suggested that we should probably "leave camp" before anyone noticed we were drunk and get us all in trouble, so, Blaire, being the oldest, ran over to her aunt real quick and said we were gonna go on a walk around, and got us a few flashlights, and we started walking around the surrounding hills.

we didn't really need the flashlights since it was a full moon, but Blaire knew that her aunt would be happier with us having lights so they could see where we went and how far away we were if we were gone too long. not long into our walk, Blaire got called back for something, so it was just me and Tracey.

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we went a few small hills over and were walking now on a really sandy hill, like a sand dune kinda. right when we got out of sound range on this dune, Tracy stopped and said she needed to pee again, and, feeling those beers now pretty good, i had to as well. without a vehicle to lean up against this time though, and feeling those beers, we instantly fell over as soon as we tried to take our shorts off, resulting in us laughing in the sand next to each other with our shorts around our ankles.

Tracy got back up, taking my hand and helping me up, and said " if we try to do this with our shorts around our ankles were gonna keep falling down" as she stepped out of her shorts, still holding my hand. "here, help hold me up i don't wanna fall over again" she said as she knelt down, and i held her hand to keep her from falling in her own pee.

after she was done, she stood up, giving a little shake and a giggle, and said "OK your turn Cindy". the beer helping, my caution was to the wind as i stepped out of the shorts that were still around my ankles, giggling like the 11 year old that i was, and started to kneel down just like she did. Tracy stopped me though "hey, you should try peeing standing up since you dont have any pants on, i always wanted to see if a girl could do that".

still feeling adventurous i said "sure why not" and continued laughing.

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i spread my legs a little and started peeing. now, although it was kinda working, it was spraying around a little, which resulted in more laughing from the both of us. "stop, stop. here, ill show you how to make it work" said Tracy, as she reached down between my legs and spread my vagina open more.

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"OK now try". now, that was not only the first time someone had touched me between my legs, let alone a girl, but being in a laughing and semi drunk state, i continued to go with it and started peeing. much better, it went in a steady stream and not all over my legs, although her fingers and hand got a little wet.

"I'm sorry i didn't mean to get it on your hand, I'm new at peeing standing up with someones hand between my legs hahaha" i said, trying to apologize for getting pee on her hand.

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"haha its ok Cindy, i don't mind. its just pee" she said pulling her hand back. "i wonder what it tastes like" she said again, reaching her hand up to her face. "probably like the beer you gave me hahaha " i said, joking, not thinking that she would actually taste it.

well, i was wrong! she put her fingers in her mouth, making a sucking sound as she pulled them out. "hmmm, not bad really, kinda salty but mostly just kinda like water" "really?" i said "yeah, you should try it" she said, and with that, took her hand in a cupping shape, and peed into it.

"i had a little left i guess, here try it" she said, putting her hand up to my face. now, i have to admit, as weirded out as i was by this, i was still young, kinda drunk, and starting to feel a real connection with Tracy, who was so far tonight, outwardly nice to me where most just kind of ignored me.

"OK, i guess ill try it." i said and with that, she put her hand up to my open mouth and dumped the whole thing in at once. as soon as it hit my mouth, i kinda gagged a little but closed my mouth and held it in, resulting in more laughter from the still bottomless Tracy.

"hahahha, we gotta find you something you don't cough up, so far beer and pee don't seem to be your flavor hahahhahaa" she said. still with my mouth full of piss, i swallowed it to show that i could handle it and said "hey i can handle it. don't you worry about me hahahaha".

we both started laughing and stumbled into each other. to my next surprise she put her arms around me in a loose hug. "I'm glad you came out here with your sister, its fun to be out here but its always just me and Blaire and shes not as fun." she said. "thanks, i was nervous earlier you guys wouldn't like me, normally I'm kinda shy." i replied "well you don't seem very shy tonight Cindy, you just drank me pee!

haha" she said laughing "and not to mention you still don't have any pants on" "oh, your still looking down there huh? you know i saw you watching me pee earlier tonight" i replied, much bolder than i usually was with a little help from the alcohol in my system.


