Desi big ass wife getting fucked in doggystyle by her husband with loud moaning

Desi big ass wife getting fucked in doggystyle by her husband with loud moaning
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I was 17 and living in Germany with my parents (dad was military and we were stationed there). I was aware of my tendency to like sucking cock, but hadn't yet encountered one that I wanted to get involved with yet. I was entertaining the thought of finding a boy that wanted to experiment and satisfy my lustful need to taste cum, but was scared of the consequences. Well, soon enough I would get the chance. It was summertime and I went to the local pool quite a bit, swimming to my heart's content almost daily, during nice weather.

While at the pool, I could gaze on the lovely bodies all around me and be very open about it, as no one seemed to care. I could view naked breasts of older women, younger women and even teen girls, while at the same time, I could also take in the sights with the hard bodied guys my age as well (and there were PLENTY to look at). I had gone to the pool this particular day and was already anticipating seeing some good looking boys and girls, so I was in a good mood, to say the least.

I got to the pool, parked my bicycle and went inside the entrance to the pool, paying my fee and headed to the locker room area to change and store my bag. As I rounded the corner to the lockers, I almost ran smooth into a young boy about my height (about 5'10").

He had sandy blonde hair, tan skin, dark eyes, fit frame and handsome features. I politely said excuse me and continued to the lockers. I went into the bathroom, dropped my shorts and underwear, and then headed to the shower. As I stepped inside the shower stall, I became aware of eyes on me. I turned and saw the boy I almost ran into staring at me intently.

I smiled at him, feeling a blush touch my face and kept wetting my body down. When I finished, I went to my swimming trunks and the boy was watching me the whole way with a smile on his face. As I reached my trunks, he came over and struck up a conversation in German. Fortunately, I could speak the language fluently and was able to converse with him easily. He asked me my name, age and where I was from. I told him I was Joey, 17 and from America, but living in this town called Bechoffen with my family.

He told me his name was Carl and that he was German and also live in the same town. We smiled at one another and continued talking a bit, discussing school, home and interests. When I was finally finished dressing, he offered to hang out with me for the day, if that was okay. Of course, my blood pumping in my ears and cock twitching, I said "sure". Soon enough, while talking like old friends, we walked out to the pool and claimed a spot on the grass for our towels and headed for the water.

We both ended up launching ourselves into the water at the same time and came up to the surface almost simultaneously. We laughed, splashed each other and I could tell we were really hitting it off, like long lost buddies.

We swam a bit, struck up games with some of his friends, after he introduced me to them all, then decided to get out for a while. It was still early enough, so we headed over to the snack bar to get a bite and to sit in the sun.

I got a Bratwurst, Pommes and a beer, he ordered pretty much the same and we took a seat to snack and continue talking. As we were munching our food, he mentioned to me that, he was embarrassed to say it, but he thought I was very nice looking. I REALLY blushed at that, but I smiled and said thanks. He watched me as I ate and drank, all the while looking me up and down. I was beginning to spring a semi hard cock at all this attention he was giving me.

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I tried to divert my eyes to the people around, but I couldn't take my gaze off of his body. I mentioned to him, quite red faced in fact that I also thought him to be very good looking as well.

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It was his turn to blush and smile nervously at that. He thanked me for the compliment and we kept up the conversation. After a few more minutes of trying to swallow my food and beer, I was finished and we got up to go back to the water for a while. After we got back in the pool, he began coming into contact with me on occasion.

He would reach for me to dunk me and his hands would "slip" to my ass cheeks and then into the water. I would submerge and come back up laughing, while trying to get a hold on his lithe body to do the same to him. After a while, he was putting his hands on my waist and lifting me into the air and dunking me, then, while under the water, he was fondling my erect prick through the trunks.

I was quite aroused at this point. As I surfaced, I was close enough that his face was right in front of mine and our lips just grazed each other. I was weak in the knees at this point. I just giggled, and told him I had to go to the bathroom. He shook his head and smiled at my attempt to divert his attention and we both got out of the pool. I am trying to hide my erection behind my hands and he's speaking in almost whispered words that he understood if I was too shy to have sexual contact with a stranger.

I just laughed and told him, I was okay with it, but, I needed to do that kind of thing after I got to know him better. Well, we both went to the bathroom together, evidently he needed to piss as well.


We went in, chose a urinal and let the flow go, then I turned to go back out and he was right there waiting for me to turn around. I ran right into him and he kissed me hard on the mouth, sticking his tongue inside my lips and rubbing his hands on my cock. I was hot, flushed and VERY aroused by his advances and wasn't really sure how to handle them, but I liked the sensations he was causing in my mouth and crotch.

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I kissed him back and began rubbing on his trunks also, discovering his cock was just as hard as mine and it twitched when I touched it. I gave it a squeeze, moved into his embrace a bit more and we stayed lip locked for what seemed forever.

