Spex voyeur dominates her sub slave

Spex voyeur dominates her sub slave
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Twins, and one's a virgin The two kids stood by the side of the highway hitching a ride. It's cold and snowing lightly, and really, my first thought is that I feel sorry for them, they look so cold and forlorn out there all by themselves.

I'm on my way back to my apartment early, having completed my work and reached the interstate by 4 pm. So I'm not in any hurry. I pull over and roll down the window. "Where you guys headed" I ask. "What ever way your agoin mister" they repliy together.

I open the door and give it a push. Except for two back-packs, they have no baggage, so they both squeeze into the front seat with me. Even tho they are bundled up, they take off their caps, and I realize with surprise that I have two girls with me! The juices start flowing--and as I drive, I start plotting their downfall!

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Well, I don't want to seem too pushy by asking personal questions so we keep the conversation light. I tell them my name is Chris and that I'm headed for Albany, miles on down the Interstate. I've never seen two girls that looked so cold, and hungry looking. About a half hour down the road, I tell them I'd planned on stopping for dinner, and if they want, I'll treat them to dinner as my guest---no strings attached.

That makes their faces brighten, tho they try hard not to seem too eager. We pull into a restaurant and yes, they are hungry, and glad to thaw out and relax.

In talking to them, I judge them to be about 14 or 15 tho I don't come right out and ask their ages. I am afraid that would spook them. They tell me they are sisters traveling to their Aunt's home&hellip.somewhere, they don't volunteer where. I just nod my head in agreement. I would have agreed to anything they said. They seem to be very well educated. I assume they come from a broken home that literally fell apart, and they took off in a panic.

Their names are Sarah, the talkative one and Molly, the shy one. We have spent a good hour and a half in the restaurant, ending up with several cups of coffee, but we are enjoying ourselves, and the girls are obviously in good spirits, talkative, happy to be warm and have their tummies full. By the time we get back out to the car, the snow has increased considerably, and within the hour, it is really coming down, the roads are covering over in spite of the traffic.

It's getting scary! Finally, I tell them, that the road's are getting too bad to drive on and I think I had better find a motel for the night. Probably by morning, the State will have the highway cleared, and we can continue. At the next decent looking motel, I pull in and into a parking space.

They still have a 'Vacancy' sign on. The two girls look a bit apprehensive. I just smile and look at them. "Look here girls" I say. "It looks like this snow storm is getting a lot worse, and there's going to be almost no traffic at all on the interstate tonight. Now if you want to go back out there and try hitching a ride, you can, but you'll probably freeze to death." I say, Then with a serious face, I tell them "You guys are welcome to stay at the motel with me tonight--they will have two beds in the room, and you'll get the rest that you need, warm and sung, In-your-own-bed, I promise" "So what do you say?" For a long minute they look at each other, and whisper, even tho it's a no-brainer, then they nod their heads, say it's a good idea to stay with me.

I am experienced enough to always be prepared, especially since I spend a lot of my time on the road. So after the girls get out, I open the glove box and take out a tube of Slip lubricant and a little bottle containing those special little 'blue pills'. I hurry over thru the snow, and registered myself and two daughters. We hurry into the room and loudly stomp off the snow. The girls start shedding coats, and I mean coats. I think each of them have on two sweaters, two sweat shirts and two coats, but I busy myself elsewhere.

The girls walk around examining everything, including the softness of each bed. Since we have eaten about two hours ago, and it's already getting dark, there seems little to do. We all feel relaxed, or at least Sarah and I do, Molly, is still a bit shy, although she had been talkative in the restaurant, now that we are in the motel room, she will hardly talk at all. I try to break the ice with Sarah, touching her casually, putting my hand on her shoulder as she sits down, taking her hand in mine as we talk and stroking it, things like that.

She doesn't seem to mind, in fact seems to like me. Perhaps she is thinking of their ride tomorrow, I don't know. Perhaps an hour later, we are standing in the short hall outside the bathroom, talking, Molly is out watching the TV.

I finally get up the courage to make my move. "You're a cute girl, Sarah" I tell her, "It's all cause of your cute nose" I say, touching my nose to hers. I put a hand on the wall on either side of her head. She looks at me and says nothing. "Do you mind if I kiss you?" I ask. She continues looking at me, and shakes her head 'no'. So we kiss, a very light kiss--nothing heavy, only a few seconds.

Then I smile at her. "You are a delightful girl, Sarah, and you kiss like an angel." Sarah laughs and presses her head against my chest in embarrassment, putting both her hands on my waist. "Gotcha" I think to myself. Sarah and I continue kissing, finally I whisper in her ear "Sweetheart, open your mouth when we kiss, OK?" She nods like a school pupil and we kiss again, this time I slip my tongue into her mouth.

