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Author's Note: Fictional story of a VERY naughty wife and mommy. This isn't meant to taken as true events. It's a fictional story meant to entertain or even arouse. Are there women like Torrie in real life? Possibly. I wouldn't know for sure. This fictional Torrie goes black and ruins her family. Editing thanks go to Todger65. Chapter 1 Torrie watched her son, Eddie, get benched again at his high school's football home game.

She was sitting in her usual spot in the bleachers with her husband John and several women from church. She called out to him and cheered for him, even though his playtime wasn't nearly as much as some of the other students.

Torrie was still very proud of him. Torrie was enjoying herself at the game, chatting with some of the ladies while watching the high school students play. They would talk about shopping, recipes, upcoming church events. Torrie usually went to church every Sunday. When Eddie was younger the entire family would go, but since Eddie has gotten older it's mostly just Torrie now.

She was the youngest out of the group of friends. She was 36, 5'8", blonde hair just past her shoulders, and big blue eyes. The weekend was going to be a busy one for her family. Eddie's football game in the afternoon followed by an event she and her husband, John, had to attend. John worked as an electrician for a power company and one of the senior vice presidents was retiring.

That evening was his retirement party. Torrie and John rarely went out, so Torrie was actually looking forward to it. A couple neighbors and coworkers of John that she knew would be there. Torrie sighed, watching her son approach, still in his uniform, head hanging low.

She felt so bad for him. She knew how much he loved to play and how disappointing it was for him to get hardly any playtime at all. She was so proud of him regardless. Torrie extended her arms and walked to him, embracing him, letting him know without words how proud she was of him. "I think I played maybe 10 minutes that time," Eddie grunted. "It's ok, honey! That's a little more than last week, right?" Torrie smiled; trying to cheer him up, her arm wrapped around his while they walked to their car.

John was already there, waiting in the driver side seat. "I think you were great," Torrie said, patting his arm with her other hand. Eddie sighed again, shrugging it off. "See ya, Eddie. Hey Eddie's mom, mmm," Two of Eddie's black teammates said rushing by them, as Torrie was getting into the passenger side seat. Torrie smiled politely, nodding back to them, and got into the car. Closing the passenger side door, she glanced over at the black teens, seeing them look in her direction, grinning, one of them grabbing at his crotch, appearing to adjust himself.

Torrie smiled again, pushing a lock of blond hair behind her ear as the car drove off. Torrie had forgotten about their blatant ogling of her by the time she and her family arrived home.

About an hour later, Torrie was on the couch, flipping through a home décor magazine when Eddie, fresh out of the shower, plopped down on the couch, laying his head in her lap.


Torrie smiled, running her fingers through his hair. "Please don't feel bad, you are doing a great job!" Torrie comforted him, placing the magazine on the table next to the couch.

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"Plus your grades are great. Mommy is so proud of you," Torrie whispered into his ear, scratching his scalp with her finger nails. She placed a slow kiss on his cheek, watching his lips curl into a smile. "I wished I could spend time with you tonight," she whispered, kissing his cheek once more. "But I have that event your dad wants me to go to." "It's ok, mom. I understand." "Good," she said, sitting up, "since you're out of the shower, it's my turn." Torrie tapped his shoulders, telling him to let her up.

"I love you," Torrie said, kissing his cheek as she left. Eddie said it in return, watching her walk away, thinking how amazing she looked; better than the other moms he knew. He watched her hips sway slightly, her toned butt in a nice pair of jeans. Before Torrie entered the hallway she turned back to look at Eddie, blowing him a kiss before making her way down the hall.

In the shower, Torrie tweaked a nipple of one of her C-cup sized breasts, the other hand trailing down her body with the hot water. She was hoping to have sex with John that evening. Usually they did on Saturdays. However, the event would probably tire him, so she'd have to wait until the following Saturday. She found herself so frustrated with John sometimes. They married right out of high school, shortly before she gave birth to Eddie. He's the only man she had ever been with. Sex with John has always been predictable - missionary position, him on top huffing and puffing for a few minutes while wearing a condom, then it ending.

There was never any foreplay, no fellatio, cunnilingus, or even long make out session. It was all very bland, but aside from a modest dildo she kept in her top drawer, he was all she had. Torrie was casually rubbing her clit, wishing she brought the dildo in the shower with her, angry that there'd be no sex that night, and annoyed with John.

Right as she closed her eyes and let out a soft moan the images of the black boys at Eddie's game popped into her mind, them looking at her, smiling, one of them grabbing his crotch. She was shaken out of her trance when John entered the bathroom, slightly startling her. He was looking for his shoes. They said nothing to each other, Torrie watching him leave through the fogged up glass shower door.

She felt guilty for briefly thinking of those black kids, but even more frustrated at John. "Why couldn't you get in the shower with me?" she asked herself. "Ok honey, you have a wonderful night," she told her son, kissing him on the lips, wiping his mouth, noticing him blush.

Torrie, deep down, loved making her baby boy blush. Assuming most boys had a crush on their mom, she thought he might have a crush on her, but didn't mind, as he was leaving for college in a year.

Torrie figured extra affection and quality time together would be a good thing before he leaves. She headed out the door with John. The event was at an upscale hotel banquet hall. There was dinner first, a few speeches given, the retiring senior vice president gave his thank you's and farewells, followed by the dance floor opening and the DJ starting his music. Torrie stuck close to John, sipping her wine, chatting with a few neighbors that were also coworkers of her husband, and having a decent enough time.

John was laughing with a neighbor about something and there was a slight lull in the conversion. Torrie took another sip of wine and glanced around the room, doing a double take and a blush when something interesting caught her eye. A large, hulking, African-American was several yards away smiling softly at her.

He nodded when their eyes met, causing Torrie to blush. She took another sip continuing her conversation with a neighbor. She noticed the black man looking at her again, a few minutes later.

Torrie looked around at the people she was with, the women were all older, and there were no other women in her age group on that side of the wall. She couldn't fathom that this man was checking her out. She was wearing a fairly modest, long dress and showing no cleavage. While she didn't need to wear a ton of makeup, she wasn't overdoing it with the eye shadow.

Her hair wasn't done at a stylists, it was hanging down like it normally does. She glanced over and the people the black man were with had left, leaving him alone, he nodded goodbye to them and turned his attention back to Torrie. He nodded at her, causing her heart rate to increase. Torrie nodded back awkwardly. As the night progressed, Torrie continued to drink and stick close to her husband. At 10pm he received a phone call. "Hey. We have to leave. I just got a call a line is down." John told Torrie.

"Leave? Wait, are you on call tonight?" Torrie asked, the annoyance already setting in. "Yeah." "You mean to tell me, that on the night of the event this company still makes people work?" "It's not like that. It was my turn to be on call in case of emergencies. A line down is an emergency. We're leaving," John said, gently grabbing her arm. "No. You are. It's not that late," Torrie said, frustrated they weren't going to have sex that night, figuring she might as well stay out late.

"How are you going to get home?" John rolled his eyes. "They'll take me," Torrie nodded to the neighbors they had been chatting with most of the night. "Fine, I'll see you in the morning I guess," John said goodbye to their friends and left. Chapter 2 Torrie rolled her eyes, sipping her drink once more. She was going to ask their friends for a ride home; however, just before she got a chance to, she felt a light tap on her shoulder. Turning around, her eyes widened, arching her neck to look upward, she sees the huge black man that had been checking her out all night.

