Slutty indian summer fingering cute teen pussy while cock inside her

Slutty indian summer fingering cute teen pussy while cock inside her
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Days past as he tried to contemplate what he was going to do, his Mother had gotten worse and worse, she had all but stopped trying to orgasm and she had become depressed and incredible irritable because of it, she would lash out at him for no reason, when she would realise what she had done she would end up in a heap and cry, he knew his Mother couldn't help it but he was getting tired of it, so spent as much time as he could thinking about what he could to make her feel pleasure again.

After a while he made an appointment to speak to Doctor Gulara again. He sat in her waiting room looking nervous as he contemplated the words he was going to say to her, he couldn't believe what he was going to ask.


"The Doctor will see you now." Said a Nurse to Charles, he rose from his seat and entered into her office. "Nice to see you again Charles, how can I help you?" Doctor Gulara asked as he took a seat before her, his gut was in knots as he looked at her.

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"Doc I've come to ask a question and I'm not sure if I should be asking it." Charles said his words full of curious mystery.

"And what question is that?" Gulara asked back. "Do you think&hellip. I should help my Mum…… Orgasm?" The words fell of his tongue like boulders off a cliff, he looked up seeing Gulara with a shocked look on her face. "Let's see if I understand you correctly, your asking me if I believe if you should help you Mum in a sexual fashion?" Charles simply nodded his head.

"Your Mum's condition aside, do you want to have sexual relations with your Mother, you know they have a word for that?" "Incest yes I know." Charles was starting to wish he hadn't come and asked, Gulara sat back in her chair contemplating his words and working out her own.

"Okay I agree that the touch of another person can have an increased chance of a person reaching sexual relief but I would never condone a course of action that resulted in sexual intercourse of any kind between family members unless they were Husband and Wife." Charles looked down at the floor humiliated and disappointed.

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"I understand." He stood up ready to leave. "Charles wait." Charles looked up at Gulara waiting for her to continue.

"What I'm about to say stays between you and me understand?" Charles nodded his head. "As you are the only male in your Mother's life you might be the only one she trusts enough to get her through this." She reached into her desk and pulled out a bottle of pills and handed them to Charles.

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"Give these to your Mother and they should knock her out, tell her that I gave them to you to help her sleep, she should be out enough for you to interact with her without her being aware of it, just remember that even in an unconscious state her condition is still active so no penetration of any sort understand?" Charles nodded heading for the door. "Thank you Doctor." He said leaving to return home. He arrived home to find his Mother sitting watching TV, she didn't care much anymore and was sitting there in her sleepwear.

"I'm home Mum." He said walking over to her. "That's nice dear." He sat by her side and she snuggled up against him, could he really break her trust, he was going to almost be as bad as the three who had put her into this situation in the first place. "Mum I went and spoke to Doctor Gulara and she gave me some pill to help you sleep better." He pulled them out of his pocket and showed them to her.

"I don't care anymore Charles, life just ain't worth it anymore." Talking like this Charles was getting scared, he knew it was only a matter of time before she went and done something stupid. "Listen Mum, I'll cook dinner and afterwards you take one of those pills and see how you feel in the morning." She didn't even look at him as she answered.

"Whatever." He gave her a kiss and headed off into the kitchen. He made a beautiful meal of chops and pasta and as he said she took one of the pills, she instantly felt groggy and he helped her to her bed. He stood at the foot of the bed for fifteen minutes fighting with himself, his morality was holding him back, he unsteadily walked up to the bed side, she lay there looking like she was finally at peace once more, he lifted up her nightie up to around her belly, her cotton purple panties were visible on her toned thighs, he removed his shirt and shoes and gently pulled down his Mother's panties, she stirred but she wasn't going to wake up for hours, in the slight light from the window he could see a nicely trimmed bush which looked like an exclamation mark if you included the invisible clit.

He bent her legs at the knees and opened them wide, he crawled up on the bed and wrapped his arms around his Mother's thighs, he looked at her used and raped pussy, he'd fucked and seen a few in his recent teen years but he found the place of his beginning somewhat alluring as if he wanted to go back in, to remember the warm feeling when he and her were one person, but he was way to big now and so would have to remain separated.

These thoughts filled his mind trying to distract him from his task, he brought his face down to her labia and slid his tongue along her flower like folds, he did this gently, lovingly, she tasted sweet. She gave a slight moan and moved a little, he looked up as he continued to lick and could see her erect nipples under her nightie, she didn't wear a bra to bed and this helped him know how he was doing, she continued to moan quietly and started to breath faster as he watched her breasts rise and fall, soon the flower that was his Mother's pussy began to bloom and her vagina was open to him giving him a look at her vaginal channel that had been savaged by those bastards.

