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OldNanny Chubby old mature and big boobs teen with sextoy
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A Night At The Theatre. It had been several weeks since I had received a good gangbanging and I was moaning to Chas about it. Over this time I had had a few quickies in various places when out with my friends, but nothing that satisfied me like a good gang fucking. Chas entertain this idea as well because nothing turned him on more to see his wife act the slut and being taken by other men, or for me to tell him about it afterwards as he is adding his cum to the other men's still inside me or over me.

I just seemed to love being treated like the slut. Anyway we eventually decided to go to a adult theatre over in the next town that we knew of. I dressed that night for the kill. I wore black stiletto heels and black fishnet stockings and suspenders. I wore a black g-string made of shiny latex and a matching latex bra.

Over this I wore a black tight ultra mini-skirt that just about covered my ass cheeks, and a classic black tight top that started just above my navel. It was low-cut and exposed a lot of cleavage.

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Dark makeup and ruby red lipstick finished it off. Chas told me I looked very sluttish and I just smiled saying that that was exactly the look I was going for then I winked at him. We headed off to the town in the car, and after about half an hours drive arrived at the theatre which was in the more seedy part of the town.

We parked the car at a carpark a little way from the theatre, and walked to the theatre. I noticed there was a busy bar next to it, and a lot of men whistled and shouted obscene comments to me as we went up to the entrance and paid our entry fee. It was a little more expensive than we had expected, but we were assured by the ticket collector, that the fee was worth it, and he winked at Chas and said he's sure the tart would have a good time and get plenty of cock, after eyeing me up and down.

May even come and fuck her myself, he added. We both laughed.

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We entered through the doors and into the parlour. There were stairs leading up to our right apparently leading to the main theatre, several doors leading off to the video-viewing booths and strip-tease booths. An adult shop was open to our left. There were also private rooms available for private parties.

Firstly we walked up the stairs to the movie theatre. As we entered, we paused and allowed our eyes to become adjusted to the light; the theatre was quite full. On the screen was a porno-film where a well-endowed blonde was being ridden by a well-hung man while she sucked on another's swollen member. We could see one blond woman of about thirtyfive near the front of the theatre, her blouse had been torn open and several men were groping her body.


They laid her down on the ground and tore off her skirt and thong. One man inserted his cock into her pussy as two others held her legs apart. She just groaned in pleasure as she was ridden hard. Another shoved his cock into her mouth and ordered her to suck his cock, which she did hungerly. Other men sat alone in the theatre, apparently wanking themselves off at the film on the screen and the action with the blond going on around them.

Several men were staring up at Kathy from where we stood. Three men began to wander over to our direction.


"I want undivided attention", I said smiling at them. "Where can we go?" "Follow me", one of them said, smiling and he winked at his two friends. His eyes were glued on my tits. He walked up a corrider and led us out of the theatre. The other two stayed where they were. We followed him down the corrider and off towards the private rooms. "This one's empty", he said, opening the door to a large darkly-lit room. It was decorated bondage-style with a metal table over to one side and four large metal poles at each corner.

"I want lots of undivided attention", I said again, smiling sexily at the man. "Wait, be patient. Don't worry slut, you're going to get fucked legless tonight", he said. Shortly afterwards the door opened again and men began piling into the room. It was nearly filled with about two dozen or more men and I was the only female! Chas looked at me and grinned. The other two guys had been and had a word with the doorman who had then been to the bar to fetch men to come and fuck me.

"That's more like it", I said, grinning. The men moved into a kind of semi-circle around me and I began to dance around them. I moved up to one of the men and asked him to take off my top. The man complied and I danced back into the centre of the room. I then moved over to another man and rubbed my pert ass up against his thigh and as I did so I peeled off my skirt.