"Hi," He smiled. "My name is Ronnie, care to dance?" "Hi," Torrie paused, trying to remember her own name. He was very tall, 6'6," and extremely muscular. She could see he must be huge through his suit. His cologne making her slightly flustered, she eventually told him her name. "I'm Torrie." She looked over to friends, watching them chat amongst themselves, not really paying attention to her, "Sure, let's dance." Over the next several minutes, Torrie found herself further and further way from her friends, following the black man leading her through the crowd.

Finally finding a spot on the other side of the large hall, they danced and chatted for several songs. She learned he was only in town for a week, specifically for this event and for other business.

"So what do you do?" Ronnie asked. "Oh, I work at a jewelry store," Torrie shrugged. "I see, well I'm guessing you probably have the best sales out of anyone there," Ronnie flirted, his large hands on Torrie's waist.

The feeling she felt, coupled with the images of the black boys from her son's school that day were intoxicating. She blamed it on the wine, which literally had her close to being fairly intoxicated.


"Why do you say that?" She asked. "Well, I mean, come on. A gorgeous blonde like you, you probably have all the men buy engagement rings way out of their price range," Ronnie laughed. Torrie laughed back, blushing again, "Thanks," she whispered. "That was your husband that left earlier wasn't it?" Ronnie asked.

"Oh, yeah. He was on call and an emergency came up," Torrie explained, the slightest touch of frustration in her response. "I see. You are too young and wild, so you didn't want to leave the party early," Ronnie teased. Torrie laughed loudly, "I don't know about that. But you're right, I wasn't ready to leave just yet." "Good," Ronnie winked at her. Torrie chuckled, glancing around the room once more to find her neighbors.

Before she could find them, the music changed to a more hip hop song and Ronnie, grabbing her waist, spun her around so her back was facing him. Torrie was taken by surprise, but something strange happened.

She had never danced like this before. It was as though instincts kicked in, causing her to grind her butt against Ronnie's crotch. They were dancing in quite a racy fashion when she felt it. Her eyes widened, she looked around for her friends, not seeing them, realizing what she felt against her butt. She didn't see anyone she knew around her.

Her guard came down, she began relaxing more, really getting into the music, sliding her butt up and down a long erection.

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It felt amazing. Her mouth was hanging open after she mouthed "wow." Torrie felt incredibly naughty at this point.

She looked to her tummy upon feeling his large black hand come to a rest there. Ronnie was pumping his hips up and down meeting Torrie's grinding butt. One final glance around the room, not seeing anyone she knew, not caring about her ride home, and Torrie let loose. They were effectively dry humping on the dance floor. She straightened up, her hand reaching behind her, finding Ronnie's neck. "You're a good dancer. You feel good," Ronnie whispered in her ear, his hands sliding wickedly up her sides to just below her breasts.

"So do you," she said aloud, not sure he heard her, her eyes closed, focusing on the large rod sliding in between her butt cheeks. All the annoyances and frustrations with John and her sex life slowly washed away. It was only her and Ronnie. Several minutes and several songs passed. Without saying a word, Ronnie moved away from her, his hand on the small of Torrie's back, leading her out of banquet hall.

For a moment Torrie thought they were going to grab another drink. She said nothing though when she followed Ronnie out into the hallway. Smiling politely as he led them to the men's room. Torrie followed him to one of the stalls, glancing at Ronnie's smug smile. "Sit," he told her. The commanding tone of his voice spurred something in her. Torrie sat on the toilet, her heart pounding, her mind racing, watching Ronnie unzip his pants. The next thing she felt was his index finger on her chin, tipping her face toward his.

Ronnie bent down; giving her a soft, long kiss on the lips, his hands fidgeting at his crotch, Torrie not noticing since she closed her eyes. He stood back up. Torrie's eyes shot open with shock. It was October 1st at 11:54 pm. It was the first time Torrie ever saw a black cock. Chapter 3 She had never sucked a cock before. John never asked, and she never initiated oral sex.

Their weekly missionary sex was all she's ever known. Yet right in that very instance, another man's penis was in her face, beckoning her to suck it. It was huge, veiny, pulsing with power, commanding her to service it. Her eyes wide, her mouth hanging open, she replayed the black boys saying hey and checking her out, she replayed Ronnie checking her out and then dancing with her so provocatively. At this moment this was where she was supposed to be.

Ronnie's hand on the back of her head, slowly guiding her open mouth to it, it was inevitable. As soon as the pre-cum oozing tip touched her top lip, pulling away, revealing a string of pre-ejaculate, she was done being shocked. She engulfed the huge tip of his cock, sucking away like she was starving.

Torrie did as best she could. After around five minutes of hungrily sucking the tip, she paused, looking up to Ronnie and apologize for her lack of experience. "Your husband doesn't have you do this?" Ronnie asked. Torrie shook her head, no, and then proceeded on. "You got to take care of a man's dick. He's probably just too scared to ask, or tell you, to suck it." Ronnie smirked.

She felt a need to agree, but didn't want to remove the cock from her mouth or risk confirming what Ronnie was suggesting. Torrie moaned, continuing to work, "Look up at me," Ronnie told her. She did just that, not taking her eyes off him.

"That's it, work that cock," He talked down to her. It was so very delicious, so big; Torrie didn't want it to end, not caring if someone came into the restroom.

Five minutes later it did end. Torrie nearly climaxed when Ronnie filled her mouth with his seed. She almost coughed it out, some of it spilled out of her mouth, dripping off her chin. His load was enormous. The rest she swallowed, savoring its taste, having never tasted semen before. She sat up on the toilet seat, out of breath, wiping her chin with the back of her hand and then licking her hand clean. "Sorry again," Torrie said. "It's fine, you did your job.

I blame your husband for not having taught you already," Ronnie taunted. Deep down Torrie agreed, nodding slowing. "I need to go home," she said pushing past Ronnie.

"I'll take to you," He smiled. ******************** The ride home was quiet. Torrie was feeling a mix of emotions.

One of them was confusion when Ronnie didn't ask to come in, she was sure he would want to continue their fun.

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Instead he gave her his number and room number at the hotel. Torrie nodded and thanked him, putting the number away in her purse. A few minutes later Torrie was looking in on her sleeping son. He seemed so peaceful. Guilt flooded over her, telling herself she'd never do anything to ruin her relationship with him. She headed down the hall to her bedroom. Sitting on the side of the bed, she touched her lips, thinking about Ronnie's massive cock spewing semen into her mouth.

She was so embarrassed, but also aroused, more aroused than she had ever been. Shaking her head she threw her purse down, shut her bedroom door, walked over to her drawer to fish out an old dildo, and then climb back on bed, removing her dress as quickly as she could. "Ahhh," she whimpered, on all fours on her bed, reaching around her, sliding her six inch dildo in and out of her pussy. She came in minutes, thinking of Ronnie's cock, imagining it pulsing inside her mouth, wondering what it'd be like to have it inside her.

Right after she came, the reality of what she had done hit. She started crying, tossing the dildo across the room, the tears flowing, while she lay on the bed.

After regaining her composure, she put the dildo back to its hiding spot, put on some pajamas, and proceeded to cry herself to sleep; only waking when John stumbled into bed around one am from the job. Chapter 4 Torrie attempted to rid herself of guilt the following week.

She spent as much time with her son as she could, having no interest in John, feeling that her son was the more important figure in her life. Every night they sat on the couch together. Eddie asked her if she was ok, Torrie simply responded she was going to miss him when he goes off to college. Eddie shrugged, happy at the extra attention from this pretty woman, putting his arm around her holding her against him while watching TV.

By the following Friday, Torrie felt a little better, looking forward to her son's football game.

