Naked teens are cocksucking party

Naked teens are cocksucking party
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If something bad happens at work or school, just know that there's always something good behind it. You'd just have to wait. Read on. I've been dating this girl named Kathryn from my college since august 2004. She's the hottest women out there that I have laid my eye on.


One evening she came home from work all pissed off because she had a terrible day at work. All the men, including her boss were harassing her with verbal comments such as, better watch out before you knock anything over with such big rack of yours and I'd have to slip myself inside that redhead in the office before she runs away swaying those tits back and forth.

That evening, I was laying on the recliner watching little Britain (my favorite British comedy) while enjoying my tea. I kept dozing off back and forth and hadn't known that she had come home. I kept hearing footsteps and then realized that she had walked in silently into the family room, wearing just a tight short tank top that made her breasts push and pop up half way with no bra, and short shorts. I was wearing a cargo pair of shorts and a t-shirt. My daily habits were to always take a shower when I'd get home and enjoy a beverage.

Without warning, Kathryn dropped to her knees between my legs. Before I knew it, she had unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my button and was on her way to the zipper. She then grabbed my cock, guided it into her beautiful succulent mouth, engulfing it in warm wetness. Remember, that I was still dozed off, so I had no idea what the hell was going on.

Me, with a great surprise and a shocking look on my face, opened my eyes, quickly setting my drink on the coffee table. "Kate!" Jeezus freakin' Christ! You scared the shit out of me! What are you doing?!" She then released me while raising her head, dazzling at me and drooling spit.

She stroked my cock with her fingers and used her whole hand switching positions. "What in fuck's name do you think I am doing? I'm sucking your filthy dirty cock, asshole!" She leaned further and once again took my cock in her mouth, grateful that my penis was coming hurriedly to life. I looked down at her with some fear, while I was not usually the one to turn down a blowjob from my girlfriend; this was a damn new one to me. I then started to realize that she was never like that or ever spoke like that to me.

She's the type of woman that always liked sweet romantic and loving things. She was the one that always wanted to do things the sweet loving way like how newly weds start off. Knowing the truth that I was enjoying what I was receiving, I started to ask myself in my mind, "What the hell was she up to?" "Hey Kate, I have some things to take care of, so how about we do this some other time?" As I had just mentioned the most stupid comment of my life especially at this time, I felt a ton of blood rush down to my cock while it was hidden in her mouth.

She looked up at me again. "I don't fuckin' want to do it later. I want to do it right fuckin' now!" She then wanted to increase the amount of pleasure I was getting and took me into her saliva-filled mouth, sucking me off so furiously.

Her lips were pursed tightly around my shaft whilst her pretty red hair covered her cute face which was bobbing up and down. I was rock hard now, shimmering wetly. "Ohhh, Jeezus…suck it!" I groaned. She lifted her head again letting my cock escape.

"Is this what I have to do to get your undivided attention? Huh? Act like some kind of cheap street hooker?" She sounded upset, aggressive, and almost ferocious.

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She gathered her slobbering saliva in her mouth and violently spit on the head of my cock. As it oozed down the shaft, her fingers slid up and spread the slippery wetness over the head, stroking me while her other hand was caressing my nuts. She started staring at me straight into my eyes while hers were flashing. She then plunged her mouth down over my big hard 7.6" cock, sucking me off super hard while her wet slurping sounds filled the entire family room.

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By now, it was around 7 p.m. and I noticed some people in the neighborhood going on their evening walk and some that were standing right outside the house getting a full view of what was happening in the family room. A quick thought ran into my mind saying that I should act about this, but instead; I let them have a good show of my girlfriend being face fucked. I looked down every once in a while and saw that even she had noticed but didn't give a fuck about it.

The ferocity of her oral assault on my cock was dangerous. At this point, I had a loss of speech from the best blowjob I was getting by my busty girlfriend. I had never seen her this way. On the other hand, she seemed very aggravated and upset about something. Then I began to wonder why she was angry and why in this world would she be sucking on my cock so greedily? I felt a sudden rush of my own anger in response to hers.

From the question she had asked me above, I also angrily answered just to see where and how far this would go, "What the fuck are you talkin' about?" She spit me out of her mouth again. The very first time I ever heard this from her very own mouth, "FUCK you!" she snarled. "That's what you like or fantasize, isn't it?! For me to act like a fuckin' whore! Well, just lie the fuck back and let me suck your big filthy cock like a fifty dollar street walker in some dark ghetto back alley!" I watched her slurping on my cock greedily for a few minutes, thinking about how to respond.

Suddenly, I reached down and grabbed her by her shoulder length red hair and yanked her violently toward my cock. I stuffed my cock into her mouth with my other hand. I then responded with a dirty answer, "Yeah, you SUCK it, BITCH!" I began to force her head up and down on my cock, making her take all of it way deep into her throat for some strokes.

She raised her head again, glaring nastily at me as she gagged, coughed and tried to get some air, saliva drooling down from her mouth down to her chin to the carpet. "Bastard!" she hissed. "I heard that", and then she gathered her spit in her mouth, and once again splattered the head of my hard cock with it.

Her saliva was everywhere, mingling with my discharged pre-cum, hanging from her mouth. Her fingers slid easily up and down along my wet shaft as she jerked me with quick strokes. "Yeah, that's right…" she crooned. "I'm not your sweet nice innocent girlfriend now, am I? "No, so I want to suck on your big, fat, filthy fucking COCK, right fucking now!" "Okay, you big tittied slut, you want to suck cock, I'll give you a cock to suck!