The men's eyes were all glued to my body as I moved around the room; one predominant thought seemed to be on their minds. I then unclipped my bra revealing my breasts, my nipples hard and erect. I must of looked so sluttish dancing up for the men, wearing only black heels, fishnet stockings, suspenders, and a black-latex g-string. I moved to the centre of the room again and bent right over, showing off my beautiful ass. The line of the g-string barely concealed my shaven cunt! I brought my hands up and over my ass and then began gently caressing my cunt through the latex.

I then slapped my ass hard with my hand. "Show us your cunt, slut!" One of the men shouted out. Languorously I smiled and pulled the g-string off my hips and down my legs exposing my soaking cunt. I stood back upright and moved over to him. I stood in front of him and reached out and began to caress his cock through his trousers.

I then knelt down and unzipped his pants exposing his hard cock. I began to lick the head gently and sucked his balls while rubbing the shaft up and down.

Another man grabbed my head and pushed my mouth down over the cock: "Take it all in slut. Don't tease." The man commanded. I ended up being forced to take the whole thing down my throat.

"Fuck her mouth", another man said and the man began to drive his hips, slamming his cock in and out of my mouth, his balls whacking against my chin. I was groaning at the effort of deep-throating the cock. Suddenly the man pulled out of my mouth and pumped his cock in his fist.

Come jetted out from its head in spurts and landed in my waiting mouth. The man then pushed his still-spurting cock back into my mouth, forcing me to take it all down, as his cock convulsed and sprayed its last against the back of my throat. Finally he was spent. I stood up, cum was dripping down my chin and onto my tits.

I just smiled and rubbed the cum over my tits until they glistened, my mouth open in ecstasy. "The slut loves cum", Chas told them. "Suck me, bitch", another man said. He took out his huge, swollen cock and began to rub it.

I moved over to him and knelt down to suck it. I began by licking up the pre-cum glistening on its head before taking it into my mouth. The man groaned in pleasure as he watched. Other men began to move in. One grabbed my head and began to force me again into deep-throating the man's cock.

He was much bigger than the other man which made me gag as it was forced down my throat. As I pulled away a man behind me slapped my ass hard with his hand. "Take it you slut", the man who slapped me said tersely. The man then pushed his cock back into my mouth harder this time, pulling my head down over it. My lips were tightly splayed around the huge cock but finally I took it all in.

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Several others knelt beside me and began to squeeze my tits roughly, pulling at my nipples and rubbing them briskly, and also fingering my cunt and asshole. "Swallow that cock", they began saying. "Let its cum slide down your throat", the man behind me said as he slapped my ass hard again, which made me groan, this time in pleasure.

"The slut's enjoying it!" The man said. He slapped my naked ass again and then spread my cheeks giving everyone in the room a clear view of my tight puckered asshole and my gushy wet cunt. "Her cunt and asshole won't look like that after we've finished destroying them," he said and laughed. "UMMMM, thats what I want. My cunt and ass gangfucked to exhaustion." I said.

The crowd laughed and another guy shouted out how he couldn't wait to shove his cock up my ass. you and several dozen other guys as well, another replied to a roar of laughter again.

The man then undid his pants pulling out his hard member. "We'll give the cumslut a night to remember." he said. He pushed his cock into my tight cunt, my juices making it slide in easily. He began to ride me without mercy, banging against my ass relentlessly.

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I began to gyrate against the thick cock in my cunt, groaning as I deep-throated the other man. The man who was getting the head then pulled out of my mouth. "Cum all over the slut's face", someone said. "Jerk me off in your face", the man then ordered. I was slightly hesitant, but someone gave my ass another hard slap, "Jerk him off cunt," he said, so I reached out to grab it. I began to rub it faster and faster. "Open your mouth bitch", the man said and then came; his hot sticky cum splattering over my face and landing in my open mouth.

I licked the salty cum from my lips and chin. The men all saw me do it and I looked up at them smiling, "Mmmmmmmmmm, I love to eat cum" I said. "Well you,re going to get a belly full of it tonight slag," he replied as he wiped his cock in my hair and face. I was playing the perfect part of a man's fantasy slut. The man behind me was nearing climax, he suddenly grunted and the others held my hips as he came with his dick shoved deep inside my cunt. "Bring the cunt over here", someone said and I saw him standing over near four large metal poles mounted with heavy stands.