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Eddie was already at school; John was working late, so Torrie drove herself. At a stop light she looked at her purse, the same purse from the previous weekend.

"No," she told herself, the images and feeling of Ronnie's cock spewing cum in her mouth, popping into her head. She again shook the image from her head at the next stop light. It was so tasty, so naughty of her, so exhilarating to suck his black cock.

At the third stop light she fished his number out her purse and called it, angrily slamming her purse down, "It's about time you called," Ronnie answered. Torrie's mind spinning, thinking of excuses, knowing her son wouldn't be playing that much in the game anyway, spun the car around and headed toward the hotel driving as fast as she safely could. ******************** Ronnie took her, dominated her, controlled her, impaled her deeper than her husband. She felt helpless in his arms, flailing around after the countless orgasms she had.

She knew it would happen when she turned the car around. He answered the door naked with a smug grin on his face. He made her service his cock, he made her kiss and lick every inch of his muscular body, and he made her pleasure him - something she never experienced, with her husband, huffing and puffing for a few minutes on top of her once a week Gripping her blond hair tightly, after he pulled her on top of him, "You were made for this.

You were made for black cock," he grunted, pulling her head back, kissing on her neck, sucking her tits. He didn't just suck the nipples like John occasionally did, he devoured as much of her tit flesh as he could, making her shake with orgasms as his cock banged against her cervix. She was owned by Ronnie that night. On all fours a little later, Ronnie behind her, slapping her ass, "Yes, good white pussy!" He tore into her, leaving her a whimpering, moaning mess.

When Ronnie was ready to finish, he pulled out, slapped her butt one more time, spun her around and awarded her with a huge dose of semen to her throat. "Clean me," Ronnie said, sitting in the chair next to the bed. Torrie went to her knees, sucking and cleaning his cock with her mouth. Ronnie looked her in the eyes, fifteen minutes later, "One more time then you can leave." Guiding her to her feet, Ronnie bent down, picking her up, throwing her feet around him.

While standing, he guided his cock into her once more. "Does your husband go more than once in a night with you?" Torrie giggled and shook her head no.

Ronnie lifted her off his cock and then lowered her, over and over. "Cum for me," he ordered. Torrie couldn't help but comply. She had more orgasms those two and half hours with Ronnie than she had in two and half years. When she was a shaking, quivering mess, Ronnie slammed her down on the mattress of his hotel bed, and bucking wildly. Grunting as he slammed his hips into her. "Ahh! Yes!" Torrie cried out again, looking at Ronnie sweat and work above her.

She trailed her hand over his chest, gathering up sweat. "Lick it. Lick that sweat off your hand," Ronnie commanded during a pause. Torrie complied once more, moaning at his taste. Ronnie continued his assault, ending it by spraying cum over Torrie's exhausted, sweaty body. She moaned, rubbing her hands over her belly and tits, rubbing his seed into her skin.

The only chatting they did was when she was shyly putting her clothes back on. Ronnie suggested she come to Miami to visit him before he moved to Charleston the following year. Torrie nodded politely, not sure if she would, but already thinking of excuses. She had family there she could tell John she was visiting them.

Torrie missed Eddie's game. Standing outside of her car, waving to him approaching in the distance, she called to him, still tasting Ronnie's cum on her mouth, her pussy already starting to become sore, "Hi honey!" "Where were you?" Eddie asked, hugging his mother. "Oh, I was running late, so I had to sit in a different spot than normal," Torrie lied.

"Well you didn't miss much. Darrell and Marcus sure played a lot though," Eddie frowned. "Who?" Torrie asked. Just then the same two black teammates from the previous week rushed by, saying hello to their friend Eddie.

"Them," Eddied nodded dejectedly in their direction as they passed. Eddie kept talking about the game, but Torrie's eyes were fixated on the black students, watching them look over to her, checking her out, grabbing their crotch.

She could see they didn't think too highly of Eddie, in the way they looked at his mother, with such disrespect - like horny teenagers. Torrie's trance was broken, when her son told her was ready.

"It's ok. Let's leave then," She said, giving Eddie a hug, turning her head to the side, watching the black students once more, a small smile forming. She let out a soft moan. "Hmm?" Eddie asked, ending the hug. "Nothing, honey. Let's head home!" Later that evening she was lying in bed, John snoring softly next to her, thinking about masturbating, but deciding against it. She was thinking about Ronnie along with Darrell and Marcus. Ronnie would be back in Miami next weekend. Torrie, not having any plans, decided she would tell John she was going out with friends.

She had no intention of finding another black man to sleep with, but as the guilt slowly washed away, her pussy having been mercilessly fucked in a variety of positions she had never done before, she started wondering that perhaps she might. She started wondering what had she been missing. The next night there was no sex with John, because Torrie had forgotten it was Saturday, making plans with Eddie instead.

They went to dinner and a movie, mommy's treat, in order to appease any guilt she may have had for missing his game due to sex with a black man at his hotel room. Torrie rested her head on Eddie's shoulder during the movie, knowing it felt like a date to her son, but didn't care. Chapter 5 "How do I look, honey?" Torrie smiled at her son, twirling around for him in another dress. It wasn't too sexy or revealing, but it was better than what she wore to the party two weeks prior.

It a black dress, coming down to her knees, thick straps, a hint of cleavage. "You look great, mom," Eddie complimented her, clearing his throat, attempting not to stare. Even though her dress was by no means very revealing, he was not accustomed to seeing her dressed like this.

Torrie smiled back at him, sitting on his lap, she truly liked that he had an innocent crush on her. She thought it was sweet. "Thank you," She said kissing his forehead. "Remember, mommy is going out with some friends," Torrie lied. "I'll see you in the morning!" Torrie peeped in on her husband. John was watching baseball in the living room.

She told him something similar, except there was no hug or kiss goodbye. Torrie knew what she was doing was dangerous, she knew it could turn out badly.

Sitting at traffic lights, getting closer and closer to her destination, taking in the changing surroundings, she began to get nervous. She was driving to a nightclub in an area that was predominately black. She was alone and fought pangs of foolishness for making this choice. She drove on, the thoughts and thrills of meeting another black man kept her going. Torrie stood along at the bar, shyly observing her surroundings, trying to remain calm.

After a few minutes, she started feeling a bit self-conscious, mixed with relief. There were many white women there in varying ages from college age to 40s. She saw no black women. She saw no white men. This brought about relief that she wasn't alone. The self-conscious feelings kicked in when she saw what the other white women were wearing.

Their dresses were, short, tight, sexy, risqué, and nothing like what she was wearing. Just as she was about to order a drink, she was interrupted. Turning around to see who tapped her on her shoulder, her eyes once again widened in shock, her neck arching to look up at a tall, very wide and bulky, black man.

Torrie didn't know what to say, instead opting to smile awkwardly. His shoulders were extremely broad, he was wearing a black suit, red shirt with black tie; rings adorned his fingers, a gold watch on his wrist, and he smelled amazing. "Hi," he leaned down to whisper in her ear. Torrie cleared her throat, "Hi." "Care to dance?" He asked. Torrie nodded, gulping nervously, taking his huge arm out onto the dance floor.

Her heart was racing, "Wow, I've been here less than 10 minutes," she thought to herself, following the mountainous man. The club was crowded, humid, loud, but something about it Torrie found sexy. She was shy at first, dancing conservatively with this man, whose name she hadn't yet learned. She peered around the dance floor, her nervousness and feelings of being out of place finding their way to her brain once more. One black man near her had picked up his white dance partner.