"yeah. I'm sorry i just kinda looked over and started staring, i think your really pretty and i couldn't help myself. I've never seen another girl naked except Blaire, but shes my cousin". she said back. "well look all you want now, you got me half naked and you got a flashlight in your hand still, i don't mind" i said, a little taken aback by her statement but really happy from it at the same time.

id never had another girl tell me she thought i was pretty before and it felt really good to be noticed. "you don't really shave your pussy though do you?" she said.

i knew it was up now, she knew i wasn't her age. "no. I'm only 11 Tracy, i just didn't want to tell you guys cuz i didn't want you to think i was some little girl that you needed to babysit. I've been asking my sister to take me here for years and i wanted to have fun".

i said "its OK, i still think your pretty Cindy" she said looking at me. but, as she looked at me this time she kept a straight stare with my eyes. i was a little drunk still, but kept the stare with her into her eyes.

then, without warning she leaned forward and started kissing me. she put her arms around me, and, as startled as i was, i kissed her back and put my arms around her waist lightly, very nervous but excited about this whole thing.


this was my first kiss, and obviously Tracy didn't have much experience either, but after kissing for a few minutes we found our groove and were making out. she was pulling me tightly to her with her arms, and i, getting more and more excited, tightened my arms around her as well, placing my hands just above her naked butt.

after a minute of making out, she lowered her right hand, and reached behind her, grabbing my left hand and she moved it to her ass. now this was getting really exciting!

emboldened by her forward move and the alcohol, i started squeezing her right ass check with my hand, and lowered my other hand to grab the other one. as we made out, my hands got more and more bold, and started getting further and further down her ass crack until i was almost touching her asshole with my finger tips.

she was obviously getting massively turned on by it, and reached on of her hands down to my back, and skipping the fondling that i had just did, buried her fingers between my ass cheeks and went straight to the deepest part between my legs, my butthole. i almost leaped when she did this, making a small cry into her mouth, but didn't stop her.

she didn't put her fingers in, just started rubbing around it, giving me the courage to do the same to her. as soon as i touched her butthole, she pushed one of her legs between mine, and straddled one of mine somewhat, so that both of our pussies were rubbing up against each others legs.

we both started moaning while we did this and continued our making out and rubbing each others buttholes lightly with our fingers. "hey girls, its getting late you should come back to camp soon!" we heard, only about a hill over, Blaire yelling to us, luckily too far away to see what we were doing. we both had been so caught in the moment that the sound of her voice almost made us jump and we both scrambled for our pants, putting them on as fast as we could and almost falling over while trying to get them on.

"were on our way Blaire!" screamed Tracy, as she struggled trying to get her shorts buttoned up. we got our shorts on and started walking to camp, holding hands now and giggling every few minutes whenever we would look at each other.

when we got back into camp, most of the drunk older people were already passed out. my sister saw me walk up and said "hey sis, looks like you made friends, I'm glad you guys are getting along i didn't want you to feel uncomfortable all weekend".

she was obviously kinda drunk, being only one of the 4 people left standing or sitting around the fire. Tracy's mom was already in bed, and Blaire was sitting in on of the chairs, not hiding the fact that she was drinking anymore, sitting there in open sight with a beer in her hand.

"hey Hun, you think you would mind sleeping in the back of the 4 runner by yourself tonight? i think im gonna sleep in the trailer with john" she said, motioning to the guy she had standing next to her.

"yeah its OK" i said. then Tracy spoke up "hey ill sleep with you, me and Blaire usually have to share a bed and it looks more comfortable in the back of the 4 runner with you" she said, giving me a little "look" when she said it. "there you go, that'll be perfect, you don't mind right Cindy?" my sister said, obviously happy that i would be distracted all night and not bother her and her guy in the trailer since they would obviously be busy.

"i said OK, it'll be fun" i said smiling. "OK, well were gonna go to bed now" my sis said " goodnight sis". with that, Blaire got up and stumbled, looked over at me and Tracy and said "yeah, im gonna go to bed too, i drank too much. wake me up in the morning though i wanna go out in the rhino again". "k, night Blaire" Tracy and i said in unison. and with that, watched her stumble over to the trailer she was staying in, opening the door unintentionally loudly, and collapsing to sleep.

