Plump shemale spanked by redhead dom

Plump shemale spanked by redhead dom
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"Can you hurry up a little?" I call to you as I glance at my watch again, "the rate you're going we'll be at the restaurant sometime in the next month." I say with a small giggle. When you don't reply I shrug on my jacket and sit down on the bed. I don't have to wait much longer before you come out of the bathroom in a beautiful black dress. It hugs your body tightly and you instantly take my breath away. "I told you that it would be worth the wait," before you look shyly down to the ground.

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"Do I look okay?" I don't say anything; instead I stand up and walk over to you, a small smile forming on my lips. "Baby, my beautiful baby girl, you look amazing. How did I ever get you?" As soon as I say this I wrap my arms around you so tightly and kiss you.

I feel your lips part and softly I let my tongue explore your mouth. As we are kissing my hand slowly makes its way up your back and grips your hair tightly.

I make a fist and pull; a small moan escapes your lips and you start to kiss me with more urgency, more passion. You push yourself into me and kiss me even harder, your hand roaming up and down my body. After a few more minutes of making out I break the kiss and smile down at you. You are slightly flushed and when you look down at my pants you giggle when you see slight bulge.

"Is someone a little turned on?" you say batting your eyelids and looking at me with your big brown eyes. "I might be, but baby we can deal with that a little later," I say as I grab your hand and pull you towards the door.

You sigh but follow me squeezing my hand tightly. After about twenty minutes we get to the restaurant and walk straight in. It's a high end restaurant, but even so as we walk through every single person's head turns and stares at you.

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"You've caused quite a stir baby." I whisper to you, you don't say anything; you just giggle and blush slightly. We are taken to the back corner of the restaurant and we sit closely next to each other in the booth. We quickly order and instantly you feel my hand run up and down your leg.


"Baby," you say with a giggle, "we can't do that here." I lean in close to you and you think that I am going to kiss you. Instead I say in a harsh whisper, "Since when do you make the decisions?" You hear the tone in my voice, and a smile forms on your lips. "Well hi there master, I didn't expect to see you out here…" I cut you off by letting my hand slip all the way up your dress and stroke your clit through your sheer panties.

I hear you let out a tiny gasp but that is all the noise that you make.

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I run my hand gently over your clit, slowly making you wetter and wetter, more and more turned on. But I don't let my hand into your panties, not yet. The more I rub you the more you spread your legs out, trying to get me to get you off. I feel your hand grasp my arm slightly harder, and as I feel this I let my hands slip under your panties for the first time.

I take your clit inbetween my fingers and squeeze it tightly. You jolt straight up right and your breath starts coming out in short sharp gasps. Just before you cum I take my hand out of your panties and I kiss you lightly.


You look at me silently pleading me to go further, but I just slightly shake my head. As soon as I do this I see your hand sneaking down under the table. I grab your wrist tightly leaving my hand print wrapped around it.

"Where do you think that hand is going?" "Please master. I need to cum." You say in a horse whisper. "And you will… just not yet." As soon as I say this our meals come. We spend the rest of the night talking and laughing. Every now and then however my hand slips under the table and begins playing with your clit again.

I never get you off, I just play with you enough to keep you constantly turned on. After a couple of hours at the restaurant we pay the bill and leave. Your legs are slightly shaking, but I pretend not to notice.

I grab your hand as we walk out of the restaurant. It's about 11;30 at night and the streets are quite. I look around quickly before pushing you down a dark ally way. I roughly throw you into the darkness and you stumble. I quickly walk up behind you and wrap my hand tightly around your throat as I push you into the hard brick wall.

You can't breath, yet your eyes are still filled with lust. "You've been a good girl all night, I think you deserve a small reward. My hand reaches down your body and I start to play with your clit, pressing down on it so hard that you let out a loud moan of pleasure and pain.

I tighten my grip on your throat as I slip two fingers deeply inside you. Instantly you start to cum and I see your eyes bulge. After a couple more seconds I release your throat and you fall to the ground gasping, your legs still shaking from the power of the orgasm.

I give you a few seconds to recover, then I grab you by the hair and pull you up. "Thank you master," you say in a small voice as I see tears forming in your eyes. I don't say anything I just pull you further into the darkness. "I hope you didn't like these panties," I say as I take a small knife out of my back pocket. I drag it up your thigh and leave a long shallow cut all the way the length of your thigh.

I get to the waistband of your panties and in one swift motion I cut them off. You can feel your warm blood trickling down your cold exposed skin.


This causes you to shiver and moan slightly. Once I have cut off one side I switch to the other leg and do the same thing, letting the small sharp knife cut up your thigh, and eventually cutting through the waistband of your panties.

They instantly fall, but before they touch the ground, I catch them. "Now we wouldn't want you to make any noise, would we?" I say as I shove the panties into your mouth.