She was straddling him, her feet locked behind him as he thrust upward. Another couple featured the woman bending all the way over, rubbing her butt against her man's crotch. Torrie looked around again and saw two women, a blonde and a brunette, making out, their hands squeezing the black man's crotch while they kissed. Torrie shook the image from her head, turning in the other direction to see a young looking brunette with short hair, bobbing her head up and down to the beat of the music.

Torrie saw bits and pieces here and there as the crowd moved about; eventually catching a glimpse of the long black cock the young woman was sucking on in the middle of the dance floor. Torrie's jaw dropped and before she could fully process what she was seeing, her dance partner tipped her chin to face him, "What's your name?" "Torrie. I'm Torrie," She quickly said. "Nice to meet you," He spinned her around. Torrie knew what to do. She began gyrating against his crotch, nothing like what some of the other women in the club were doing, but she did her best.

She wondered why, out of all the scantily clad white women, this man chose her to dance with. "I'm Fat Rob," He bent down, speaking directly into her ear. Torrie thought that was an odd name. The man was huge, but not obese. "You look sexy tonight Miss Torrie," Fat Rob said, sliding his hands up and down her waist, pulling her tightly back against his crotch. Torrie gasped, feeling a large mass against her back.

She knew what it was and from what she could tell, it was larger than Ronnie's. She turned around, pushing herself, gathering courage "Is that why they call you Fat Rob?" Torrie nodded at the direction of his bulge. He responded with a sly nod. ******************** He was so wide, Torrie's mouth stretching to the maximum, trying to suck him off in Fat Rob's escalade in the parking lot 10 minutes later.

It actually hurt her lips trying to slide them over his bulbous head. Fat Rob's fingers were sifting through Torrie's blonde locks, moaning as she tried to fit as much of him in her mouth as possible. "I see you're married," Fat Rob pointed out, looking to her wedding ring. "Husband doesn't know you're here doing this, does he?" Torrie only shook her head in return, her mouth full of cockhead.

"It doesn't look like you are used to working a cock this big. Husband probably doesn't measure up does he?" Fat Rob asked. Torrie giggled and shook her head once more, saliva hanging off her chin. Fat Rob nodded, grabbing his cock by the base, taking it out of Torrie's mouth.

"Work my nuts now," he commanded. Torrie obeyed, sliding closer to the floor in the back seat of Fat Rob's car, looking to his large, round testicles. She had never sucked any before; her only experience was with the shaft. Just like his cock, they too were huge.

Torrie went to work on his balls, licking at them first, coating them in saliva before trying to take one in her mouth. She wanted to eat them. She wanted to swallow them along with all the semen they contained. She listened to Fat Rob moan while she sucked on one of his massive balls before switching to the other.

A few minutes later, Fat Rob tapped Torrie on the head, causing her to release a testicle from her mouth with a loud pop. "Get that cum," Fat Rob told her, letting her know he was ready. As if she knew what to do, she engulfed his cock head once more, closing her eyes and moaning as his big dick filled her mouth with semen.

She swallowed every bit of it, sucking his tip, searching for and consuming all the semen she could find. Fat Rob moaned again, satisfied by her work, "When does your husband want you home?" Torrie wiped her mouth with her fingers and licked them clean, "I told him I'd be out late." ******************** Her dress was lying on the floor next to Fat Rob's bed.

He was clutching her ass cheeks tightly, squeezing them while she rode him. It had taken a long time for him to finally fit inside her. His girth stretching her pussy lips further than anyone. She laughed to herself about being glad she had given birth before taking this cock. Throwing her head back, Torrie's mouth hung open, Fat Rob sucking her tits, squeezing her butt, meeting her grinds with his fat cock.

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, her body began shaking, she began whimpering, and Torrie was cumming again. It was 3am and they had been at it for three hours. "I'm gonna fill this pussy," Fat Rob grunted, finally ready to end his pussy battering. He threw her back onto the bed, flipped her over effortlessly, and mounted her from behind. Torrie cried out in ecstasy with each powerful slam into her. Fat Rob slapping her ass with one hand, the other clutching her waist, impaling her over and over.

He was ready to cum. Torrie climaxed again when she felt his cock pulsate within her, spewing semen into her womb, overflowing out onto the mattress. Later than night, Torrie lay awake, scratching the dried semen off her thigh, while her husband snored next to her. "I'm going on the pill," she thought to herself.

There was no going back now. Chapter 6 "No underwear, no bra. Every Sunday morning, my place, suck me off, cook me breakfast, and then let me have that pussy," Torrie replayed Fat Rob's rules in her head over and over again.

It made her smile. Telling her family she was going to church as usual, she instead had been going to Fat Rob's for the past month. They would also spend time together occasionally during the week.

Torrie's lying increased, telling her family she had an issue to deal with at the store, or was going out with friends again. Her mood improved, happily giving her son a kiss on the lips before she went out with Fat Rob, coming home late and exhausted - John snoring in the bed. It was difficult at first. Torrie was sloppy, careless, making mistakes. Three times her son saw something on her that made him ask - semen on a dark dress, semen on her shirt, and a small amount of semen in her hair.

Torrie laughed it off, giving her son a big kiss on the cheek, claiming she was a messy eater, which was a half-truth. She loved slurping and licking all over Fat Rob's fat cock, often having to wipe her face of saliva after sucking on it for an hour - his seed in her belly. Over time, the changes were clear; Torrie would go shopping, buying more provocative dresses and clothing, showing them off to her son, teasing him.

"Ahh yeah!" Fat Rob's hands on Torrie's shoulder, pounding her from behind one Sunday morning. "Your hubby don't have a dick like this." "Uhn, no!" Torrie grunted back.

"He doesn't know how to work this pussy does he?" Fat Rob, grunting from behind, asked. "Ahh! No!" Torrie cried out. "Ah shit!" Fat Rob pulled out, pumping his cock for Torrie, to gather up his seed. "Get that cum." Torrie dutifully sucked his sperm down her throat, moaning at his taste. "Husband got a small load?" Fat Rob asked. "Uh huh," Torrie said, sucking the last of his semen from the tip.

"Were you surprised he got you pregnant?" Fat Rob asked. Torrie chuckled, nodding her head. "You like my cum better don't you?" "Yes," Torrie replied. "Yes what?" "I like your cum better," She said, crawling up on the bed once more. "Not that I've ever tasted John's." Fat Rob chuckled, "He's probably too ashamed of his little cock to ask you to suck it." Torrie giggled once more, "Probably so.

But then again, as a man, he shouldn't ask." She rolled over on top of Fat Rob, kissing at his neck, grinding her hips into him. "Your son got a little dick too?" He brazenly asked. "Probably," Torrie chuckled, in between licks. "I bet he gets hard for his mom, seeing you go out with your new dresses, new makeup, so you can go service some black cock," Fat Rob suggested.

"Mmmm," Torrie moaned, kissing as his belly, making her way down his body. "Jacking off to you," He continued. "I dare you to find out. Rub that ass against him, see what happens. I bet most boys have crushes on their moms," Fat Rob said. Torrie kept working, licking his cock clean, and sucking on his balls. In the back of her mind, she knew she was going to do just that. Tease him, flirt with him, and find out just out hard he gets for her. Torrie had become a sexual fiend.

******************** "Ok, mommy is going to hang out with friends again," Torrie peeped into Eddie's room one night in mid-November. "Ok, see you later then," Eddie nodded at her, sitting on his bed. Torrie smiled, entering his room, standing in front of him wearing a dark blue, short, tight, cocktail dress, "What do you think?" Eddie was speechless. Torrie moved closer to him, turning in a circle, "I take your silence to mean that you like this?" "Uh, yeah, mom.