He licked her hood and clit and it sent shivers down her body as she took in a deep sharp breath leading to a loud pleasure filled moan, he had to be careful or he would aggravate her condition.

He continued this for a good twenty minutes as she continued to moan and shiver, she would unconsciously raise her back and close her thighs around his head only to relax and start again, problem was his tongue was starting to fall asleep and he was getting a pain in his back by staying in that position too long, he took one last lick and unlatched his arms from her thighs, he stood up and had a quick stretch, time for plan B, all good men know that there are more than one sensitive area for women and for some the simple act of breast feeding is arousing, he lay by her side and lifted her nightie higher giving him a first class look at her breasts that he had not sucked on for so many years, he always tried to get a peek at her melons simply because they were always there, never once had he thought that one day he would be in this position.

Her nipples were still erect and he lowered his lips to her right breast, he kissed it, licked it and gently bit it, he gently groped both her breasts playing with her left nipple with his left index and thumb as he bit her nipple again softly, he brought his lips around her aurora, as he began to suck softly he slid his hand down her belly, over her small bush until his index finger rested on her clit, he started out softly rubbing it but soon he was putting some force behind it as he sucked harder on her breast, it did not take long before she started to breath hard and moan loudly from his second attempt.

He continued this for another twenty minutes, she was breathing faster and faster and that was when she breathed in long and hard and gave out a massive moan of satisfaction, he continued for another few seconds before detaching his lips from her breast and had a look to see if he had accomplished what he had set out to do, he rose from the bed and stood at the foot, he knelt down and could just make out a large wet spot on her bed, he could see more pussy juice flow from her channel before she stopped, he looked at her breathing fast trying to get over the orgasm, he looked at her face and she had a slight grin, in turn he smiled but it didn't last long as he had another thing to deal with, during the last forty minutes he'd been as hard as a rock and needed an immediate release.

He pulled down his jeans and placed his hand in her juice pool, he soaked his hand and then placed it on his cock, the feeling was like pouring water on hot metal, he gave out a sigh and started to stroke, he had been hard too long and did not last, after four or five strokes he gave out a loud moan of his own and shot his load, the first shot flew through the air the remainder dripped out of his head onto the floor, he smiled again and looked down to see his own mess, his smile turned to shock when he realised he'd dripped on his Mother's panties, they were covered in his cum, he quickly picked them up and rushed to the washing machine, he washed, and tumbled dried them in record time, he returned to the bedroom and found his Mother in the same position he'd left her, he smiled once more and placed her panties back in their rightful place, he slid down her nightie and placed her sheets on her, he gathered up his clothes and retired to his room to sleep.

He lay on his bed naked, he put his hands behind his head and smiled a wide grin, he was happy to help his Mother feel pleasure again. Her night was filled with pleasure filled dreams, as the first streams of sunlight came under the blinds she stirred and stretched, she smiled feeling a massive relief, her sexual desire had subsided, she sat up and placed her feet on the floor, she stretched once again with a large grin when something caught her attention, she looked to find a large stain on the bed sheet, she knelt on the floor and rubbed the stain, it was familiar, she brought her nose down and took a breath, instantly she knew it was her juice, she could not understand how she had cum so much without waking herself, she was glad in any case, she knew she would have to change her panties as they would have been stained as well.

She pulled off her nightie and placed it on the bed, she then one leg at a time removed her panties, however as she held them in her hand for a closer inspection she saw that there was no juice on them, she breathed them in and while she could smell her pussy, it also smelt like they had only just been washed, she was quite puzzled but she was not going to look a gift in the mouth. She walked over to the window and pulled up the blinds, as the light bathed her body she sat on the bed, her legs wide open taking all the light to her skin, she felt the familiar yearning again, she figured since she had come the night before she must be fine now, for the moment the rape left her mind and the simple satisfaction of being able to orgasm again was all that mattered.