Sarah's whole body gives a shudder when she feels this intrusion, her fingers dig into my skin. but then they relax, as she realizes that yes, it feels good, and no, it doesn't hurt. She kisses me back, hesitantly at first, then a little more bravely, and soon, we are playing tongue tag.

It appears this young girl has never been kissed 'romantically' before in her whole life. She looks up at me, all bright eyed---and laughs! "I like kissing you Chris, I really do." "I guess I've never really kissed a man before." She brings her hand up to the back of my head, runs her fingers through my hair, then presses my head to her, kissing me, opening her mouth to me.

I take this as sign for me to slip my hand under her T-shirt. God, Her skin is nice, I hold my hand on her flat tummy---it moves in and out as she breathes. I feel muscles, almost like a boy's. But then I move up, feel her breast. Sarah murmurs a long "Mmmmmmmm" as she feels my strong hand on her bare breast. There are few things in this world that are as sweet and captivating as a young girls breast "Oh Sarah, my precious Sarah, you have adorable breasts!" With her help I pull her T-shirt off, over her head.

She huddles close to me, as tho she's afraid someone might see her. Yes, her breast are Immature, not yet filled out, almost cone shaped, they have unusual nipples---sort of puffy, rather than the 'raspberry' one usually sees, but they turn me on, son of a gun they do.

And God, those breasts. As I cup one in my hand and squeeze that delicate nipple, Sarah turns her head to me, tells me quietly "I know my breasts are only an 'A' cup, but my nipples are very sensitive." And then we quietly kiss. Finally we come up for air, I whisper that she has the breasts of a lover and that I love her, I especially love her 'A' cup breasts, and that I want to make love with her.

She throws both arms around me, holds me tight. I know she has to feel my erection, as she hugs me, "Sweetheart, do you feel down there--what you do to me?" I whisper in her ear. She buries her face in my chest, without saying a word---but still presses her hips hard against me. I take her hand and bring it down to the bulge in my pants, but as soon as she realizes it's my penis, she murmurs "Nooooo" and pulls her hand away. This cat and mouse game continues for several minutes, but my kisses and soft whispers convince her it is all a part of love.

I tell her to un-zip me and get my penis out. Again she refuses at first, but finally she looks up at me, and says "Do you really love me Chris?" "Of course I do, Sarah, Sweetheart" I whisper with a kiss. Sarah almost has to 'flip' my cock out, it's so erect it won't bend, but finally she holds it, tho she holds it like it was a loaded gun. "Sarah," I say, inspired. "Let's take a hot shower, doesn't that sound great?" She looks at me like I'm crazy.

Trouble is, I don't know how long it has been since these girls have taken a bath. And I like a girl nice and squeeky clean everywhere, you know.

So I half lead her, half push her into the bathroom. She's now holding my penis with both hands. "Chris, How long is your cock?" "Well, Sarah, you must understand that since I teach at the university, it's a penis, not a cock. As to how long? That is never important. What is important is how good a lover the man is---always remember that." Sarah just stands there, trying to figure out what I had just told her, I suppose. That's when a really great idea occurs to me.

"Sarah, why don't both you and Molly take a shower together?" Again it takes only a little persuasion, till she agrees. I zip back up, and we both go out to the bedroom, where Sarah talks to Molly for a few minutes. Molly is bug-eyed to see Sarah without a T-shirt on, her breasts shining proudly, but I casually mention Sarah was getting ready to take a shower. Sarah said "Come on Molly, this is a good chance to take a hot shower, and we don't have that chance very often, do we?" "So come on, take a shower with me honey." Molly is still unconvinced about a shower, why, I don't have a clue!

Finally, in exasperation to get this show moving, I go over and sat down next to Molly. "Molly, Honey, how long has it been since you have had a bath?" Molly mumbles something about it being "A while". "Come on" I say pulling her up. "You two girls are getting in the shower right now!" I had instructed Sarah not to lock the door--and she didn't.

I pulled off the bed spread and the top sheet on both beds, let them fall on the floor. Then I turn up the thermostat in the room to about 80 degrees, warm enough to be very comfortable if we were naked later on !!!

I gave the girls a couple of minutes after I hear the water running, I then undress, take a deep breath, and walk naked into the bathroom. Yes, there are some shrieks when I step into the shower with them--Molly huddles at the end with her back to me.

Sarah, gets a kick out of me being in there with them, and gets quite interested in seeing me naked. Right away she is soaping me up, including my penis. Sarah is the frisky one, and we spend the next five minutes washing each other, It's not difficult to take over the task of washing Sarah, as she seems to like the attention. Like a colt, she is a bit jumpy when I wash between her legs but soon realizes I'm not going to grab her or anything, in fact it feels soothing.

