Titjob in public in Denmark

Titjob in public in Denmark
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Casey had babysat for the Smith family now for the past year. She remembered the first time she had met Andrew and Jane Smith for the initial interview.

She knew she would like the job from the beginning. There would be perks and lots of them.

Casey would steal drugs, money and material items from the home. The biggest bonus was the sex. When Andrew caught her stealing he would fuck her silly for hours to teach her a lesson. Sometimes he would also have his buddies over to help out and discipline this bad little girl. They were capable of all taking a good round out of her.

She also liked how they talked to her. She was into a bit of abuse and discipline. It turned her on. Casey although only 19 was a little slut you could say.

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She knew during the initial interview for babysitting that Andrew was undressing her with his eyes and thoughts. His wife Jane did not like her as much. It was probably because Casey had dressed just a little inappropriately for the interview. Casey had thought about it later and realized wearing black short shorts and a tighter than tight grey top probably would not get her a job anywhere else.


But it did with Andrew. She was hired right away despite protests from his wife. She could tell Andrew had sprouted a boner, probably about 8 inches. She was an expert at telling cock size.

She had ridden and sucked enough of them. Fifty by now. Her first babysitting gig went well. There were no problems. The only rules were that she could not have anyone over and tie up the telephone all night.

The two kids went to bed and Casey went about checking out the house. It was large.

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There were 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and a large living room and recreation room on the top and main floor. The basement opened out into a large walkout sunroom connected to a magnificent pool which was landscaped into a large hill. Casey loved their bedroom.

In the middle was a large king size bed with mirrors on the ceiling. The one dresser drawer contained Jane's sex toys. Lots of them. Giant dildos, whips, handcuffs and masks. What a fucking little slut also Casey thought. Casey got onto the bed and looked at herself in the mirror. She imagined Andrew fucking her on the bed and this made her wet. She checked out drawers on Andrews side and found cocaine.

She had tried it a few times before and took just a little bit out of a one ounce bag. She saved it in her purse for her boyfriend and her on a later date.

Later that night around eleven the Andrew and Jane returned.

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Andrew told Casey he would have to pay her tomorrow. He asked her to come by in the afternoon around one. On the ride home he asked how she liked the house. She told him it was nice. There was a bit of small talk and then she was dropped off.


The next afternoon Casey went to collect her money. It was a hot and sunny day so Casey dressed for it. She wore two pigtails out of her long blond hair. She tied on a white bikini top and bottoms fit for a playboy bunny and barely covered them with cutoff jean shorts and a small tee shirt. She wore little lace up runners on her size 6 feet. As she rang the doorbell she could hear laughing inside. It appeared more than one guy was there. The door suddenly opened and it was Andrew.

He immediately got a mischievous grim. He told Casey to come in. Inside were 5 other guys. They all sat in the living room area smoking and drinking. Casey felt all their eyes go on her as soon as she entered. Andrew introduced her to them as his sexy little babysitter. Casey imagined all these guys taking her upstairs and fucking the shit out of her as after all she was a slut. Andrew could see she was wearing a skimpy white bikini under her clothes as the sid string dangled out over her shorts.

Andrew playfully pulled at it. He told her to change downstairs and use the pool for a bit. She decided that as a good idea. Little did she realize the whole house had security cameras in every room.

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As she wiggled her tight little ass and dropped her jean shorts the men upstairs had gathered around the monitoring system and observed her getting ready for the pool.

Some rubbed their cocks through their pants. She lifted her arms over her head and pulled the tight little tee shirt off. Her body was a ten out of ten. Tanned, tall, lean and clean. No piercings or tats. She went outside and dove into the pool. She swam for awhile then Andrew appeared with a drink. She consumed 4 or 5 more over the next hour and eventually lay on chair to get some sun.

While she was doing this the men had hatched a plan which ironically she would like. They decided they were going to fuck the crap out of her. Casey had also been teasing them and playing up her body while out swimming. She knew she was being watched the entire time.

By now though she was a little slow as she had drank a lot. She eventually stumbled in and got dressed. She stripped down and wore no bathing suit as it was now wet. She had not planned on swimming there so she had not panties or bra. She put on her shorts, top and shoes and stumbled upstairs. Andrew now looked a little serious. He told her to sit down. He wanted to ask her a question.

Casey did and looked a little worried. She looked cute though. Vulnerable, drunk and scared. She stammered out wha whaaa what is it Andrew? Andrew told her he had cameras all over the house. He said that he saw her steal some of his cocaine and then lay on the bed. He told her he was going to tell her parents. Casey began to cry and begged him not to. Andrew sat there for a minute then said maybe we can work this out.

It was if a light went off in Caseys head. She said I know what I can do. She immediately got to her knees, unzipped Andrews pants and pulled out his eight inch cock.

She started licking his shaft like a trooper. She grasped it with both hands and jerked away. She had done this many times before. The other guys sitting around got excited. They all whipped out their cocks. Some started jerking them. Casey could see most of them. Some were even larger and some smaller than her bosses. Andrew asked her what kind of dirty little fucking girl she was. She stopped sucking and looked up at him with big blue puppy dog eyes. She told him she was a bad girl who needed to be taught a lesson.

She then asked if all the guys could fuck her to teach her a lesson. She wanted it hard she said. She liked it that way. It was if her words unleashed a pack of wild animals. The men stripped their clothes off.


Shirts pants and shoes flew everywhere. The men grabbed Casey roughly. One man on each wrist and ankle. They carried her upstairs to the bedroom. She bucked and screamed with delight trying to escape with very minimal effort.

They threw her roughly to the bed. She was then pinned down. As she was pinned she imagined the ravishing she would receive. She could strike off a few more fuck notches on her bedpost. Andrew was first as it was his house.

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He tugged at the little zipper that held her shorts on. Open they came and they were immediately ripped down her legs. Her shaved sweet little pussy stared him in the face. As he dove in with his larger than average tongue the men up top ripped her tee shirt off. It exposed firm as hell double d breasts. They rose like mountains off her hard flat stomach.

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There was no baby fat on this little slut. Andrew licked the shit out of her slit. The men up top took a turn on each tit first rubbing then sucking and gentle nipple biting.

Casey could feel her insides warming. She was going to fucking cum and it was going to be big. The tongue felt great going in circles then slurping her insides and clit.