She closes her eyes and moves her right hand down to her labia and slowly begins to slide her finger along her creases, gently her pleasure starts to build, she slides her finger away from her pussy and joins the other hand as they slide up her belly, her nails sliding, stimulating the invisible hairs and nerves, slowly she continues up, she slightly shivers and shakes as she finds her way just below her breasts, she slides her hand under the fold and begins to lift them gently, as they raise half way she lets them slide softly through her hands as they smack her ribs, she slides her hands over her breasts slightly touching her nipples, she continues up sliding her finger along the opposite collar bone to the tip of her shoulders and begins to brush her nails down her upper arm, down her forearms and then over the small hairs on the back of her hands, she places her hands on her face starting from her forehead, dripped her hands down her face, over her eyes, the sides of her nose, her soft lips, past the small point on her chin, down her slim throat, over her collar bones once more until they converged rested once again on their opposite breast, she cupped them and flicked her thumb nails over her extremely erect nipples, she bit her lower lip to feel a small amount of pain to add to her pleasure, she started to trail her right hand down her breast, over her belly and back to the folds of her labia which had bloomed since she had been there last, she slid her index finger over her clit and let out a relieving moan, she sucked in air sharp through her tightly clenched teeth, she lowered her finger to her opening and opened her eyes, worry, memories of pain halted her, slowly she approached her channel and in a blink of an eye her muscles contracted and she was filled with pain she had endured for the last few days, she dropped to her knees and put her face into the dunah of her bed screaming and crying until her muscles once again relaxed.

She lifted her head and wiped away the tears, she stood up and got dressed, she walked to Charles's room to wake him, she opened the door quietly so as not to startle him, however it was she who was startled, he lay there asleep naked and with morning wood, his erection took the wind from her lungs as the sight of it and her recent failed attempt had filled her with lust, she knew that it was wrong and decided to leave and knock on the door to wake him, but as she placed her hand on the door she looked back over her shoulder, what a provocative sight, she felt her hand begin to rub her pussy through her jeans and it was starting to make her feel moist, she was caught between two rocks one saying to enjoy the sexual nature of her sons appearance or leave and be frustrated for the rest of the day as she thought about his hard cock.

She had to do it but she'd have to be quiet, she walked over to his computer desk and lowered her jeans and panties, she sat on the seat and opened her legs wide, she couldn't believe that she was sitting half naked with her pussy open for all to see, should he wake now she wouldn't have any means to explain herself, but she didn't care, she began to slide her hand down over her labia, she was well open and ready, she slid her middle finger up and down her open folds getting her finger all wet, with her left hand held over her mouth trying to keep herself quiet, she slowly made her way up to her clit and massaged it with her soaked finger, god it was heaven as she closed her eyes taking in all the pleasure, she pushed breaths through her fingers as she moaned silently, she opened her eyes again watching her sons still hard cock as he moved getting more comfortable, by doing so his cock moved and twitched, she knew what she had to do, she stood up and slowly made her way over to her son as she continued to tease her clit and trace her finger through the fold of her labia, removing her hand from her mouth she softly gripped his cock in her hand, he felt so hot, and her excitement only increased, she had to keep going, she covered her right hand with pussy juice and rubbed her hands together, she then placed her left hand on his cock again and pulled down on it, a slight moan passed his lips as she lifted her hand up over his head, slowly she began to jack him off and he moaned louder and harder, this pushed her even harder and she felt her on coming orgasm.

"I'm going to cum Charles." She said a little louder than a whisper, as she rubbed quicker and quicker she stroked him faster and faster, that was when she felt the undeniable feeling of his cock pulsating as it was about to cum. "Shit if I let him cum on himself he'll wonder what happened." She thought to herself, without thinking she thrust her lips over his head as the first few shots hit her tongue, she hadn't stopped playing with herself resulting in an unbelievable orgasm, her hand was filled with juice and it overflowed down her legs and onto the floor, as she stopped she felt the last of his cum seep out of his cock and she slurped her lips up his head so as not to let any out.

"Mum?" He said as he began to wake, his eyes were blurry and he began to wipe them, she only had five seconds and she quickly pulled up her pants, however her hands were still covered in pussy juice and her mouth still had cum in it, she picked up a nearby towel and wiped her hands, by now his eyes had become clear.

She knew he was waiting for her to say something so she did the only thing she could do, she closed her eyes and swallowed his cum. "Yes honey it's time to wake up, and please put some clothes on." She said with a giggle and a smirk, he looked down finding himself naked remembering the night before, he covered himself and she turned taking the towel with her, despite his mind being filled with erotic memories he wasn't getting hard, he took hold of his penis to find it wet, he figured it must be cum but it was right around his cock, he lifted his hand to his nose and smelt something crazy, it was the smell of his Mother's cum juice and it hit him, the familiar feeling of a drained cock, he looked at the door in wonder, she couldn't have, could she.

As they sat at the breakfast table neither spoke a word, both full of worried suspicion. "Mum we have to talk, this morning when you woke me up, I found vaginal juice on my penis." Sue swallowed hard on her tea. "It was yours wasn't it?" "Excuse me, how dare you claim such a sick thing." Sue tried to stay innocent.