While I have my hand down there, it's no problem to knead her muscles, particularly around her lower abdomen and thighs. It's like Sarah knows what I want to do, and stands still. I'm able to slide a soapy finger into Sarah's vagina, between shrieks, far enough to confirm she is no longer a virgin. And far enough to confirm she is almost too tight for my slippery finger. At some point later, Sarah was working up a lather on Molly and when she wasn't looking, my hands somehow joined in.

By the time Molly realized that twenty fingers were busy feeling every part of her soapy body, it was too late to protest, as she was already enjoying it. while I washed her neck, shoulders and back, I ran my hand slowly over her back.

I half asked, half whispered "How do you like the shower, my love", she giggles and admits "Boy, Chris, there is nothing like it, is there?" It is cozy in there, in fact it's crowded, and every time I turn around, my erection bumps into Sarah or Molly---can't be helped. But I manage to turn and kiss Sarah, with my erection pushing up against her tummy.

I think that Molly, seeing the two of us having so much fun, desperately wants to join in, despite the 'erection' threat.

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We get to soaping each other up and having a lot of fun even tho we are already clean-clean. I think it gives the girls an excuse to touch each other all over in front of me. I move over next to Molly and sort of put my arm around her back, while with my other hand I lather up her tummy I ask Sarah to help, and we both gave Molly the works, Sarah helping me soap up Molly, till she just naturally accepts having us touch her body everywhere. I am the one that washes her breasts, both of them, tho it is more caressing than washing.

Molly never takes her eyes off me as I massage her breasts--she knows what I was doing. As I stand beside her, holding her close to me, I finish washing her breasts, and her tummy, and turn her around and wash her tight firm buttocks, sliding my fingers between them, washing her good--getting a giggle and wiggle from her in return.

Then I turn her, and soap between her legs--the promised land! With my finger, I caressed the slit between her lips, and as I do, Molly clings to me tighter, I lift Molly's knee, and put her foot up on the top of the tub.

It's now easy for me to slide my finger inside her, at least as far as I'm able. Molly's a virgin! At first, she gives a start, like she's stepped on a snake, but she grips me tightly around the waist, looks up at me, and relaxes. Molly's hymen is very close to the entrance to her vagina, perhaps only an inch inside.

Oh but she is so enchanting, so very soft.


Molly stands perfectly still as I caress her open labia and vagina--I think she's holding her breath. I didn't want to make it a big thing, so I finally gave Molly the soap, and told her it was her turn to soap me up, Molly hesitates--looking down at my penis which is standing up between us, pointing towards her!

Well, Sarah teases her until she finally gives in. erection and all, and before you knew it all three of us are laughing together. I think we are as clean as we had ever by the time we get out of the shower. Thank goodness motels never run out of hot water, cause we were in the shower for a long time, hugging, giggling and laughing---and yeah, even washing. We dry each other using all the big white towels, then out into the bedroom we go. It's so warm in the bedroom, The girls both say "God it's hot in here!" I give them a blank look.

"I don't know why." I say innocently, but it's about 77 degrees.

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That means none of us even give a thought to putting any kind of clothes on--it's just too warm! I mention that it is just nice and comfortable being naked. The girls look at each other, then laugh, agreeing with me. I good naturedly pull both the girls onto the bed, all three of us naked. It's difficult to jump right into sex, so We talk a little, and then, out of the blue, Molly says: "Gee Chris, I wish you were our daddy, I think you are so wonderful." "Wow" I say, "What brought that on" Both the girls just seem to want to unload, to get something off their chest, Sarah continues.

"Our father, is from HELL" she blurts out. "We belong to a church, 7th something or other, we don't believe in dancing, or schools, or television, movies, sports, Christmas, or even birthdays--I mean it's fucking crazy!" "And what's worst, is that we don't believe in sex either" snorts Molly.

Sarah butts in "Chris, I'm a normal girl, I have hormones, I want to fuck boys just like any girl my age does--why doesn't my father understand that?" "I know exactly what you mean, Sarah" I agree. Sarah tells me "I'll tell you, three days ago, We went to our father and asked him if he would explain to us about sex, sexual intercourse, you know, stuff like that, that we should know about." "Well he went total ape-shit on us." "Told us that the lord God Jehovah would smite the tongues from our mouths for such foul words." He stripped us and beat us, then made us kneel there without our pajamas in the kitchen all night--told us to pray to the Lord God for forgives for our sins." "Bullshit!

I say, so we waited and when we had a chance we ran." At first I didn't know what to say, then I pulled both of them to me in a big bear hug and told them they were not animals, they were beautiful human beings, that should be loved and understood and wanted.