Someone retrieved some rope from a corner and some others moved the large metal poles into the centre of the room. I was stood up and led to the poles. "Tie her arms", one said. I was pulled down onto the table face up.

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Rope was tied around each of my wrists and my legs were bound to each of the metal poles. The men then moved the poles apart until my legs were stretched wide open, revealing my wet cunt which was dripping cum down my legs.

I smiled as I knew what I was about to receive and was looking forward to it. The two men who were holding the rope connected to my wrists then pulled them behind my head and tied them to the remaining two poles. I was now tied in a spread-eagled position across the table, with my ass over hanging slightly. "Look at her big shaven cunt and her ashole - there just begging to be fucked", someone commented.

"THEN FUCK THEM, YOU BASTARDS, ALL OF YOU FUCK MY HOLES NOW, GET YOUR COCKS IN ME AND FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME", I shouted at them. I was a slut there for their taking. One man moved in front of me, yanked my head sideways by my hair and pushed his cock into my mouth. I was far from tired and sucked on it like there was no tomorrow. The man came quickly inside my mouth and another took his place.

Soon there were two or three men taking turns fucking my mouth. They fought over who would be next. They finally undid the ropes holding my arms so that I could rub two cocks while one fucked my mouth. Two of them lifted up my head and came at the same time, filling my mouth with their hot cum. Soon my face and hair was entirely covered with cum but I just kept going as another held my head with his cock fully in my mouth up to his balls as he shot his hot cum into the back of my throat.

Behind me the men had lined up waiting to fuck my cunt. The first man's cock was huge. As he pushed it into my cunt I groaned out loud. "Shut up and take it slut", the man said and slapped me across the face. He then began to slap my tits in unison with his prodding.

Gradually his cock eased into my cunt until his whole 11 inches was deep inside me. He then began to pound me into oblivion. "I bet you've had fucking hundreds of cocks in this cunt hey bitch," he said as he pounded my cunt. "Yea, hundreds, and up my ass," I gasped. "A filthy piece of cunt like you also fucked dogs as well hey," he went on. I was panting hard and moaning loud. "Yes, I've fucked dogs and horses.

Had crowds of people watching as I've sucked their cocks and had their big cocks boring me out," I shouted at him. "You're a piece of fucking shit, a real cock sucking animal slut," he growled at me, and slapped me across the face again and harder across my tits. I cried out, my whole body arching under the treatment it was getting. I heard Chas telling some of them that I really had fucked dogs and horses, and that some weeks previously while at a pub one night how I had been stripped and fucked by the men, then a couple of dogs, then after, held down on a couple of bales of hay in a field out back and a large horse had fucked me getting half it's cock buried in me until it had shot a large quantity of cum in my cunt and over my stomach and tits.

Some of the men held my cheeks apart. They then began to rub my asshole with their fingers, I was moaning when my mouth was empty of cocks, as they probed my ass with their fingers while the huge cock pounded my cunt. "Come on mate, make her squeal like the fuck pig she is," one of the men shouted.

He rammed in even harder and twisted and pulled on my nipples streaching them. He pulled out and shoved his cock into my ass hole, fucked me hard then rammed it back into my cunt. I squealed out loud. Every guy cheered and laughed. "OH GOD, I'M CUMMING, YES, YES, FUCK ME HARDER, III'MMMMMMM CCCCUUUUUMMMMMIIINNNGGGGG, UHHHH, UHHHH, YESSS, YESSS. CUM IN ME YOU BASTARD, FILL MY CUNT WITH YOUR CUM," I screamed at him.