Tracy then grabbed my hand and lead me back over to the cooler to steal a few more beers. "we'll just take one each for before we go to bed" she said, and opened mine for me before handing it to me "thanks" i said back to her, taking the can of Coors light, and started to drink it.

we started over to my sisters 4 runner, which she had obviously set up a bed in the back of while we were gone. she definitely was planning ahead to hook up with her guy tonight, which is why she hadn't said anything all night to me about being out so much and so late with Blaire and of course, Tracy.

but, it was working out fine for me too, as i had never done anything like this before and it was all really exciting. we hopped into the back of the 4 runner and closed the back door, the windows were all darkly tinted so it was really dark in the back, so Tracy turned on the flashlight that she still had.

"i wanna see you totally naked" she said, pointing the flashlight at me "och. well you've already seen the bottom, i don't really have much to look at up here" i said pointing at my chest. "but only if you get naked too" "hehe, OK. i was gonna anyways" she said smiling and setting down her flashlight so it sort of light up the whole back a little.

we set down our beers and got undressed as fast as we could without spilling our beers. for a few minutes, we just giggled talking about what we had done a little earlier, and worked on finishing our beers. now, hearing Blaire's voice had totally killed what buzz i still had earlier, but this one adding onto the last two brought it back significantly.

Tracy's tolerance was obviously higher than mine. not only being older, she seemed like she had already drank many times in her life, probably from being out here all the time and being able to sneak it from all the drunk people with her soda can trick.

as soon as our beers we done, we set the cans aside, hidden over in a corner so that in the morning no one would see the empties, and Tracy immediately grabbed the back of my head and started making out with me again. we kissed for awhile, laying on our sides facing each other, and i reached over with my left hand and put it back on her ass.

she then took her hand off the back of my head, and placed it on my chest, squeezing the small bumps on my chest. i moaned into her mouth again, never having before someone touch me there. feeling bold, i grabbed her leg with my left hand and pulled it up over mine, slipping into the position we were in before with our pussies rubbing each others thighs, and slipped my hand back up her thigh to the spot between her legs where her asshole and pussy were.

i picked up where i left off before, rubbing my finger tips against her anal ring while she still played with my little boobs. with my boldness came hers though, and she broke off the kiss and put her mouth up to my left nipple and started sucking on it.

i started breathing alot heavier, all new to these sensations but completely engulfed in the feeling of it all. she flicked her tongue over and nipple over and over again while sucking on it, and started rubbing her pussy against my thigh harder and faster. "oh my god that feels so good Tracy" i whispered to her, trying to stay kinda quiet as to not wake anyone up.

she responded by just moaning into my chest, my left nipple still in her mouth. after a few minutes of that, she broke away from my nipple, and pulled away a little. " lay back and open your legs" she said to me, to which i readily listened, pulling my hand off her ass and scooching back in the bed to give her room. now, i may have been a virgin and a nerd, but id seen porn already before.

i WAS living with a 22 year old sister, so id seen a few different porno's already, but in the ones id seen, it was a guy and a girl.

nevertheless, when she said to lay back and open my legs, i knew what she wanted to do. and it was exactly what my body felt like it wanted. it was really beginning to tingle down there, which i didn't understand before, but it felt like i needed to be touched down there badly.

i lay back, with my head propped up on the pillows to watch what she was going to do to me. although we were both getting really into this, i could tell that she had never done this either. she was alot more bold than me, probably being older and I'm guessing now, probably having kissed a girl before. but, even she was a little hesitant (only a very little) once she actually got her face between my legs. but, without more than a second or two of consideration as she got into position, she pushed her tongue out and started licking my little bald slit.

as soon as her tongue touched me, it was like someone plugged me into a wall socket. it was like a shock of new sensations that id never felt before, especially because of her light way of licking me. she continued to lick me, with just the very tip of her tongue, for a few minutes before she got a little bolder and pushed her whole mouth against my mound.