Then I just held them close. Sarah said "I think I'm in love with you Chris." "I think we both are." put in Molly. I think the girls felt better about me not that I shared there secret and felt their pain. Now it was the perfect time for shared kisses, and just loving caresses. As Sarah lay there, I ran my hand around her neck, down over her breast, across to her abdomen, and down her leg. "You are breathtakingly lovely, did you know that?" I asked her Of course I kiss Sarah some, and stroke her slim body.

I was rewarded with a kiss from a girl who wanted to prove her love for me. Until I gotten them into the shower, I didn't realize how small they were, they both weigh probably 85 or 90 pounds. Once I got them out of all those sweaters and coats, and scrubbed up good in the shower, they are lovely little angels. Both are slim, no baby fat on them. Each have a face that is very photogenic, and a smile that lights up the room.

They have perfect teeth, and as far as I can see, bodies that are free of any blemish. Their breasts might be only starting to develop but they are enticing to behold. I can't help but notice that Molly and Sarah have identical cone shaped breasts, even the puffy nipples are the same with the two sisters. Both of the girls have a very small patch of pubic hair, it's extremely fine texture, and about a inch long---but it's difficult to tell, and it's a very light, almost blond color.


On closer examination, much of the hair grows on the labia, and begs to be explored. They have the trim healthy bodies of a young gymnast, with muscles that already show as they move about. Both of them are absolutely lovely young girls. It was here that they laid a blockbuster on me. Sitting cross-legged, side by side, they both grinned up at me. "Yeah Chris, we know what you're thinking, and you are right; we're twins!

We're 13 year old twins!

I was floored---couldn't believe my luck! All I could do was hug them and kiss them both, over and over again. Somehow the three of us finally get into a conversation about kissing, Sarah telling us how many boys she's kissed, and we look at Molly, as if to say, "How many boys have you kissed?" Molly sort of says she has, We could see she is too embarrassed to admit she's never kissed a boy.

Sarah doesn't seem to mind at all that the three of us are naked on the bed, but Molly is just a little put off by all this nudity. I'm thinking, trying to solve this problem of how to overcome Molly's shyness of being naked with me. I've not yet really kissed Molly on the lips--just on the cheek, forehead, shoulders and places like that, but not yet on the mouth.

So I ask her if I can kiss her on the lips, and finally, as usual, urged on by Sarah, she finally consents. I have no idea of what she expects, but it's nothing like what she gets. I push Molly back on the bed till she laying flat on her back. And as she lays there, completely naked, her arms at her sides, two little puffy nipples poking up at me, and that look, she looks like an angel about to lose her virginity. I lean over her, forgetting whatever I had planned, and kiss her.

Her lips are wet, and my tongue slips into her mouth before she can lift a finger. I take her head gently in my hands, and kiss her so deeply. I barely suck, while my tongue pushes hers this way and that, then to the side and towards the back of her throat, only to curl back and around her tongue again. The inside of her cheeks are incredibly soft, and her teeth are so smooth. All the while I caress her hair, her neck, and even her face with my finger tips.

For a full minute, perhaps two, we kiss. When we slowly end our kiss, Sarah is anxious to know how she liked it? Molly gives us sort of a soft grin and swallows, but says nothing---like it is private, between us. For the next forty five minutes Molly, Sarah and I lay on the bed, we practice kissing and fondling each other, even Sarah tries kissing Molly.

I asked Molly if that feels good, and she just answers Un-huh with a sheepish grin on her face. I am sort of laying over Molly, so I scoot down, and kiss her belly button, that brings on giggles. I can't resist kissing Sarah nipples, as Molly watches sort of perplexed.

So I playfully pull Molly to me, pull her head to Sarah's other breast and nod for her to take the nipple into her mouth. She gives me the same perplexed look, so I just look at her real sternly.

She takes Sara's nipple into her mouth. I do the same, and Sarah puts a hand on each of our heads and settles back with a broad grin on her face. Sarah is in heat! She is ready. Sarah, and I had been kissing long sloppy kisses, till her vagina is so wet! I know from the shower together that Sarah is not a virgin, and she's tight!

When I can put it off no longer, I lay Sarah back, and she spreads her legs. She looks up at me and tells me "You may be average size, Chris, but for me you are quite large, I'm only 13 years old, so be gentle." I kiss her lovingly and tell her "I will gently ease myself into you---it will be just like a deep kiss" I move carefully on top of Sarah, being careful not to lean on her, my arms on either side of her. Molly, wanting a front row seat, sits down cross legged right beside us, her eyes big and wide.

"Haven't you seen anybody fuck before?" I ask her. "Me? No, Golly Chris" she replies in an awed voice. "Hey, I don't even know how to fuck" she adds. Sarah promptly has a fit of giggles.