You look great," Eddie managed to say. "Thank you. I'm going dancing tonight," Torrie said, thinking about Fat Rob's comments. She lowered herself to her son's lap, prying his legs further apart, and her hands resting on his knees. She began moving her butt back and forth across his crotch. "Going to be out late again, having a great time," She said, flexing her butt around, what she thought was an erection.

"Mmmm," she unintentionally moaned. "So don't wait up for me," Torrie stood, turning around, grabbing his face to plant a hard kiss on his mouth. "Good night, honey." "I'm so naughty," she thought, driving to Fat Rob's.

******************** "Was he hard?" Fat Rob asked, once again, behind Torrie, slamming into her. "Yes! Yes!" She was cumming again, but managed to answer. "What about husband?" Fat Rob asked, slapping her ass. Torrie settled down after that last orgasm coursed through her. "He'd probably be limp," she joked, smiling back at Fat Rob. "Little cock," Fat Rob shook his head. "Tiny cock," Torrie laughed. "You need to dance at one of my clubs - stripping, getting that money and getting that cum if you want." Fat Rob said.

"I don't know," Torrie rose to her hands once more, ready for another assault. This was the second time Fat Rob has asked her, she thought about it, but hadn't worked out the details in her mind yet. "Listen," Fat Rob said, flipping her over, guiding his cock back in. "You're going to have choose to let them go and become what you truly are, or go back to being mom and wife. You understand?" He asked, thrusting in hard for emphasis.

Torrie nodded, looking up at him, realizing what he was asking, and realizing what she truly wanted deep down but was unable to say it out loud. Chapter 7 It was the last football game for Eddie's team the weekend before thanksgiving - they weren't the best team in county. Torrie sat with happy smile on her face watching the game, chatting with the ladies from church. Just as in the other games she attended, or said she attended, John waited at the car for Eddie to arrive as Torrie stood closer to the field.

Eddie again hadn't played much and was further disappointed to see his mother talking to Darrell and Marcus. They were smiling and laughing about something. When Eddie approached her, slightly confused, Torrie hugged him, kissed his cheek and asked, "Benched again huh?" This question brought a chuckle from the other two boys and a devious grin in their direction from Torrie. Darrell looked at Marcus and said crudely, "I gotta hit the pisser." Torrie reacted almost instantly, "Hey, I need to use the bathroom before we leave too!

I'll be right back!" Torrie told Eddie to let his father know and headed in the direction of the two black boys.

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******************** The men's restroom on the side of the concessions building was dirty, smelly, and had a leaking toilet. "Mmmm," Torrie moaned, her mouth full of not one but two cocks. The two 18 year old black kids moaned as Torrie worked. She sucked one cockhead, switched to another and then went back to the original, licking it thoroughly before sticking both teenage cocks in her mouth, furiously jacking their powerful shafts.

She loved it. Darrell and Marcus came like a flash flood, filled her mouth, overflowing it with semen, dripping down her chin, landing a few drops on her sweater. "What took you so long?" Eddie asked his mother, upon seeing her approached their car with a huge grin on her face. He was standing against the side of the car waiting for her. "Aww did my baby boy miss me?" Torrie joked. Eddie shrugged, asking, "What's that on your sweater?" "Oops, must be soap!" Torrie smiled, pulling her son in for cock-hardening kiss, moaning and looking to the side, in the direction of Darrell and Marcus.

Torrie ended the kiss, winking at the two black teens, getting into the car.

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Eddie wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, face scrunching up, sitting down in the back seat. "What did you eat?" he asked, noticing an unusual taste to her kiss. "I had a couple hot dogs," his mother answered. "They were foot longs." ******************** "Come get that cum," Torrie read the late night text on her phone from Fat Rob on Christmas Eve.

She was preparing to put presents under the tree for everyone. Eddie was in his room playing video games, and John was asleep. "I'm in driveway," was the next text. Torrie got a mischievous grin on her face. "The presents can wait," she thought. She paused at the hallway, thinking a bit, she went to her bedroom, took off her pajamas, grabbed her long, white bathrobe and slippers, and headed to the front door. She peeped out the window, seeing Fat Rob's escalade parked in the driveway, the driver seat empty.

She assumed he was in the back seat waiting for her. Indeed he was. Opening the door for her, loud hip-hop music playing, Torrie glanced to her son's window seeing his light was still on. She disrobed and then turned her attention to Fat Rob in the back seat. The Escalade was rocking back and forth in the driveway, Torrie straddling Fat Rob in the back seat, bouncing up and down to the beat of the music.

When she came, she leaned back on the center console, her eyes looking through the front windshield, upside down, seeing a silhouette of her son standing in his room. "Mommy is being bad for Christmas," she said out loud. "Yes you are. That boy of yours is probably jacking off in there," Fat Rob added, pulling Torrie up.

"He's working that little dick, thinking about you." Torrie began bouncing again, kissing Fat Rob, "Uh huh." "You like that don't you?" Fat Rob asked, breaking the kiss. "Uh huh," Torrie replied again, sticking her tongue in his mouth, swirling it around his.

"My little drummer boy, beating away at his cock." Fat Rob moaned, sliding a finger up and down Torrie's buttcrack.

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"Little Dick Boy," Torrie giggled, changing the name of the 'Little Drummer Boy' Christmas carol, sucking Fat Rob's tongue. "Tis the season. Now get that cum," Fat Rob ordered her.

When they finished, Torrie went back inside after gathering up her bathrobe, never bothering to put it on. She wrapped a few presents and put them under the tree, all while naked, and her pussy dripping semen on the floor.

She went to bed, nude, with a smile on her face. ******************** It was New Year's Eve. Torrie lied to her husband, telling him she was going to Miami to visit some family during her time off from work. She was Indeed in Miami, but not with her family. As Torrie put on makeup, looking into the mirror of her hotel's bathroom, she paused, looking in her own eyes. She began speaking to her reflection. "I have learned about myself that I am insanely attracted to black men, I am much more sexually adventurous than I used to think, I would have been much more sexually active if I didn't marry young, I love to suck black cock and that I actually like to cheat.

I like to live two lives." Torrie grabbed her purse, adjusted her tight, short dress, and went to meet Ronnie at a club. A couple hours she was back in her hotel room, Ronnie slapping her ass, "I told you this was some good white pussy." His brother, Rodney, agreed, pulling his cock out of her mouth, slapping her face with it several times, "Yeah she is." Rodney used his black cock to gather a string of saliva hanging from Torrie's chin before pushing his cock back into her mouth.

The two men spoke about her as if she were not in the room as they ravaged her repeatedly all night, long after the clock stuck midnight. The countdown to midnight hitting one, fireworks exploding outside, over downtown Miami, in the very same moment Ronnie's and Rodney's cocks exploded their semen onto Torrie's face - the first of several facials she received that night.

A few hours passed, Torrie was naked and asleep between the two huge black men. She stirred slightly, remembering where she was, a smile forming on her lips. She reached over Rodney to grab her phone.

Checking it, she saw she had missed a few Happy New Year texts from both John and Eddie. She didn't reply. "Checking on momma?" Rodney asked, starting to stir himself. "Mmhmm," Torrie smiled, laying herself on top of Rodney, kissing him, delighting at the touch of her breasts against his body. "Well momma was busy," Ronnie said, stirring as well, casually stroking his cock.