He groaned and rammed his cock in me as hard as he could, empting his load deep into my cunt then withdrawing and shooting another load over my stomach and tits. I loved the feeling of being completely helpless, unable to do anything with my legs tied to the poles as I was taken by multiple men and treated like a slut. After the first man came another soon took over.

All the while my tits were being mauled and slapped. My nipples pulled and twisted. After nearly all the men had had their fill of me, they untied my bonds. I looked like a perfect slut, face and body covered with cum. A few of the men had left after having fucked me but most remained and they wanted more of this cumslut.

I had also noticed that more had come in, probably from the bar as others went and told them about the naked nympho slut next door taking on all and any guy that wanted to shove their cock in her holes. "Tell them to gangfuck my ass", I said to Chas. Chas moved over to the table where I was still lay, legs apart, my gaping dripping cunt on view to every one and pulled me off. He turned me over and bent me over it. One man got up and walked over to the table and two others followed him.

Chas told me to pull my ass cheeks apart, which I did. "Come on then guys, the whore wants her ass gangbanged now". he said "gangfuck my ass!" I said, spreading my cheeks at the men, "Please someone push your cock into my tight ass hole." One of the men quickly complied, leaping upto the table. He positioned the head of his cock against my tight ass, as I spread her cheeks, opening my asshole slightly. He shoved his cock hard into me.

I cried out as he rammed in, withdrew, and rammed in to the hilt again.

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His balls slapping the cheeks of my ass. He grabbed a handfull of my hair and yanked my head up. "We'er going to destroy your fucking asshole now you fucking cunt," he shouted into my face. "Well fucking do it then you bastard, fuck the shit out of me. Fuck my ass untill you can get your fist in it," I screamed back at him. "YOU filthy cock sucking whore, we'll all make sure we do," he shouted back at me.

Then slapped my hanging tits, yanked my head to the side and spat on my face. This went on for quite a while as the men formed a queue to fuck my ass. All I could do was take all their cocks,crying out and whimper as they drove their cocks in rough and hard untill their balls were slapping my ass. One after the other they ravaged my asshole, all the time roughly mauling my tits, slapping them and my ass, pulling my head back hard as they emptied their cum deep into my shit hole, then had me suck their cocks clean.

After about fifteen or so men had reamed out my ass, one man shouted "Let's see how many cocks the slut whore can take". I was roughly pulled away from the table and onto the floor. One of the men lay besides me on the floor. I was lifted up and onto the large cock which now slipped in easily into my enlarged cunt. I was then bent forward and another cock slid into my well used ass hole as yet another two were pushed into my mouth.

My hands were wrapped around two more cocks. "Oh god!" I gasped, inbetween sucking cock, as I was taken by all the cocks at the same time. My favourite position when in my sluttish role was having as many cocks as I could at one time. I began to ride around, gyrating my hips in a lusty motion, grinding down on the cocks as one slid in and out of my cunt and the other fucked me deep in the ass.

Another two men came around to the front of me and pulled out their cocks as the two fucking my mouth came, shooting their sticky fluid down my throat and over my face and hair. I grabbed them and thrust them into my mouth groaning. The two fucking my ass and cunt both shot their loads as the two I was wanking came over my arms and back.

"The sluts taken six cocks and still wants more!" "YES, GIVE ME MORE COCK, FUCK ME SENSELESS, USE MY NAKED BODY, ABUSE THIS SLUT, I'M JUST A CUM DRINKING PIECE OF SHIT MEATHOLE WHORE" I shouted at the men. All the other men watched, rubbing their cocks and waiting their turn with me, as two more men fucked me relentlessly. The two men soon came and slid out from under and on top of me and two more took their place. This time they kept taking turns at double penertrating me.

One would slip out of my cunt and force his cock into my asshole with the other, then they would both change and fuck my cunt at the same time. This was driving me wild as I cum over and over again. Chas was holding up his erect cock that was screaming out to cum ready to take his turn with his slag wife. When he did take his turn fucking my upturned ass he gave my ass cheeks a real good thrashing with his hand while calling me a fucking filthy whore and a cumslut of a wife.