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Molly looks hurt at that, so I say, "Molly, we need your help." She perks up at once. "What do you want me to do." "Well Honey, look down between Sarah's leg's." "Do you see the opening in the center, between her lips, down towards the bottom?" Molly leans down over Sarah, looks, finally she replies "Yeah, I think I found it." "That's Sarah's vagina, and I want you to hold my penis, and guide it into Sarah's vagina, OK?" Molly looks at me for what seems a full minute as tho thinking this over very carefully.

"Yeah Chris, I can do that," "Great" I say, "I need you to keep holding my penis while I start to fuck Sarah, to make sure it doesn't fall out, can you do that too?" Molly looks at Sarah, who nods her head excitedly. So, Molly moves over right beside me--she is so close her naked body is touching mine. I feel Molly touch me, then take a firm grip, wrapping her fingers around my erection.

I look down at Sarah and grin, then I press downward, and a grim looking Molly carefully guides my penis into Sarah's slippery vaginal opening.

I almost begin shaking as my penis touches the softness, her warmth--it's like the first time I kissed her, really special. Her vagina feels like warm ice cream, warm and soft like silk, no not silk, more like when you touch the soft underside of a rabbit, alive and so soft and warm. Inside, her vaginal sheath is not really smooth, it has ripples on the sides, yet it's slippery!

Sarah makes some sounds, sort of a combined words and moans. I suppose she can feel the head of my penis pushing apart the walls to accept me. It almost seems Molly holds onto my penis, because she is so tight. I start some shallow thrusts into her vagina--the moans from Sarah grew louder. She looks up and me, no smile, just a look, I guess of love, and says three words; "Yes Chris, Yes." The deeper in I go, the tighter she becomes, delicate, yet she is powerful--its awfully difficult to explain the feelings and emotions you experience when you slide your penis in to a beautiful young girl, her cramped and narrow vagina.

I try to go slowly, the better to savor every feeling, every incredibly wonderful electrical sensation, that surges from my penis to my brain--through my entire body! Meanwhile, Molly is a real trooper, she has thrown one arm over my back, to keep her balance, and has the other under me, trying to hold onto my slippery erection as I push into Sarah over and over again.

It's become difficult for Molly to hold on, as things by now are quite slippery, but she seems determined, so I think why not let her stay till the end? It's not long before I am sliding in and out like a machine.

Thump-Thump-Thump, but still not really fast.

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Molly just watches closely everything that is happening--To her this is truly magic! At any other time it might have been embarrassing, but now it's so very erotic, to hear Sarah moan, to hear her hissing, call out dirty words; it seems Sarah is very vocal. For Molly's sake, I am determined to keep my thrusting slow, even tho this it is most difficult.

My plan is that I want her to see a great sexual act up close, where she is touching us, smelling us, a part of us fucking---the idea is that this will have her begging me to fuck her, virgin or not! I plunge into Sarah, the full length of my penis, then a slow withdrawal, only to slide in again.

I can tell this is extremely sexually stimulating for Molly, which is exactly what I want, and I notice that not only does she continually fidget and lick her lips, but finally --Thank God--she takes her arm from around me, because she just can't resist putting her fingers to her own clit and gently caress it. I stop for a moment, Sarah cries "No, No" So I slide my hard penis deep into her belly again. "Then I start fucking really seriously, going as deep into Sarah as I can.

She lays beneath me, her mouth wide open, her small breasts shaking with every hard thrust her body takes. As she tries to breathe, It comes in quick gasps as I pound into her. Twice, Sarah shakes underneath me, impaled on my penis---totally out of control, as an orgasm rocks her. But I'm not ready yet, and keep on fucking her. Sarah finally gives out with a powerful, drawn out growl, like a wild animal being mounted, She goes rigid, her teeth clenched and her body just shudders as she experiences a tremendous orgasm.

Now I am more than ready, and tho I want to come inside her, I decide to pull out to give Molly a show. I tell Molly to let go, and I quickly pull out, slapping my pulsing erection down on Sarah's wet pubic mound. I almost bite my lip as I come, but my eyes are on Molly as I shoot 6, 7, 8 pulsing white streams of semen onto Sarah's tummy and breasts.

Molly is flabbergasted! She has never seen anything like this. Her hand darts out and catches a handful of the warm liquid as it spurts strongly from my penis.

She looks up at me and laughs, then hugs me.

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I kiss and stroke Sarah for awhile, until her trembling subsides, then I softly kiss her on the mouth. Then I wash us up a bit and sit down with Molly. "Chris" Molly says excitedly, "I've got a million questions about fucking I want to ask, OK?" I am still trying to get back to a regular heart beat, but I laugh and nod.