"It's alright Mum, I only know that it was yours because&hellip. Because&hellip." "Because what young man?" Her eyes seemed to burn a hole in him. "I made you cum last night." Once again everything went quiet. "You made me what?" "Cum." Her face was red. "How?" Anger was evident in her voice. "When you were knocked out I touched your body and brought you to orgasm." He answered looking down at the table in front of him, Sue was almost speechless.

"You violated my while I slept, how could you do that to me Charles?" "But Mum, I did it for you." "What?" She said still getting over what she had heard.

"I saw how miserable not being able to orgasm was making you so I did what I thought was right." Tears began to run down his face. "I'm sorry Mum." He mumbled and ran from the table back to his room. "Charles…" She called after him, but he was gone, she felt miserable, he was a good boy, and he surely meant well, but it was wrong, then as the memory of her own actions came to the front of her mind, she realised that she'd done the same thing and it was only right that she answer for her crimes.

She slowly made her way to Charles's room again, he was crying in his pillow.


She sat by his side and began to rub his back, he turned eyes red with tears. "Honey sit up I need to tell you something." He did so resting his back on the wall.

"I have a confession, I massaged you this morning, I used my juices as lubricant, the sight of you with morning wood drove me to lust, and while I massaged you I played with myself resulting in an orgasm and your ejaculation&hellip.

I know I was mad with you before and I shouldn't have, especially after what I had done as well, I hope you can forgive me Charles." He smiled and launched himself at her with arms wide open, they embraced for a good five minutes before separating. "Now we can't do this anymore, from this moment on we are Mother and Son as it should be." "But what about you?" Charles had worry on his face. "I'll just have to accept that until I get over my phobia and issues with men, I just have to get used to not reaching a climax." "Mum I want to help you, promise me that if you ever need help with your sexual tension you will ask me." "I can't you're my son." "Mum you would do anything you could to help me if there was anything wrong, let me help you, promise me to let me help you." "Why would you want to do this to me?" "I want to do this for you to help you, you're my Mum, I want you to be healthy again, if that means I have to help you orgasm when you need to I will, that's not lust it's love, I love you Mum." Sue knew that despite what it would mean she would need help, her sex drive was always like a teenager and it would not help her if she could not climax.

"Alright if I need a release I will come to you I promise, but what do you want in return, its only fare." "Nothing." "Nothing but you'll practically be having sex with me, its only right I do something for you, a blow job, hand job, tit fuck, what?" "Nothing, if I need a release I'll just masturbate later, I would never put you in that kind of situation, its not right for me to let you do such things to me." They smiled.

"Now do you need anything Mum?" "No son I'm right for the moment." Charles dressed for school and departed for a boring knowledge filled day, Sue waved from the front door still dressed in her sleep wear. She entered the bathroom and stood before the mirror, she seemed to be glowing, her smile filled her with a warmth that wasn't pleasure, she actually felt happiness.

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She removed her clothes and turned on the hot and cold taps as she started to fill up the bath, she wanted to relax today. She slowly submerged feeling the hairs on the back of her neck rise. The water rises high and her breasts float with their own buoyancy, she lays her head on the head of the in built bathshower and closes her eyes.

For once she feels really relaxed, she has no urge to masturbate, she splashes the water over her body feeling the pleasure of the hot water reheating the cooled spots on her skin. After enjoying the bath till the water turned cold, she entered the lounge room dressed in casual attire of track suit pants, grey t-shirt with a picture of Elmo, she decided to go without underwear just let her body relax without restraint, her hair was loose, she carried with her a punnet of strawberries and laid on the couch, she turned on the TV to watch Days Of Our Lives.

She heard a knock at the door and rose from the couch, she answered it casually and opened it to a man dressed in a suit holding a vacuum, he was a door to door salesmen, but all she saw was the face's of her rapists, she slammed the door shut and ran hiding in her room. Charles arrived home and knocked on the door, when no answer came he let himself in.

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"Mum I'm home." There was no response, he was worried. He found her curled up in a ball in one of the dark corners of her bed room. "MUM!" He said with a loud tone and rushed to her, she looked up to see Charles and leapt at him, she held him tight shaking and trembling. "What happened?" He asked. "Aaa mmmman cccame to the door, I was terrified and I ran here." "It's alright Mum, your safe, but we are going to have to get you used to men again… tonight a mate of mine is coming over to play a few games, don't worry he's a complete geek, glasses and everything, he wouldn't do anything without getting his Mum's permission.