You let out a small whimper of protest, but that leaves as soon as you feel me hitching up your skirt. "I think it's time I had some fun." I run the flat edge of the knife over your now exposed pussy and fear leaps into your eyes. Yet at the same time I can see that your pussy is starting to glisten more and more. I briefly let the sharp end of the knife run over your clit and I hear you moan from behind your gag.

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I move the knife just above your pussy and leave a small thin cut running from one side to the other, just above your clit. You feel this and your breath quickens. I run the knife down your legs again, cutting you ever so often, until you have tiny little cuts running down the length of your thigh.

They aren't deep enough to scar, but the small stinging sensation rushes through your whole body, turning you on more and more.

I look up the length of the ally to ensure that we are out of sight then I kneel down in front of you. I kiss up your thigh, letting my tongue tickle over all of your little cuts. I work my way up both of your legs, and as the trail of wetness that I leave dry's up you shiver slightly, but I continue working my way further and further.

I kiss your outer lips and you shift slightly trying to get me to touch your clit. You have completely forgotten that we are in public and you release a small whimper. I keep gently kissing your outer lips, making sure never to actually touch anything that could make you cum.

I can see that your pussy is getting wetter and wetter with each passing second and I smile to myself. I see you go to take the gag out and my hand shoots up, wrapping both of your wrists tightly in my hand.

I clench hard and you try and cry out in pain. The whole while I never stop kissing your dripping pussy. Then in one quick movement I part you with my tongue and take your clit in between my teeth.

The feeling of me biting down on you makes you cry out and you thrust your hips forward. I release your clit and start licking further down your pussy. You feel me licking around your dripping hole and you throw your head back in pure ecstasy and let out a deep long groan. I start licking back up your pussy as I rub my hands up and down your slightly bloody thighs. Every time I touch one of the cuts you gasp slightly as a deep sting races through your body. Eventually my hand works it way up to your pussy and I slip two fingers in, as I continue to flick your clit with my tongue.

Almost as soon as I do this you start to cum. But I don't stop. Instead I curl the tips of my fingers and start to massage your gspot. You try and cry out but the gag stops you from doing anything. You cum so hard and eventually I stop, leaving you panting so hard. I take the panties out of your mouth and you gasp, taking in as much air as possible.

I lean in and kiss you so deeply as I pull down your dress, hiding the cuts and the wetness that is now dripping down your leg. I grab your hair and I whisper, "Let's go home and finish this you slut." You don't say anything you just walk home next to me, your head slightly bowed.

As soon as we walk through the door I throw you up against the wall and start making out with you so passionately. I only break the kiss to pull your dress quickly over your head.

I throw it onto the ground and take a second to take in your body. Then I go straight back into kissing you. I roughly pick you up and slam you into every wall that we go past with all of my force. Every time I do it all of the air is expelled out of your lungs and you have to quickly gasp in order to regain any of it back. We quickly get to the bedroom but your back is littered in dark red marks.

I throw you down onto the bed and rip off your bra. Before you can cover yourself I grab your arms and cuff them tightly to the bedposts, then I walk down and do the same thing with your ankles.

You are now tied completely naked to the bed, blood still trickling out of the small gashes on your thigh. I kiss you gently once, then I slap your face hard.

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This is enough for tears to spring to your eyes. Slowly I pull down my pants and my rock hard cock springs out. My pants however are the only clothes that I take off. This leaves you feeling even more vulnerable, even more exposed.

I walk to the end of the bed and slap your pussy hard. You cry out as my hand makes contact with your clit and tears spring to your eyes. Before you even have time to register what I am doing I get ontop of you and slam my throbbing cock deep inside of you. You cry out as you feel the pleasure and pain of being stretched. I give you a second to adjust, then I wrap my hand tightly around your throat. Not cutting enough all of your air, but enough that you feel like your suffocation.

I fuck you hard, my hand tightening on your throat. I only release your throat occasionally to slap your face hard. "You're my little slut." Aren't you.

I say in a deep rough voice. When you merely nod I slap your face again leaving a deep red hand mark, "Say it." I say as I fuck your tight dripping pussy harder and harder. "I'm your little slut." You say as you moan louder and louder.

I feel you cum and see your arms strain so hard against the handcuffs. You strain so hard that I see the metal break your skin. You don't even notice. I just keep fucking your pussy. Bruising it with every thrust. As I feel you cum again, I cut off all of your air and your mouth opens wide. Your eyes look at me begging me to let your breath. But I don't. I merely keep my tight grip.

Every time my body pounds down into yours I hit your clit and this makes you cum even harder. Roughly I pull out of you and release your throat. Then I walk over to you and grab a handful of your hair. I pull you roughly onto my cock and start throat fucking you. Every so often I slap your face hard and then continue fucking you. Suddenly you feel me swell and you feel my hot cum pour down your throat. By now your mascara has run down your face and you look at me with your big eyes.

"That was so so yummy. Thank you master." I look down at your bruised bleeding body. "No baby," I say uncuffing you, "thank you."