"I've been servicing these black cocks," Torrie grinned, sliding off Rodney. Ronnie slid closer to his brother. Torrie was in between their legs, kissing, licking, slurping all over their cocks. "They probably watched the ball drop on TV and went to bed," Rodney said. "Yep, that's what we usually do. This year I've been getting fucked all night," Torrie replied, bringing them both back to full strength for another round.

She paused for a moment and thought about how she almost said "that's what we USED to do". Chapter 8 In late January, Fat Rob had to go out of town on business, leaving Torrie to fend for herself.

It'd had been months since she and her husband had sex, and she had no desire to do so any more. She went to another club, one closer to home, and saw another black man. He was with a blonde woman and they were both talking and looking around the room as if they were trying to find someone.

Torrie introduced herself. The woman said her name was Devin and the black man was Ulysses. Torrie asked if they were looking for someone. Devin, leaning in, whispered in Torrie's ear, "We're looking for a third person to join us tonight." Devin kissed her cheek, "interested?" Ulysses cock was amazing, his stamina was incredible.

Devin was amazing, her pussy tasted incredible. The night was a blur of sweaty nakedness, swirling tongues, and one gorgeous, cum spurting, black cock. Torrie chuckled at herself walking back to her car in the early morning hours, "Wow," she thought to herself.

"There's a first time for everything. On Valentine's Day, Torrie was running late to dinner with her husband. Fat Rob was purposely holding back on cumming for her. She knew he was messing with her, finally injecting semen down her throat, slapping her ass as she left for dinner. Speeding to get there in time, Torrie was stopped by a patrol car.

She was already late and didn't really care about going to dinner to begin with. When she noticed the officer was black she attempted to have a little fun. She would flirt with him, suggesting he didn't have to give her a ticket, much to officer's annoyance. Finally Torrie undid the first few buttons of her top. "Ma'am, please," The officer pleaded looking away.

Torrie smiled up at him once more, pulling her shirt apart. "I can't ma'am, let me just write your ticket and - " The officer said before being interrupted. "What's your name? Your first name?" Torrie asked.

The office sighed, shaking his head, "It's TJ." He continued writing the ticket. "TJ, look at me," Torrie seductively said. When TJ did, she was smiling softly, tweaking her bare nipples. TJ sighed once more, "You know what?

This is my last week on the job." Five minutes later, TJ's patrol car was rocking back and forth, just like Fat Rob's Escalade on Christmas Eve. Torrie finally arrived for dinner, smiling politely at her husband sat across from her, explaining about how bad traffic was. TJ's semen was oozing out of her pussy onto the chair. Torrie hadn't been wearing underwear since October. ******************** Torrie was cooking breakfast for Fat Rob in March.

She was naked except for an apron to prevent potential bacon grease from splashing back onto her skin; it was during Eddie's spring break. It was a typical Sunday, just like most Sundays in the past several months. She sucked Fat Rob awake and then off. She cooked breakfast for him, they had sex, and then she left. While she was scrambling the eggs, a nude Fat Rob slid his hands over her shoulders, "When are you going to come to one of my clubs and dance? You'd probably make more money that your limp-dick husband." "Oh yeah?" Torrie smiled, scrambling the eggs, arching her butt into his crotch.

"You would. Sometimes my customers pay a little more for something extra. Something a little more than just a private dance," Fat Rob kissed her neck.

"You want me to be a hooker?" Torrie asked. "No, just provide more than just a lap dance for those paying customers if you want." Torrie thought about it, finishing his breakfast, eating with him at the table. Afterward, her pussy was stretched again, Fat Rob clutching her hair, thrusting upward, bouncing her on and off his cock.

She collapsed on top of him, out of breath, "I'll do it. Next weekend. I'll give it a try." Chapter 9 "Why did I ever get married?" Torrie asked herself, adjusting her now platinum blonde dyed hair. She had just done her first dance. She felt at home, sliding around the pole, humping it like it was Fat Rob's cock. She picked up money when his customers placed it on the stage, dancing for a few moments before moving on.

Fat Rob complimented her natural skills, suggested she had this inside her all along. She agreed with him, telling him that he brought it to the surface. For the next three hours, she danced twice more on stage, sold 20 lap dances, five of which involved a little extra pay to provide a hand job while dancing in the private room, or allowing the patron to suck on her tits a little.

Torrie loved it. She arrived back at Fat Rob's placed, immediately removing her clothing, grunting and moaning as Fat Rob slammed in to her pussy over and over again. After her first orgasm, Fat Rob rolled over, taking her with him. "Ride that dick," he said, slapping her ass a few times. "Ah yes!" Torrie came within minutes, resting her head on his shoulder.

"Why did I ever get married?" She whispered, recalling the events of this amazing night. Fat Rob pinched her butt, signaling her to get ready, as it was his turn. A few minutes later his seed spilled out of her vagina, coating his balls. Knowing what to do, Torrie went to her knees and began cleaning Fat Rob's cock of semen and vaginal fluids.

When she was done Fat Rob tipped her chin with his index finger, her eyes staring into his now. "Say it again?" He asked. Torrie knew what he was referring to and replied, "Why did I ever get married?" She meant it.

It wasn't just because she was getting plowed regularly by black cock; she meant it because she truly, deep down, wanted this kind of sexual lifestyle.

******************** At first, Torrie just quit working at the jewelry store and started working during the day at Fat Rob's club. She earned far more money and gained a bit of a following. She was able to hide her increased earnings from John. Soon, Torrie added stripping and dancing on weekends. Lying to her family, saying she was hanging out with a new church friend. Over the next couple weeks, Torrie found herself being paid a little extra for something more than just a private lap dance.

By late April she was providing oral services or sex to nearly every single black man that bought a private dance from her. She loved every second of it. She loved crawling in bed with the semen on her breath and semen oozing out of her pussy, while John snored away, blissfully ignorant of her double life. "Ugh, you're a good dancer," Fat Rob told Torrie the last Sunday morning in April after their weekly breakfast, in between powerful thrusts from behind.

"I be your boy wouldn't mind seeing you dance," Fat Rob taunted. Torrie, nearly forgot about her son, agreed, grunting as Fat Rob slammed into her from behind.

"I bet you make his little white cock hard," Fat Rob said. "Uh! Yes!" Torrie agreed, cumming once more. "Make his little cock hard!" Fat Rob slapping her ass again; he knew how to push her buttons. "Little white boy of yours jacking off to you!" "Ahh!

Yes! Yes!" Torrie screamed out. Eddie's 18th birthday was the day before. Torrie was gone most of the day, stripping, dancing, and fucking most of the night. She thought she wished him a happy birthday, but couldn't remember for sure. After the night she had experienced, she didn't care.

******************** Torrie forgot his name. He was one of Fat Rob's friends from out of town. It was 3am. Torrie was sucking his black cock in her living room.

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They had gone out for dinner and drinks, Torrie feeling slightly tipsy and brave, invited the man into her home. She was happily sucking away at his cock, kneeling in the middle of the room, not truly caring if she got caught.

Eddie's eye's shot open in horror. He had been standing there unable to move, paralyzed with fear and curiosity, watching his affectionate darling mother, suck on a long, black cock on the couch in the living room.

His pajama pants were bulging, his hand slowly squeezing his erection. She was amazing; his mouth dropping in shock, but in wonder, watching her work that dick all the way into her throat. Just as the black man leaned his head back, ejecting cum into the air, Eddie too, came in his pajama pants. He snuck back to his room, embarrassed, angry, and ashamed.