He helped her from the floor and sat by her side on the bed, he held her tight until she had calmed. "Charles… Pleasure me please." She asked shamefully, he smiled at her and dropped to the floor. "Lay back and enjoy." She did so swallowing hard as she felt his breath through her tracksuit pants as his face hovered over her pussy, he slid his arms up the sides of her lower legs, over her calves, up her thighs until they reached the trim of her pants, she closed her legs and he slid them down, she lifted her hips and they slid easily down her leg and over her feet, he placed his hands on her knees and gently parted her legs, he lowered his nose and took in a breath.

"You smell beautiful Mum." "Thank you Charles&hellip. Oh god." He licked from the bottom of her labia, around the right side of her hole and up to her clit. "Charles that feels nice, don't stop." He hooked each arm onto her thighs to keep him from falling back. Sue gripped the back of Charles's head as his tongue continued to circle her labia, brushing her clit as it reached the top each time.

"Oh Charles make me cum." As he continued to lick he unlatched his right arm and lifted his head. "Mum, I want you to close your eyes and relax, no matter what don't open them." "Okay just make me orgasm." He started to lick her clit again but this time brought his pinky to the outside of her opening. "CHARLES!!!" She screamed in fear.


"Mum relax." He got his finger moist and went back to his licking as he continued to trace his finger around her opening, he started to thrust his finger into her channel, he could feel the resistance as the pain filled her again.

"CHARLES STOP PLEASE!!" She continued to beg. "Mum breath, relax, I know it hurts but you have to relax." His finger continued to slide inside her tight hole, when he was in as deep as he could go he started to pull out again, the pain she was feeling still racked her but as she breathed the same as she had when she was giving birth to Charles, the pain wasn't as bad, still agonizing but a little bit more manageable and she could feel a slight hint of pleasure from the introduction of his finger as her pussy was tight around it.

"CHARLES IT HURTS BUT YOUR FINGER FEELS GOOD!" He continued to thrust slowly until he pulled out allowing his Mother to relax, he lifted his head and saw his Mother's breasts rise and fall exhaustedly, as she tried to recover he began to thrust his finger inside her again.

"OH GOD CHARLES NO MORE!!" Her muscles ached from the pain. "Take my hand Mum." Charles left hand was held out to Sue who took it gladly, she squeezed his hand hard remembering she had done the same with his Father under different circumstances. Every so often he would allow Sue to rest, he would moisten his finger some more and then continue, she was starting to cope with the pain and even slowly feeling more pleasure.

After an hour she was relaxed on his finger and while walls were still tight around his finger she was feeling pleasure. "Oh Charles fuck me with your finger, make me cum on it." He smiled and was thrust faster and faster into her pussy. "I want you to cum Mum, come on cum for me." There was real friction now as he felt her pussy even tighter around his finger, she was going to orgasm. "Here I cum Charles, I going to…&hellip." She screamed in bliss as he watched as her pussy opened wide sending wave after wave of pussy juice over his hand and wrist before landing onto the floor, he pulled his finger out of the wide opening and while his Mother got over the orgasm he began to lick his hand clean of her juices.

He stood up with an obvious bulge in his pants as he departed for the bathroom, Sue took hold of his hand and began to sit up. "No you made me orgasm, so I will aid you in cumming as well." "I already told you I wont let you do anything to me." "I know but at least use my body for something to look upon." She sat up all the way and removed her top, she opened her legs wide again and used her fingers to spread herself open as wide as she could.

"Pull your cock out." It was a command that he did not think twice before he dropped his pants to his ankles.

"You have very beautiful cock." He started stroke when he said. "Thank you Mum." She moaned ever so slightly to help his arousal, her breast rose and fell seductively, her glistening pussy ever seeking the attention of his eyes.

"Mum you make me so hard." "I can tell by your rock hard cock." He moaned in ecstasy. "If you keep talking like that your going to make me cum." "Oh I'm going to make you cum boy, because I want to see your white hot liquid spew forth from your cock." "Mum I'm going to……" And cum flew from the head of his cock, shot after shot after shot, he closed his eyes enjoying the feeling of his semen lunge from his cock, as his dick slowly got soft in his hand he opened his eyes.

"Looks like I'll have to have another shower." His attention went straight to the dripping puddles of cum that lay over his Mother's breasts, belly and even over her open vagina. "And I thought I made a mess." Sue rose from the bed and kissed his forehead.

"I'm going for a shower, you get dressed and play a game and I'll put dinner on for us."