We were both breathing heavily and caressing each other's dick rather intensely at this point. I finally pulled away and told him if we were going to take this farther, we needed to go to his house or mine to finish.

He was happy about that suggestion, so, we went and got our towels from the grassy area and returned to our lockers, got our stuff and went out to the bike racks.

I told him I could go to his house, but my parents would be freaked out if I came back with someone so soon. He said for me to follow him to his house, which was, strangely, only a few blocks from mine. We got on our bikes and headed to his place. It took us just about 15 minutes to ride to his house, the whole time I was just dazed and excited at the prospect of getting him naked and me being naked with him, just the thought of it caused my cock to jump. We rode up to a house and he stopped, got off his bike and motioned for me to do the same, then we went to the door of a pretty large 2 story house and went inside.

He led me to his room, all the way upstairs. When we got there, his room was the equivalent of an apartment. He had a stove, refrigerator, sink and full cabinet space. It was quite nice. He showed me where the bathroom was and told me if I wanted to take a shower, I could. I accepted his offer and started stripping before I got to the bathroom door. When I turned to look at Carl, he was moving close to me, hands reaching for my firm butt cheeks.

He lightly squeezed them and patted me, then I went inside the bathroom. I only showered for about 5 minutes, then toweled off. By the time I got done, he was ready to shower as well.

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I went into the main area and sat on the couch to wait for him. As I looked around, I saw that there was a few posters up on his walls, some of soccer players, bands, cars and varying artistic pictures. I figured this must mean he's a normal boy. Soon enough, he came back out and was also naked, but clean. He came over and flopped right down beside me. He wrapped his arms around me and we kissed again. This time, we were both naked and no one to see us.

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We were touching each other, stroking our dicks and grinding our lips together. I lightly cupped his balls in my hand and he did the same to mine. We both sighed into each other's lips and started kissing even more. We were both really hard and his prick was pulsing in my hand.

I broke our kiss and asked him if I could suck his cock? He smiled and said, "I hope so". LOL I looked at the cock in my hand and I was pleased with what I had to work with. He had to be at least 6 or 7 inches of uncut beauty. I wet my lips and leaned over to his (not so hairy) crotch and took him into my mouth.

He let out a moan and I began to stroke him with my hand and suck on his cock head, flicking my tongue all around the bulbous tip. I began to take him farther into my mouth and began to deep throat his beautiful dick until he was moaning a lot. He was guiding my head onto his prick as I slurped away. I was in heaven! As I continued sucking him, he was growing louder by the moment.

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I knew he must be close to cumming, so I shoved him deeper into my throat, licking his ball sack each time he inserted. He warned me that he was close and wouldn't be able to hold off for much longer.

I just moaned and kept sucking. Pretty soon, I felt him shake and his prick tensed up at the base, so I shoved his dick fully into my throat and milked his shaft, waiting for his load to shoot against my hot tongue and mouth.

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I was not disappointed. He tensed up his whole body and shot cum into my mouth, throat, all into my waiting stomach and I just kept him locked into my deep dick sucking crevice. HE finally finished his orgasm and I rose up, swallowed his load, and then smiled at him. He was red in the face and panting but I could tell he was happy with my technique. He kissed me again, swirling his tongue inside my hot mouth, which had previously been occupied by his engorged prick.

He kissed me for a long time, tasting of his own juice, all the while, stroking my hard, precum oozing penis in his hot hand, running his other hand up and down my chest, pinching my nipples and really causing me to be the most horny I had been in my entire young life.

Soon enough, he broke our kiss and took my hard cock into his mouth, then began administering to me in the same way I had done to him. God he was hot and could really suck! He was bobbing his head up and down on my meager 6 inches and doing it so well, I could tell I wasn't going to last for much longer.

I warned him and he just dove onto my cock even more intensely. I was being thrust into his deepest portions of his mouth and throat, just as I had done to him prior to this.


It felt SO good; I was bucking my hips and thrusting my dick past his lips and into his hot mouth. Before I knew it, I was cumming into his throat and he was taking ALL I had to give. He just continued milking my shaft, sucking on my dick head, licking my piss hole and drinking of my cum until I was done.

As soon as I stopped jerking and he was satisfied I was finished, he lifted up off of my prick and kissed me as I had him.

His tongue danced along with mine as I tasted myself and his cum together and I was very turned on by the mixture. We finally stopped kissing and touching after about 10 minutes or so and just cuddled up to each other.

I was curled up against his body and him against mine; we were just content with that. We talked and caressed one another for some time, and then he asked if I was thirsty. I replied "Not after drinking all of your jizz". I laughed at that. He snickered and nodded in agreement. He got up and came back with a beer for me and he had one for him. We sat and sipped our drinks and just reveled in each other. This was an end to a great day.

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Just think, I have the REST of the summer to enjoy!