it felt so warm having her entire mouth there, and then she started to suck, while still moving her tongue around. she was obviously no expert at this, but she made up for it with a building enthusiasm as she started to get more and more into it. i started again to breath really heavy and brought my right hand up to my chest, and started pinching my nipple and twisting it between my fingers, almost instinctively.

i was laying there writhing in this new found pleasure and buzz from alcohol, when it finally dawned on me. i was having lesbian sex! but, for some reason, it didn't shock me or turn me off at all, instead it came with a new found wave of pleasure as i really thought about this 13 year old girl sucking on my crotch.she was so pretty with her petite frame, smooth skin and growing boobs.

i realized then and there that this is what i wanted. reality came back to me though, when i felt something building inside of me. it was like a wave of something i could never before describe coming from deep in my stomach, my breathing got heavier and i started to not care if anyone heard me as i started moaning louder and louder. Tracy's tongue had found my clit and my reaction to her attention to it, and within only a few seconds, i had my first orgasm.

it lasted for several seconds and was like nothing i ever imagined. but quickly, i was so sensitive i had to stop her. "OK ok, stop its too sensitive" i said to her, and with that she came up quickly and started kissing me again.

for the first time, i tasted pussy, and it was my own on another girls lips. not what i was expecting but i wasn't going to stop her now! we made out for a minute more as my body calmed down, and started to get turned on again. "my turn Cindy" she said smiling at me as she broke our kiss. now, as open as i was to the idea of it being done to me, i had kinda not thought about doing it back to Tracy. but, as far as we had come now, i wasn't going to stop.

i wanted her to feel what i did even though i was a little apprehensive about it. but, within a minute, i had turned my body around, so that hy head was between her legs.

we were laying on our sides, and with her right hand, grabbed her right leg behind her kneed, and pulled her leg up to her chest and up in the air a little to give me perfect access while my head lay on the inside of her left thigh. i wrapped my right arm (the one facing up) under her right leg, and used it to spread her whole underside open wider, giving me a perfect view, for the first time, of another girls pussy and butthole. for a few seconds, i just stared, a little scared, and a little nervous, but getting really turned on, even feeling a little of that warmth building in my own pussy again.

i closed my eyes, slightly opened my mouth, and pushed my head forward. i started licking and sucking clumsily at first, with the alcohol, no vision, and my own nervousness working against me, i slowly realized that i had missed her pussy altogether and was sucking and licking on her asshole!

the taste was a little weird at first but not bad at all, and as i realized this, i started making my way back and forth between her pussy (which i now figured out where it was) and her asshole, which i was kinda enjoying the dirtiness of doing to her (not to mention by her reaction, she seemed to be enjoying too).

i kept going on, trying to replicate what she had done with me, but still work back and forth to her butthole too, and after several minutes of this, she started to shake and breath heavy. "stick your finger in me Cindy" she said "but keep licking my butt, OK?" i was a little surprised by her language, before this, although we were doing dirty stuff to each other, we hadn't actually said any dirty words to each other (we were only 11 and 13, what would you expect).

but, hearing her say "keep licking my butt" turned me on incredibly, so i moved my face into position to devote my entire tongue to her asshole, and give my hand room to finger her pussy.

she was extremely tight as i pushed in, but now, looking back i never popped through a hymen, i assume now that she must have already started masturbating before this, or maybe even had had sex already with someone. either way, she was really tight and only one of my fingers could fit into her.

i moved it in slowly at first but picked up my speed a little, and started working harder on trying to get my tongue INTO her ass. after some working on it, i managed to get my tongue, now starting to ache a little, into her ass a little while my finger was now moving in and out of her tight little pussy as fast as i could. now her breathing had gotten REALLY heavy and she started moaning like i was earlier.

in a short time of this, i felt her get even tighter around my finger, and my tongue nearly pushed out of her ass, as she went into her orgasm. "oooh, ooh my god Cindy don't stop!" she cried as quietly as she could (not very quiet really, but it didn't wake anyone up) i kept on for a little while longer until i felt her body finally relax, as she went into a pant.