Guys took turns in pushing their assholes into my face where I licked and probed with my tounge. "Fuck, the dirty cunt licks ass good," a guy said as I was sticking my tounge up his ass. "Ummm, yes, I love licking ass," I replied. "Then fucking lick it whore," the guy fucking my ass shouted as he pushed my face harder into the guys ass. I rubbed my clit over them and then slid down over two more cocks.

I groaned again as another found it's way up my ass. They then began to alternate rhythms, I would grind my cunt down over one cock and the man fucking my ass would pull out slightly, and vice versa. I loved this method, it made me feel like a slut getting a really good solid fucking. I kept my tempo going the whole time and soon we could all feel everyone was near the edge. The rhythm suddenly sped up.

The men getting blown were soon thrusting their cocks in and out of my mouth in a blur and pulling my hair. Both the other cocks were banging into me simultaneously. my tits were being mauled and pulled mercilessly as they did so. My hands were working fast on the cocks they grasped. Suddenly the men fucking my mouth began to come again. I grabbed their cocks and milked them into my mouth using hard strong strokes which sent a torrent of cum down my throat.

The other man pulled out of my ass and spread my puckered asshole wide open. He then came splattering his load all over my ass-cheeks. He then pushed the head of his cock against my opened asshole and shot the last of his come into me. The other pulled out pulled me onto all-fours. I love being fucked doggy style and smiled sexily at him. He then pushed his cock into my asshole.

It slid in easily because it was lubed with all the other men's cum. He then pounded me until he finally came with his cock buried to the hilt in my ass, his cum filling my insides. The other two men then moved towards me and brought themselves off spraying my body with long wet streams. The guy withdrew from my ass and told me to suck him clean. I took his cock in my mouth and licked and sucked all the gooey mess from my asshole off his cock and balls. Finally, all the men had fucked my holes or wanked over me.

"I think the slut needs a good thrashing now," one man said. "Do you want a good thrashing,have your worthless body punished." He said.

I did not answer. "WELL DO YOU SLUT," he growed at me as he slapped my ass hard. "Yes I do, whip my ass, tits and my cum filled cunt for being such a cum slut," I replied.

The man took off his belt and laid it across my upturned ass. I cried out as the leather made a loud crack across my bare flesh. Another, then another rained down. Other men were taking their turns, as my ass cheeks were now bright red. "Turn the whore over," somebody shouted. I was roughly turned onto my back, my legs were held open.

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"I'm going to whip these tits and this fucking big well used cunt of yours now slut," he growled into my face as he thrust his fist into my cunt. He pulled out his fist and the belt came down again. I cried out as it struck across my tits. My nipples stood up large and erect.

Then it came down over my shaven pubic area, curling down over my open cunt catching my clit. Cum splashed out around the leather. My naked wreatched used body writhed and contorted with every crack of the belt. others used their hands to slap my tits and cunt. "Look how it makes the filthy cunt cum," one of the men said as I cum loudly. They all laughed Finally, they deceided I had had enough and I was pulled back onto the floor where all the men stood round to empty their bladders over my filthy body.

The doorman who had come in during my fuck to join in shouted out to drag the whore into the gents as he did not want a mess all over the floor here. A couple of guys took hold of my arms and hair and dragged me out into the foyer.

As we got there the blond from earlier on came out of the main screen area.

"Fucking hell, looks like this slags had a good fucking," she said as she walked over to me. She grabbed hold of my hair and pulled me up to my feet. As she did so she thrust her hand between my legs and into my sloopy cunt. "Fuck, I was right,had the shit fucked out of her. You could get a bus up her big cunt now," she said to a chorus of laughter.

