Dykes Sarah Vandella and Ryan Keely scissor at Nuru massage

Dykes Sarah Vandella and Ryan Keely scissor at Nuru massage
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The following Story is Fictional it was just supposed to be one meeting and done, at least that's what they told me last night.

" FUCK ITS 9AM." I roll over almost falling out of my bed, frantically trying to locate my shoes, moving box after box, " They have to be here somewhere." Tissue paper is now covering the floors of my tiny apartment, pulling the last box out and hoping they are "Wearable" heels.

throwing the bright red " Sex heels" on as I stumble to the kitchen. " Coffee, I need Coffee." trying to get everything done in a quick manner is quite hard if you aren't used to it. My alarm is still screaming as I wander around getting dressed, flying as fast as I can in the six inch heels, pulling the first dress I have off the rack and slipping it on.

" ah, Black wasn't the best choice for a meeting but I guess it's gonna have to work today." soon enough grabbing my coffee off the counter in a to-go tumblr mug I bought back home when I still lived with my parents, " Ah.Coffee." I almost moan taking the first sip, I glance down at my watch." 9:30??" I try and fast walk in heels to the elevator, " I swear to god." I whine finally reaching the elevator with a bright white " Out Of Order" logo pasted on it.

" Jesus fuck." turning trying to find the nearest stairwell." This will have to do." gripping the railing as I slowly step down onto the first metal step, six stories up you'd think they'd make better stairs. Gripping for dear life I almost fall a couple times, not to mention the gusts of wind flashing my bright red panties under my dress for all below to see.

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Trying to hold my skirt and the rail along with my coffee is a challenge. almost falling off the last step I stumble to my car, digging my keys out of my purse and unlocking my car as quick as I can, " Now, where to." I tap the wheel, at this point pulling up my GPS to enter the place my new boss emailed me. " hmm. Pete's bar." I slowly look at the menu, since i'm sure it's one of the odd meetings where we all eat in-front of each other.

inputting the odd location, letting the GPS boot up, I pull out of my spot and start on my way. Not paying attention to anything but street lights and stop lights, I had places to be and I don't want to be more late than I already am. " Okay, I've only got about five miles to go." I nod in approval, " I can do this." I chant at the top of my lungs. Then it happens, red and blue light with a loud as hell siren.

" No no no." I look into my rear view mirror almost pulling my steering wheel off the hinge. " I can't, I don't have time for this." he flags me to pull over and I do so, pulling into a sleazy gas station parking lot.

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Tapping my foot on the floor board to avoid speeding off. I hear a tap on my window, looking over." do you know what im pulling you over for?" I roll the tinted glass down, " Say it again?" He swallows." Do you know why I pulled you over today?" I smile, kinda nervous.my lipstick slightly smudging while I rub my lips together." I can explain." I say.he chuckles. " get out of the car," I raise an eyebrow, " Excuse me?" he laughs a little louder now, it's deep and I hate to admit it, but it's turning me on.

I open my door and let him direct me to where I need to be, " Against the car ma'am." he applies pressure to my back, placing me on the hood of his squad car. " Am I gonna get a ticket." I say turning bright red.feeling the breeze that you only feel when your dress is riding up.

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" No, I don't think so." he begins to pat me down, " Searching me" hands wrap around my hips then I feel a slight sting on my ass, " Did you just." I gasp almost moaning, it's 10am and traffic is rapid by this hour, " Mhm." he clips a pair of handcuffs onto my hands, pulling me by the wrists to the backseat.My body hot and heavy by now.

" Now what i need you to do is test the Hand cuffs." he whispers in my ear." How." I breath back. " Like this." I feel him pull my wrists apart until the chain is straight. " I bite my lip, my nipples hard and showing through my short black dress, " What's the occasion for the shoes?" he rubs up and down my legs, " They are for work." he parts my legs rubbing my panties in soft circles." Oh.mmm." I part my legs for him, even bending a knee and letting him hike my dress up.

The fact is, I've never had kinky encounters, and this one had my mind and body running hot and wild, leaning down I watch him as his teeth and lips wrap around the small bow on my bright red panties, the ones that match my heels, as I can't do anything, my hands are tied.


" Please." I beg. he gives in and starts to lick slowly over my folds, sucking my clit softly as I forget about the meeting entirely, " the hand cuffs, take them off." I moan, his green eyes look up into mine." mmm, not today Ma'am." he smirks making my body melt.

" I can't return the favor if I'm hand cuff'ed." I say shyly. he pulls up from his "meal." wiping his mouth, " Sure you can." I watch him stand up and pull out his massive cock, I inch to the edge of the car, my heels outside on the concrete.

" Ahh." I say opening my mouth, " Ah, is right." He rolls his throbbing cock over my rosy painted lips. Big eyes looking up at him, tasting his cum for the first time." Mm." soon enough i'm really into it, I start giving him head.his hands wrapped in my hair, pulling it as I suck and He pushes down, making his entire length fill my throat. " Mghrm" I moan as I start to gag, slowly feeling my eyes water, he holds it there." Mmm.Good girl.that's it.

" pulling out I cough and smile up at him, loving the taste of his cock.


His hands rub in the warm sweat and saliva that drips off his shaft. " Lay back now," I do as i'm told and lay back on the hard not even real " Seats" of the back seat. Suddenly my body is bare, I hear a tear. " You don't need those anymore.

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" His cock rubs at my entrance slowly, teasing me." Mm.Biting my lip and looking him in the eyes." I want it." He teases me even more, " tell me how bad." Leaning my head against the other door, taking up the entire back seat as my heels are up in the air." ready?" he says, thinking I have time to prepare myself before he pushes in to me, I am very wrong, His hips thrust up and I am filled to the brim in no time, I buck my hips." Oh fuck yes." Oddly enough the hand cuffs make it so much hotter, the fact I can't control anything makes me wet beyond repair, I feel the smooth waves of sex fill my body, moaning and panting as we fuck.

He speeds up and pulls my hair, " God you're so fucking tight." he moans into my lips, I pull away to take a quick breath and he takes it as an invite for another kiss, sucking my lip and then my tongue, " mmmm." the windows steam up and I start to express my feelings vocally, louder and dirtier than before." Give it to me, fuck yes.Fuck." His body now in the car with me, I wrap my legs around his hips as he pulls the Handcuffs off, wrapping my legs around his hips.my knees on each side of his lap as I slowly lower myself back onto his cock.

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His hands cover my ass, squeezing my rear as I start to slowly ride him, my heels barely having enough room to keep them on, As I grip his neck and pull him back into a kiss." mmm, god damn." he moans as he leans back against the seat, I keep working his cock, rolling my hips and letting him watch my chest bounce.

" I'm gonna." he moans, before I know it my pussy is full of warm sticky cum, we collect ourselves.breathing heavy he gets out of the back before I do, adjusting his trousers and then his belt." Well it's your lucky day, " he smirks." I pull my dress down and fix my make up with my fingers." Oh really now?" I wiggle my ass for him, teasingly.

He winks and hands me his card with him phone number on it, on the back it says " Take this as a warning." and I wave, feeling cum dripping down my legs as I get back into my car watching him pull off and drive away.Now I'm late for my meeting, " Hmm." I sit there smiling, " Guess I have to go, right?" I pull out of the gas station and head to the restaurant hoping i'm not super late for my meeting, but then again. I don't care. THE END.

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This was kinda just a off the top of my head, spur of the moment, this would be hot kinda thing? Hope you all enjoy it.

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