He avoided his mother the next day, too angry at her, but also angry at himself for being aroused by her display. Things began to crumble. Torrie was having sex with Fat Rob, and sometimes his close friends, in the driveway, in the house late at night, and out on the back deck. She took risks many nights and on one early May weekend, she was caught again by her son.

John was on call, working late, at midnight Eddie heard moans coming from his parent's room. The sting of catching his mother giving oral sex still burned, but that unmistakable moan that he imagined her making, in his darkest of fantasies was heard in real life. Sneaking down the hall, Eddie peered into his mother's bedroom, his eyes once again shooting open with shock.

There she was in all her glory, doing what she does best. Her back was glistening with sweat, her head was thrown back in ecstasy, and a black man, perhaps the same one from before, was pumping fiercely upward meeting her downward squats on his cock.

Torrie climaxed again, her head looking back, seeing her son standing in the doorway upside down. She slowly rose back up, "Excuse me a moment," she calmly said to her man as she leaned into him and kissed his lips. She climbed off his slick cock, hopped off the bed, and walked seductively to her son.

"Hey baby," she said, placing her hand on his shoulders, not bothering to cover her nakedness and giving him a full frontal view. "Looks like you caught mommy being very naughty tonight, didn't you?" Torrie asked her son, his shocked expression frozen on his face.

"Aww, it's ok. I know you won't tell dad. I would hate for him to know about this," she said, smiling sweetly, caressing Eddie's face. She leaned in close to whisper. "I'd hate for him to know about this too," she said in his ear, her hand gently grabbing the hard bulge in Eddie's pajama pants. "Mmmm," she moaned.

"I'd hate for dad to know you get excited about me," Torrie whispered, kissing his cheek as she continued to rub his hard bulge. "So you'll keep this night between us yes?" Eddie blinked rapidly, slowly nodding his head.

He was torn between wanting to stand there and let her finish him and wanting to run away and never be seen again. "Good boy," Torrie caressed his cheek once more, before climbing back on the bed, guiding the black man's cock back inside her. She turned around to smile at Eddie and blew him a kiss. He ran out of the room, speeding to his own. "That your boy?" the man asked Torrie.

"Yep," She answered. "Now then, where were we?" Trying to go to sleep, trying not to masturbate, trying to not salivate over seeing his mother in such a sexual way, Eddie tossed and turned in agony. He wouldn't and couldn't tell his father, he bought into her manipulations. An hour later and Torrie knocked on his door.

She was wearing one of Fat Rob's t-shirts. It was black and had a rap or hip-hop artist on it. The shirt came down to her upper thigh. She was wearing nothing underneath; the fit of the shirt making that obvious. "Hey Eddie," Torrie said, slinking around to his bed. "You ok?" "Mom," He said, sitting up.

"No, no, lay back down," Torrie smiled sexily, climbing onto his bed, coming to a rest on top of a very confused teenager. Her head rested on his shoulder as she straddled him.

"Thank you for keeping this between us. I'm going through some changes right now and I appreciate you keeping things, like what you saw tonight, a secret." "Besides," Torrie ground her hips down onto Eddie's erection, "you have a secret too, remember? It looks, and feels, like you like these changes." She slowly kissed his cheek. Eddie quickly nodded his head. "Good," Torrie sat up, her hands running through her hair. The motion of her arms caused the t-shirt to come up slightly, exposing the bottom of her butt, her bare crotch resting on top of Eddie's.

"Ok, I'm going to go shower," She said, shifting her weight, pressing down harder on his bulge. She let out a brief moan before climbing off his bed. For a brief moment, Eddie wanted to ask her to stay. Making her way to his door, Torrie paused, "Good night.

Sleep well." She blew him another kiss, removed the large t-shirt, and then walked out of room. Eddie's heart was pounding, his mouth agape. He touched his penis through his pajamas with his index finger and he ejaculated. Chapter 10 Darrell and Marcus groaned simultaneously as their cocks flooded Torrie's mouth with cum. It was the day of their high school graduation and they were once again back in the same bathroom from November's football game. Popping their cocks out of her mouth, Torrie spoke up, "You two should come see me dance.

The club allows 18 year olds in." "Oh yeah? Maybe we will," One of them said, wincing as Torrie sucked the last remaining drops of semen from them.

"Also, come by the house after graduation. Eddie is going to a cookout. My husband will be working. He traded shifts so he could attend this," Torrie explained.

"We were going to the same cookout, but I'd rather have some of this white pussy instead," Marcus said. Torrie licked her lip and grinned devilishly at them. Torrie arrived in the stands to an oblivious John, moments before her son's named was called. She watched him accept his diploma, observing his now nervous expression, when he smiled politely and shook the principle's hand.

Later that day, Torrie was on Eddie's bed being taken at the same time by Darrell and Marcus. They were all grunting, slamming Eddie's headboard against the wall. Darrell slammed into her anus from behind and Marcus sucked her tits from below while thrusting upward into her pussy.

"When you're ready," Torrie moaned, "pull out and cum on his bed!" "Ah shit!" one of the high school graduates said. That comment sent them over the edge; they pulled out of Torrie, jacked their cocks a few times and sprayed Eddie's bed sheets with semen.

Eddie arrived an hour later, wondering why they were there, putting two and two together. They weren't at the cookout as they had promised to be. He peeped in his bedroom, finding his bed a disheveled mess, doing a double take at seeing some kind of stains on the sheet.

He heard his mother laughing in the kitchen with Darrell and Marcus and made his way there. She was loosely wearing a bathrobe, serving them dinner. She sat on Darrell's lap, after filling his plate, waving to Eddie. Eddie said nothing, nodding politely, realizing what had been going on that afternoon. His mother offered him food; Eddie shook his head no, since he had just eaten at the cookout.

He went back to his room, staring at his soiled sheets, fists clenched with anger. His erection betrayed him as he pictured his sexy mother having sex on his bed. Eddie was so confused and aroused. "Hey, honey," his mother said, startling him out of his trance. Eddie said nothing to her. Torrie waltz into his room, standing in front of Eddie, looking to the bed.

"Yeah, sorry about that. They came over and wanted to have some fun," Torrie shrugged. "Your bed was suggested, hope you don't mind." Eddie didn't respond once more. "We'll keep this a secret too, right?" his mother asked. "Mmmm," she moaned.

"So much fun for an afternoon," she said, reaching behind her and running her fingers through Eddie's hair. "Ooh, I'll tell you another secret," Torrie said, bending over slightly at the hips, pulling her bathrobe up, revealing her naked butt, pressing it against Eddie's crotch. "They took me here too." Eddie's mouth dropped, looking down at her naked ass against him. "Our little secret though," Torrie reminded him, sliding her butt to and fro across his erection.

"Clean sheets are in the closet," She said, pulling her robe down, leaving Eddie alone in his room. Eddie had to escape. He had no idea what he would do if he stayed. Leaving the house, he stayed out until 11pm, getting home after his father had arrived. He snuck into his bedroom and fell slept on the floor, doing the same the next few nights before he went to the beach for a week with another classmate's family.

******************** More unraveling began when John came home earlier than expected. Hearing a moan he headed to the bed room, "Torrie?" No response. John's eye shot open when he saw a large, naked black man asleep on his bed. "What the - " He heard another moan.

It was coming from Eddie's room down the hall. Running to the room, he stopped in the open door way. He saw his wife on all fours on the floor. She was straddling Darrell and Marcus was mounting her from behind. John said nothing, only standing in shock. Torrie didn't notice him standing there yet. "Yeah, right there, I'm a bad mommy!" She cried out, urging the two black teens on. "Mmm, playing in Eddie's room!" Torrie noticed John, smiling at him standing in the door way. A second large, black man walked past John into Eddie's room.