"Bet you assholes well fucked as well, almost as gapping as your cunt, hey slag," she went on. "Yes, it is. Had a lot of cocks up it tonight," I gasped out as she fisted me. She kept on fisting me, her whole clenched hand dissapearing up to her wrist into my cumfilled baggy cunt, and also twisting my nipples. I moaned out loud as I cum. "You like this, fisting your big cunt and playing with your tits infront of all these men," she asked.

"Oh god yes, I love it," I replied. "Ummm, I'd love to have you as my slave for a week. I'd keep you naked all the time, you'd be my fuck slave at parties. You would satisfy me and all my friends, fuck everybody and anybody who come to the door. You would be fucking twelve hours a day. Even have you fucking dogs and horses for an audience." she went on.

"Ummmm, oh yes, I would love that. When can I do it." I asked "I'll let you know later you fucking filthy cunt," she said as she spat in my face and threw me back onto the floor. She then took off her shoe and thrust her foot into my cunt and began to wank me off again, all the guys were cheering as she made me cum again.

When she had finished she ordered me to suck her foot clean. I licked and sucked her foot and her toes of all the mens cum. I was then dragged on again into the gents toilet. The blond kicking me up my ass as I was dragged along.

She followed to watch all these men going to piss over my degraded naked body. I was thrown onto the dirty piss covered floor of the gents, and all the men stood around me. "Fucking piss all over the dirty cock loving whore," the blond shouted to the men.

They got out their cocks and pissed over my tits, over my face, into my mouth, in my hair, and down my stomach between my legs into my baggy cunt. "Open your mouth, cunt," a guy shouted.

"Come on slut, open your mouth for the men to piss in," the blond women shouted at me. As I did so, several streams of hot piss were directed towards it. It splashed all over my face and filled my mouth as it rained down. One guy pulled me onto my knees by my hair and pushed his cock into my mouth then began to piss. I swallowed as fast as I could, but lots dribbled out along side his cock, running down my cheeks and dripping off my chin onto my tits.

After, everyone left the room laughing and talking between themselves. I heard them saying how the slut must have a belly full of cum and piss, how they had reamed out the whores cunt, and how big her cunt and asshole were now. I was left lying in a pool of piss on the floor rubbing my cunt, and Chas to help me to clean up a bit.

The blond women waited around and then we made arrangments for me to be her slave for a week. Chas was only allowed to come to the parties she would arrange. She finished by pulling me towards her and kissing me. Her tongue slid in my mouth, her hands gripped my ass. "I'm going to have fun training you, having your body, watching all the men and women using you, fucking you, humilliating you.

Ummm, and we're going love watching dogs and horses fuck you, their big cocks pounding this well used cunt of yours," she said as she run her hands over my cunt, then my red sore ass cheeks then giving them a slap. "I think I'm going to have fun being trained," I replied and laughed. "Looks as though I'll have to use the whip and paddle on you alot as well. Whip this lovely cunt as we hold your legs apart.

See you soon," she said as she rubbed and fingered my clit. I moaned out loud. She laughed and left. "Looks as though you're in for some fun there luv," Chas said.

"Ummmm, yes it does, doesn't it," I replied, licking my lips. Chas laughed. I was a sight to see alright as I walked out of the gents toilet. Black heels, torn fishnets, my shaved cunt sticky with congealing cum, my ass red and raw and beginning to drip slimey cum, my tits red and marked and my face entirely layered with the stuff.

I had certainly gotten my fill this time as a slut. "Fuck, I love to see you like this. If I had my way I would make you walk home like this, let everybody see what a slut you are," Chas said. I laughed and replied that I would walk home like this if I thought I could get away with it. And everybody already knows what a slut I am.

Chas said I could get out of the car at the top of our road naked. Let the neighbours see I had had a good fucking. I agreed. I said to Chas did he want me to walk into the bar next door like this.

He replied that surly I coundn't take any more cock. I said I would if he wanted me to and licked my lips. "Fuck, you are a fucking whore luv, but the times getting on, so we will leave that for another time," he said. "Ok then," I replied looking dissapointinally at him. I only managed to clean up a small amount of the cum on me.