I leaned over and tickle Molly, grabbing her by her firm young buttocks. "What did you think of our fucking, did it look like fun?" I ask. "Golly Chris, you both looked like you were having an awfully good time, it must have been hard work, cause you both were sweating!" "I think you pushed your penis awfully far into her, and I don't understand how she was able to take you in like that, your so big!" she replies with a grin.

"Molly," I put my arm around her, and softly ask her; "What do you think it feels like to have a man's penis up inside your vagina?" "Gee Chris," she hesitates, looking down at my erect penis. "Gee I, I don't, I guess it uh," she stammers, "Well, I guess it would feel wonderful Chris, wouldn't it?" Molly's cheeks turn red, blushing.

I reach over, pull her to me and kiss her. As we kiss, I take her hand and place it on my erection. She holds it and squeezes. I kiss her again, then again. "Molly, sweetheart, let me explain some of the finer points of fucking, OK?" The three of us move over to the other 'clean' bed, as a blearily eyed Sarah looks on. It is ideal that both Molly and I are naked.

I take girl in my arms and over the next twenty minutes, I'm able to educate her about fucking, with sort of a 'hands on' approach. She becomes, shall we say, bosom buddies with my erect penis, and in turn, in the interest of 'education' she allows me absolutely free access to her vagina. Needless to say it takes me quite a while to explain fucking 'properly', and you are probably not surprised that I maintain a raging hard-on the whole time. Sarah chimes in with "Aren't you going to explain blow jobs to her?" Well I really hadn't, but then Molly pipes up; "What's a blow job?" "Chris, are you going to give me a blow job" she asks, wide eyed.

"OK, Molly, hold on." "It's just a kiss, a way of making love." "You love my penis, what's more natural than for you to kiss it?" "And just as when lovers kiss--in so many different ways, so you can kiss my penis in lots of different ways." "One favorite of many lovers is to stroke my penis with your hand---and your tongue and mouth at the same time, you don't really suck, only gently, perhaps." "Soon I'll have an orgasm and squirt my semen right down your throat." "You may swallow it or spit it out, but most girls want to swallow it." "And that, My lovely Molly, is what is called a 'Blow Job' and yes, a boy can give a girl a Blow Job to." Then I ventured, "Molly, would you like me to show you how?" That adorable 13 year old looks up at me with eyes shining, "Oh would you please, Chris, Ohhhhh Pretty Please teach me how to give you a blow job?" "Will you Hunh, I'll do everything you tell me to, I promise." I see there's no way out.

"Here, sit on the edge of the bed, just spread your legs, and I'll stand between them, OK." Molly nods her agreement, and jumps up to sit on the bed. I stand in front of her. Thanks to my little blue pill, I am still hard as a rock. Otherwise I would have been hopeless! My penis is at a level with her lips. "Now honey, hold my penis, and on the head, just kiss it the way you would if you were kissing me on the lips." Molly licks her lips, looks up at me, gives me 'sort' of a smile, and presses her half open lips to my penis.

It seems so natural that she opens wide and takes the head into her mouth, I can feel her teeth scrape over it, then her warm tongue exploring. "That's right Sweetheart, you are doing great" I show her how to stroke my shaft with her hand, a knack she picks up quickly, stroking my penis with a strong hand.

"Now Honey, as you stroke, apply a gentle suction, and let your head bob back and forth a little on my penis, that's right, and you can take more of me into your mouth if you want." Before long she is taking three or four inches of me into her throat, as her head bobs back and forth.

With her teeth and tongue, she stimulates like an 19 year old co-ed. I am getting close to a climax--and her sucking on my penis was just, I don't know---just heavenly. As she sits there, with her legs opened, I can see the exciting pink inside her labia, and everything considered, I am holding up OK, until Sarah comes up behind me, pressing her naked body all up against me, and reaches around and cups my balls, gently rolling them around in her hands---or at least it feels that way.

Molly looks up at me with those big blue eyes as she sucks on me. I know I'm not going to last long now, I can feel it coming, "Molly, when I come, just swallow, and keep swallowing as fast as you can, OK?" I hear a muffled "Moke lkey" from her as she strokes faithfully, and sucks with hollow cheeks. I rub her nipple with one hand, and hold the back of her head. Twenty seconds later, I am pressing her head to me with both hands as I reach my climax.

I guess I am far enough into her mouth that I shoot right down her throat, and tho she chokes at first, not expecting it, she swallows all of it, and has no problem finishing me, sucking me dry, as it were. Molly is so proud of herself. "Sarah, did you see me give Chris a Blow Job?" "I was good, wasn't I?" I didn't think Molly would ever let go of my penis! We finally roll back onto the bed laughing, tired and happy---but I'm not done yet!.