"Excuse me," He politely said. John watched him go to his knees to Torrie's side. She took his cock in her mouth, winking at John while she bobbed her head back and forth on the man's dick. The two older men were Darrell and Marcus' fathers. ******************** The divorce was speedy and Torrie found herself living with Fat Rob by the time Eddie went off to college.

It all happened so fast, she was elated. She found herself sitting at a restaurant waiting for Eddie to arrive. John urged him to visit his mother at some point during his fall break from college. He initially didn't want to, but decided to maybe it'd be ok, hoping that they could get along. Torrie was wearing a sequined, sparkling short dress, with a good amount of cleavage - something a woman wouldn't normally wear to a franchise, family, restaurant.

She was extremely friendly and sweet to Eddie. It was as though nothing had happened between them. She held his hand as he talked about college, about classes, about new friends. Eddie did his best to be as friendly to her as possible, trying not to burn bridges, even though the amount of hurt was immense. He too, struggled with guilt and shame, choosing to let those feelings go. He felt awkward and his mother picked up on that. Torrie caressed his hand and played footsy with him under the table, causing him to stumble on his words.

About an hour into the meal, the mother and child getting along great as they could, given the situation, there was a lull in the conversation.

Eddie glanced once more into Torrie's eyes, she was smiling at him. Suddenly she did a double take, looking behind Eddie. Her eyes widened with happiness. Fat Rob approached the table, saying nothing to Eddie. He was there to pick up Torrie. "Hey baby!" Torrie said as she stood to greet him. Fat Rob tipped her chin with his index finger, bending down to kiss her. Torrie moaned as she open mouth kissed Fat Rob in front of Eddie, her tongue swirling around his, finally ending the kiss with a long suck of Fat Rob's tongue.

Torrie turned to Eddie and said, "This is my boss, Fat Rob," leaving Eddie to stand politely and say "Um, I'm Eddie, her son". Fat Rob chuckled a bit as he shook Eddie's hand. Then just like that, Torrie said, "Gotta go, honey!" and said goodbye to her son. Fat Rob nodded at Eddie, placing his hand on the small of Torrie's back while escorting her out of the restaurant.

His hand slipped down to her butt before they left. Before she exited the door, Torrie turned, blowing her son a kiss. Eddie glanced out of the window, waiting for the bill that he apparently was paying, and watched Fat Rob open the back door of his Escalade for his mother. Inside he saw several black men sitting in the back. Later that evening, Torrie was starting to tire. She had a black cock in her pussy, one in her ass, jacking off two cocks, while she sucked on another. Closing her eyes while the one cock ejaculated in her mouth, she knew she was where she always belonged, doing what she does best.

It was October 1st at 11:54 pm. One year had passed she first saw a black cock. ********Epilogue*********** Two years later, "We are bringing your boy to see you at work Friday night," Marcus groaned, while slamming into Torrie from behind. "You're going to dance for him," Darrell said, his cock lodged into her throat. "We've been tearing up this pussy for awhile now, since high school and since we started coming to watch you at the club.

You owe some more fun," Marcus said shortly before filling her pussy with cum. "Loyal customers," Darrell said, before spraying semen on Torrie's face. Eddie naively accepted the apology Darrell and Marcus had given him, believing they had matured since high school, changing their ways. They decided to go to a strip club that permitted persons under 21 to enter, along with a host of other illegal activities.

It was a way for them to reconcile. When they arrived, they saw Torrie a few minutes later, making her rounds. All three of them pretended not to know her, Eddie obviously not wanting them to know his mother was a stripper there. He had barely spoke to her since seeing her two years prior, only loosely knowing she was working for Fat Rob. Darrell approached her, buying a lap dance from Torrie first. He came back to their table, all smiles, proclaiming how amazing that blonde was, suggesting she took his cock out and played with it.

Marcus piped up, "We're buying you a lap dance next. Get her over here." Eddie immediately started blushing, unsure of what to say, deciding to play it off like it was nothing, all while pretending he didn't know the woman. He figured it'd be a nice opportunity to at least chat with her some. Marcus nodded in Torrie's direction. She made her way over to their table, sitting on Marcus' lap.

He handed her some money, whispered in her hear, and slapped her ass when she got off his lap. Torrie turned to Eddie, smiling seductively, "Ready?" Eddie was happy, aroused, and ashamed to see her. But he went along with it anyway; his mother guiding him to the private dance area. Eddie couldn't believe how hot she looked. Her platinum blonde hair was much longer, falling down to her lower back, her body was sexy and toned, and her breasts looked as though she had nice sized implants - she looked like a porn star.

"I'm not used to giving dances to white boys. So bear with me!" Torrie joked, guiding Eddie to sitting position. "Hey, listen, mom you don't have to do this," He said, Torrie started to grind her butt against his crotch, looking over her shoulder. "Are you doing ok? Are you happy?" Eddie asked. "I am," Torrie smiled, resting her hands on his knees, feeling his growing erection between her thong-covered butt.

"We all miss you," Eddie said. He wanted her to come back to be the mother he remembered before everything happen, but at the same time he enjoyed seeing this sexual goddess, knowing it may all fade away if she came back home. "Do you? I miss you too," Torrie replied, grinding harder into his crotch to the beat of the music.

She leaned back on him, taking his hands, placing them on her sexy, flat tummy. She moaned lightly. Eddie dismissed any thoughts of her returning to her old life after seeing how much she loved this. "I just wanted you to know that I love you," Eddie said, trying to control his breathing. "And I love you," his mother said, turning around, straddling him. She removed her bikini top, revealing her bigger, new, fake breasts. "Mom," Eddie whispered. Torrie grabbed his hands, placing them on her nearly bare ass.

"Mom," he whispered once more, squeezing her butt cheek lightly. Torrie prevented him from speaking, grabbing his face, kissing him hard.

"Take your cock out," she ordered. "What?" Eddie asked. He was frozen with a mixture of shock and desire. "Do it," she whispered in his ear. His heart pounding, his erection throbbing, Eddie knowing he may never see her again, he may never touch her again, and he would most certainly never have her back as a mom, complied, unzipping his pants when she slid off his lap, taking his cock out for her.

Torrie went to her knees, dragging her long hair across his erect penis, lowering herself in front of it. Eddie grabbed it by the base, moaning, looking at her blue eyes peering back into his.

It was the light exhale she directed towards his cockhead that did it. He began ejaculating, splattering his pants and bottom of his shirt with cum. Torrie smirked up at her son.

She gave his cock a quick suck to the root, tasting his seed, laughing as she stood. "Too bad it isn't black. Otherwise it'd be inside me." Eddie was slack jawed as he looked at her. He didn't want to leave as this was something he had fantasized about since puberty. In essence a new relationship was born that moment.

She was no longer his mother, but a sex fiend, pornstar-looking, black cock queen. Torrie sat back down on his lap, bringing her mouth to his ear, "You should come back and visit me here some time. Maybe I can make an exception to my rule of dancing for blacks only.for my son that is." Eddie nodded, in total disbelief as she smiled sexily at him. Torrie escorted Eddie back out to the table.

He and his friends decided to leave the club, Darrell and Marcus getting their laughs at his expense. Just as Eddie was about to walk out of the door, he turned, looking back at Torrie. She smiled and blew him a kiss. Torrie was happy to see her son the next night, and the next night, and the next. Eddie was the only white man Torrie slept with ever again. The End.