My bra and G-String had disappeared and my skirt and top were torn and dirty from being troden on. I had to walk out of the theatre and back to the car showing a fair amount of bare flesh, and almost my bare cunt and ass. My hair and face matted with dried cum. As I walked, cum dribbled out of my cunt and ass and down my stockinged legs. As we left the theatre, some guys outside the bar who had obviously fucked me shouted into the bar that the nympho slut was outside.

Loads of guys came out. One of them shouted to me, "Hey slut, how about coming in here and entertaining us for a while, there's plenty more cocks in here for you to fuck and suck." I laughed and replied that I had had plenty of cock that night, but I would definately come in and entertain all you guys next time i'm here.

They all cheered and hooted. As I left I turned to them all and took off my skirt and top. "Just a leaving present to keep me in mind for the next time," I shouted to them as I stood there in just my laddered stockings infront of them all.

They all whistled and hooted again. "Awww, come on, just one more fuck," a guy shouted. I looked at Chas and he said I'd better let them. I said ok then boys, but not all of you. A roar of cheers went up. Right, who's first initial is a, nobody replied.

B, still nobody. C, five guys put up their hands. I walked over to them, still naked. "Looks like I'm yours to fuck," I said. "Fuck, look at all the cum on the whores body," some guy shouted to a round of laughs. "We'll soon add some more to that," came a reply to another round of laughter. They did not need to be told a second time. I was bent over a low wall and a stiff cock was rammed up my ass. I groaned out loud. The guy yanked my head back by my hair as he pounded my already dilated asshole.

Hands from the crowd were mauling my body, squeezing my tits, pulling and twisting my nipples. Fingers found their way up my dripping cunt, wanking me and pinching my clit.

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A cock was shoved in my mouth and I sucked hard as he roughly fucked my face. "Shit, you are some fucking nasty piece of shit meathole, a real cum bucket whore," some guy shouted. As soon as the guy cum in my ass another took it's place. This guy was even rougher with me, ploughing his cock hard into my ass then my cunt and then back up my ass.

As he continued to do this he slapped my ass cheeks hard and used my tits as leverage to pull himself as deep as he could into my holes. "Fuck, the sluts begining to smell abit now," I heard somebody say. "You'd fucking smell as well if you had been fucked, pissed and wanked on by forty to fifty guys," somebody else replied. Everybody laughed. I was then taken inside the bar and proceeded to be fucked on a table. This all went on for about another hour, and of course I ended up actually being fucked by several more than the five who I was going to.

After, as I lay there with my legs still apart, cumm running out of my gapeing cunt on to the floor some guy mentioned how big my cunt looked. As several coarse comments were being shouted a guy came over with a wine bottle. "Bet you could get this up your hole," he said. "Yea,come on slut, try it," they all shouted. I laughed and took the bottle by the neck end. I opened my legs wider and inserted the bottle up my well used cunt. I groaned as it slid in easily.

Cum oozed out around the sides of this glass dildoe. I continued to fuck myself with it untill my body shuddered once again as I cum to a round of cheers.

As I lay there catching my breath, I said the show was now well and truly over. I put my rags back on and shouted to them I'd see them around for a return match. They all shouted they'd look forward to it and to make it soon. I got plenty of comments from men and women on my way back to the car, especially the ones I flashed my cunt to.

Back at the carpark after flashing to a group of young guys, I let them strip me then all fuck me over the bonnet of our car. I also had my way and walked from the end of the avenue where we live, having taken off my dress and proceeding to our house in just the stockings, suspenders and high heels. Of course several people saw me and shouted rude comments to me, including our next door neighbour.

We had to go in and tell them all the details of my night out and show them my enlarged well fucked holes. I had a shower while I was there in which the wife joined me. Then after, the hubby gave me a good fucking, and chas his wife. After that, we gave both the guys a good lezzey show, licking their cum out of each other and each of us giving a good fisting to each other.

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