You want my big dick shoved down your throat don't you? Is that what you want? HUH?" "Do you want me to face fuck you?" I bet that's what you'd like, you cunt. She nodded, "YES!" while replied, "Waw, you do know how to dirty talk to me!" "You fucker" "You want to suck it? Then SUCK it, you little Celtic slut!" I screamed. I yanked her head back and jammed my cock deep into her throat, face fucking her. She gurgled as my cock ram the back of her throat with tears coming down her eyes, gagging as I began to thrust my hips in and out of her wet mouth, fucking her face just like fuckin' her clit, even though I haven't done that to her yet, with my thick cock.

Her lips closed around my dick and sucked me hard. I stated to her that, "This had always been one of my fantasies and finally, you are making it come true." She looked up at me with her eyes wide, blinking back the tears, her mouth open so wide that her lips didn't even touch the shaft of my cock; rather they were touching the base of it.

"Yeah, you LOVE getting your face fucked, don't you, you fucking little whore! You love a big dick jammed down your throat, so far down that I can see your neck bulge!" She nodded, whimpering, as I continued to saw my dick in and out of her open mouth forcing it into her throat. Saliva started hanging down from my cock, landed and snapped off on her chin and some drooled down onto her heavy swaying 36 D breasts. Finally, I pulled her head back, freeing my angry desperate hungry cock.

"You want my cock back?" I yelled, stroking it with my hand, an inch from her slobbering mouth. "Is that what you want, bitch?" "Yes!" she groaned powerlessly.

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She spit at my cock again very rudely and gave me an angry look. "I want your cock, you face FUCKER!! Give it to me now!!" "Suck and swallow my balls, 1st!" "Then, I'll see whether or not you deserve my filthy cock." She leaned forward and gobbled one of my heavy, sperm-full balls into her mouth, sucking on it, worshiping it with her mouth and tongue.

Soon she released it and engulfed the other one, teasing it with her tongue.

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"Nasty slut", I exclaimed. "Yeah, that's it, suck it, and lick it. Can you feel all that thick cum building up in my nuts, slut? Can you? Yeah, I'm going to give you a big heavy load of my cum! You want it, don't you?" I bet you want it all over your face, mouth and some on your big fucking titties. "Mmmm-hmmm!" She murmured, sucking on my balls and my dick alternatively. "Mmmm-hmmm! My ass!" I shouted. Angrily asking her, "I really wonder how many filthy cocks you've had like this in your mouth!" She lifted off my cock and spit on it, and said, "How dare you ask me that?

Well, this is my 1st, but planning on having a good few before I get engaged to you, you little bastard!" I was shocked to hear that and gave her extra shocking news while my entire cock was buried deep in her mouth.

"The filthy cock you're sucking on has been in 5 pussies and maybe 2 asses." "How do you like that you little slut?" Ohhh yeah! She moaned "You love a big mouthful of gooey, nasty cum, don't you? It makes you feel real dirty and slutty, doesn't it?" "Mmm-hmm!!" "You just love dirty, dripping-wet sex, don't you?!!" "Mmmm-HMMM!!!

"You've done enough! I'm going to' punish you and leave you as horny and frustrated as you could be just for telling me your future plans b/4 our engagement." "I want to' see how many cocks you can deep throat in one day, but no fucking.

Clear?" Ooo! Clear!!

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"Thanks honey, you're such a darling" she said. Now stick out your tongue, like a good slut!" She stuck her tongue out, her mouth wide open. She looked up at me very hungrily like she hasn't had any in ages.

I slapped the head of my cock wetly on the flat of her tongue. "Is this what you want, whore? You want my fucking cock? You want to be my fuck toy? You want to beg me to fuck all of your holes, and then cum all over you?" Don't you? She was absolutely anxious with need as I had abused her with my cock, while her pussy was sopping wet. Her hand was inside her thong, sliding in and out of her vagina madly, as she sobbed.

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"Uhhhhyeah!" she hissed, between slaps. "Please! Give it to me!! Give me your cock!" I rubbed my wet cock all over her face, until it glistened with her spit and my oozing cum, now flowing freely from the tip of my cock. I drained it all over her face, into her mouth and then shoved my cock back into her mouth and fucked it some more.

In the end, I slid my cock out again as she coughed, saliva started drooling down her chin to her heavy breasts. As I tried to sit down on the couch to relax and enjoy from the best blowjob I have ever had from my girlfriend, she steps out of the family room for a moment.

She ran to the fridge while bouncing her beautiful handful tits that were pushed and popped out, and swaying her ass back and forth, grabbed some water and came back to the room. I was awake but I hadn't said a word and watched her gulp the entire bottle in an instant.

There was cum dripping from her face down to her chin to her tits. She had some cum stains on her tummy and some on her shorts. She gets up and heads for the door, while I try to speak, "where're you going Kate?" No Answer from her.

As I look out the window, there are a lot of people (men and women) outside on the curbside staring through our window to see and imagine what had just happened and probably wondering why we hadn't closed the blinds.

Kate goes out through the main door, and shockingly sees the entire neighborhood right in front of our house. She took a deep breath and starts yelling out loud: "I'm a busty filthy nasty cocksucker in town.

If y'all just saw the act in our house and liked it, I'll invite some men over to have a deep throat with me provided that my fiancé will be there and there won't be any fucking except for him. Sounds fair?" I heard her entire pitch and my cock was rock hard again was sticking straight out. Before I got off the couch, I see about 5 men of all sizes and shapes in the family room coming up to me to congratulate me and trying to offer me money.

You imagine the rest… More on the way, I hope you liked it.