We rested for a few minutes, and thoroughly discussed Molly's Blow Job in every detail, then Sarah leans up to be kissed, so I gave in and press my lips to her nipple. "No you idiot, on the lips" Sarah wails. She opens her mouth to me, and finally she wraps her arms around my back and holds me close while we kiss, sucking on my tongue. For a moment we fall back on the bed and I whisper instructions to Sarah--she nods, grinning from ear to ear.

Molly and I get into a tickle and kissy thing, fondling and touching all over, It's like you want to crawl inside another person, just get that close to them. It's nice to be that much at ease with someone when you can rub up against each other naked, to be able to run your hand or lips all over their bodies--their toes, buttocks, arms, breasts, hair, eyes, lips anywhere is open to you!

The unforgettable feel of another's naked body close to you, laughing, wrestling, kissing, tussling with you--there's nothing like it, and there are no words to adequately describe it. A little boy would understand; It's like free time in a candy store. But this time when I kissed Molly I pushed back on the bed and her arms high above her head, then I held them there--actually she liked that. Still holding her arms, I finally move down to her breast and nipples, kissing and nibbling them, sucking just a little.

I work those incredible puffy nipples, sucking, using my teeth, pulling on them with my lips, rolling them around in my mouth with my tongue as I gently bit them--all this until she gave out with genuine whimpers, then work my way further down, Sarah crawls around above Molly, and takes over holding her hands above her head, as I had asked her to.

This gives me the freedom to use both hands on Molly, holding her by her sides, feeling those taut muscles of her abdomen as I run my lips over her tummy and hips. Now that I can use my hands, I try to gently spread Molly's legs apart, wide apart, and I hold them that way. Molly's not uncomfortable, but with her arms held above her head, and her legs held apart, she is completely at my mercy. She suddenly realizes what every woman fears--just sort of a natural fear I suppose, and she starts begging to be let go.

Her little slit, no more than an inch or two long, is wide open, her labia spread apart, showing a lovely light pink inside. I've never in my life seen a pink sunset quite as beautiful. Her precious little vagina lays open like a tender narrow sheath waiting for my entire length to slide inside. I can see her hymen very clearly, with it's opening--to me it seems rather large.

At the top of her field of pink is her little soldier--her clit. It's no bigger than a peanut, but I know it has more nerve endings than any place on her entire body! I gently lick the edge of her labia, and she bucks on the bed, I like the soft pink surrounding the entrance to her vagina.

It's ---again I'm at a loss for words To me, to my tongue it feels so 'whisper soft', almost 'as soft as a kiss'. Safe to say there is nothing in the world as incredibly delicate and soft as what lays between a young girls labia.

God, I stroke the soft pink with my tongue, even stick my tongue into her vagina. Ah there are few things in life like the clean aroma of a tender young girl's vagina. I attack her hymen, push it, force my tongue thru it, It seems tough to me, resilient, I just play with it, as you would with something forbidden.

I can hear Molly whimpering and moaning. But now I go up to my main goal; her little nubbin, her clit. She had been a little dry, but with my sloppy kisses, she is now really wet. I catch her clit between my lips and pull at it, then tease it with my tongue. I do every erotic manipulation I can think of to that angelic 13 year old's clit, I work at it, sucking, nibbling, whipping my tongue back and forth until it has almost tripled in size, and grown hard and erect, sticking right up like the little soldier it is.

By now Molly's crying. I keep up my titillation of her clit, knowing it will bring on an orgasm, probably her first, and we will soon to be rewarded. Molly starts a regulated moan, like a recording, getting louder and louder, She calls out, suddenly squeals in pleasure, flopping and jerking as her orgasm sends powerful electricity backwards through her bones, muscles and brain----for the very first time in her life. I continue softly licking her labia until her orgasm subsides somewhat and her breathing is no longer ragged.

I just hold her tightly to me for awhile, rubbing her legs, her tummy, her hair, until she starts to relax a little. I kiss her on the mouth long and tenderly. She is so overcome I don't believe she can even talk, but she smiles, as she looks at me, a deep smile of satisfaction! I told Sarah to keep her grip on Molly's wrists, and I climbed over the spread-eagled girl. She looks up at me from her helpless position. In a small voice, she squeaks "You're going to fuck me, aren't you Chris?" I nodded my head and kiss her.

Molly closes her eyes. Now is the time to uncap and punctured the tube of lubricant. I spread some generously onto Molly's labia and vagina, then I hold the tube up the opening of her vagina and squeeze the rest of the tube of lubricant into her vagina, throw the empty container into the wastebasket. Molly's vagina is really wet now. With one hand I guide the head of my penis into the 'socket', that opening between her outstretched labia, that just seems to grasp and hold the head of my penis.

