Sexy housewife extreme gang bang tube porn

Sexy housewife extreme gang bang tube porn
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Fbailey story number 343 50yo Girls Gone Wild Just about everyone has heard of "Girls Gone Wild" where young attractive girls willing show the camera their boobs, butts, or pussies and sometimes all three. They are usually drunk, drinking, or just get caught up in the moment by their friends. No matter what…they are very sexy DVDs to watch. My favorite is "Girls Gone Wild - On Campus." It is an old DVD and apparently its out of print (I checked their web site).

Anyway there are hundreds of girls flashing.

A couple of girls at the end are willing to show everything that they have and I like seeing it. Well anyway at my age I would just as soon see some older women. You see it is easy for a twenty-year-old to look good but will she still look that good when she is forty or fifty?

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Some do and then you know you have a real woman. I always told my son to check out the mother when he was dating. She might be the prettiest girl he ever saw with the sexiest body too but she might have a four hundred pound mother. It doesn't mean that she will turn out to be like her mother but it is a strong possibility. So anyway I set out to capture older women exposing themselves with my digital video camera. They are not the kind that you can give a couple of beers too and take advantage of.


They are not sewing their wild oats. However, if you are in the right place at the right time anything is possible. NASCAR Racing: Those older women sure do get into automobile racing as much as their husbands do. Formula One Grand Prix racing is a little to sophisticated for them. Dirt Track Racing is usually just for locals and not televised either. Yup, NASCAR Racing is the place to see women flash their goodies.

So the place I decided to go was Las Vegas where there were 150,000 seats available, gambling, prostitution, and just anything else that the average redneck couple might like to do.

Situated just a few miles north of The Strip, Las Vegas Motor Speedway sits like a diamond in the desert. One of the most complete racing complexes in the world, its 1,600 acres includes road courses, a three-eighths mile oval, a dirt track and a state-of-the-art drag racing facility. At its heart, however, is the D-shape 1.5-mile Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Well I wondered what a woman like that would want in exchange for flashing me…a T-shirt. So I got one hundred size large T-shirts made up that read, "Women Gone Wild" "NASCAR" "Las Vegas." I put them in the back of my rented van along with two big coolers full of beer and ice.

I was planning on being there for the whole week as they tuned up their cars, test drove them, and then ran some preliminary races before the final event. I sat in my lawn chair at the rear of my van and just started asking older women if they would show me their tits for a nice cold beer while I filmed them.

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I got a couple of takers but when I asked to see their pussies for a T-shirt, they refused. I thought that I had just wasted all of that money that I had spent on a flight, hotel, and those T-shirts. Then I had my first. She identified herself as Connie R age fifty-two. Then she lifted her top and showed me a rather nice set of tits as I filmed her. She was not in any hurry to put them away, even when a few people stopped to watch. Then she looked around and dropped her shorts and panties to her knees for me.

I was gazing at a very nice pussy with short trimmed pubic hair, puffy lips, and a protruding clitoris. Then she reached down and started playing with it as more people gathered around her. After she masturbated for me she pulled her clothes back on and asked for her T-shirt.


She pulled it on over her other shirt then looked around and asked the prettiest woman in the crowd to do it too. As the crowd cheered and her husband pushed her closer, I smiled. Stacey P was forty-nine years old and she looked like she could be a model. She came closer, looked around at the crowd, and asked if we could do it in private. I invited her inside my van and she stepped in.

I made my apologies to the crowd, got in, and closed the door. That beautiful innocent looking lady surprised the hell out of me by removing her top and removing her bra for me to film her firm breasts. Then she removed her shorts and panties so that I could film her tight ass and her bald pussy.

She sat back and opened her legs, then she used both hands to open her pussy, and then she said that I could fuck if I gave her an extra T-shirt for her husband. You bet you sweet ass the answer was yes.

That bombshell was a swinger. She helped me get my shorts and underwear off and sucked my cock before pulling it right up to her vagina. She let me push it in and then she started fucking up at me like a professional. God could she fuck! I wanted it to last forever but she had another plan.

All too quickly I was pumping my load into her. After we dressed she left with two cans of beer and two T-shirts.

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She just smiled at the people that had waited around to see the outcome. She smiled, handed her husband a beer and T-shirt, and then told the crowd that she had to fuck me to get the extra set. All I could do was smile. After that I hardly had to ask anyone to flash for me. It seemed that everyone wanted a T-shirt or at least to be able to tell their friends that they had flashed just like those teenagers in the real videos.

I saw tits of all shapes and sizes, I saw asses that were tight and flabby, and I saw pussies that were bald, hairy, and tattooed. Tattoos…now that brought up a whole new subject.

Probably half of those women had a tattoo somewhere on their bodies. Most had something on a breast, shoulder, or above their ass but some had them in places that only a bathing suit bottom would cover.

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I saw tattoos that were of cartoon characters, said that they belonged to someone, or that simply said 'fuck me.' Most women were willing to do it where other people could see them but those that wanted to go in the van were okay too.

I won in either case. Those that went into the van were usually willing to go all the way to full nude and even offer me sex. I simply told them that if they could get up they could have it.

They sure tried and I filmed that too. By the time the day was about over I was almost out of T-shirts and I had fucked eight women cumming in just four of them.

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I took on all comers including younger women, fat women, and as you might expect at a redneck convention…toothless women. But those fifty-year-old women were definitely my favorites. That night I had another three hundred T-shirts printed up and picked them up later.

You can get anything that you want at any time of the day or night in Las Vegas. The next day when I arrived and had gotten parked in just about the same place I had three women waiting for me. They said that they were sisters and that they wanted my T-shirts. They were all in their fifties, quite attractive, and very willing to go all the way right there in the parking lot as long as I did it quickly before too many people arrived and a crowd formed. Yes ma'am.

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I aimed my camera, they identified themselves, and started undressing. They made piles in front of them as they undressed.


Once fully nude they turned slowly, did some jumping jacks, and pretended that they were the strippers that they had seen up on stage the night before with their husbands. One squatted down and pissed in the parking lot with her two sisters laughed at her. I didn't laugh. They sure earned their beers and T-shirts. I had the best time of my life at that NASCAR facility. I had never seen that many women willing to let me look at them topless or nude.

I had never gotten as much sex either. In that week I gave out a thousand T-shirts but I knew that I was the winner. I had heard that hookers were costing two-hundred dollars a throw and the seventy plus women that I had fucked, even though I hadn't cum in all of them, would have cost me a hell of a lot more.

Then I was pretty sure that I could edit out the fat ugly chicks and sell a lot of DVDs earning back every penny that I had invested and then some.

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I could get to like this. The Daytona 500 wasn't too far off. The End 50yo Girls Gone Wild 343