i took my finger out of her pussy but kept slowly licking her asshole for a few more minutes while she calmed down. after a few minutes, i started to feel the reality of my body, as the beer REALLY started hitting me. in my bladder. " i need to pee Tracy, really bad!" i said to her in a loud whisper.

with that, she lifted up my right leg and put her face between my legs, which i then reacted by holding up my right leg a little for her, but slightly confused. as turned on as i was i didn't want to get licked again right now, i had to pee! "go in my mouth Cindy" she said, and without even waiting for a reply, she stuck her mouth up to my pussy and made a tight seal with her lips, and even started sucking pretty hard. i had to go really bad, and this wasn't our first experience with pee tonight, but i was still really surprised at her words.

sipping a little bit out of the palm of a hand, or licking it off your fingers was one thing, but this was alot farther than i expected, even after just having my tongue in her ass! but, i had to go really bad and the sucking wasnt helping my full bladder, and almost without me even fully convincing myself of this, i started going.

full force. she started swallowing as fast as she could, but some still started leaking out around her mouth getting our bed a little wet. but, as this was happening, i couldn't believe how good it felt to one, get rid of the pressure from my bladder, two, have the girl i was extremely turned on by sucking it out of me, and three, the pure wrongness of the idea of drinking pee. after only a short time my flow ceased, but she kept licking me for a few minutes.

my body was getting close again, to a second orgasm, when she stopped. without a word, she sat up and pulled me up with her so that we were face to face, and started kissing me. as soon as my mouth opened, a flood of pee came into my mouth. this time though, i didn't cough at all, and gladly let it come into my mouth as it swished between our mouths for a minute as we both slowly swallowed it.

we made out for a minute more before we broke it off and both laid back down in our previous, almost 69 position. "i need to try this Cindy." she said, as she squirmed around into a new position. now, as her tounge touched me again, it wasn't on my pussy this time. she was returning my accidental favor by licking my butthole. it wasn't the same as my pussy, not so much entirely a direct pleasure like my clit, but an incredible turn on. she licked for a few more minutes while i started to moan softly, and then, without warning she just stopped.

i sat there a little confused, while she squirmed around again into a new position that was curious to me. after she got into her spot though, it was very apparent what she was doing, as she started rubbing a very wet finger (from her own pussy juice i can only assume, which explains the squirming), to my very wet with saliva butthole. she rubbed it around like she did earlier while she started licking my pussy again. i started to moan softly again at this, and the more this went on, the greater her pressure increased on my ass.

although it didn't hurt at all, it was definitely a little wierd as her finger first started to penetrate me. now, at 11, id never even penetrated myself at all, let alone my asshole, which i never would have expected to be penetrated at all, and definitely not before my pussy. but, the combination of the licking on my clit and the finger working in my ass, i started to really get excited, and in almost no time at all id started to build up to an even bigger orgasm that before.

she started pushing her finger in and out of my ass slowly at first, then a little quicker until it was on pace with her licking of my pussy. and, in what i can only describe as my most amazing orgasm of my young life, i came. bucking my hips slightly into her face and feeling her jaw against my bony frame as i came, her fingers still stuck up in my ass even as slowly came down from my high.

i was breathing heavily even a few minutes afterward, along with Tracy, and i finally turned back around in the 4 runner so that i was laying next to her normal again, face to face. "that was amazing Tracy, im so glad i came out here, i wish we could do this all the time" i said to her. "well, I'm exhausted right now, but we have all day and all tomorrow night" she said before she kissed me. much softer this time, not like when we were making out while turned out. we kissed for only a minute, and i felt something else this time.

i felt like i was in love with this girl. we lay there for several more minutes, staring into each others eyes with our arms wrapped around each other, until my memory fades away to blackness. we fell asleep in each others arms, still naked, in the back of that 4runner, in the middle of the desert, and it was a night ill never forget. it was not only the night i realized my sexuality, but the night i met someone who wanted to explore that sexuality with.

that night was amazing, but it was the next day that really shaped what the rest of my life would be like.

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to be continued.