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Sexy redhead dressed as a kitty on webcam more videos on sexycamsorg
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"Fuck" I shouted as I walked in the door. It had been another long day at work, the life of a farmer is tough one.

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summer had been hot a dry and all the corn was just about dead, the soybeans were fried, and the cattle were dying of dehydration, there is only so much you can do when its been 105 every day for the past 2 months.

i looked out the window as the sun was setting over the horizon i could see birds flying across the dry and dead corns fields trying to move quickly to better areas to escape the heat. I took my hat off and wiped the sweat from my brow and threw it on the table. i looked around my large country farm house big and empty.sorta the person that was left the family was me and my daughter. my wife and son left a month ago when the barn caught fire and we lost all the hay that had been mowed in the spring the plan was to sell the hay if the corn crop was going to bring a profit, and by the looks of things it wasn't going to.

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luckily there was minimal damage to the surrounding areas but that was the final straw for my wife, she gave the kids a choice they could stay with me or go live her and her parents. my son never liked the farm life he always begged for me to give it up and move to the city.

i wasn't bound to give something up that my family had been doing since the early 1900's. i was lost in thought when i heard the door open close behind me. i turned around and there she was my pride and joy, my daughter Alison.

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since i laid of the hired man she had been helping me with some of the work around the farm. she had her hair sandy blonde hair all wrapped up in bun to keep the sweat out of her hair, she had on her favorite pair of daisy dukes and the flannel button up shirt that was tied in bun and a pair of cowboy boots on.

she looked so adorable my little farm girl. she came to the table and plopped down in a chair and gave a big sigh. "I'm sorry Daddy" she breathed as she tipped her head back of the head rest "For what?" I asked " For not being more of help when i comes to Benny". Benny was the big prize bull i had been raising for a few years now if anything he was going to bring us some revenue to at least put a meal on the table "No need to be sorry sweetheart he is a big bull and i don't want you getting hurt" " I Still feel like i could been more help watering him" " Its not a big deal darlin, now go wash up i'll cook some some supper" " Ok daddy!" she said with a smile got and walked right into the bathroom.

i shook my head with a smile almost 18 years old and she still called me daddy. it made me feel good that still called me that it gave her sense of innocence. As far as i knew she was still a virgin but wouldn't be for very long. She has her mother's body, Nice round ass, Big perky (but just barely) C cup breasts, and tan as one of them girls you see on panama beach during spring break.


it almost brought a tear to my eye that my little girl was already a junior in high school. Shit school would be starting soon and i would be down a man during the day. " this day just gets better and better" i said to my self as i sat down and turned the kitchen TV on. I ran my fingers threw my hair and let out a sigh as i looked for somthing to watch.

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there was nothing but shit and bad news nowadays, Gas prices raised to almost $5, corn and beans prices were and that was good thing but if you dont have a crop to sell well you pretty muched fucked. The war in the middle east raged on, and the threat of nuclear war was almost inamant.

I felt like there was nothing i could to stop the world from plunging into this dark place that which there could be no return.

I heard Alisons shower turn on the kitchen was right under neather her room. I looked at the smart clock on the wall the time was 7:00pm and it was still 99 degreas outside i shook my head and reached for my medince box, cause of all the preasure and stress my blood pressure was out of controll reached behind me and pulled on soda poped the tab and threw back my pills and that when i her a low humming sound coming from my daughters bed room.

At first i didnt think anything of it but then it got louder and more rythmic. I decied to go see if she was ok i.

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i moved to the stair well and made my way up not trying to be quiet at all. moved down the hall way past my bed room that was at the top of the stairs to her bed room door, i knocked "Alison are you alright?" i asked threw the door.

she probably couldn't hear cause the water running. i opened the door to her bedroom and looked around neat and tidy on her flannel bed spread she had a set cloths out a pair a jeans, band T-shirt and a tiny pink thong. i shook my head i wish i hadnt of seen that know my daughter wears thongs was not a pleasant thought and yet i found it very intriguing. a quick glimpse of my daughter in nothing my a thong and bra on.

there was a little twinge in my cock but quickly shook the image away and went back to the mission at hand to see what hell that humming noise was that was coming from Alison's bathroom.

I reached for the door when heard Alison.

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"Oh yes!" she screamed out. almost startled i paused not sure if i should open the door. i knocked on the door "Alison are you ok in there?" i hollered the humming down low for a moment but still continued "yes daddy" she hollered back. "ok just checken" i walked towards the hallway again when i her again" "Fuck!" she yelled.

i had to see what was going on i tip toed to the door and kneeled down and peeked through the keyhole there on the on sink was my daughter legs spread open with little pink vibrator, my daughter was masterbating.

I was at a loss for words, my 17 year old daughter was rubbing a pink vibrator on her vagina and i hadn't pulled myself away yet. my whole body was shaking, I'm not sure if i was nervous, afraid of getting caught, or angry but was thing was for sure i was definitely aroused. my daughter's body writhed and twisted i could see the sweat rolling down her perfect breasts, the steam floated through the bathroom from the running water.

i looked her body up and down.


It looked like she hadn't even taken her shower yet there was still dirt on her face and arms from the days chores. her hair had been pulled out of her bun and dropped out her neck. "ugh this thing doesn't work!" she shouted as she tossed the vibrator to the floor. she kept her hands at her side for a moment. I was almost disappointed she stopped but no sooner than i had started thinking about leaving her hands started to explore her body her left hand cupped her right breast and her other hand traveled down to her pussy.

had i just thought of my little girls vagian as a pussy? i had to be going crazy! maybe its because even before my wife left me i hadnt had sex or even jacked off in almost a year, there is no time for that and being a farmer you got to save your energy. i returned my attention to my daughter with two of her fingers shoved deep inside her pussy, quickly moving in an out.

she moans an squeaked and twisted, i could tell she was enjoying herself, "oh yeah oh yeah!" moans "OHHHHH YES YES YES YES YEEEEESSSS" my daughter had just cam, her fingers still locked in her pussy i would see it squeeze her fingers and some of her juices flowed off of the sink top.

i reached down to my crotch and through my jeans i could feel my cock fully erect and ready for pleasure. Alison hopped of the sink legs still quivering from her orgasm she stumbled over to the shower and shut the curtain.

i stood up and my entire body was shaking i had never seen anything to hot in all my life. what was i saying?!?!?!

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that was my daughter my pride and joy, my little girl. i shouldn't be thinking these things let alone be spying on my daughter. i was raised from good christian parents that built this farm from the ground up.

If my father knew i had just spied on his grandaughter pleasuring herself he would put me so far in the ground that i would find the place i surely would be going. i got up from my little peek hole and bolted down the hall to my bedroom, as soon i was in there i turned around and locked the door, i dropped my jeans unbuttoned my shirt and threw my calloused hand over my already throbbing cock and began pumping it to the image of my daughter.

thinking about how she moved and twisted the quick image of me deeply penetrating her virgin pussy entered my mind which made my already stiffened cock hard. I just could hear my daughter moan and quiver with ever thrust of cock.

a few last pumps and i blew my load all over floor. rope after rope came shooting out of my erect cock i lost the feeling in my legs and dropped to my knees dropping my hands to my side, still spewing the hot liquid onto my hardwood floor my cock stiffed on more time and shot of rope of cum onto my chest. i had never came so much in my life sat there on my knees looking at the cum soaked floor what had i just done?