Molly's body jerks when she feels my penis slip into her vagina, but there is little she can do, helpless as she is. As I push farther in, Molly moans a loud drawn out "Oh God" I feel I'm entering an enchanted land. This young girl is so bewitchingly tight, soft, and warm. I want it to last forever, so I try to enter her ever so slowly. I feel, more than hear a 'plop', together with a wailing "Eeeeeiiiow" from Molly.

I realize that somehow the head of my penis has slipped thru the opening in her hymen, because when I try to pull back, there is a stiff resistance. Thank God for 'Slip' lubricant. But as slippery as Molly's vagina is, it's difficult to push my penis any farther into her. I even try holding her knees up against her shoulders, but even that's no help in breaking thru her maidenhead.

but this was passion---in desperation I place both my hands under Molly's buttocks and as I thrust into her, I pull her hips suddenly to me.

Something somewhere gives way, My penis sinks into the poor girls vagina till it comes up against her uterus. I automatically start fucking the girl with long measured strokes, withdrawing as far as I can, then plunging all the way back in to the helpless girl.

She is still as tight as ever, it's a bewitching sensation as my penis slides over the ripples in Molly's vagina. Finally I just start fucking--slowly thrusting into her over and over again, trying to push in deeper with every thrust. Molly is crying now, and she hic-cups with every deep thrust into her.

If it was not so erotic it would be funny, Molly's thrashing around on the bed, totally out of control, I imagine she experienced a sudden orgasm as I plunged deep into her vagina, perhaps my shaft was rubbing against her clitoris. She started bucking with increased intensity.

It was amazing to feel the muscles of her vagina squeeze and contract, trying to grip my erection. Amazing that this shy 13 year old, turns me on even more.

I can feel my balls boiling, getting a big load ready to deliver. I have only a few minutes, I'm frantic, I want to fuck her more and more and more, forever! I don't want this to end! I want to get as deep in her as I possibly can.

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It's almost too much for me, but I keep plowing into her, my penis now sliding deep into her---every nerve in my penis is shouting as loud as it can---I can feel myself pressing against her cervix, but Molly, being only 13 years old, still has a small vagina, and a good two inches of my erection sticks out.

She's stopped crying now. I can feel all the lubricant inside her vagina, hear it making squishy noises as I thrust into her. I keep fucking slowly now, but deeply.

Molly has started to undulate her hips in rhythm to mine, swinging up to meet me. A totally different girl looks up at me as I'm fucking her.

"I want it in deeper---a lot deeper." Molly snarls at me! I can feel the opening of her cervix, and now I am going to try. I carefully push my penis trying to slip thru her cervix, but the opening is much too small. I tell Sarah to forget her arms, and come around and kiss Molly--just kiss her really deep and sexy. I wait until Sarah gets into position, she also takes Molly's hand--her fingers, puts it into her own vagina, then she kisses Molly.

I have been holding my penis pressed against her cervix, and as Sarah kisses Molly I see that Molly is now fingering Sarah's vagina, and she seems to be relaxing, I can almost feel Molly's body sort of going limp---or at least not so rigid. Just thinking about what I am about to do makes my penis as hard as an iron rod, and finally, when I have waited long enough, and when I guess the time is right I give a hard push up into her vagina--into her cervix.

Molly gives out with a scream of anguish and a violent jerk----a spasm, Sarah quickly looks up at me, scared. but I know what has happened; the head of my penis has squeezed into her uterus. I give several more hard thrusts upward, and thanks to all that slippery lubricant, my penis now seems to slide all the way into her, her hips are now tight against my hips, her body gives several involuntary jerks accompanied by a long, ragged, drawn out "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh". Her breath is coming in big gulps now.

"I'm up inside her uterus." Sarah grins with delight and kisses me, this is more than just a loving kiss, Sarah's lascivious kiss, together with the unbelievable fierce grip on my penis, caught tightly within Molly's uterus, is too much for me, I pull out a little for several long strokes, moving my penis.

But the tightness to too much for me, almost painful. For me this fucking is now so tight it is unbelievable---yet this is exquisite.

But I know it must be painful for Molly, as tears are running down her cheeks. "Kiss me, Chris" she whispers hoarsely. As we kiss, I plunge back into her, as deep into Molly as I possibly can, then I lean back as I feel my load rushing up through my tubes and up to my penis.

Molly is completely exhausted, having been ruthlessly fucked for the past half hour, and having experienced three or four screaming orgasms. I begin my own growling moan and tense up as I start to ejaculate in her. Molly lays there looking right into my eyes. Her body begins to shiver uncontrollably as she feels me pumping my full load of hot sperm directly into her uterus.